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									           Friends of the Cathedral

2004 edition                                      The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity                                                         Quebec City

New generation helps ring in bicentennial year
                                                                                                                   bearings that hold the bells in place and
By Kim McNairn                                                                                                     allow them to move. Six of the eight bells
     A new generation of bell ringers is taking                                                                    are chipped. The bells are also out of tune.
its place in the Cathedral bell tower.                                                                                 Kitson says young players, and even
     Every Saturday morning, the children                                                                          some adults, simply do not have the
gather in the tower to learn the skills,                                                                           strength to tug on the ropes that ring the
finesse and brute strength it takes to make                                                                        larger bells. The Cathedral Foundation is
the 174-year-old bells sing.                                                                                       considering an ambitious project to rehang,
     Their instructor Mike Hinton says the                                                                         repair and retune the bells. (Page 2)
children came to him with the idea last fall.                                                                          “Once the bells are rehung, there is no
     “The kids said, ‘When can we start to         Matthew Mendel learns the ropes of ringing in the bell tower.   reason most older children will not be able
ring the bells?’ So, we started a Saturday                                                                         to play,” says Kitson.
morning practice,” says Hinton.                    new generation of players will help make                            Hinton hopes the experience will also
     Five signed up and several more want          sure there will always be people to play the                    strengthen the children’s bonds with the
to join. The children age from 9 to 13.            historic bells.                                                 Cathedral now and into the future.
     “I think they are amazed that they are            But he says the bells need a major                              People will be able to hear the young
the ones making the bells ring. They want          overhaul before ringers, young and old, will                    ringers on some Sundays later this year.
to be able to do it all,” says Hinton.             be able to play the bells properly.                                 Practices are held Saturday mornings
     Tower captain Douglas Kitson says the             Age is taking its toll on the frames and                    for anyone who would like to join.

New chamber organ is on its way                                                                                    The Dean’s corner
By Kim McNairn                                                                                                     By Dean Walter Raymond, OGS
                                                   church itself and many of its furnishings,”
  A rare English chamber organ will soon           says choir director Benjamin Waterhouse.                            In his guidebook The Cathedral of the
call Holy Trinity home.                              “The organ is an extremely rare surviving                     Holy Trinity: a Perambulation (1947) one
  This historic instrument                                    example of a late 18th century                       of my predecessors, Dean A. H. Crowfoot
is about as old as the                                        English chamber organ.”                              describes the impression the interior of the
Cathedral itself. The or-                                       He says the chamber organ                          Cathedral is designed to make.
gan was built in London,                                      will complement, not replace, the                        “Look at it. See its goodly proportions.
England in 1790.                                              main organ which will continue to                    Notice the white pillars. See the blaze of
  The purchase is made                                        be used to accompany services.                       glory high up over the apse. ... Now listen
possible by a generous                                          However, he says the main or-                      to what the architecture is saying, ‘This is
donation. The donor has                                       gan is deteriorating mechanically.                   God’s House. Here God has come down to
asked to remain anony-                                        Waterhouse also says it is difficult                 dwell with us,’” he writes.
mous.                                                         to use the main organ at the back                        After nearly five years as dean, I
  The “new” organ will                                        of the church to accompany the                       continue to marvel at just how powerfully
be installed in the east                                      choir at the front.                                  God does seem to “dwell with us” in this
end of the Cathedral in                                         The chamber organ was built                        wonderful old Cathedral, particularly when
the chancel opposite from                                     for a friend of famed composer                       we gather for worship, as a community of
the pulpit. It will be used to accompany the       Joseph Haydn.                                                   faith.
choir, plus in chamber music performances            It is now being restored in Montreal.                             Our bicentennial celebrations this year
and other concerts.                                  The new organ should be in place by the                       are not only about a 200 year old building.
  “It was built only 10 years before work          end of May.
started on the Quebec cathedral, and so              See the events calendar on the back                                                      Continued on Page 5
belongs to the same Georgian period as the         page for special dedication events.

