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					                    Early Enrollment Booklet for High School Selection
                  For Students enrolling as HS Freshman for the fall of 2011

This booklet is designed to assist students and their parents in gaining information for the MPS early
enrollment process being held Oct. 4 to Nov. 24, 2010. The information provided in this booklet was
gathered from the various high schools. For more information, contact the schools directly.

Index of Schools
    Advanced Language/ Academic Studies (ALAS) High School
    Alliance School
    Audubon
    Bay View High School
    Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology & Trade School
    Carmen High School of Science and Technology
    Community High School
    Custer High School
    Genesis High School
    Hamilton
    Rufus King International Baccalaureate High School
    James Madison Academic Campus (JMAC)
    Milwaukee High School of the Arts (MHSA)
    Milwaukee School of Languages
    Montessori High School, an IB World School
    Morse•Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented
    Northwest Secondary School
    Vel Phillips for the Arts and Media Technology
    Professional Learning Institute (PLI)
    Pulaski High School
    Reagan College Preparatory High School
    Riverside University High School
    School for Urban Planning & Architecture (SUPAR)
    South Division
    Veritas High School* (Seeds of Health organization)
    Vincent High School
    Washington High School
    Washington High School of Information Technology
    Wisconsin Career Academy
    Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning (WCLL)

Erin Pigo, School Counselor, Lincoln Center of the Arts, Updated September 29, 2010
Content edited for space.
Advanced Language/Academic Studies (ALAS) High School (034)

Address:         971 W. Windlake Ave.
Phone:          (414) 902-7300
Specialties:    Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Open House:     Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 5-7 PM
Contact:        Ms. Sosa, Lead Teacher - Founding Member

ALAS is a bilingual (English/Spanish) small, charter high school providing a rigorous curriculum promoting high
levels of academic bilingualism/biliteracy. All students will be enrolled in advanced courses in the areas of
English, social studies, science, mathematics, and foreign language. ALAS is a uniform school and we are also
part of the Teacher Led Network Year-Round calendar.

The Alliance School (042)

Address:        850 W. Walnut St, Milwaukee, WI 53205
Phone:          (414) 267-5400 Fax: 414-267-5415
Open House:      Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Contact Name:    Mari Scicero at (414) 267-5425 (my direct) or 414-267-5400 (main office)

The Alliance School is a small, year round school serving the needs of 164 students in grades 6-12. The students
who attend Alliance come from all different backgrounds and abilities. The mission of the school is to be a safe,
student-centered, and academically challenging environment to meet the needs of all students. It is an accepting
place, where students are treated fairly at all times, regardless of sexuality, appearance, ability, or beliefs. The
curriculum is college-bound with a strong arts program and a service learning focus.

Audubon (090)
Address:      3300 S. 39 St.
Phone:        (414) 902-7800 Fax: 414-902-7869
Open House: Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 5-8 PM
                                                     th   th
No Testing.   Portfolios for admission are due Oct. 5 – 27 .
Portfolio:    See web for more information on portfolio requirements: www2milwaukee.k12.wi.us/atcchs
Contact Name: Dr. Kate Vannoy, 902-7800.

Audubon Technology and Communication Center High School is located on the south side of Milwaukee near
Jackson Park. At Audubon, we use technology so well that it’s our middle name. The focus of Audubon High
School is to train each student to be an independent learner, prepared for post-high school success in school,
employment, and life. We achieve this through small class sizes, individualized learning, rigorous project-based
curriculum, on-line classes, internships, and more. Each student receives a laptop, which is used as an
educational tool to prepare our students for the challenges of the new millennium. If you love technology, would
like some freedom in the way you learn, and would like to attend a school where everybody knows you, Audubon
is your place.

