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									Crafts Council/
Craft Matters

                                                                                                                       Our goal
                                                                                                                 to make the UK the
                                                                                                               best place to make, see,
                                                                                                               collect and learn about
                                                                                                                contemporary craft.


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                                                                                               What we believe
                                                                                               — We believe that craft plays a dynamic and vigorous role in the UK’s
                                                                                                 social, economic and cultural life.

                                                                                               — We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make, see,
                                                                                                 collect and learn about craft.

                                              Craft has undergone a renaissance in             — We believe that the strength of craft lies in its use of traditional
                                              recent years ... craft means aesthetically         and contemporary techniques, ideas and materials to make
                                              exciting, skilfully executed objects that are      extraordinary new work.
                                              every bit as desirable – and collectable –
                                              as contemporary painting and sculpture           — We believe that the future of craft lies in nurturing talent; children
                                              Charlotte Abrahams, Guardian, January 08
                                                                                                 and young people must be able to learn about craft at school and
                                                                                                 have access to excellent teaching throughout their education.
                                              Craft is hot
	 1                    	 3
                                              Sunday Times Style, May 09
Collect	2009
Photo:	Sylvain	Deleu
                       Participant	in	
                       clash	workshop,	
                                              --------------------------------------------     We believe that craft matters
                       organised	by	Spark	
                       Plug	Curator	Award
Fernando	Casasempere:	
                       recipient	David	
From	the	Public	to	
the	Private	1997-
                       Photo:	David	Littler
2008	at	Origin	2008
Dave	Ashton
                                                     Craft Matters

                                                     — There are 35,000 contemporary craft makers in the UK,
                                                       producing a combined turnover of £1bn each year.1 As well as
                                                       producing their own work, these makers contribute to many
                                                       businesses and industries including film, theatre, dance, fashion
                                                       and product design.

                                                     — Over 1 million people visited Crafts Council exhibitions, fairs
                                                       and events in 2008/09.

                                                     — 11% of the UK population visited a craft exhibition in 2008/09,
                                                       and 17% participated in craft activity within that year. 2

                                                     — Thousands of people buy craft. 30,000 visitors to the Crafts
                                                       Council’s Collect 2009 and Origin 2008 events spent over £3m
                                                       on contemporary craft.

                                                     — Over 250,000 people visit the Crafts Council’s website every
                                                       year for information.
Craft has always been an idea that
transcends discipline – it pertains
with equal relevance in pottery and
Glenn Adamson, Thinking through Craft
                                                                                     Make Craft Count
Craft is remembering that art is seen,
felt and heard as well as understood,
                                                                                 If craft is important
knowing that not all ideas start with                                         to you, let us know. Visit
words, thinking with hands as well
as head.                                                           
Mark Jones, Director,
Victoria & Albert Museum
                                                                              or fill in the postcard in
                                                                                this pack. Help us to
                                                                                   show how much
                                                                                     craft matters.
Joseph	Harrington	
Photo:	Joe	Dilworth

Richard	Sweeney	                                     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pleated	Curve
                                                     1 Crafts Council 2004 ‘Making it in the 21st Century’; Craft Northern Ireland (2006) ‘A Future in the Making:
Paper	(hand-pleated);	
                                                     Socio-economic survey of the craft sector in Northern Ireland’; Scottish Arts Council (2002)
installation	at	
                                                     ‘Craft Businesses in Scotland: A Study’.
Origin	2008	
Photo:	Dave	Aston                                    2 Source: DCMS / ACE ‘Taking Part’ data update 13/08/09.
What we do/We enable people across the                                                           Joseph Harrington, Glass

UK to make, see, collect and learn about                                                         	 1                                        	 2

contemporary craft.


Making craft
We work with hundreds of professional
craft makers every year, helping them
                                                Without makers,
to develop, refresh and renew their             there is no craft.                               Joseph describes himself as a sculptor
                                                                                                 working with cast glass. He received
                                                                                                                                            In Joseph’s work, glass is both fluid
                                                                                                                                            and permanent, and he is fascinated
work, access the latest information
and exchange ideas with each other.                                                              a Crafts Council Development Award         by the potential of this most elusive
                                                ---------------------------------------------    in 2007, and has since been working        material.
Professional makers must earn                   Craft, as observant readers will already         on a range of projects including
income from their work. We provide              know, is hot – in the sense that creatively      sculptural pieces that literally contain   	 1                   	 2

opportunities for makers to sell their          it is flourishing.                               cast ice within the glass forms.           Joseph	Harrington	    Joseph	Harrington		
                                                                                                                                            Thaw	Stop	            in	his	studio
                                                Lucia van der Post, The Times, 14 May 09
work to major stores and galleries in                                                                                                       Kiln	Cast	Glass,	     Photo:	
                                                ---------------------------------------------                                               Lost	Ice	Process      Joe	Dilworth	
the UK and abroad as well as directly                                                                                                       Photo:	Colin	Mills	
to the public.

