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					                   Classmate Directory
                  Jackson High School
                         Class of 1965

                                40 Reunion
                                July 1st & 2nd

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Akin, Tommy                         Deceased (1998)                  Ashby, Steve                        Spouse: Judy
                                                                     333 St. Andrews Fairway
Alexander, Gary                                                      Memphis, TN 38111
304 Jellison Court                                                   901-327-0902
Raleigh, NC 27615
919-845-0359                                                         Seven years US Naval Air Reserve - 2 years active duty,                                               Chasefield in Beeville, Texas. Two years Southwestern in
                                                                     Memphis (now Rhodes College), captain of track and
I started at UTM within three weeks of graduation. I’m               cross country teams. Two years University of North
not sure I want to see the effects of time and gravity to            Carolina in Chapel Hill - BS in Business. 33 years with
change my memories of everyone at JHS. Thinking back                 First Tennessee Bank of Memphis in Banking & Invest-
on JHS makes me realize how far I have traveled in the               ment Management. Best investment advice: "Risketh not
past 40 years. I ended up in NC with two degrees in                  thy whole wad.”
engineering (UT, 1970 and NCSU 1981), a wonderful
family with roots in NC, a small business I thoroughly               Austin, Jimmy                   Spouse: Linda
enjoy and wide circle of friends.                                    34 Raleigh Place                2 children
                                                                     Jackson, TN 38305               1 grandchild
Allen, G. Tommy                     Spouse: Amanda                   731-668-8025
379 Shadow Ridge                    2 children             
Jackson, TN 38305                   3 grandchildren
731-668-9229                                                         Married to Linda Shoe - Northside HS class of '67. Linda                                                    teaches HS/AP English and coaches tennis and looks
                                                                     forward to retiring next year. Two daughters - "grown and
 I have taught school for 36 years. Presently I am                   gone", one is a CPA and the other a Merck pharm rep,
principal of Madison Academic Magnet High School. The                both married. USAF for four years including one in
school is housed in the former Jackson High School                   Southeast Asia. MBA from the University of Memphis.
building. It is a great privilege to be the principal in the         Self-employed 17+ years, own ebp Design Services. I
same building where I attended high school. I have been              design and help implement employee benefit plans.
married to Amanda White Allen for 36 years and we have               Market other insurance products through contracted
two children and our 3 grandchildren are the joy of our              agents within Tennessee and beginning plans for
life.                                                                expanding into neighboring states. Never plan to
                                                                     retire...just slowly fade away.
Allen, “Big” Tommy                  Deceased
                                                                     Bain, Janet                         Deceased
Allison, William Edward             No information
                                                                     Balkum, Ellen (Haley)
Arendale, Rick                                                       19 Hollister Street                 1 child
113 Prospect Hill                                                    Manchester, CT 06040
Nashville, TN 37205                                                  860-645-0780

Arnold, Neil                        Spouse: Nancy                    How can you be brief or write a short paragraph to tell
1823 Brookside Drive                2 children                       someone what you have been doing for 40 years? I'm
Germantown, TN 38138                                                 alive and that's a good thing. I worked for American
901-754-6326                                                         Airlines for 8 years and lived in Texas for 3 of the 8. I                                                 moved back to Connecticut to help my sister with her
                                                                     twin boys. Spent the last 13 years as a police dispatcher. I
Graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis with a BA                   took early retirement and realized I wasn't ready for that
in 1969. MBA from University of Memphis in 1970.                     so now work in insurance. I have one child, 31 years old,
Spent 19 years with Holiday Inn as a CPA. Semi retired               but no grandchildren yet. I love to travel and especially
and working part-time for Habitat for Humanity and as                love cruises. "Age only matters if you are wine or
CPA on various accounting projects.                                  cheese.”

Arnold, Sherry                      Deceased                         Barber, Donna                       Deceased