Busy times ahead for Cathedral Foundation
By Hugh Bignell
                                                                                                       We are also studying an ambitious
    Much is happening through the work of the                                                       project involving the historic bells of the
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Foundation.                                                           Cathedral bell tower. The bells date back to
    The renovation of Carter Hall is now                                                            1830, and are in need of repair.
finished. Important work on the roof and                                                               The fittings that hold the bells, and allow
walls carried out over the past two years                                                           them to be played, are nearly 100 years old.
has now been completed at a cost of over                                                            Their age makes the bells very difficult to
$400,000.                                                                                           play. At the same time, the bells would also
    Grants from the Quebec government’s                                                             be retuned and repaired.
Religious Heritage Corporation covered al-                                                             If we decide to undertake this project ,
                                                 Inspiration for the next proposed major project.
most $340,000. This Foundation during the                                                           work would only begin in the fall of 2004
period contributed the balance of $59,440.       this work. The Foundation will cover the           after all our bicentennial celebrations are
    Bravo for a job well done.                   balance of the cost, and has authorized            complete.
    We are also working to protect the her-      payment to the Cathedral Corporation in               The bells would be away from the Ca-
itage we have at Carter Hall. Automatic          the amount of $10,000. Work was set to             thedral for about nine months. The cost of
sprinklers are being installed. We have          begin in late November 2003 and finish in          the work would be approximately $144,000.
been fortunate to obtain from the City of        January 2004. Work at ground floor level           We are now attempting to get at least partial
Quebec and from the provincial Ministry          will be done mainly at night to allow Church       financial help from an interested source.
of Culture grants totalling $37,414 toward       Society and Cathedral offices to function.            More news in our next issue!

    Message from the Bishop                                                                                O Magnum Mysterium

    Celebrate our journey of faith                                                                    The organ gallery is in darkness.
                                                                                                      Before the Altar, singers
                                                                                                      in impeccable performance
    By Bishop Bruce Stavert                      celebrated the 200th anniversary of the              tell of the Great Mystery.
                                                 Diocese in 1993 we chose the theme
      I am delighted to have the opportunity     of “pilgrimage” for the special year. We             Music for reflection...
    to greet all those associated with the       chose that word because of the way it
                                                                                                      Hallowed is this place
    Cathedral of the Holy Trinity at the         suggests an awareness of history, activity           and hallowed its story.
    beginning of this important                                  in the present and of journey
    year      of    bicentennial                                 into the future. That is what        Plaques, windows, books and sacred
    celebration.                                                 anniversaries help us to do             objets bear names,
                                                                                                      never really forgotten,
      What a year it will be!                                    – to focus on our Christian
                                                                                                      of warriors and legislators,
    What a great start with the                                  journey.                             healers of bodies and of souls,
    magnificent service on Sept.                                    The journey involves the          tamers of forest, clearers of land,
    21 when we welcomed                                          three words the Cathedral            men of letters and of the law,
    the Provincial Synod and                                     has chosen as theme and              men of music and of the cloth,
                                                                                                      champions of national unity
    the new Roman Catholic                                       focus for the anniversary.
                                                                                                      (before it became an issue)
    Archbishop of Quebec.                                           The journey is that of            and of ecuminicity.
      The Cathedral is a pretty                                  a     Community       bearing
    important place to me                                        Witness to its common                Si monumenta requiris, circumspice.
    personally and to my family.                                 Faith.
                                                                                                      Honoured in their generations
    I was ordained deacon,                                          The    witness    of    the
                                                                                                      and the glory of their times.
    priest and bishop here.                                      Cathedral is primarily to the        Bound in fellowship of love
    Diana and I were married here. Timothy,      city and to those who visit the building in          for this place
    our youngest, was baptized here. Diana’s     their thousands.                                     with those who have no memorial.
    grandfather was a warden and her uncles         The faith the community shares is                 In faith they began the work,
                                                                                                      in faith they persisted,
    were bell ringers. The Cathedral’s 200th     faith in a living God made known to us in
                                                                                                      in faith passed on a trust.
    anniversary year is my 40th anniversary of   Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today              In faith that trust is taken up
    ordination as a deacon by Bishop Russel      and forever, whose Spirit gives gifts to             by those who remain.
    Brown.                                       each member to equip us for the work of
      Most importantly the Cathedral is the      ministry.                                                         Written by Clive Meredith, 1993
                                                                                                               Published in Never Really Forgotten
    mother church of the Diocese. When we

