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					                                               Salem Rental Housing Association

 November 2010

   President: Sibylle Beck                  Monthly Meeting:                     November 9
   Vice President: Karen Weibel
   Secretary: Rene Shearer                                 Tuesday, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
   Treasurer: Maren Winters                                          Location : Izzy’s
 Speaker Coordinator: Eva Chase                              2205 Lancaster NE (503) 399-0915
 Newsletter: Violet Wilson                   Salad and Pizza Bars, includes chicken & other foods, $7.49 and up
 Helpline: 503-370-4020                                                Meal is optional.
 Forms available from Karen Weibel
        At 2489 Lancaster NE
                                                      First half hour: Open forum for member questions
           Salem, OR 97307
                                                      Election of SRHA Officers
         Pick Up: 503-779-1595
                                                      Guest Speaker: Kathy Belcher, Attorney
      Phone orders: 971-240-6970
     Mail In/Mail Out: P.O. Box 7307,
              Salem, 97303                          Speakers’ Topic: Estate Planning & 1031 Exchanges

 SRHA Newsletter is a monthly publication   Elections of SRHA President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
 for members of the Salem Rental Housing
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                                            and ORHA Delegates will occur at this meeting. Nominees are:
 surrounding areas.                                   President: Sibylle Beck (Incumbent)
                                                                  Phil Anderson
 Please notify SRHA of any change in your             Vice President: Karen Weibel (Incumbent)
 mailing address, email, or phone number.
                                                      Secretary: Renee Shearer (Incumbent)
                                                                  Linda Campbell
                                                      Treasurer: Maren Winters (Incumbent)
 INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                   ORHA Delegates: (Vote for 2)
                                                             Phil Anderson (Incumbent)
 Storm damage……… ..2                                         Karen Weibel (Incumbent)
 Scams ...........................3                          Violet Wilson
 Landlord Insurance …..4
                                            Real Estate Credit Hour Certification now available for those who attend
                                            meetings and need licensure hours. Certificates are available at the end of
                                            the meeting. The monthly meeting is open to any member of Salem Rental
                                            Housing Association or anyone interested in joining. Guests welcome but
                                            are asked to join after two meetings.
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Salem RHA, P.O. Box 7307, Salem, OR 97303, 503-370-4020                                                    Page 1
                                             Fallen trees, limbs caught in electrical wiring, blocked
                                               roads and walkways? Whose responsibility is it?

 Big winds or snowy days with weighty ice can cause some scary situations for landlords and tenants alike. Here’s advice from a
 landlord who has been there more than once:

           Most rental agreements have language that states that the landlord is not liable for damages caused by lack of heat or
            other services arising from accident, “act of God” or occurrence beyond the control of the landlord. But this does not
            absolve landlords from making repairs and creating safe conditions in a timely fashion.

           The appropriate county agencies are responsible for trees and debris for items owned by government agencies (see
            numbers below). But owners are responsible for trees and other items on their property. As soon as there are
            reasonably safe weather conditions, landlords should be inspecting properties and developing plans for debris removal
            and repair of damaged property.

           Never touch electrical wires or try to remove debris from wiring. Call the appropriate power company or professional
            tree service.

           Check your insurance to see if any of the damage you suffer is covered. If a vehicle is damaged, look to your auto
            insurance. For housing damage, check into your rental home coverage. Call insurance companies immediately and take
            lots of pictures to substantiate the losses. But, review deductibles and policy limits to make sure you are not making a
            claim that won’t be covered or is too small to be above your deductible. Many companies will charge you larger
            premiums later for making claims.

           Generally, landlords are not responsible for damage to tenant’s personal property. Tenants should be encouraged (or
            required as part of the rental agreement) to have renter’s insurance. This often may be purchased very cheaply or at
            no cost extra cost with the tenant’s car insurance.

           Be patient. With large outage and major damage, it may take some time for city, county, or utility workers to get to your

           Keep tenants informed so they know something is being done or why delays are occurring.

           Keep contact numbers handy, including tree services, repairmen, and heating specialists. See numbers below.

                                                        Power Outages
                                                PGE: 503-399-7717 or 800-544-1795
                                                 Salem Electric: 503-362-3601
                                                Pacific Power: 1-877-548-3758

                                                 Report Downed Trees
                                              Marion County: 503-588-5304
                                            Salem/Polk County: 503-588-6333

Salem RHA, P.O. Box 7307, Salem, OR 97303, 503-370-4020                                                Page 2
                           Dear Violet,
                                      How can I prevent advertising scams?
                                                                         Contact information:

                                                    Note: Letters may be changed to add clarity or fit into allotted space.

