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					                                                                               Problem-Solution Unit
                                                                                           4th grade

               Help…We Have a Problem!

Okay, here’s the situation…A family friend is visiting for the weekend and is depending on you to
show him/her around. We are so lucky to live near so many big cities and places of interest, so
after talking to your friend, she suggests you spend the weekend visiting Washington D.C. You,
being the gracious host, want to make sure a fabulous time is had by all, so you make a plan and
map-out the places you would like to show your guest. Based on your guest’s interests, you
choose six places to visit and write out a short summary about these places so that your friend
will be prepared for their visit. You also prepare a map because (as Mr. Palese can tell you), there
is nothing worse than being lost in a big city! When you have completed your task, you will have
(hopefully) solved your problem of what to do with your friend for the weekend.

Step 1: Select a Guest and read over the information. Find out a little about thier likes and

Step 2: Visit the website for ideas
       and a list of places to explore.

Step 3: Check out the suggested websites and/or pamphlets and select six places to visit

Step 4: Write a few details about each of the six places you plan to visit. (Use full sentences)

Step 5: Select a map from
       that best shows your tour, and print it out, highlighting the places you will be visiting.

Step 6: Write a short story about your friend’s visit, including your problem and a clear solution,
       including some details about what happened on your tour of Washington D.C.
Friend’s Information:

Guest One
Name: Caroline Maxillary

Occupation: Teacher

Street Address: 96 Talk-a-lot Parkway

City: Yada-Yada-Yada, WA

Family: Married and has children

Interests: Traveling, history, reading about Abraham Lincoln

Hobbies: Watching Nick at Night, trains, old cars, reading.

Education: Doctorate degree

Guest Two
Name: Jay Bilateral

Occupation: Sheriff

Street Address: Handcuff Way

City: Safe City, ID

Family: Married and has children

Interests: Cars, motorcycles, gourmet cooking

Hobbies: Hunting, animals, jogging

Education: BA degree
Guest Three
Name: Henry Window

Occupation: Police Officer

Street Address: 5674 Arrest Lane

City: Warrentville, NH

Family: Married and has children

Interests: Playing golf, running, scuba diving, flying an airplane

Hobbies: Building replicas of old airplanes

Education: Associate degree

Guest Four
Name: Alice Vegitales

Occupation: College President

Street Address: 9000 University Drive

City: State University, AZ

Family: Married and no children

Interests: Reading, writing, vacationing, working with retired veterans

Hobbies: Researching the wars America has been involved in.

Education: Doctorate
Guest Five
Name: Marsha Machine

Occupation: Book Store Manager

Street Address: 4625 Reading Drive

City: Reading, PA

Family: Married and has children

Interests: Reading, reading, reading, Dewey decimal system.

Hobbies: Golfing, reading, vacationing, and learning.

Education: Masters degree

Guest Six
Name: Brandon Washer

Occupation: College History Professor

Street Address: 908 Test and Quiz Street

City: Textbook, NY

Family: Married and no children

Interests: Collecting Old English Furniture, restoring old homes.

Hobbies: Learning about the Holocaust, reading old U.S. Government Documents

Education: Doctorate
Guest Seven
Name: Christina Flower

Occupation: Sanitary Engineer

Street Address: 4723 Sunny Lane

City: Brainville, NH

Family: Not Married

Interests: Gardening, being outdoors, reading, walking

Hobbies: 10K road walks, World War II history, attending concerts

Education: High School diploma

Guest Eight
Name: Debbie Molars

Occupation: Used Car Dealer

Street Address: Wheeler Dealer Lane

City: Lemon City, UT

Family: Not married

Interests: Investments, Historical documents, reading.

Hobbies: Memorizing trivial facts, collecting stamps, eating out.

Education: High School Diploma

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