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                              GLOBE 2006
                              Accelerating the Business
                              of the Environment
                              Since 1990, GLOBE has grown to become North America’s largest
                              event on the business of the environment, bringing together
                              thousands of people from around the world to address the
                              issues at the heart of sustainable development and access
                              the business opportunities inherent in solving environmental
                              problems. Senior corporate executives, financiers, government
                              advisors, and environmental technology innovators have come
                              back year after year to learn from world-class experts, share
                              ideas, network, and make valuable, lasting partnerships.

                              GLOBE 2006 was held March 29 to 31, 2006, at the Vancouver
       GLOBE 2006             Convention & Exhibition Centre in Vancouver, Canada. With
        FAST FACTS            over 9,500 participants from 78 countries, GLOBE 2006 provided
                              unparalleled access to global environmental markets, senior
               9,525          corporate executives and government leaders.
         Total Participants

    Conference Delegates

    40,375 sq. ft.
       Total Exhibit Space

    Countries Represented     Richard Daley, Mayor,                        Ramesh Ramachandran, President,
                              City of Chicago, USA                         Dow Chemical Canada, Toronto, Canada

                              Akio Hamada, President & CEO, Honda of       The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Canadian
                              America Manufacturing Inc, Marysville, USA   Minister of the Environment, Ottawa, Canada

                                                                     Well organized; large variety
                                                                     of topics / interest areas;
                                                                     excellent venue and location;
                                                                     all plenary sessions had
                                                                     excellent quality presenters
                                                                     who were able to deliver
                                                                     a clear message.
                                                                         J.S. (JOHN) SKOWRONSKI,
                                                                         DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                                         AFFAIRS   - WESTERN DIVISION,
                                                                         CANADIAN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS
                                                                         INSTITUTE, CALGARY, AB, CANADA

                                                                     Bigger and better than ever!
                                                                         GERRY MONGEY
                                                                         TRADE COMMISSIONER, EMBASSY
                                                                         OF CANADA IN IRELAND,
                                                                         DUBLIN, IRELAND

                                                                     Sessions were of excellent
                                                                     quality, and audiences were

Featuring over 200 world-class speakers, the GLOBE 2006              highly engaged. Great to
conference program offered the latest intelligence on proven         bring together NGOs,
strategies for corporate sustainability and finance, climate change
                                                                     corporate representatives,
adaptation and mitigation, energy development issues, and
                                                                     academics and business
development for sustainable cities. Featured speakers included
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Dow Chemical Canada President           people for open discussions.
Ramesh Ramachandran, Honda of America Manufacturing                      SHARI AUSTIN
                                                                         VICE PRESIDENT, RISK POLICY,
President and CEO, Akio Hamada, and the Canadian Minister
                                                                         ROYAL BANK OF CANADA,
of Environment, The Honourable Rona Ambrose.                             TORONTO, ON, CANADA

                                 GLOBE 2006
                                 Conference Themes
    Definitely a “must-attend”    Corporate Sustainability

    event for the energy and     GLOBE 2006 presented information and analysis on the trends,
                                 systems and tools that are driving competitiveness to the next
    environment professionals.
                                 level under tough social, shareholder, consumer and
       TOM TIM
                                 accountability demands.
                                 Finance and Sustainability
                                 The relationship between sustainable development and finance
                                 was explored, with a focus on clean technology investment,
                                 regulation and policy, capital markets, and responsible
           DELEGATE              investment strategies.
                                 Energy & Climate Change
                   90%           A comprehensive update on the global climate change agenda,
        of delegates rated       creative solutions to reduce energy demand, new technologies,
        the event as good
                                 and how companies are seizing evolving business opportunities,
                 to excellent
                                 was provided at GLOBE 2006.
         of delegates plan       Building Better Cities
             to attend the
                                 Leading planners, architects, urban design specialists and
         conference again
                                 municipal leaders shared how they are integrating sustainability
                                 principles in the design and construction of cities.

             COUNTRIES           Australia          Chile            Ecuador            Greece
                                 Austria            China            Egypt              Guatemala
           REPRESENTED           Bangladesh         Colombia         El Salvador        Holland/
                                 Barbados           Costa Rica       Finland              The Netherlands
                                 Belgium            Croatia          France             Honduras
                                 Belize             Cuba             Gambia             Hong Kong
                                 Brazil             Czech Republic   Germany            Hungary
                                 Canada             Denmark          Ghana              Iceland