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Noella Project: Sowing seeds of success
By Louisa Blair                                                                                       The Noella Project is growing in scope
                                                                                                 and in ecumenism as well with supporters

           hen Rose Sinigirira saw how well                                                      in the Roman Catholic, United and Presby-
           her beans had grown, she liter-                                                       terian churches, as well as at Quebec High
           ally jumped with joy.                                                                 School and Saint Lawrence College.
    She’d brought a bag of them with her                                                              For two centuries now, the Cathedral
from Africa to Quebec, and a Cathedral                                                           has been reaching out to people who ar-
parishioner had lent her a plot of land to                                                       rived in the port of Quebec with nothing but
grow them in. On a fine summer day this                                                          their hopes for a better life. Cathedral mem-
past year, a group of parishioners gathered                                                      bers were involved in finding them food,
                                                Noella Pachsiriho and Marie-Yvette Dusabe fled
around to help her harvest them. She insist-    Burundi but are now reunited in Quebec.          clothing, shelter, education and jobs. In
ed on dividing them up so that we could try                                                      the past many of them came from England,
the staple food of Burundi for ourselves.      aunt and a grandmother, my husband has            Ireland or Scotland. The countries of origin
    Rose is one of the refugees from Bu-       sisters-in-laws and a mother-in-law, and I        may have changed, but the Cathedral is still
rundi whom the Cathedral, with your help,      finally have my sisters and my mother back        fulfilling one of its original vocations.
sponsored to join her family in Quebec after   again. Because you are faithful servants of            We are all volunteers. The money we
years of war, separation and hardship.         our Lord Jesus Christ, our family has been        raise goes directly to support the refugees
    As her daughter wrote to thank us          reunited.”                                        during their first year in Canada: rent, bus
recently, “The Noella Project has given            We await the arrival of two more refu-        passes, groceries. Please help us reunite
birth to two adults: my mother and my          gee families whom we have sponsored to            these families torn apart by war. See the
sister! From now on my children have an        rejoin relatives in Quebec.                       donation form on the back page.

Reflecting on 200 years of history...                                                            Letters show first
A new Cathedral for Quebec                                                                       impressions
                                                                                                 By Meb Reisner
By David Mendel                                 two took their inspiration from St. Martin-
                                                in-the-Fields Church in London’s Trafalgar           Seen through the eyes of visitors, life
     Holy Trinity Cathedral, constructed be- Square. They also referred to works of great        in Quebec often assumes an unusualness
tween 1800 and 1804, was the first Angli- classical architects to determine the propor-          hardly perceived by its residents.
can cathedral to be built outside the British tions of specific parts. But they had to adapt         “It always snows on Saturday,” wrote Lady
Isles. With its tall steeple - at 45 metres, it their design because of realities of the new     Monck, to her son Henry at school in England
was a metre higher than the tower of the colony. Without the quarries to extract large           on Jan. 9, 1863. “Then it is such work getting
Catholic cathedral - it was the                                stones for the columns, the       to church on Sunday.”
tallest building in the city and It was obvious that architects instead placed flat                  Her husband Charles Stanley, 4th Viscount
an important symbol of the the original design columns on the Cathedral’s                        Monck, had been appointed Governor General
English presence in Quebec.
                                    of the pediment facade.                                      two years earlier.
     In the first decade of the                                    Soon after construction,          “Then, the night before last, there came
19th century, after the Ameri- could not stand up it was obvious that the origi-                 on the most tremendous snow storm I ever
can Revolution, Quebec City to the climate of nal design of the pediment                         saw, which lasted all through the day,” wrote
became an important colo- Quebec.”                             (the triangular form beneath      Viscount Monck. “The snow in the Cathedral
nial capital for the British. They                             the roofline) could not stand     yard opposite my office is about three feet
made their presence visible                                    up to the climate of Quebec.      over the tops of the iron railings and they are
through the construction of official build- There was so much trouble with water and             about nine feet high but,” he added by means
ings, most prominently a cathedral.             snow that in 1818 the Cathedral followed         of mitigation, “this is of course a drift.”
     Architects stuck to the official British the local French tradition and built a much            Other unforeseen events impinged on
Palladian style of classic proportions and higher, steeper roof. The stone walls were            Cathedral activities as well. Lord Monck
triangular pediments. However, Holy Trin- raised more than three metres.                         described a fashionable wedding between
ity is a good example of how a great model          The new Anglican cathedral was greatly       a member of the military and a Quebec girl
from the city of London had to first be sim- admired by the local population, both Eng-          of prominent family. “Captain Webber was
plified, because of cost and availability of lish and French. It was not long before the         married today to a Miss Jeffery,” he wrote on
materials, and then modified once more architecture would serve as a model for                   April 21, 1864. “You never saw such a crowd
because of the severe climatic conditions in new Catholic churches.                              as there was at the Cathedral, and, when the
this northern colonial city.                        Thus, while designed to stand as a           bride was coming down in a carriage and four,
     Two British officers of the Royal Ar- strong statement of the British presence in           a calèche caught in the leader’s harness and
tillery named Captain William Hall and Quebec, Holy Trinity also came to have an                 broke it — and there she sat for about five
Major William Robe designed Holy Trinity. important role in the history of the French            minutes at the corner of the street, with all the
Although not professional architects, the Catholic churches of the region.                       crowd peeping into the carriage at her!”

