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					 What should you wear?

Based on our body shapes and sizes
           Shapes and Sizes

• Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
• Five basic body shapes
• Know your body shape
     The five body shapes are

•   The   Hourglass
•   The   Triangle
•   The   Inverted Triangle
•   The   Slim Rectangle
•   The   Wide Rectangle
              The Hour Glass

Defined as
• Balanced figure
  –   wide shoulders
  –   full bust
  –   narrow waist
  –   wide hips
• Bust and hips almost
 What to wear for The Hourglass

• Show off your
  narrow waist without
  your hips and bust.
           What not to Wear

• Empire dresses or
  tops, especially if
  you have a full bust.
• Large tops
             The Triangle

Defined as

• Narrow shoulders and a
  small bust extending to
  significantly wider hips.

• Also known as pear
               What to Wear

• Choose designs that have detail at the neck
  and shoulders, drawing the eye up and out.
  – Accent scarves and boat necklines with contrast
    rims are good choices
  – Neckline embroidery
  – Shoulder yokes or wide collars.
  – Dark colors on lower body with lighter color above
    to draw the eye up.
   Clothes for Triangle Shape

Boat neckline      Shoulder yoke
           What Not to Wear

• No tops or shirts with hemlines that fall
  directly in line on the hips (drop waist)
• Skirts or pants with patch or inseam pockets,
  bulky side seams, or pleats draw attention to
  your hips. (e.g. cargo pants)
• Avoid short skirts that end well above the
        The Inverted Triangle

Defined as

• Broad shoulders, a full bust,
  heavy upper arms extending
  to narrow hips
              What to Wear

• Details below the waist, such as pockets,
  pleats, a dropped waist, peplums, yoked skirts
  and skirts with border prints.
• Tops with V-necks, raglan sleeves or diagonal
  designs pull the eye down.
• Wear dark colors on the upper body with
  lighter colors on the lower body.
    Styles for Inverted Triangle

                Peplum jacket
Dropped waist
                                Raglan sleeves
           What Not to Wear

• Garments with a lot of upper body detail
  (wide collars and lapels, yokes, ruffles and
  shoulder pads)

• Wear skirts a little shorter, rather than longer,
  and avoid capris or strongly tapered pants.
          The Slim Rectangle

Defined as

• Shoulders and hips are very
  similar in width with little
  definition at the waistline.
• Straight up and down with a
  lack of curves.
              What to Wear

• Detail on the bust
  and hips
• Horizontal lines
• Wide lapels, wide
• Contrast colors on
  top and bottom
           What Not to Wear

• Wide waistbands or blocks of colors at the
  waist to draw attention to the proportionally
  larger waist (large pockets)

• Large plaids, patterns with vertical stripes
  should be avoided as well
         The Wide Rectangle

• This body shape is
  nearly straight up and
• The figure is wider.
                What to Wear

• Muted shades or monochromatic colors
• Shoulder or neckline details to draw the eye up
• Princess seams, or center front seam create a vertical
  line-drawing the line up and down
• Wear narrow pant-legs, straight skirts, shirts with
  sleeves that taper toward the wrist and vest jackets
  that fall below the waistline
• Think long!
           What Not to Wear

• Blocky, bold, contrasting colors and boxy
  garments accentuate the width.

• Don’t draw attention to your waist with large
  patch pockets, belts and peplums.
    When helping customers select
  clothing, remember the following:
• Single center vertical line
   – adds height
   – slims figures
• Asymmetrical or off-center vertical line
   – adds height
   – cuts the weight of the figure
• Horizontal line
   – adds width
   – good choice for a tall person

• An arrow line
  – halter dress or raglan sleeves
  – adds height and narrows the shoulders
  – short, broad-shouldered woman
• Diagonal lines
  – add interest and eye appeal.
  – more vertical, the thinner the figure will look
  – more horizontal, the broader the figure will look
      About horizontal lines…

• Makes any figure appear shorter and
• Lower the horizontal line, the shorter
  the woman looks.
• Long tunic
• Three-quarter length coat
• Empire waist
             About Prints…

• Big prints will make a figure appear

• Large geometric or floral print blouse
  will call attention to the figure above a
  woman’s waist.
     About clothing accents…

• Ruffles or large sleeves adds body
• Too much fullness will dwarf a thin
       About belts…
• Narrow belts attract less
• For larger women, use belts in
  the same fabric/color as a
         About necklines…

• What is slenderizing?
  – Deep lapels
  – Vertical darts
  – Long V necklines add height
• Broad V necklines widen the figure.
• Warm or bright colors draw attention
  – Yellows
  – Oranges
  – Reds
• Cool and neutral-colors diminish attention
  – Black/grey
  – Navy
  – Taupe/tan
• Very dark colors make the figure look slimmer.
      Using color and features

• A shape will appear longer if clothed in one
• Use bright colors to draw attention to best
  – Hot pink collar on a dress will draw attention to the
    face and away from a bulging tummy.
• Contrasting colors on yoke, pockets and belts
  can make a person look shorter.
           Can you guess…

• Bright yellow top with neutral bottom would
  be best for…
• A pale peach dress with matching hosiery and
  shoes will help a ….

• Shiny or glossy fabrics • Smooth fabrics make
   – Satin or sequins          a figure appear
   – Reflect light             smaller
   – Make figure look larger • Coarse or heavily
• Dull textures                textured fabrics
  – Flannel or jersey          – Corduroy
  – Absorb light               – Illusion of fullness
  – Make figure look smaller

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