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					      Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute I New Delhi                              Monthly Newspaper I June 2010 I Pages 4

         ON JOB TRAINING Page No.3
                                  ACTION TIMES                              WORLD ASTHMA DAY Page No.2

                                                           OUR NEW CEO
                                                         Dr. D.P. Saraswat joins as our CEO. He was earlier Director Operations and
                                                         Regional Director of Max Healthcare, Delhi. He has experience of heading a 1,500
                                                         bedd "Kasturba Hospital" at Manipal one of the largest hospitals in private sector. As
                                                         Chief Operating Officer & Medical Director of "Manipal Hospital"Bangalore,
                                                         which is 600 beded Corporate Hospital earned "Most Patient Friendly Hospital of
BIRTHDAY                                                 the Year" award during his tenure.

  Family members of Sri                             He has been Professor and H.O.D, in the Department of Hospital Administration
  Balaji Action Medical           Dr. D.P. Saraswat conducting three years MD ( Hospital Administration ) course at Kasturba Medical
                                                    College, Under Manipal University.
   Institute & Action
 Cancer Hospital wishes            We welcome Dr. D.P. Saraswat and assure him the best of our cooperation & support.
 each one of you a very
    Happy Birthday
                                   Birthday                                                              Party Time
June 1   : Dr. D.P. Saraswat
June 2   : Dr. Ajay Gainda
June 5   : Dr. Sunita Kaushik
June 6   : Dr. R K Jasuja
June 7   : Dr. Virender Kumar
June 16 : Dr. Prakash Khatri
June 17 : Dr. Pradeep Rustogi

                                  May 8, 2010: No matter how old or young you turn, birthday celebrations have the joy attached to them.
All are requested to kindly       Birthday celebration is a stress buster and a common meeting ground for the employees.To make last month
join us for the celebrations on   birthday celebration of our staff an exciting event, one minute games were organized. First game of the evening was
                                  putting bindi on the face of the other person in one minute and off course the one who puts more bindies on others
12th June 2010 at 4 PM,           face would be the winner. Dr. Ravi Chandra defeated Dr. Sukesh Trikha; Ms. Kajal defeated Ms. Sadhna Mittal and
Conference Hall, Basement         Ms. Payal Sharma defeated Lt.(Col) Ms. C K Nair.
for celebration of birthday       Second game was putting maximum number of buttons in one minute. The competition was among three people, in
                                  boys Mr. Brijesh won the game and in girls Dr. Leena Batra won the game. There was tie tying competition among
We apologize in case we have      Mr. K N Gulati, Dr. Animesh Arya and Dr. M Jain. Mr. Gulati won the game as he tied 4 ties in one minute. Ms. Lata
                                  won the tie tying game by defeating Ms. Jasleen.
missed your birthday date as
                                  Next game was between three pairs wherein each pair has to catch the ball maximum number of times without
the information is not updated    letting the ball fall, Mr. Naveen Sharma and Aarti won the game. Last game of the evening was to blow the
with us. Kindly provide the       maximum number of balloons in one minute. Dr. A P Chaudhari and Ms. Geeta Sharma were the winners.

information to Ms. Rukmani,       All the winners were suitably rewarded by the management.
                                   Word of Wisdom
P.S-MD at 4170 ext. or
                                  There are two kinds of people those who do the work and those who take the credit, try to be in the first group
message at 9810705643             as there is less competition.                                                                      R.C. Chharia
    2                Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute                             Monthly Newspaper I June 2010

                                                                                                      TIMES EVENTS
                     Action Heart Institute continuous efforts in saving lives of serious patients.
                     A fight of 6hrs by Dr. Amar Singhal and his support team of Anesthetists ,
                     Heart command doctors and trained paramedical staff has given the second
                     life to Mrs. Kamla 50 years old female, who was admitted on 20/04/10 with
                     acute chest pain sweating and difficulty in breathing and very low BP in the
                     night at 11:00 PM.