Choir has big plans for 2003                                                                          A Cathedral
By Mercedes Gayk                                   used (for a wedding) in the early 1990s. It
                                                   is hoped that this will become an annual
                                                                                                      and parish
   This past year was a very busy and excit-
ing one for the Cathedral Choir.
                                                     The choir welcomed several new singers
                                                                                                      for everyone
   Under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Wa-         last year, and now has 15 members. The             By Meb Reisner
terhouse, the choir has continued to focus         year to come promises to include more
on music from the English choral tradition         special events.                                         Although      intended      from      the
from the 15th century onwards during Sun-            We hope to be part of several more               placement of its first stone to be a
day services each week.                            ecumenical concerts. We are also looking           cathedral church, the Cathedral of the
   With the assistance of extra members            forward to joining in the bicentennial cel-        Holy Trinity was originally allowed to be
from other choirs in Quebec, in 2003 we            ebrations with a gala concert, featuring a         used as a local parish church, until the
took part in an ecumenical program on              guest choir.                                       local congregation could build a place for
Good Friday and presented two Evensong               Any singers with strong sight-reading            themselves.
services over the summer. The second               ability who would like to join the choir                That would not happen, and there
Evensong was held in the historic St.              should contact Dr. Waterhouse. Practices           seems to be no cause for regret about
Mary’s chapel on the Island of Orleans, last       are held on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.                   the dual roles today. Two hundred years
                                                                                                      after its founding, the blending of our