A Global Marketplace for Environmental
The GLOBE 2006 Trade Fair featured over 400 exhibitors and              GLOBE has become
40,300 sq. ft. of occupied space. Technologies and services             well established
were featured in a variety of sectors including alternative
                                                                        internationally and
energy sources, clean technology, air quality management,
climate change, energy-efficient vehicles, fuel cell technologies,       draws an audience
green building products and technologies, industrial waste              of participants with
management, urban environmental management, solid waste                 credibility in their fields.
management and recycling, and sustainable construction.
                                                                            JOHN M. POWLES
                                                                            CHAIR, JAPAN MARKET ADVISORY
                                                                            GROUP, ASIA PACIFIC TRADE
                                                                            COUNCIL, WEST VANCOUVER,
                                                                            BC, CANADA

India            Kenya            Pakistan         Saudi Arabia     Sweden                Uganda
Indonesia        Korea            Panama           Senegal          Switzerland           Ukraine
Iran             Malaysia         Peru             Serbia and       Syria                 United Arab Emirates
Ireland          Mexico           Philippines        Montenegro     Taiwan                United Kingdom
Israel           Morocco          Poland           Singapore        Tanzania              USA
Italy            Nepal            Portugal         Slovenia         Thailand              Vanuatu
Jamaica          Nigeria          Romania          South Africa     Trinidad & Tobago     Venezuela
Japan            Norway           Russia           Spain            Turkey                Vietnam

                                  The Transportation Technologies Showcase
                                  GLOBE 2006 featured some of the world’s most advanced energy-
                                  efficient vehicles from top manufacturers, including the debut
    The conference allowed
                                  of the Honda FCX. Also featured on the Trade Fair floor were
    us to meet some potential
                                  vehicle displays by Fuel Cells Canada and Transport Canada,
    clients and to build closer   while Golder Associates exhibited a Formula Zero Concept Car.
    relationships with current



                   90%            Trade Fair Visitors got a sneak peak at next-generation energy-efficient vehicles on the trade fair floor.

         of exhibitors rated
         the event as good
                to excellent

     of exhibitors indicated
      they either definitely
        or likely generated
        business as a result
               of exhibiting

                                  Delegates enjoyed test driving the latest hydrogen vehicles during GLOBE.

The Sustainable Construction Showcase
Sustainable construction was another focus of this year’s trade                                         What sets GLOBE apart is the
fair. World-class products were on display at the Sustainable                                           fact that it offers a number of
Construction Showcase, with exhibits featuring sustainable
                                                                                                        options as to how to integrate
building design and construction systems, green building products,
energy conservation systems, and new technologies designed                                              sustainability into business
to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Exhibitors in                                             and industry practices today.
the showcase included private companies, research organizations,                                        It’s great to be in a trade show
technology development centres, government agencies, and
                                                                                                        that is led by innovation yet
information providers concerned with sustainable construction
and green building technology.                                                                          presented in the most warm,
                                                                                                        professional and realistic

                                                                                                           HASSAN MOHALAL
                                                                                                           CMO, INTERNATIONAL ENERGY GROUP,
                                                                                                           DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

                                                                                                        We discovered that there were
                                                                                                        significant opportunities for
                                                                                                        us in the Canadian market
                                                                                                        which draw on our existing
                                                                                                        commercial activities.

                                                                                                           HAYLEY MYLES
                                                                                                           ENVIROS LTD., CARDIFF, WALES, UK

The Energy Cabin was a unique outdoor display showcasing practical, leading-edge environmental energy
solutions from Austria.

                                       New International Pavilions
                                       In addition to the Transportation Technologies and Sustainable
                                       Construction showcases, GLOBE 2006 offered trade fair visitors
                                       new international pavilions to visit. This year, pavilions from Korea,
                                       France, Wales and Holland joined returning pavilions including the
                                       US, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ontario and Western Canada.

                                       Austria at GLOBE 2006
                                       The Austrian Pavilion featured a number of environmental

    We consider our group              solutions providers exhibiting a wide range of technologies
                                       and processes including innovative power generation technical
    participation at GLOBE
                                       solutions, renewable energy (biodiesel, biomass), waste and
    2006 a great success, as           water treatment, end-of-life vehicle drainage technology, as
    Austrian companies were            well as other emerging technological methods of environmental

    able to find new partners           management.

    in business and potential          The Energy Globe Awards
    customers.                         A special feature of GLOBE 2006 was The Energy Globe Awards
                                       and luncheon hosted by the Federal Economic Chamber of Austria.
       KARL J. SCHMIDT                 These international environmental awards were presented to
                                       best practice sustainable projects from around the world in the
       CANADA                          categories of earth, fire, water, air and youth.

                                       Winners of the 2006 Energy Globe Awards.

Above: The Government of Canada Pavilion was comprised of 24 exhibitors representing 12 different government departments, and featured the themes: Building
Awareness, Creating Business Opportunities, and Promoting Innovation. Over 8,000 people visited the pavilion during GLOBE 2006.