 Dr. Amar Singhal     The emergency department of the hospital immediately rushed the patient
to the heart command, where already informed staff was ready to take this challenge they
immediately started the medicines to increase the blood pressure and put the patient to life saving
machine IABP. After managing BP, Dr. Singhal performed the Angiography where he found
triple Vessel disease. It was difficult to take decision whether go for the surgery or Angioplasty    April 27, 2010: CME on “Life Style Management”
because the patient's heart was working only 20%. After counseling of the attendants, Dr. Amar        by Dr. Gaurva Sharma was organized by the
Singhal took the difficult decision to perform primary Angioplasty. God always helps the braves       Department of Cardiology, Sri Balaji Action Medical
in this case it was proved that a stitch in time saves life. Mrs. Kamla discharged healthy on 27th    Institute
April and the family was happy and thanking Dr. Singhal and entire team of Sri Balaji Action
Medical Institute. The Action Heart institute is really following its slogan “Taking care of your
Heart By Heart” said Dr. Singhal.

                                 HUGE SPLEEN
                                    (More than 4 kg Weight)
                               removed from a moribund 75 yr. old female patient

                     Mrs Pushpa Devi a 75 yrs old female patient was admitted in Balaji Action
   Dr. S.K. Abrol  Hospital with history of severe abdominal pain with huge abdominal mass in
a Moribund state. On general examination and after investigations she was diagnosed as a case of
                                                                                                      May 2-4, 2010: On the Occasion of World Asthma
Hypersplenism with a very huge spleen. Her biochemical and hematological parameters were              Day, CME on “Optimizing inhalation therapy in
severely deranged. Earlier she had been managed conservatively at Gangaram Hospital but               Asthma” was organized by the Department of
without much help. At the time of admission patient was in deep pain and agony hence a decision       Respiratory Medicine, Sri Balaji Action Medical
of splenectomy was taken. Patient was previously operated for ventral                                 Institute in association with IMA Outer West branch
Hernia.In view of previous operation and moribund condition of patient ,the                           on May 2, 2010 followed by 2 days Asthma Check up
operation was a big challenge.                                                                        camp and a public lecture.

Accepting the challenge Dr. Abrol and his team, Dr. Rajesh Valeja and
Dr. Pankaj Sinha went ahead with the surgery and and removed a huge spleen
of around 4 kg. Postoperatively the patient showed rapid improvement and
was discharged on 5th postoperative day. At followup patient was quite happy
and thanked the entire team of Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute.

   MEDICAL SERVICES RENDERED TO                                          Brand
            100 PATIENTS                                               Promotion
    Action Cancer Hospital                                           Action Cancer Hospital

                  22nd May 2010
                                                                                                      May 14, 2010: CME on a new anti platelet drug
                  Action Cancer Hospital                                                              “Prasugrel” was organized by the Department of
                                                                                                      Cardiology, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
                  has rendered its

                  Medical services to 100                                                                All consultants and staff can
                                                                                                       give their valuable suggestions/
  in patients within one and half month of                               Punjabi Bagh                             feedback at
  its anguration                                                                              
 All consultants are requested to kindly update Mr. Dheeraj Srivastava at 9891400989 (*6107) about the advanced and complicated surgeries
 performed so that same can be provided to PR agency for publication .
                       Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute                                       Monthly Newspaper I June 2010                               3