   Lina Peterson, Jeweller                                                                       Ptolemy Mann, Textile Artist

   	 1                                          	 2                                              	 1                                        	 2

   Jeweller Lina is fascinated with             Craft Council Development Award in               Ptolemy Mann has been running a            her profile as a colour consultant,
   the endless possibilities and                2007. Lina exhibited at Origin 2008              successful business as a textile artist    advising architects on how to use
   configurations of materials. Her work        and Collect 2009 with Electrum                   for over 12 years. She hand-dyes           colour in building projects. She has
   includes embroidered wool, painted           Gallery, and her work was selected for           and hand-weaves one-off art works          also designed rugs, ceramics and
   silver and wood, dip-coated plastics,        the Crafts Council Collection in 2009.           for large-scale public and corporate       glassware, but at the heart of her work,
   electroformed wax, even bread!                                                                commissions as well as for domestic        colour is always the key.
   This love for combining unlikely                                                              settings, using vibrant combinations
   materials drives the work itself, whilst     	 1                      	 2
                                                                                                 of colour to dramatic effect. Like many    	 1                   	 2
   also cleverly playing with people’s          Lina	Peterson		          Lina	Peterson	          makers, she also combines this work        Ptolemy	Mann	         Ptolemy	Mann	
                                                Orange	Neckpiece	        in	her	studio                                                      Lurex	Study           in	her	studio
   expectations of jewellery. Her unusual       2008                     Photo:	Dave	Ashton	
                                                                                                 with other skills and experience,          Photo:                Photo:
   approach made her a recipient of the         Photo:	John	Hammond	                             and has recently been building up          Ptolemy	Mann          Eva	Vermandel
What we do/Seeing craft
— we collaborate with museums and           — we lend objects from the Crafts        — we make available a complete photo-      Making close contact with materials,
  galleries to create thought provoking       Council Collection to museums,           library and information on all the       technical skills plus imagination, tangible
  exhibitions together.                       galleries and other venues for their     works in the Crafts Council Collection   results in the form of things, sometimes
                                              own displays and exhibitions.            and other significant works by UK        pushing at the outer limits of function,
— we tour exhibitions featuring works                                                  craft makers on our website.             taking the material for a walk.
  from the Crafts Council Collection        — we create dynamic online exhibitions                                              Professor Sir Christopher Frayling
  and other outstanding examples of           for our website.                       — we provide comprehensive                 --------------------------------------------
  contemporary craft to museums,                                                       information on craft in museums
  galleries and other venues around         — we work with curators to support         and galleries across the UK on
  the country.                                them in programming cutting-edge         our website.
                                              contemporary craft exhibitions.

                                                                                      Clare	Twomey
  Crafts Council Collection                 	 1                                       Monument,	2009
                                                                                      mima	Middlesbrough	in	
                                                                                      partnership	with	the	
  Representing the very best in British                                               Crafts	Council	2009
                                                                                      Photo:	Dan	Prince
  craft produced over the last 35 years,
  the Crafts Council Collection covers
  the whole range of contemporary
  craft with more than 1,400 fascinating
  objects from established figures
  and up-and-coming names. Craft is
  embraced in its widest sense, from its
  interface with cutting-edge design to
  its crossover with fine art.

  The Collection includes ceramics,
  glass, metal, jewellery, furniture,
  textiles, wood, basketry, automata,
  calligraphy, lettering and bookbinding,
  as well as more unexpected work such
  as video, plastics and light.

  For more information about the
  Crafts Council Collection visit:

  Wales	and	Wales
  Photo:	John	Hammond

  Merete	Rasmussen
  Twisted	grey	loop
  Photo:	John	Hammond
What we do/Collecting craft

— We help people to collect craft by
  providing free, extensive, searchable         Commissioning Craft                        	 1

  lists of craft galleries, shops
  and makers on our website plus                Commissioned work is truly one of a
  information on different ways to buy          kind. It can take many forms, from an
  craft, for example by commissioning a         original piece of jewellery to something
  piece of work from a maker.                   made specifically for your home or
                                                garden, including ceramics, glass or
— We produce national events like               metalwork, or structural pieces like
  Collect, bringing together thousands          window glass, handles, ornamental
  of people who want to collect high-           gates or staircases.
  quality contemporary craft with
  makers and gallery-owners from the            Commissioned pieces are a great
  UK and abroad.                                way of recognising anniversaries,
                                                retirements or achievement, and reflect
— We work with craft retailers (both            a very personal dialogue between you
  independent and in museums                    and a maker.
  and galleries) to help them make
  collecting craft a truly pleasurable          The National Register of Makers on
  and exciting experience.                      the Crafts Council website is a fully
                                                searchable database of makers, many
— We bring British craft to the attention       of whom work to commission.
  of more collectors by developing
  opportunities for makers to sell their
  work to major stores and galleries in
  the UK and overseas.

