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									Vista Magnet Middle School
Engage. Achieve. Belong.
5/8/2011                     1
  •   Restrooms
  •   Handouts
  •   Student Packet
  •   Students Released to pick a mascot!

5/8/2011                                    2
           Facilities use

5/8/2011                    3
            Remodeling begins

• Painting is ongoing
• Roof work
• Asphalt in eating area
• Carpet and tile installation
  begin June 4th
 5/8/2011                        4
               City of Vista
• City of Vista Engineers and the Fire
  Department’s Administration will use the
  700 wing.
• They will provide a fence around the front
  of the campus.
• Provide internship/job shadowing in field of

 5/8/2011                                        5
5/8/2011   6
Who are we at VMMS?

5/8/2011              7
             Students are from:
• Alamosa             • Crestview      •   LA county
                                       •   Lake
• Beaumont            • Empresa
                                       •   Maryland
• Bobier              • Faith          •   Mission
  Breeze Hill           Lutheran           Meadows
• Calvary             • Foothill Oak   •   Monte Vista
                                       •   North Star
  Christian           • Grapevine          Academy
• Casita              • Hannalei       •   Olive Temple
• Coastal                                  Heights
                      • Home School    •   VAPA
  5/8/2011                                           8
 Our teaching approach
  will be modeled after
5/8/2011                  9
                  IB MYP
• We have been granted the
  International Baccalaureate Middle
  Years Programme

• We will be in a campus wide IB MYP
  school. It will take approximately three
  years to earn the official certification.

  5/8/2011                                    10
         IB MYP, What does it look like?
• The MYP is for all students. It is a teaching
  philosophy that is designed to suit students
  of all abilities and to challenge students to
  achieve their personal best.
• Our program will prepare students to qualify
  for the IB Diploma Programme at our high

  5/8/2011                                        11
               IB MYP

• Encourages
  students to be
  active learners
• Well-rounded
• Engaged world
           Five Areas of Interaction

Approaches to learning

Community and service

Homo faber


Health and social
5/8/2011                               13
           Approaches to Learning
•  Address how to study
• We will be a binder school
• We will be an AVID school
• We will expect our students to use
  Cornell notes method
• The Interactions Portfolio (TIP) provides
  a seven year academic, personal and
  career plan.

5/8/2011                                      14
          Community Service

• Emphasizes
  community service
  to promote
  understanding and
• Kiwanis Builders
               Math, Science and Technology
Homo Faber (Latin)              Environment
•   “man the maker”         • 6th grade Earth
•   inventions
•   technology
                            • impact of
•   Project Lead the          technology on our
    Way                       environment

    5/8/2011                                  16
         Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
• Our pre-engineering program PLTW
  will be taught through our science
• Design and Modeling
• Magic of Electrons
• The Science of Technology
• Automation Robotics
• Flight and Space
  5/8/2011                             17
5/8/2011   18
             Project Lead the Way
• Summer Camp
  –15 students were randomly selected
   through a web based randomizer
  –The camp date is July 16-20

  5/8/2011                              19
           Mission for VMMS
Students will be literate, reflective and
critical thinkers in all areas of
interaction who transfer knowledge and
embrace diversity within a global
society. Multiple opportunities for
success utilizing differentiated
instruction, technology, assessment and
analysis of data will support academic
achievement in a safe learning
         Vision of VMMS

We envision a school community
where all members are respected,
valued and empowered to be
socially responsible decision
makers in the 21st Century.
        Response to
     Acceleration (RTIA)

5/8/2011                   22
• VMMS is using the district RTI
  model (next slide) to accommodate
  our students’ needs
• State test results from the past
  three years are being used to
  identify needs and create each
  student’s learning plan
 5/8/2011                             23
5/8/2011   24
             School Wide Grading
• Common school wide grading
• Use Doug Reeve’s research
• Grades will reflect standard mastery
5/8/2011   26
             Sample Students Schedule
1st Period        Language Arts/Soc Sci
2nd Period        Pre-Algebra/6th Math
3rd Period        Every 3rd day wheel
                  Day 1--Digital Art
                  Day 2--Spanish
                  Day 3--PE
4th Period        Science/PLTW
  5/8/2011                                27
• Tuesday, August 14, 2007
  –Camp (Get to know each other )
  –Pick up ID
  –Get your schedule

  5/8/2011                          28
               Parent Groups
•   Parent Teacher Association
•   School Site Council
•   English Learner Action Committee
•   Dress Code Committee

    5/8/2011                           29

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