New green frontal stitched up                                                                         Cathedral’s roles seems to have evolved
                                                                                                      happily and graciously, both for its
                                                                                                      Quebec congregation and for members
By Diana Meredith                                                                                     of the whole Diocese.
   A new frontal for the main altar was added                                                              However, history shows not all church
to the Cathedral collection in 2003.                                                                  leaders of the past were comfortable with
   In making this frontal, the Cathedral                                                              the dual roles.
stitchers and their sewing friends moved                                                                   In the late 19th century, the Cathedral
from conservation to creation after having                                                            reflected a parish tradition of having
learned so much in previous years while                                                               regular parishioners rent pews just for
working as volunteers on the restoration of                                                           themselves.
an antique frontal at Le Centre de conser-                                                                 The practice effectively barred
vation du Quebec.                                                                                     visitors and strangers from being seated,
   This acquired expertise, together with                                                             except in a few designated places.
fabric unused from an earlier project and            The new frontal was dedicated on Sept.                Bishop Andrew Hunter Dunn saw
the need for another green frontal, inspired       28, 2003, which was Harvest Festival Sun-          serious drawbacks in the practice.
us to create a new one.                            day. It will now be used frequently through-            He gave a sermon on the issue on
   The new frontal was made with antique           out the year, allowing the fragile, traditional    Nov. 14, 1897.
gold fringe discovered in an old cupboard          green frontal to be reserved for special                He said, “The very first requisite of a
in the Cathedral, gold thread and cord gra-        occasions.                                         cathedral is that all its seats shall be free,
ciously donated from a historic supply at            The volunteer stitchers, who have a              and that as a mother she shall welcome
Montreal’s Christchurch Cathedral, white           shared enjoyment in working together, are          all her children whenever they come to
fabric remaining from the restoration of our       to be thanked for all of the hours they have       her bosom, gladly allowing them to pass
centennial frontal in 2001 and 2002, and           given to the project.                              in and sit, without distinction of class and
some purchased braid and fringe.                                                                      without the possibility of being disturbed
                                                                                                      by any Pew-holder, where they please.”
New gifts help celebrate our big year                                                                      Dunn’s idea was not received well by
                                                                                                      the dean at the time, and only when a
By Cheryl Rimmer                                      There are also special magnets, key             new dean came in two years later were
                                                   chains, sun-catchers, ties, calendars,             all Cathedral sittings made free.
   Visitors to the Cathedral gift shop will        cards, bookmarks, and more.                             Bishop Hunter Dunn predicted Holy
find a host of new treasures celebrating the          We are also looking at commissioning            Trinity would become a central rallying
bicentennial.                                      local artists for original pieces that will com-   point for all English-speaking people of
   From shirts to plates, people can take          plement the Cathedral’s existing line in the       the area. He hoped all who came to the
home a piece of this year’s 200th birthday         gift shop, and reflect its unique history.         Cathedral would support it.
celebration. The designs of the new items             The items will be available all year.                How pleased he would have been
were inspired by the three new banners that           Be sure to visit!                               with the “Friends of the Cathedral”
will hang outside the Cathedral all year.                                                             initiative and the outlook of the present
   Visitors to the gift shop will be able to buy       All Friends of the Cathedral get a             Dean and Chapter!
bicentennial-inspired T-shirts, tote bags and         discount on gift shop merchandise.
Tous les Saints: Le ministère francophone, un mot d’histoire
Par Le Chanoine Pierre Voyer                   comme missionnaires laïques au Mali.             encore parce qu’ils cherchaient simplement
                                               Elles sont restées 16 mois. Pendant cette        une communauté accueillante pour y prier
    C’est       au                             période elles se sont vraiment engagées          et célébrer leur foi. Aujourd’hui, plus de 70
milieu des an-                                 dans la communauté. Elles ont amené de           personnes reçoivent un ministère du pas-
nées 80, qu’un                                 nouveaux membres. Elles ont aussi aidé           teur ou d’un membre de la communauté.
ministère        a                             dans le développement d’études bibliques,            Notre communauté est petite et il faut
été offert aux                                 dans la préparation des homélies, etc.           entretenir le feu sacré. Nous y travaillons
francophones                                       En 1991 nous avons décidé de faire des       et nous tentons de nous considérer comme
qui visitaient la                              rencontres à domicile. Nous partagions no-       une famille. Nous prenons soin les uns des
Cathédrale.                                    tre temps entre la prière, les échanges sur      autres, nous prions les uns pour les autres,
    En effet, tous                             notre foi, sur la Parole. Puis nous avons        et les problèmes et les joies de chacun et
les samedis, à 17                              organisé des retraites communautaires            de chacune deviennent nôtres.
heures, il y avait                             qui regroupaient une dizaine de personnes            Depuis quatre ans maintenant, le
une célébration                                chaque fois. Ce furent autant d’activités qui    groupe francophone est devenu une par-
en français. Mais                              ont aidé la communauté à résister à la ten-      oisse et depuis 11 mois, un doyenné fran-
la communauté francophone a vraiment           tation d’abandonner.                             cophone a été créé dans le diocèse.
pris naissance en 1988, avec l’arrivée du          Pour resserrer les liens entre nous,             Le ministère francophone est devenu
nouveau doyen de la Cathédrale, le Père        nous avons décidé de visiter une petite          une réalité et des hommes et des femmes y
James Merrett et l’ordination du Père Pierre   communauté francophone qui habitait à            croient. En quatorze ans d’existence, dans
Voyer. Les débuts furent lents. Six ou sept    Bourg Louis, une soixantaine de milles           la communauté francophone, 50 mariages
personnes assistaient au culte chaque          de Québec, et ce une fois par mois.              ont été célébrés, une quinzaine de person-
dimanche.                                      L’expérience nous a permis de nous rap-          nes ont été baptisées, autant ont reçu la
     L’année suivante, soit en 1989, deux      procher les uns des autres.                      confirmation, dix personnes ont été reçues
nouvelles personnes, qui appartenaient à           Les années qui suivirent nous ont            dans l’Eglise, trois ont reçu leur licence
la Christian Reform Church se sont jointes     amené de nouveaux membres, qui venai-            comme ministres laïques, deux ont été
au groupe. Elles étaient à Québec pour         ent ou bien pour se marier à l’Église, ou        ordonnés à la prêtrise.
apprendre le français, en vue d’un travail     encore pour faire baptiser leur enfant, ou