Bay View Middle and High School (012)

Address:      2751 South Lenox Street
Phone #:      (414) 294-2400
Specialties:  Building Trades Architecture & Leadership Academy (BAT),
              National Academy Foundation Engineering Academy (Project Lead the Way),
              Advanced Placement College Prep Program.
Open House: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 5-7 PM
Contact name: Jeanie Benson

Bay View offers rigorous academic programs as well as classes that emphasize creative performance through
fine arts. Students may choose Advanced Placement classes, the Building Trades, Architecture and Leadership
Academy, National Academy Foundation Engineering Academy, and extensive mathematics and science
courses. Virtual High School offers unique Advanced Placement courses and exciting electives. Regardless of
the academy or program, students are able to participate in a variety of band, jazz band, orchestra, chorus,
musical theater, drumming, foreign language, and business classes. Our students benefit from traditional
opportunities for sports and extracurricular activities including engineering-robotics, chess, forensics,
debate, student government, National Honor Society, drumline, color guard, marching band, cheerleading, dance,
and others. Bay View has a rigorous after school extended learning program through the Bay View Community
Learning Center and Saturday School.

Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School (014)

Address:        700 S 4 St.
Phone:         (414) 212-2400
Specialties:    Engineering, Design, Construction, and Communications
Open House: Thursday October 14, 2010, 6-8 PM
Testing Dates: Saturday, November 13, 9-11 AM
Contact Name: Melissa Mahnke, Counselor (414) 212-2460 *Contact for 8 grade presentations and tours.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School is a flagship program for technology and trade
education in Milwaukee Public Schools. We are committed to providing leading-edge technology in a state of the
art facility, enabling students to meet state and national performance standards in trade/technical, academic, and
employability skills. We prepare students to pursue additional education/training in a variety of technical careers
through one of four delivery systems; direct employment, adult apprenticeships, two-year and four-year degrees.

Carmen High School of Science and Technology (678)
                             nd                             nd
Address:         1712 S 32 St, Milwaukee, WI 53215 (32 & Mitchell)
Phone #:         (414) 384-4444
Specialties:     College Preparatory, Internship Program, After School Program
Open House:      Thursday, October 21, 2010, 6:30-8:00 PM
Testing Dates:   No Testing
Contact Name:    Anna Flores, Admission Director, 414-384-4444, ext. 404 or floresa@carmenhighschool.org

C = Chavez, Cesar – Activist | A = Allende, Isabel – Writer/Poet | R = Rivera, Diego – Artist |
M = Molina , Mario Scientist | E = Escalante, Jaime – Teacher | N = Novello, Antonia – Physician

Carmen High School of Science and Technology is a college preparatory high school with a rigorous liberal arts
curriculum that emphasizes science and technology and utilizes Alverno College’s Eight Abilities in its curriculum.
Students are eventually required to intern in local corporations or nonprofit organizations. Advanced placement
(AP) and engineering courses also will be offered and each student will have a challenging Individual Learning
Plan (ILP) in which goals are set and plans and schedules for achieving them are made. After school and summer
educational programs will be available to meet the interests and needs of all students, including athletics, and
clubs. In addition, students are required to complete 40 hours of community service each year.

Community High School (004)

Community High School's college-ready program starts with outstanding academics that challenge and motivate
all students to reach their full potential. As a small, public, charter school, CHS tailors the curriculum for the
individual student (and offers four AP courses in core subject areas), preparing students for the 21st century
economy. With an empowered and fully-certified teaching staff, Community High School students discover how to
participate in the transformation of their world. CHS students critically and creatively confront a reality filled with
social, economic, and political contradictions through discussion, active participation in the community, and a
comprehensive and college-preparatory curriculum.

Address:        6415 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53213 - 3rd Floor
Phone:          (414) 256-8200
Website:        www.communityhs.net
Specialties:    Service Learning/Social Justice/College-Prep
Open House:     November 11, 2010, 5:30 – 7:30 PM Live Jazz music!
Contact Person: Jason O'Brien (256-8233)
Custer High School (016)

Address:      5075 N. Sherman Blvd.
Phone:        (414) 393-4900
Communities:  Design, Architecture, Engineering & Technology
              Health Sciences, Law, Public Safety & Social Welfare
Open House: September for current students
Contact Name: Mrs. Ellen Makowski (393-4933) and Mr. Daetz (393-4938).