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Barfield, J.P.                  1 child                            I graduated from Rhodes College, formerly Southwestern
320 Old Hickory Boulevard #2600                                    at Memphis, where I played football. With draft defer-
Nashville, TN 37221                                                ment in hand, I moved to Orlando, along with several
615-662-5257                                                       other JHS grads, to teach at Jackson Jr High, colors black
615-352-8326                                                       and gold! I taught biology for 10 years in junior and                                              senior schools and also coached football and baseball.
                                                                   During that time I obtained a masters degree in biology
Single and living in Nashville, TN for past 30 years. I            with a thesis that involved research for NASA's space
attended MTSU in Murfreesboro and went on to Law                   shuttle program. After "retiring" from teaching in '79, I
School. Practice law with Johnson, Scuggs & Barfield.              entered the financial services industry where I have
Have a son in UT Knoxville. Enjoy golf, fly fishing, snow          focused on financial and estate planning - asset growth
skiing, the outdoors, the gym, Titans football, the beach,         through investments and asset protection with life,
and dinner and a movie. I attend Belle Meade Methodist             disability, long term care and health insurance products. I
Church. I have not attended a past reunion and I am                have 2 single sons, Brad 24 and Adam 21, and both
looking forward to the 40th.                                       played soccer in high school. I recently began playing
                                                                   handball and enjoy scuba diving. I have also enjoyed my
Barnes, Don                        Spouse: Debra                   volunteer work on the boards of several non-profit
314 W. Riverside Drive                                             organizations.
Jupiter, FL 33469
561-745-9342                                                       Bond, Pat (Boatright)               Spouse: Mike                                                  100 Crest Ridge Drive
                                                                   Jackson, TN 3830
Barnes, Iris (Shakleford)                                          731-668-0437
Route 1 Sells Road
Beech Bluff, TN 38301                                              Boone, Becky (Lane)                 Spouse: Harry
731-424-0092                                                       31 Beacon Hill Drive                2 children
                                                                   Jackson, TN 38305                   1 grandchild
Barnes, Laura Jo                   Deceased                        731-668-0351

Bates, Cheryl (Orr)                Spouse: Frank                   I retired from a 34 year teaching career in December
1016 Fern Drive                    2 children                      2003. I spent the last 15 years at Jackson Central Merry
Heber Springs, AR 72543            2 grandchildren                 High School teaching Junior English. Since retirement, I
501-362-5622                                                       have been enjoying my 16 month old granddaughter, Lia                                            Dabbs Lane. My hobbies are watercolor and acrylic
                                                                   painting, arranging flowers, gardening and playing bridge.
Graduated in 1969 with a BS from Union University. In
1991, I graduated from the University of Central                   Brack, Mike                         No information
Arkansas with a Masters in Education. I started teaching
in 1983 as an elementary teacher. I was a counselor for 3          Brock, Gail (Carter)                Spouse: Tommy
years, then became assistant principal for the Heber               66 Boone Lane
Springs Elementary School. I trained in Jerusalem, Israel          Medina, TN 38355
for 13 days for a pre-school program. I have 2 daughters,          731-783-3770
Christy and Megan, who are both married and have one
child each. My husband, Frank, is an auctioneer and                Bowman, Judy (Graham)
owns the Century 21 Office in Heber Springs and Greers             2430 Hartsbridge Road
Ferry.                                                             Jackson, TN 38301
Bates, Milton
141 South Maple Street                                             Brooks, Berry                       Spouse: Connie
Adamsville, TN 38301                                               5891 Willshire Drive
731-632-3859                                                       Nashville, TN 37215
Bitner, Terry                                            
4018 Conway Place Circle           2 children
Orlando, FL 32812                                                  Brooks, Bill                        No information
407-240-1030                                            Brown, Rick                         Deceased

