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					Transcript: Department of Music (length: 02:47)

00:04 – 00:52 Maria Ryan, Undergraduate student

I’m Maria. I’m a second year Music student here at the University of Nottingham.

I suppose I chose this university because of the staff. I applied to the university without
knowing anything about it. I didn’t know anything about the town or anything about the
university; and after I’d got an offer I came to the open day and it was such a lovely
open day, like the department put on a recital of present students and then afterwards
there was tea and biscuits and you could have an informal chat with the teaching staff
here, and speaking to them and learning about the course gave me a feel for this
department and I felt that it was a small department which, it’s a bit cheesy, but which
kind of had care within it. And I thought that would be a good, a good place to study.

00:52 – 01:08 Sarah Hibberd, Associate Professor

We have nine full-time members of staff at the moment and an annual intake of between
45 and 50 students. So, we’re quite small; small enough for everyone to know each
other; so quite a friendly department but we also cover all aspects of the discipline in our

01:08 – 01:32 Adam Krims, Professor

Our facilities are second to none and we have our own dedicated music library, we have
a very fine concert hall and rehearsal hall and we have beautiful multimedia facilities
within our library and also in the postgraduate room. Students get free tickets for
concerts series which brings in world renowned artists. So there is a really lively musical
culture there as well as scholarly community.

01:32 – 01:57 James Munk, PhD student

And of course, just across the road, we’ve got the Lakeside Arts Centre which attracts all
kinds of fantastic performances; classical jazz, world music, all kinds of things.

There’s a real sense of integration between the music department and this Lakeside Arts
Centre, which is very good. It kind of gets you engaged with this professional world and
that’s what really encourages you to get out there and perform for people, which I
suppose is a very important part.
01:57 – 01:08 Sarah Hibberd, Associate Professor

There are the University choir and orchestra which are professionally conducted and then
there are a whole range of student-run ensembles and societies, performing different
types of music, popular jazz music as well as core classical repertoires. So there is a
huge amount going on.

02:15 – 02:39 Maria Ryan, Undergraduate student

I think it’s important to learn how varied music is and how much it can teach us. I think
there is lots of different ways of looking at music; and the good thing about this course
is the variety of lecturers and tutors that you have; you do get to see people different
insights into subjects, and it’s kind of feeds in how in the future we will look at music.

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