Located on Milwaukee’s northwest side, Custer High School offers students the opportunity to participate in small
learning communities within the larger school. These communities allow students, families, teachers and staff to
form closer relationships and better support the progress and success of all our students.
Custer’s three small learning communities include:
Design, Architecture, Engineering & Technology - Courses include Woodworking, Construction, HVAC,
Computer Assisted Design, Architectural Drafting & Graphic Arts. Visual hands-on learners will enjoy this area of
Law, Public Safety & Social Welfare - Courses include American Legal Systems, Contemporary World Affairs,
Justice & You, Sociology, and State & Local Government. Students in this area of study will have the opportunity
to visit local and state courts and government offices.
Health Sciences - Courses include Health Occupations, Medical Terminology, Health Services, Basic Nursing,
and Human Physiology & Anatomy. Students completing coursework in this community will have a jump start to
entry level jobs and post-secondary education in related fields of study.

Genesis High School (010)

Address:        1011 W. Center St., Milwaukee, WI 53206
Phone:          (414) 267-4900, Fax: (414) 267-4915; email: 010@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Open House:     Contact school.
Contacts:       Mrs. Kathelyne Dye-Gallagher, Principal at 414-267-4905

Genesis High School is a charter school located in the North Division Campus (has not gained its traditional small
high school status). Genesis prepares students who have an interest in health and human services, business,
trade, and technology. Genesis has formed community partnerships with Milwaukee Area Technical College,
Marquette University, the University of Madison, and other local organizations. Our students participate in the
WISCareers and Wisconsin Success Highways career assessment program during their freshman year and
students who maintain a 2.5 grade point average have opportunities to participate in internships with our
community partners during the second semester of their sophomore year. Genesis also has a Credit
Recovery/GED02 program and Night School. Credit Recovery focuses on students who are 2 or more years
behind grade level and is offered during the day. Night School is available for students as well. In addition to the
rigorous academic curricula, Genesis offers tutoring through the Boys and Girls Club, GEARUP higher education
counseling, and extracurricular activities after school.

Hamilton High School (018)

Address:        6215 W. Warnimont Ave
Phone:          (414) 327-9300
Open House:     Monday, October 4, 2010, 6-8 PM
Contact:        Ms. Jean Olson, 327-9404

Hamilton prides itself on being one of the most comprehensive high schools in Milwaukee. With more than ten
Advanced Placement classes, academically talented students may complete their first year of college at Hamilton.
Five career clusters offer specialized paths: American Studies (Gilder-Lehrman), Business and Finance,
Communication Technology, Engineering, and Medical Science (2 tracks). Additional features include an
extensive athletic department, a large range of art classes, job co-ops, JROTC, an EPIC volunteer internship, and
an on-site Educators Credit Union. Mr. Myron Cain, Principal
Rufus King International Baccalaureate High School (020)

Address:      1801 W. Olive Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209
Phone:        (414) 267-0700
Open House:   Oct. 14, 2010, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Testing Dates:Oct. 23, 2010, 9:00 AM
              Oct.26, 2010, 6:30 PM
Contact Name: Guidance Director, Brenda Mikell, 267-0729; mikellbr@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Rufus King International Baccalaureate is a city-wide high school. It has been an IB school since 1979, and
approximately 90% of the student population participates in the Pre-IB and IB program. The IB Diploma program
is a rigorous pre-university course of study, which meets the needs of the highly motivated secondary student.
The program involves two years of preparation for examinations that are evaluated and recognized
internationally. The IB student may work toward individual subject certificates or an IB diploma. Our school offers
a rigorous academic program and is made up of a multicultural population. In May 2004-2007 Rufus King was
named a New Wisconsin Promise School of Recognition by the Department of Public Instruction. Newsweek
Magazine has ranked Rufus King High School (2003, 2005, 2007, and 2008) in the top twenty percent of all
American Public High Schools and number one in the state of Wisconsin.
Ms Marie Newby-Randle principal

James Madison Academic Campus (J-MAC) (069)

Address:      8135 West Florist Avenue
Phone:        (414) 393-6100, Grades 9-12
              Instrumentality Charter
Open House: Contact school.
Contact Name: Lisa C. Byrd Teacher/ Counselor (414) 393-6109