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Bryan, Jim                        Spouse: Johnnie                Carmichael, Jimmy                       Spouse: Rita
143 Beauregard Lane               4 children                     1200 Hollywood                          3 children
Aiken, SC 29803                   2 grandchildren                Jackson, TN 38301                       2 grandchildren
803-648-4081                                                     731-424-7259
                                                                 Married to Rita. Retired from teaching and coaching at
After graduating from Union University in 1969, I was in         Jackson Central Merry High School in 2001. Currently
the Army for three years. I married my wife, Johnnie, in         employed as men and women's cross country coach at
1985. We have four children between us; Lisa, Shawn,             Lambuth University. I am also Aquatic Director and
Todd, and Billy. We made our home in Dothan, AL were             assistant coach for men and women's swim teams at
we will return when I retire. We currently live in Akin,         Lambuth. Inducted into the Jackson/Madison County
SC, where I am the Plant Engineer for Rheem Air                  Sports Hall of Fame in 2002. The summer of 2005 marks
conditioning Company. Johnnie is an RN for a local               the 42nd year of teaching swimming lessons in Jackson.
Blood Bank. We have two grandsons in Dothan. Both of
us play golf for a hobby.                                        Carroll, Sam                            Spouse: Judi
                                                                 18 Hilltop Place                        3 children
Budde, Fred                                                      Rye, NY 10580
803 Cheraw Drive                                                 914-967-0362
Florence, SC 29501                                     
                                                                 BA University of the South 1969. MBA EmoryUniversity
Burke, Sherry (Scott)             Spouse: Donald                 1972. White Weld & Co. 1972-1978. Morgan Stanley
956 Antioch Harbor Road           2 children                     1978 – present. Married Judith Brown Carroll in 1972. Three
Springville, TN 38256             2 grandchildren                children: Reed (30), Kathleen (28), Clark (25).
731-642-3211                                           Carter, Tommy                           Spouse: Sandy
                                                                 5739 North Lick Creek Road              1 child
Butler, Jimmy                                                    Franklin, TN 37064                      3 grandchildren
7 Chatwood                                             
Jackson TN 38301
731-664-2926                                                     Retired from USAF in 1987. Career included 2 tours as a
                                                                 helicopter crew member in Vietnam & Laos; USAF
Butler, Perry                     Spouse: Sherry                 sponsored B.S. & M.S. engineering degrees; AF jobs as a
4352 Bells Highway                                               Flight Test Engineer and R & D Engineer. I started an
Jackson, TN 38305                                                international consulting engineering practice in 1984
731-664-1845                                                     specializing in motorcycle testing & design analysis,                                                accident reconstruction, and test equipment manu-
                                                                 facturing. Clients include Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki,
Butler, Ronnie                    Spouse: Bonnie                 Kawasaki, H-D, etc. as well as U.S. government and
73 Timberglade Lane               1 child                        others. Motorcycles are still my main hobby as well as my
Parsons, TN 38363                 1 granchild                    business – I am still racing regularly in off-road events.
731-847-7396                                                     We live and work on our 66 acres near Leipers Fork, TN.                                                Our daughter and her 3 children live in Spring Hill, TN.

Enjoying life with Bonnie in Parsons, TN for the past 35         Carver, Linda (Palmer)                  Spouse: Larry
years. Really looking forward to seeing all those old            432 East Wayne Street                   3 children
timers and ancient relics from 1965!                             Maumee, OH 43537
Bynum, Joe                        Spouse: Barbara                419-450-5187
3140 Hamill Road                                       
Hixson, TN 37343
423-842-0015                                                     I've spent the last 40 years as a wife, mother and                                              registered nurse. I've enjoyed a wonderful, fulfilling and
                                                                 rewarding career in nursing and I like to say it has come
                                                                 full circle. I began my nursing career in oncology nursing
                                                                 then gynecology, ob/gyn, high risk maternal-fetal
                                                                 medicine and now gyn/oncology. I am a registered

