Setting Goals

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					                                    Setting Goals

Overview: Students will consider what they would like to change to improve
themselves (academically or other). They will record several short term goals
and a long term goal on an organizer. They will rewrite the long-term goal and
their plan of how to achieve the goal in their school agenda.

Goal: Students will understand the importance of setting attainable goals and
the process to achieve them.

Time needed: 1 class period

Materials:    Copy of “Setting Goals” reading for each student
                     (from www.
              Copy of “Setting Goals” organizer for each student
              Transparency of “Setting Goals” organizer for teacher modeling
              Student Agenda for each student

   1. Write “Setting Goals” on the board and invite students go to the board to
      write their ideas of what it means, how to do it, and why it is important.
   2. Discuss what short-term and long-term refer to, give examples of each
      and ask for student examples of each.
   3. Distribute Setting Goals reading to students. Read aloud and stop to
      check for understanding/clarification often.
   4. Distribute Setting Goals organizer to each student. Have the students
      individually fill in goals and how they will attain them for at least 2 short-
      term goals.
   5. Have them consider goals that they will need more time to attain. Have
      them fill in the spaces for the long-term goal.
   6. Lead a class discussion of what types of things they wish to accomplish or
      change. Do they fit all of the characteristics?
   7. Have students copy the long term goal into their agenda (on page 5 of the

Optional extension:
Regularly check with students to see if they have attained their goal. If they
have, have them consider a new goal to record. If they have not, ask them what
is stopping them. Consider revision to make the goal realistic
Setting Goals Organizer

Remember to include the 3 W’s
(What you Will do and When you will do it)
as you write your goals.

                                              Within goals
                                              & abilities?

                                                                                                    Within your


      Describe Your Short Term Goals Below

                                               √               √            √           √            √

        Describe 1 Long Term Goal Below        √               √            √           √            √
This is in student agenda

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