James Madison Academic Campus (J-MAC) is an instrumentality charter high school implementing the First
Things First (FTF) framework. FTF framework includes three themed Small Learning Communities (SLCs): Law,
Criminal Justice & Government; Health Sciences and Performing Arts. Students stay with their same SLC all four
years. Courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies are required all four years. J-MAC requires 26
credits for graduation. The Campus features a Family and Student Advocate System. The Family and Student
Advocate System creates a bridge between the school and students’ families, helping to promote student
success. The goal of James Madison Academic Campus is to teach our students to think critically, use higher
level thinking skills, and to become productive members of society, while educating students to a level that
prepares them for the post-secondary option of their choosing. Zannetta Cistrunk, Principal
Our Motto is “We Are The Ones To Watch”

Milwaukee High School of the Arts (038)

Address:                2300 W. Highland Ave.
Phone #:                (414) 934-7000
Specialties:            City-Wide Arts Specialty (Grades 9-12)
Open House/
Audition Workshop:      Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 6:00 PM
Auditions Dates:        Monday, November 1, 2010 at 6 PM
                        Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 10 AM
Contact name:           Chris Wszalek, 414-934-7020 *Admission information can be found at mhsarts.com

Milwaukee High School of the Arts offers students at least two class hours per day in selected art majors. All
students must complete and pass an audition process in order to attend MHSA. Students commit to one area of
the arts for all four years. MHSA also provides an academically challenging educational program that includes
Advanced Placement and Honors Courses. Students may take up to 10 AP courses, which result in both high
school and college credit. MHSA does not provide preference to walk zone students. Students living north of
Capitol Dr. or south of Oklahoma Ave. receive yellow bus service. Students living south of Capitol Dr. and north of
Oklahoma Ave. receive MCTS bus passes.
B. Applewhite, Principal
Milwaukee School of Languages (071)
Address:     8400 W. Burleigh St.
Phone:       (414) 393-5700
Specialties: Language Immersion Program (Spanish, French, German, Chinese & Japanese)
Open House: Contact the school for admission information.

Montessori High School, an IB World School (064)

Address:       6415 W. Mount Vernon Street, Milwaukee, WI 53213
Phone:         (414) 256-8300
Website:       www.montessoriib.org
Specialties:   Combines the Montessori philosophy and the International Baccalaureate program.
Open House:    Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 6-8 PM; use main entrance on Mount Vernon St.
Contact:       Mark Schimenz, School Counselor at 414-256-8321

Montessori High School, an IB World School combines the Montessori philosophy that is based on meeting the
developmental needs of students and the International Baccalaureate program, which provides a rigorous
curriculum for college preparation. Students are deeply engaged and become active learners through an
integrated project and experience-based curriculum. Students with Montessori experience and/or IB interest are
encouraged to apply.
          Montessori education for adolescents
                 o Method focused on developmental needs of students, student-centered education
                 o Frequent group and hands-on activities
                 o Integrated project-based curriculum and instruction, real-world applications
          IB Diploma Programme
                 o College Preparatory, earn college credits while in high school
                 o Education designed for 21 Century global needs – environmental studies, technology,
                     Spanish (language), effective communication and problem solving skills
          Teacher and Parent run school
                 o Strong relationships between teachers and students, adaptable to student needs
                 o Passionately focused on each student’s success
                 o The adults that are most important to students’ education are empowered to make decisions
                     regarding teaching and learning

Morse•Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented (052)

Address:     4141 N. 64th Street
Phone:       (414) 393-2300
Open House: Contact school.
Contact Name: Sebastian Zizzo at 393-2327

Morse•Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented offers a rigorous curriculum for grades 6-11 for the 2011-2012
school year. Enrollment is based on the evaluation of the Morse•Marshall Gifted and Talented Information Form.
This form is completed by the student’s current teacher. Along with the form, a writing sample and the latest
report card are reviewed for consideration for acceptance into the Gifted and Talented program. Students at
Morse•Marshall receive instruction based on the higher level thinking skills of Bloom's Taxonomy. Foreign
language is required for all regular education students. Morse•Marshall has an emphasis in technology by
offering Project Lead the Way for grades seven and up. Morse•Marshall combines the traditions of excellence of
two great schools in northwestern Milwaukee.
Northwest Secondary School (086)
Address:        5496 N. 72 Street
Phone #:        (414) 393-3100
Specialties:    Comprehensive C.D. Program
Open House:     Thursday, September 16, 2010, 5-7 PM; NO Testing
Contact Name:   Angilique Jones-Cornelius, 393-3103, or email to jonesal2@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Northwest Secondary School is a Professional Learning Community that serves grades six through twelve.
Comprehensive Literacy across all content areas is a huge focus. High school students at Northwest take four
years of math, science, social studies, and English. We also offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes in the high
school grades as well. Northwest has a comprehensive cognitively disabled program. Matthew Boswell, Principal