 The Dean’s Corner... continued from Page 1                                                     Reflecting on the
                                                                                                Word: Luke 17: 11-19
    Truly and essentially, in 2004, we         and the stories in this edition of the Friends   By Louisa Blair
celebrate the faith community that has         of the Cathedral newsletter give ample
called the Cathedral its home for two          testimony to this.                                 “When one of them discovered he was
centuries.                                         Thank you for your generous support of       healed, he came back..., bowed down at
    And I am pleased to report that, in many   our Cathedral and its ministry.                  the feet of Jesus and thanked him.”
respects, this God-centred faith community         Our friends are very much part of what
has never been healthier than it is today.     we call “the Cathedral community.”                  As a teenager, I used to drop in to visit
    Sure, people aren’t exactly packed into        I certainly do hope that you will be able    my widowed grandmother as often as I
the galleries on Sunday mornings, as was       to join us in 2004 for one or several of the     could for a cup of tea or a glass of gin.
once the case; but in many other ways the      events planned to celebrate 200 years of            If there was a gap of a few weeks, she
health of our community is quite robust -      God dwelling with his people in this place.      never made me feel guilty, nor protested if
                                                                                                I only stayed a few minutes. As I left, she
           Celebrate the Bicentennial with us!                                                  never extracted promises about when the
                                                                                                next visit would be. She was simply grate-
       Don’t forget to register for Homecoming Weekend                                          ful for whatever time I could spend with her.
                       August 27-29, 2004                                                       Gratitude is an attractive quality in an old
                                                                                                person, but it doesn’t come in the mail with
                                                                                                your first pension cheque.
                        * Tours of Old Quebec
                                                                                                   I bet the Samaritan leper in the reading
                    * Gala concert by guest choir                                               did not suddenly think, after being healed,
                * Special service with guest preacher                                           that finally he had something to be grateful
                                                                                                for. As with my grandmother, gratitude was
                  Contact the Cathedral if you plan to attend.                                  a habit he had cultivated throughout his dif-
                  We can also help you find accomodations.                                      ficult life, so going back to thank Jesus was
                                                                                                the natural thing to do.
                Call 418-692-2193 or e-mail
                                                                                                   Prayer: Open my eyes so that I can see
                                                                                                the gifts of God all around me every day.
Mark your calendars for a year
of Bicentennial Celebrations
                    February                                             Polokwane Choral Concert
    Jeux d’Archets Suzuki Concert                                          Monday, June 21 at 8 p.m.
      Saturday, February 21 at 7 p.m.                                  The acclaimed South African choir
        Benefit concert for the Noella                                performs, with a portion of proceeds
    Project, featuring solo and ensemble                                  going to the Noella Project.
     performances by young musicians.                                             Tickets $15

                         May                                                               August
                  Mother’s Day                                     Cathedral Homecoming Weekend
         Sunday, May 9 at 11 a.m.                                              August 27 - 29
        Setting of the Sunday School                                 A reunion of all present and former
         bicentennial time capsule                                Cathedral members, friends and families.
                                                                   Featuring tours of Old Quebec, a gala
                                                                    concert by the Choral Society of St.
                        June                                         James Cathedral, Toronto, and the
New Organ Concert and dedication                                   bicentennial dedication service with a
        Saturday, June 5 at 8 p.m.                                            guest preacher.
 Concert with renowned Les Violons du
                                                                      Register at the Cathedral office.
Roi to inaugurate a new chamber organ.
Tickets available at the Cathedral Office

Choral Evensong with New Organ                                               Check our Internet site
       Sunday, June 6 at 5 p.m.                                                 for updates on
Choral performance, dedication of new
                                                                         bicentennial events and more!
organ, and participation of visiting choir
           from Connecticut                                    

                                                                     In the early 1980s, the Dean helped
         The Cathedral of                                         to create an organization of friends to
          the Holy Trinity                                      lend moral and material support to work
                                                                               at Holy Trinity.
          31, rue des Jardins                                        We invite you to become a member
       Quebec City, QC G1R 4L6                                      of Friends of the Cathedral as well.
           Tel: 418-692-2193                                        Friends, like regular parishioners,
          Fax: 418-692-3876                                     receive this annual newsletter, gift shop
       E-mail:                                 discounts, and are remembered in the                                     prayers of the Cathedral community.

                                      Count us in as Friends of the Cathedral!
                         I (we) wish to share in the work & ministry of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Foundation.
                                                      Clip and mail this form to the Cathedral with your gift.

              Annual Membership $20
              Life Membership $200
              Foundation Project Donation $
              Cathedral Programs Donation $
              The Noella Project Donation             $
          Total (Membership and Donation) $
                                                                                         Phone, E-mail
     Please make cheques payable to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.
     Receipts will be issued.

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