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

gynecology/oncology nurse consultant and I am a cancer             recording studio in Nashville, she has 2 children. Mike
survivor myself! In 1983 I was diagnosed with uterine              has two grown children with no kids yet. We have a
cancer and by the grace of God, treatment and surgery I            wonderful big family that I love very much. I have been a
am alive today. I have been married to my husband, Larry           realtor since 1975, when I got my license with Barry
for 38 yrs and we live in a small river town Maumee,               Dotson realtors in Jackson. I have been in Nashville since
Ohio. My four blessings are Christopher (Anne), Russell            1986, by way of Mobile, AL. I am a multi-million dollar
and Laurel Palmer. We enjoy traveling and our favorite             producer and I love my work.
vacation spot the British Virgin Islands. My hobbies are:
my family, my home, music, theatre, flower gardening,              Collins, Joe
antiquing, boating, water skiing, snorkeling, downhill             587 Hopper Barker Road
skiing and walking great beaches. My future plans are to           Jackson, TN 38305
travel and stay active with Women's Health Issues and to           731-427-7034
enjoy my family and home and to see everybody at our
50th class reunion! Remember, “Life is not a dress                 Colvin, Jeannie
rehearsal, we only get to do this once.”                           4101 Sidle Hill Drive
                                                                   Olive Branch, MS 38654
Chandler, Pam                                            
1301 South Coulter #300
Amarillo, TX 79106                                                 Colvin, Tommy
806-355-6330                                                       213 Barbara Drive
                                                                   Kennet, MO 63857
Childers, Georgia (Haggard)                                        573-344-3082
8587 West Mohawk Lane
Peoria, AZ 85382                                                   Cook, Linda (Pitts)                Spouse: Fred
623-780-9385                                                       12 Bailey Lane                                           Jackson, TN 38305
Clay, Sandra (Camp)                Spouse: Jack
51 Silvercrest Cove                                                Coppedge, Frances (Alsup)          Spouse: Emmet
Jackson, TN 38305                                                  3607 Playground Road               2 children
731-664-8191                                                       Carruthersville, MO 63830                                                573-333-0634
Jack and I enjoy traveling and cruising. Jack has two
wonderful children that are married. We have one                   After high school, I attended West Tennessee Business
"grandpuppy" which we pet sit for and we’re looking                College and moved to Memphis after graduating. I
forward to baby sitting for a granddaughter who was born           worked for Sears Crosstown, got married and had our first
in April. I have been employed for 20 years with H+M               daughter before moving to Caruthersville, MO. I stayed
Company as manager of computer aided drafting.                     home until our second daughter started school. I have
Retirement isn’t in my near future, but hopefully before           been employed at Grantham, McDowell and Clark, LLC.,
the 50 year reunion rolls around it will be! My hobbies            a CPA firm, for the last fourteen years. The Lord has
are scrap booking and collecting antique Kewpie dolls.             blessed me over the years with good Christian friends and
                                                                   two beautiful daughters. I hope very soon to be blessed
Coley, Linda (Corley)              Spouse: Mike                    with grandchildren. I enjoy singing in our church choir
108 Faulkner Lane                  3 children                      and doing anything that is connected with nature.
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122               5 grandchildren
615-758-2307                                                       Coughlin, Harriet (Hines)                                              135 Triangle Avenue
                                                                   Paducah, KY 42001
I have been married to my wonderful husband 21 years.              270-443-2890
Mike is a contractor and custom home builder. He
remodels, etc. so needless to say we move around a lot!!           Cowsert, Pam (Jones)               Spouse: Glynn
We have 5 children between us. I have 3 grown children;            P.O. Box 69                        2 children
Kim who owns a restaurant and is a caterer in Shelbyville,         Crockett Mills, TN 38021           4 grandchildren
TN. She has one son. Chris my son works for my husband   
in construction, he has 2 children. Candace my youngest
is married to a record producer and owner of the Castle

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              Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Married Glynn Jones who is a minister at Providence                  I am a teacher because of terrific role models like Mrs.
Baptist Church in Crockett Mills, TN. We have 2                      Ferguson, Mrs. McCorkle, Mrs. Todd and Mrs. Cagle.
daughters, Amye Davis who is a teacher at West Middle                After Graduation from Union University I taught in
School and Ashley Dismuke who is a social worker.                    Humboldt, worked on my master's degree, then returned
They both have 2 children.                                           to Memphis State for "all but the dissertation". After
                                                                     living in Jackson so much of my life it is amazing to feel
Craft, John                         Deceased                         at home in Arlington, TX, home to Texas Rangers
                                                                     baseball, Six Flags and soon to be home of the Cowboys.
Craig, Dianne (Mayfield)                                             For 25 years I have taught 8th grade science and for the
819 Monroe Street                                                    past 10 years, I have been union president of the
Herndon, VA                                                          Federation of the Teachers local. I retired 2 years ago and
(703)689-3700                                                        returned to teaching because I still enjoy it. My new                                                 school mascot is the Golden Bear! Bill and I love to
                                                                     travel. My sister, Pat, lives a mile from us while my
BA with a major in Spanish from Peabody College in                   brother, Ben still lives in Jackson.
Nashville, TN. Taught Spanish in high school for a few
years. Then graduated with Law degree from Washington                Daniel, Joyce (Stockton)            Spouse: Ronnie
University Law School in 1978. Established own law firm              2630 Beech Bluff Road               2 children
in Washington, DC in 1982. Co-authored The Entre-                    Jackson, TN 38301                   3 grandchildren
preneur's Road Map to Business Success in 1989. Created              731-423-2244
an Internet gift boutique, in 1995. Live in    
Herndon, VA with my maltese dogs, Fluffy and Maya.
My mother left Jackson and now lives with us.                        When I graduated I started to work for Southern Bell,
                                                                     now Bellsouth in July 1965. I married Ronnie Stockton in
Craig, Peggy (Ray)                  Spouse: Carl                     June of 1969 and we have two beautiful daughters.
28 Revere Circle #2                 2 children                       Bellsouth was a good company to work for and I took
Jackson, TN 38305                   4 grandchildren                  early retirement in July 2000 with 34 1/2 years service. I
731-661-0267                                                         now spend time keeping grandchildren, such joy. Ronnie                                               and I are active members of East Union Baptist Church.
                                                                     We love to go to NASCAR races and camping. I can't
Worked in Real Estate for 16 years. Then sold cosmetics              believe it has been 40 years. May God bless each of you.
for 7 years before I was forced to retire due to illness. My
faith in God and his divine healing powers along with the            Davis, Ann (Findlan)                Spouse: Gerry
love of my husband and family have led me to a path of               142 South Cedar Street
healing. I am proud of my 4 grandchildren: Brian who is              Oberlin, OH 44074-1558
serving in the Navy, Ashley who is in the National Honor             440-774-1833
Society, BJ and Sam. I worked with the Oak Ridge Boys
for years and continue to work in the music field. I
currently serve as Volunteer Activity Coordinator at Post            I graduated from Union University in 1968. I taught High
House North Apartments.                                              School English in Florida for three years. I completed a
                                                                     master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at the
Crowder, Jimmy                      Deceased                         University of Florida in 1972 and worked in
                                                                     Rehabilitation Counseling in Daytona, Florida before
Curlin, Becky (McKown)              Spouse: Blake                    moving to Arizona for 1 year and then New Mexico for 1
173 Walnut Trace Drive                                               year. I taught Psychology and English in Arizona, and
Jackson, TN 38305                                                    worked in Rehabilitation Counseling in New Mexico. I
731-664-2246                                                         have been in Ohio since 1975. – we live in the college
                                                                     town of Oberlin. I recently retired from the Lorain
Graduate of Union University, B.A. 1972. Married Blake               County Board of Mental Retardation/Developmental
McKown, 1975. One daughter, Blair, age 24. I taught                  Disabilities as Assistant Superintendent. My husband of
school for 23 years and am now retired.                              25 years worked for the same agency as Director of
                                                                     Contracts and also recently retired. We are enjoying part-
Curlin, Paula (Boehme)              Spouse: Bill                     time work, travel, volunteering with the National Park,
2705 Park Place Court               1 child                          the hospital, and Rotary events.
Arlington, TX 76016

