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Container Vegetable Gardening Part 3

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									Container Vegetable Gardening Part 3

The main advantage in container vegetable gardening is that it can be
done in the comfort and cozy ambiance of your home. A few people may be
averse to do any outdoor work because they do not want to be subject to
harsh weather conditions.

Most importantly, you must decide the right space inside your home for
undertaking container vegetable gardening. Though you can shift the
containers when there is a need, it is better not to shift them very
frequently. So, you should choose such a space that may not be required
for other purposes. Another very important point is that the space should
have enough sunlight and ventilation without which the process of
photosynthesis cannot take place properly and hence, growth of the plants
will not be to the desired extent.

Once you decide the space, you should decide on the right type of
containers. You must have an idea of which plants you wish to grow
because certain plants require a larger area. This makes the tasks of
buying just one size container to suit all your vegetables or plants
nearly impossible. A few plants may require more space and hence,
depending upon the choice of the plants, you must buy your containers.

Then, you must have the seeds for the plants you have chosen to grow.
These seeds can be purchased from the stores or you can also germinate
them at the convenience of your home. But, the pots or containers in
which you try to germinate these seeds should get enough sunlight and
ventilation. You must also provide these seeds with nutrient-rich
compounds. After about a period of 4 to 8 weeks, these plants will grow
new leaves and this is the time for transplanting them to the containers
you bought for them. This should be done carefully because the plants are
nascent and delicate. If you can afford, you can buy peat and peat moss
containers that are meant for seed germination from your local retailer.

You should fertilize these seeds and young plants with the fertilizer you
purchase from the local store. This solution is very good for seeds and
young transplants and will nourish them very well. You should not use
this solution in the initial stage itself. Only when the seeds start
growing, you should use this solution. In the initial stages, you should
apply only tap water till the seeds start germinating.

The plants that are transplanted must be given appropriate attention so
that your endeavor of container vegetable gardening is successful.

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