                                                Joanna	Bird
                                                Photo:	Joe	Dilworth

                                                Selecting	jewellery
                                                Photo:	Dave	Ashton



Whisper this quietly, but craft …
it’s quite cool you know. For so long
regarded as the poor relation to both
industrial design and fine art, the value
of things that have been made by hand
is being radically reassessed.
Grant Gibson, Editor, Crafts
What we do/Learning about craft                                                                                             The very best of
                                                                                                                            contemporary craft,
We work to increase people’s knowledge,   — We offer an enormous range of free                                              straight to your door.
understanding and enjoyment of craft:       information on all aspects of craft
                                            through our website.
— We work with teachers to deepen
  their understanding and help them to    — We run a Library service providing
  teach craft.                              access to research and resources on
                                            contemporary craft.
— We provide a wide range of
  information for teachers and put them   — We publish Crafts magazine with a        Published six times a year, this is    Lively debate, in-depth features and
  in touch with other teachers who          range of articles and information for    the perfect magazine for makers,       stunning photography: Crafts has
  share their interest.                     craft-lovers and professionals alike.    collectors and lovers of craft.        it covered.

— We work with makers to enable them      — We produce debates and talks             An essential sourcebook, every issue   Our subscribers get the most out of
  to work effectively in schools.           focussing on different aspects           profiles established and up-and-       the magazine with regular updates,
                                            of craft.                                coming makers alongside a broad        special subscriber-only competitions
— We work with school clubs so their                                                 range of news, analysis and reviews.   and most importantly, every issue
  staff and volunteers can offer craft    — We undertake research to provide                                                delivered direct to the door.
  activities to children.                   information on craft for craft           Distinguished makers and collectors
                                            professionals, government departments,   invite us to view their homes and      Subscribe today using the code
— We provide opportunities for craft        funders and the media and make this      unique collections while makers        CC-09 and we’ll send your first issue
  professionals, including makers,          available on our website.                share their thoughts on the latest     absolutely free!
  curators and retailers, to debate,                                                 craft issues.
  exchange information and learn from                                                                             
  each other through our development                                                                              
  schemes and at conferences,                                                                                               +44 (0)20 7806 2542
  seminars and events.

  Continuing professional development                                                                                       The Crafts Council website is the
                                                                                                                            UK’s best resource for information
  The Crafts Council offers a range of    Take Stock Awards help retailers to                                               on contemporary craft. The site
  professional development schemes to     build and develop their businesses to                                             features comprehensive listings of
  support the craft sector.               sell the best contemporary craft.                                                 exhibitions, fairs and events across
                                                                                                                            the UK, a searchable list of makers
  Crafts Council Collective is a                                                                                            by region and work, resources for
  programme of continued professional                                                                                       makers, curators, retailers, teachers,
  development provision for makers,                                                                                         academics and craft professionals
  providing opportunities for growth at                                                                                     as well as wide-ranging information
  every stage of their careers.                                                                                             on new trends and issues in
                                                                                                                            contemporary craft.
  Spark Plug Awards give curators time
  and funds to develop innovative and                                      
                                                                                                                            Subscribe to our e-bulletin for regular
  exciting exhibition projects across                                                                                       news and updates.
  the country.
                                          Joanna	Bird	
                                          Photo:	Joe	Dilworth                                                               Sign up now to Make Craft Count.
                                           Craft	Lab	at

Partnerships                               Origin	2008
                                           Photo:	Dave	Ashton	

We do much of our work in partnership
with other organisations including
museums and galleries. schools, colleges
and universities and professional
bodies like Creative & Cultural Skills,
the National Society for Education in
Art and Design and The Art Fund. These
partnerships mean that we can reach
more people across the UK.

  Collect	2009
  Photo:	Sylvain	
                                                                         Cover	image

Funding                                                                  Louise	Chesshire

and funders                                                              2006
                                                                         Louise	Chesshire

We are funded by Arts Council England
and also receive grants from the Scottish
Arts Council and Arts Council Wales.

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----------------------------------------------   championing, developing and investing in
This report is available in large print or       artistic experiences that enrich people's
plain text. To obtain a copy in any of these     lives. As the national development agency
formats please contact                           for the arts, it supports a range of artistic
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