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Davis, Jim                         Spouse: Sue Choi                Dietzel, Nancy (Brantley)             Spouse: Walter
710 North Sierra Drive             2 children                      475 Baker's Chapel Road
Beverly Hills, CA 90210                                            Medina, TN 38355
323-954-0224                                         Dodson, George Bud                    Spouse: Lynne
                                                                   425 West Grand
Spent 1966-1970 with the USAF in Northern California               Jackson, TN 38301
then attended Memphis State for a year. Moved to Los               731-424-9556
Angeles in 1971 and worked my way through college,
graduating from CSULA in 1973. Executive with Cedars-              Douglass, Beverly                     No information
Sinai Medical Center 1974-1978. Founded PDS (on-line
medical billing service) 1978. Founded PMIC (nation's              Douglass, Ginny (Tedford)             Spouse: Steve
leading independent publisher of medical coding and                10214 University Park Lane            2 children
compliance books) 1986. Founded MCCS (medical                      Charlotte, NC 28213                   3 grandchildren
coding software) 2001. I have two sons: Jonathan (20) a            704-549-8430
junior at NEU in Boston, and Aaron (17) who will be a    
high school senior next year; and two-step children: Clara
(34) a physician, and Alex (31) an attorney. I am the #1           BA degree from Union University. Taught school for 15
fan, consort, soul mate, partner, friend and spouse of Sue         yrs. Now insurance administrator for 2 doctor offices.
Choi. Married since 1998, Sue and I play golf, travel as           Married to Steve for 35 yrs, who owns a spray on siding
often as possible, and enjoy spending time with friends            business. Two children, Allison (a nurse) and Jason
and family. I am passionate about food (attested to by my          (completing graduate work in web design); 3 grand-
size and shape), wine (7,500+ bottles in my cellar),               children (all boys). Steve and I love to travel and spend
children’s charities (founded Kid Care Los Angeles                 time with the boys.
1994), and conservative politics. My favorite pill is
Lipitor.                                                           Dowling, Pat (Bretches)               Spouse: Ken
                                                                   12933 Ironstone Condos #102           3 children
Denton, Patsy (Turner)                                             Parker, CO 80134                      1 grandchild
260 Nevins                                               
Atoka, TN 38004
901-837-4151                                                       I am an editor for a Christian publishing company. We
                                                                   love hiking, camping, skiing and traveling. Our youngest
Dewitt, Virginia                   No information                  is 14 and truly a gift from God. I don't ever plan to retire--
                                                                   I love what I do. I miss you all and wish I could have
Dickey, Ann Sandy (Bingham)        Spouse: Charles                 come.
198 Tuckahoe Lane
Memphis, TN 38117                                                  Durand, Forrest                       Deceased (1998)
901-818-7169                                                       Elrod, Sammy                          Deceased (1981)
                                                                   Estes, Terri Ann (Webb)               Spouse: Benton
After graduating from the University of Tennessee, I               188 Seavers Road                      3 children
accidentally got involved in politics in Memphis. The              Jackson, TN 38301                     5 grandchildren
political involvement lead me to a job in Washington,              731-424-8632
DC. I worked in the U.S. Senate and later became a       
lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. After I
married my wonderful husband Tif Bingham, I moved                  Hey everyone. Can't believe it has been 40 years. I have
back to Memphis. In 1987 I started working for FedEx               had a blessed life. We have been married 38 years and
Corporation, where I currently serve as Vice President for         have three grown children and five grandsons. I have been
Government Affairs. My job at FedEx has taken me all               able to be a part of all my grandchildren's lives and I love
over the world to places I would never have imagined. In           that. We spend time at the river every chance we get. I am
fact, the day after the reunion, Tif and I are leaving for         excited to see everyone at the reunion.
Shanghai. Tif and I have a second home in Tenants
Harbor, Maine. In August we will celebrate our 23rd
wedding anniversary. Tif has three children from a
previous marriage. Life has been great to us!