Vel Phillips for the Arts and Media Technology (096)
Address:         3620 N. 18 Street
Phone:           (414) 875-6400, Fax: (414) 875-6415
Specialties:     Arts and Media Technology
Open House: Thursday, September 30, 2010, 5:00-7:30 PM
No Testing
Contacts:        Donna Walker, Principal, 875-6405; Nelly Anderson, School Counselor, 875-6400

                                                                                                             th   th
Vel Phillips for the Arts and Media Technology provides a humanistic environment for students in grades 7 -12
in which they actualize their fullest potential in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor areas. Students
are provided a variety of academic and social experiences that meet their intellectual, physical, and social needs
through individual, small group, and large group instruction. In addition, students are encouraged to use the
library, audiovisual aids, and computers to enhance their learning.

Professional Learning Institute (009)

Address:      2430 W Wisconsin Avenue
Phone #:      (414) 934-4200
Specialties:  Individualized Curriculum
Open House:   *Students should come in and take a tour for half a day in October to see if the school is right
               for them.
Contact name: Theresa Erbe, Lead Teacher, 414-934-4205; terbe007@hotmail.com

The Professional Learning Institute is a program for students that are motivated by high expectations and enjoy
taking on academic challenges. Advanced placement courses are available. Curriculum is individualized to meet
student’s academic and future life goals. MCTS bus passes are available.

Casimir Pulaski High School (026)

Address:        2500 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Phone #:        (414) 902-8900
Specialties:    Small learning community based
Open House:     *Get date from school’s voicemail.
Contact name:    Ms. Yvonne Porter

Pulaski High School’s mission is to provide all students with a quality education that prepares them to become
responsible citizens and equips them with the tools necessary for success in higher education and/or the career
of their choice. At Pulaski students are offered four career-path specialties that emphasize preparation for post-
secondary education utilizing the First Things First (FTF) educational reform initiative developed by the Institute
for Research and Reform in Education (IRRE). The SLCs are comprised of students and adults, organized around
four themes, including: Automotive Service Careers; Business Finance Careers; Health Sciences Careers; and
Government, Law and Civil Service Careers. The SLCs not only include students and staff, but also families and
members of the broader community, including our business partners. Students in the same SLC stay together for
core instruction time during the day and for all four years of high school. Continuity of care across all the years a
student is in the school promotes stronger relationships and collective responsibility among students and adults at
school and at home. This Milwaukee Public School High School Redesign initiative offers students increased
opportunities to succeed in their educational and career goals, by providing them with an education that prepares
them for college, work, and life as a productive citizen.
Reagan College Preparatory High School (007) One Mission, One Vision, One Program, IB
Address:      4965 S. 20 Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221
Phone:        (414) 304-6100
Specialties:  International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
Open House & Testing: Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010, 6-8 PM; Testing also on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, 9 AM
Contact name: Kon Knueppel, Counselor, (414) 304-6164; knueppkx@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Ronald W. Reagan College Preparatory High School is committed to preparing students for postsecondary
education and the workforce through an International Baccalaureate focused program. The International
Baccalaureate Organization aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to
create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The program at Ronald W. Reagan is a rigorous pre-university course of studies for highly motivated students,
exposing them to the two great traditions of learning – the humanities and the sciences. At Ronald W. Reagan,
students are held to high expectations as the staff provides them with the resources, tools, and challenging
opportunities to become life-long learners.

At Ronald W. Reagan you will find a caring staff that puts the needs of the students at the forefront of every
decision. They want each and every student to be successful and will go the extra mile to ensure that happens.