NRCan at GLOBE 2006
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) was a key                                       • promotion of Canada’s Clean Energy
player at GLOBE 2006, co-sponsoring a series of                                    Technologies Portal (, an
sessions dealing with new technologies and their                                   award-winning portal that provides information
contribution to a sustainable energy future.                                       about Canada’s clean energy expertise and
Sessions included: Green High-Rise Residential                                     innovative clean energy industry, including
Developments; a showcase of Canada’s Science                                       a listing of over 800 companies.
and Technology Priorities in Energy; and, Climate                                • an exhibition of NRCan’s Energy Ambassador
Change Solutions.                                                                  Posters highlighting twenty winning projects
                                                                                   related to energy efficiency.
Graham Campbell, NRCan’s Director General of
the Office of Energy Research and Development,                                    NRCan also supported a half-day session that
hosted the session on Science and Technology                                     addressed emerging climate change policies,
Priorities. The session explored approaches to                                   emissions trading regimes and technologies that
priority-setting in energy science and technology,                               will secure our future energy and the environment.
from the perspectives of provincial governments,                                 Developments in renewable and non-renewable
industry and academics. About 200 business,                                      energy, conservation and efficiency initiatives,
industry and government representatives                                          delivery systems for clean energy, and related
participated, making it one of the top ten                                       technology opportunities were explored as
attended sessions at GLOBE 2006.                                                 options to enhance Canada’s competitiveness
                                                                                 in the global economy.
At the Trade Fair, NRCan’s initiatives included:
• events and activities in partnership with                                      Margaret McCuaig-Johnston, Assistant Deputy
  41 companies and organizations through                                         Minister, Energy Technology and Programs Sector
  Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM),                                       at NRCan, hosted a formal dinner that brought
  an interdepartmental technology program                                        together 50 industry and government leaders to
  that supports projects which demonstrate                                       discuss cross-sectoral energy and environment
  technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas                                        issues. All in all, NRCan made a significant
  emissions.                                                                     contribution to the success of GLOBE 2006!
     GLOBE is a class act
     conference where little
                                    GLOBE 2006
     could be improved.             Networking and Social Functions
     It provides the right
                                    A number of social events were held in order to maximize
     combination of speakers,       opportunities for business development and provide increased
     large and small group          participation in discussions taking place at GLOBE 2006 and
                                    allied events. These activities, along with other social and
     settings, trade fair, and
                                    networking events hosted by GLOBE participants and sponsors,
     networking events like
                                    provided delegates with a number of diverse and exceptional
     the women’s lunch, that        opportunities to meet people, exchange views, and network.
     make it a very worth-
                                    Highlight Events:
     while event focused on
                                           Welcome Reception
     critical topics for the
                                           Business Networking Breakfasts
     planet’s future.
                                           Women’s Networking Lunch
                                           GLOBE Awards Gala Dinner
         BC, CANADA


             of respondents
              said they plan
            to attend again

             of participants
          rated the event as
          good to excellent

                                  2006 GLOBE Awards for
                                  Environmental Excellence
                A tangible expression of the importance of environmental
                stewardship and sustainable development in the business sector,
                the annual GLOBE Awards are presented to extraordinary
                companies and industry groups, all of whom have embraced
                sustainable business strategies that have resulted in driving
                the marketplace to new heights.

                The Corporate Competitiveness Award – Efficiency/Mitigation
                Suncor Energy Inc.

                The Corporate Competitiveness Award – Product
                Interface Flooring Systems

                The Corporate Award for Technology Innovation & Application
                Ivey International Inc.

                The Industry Award for Export Performance
                Advanced Glazings Ltd.

                The Capital Markets Award for Sustainable Investment & Banking
                Jantzi Research Inc.

                The Award for Excellence in Urban Sustainability
                Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation

                Host Ian Hanomansing with Rachel Turner & Antonio Casimiro of the Canadian Museum of Civilization

The GLOBE Foundation of Canada extends a special thank-you to the following sponsors
for their support and generosity:

DIAMOND                               DIAMOND SUPPORTER                          PLATINUM

                                                                                                                                                Honda Red

                                                                                                       porate symbol / Hnda lo
                                                                                                     Cor               o     go

                                                                                                        bal     gan              H    go
                                                                                                     Glo brand slo combined withonda lo

SILVER                                                                                                  bal     gan
                                                                                                     Glo brand slo

BRONZE            MEDIA


                                                                                      James Hoggan                                         Interface
                                                                                      & Associates                      AMEC               Flooring
                                                                                          Inc.                                             Systems

            We would also like to thank all of the participants who attended GLOBE 2006.
         We look forward to seeing you again at GLOBE 2008, March 12-14, 2008 in Vancouver.

                                Suite 578-999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 3E1
               tel 604 775 7300     toll free 800 274 6097   fax 604 666 8123    website

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