Hi, Violet,

I had an apartment rental listed on Craigslist. But not long after it was rented, 15 people contacted my
resident manager in a 48 hour period either in person or on the phone about the apartment they had sent
money in for either for a screening or as a deposit. (I'm not sure which). The people are very upset when
they show up on the door step for their apartment and the manager doesn't know what they are talking
about. But obviously that is not OUR fault! Anyway....

Someone basically took the content of my ad, reduced the rent amount by $125 and changed it to say, 'Yes'
for cats & dogs. They took the manager's name that was listed in the original ad and created an email
address which is where the people replied to. Some of the people actually had pictures sent to them. I don't
know if they are the ones I originally had on my ad or some other set of photos.

I don't know that there is anything I could have done different if I want people to know the address of the
units I am offering. Do you think it would be better to just list the part of town and show pictures but make
people call to get the location? When I am looking for a place, I want to drive by before I bother talking to
someone. I assume other people are like that as well. But maybe if they have the photos online that is
enough??? Any thoughts?

Linda Campbell

Dear Linda:
        Unfortunately, this is one of the problems we face when trying to advertise our properties. This is
another good reason to check ads we place on a regular basis. I do it at least every two weeks and I remove
ads as soon as possible when the properties are rented. This way I check to make sure the ad appears as I
wanted it but also that there aren’t any strange ads for my properties. I would still include the address but
just be careful about checking Craigslist and other advertising sites to make sure information is correct and
report any suspicious activity to the host site.
        On Craigslist, you can do a search by property address. This will pull up any ads that use your
property address and then you can check to see if it is your ad or someone trying to scam your information.
        Scammers have gotten very clever. I have also received emails from perspective tenants telling me
they are moving here from Great Britain or some other far away place that prevents them from coming to see
the unit. But they love my unit and want to rent it. Now if I would only send them certain vital information,
such as my bank account number, they will send me an advance. Or they would like to send me a large
check, and I am to deduct the amount needed and send the balance to their decorator. Of course, after the
depositing the check and sending them money you would find out that the check bounced for insufficient
        Most of these emails have some dead giveaways, including misspellings, wrong use of English tense,
and odd phrasing. Your best option is to delete it.

Salem RHA, P.O. Box 7307, Salem, OR 97303, 503-370-4020                                    Page 3
                                              INSURING YOURSELF
                                               AGAINST POSSIBLE
  Joan Johnson, SRHA member, landlord, and State Farm Insurance agent, spoke at the October 12th
member meeting on landlord insurance. Some highlights from her presentation:

    Owners are responsible for their own property damage even if the originating incident was from a
     neighbor, such as their tree falling in your yard.
    Written notice waiving responsibility for a certain condition may not be winnable in court.
    While an individual may trim trees that overhang onto his/her property, that trimming may not
     endanger the life of the tree.
    If you are in a wildfire area, maintain a defensible barrier around the house.
    Property managers may be added as additionally insured on policies.
    Be aware of liability limits. You should never have less liability coverage than the value of your
    Renter’s Insurance may be limited to liability, fire, water or explosion damage.
    Umbrella policies also have limitations.
    Consider increasing your deductible in order to increase the liability limit coverage. It could be cost
     effective, including qualifying you for certain discounts.
    Be thoughtful in determining whether you should file a claim. If the item is not covered or is below
     the limits of your coverage, it may not be cost effective to file, which could increase your premium in
     the future. Joan is willing to discuss this further with members who have questions about this.

     Landlord insurance serves to protect landlords during circumstances where they are prevented from using
their property to earn an income. These circumstances include legal disputes between a landlord and tenant.
If legal expenses are purchased as a part of the insurance coverage, landlords will be compensated for any
related legal fees. In cases where the property damaged to the point that it is inhabitable, landlord insurance
will help cover the costs to repair the damages as well as compensate the landlord for the loss in rent
collected during the rebuilding. Like all contracts, the precise language of the insurance coverage must be
carefully reviewed to understand precisely what is and is not covered. Coverage may be limited to damage of
the interior or exterior of the property.
        Because of the variety of coverage available, landlords are often advised to carefully consider
different options before buying an insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for all
types of situations except those specifically excluded. In contrast, peril policies generally cover fewer types
of damage and list only those losses that will be covered. Potential policy holders are also often advised by
insurance companies to not only consider possible property damages, but also libel, slander and
        Landlord insurance generally offers two methods through which property losses can be settled: actual
cash value and replacement value. Landlords generally pay a lower premium for actual cash value
settlement, since they will receive compensation only after deprecation is subtracted from the current value
of the property. With replacement value settlement, compensation will cover the necessary costs of replacing
the damaged property without considering any deprecation. Property, however, will have to be replaced.

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