                                     NABH                                                                        Action Cancer Hospital
        Committed To Better Quality Health Care                                                                               Patients Feedback
As we all are well aware that our hospital is progressing towards the pre-assessment survey for
NABH, I take the opportunity to request each and every member of Sri Balaji Action Medical Patient Name: Mr. J S Meglam.
Institute family to please gear up and put in their best efforts to achieve the goal.           The doctor and staff was very cooperative and
NABH has 10 chapters, 100 standards and 514 objective elements to comply with, which can helpful
only be achieved through honest and sincere efforts on part of each of us. So let us leave behind
the “Chalta hai” attitude and do our work with full devotion, perfection and consistency, Patient Name: Ms. Santosh Aggarwal.
which inevitably will result in Quality!!.
                                                                                                                 I wish this hospital achieve new targets and God
 Kindly attend more and more on job training sessions (OJT), trainings organized by bless hospital management and staff.
departmental champions and ACLS/ BLS classes taken by Dr. Ganguly and Dr. Neeta Taneja.
I am sure that our combined efforts shall bring favorable results and make all of us proud.                      Patient Name: Mr. I C Gupta.
For any query don't hesitate to contact Quality team.                                                            Excellent doctor and his team (REAL ASSETS).
                                         REMEMBER                                                                Good ambience-Maintenance will be key.
     “In the race of quality, there are no finish lines, there are only front runners!!”
                                                                                                                 Patient Name: Mr. Ahmed.
                                                                                                                 All services excellent. Should have the meditation
                ON JOB TRAINING                                                                                  facility along with treatment

                              OJT PROGRAM                                                                        New Family Members
                                On Job Training for the employees of Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
                                has taken its flight. The first department to get benefited from this training   Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
                                was the face of the hospital, Front Office Staff and the panel department.           · Dr. Devansh
                                                                                                                        Hon. Sr. Cons.Plastic Surgery
                                   The OJT program started with a brief lecture about training and its               · Dr. Sonal Gupta
                                   benefits from the Dr. D P Saraswat, CEO followed by a presentation by                Hon. Sr. Cons. Neurosurgery
                                   Dr. S Trikha, DMS on Hospital Vision, Mission and Quality policy. Ms.
                                                                                                                     · Dr. Prakash Kharti
                                   Aruna Vasisht, Manager Front Office trained the staff on grooming and
                                   cummunication skills while Mr. Dheeraj Srivastava has given his
                                                                                                                        Hon. Cons. Neurosurgery
                                   expertise on customer handling and Panel SOP’s. Everyone appraised the            · Dr. Ashok Solanki
training and we hope that everyone implements the tips in their day to day activities. Mr. U Kaushik,                   Cons. Radiology
Financial Controller said that “It is a great beginning but still to go a long way”. We hope that the OJT            · Dr. Megha Mittal
program continues with full enthusiasm and gets the support from each and every family member of Sri                    Sr. Resident Medicine
Balaji Action Medical Institute. Mr. R.K Gupta, President, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute said that
                                                                                                                     · Dr. Aaditya Singhal, R.M.O
“We look forward for more & more participation of the employes in these training sessions and hope that
they take the hospital to the next level”.                                                                           · Dr. Sandeep Goel, RMO
                                                                                                                     · Dr. Prabhjeet Kaur, RMO
                                                                                                                     · Dr. Sonal Gupta, RMO
            Website Redesigned                                                                                       · Dr. Rashmi Bansal, RMO
                                                                                                                     · Ms. Madhu Nangia                                                                                             Executive Secretary, Management &
  Our website : has been redesigned keeping in view the
  inputs from the concerned departments. The new features of the website are:                                    Action Cancer Hospital
                                                                                                                     · Dr. Kunjahari Medhi
 @ Hospital Overview
                                                                                                                        Consultant Medical Oncology
 @ Doctors Detail’s
                                                                                                                          NEW EMPANELMENT'S
 @ Private O.P.D Schedule                                                                                             Action Cancer Hospital
 @ Specialities Details                                                                                          ¡Embassy of USA        ¡The Oberoi Hotel
                                                                                                                 ¡United Healthcare     ¡Parekh Healthcare
 @ 24 hrs Ambulance
                                                                                                                 ¡Focus Healthcare      ¡Safeway TPA
 @ Action Times Online                                            In case of any suggestions/feedback,           ¡TTK Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd
                                                                  kindly provide the inputs to Mr. Dheeraj
 @ Action Health Care Online and many more features               Srivastava at *6107, 9891400989

      All Consultants/Department Heads are requested to update Ms. Jasleen Kaur at 9871093713 (*6183) about new developments and up
      gradations in their respective departments so that the same can be published in our newspaper

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