Genius LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser goes wireless by eyusinc


									Genius LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser goes

So the modern office and home wants not only to be paperless but wireless as well, and Genius
answers this clarion call with their latest release, the wireless Genius LuxeMate T810 Media
Cruiser. Of course, it will not come with a paperless direction, but this will be an all-new media
and PC control device which offers three functions in a solitary form factor.

For instance, users are able to use it as a wireless Remote Control (by the way, how many of us
have seen a wired remote control unless it is really, really old or some sort of super basic
children’s toy?), or alternatively as a mouse and keyboard combination. It will not play nice with
Mac OS X platforms though, since it was specially designed to work in tandem with Microsoft
XP and Vista media center software.

Imagine using the Luxemate T810 to help you watch live TV, tune in to an online radio, watch
your favorite DVDs, browse through your collection of photos and even surfing the Internet.
Using the anti-interference 2.4GHz wireless connection, you are able to obtain full control over
whatever you are doing – as long as you remain within a reasonable distance of 10 meters. Since
more and more folks are working on integrating their computers and TVs, Genius intends to
offer something worth purchasing in the form of a genuine controller.

The Genius LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser will “talk” to your PC using a USB receiver, where
you will achieve unprecedented wireless control thanks to four way scrolling capabilities (up,
down, left, right), coupled with the “OptoTouch Cursor Control” that delivers greater cursor
accuracy, quicker movement and response time. Never mind if your palms tend to sweat it out –
the LuxeMate T810 will sport a rubber-coating that delivers anti-slip control and 34 hot keys for
quick and easy navigation.

Any takers for yet another remote control to adorn your living room?

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