To apply, students are required to complete a written application and take an entrance exam. They must also
                           th   th
submit their most recent 7 or 8 grade report card as well as WKCE, Terra Nova or Iowa Basic Skills Test
results. Space is limited.

Riverside University High School (029)

Address:      1615 E. Locust St.
Phone #:      (414) 906-4900
Specialties:  University Prep
Open House:   Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 6 PM
Testing Dates:Saturday, October 23, 2010, 9 AM
              Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 6 PM
Contact name: Joan Crisostomo

Riverside University High School offers a rigorous university preparatory program. Honors/Advanced Placement
(AP) classes are offered. Qualified juniors and seniors may enroll in classes for credit at the University of
Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Riverside's AP program is larger and more inclusive than any other MPS high school.
Riverside is a Project Lead The Way Engineering and Gilder Lehrman US History high school. A Bilingual
program is offered. Transportation may change in 2010, but last year students living north of Oklahoma Ave. or
south of Hampton Ave. received MCTS bus passes. Dr. D. Donder, Principal

School for Urban Planning and Architecture (SUPAR) (079)
Address:         1712 S. 32 St.
Phone:           (414) 902-7566
Specialties:     Connection with UWM-gearing students into 2 or 4 year programs beyond high school.
Open House:      Thursday October, 7, 2010 5:00 to 8:00 PM
Contact name:    Cris Parr

   The School for Urban Planning and Architecture (SUPAR) is a learning community in which every individual is
empowered and supported to do their best work. Students strive toward proficiency in math, science, literature,
composition, and social studies through project-based learning focused on a wide range of issues that engage
students in problem solving and knowledge acquisition. In addition, students learn interpersonal communication
and build leadership skills while developing their own self-confidence.
   Professionals in urban planning and architecture, along with other community partners, support this engaged
learning environment. Through these relationships, students are highly motivated to make a positive difference in
their communities and achieve their own development toward future success. Students learn through a wide
range of experiences in the community, include job shadowing, service projects, and internships.
   Through regular contacts with UWM faculty, students, alumni and visits to the UWM campus, students develop
a sense of familiarity and belonging in a college environment. Students learn directly about a range of career
choices in the fields of planning, design, and community building with a special emphasis on the concepts of
social justice.
   We will endeavor to prepare them to pursue successful careers, and to introduce them to the skills and
professionals involved in planning, designing, and transforming communities to create a better future for
themselves and others.

South Division High School (032) *Enrollment is through 3-choice in January.

Address:       1515 W. Lapham Blvd., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
Phone:         (414) 902-8300
Open House: September 15, 2010
Contact Person: Bud Strehlow, Counselor, 414-902-8475

South Division is comprised of four Academies: Freshman, Business, Cyber, and Health and Human Services.
The Freshman Academy is a research based program partnered by Johns Hopkins University, which nurtures and
prepares students for a successful academic future. The Business Academy features a Microsoft Certification
program, student run store, a silk-screening business, and a strong business curriculum. The Cyber Academy
has Project Lead the Way classes, a student laptop program, SDTV (South Division Television) and many
technical courses including web design and digital photography. Health and Human Services has a nursing
certification program, a medical terminology class, and a variety of classes in the Health field. South also has a
large athletic program and many interesting clubs, including a partnership with Hartland Arrowhead High School
and a Vex Robotic Club. South Division has a rich 115 year history and is one of the most diverse schools in the
country. Maurice Turner, Principal

Veritas High School (639)

Address:       3025 Oklahoma Ave.
Phone:         (414) 389-5574
Specialties:   Charter, Grades 9-12
Open House: Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 5 -7 PM
Application Deadline: Oct. 22, 2010 – You will then be contacted for a testing date.
Testing Dates: By appointment only.
Contact Name: Sherry Tolkan, Principal, 389-5560 or stolkan@seedsofhealth.org

Veritas HS offers a small, safe, personalized environment for college-bound students. Veritas, Latin for “Truth”,
teaches positive character values, social ethics and strong personal principles. Small classes, project-based
curriculum, personal attention/ support, and cutting edge technology take students to their potential. Students
routinely exceed the State proficiency requirements. Veritas H.S. is open to all City of Milwaukee Residents.

