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					      Kyle Macy Basketball Camps                                       26th Annual
Camp Staff:
Kyle Macy and Staff: Wayne Breeden, Allen Edwards and                 Kyle Macy
Jeff Davis. The remainder of the Camp Staff is made up of
college and high school coaches and teachers who are               Basketball Camps
experienced in basketball fundamentals.

Facilities:                                                      2005 Camp Sessions
   Overnight Camps: Morehead State University Campers
    are housed in campus dormitories with staff supervision
    on each floor. Three meals will be served daily.
    Basketball activities will be conducted in the Academic
                                                                      June 13-16
    Athletic Center. Wetherby Gymnasium and the Laughlin          Morehead Day Camp
    Health Building on the MSU Campus.
                                                                  Morehead State University
   Half Day Camp in Morehead: All activities will be held in        Boys & Girls 6-15
    the air conditions Laughlin Health Building and
                                                                       June 20-23
   Half Day Camp in Russell: Activities will be held at
    Russell High & Primary Schools.                                 Russell Day Camp
   Half Day Camp in Lexington: Activities will be held at
                                                                Russell High & Primary Schools
    Lexington Christian Academy.                                      Boys & Girls 6-15
Campers will receive:
  Kyle Macy Basketball Camp T-shirt                                   June 5-9
  Shooting and ball handling instruction
  Strong emphasis on fundamentals                              Morehead Overnight Camp
  Competitive games                                              Morehead State University
  Special lecture and demonstrations from Kyle Macy and
                                                                        Boys 10-18
  Professional Staff
  Grouping according to age and size
  Camp Awards
                                                                        July 5-8
What to bring or wear:
                                                                  Lexington Day Camp
  Overnight Campers: Adequate clothing for a week.              Lexington Christian Academy
   Gym shorts, T-shirts, athletic socks, week’s supply of             Boys & Girls 6-15
   bath towels, basketball shoes, pillow/pillowcase/sheets.
  Half Day Camp: Basketball shoes, gym shorts, T-shirt.
   Do not bring any unnecessary valuables.
 Note: Campers will be mailed a receipt, letter and map
                                                                   Camp Information :
   with additional information upon receiving application            (606) 783-2087
   form and payment.
          Kyle Macy Basketball Camps                                    Kyle Macy Basketball Camps                                              Kyle Macy Basketball Camps
               Application Form                                           Parental Consent Form                                                          2005 Camp Information
Camper Name _______________________________                I hereby waive and release the Kyle Macy Basketball Camp staff from          Dates and Times:
                                                           any responsibility of accident or injuries incurred. I know of no physical   Session 1 (MSU) June 13-16            Day Camp 8:30 - 11:30 am
                                                           or mental problems which may affect my child’s ability to safely
Sex _____ Age at Camp ____ Ht.______ Wt. ______            participate in this camp. I will be responsible for any medical or other     Session 2 (Russell) June 20-23        Day Camp 9:00 to Noon
                                                           charges in connection with his/her attendance.
Birth date ___________________________________                                                                                          Session 3 (MSU) June 5-9              Overnight Camp

Home Address________________________________               Signature of Legal Guardian                                                  Session 4 (LCA) July 5-8              Day Camp 9:00 am to Noon

City _________________ State _____ Zip _________           Hospital/Insurance Co. ___________________________                           Locations:
                                                                                                                                        Half Day Camp: Session 1: Laughlin Health Building and Wetherby
Phone No. & Area Code ________________________             Policy Number ____________________________                                   Gymnasium Morehead State University, Morehead KY

School __________________ Grade Fall ’05 _______                            Medical Examination Form                                    Half Day Camp: Session 2: Russell High & Primary Schools, Russell,
                                                                       Required for Overnight Campers Only
Roommate Preference _________________________                                                                                           Overnight Camp: Session 3: Morehead State University in Morehead,
                                                           Session and Date: ______________________________                             KY
                                                                                                                                        (1 hour east of Lexington on I-64)
Shirt Size: Adult     S    M     L     XL       XXL
                                                           Camper’s Name: _______________________________
                                                                                                                                        Half Day Camp: Session 4: all activities will be held at Lexington
MSU Half Day Camp ($70.00)                                 Please have your family physician use this medical form to                   Christian Academy.
                                                           state the results of your physical examination. Mail this form               450 W. Reynolds Road, Lexington, KY
__________ June 13-16      8:30 am - 11:30 am              to the address below before camp begins. No one may
                                                           participate in any camp activity without a medical form                      Costs:
Russell Half Day Camp ($70.00)                             signed by his physician.                                                     Half Day Camp: $70 (must be sent with form)
                                                                                                                                        (Sessions 1 & 2 Morehead & Russell)
__________ June 20-23      9:00 am - Noon                  I have examined ________________________________
                                                                                                                                        Overnight Camp: $275 ($100 deposit)
                                                           and found him to be physically able to participate in the
                                                                                                                                        (Session 3 Morehead State University)
MSU Overnight Camp ($275.00)                               activities of a basketball camp.
                                                                                                                                        Half Day Camp: $85 (must be sent with form)
__________ June 5-9                                        List any physical limitation or impairments:                                 (Session 4 Lexington)

Lexington Half Day Camp at                                                                                                              Ages:
                                                                                                                                        Overnight Camp : Boys 10-18
Lexington Christian Academy ($85.00)                                                                                                    Half Day Camp @ MSU and Russell: Boys/Girls 6-15
                                                                                                                                        Half Day Camp @ Lexington : Boys/Girls 6-15
__________ July 5-8        9:00 am to Noon                 Any Allergies: __________________________________
                                                                                                                                        Registration:      Due to high demand, payment is due in order to
A minimum of $100 deposit is required for Overnight        Comments: ____________________________________                               ensure a spot on the camp roster.
Camp; the remaining $175 must be received one week
before camp begins.                                        ______________________________________________
For Half Day Camp the entire fee must be mailed with the   Signature of Physician: __________________________
                                                           Date of Examination: ____________________________                                          is the official camp ball
Fees are non-refundable.
                                                           Return to: Kyle Macy Basketball Camps                                                                of the
Make checks payable to:                                                                                                                             Kyle Macy Basketball Camps
Kyle Macy Basketball Camps   PO Box 16
                             Morehead, KY 40351