Vincent High School (033)

Address:       7501 N. Granville Rd.
Phone:         (262) 236-1200
Open House: Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 5:30-7:30 PM
Application Deadline: On-going
Testing Dates: No testing required
Contact Name: Ms. B. Mack

Vincent High School offers students the opportunity to participate in 4 Small Learning Communities (Business
Leadership & Technology, Performing Arts, Engineering & Design and Law & Government). Small Learning
Communities allow students, families, teachers and staff members to form closer relationships. This joint effort
also allows a strong connection between the home and school to better support the progress and success of all
students. Vincent will be on block (4x4) schedule and students in ninth grade are required to take two classes in
both math and English (double-dosing). We also have Advanced Placement classes in English Literature and
Composition, American Government, and U.S. History. In addition to thematic electives, students will spend a
portion of time focusing on the theme of the community of their choice. After school and summer educational
programs will be available including athletics, drama, and debate. Vincent’s beautiful facilities include a
greenhouse, landscape equipment, and outdoor study areas. Students living outside the designated walk zone
will receive yellow bus service. Matthew Boswell, Principal
Washington High School

Address:        2525 N. Sherman Blvd
Phone #:        (414) 875-5906
Open House:     TBD
Contact Name:   Judith Viljoen

Washington High School is once again a comprehensive college preparatory high school. We offer three career
paths for students: Hospitality and Tourism (with an emphasis in Culinary Arts), Finance, and Law. We are
affiliated with the National Academies in these areas. Each career path engages students with hands-on field
experiences, job shadowing, and summer internships. Our goal is to prepare students for four year university
degrees or two year Associate degrees and to live their dreams. Washington has a proud athletic tradition
including boys’ and girls’ basketball and soccer, cross country, volleyball, tennis, and football. All teachers are
highly qualified and certified in the subject area they teach. Gregory Ogunbowale, Principal

Washington High School of Information Technology (039)

Address:        2525 N. Sherman Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53210
Phone #:        (414) 875-6000
Specialties:    Technology-infused curriculum
Open House:     Contact school.
Contact name:   Stanley McWilliams, Principal at 414-875-5909

 A small school setting and a technology integrated academic foundation prepare students for the challenges of
our ever-changing world. WHS of IT offers courses that give students a technological career edge. We have all
the sports and extracurricular activities of a large high school. WHS of IT uses technology to drive teaching and
learning to foster strong academic and character development of youth. Enroll through January 3-choice.

Wisconsin Career Academy (640)

Address:        4801 S. 2nd Street
Phone #:        (414) 483-2117
Specialties:    College Bound
Open House:     Thursday, October 7, 2010 from 3:30 - 6 PM
Contact name:   Jennifer Reuchlen, Counselor 483-2117 ext. 115; email: reuchlen@wiscca.org

Wisconsin Career Academy is a grade 6-12 charter school within MPS, having a small school environment with
an excellent 10:1 student to teacher ratio. A strong focus is placed on math, science, and computer technology.
WCA organizes the Milwaukee Regional Science and Engineering Fair (MRSEF), the largest science fair serving
all of southeastern Wisconsin, in addition to the Milwaukee Regional Art Fair (MRAF). Focus is placed on each
student as an individual, and WCA's goal is to connect the classroom to the working world so all students are
successful in any endeavor chosen beyond high school. WCA is college bound with 95% of last year's 8th grade
students signing the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge and all of the seniors receiving acceptance into
college. Transportation is not provided. Yasar Bora, Principal        Website: www.wiscca.org

Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning (399) *Not participating in early enrollment.

Address:        3120 W. Green Avenue
Phone #:        (414) 304-6800
Specialties:    College Preparatory and Service Learning
Open House:     Contact School
Contact name:   Aimee Harris

Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning is a year-round school, serving approximately 760 students. The
K-12 setting allows staff to work closely with families for a longer period of time, which helps to ensure a safe and
consistent learning environment. At the high school level, educational achievement is promoted through
Advanced Placement (AP) courses for college credit. Students work closely with teachers, support staff and pre-
college partnerships to prepare for post-secondary pursuits.

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