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             Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Evans, Carol (Tillman)               Spouse: Tommy                    Gower, Bobby                        Spouse: Cindy
604 Shawnee                          2 children                       1709 Meadowbrook Road               3 children
Auburn, AL 36530                     1 grandchild                     Altadena, CA 91001
205-821-2122                                                          626-797-8587
334-821-2122                                                          626-437-1136
I have been married to Tom Tillman (64) for 37 years. We
have 2 wonderful married children and a grandson. I love              After marrying and graduating from college, Cindy and I
learning to be a grandmother, studying the Bible, people,             settled in Houston, TX where I started working in the "oil
and now in my "old age" exercise. Life lesson: That only              and gas business". Over the next nine years, we had a son
in Jesus Christ is there real life "...for in Him we live and         and daughter. In 1985, we moved to the San Francisco
move and have our being..." Acts 17:28.                               area, where I worked for Pacific Gas & Electric
                                                                      Company. In 1986, we had our third child, Kimberly
Evans, Emily (Byrd)                                                   Christina (Kimmy). In 1990, I started my own energy
5635 Ackerman Cove                                                    marketing company (mini Enron). A couple of years later,
Bartlett, TN 38134                                                    I started traveling overseas doing volunteer work for a
901-372-7807                                                          Christian organization. As a result, I was able to see how
                                                                      the majority of the people in the world live, in places like
Fesmire, Judy (Rutledge)             Spouse: George                   Africa, India and Indonesia, and saw God do alot of
152 Williams Road                                                     miracles along the way. In 98-99, I sold my company to
Alamo, TN 38001                                                       Coral Energy, a sub of Shell Oil, and we moved to the
731-696-4155                                                          Los Angeles area where I started attending Fuller
                                                                      Seminary. That only lasted about a year or two because
Fisher, Yvonne                       Deceased                         we lost a lot when the stock market collapsed (Sam,
                                                                      where were you when I needed you?). After that, I started
Fitzgerald, Dianne (Crowder)                                          another energy company and hopefully sometime in the
12100 Oak Hill Drive                                                  near future we'll have another liquidity event.
Rolla, MO 65401
573-364-5974                                                          Gray, Elizabeth
                                                                      501 Farallon
Fitzgerald, Vicky (Butler)                                            Pacifica, CA 94044
64 Montclair
Jackson, TN 38301                                                     Green, Wayne                        Spouse: Betty
731-660-2553                                                          371 US Highway #412E                1 child
                                                                      Jackson, TN 38305
Foxwith, Linda                       No information                   731-421-8997

Foust, Sue (Rukavina)                Spouse: John                     Graduated from Union University in 1969 with B.S.
106 Morehaven Drive                  1 child                          degree. Dated my wife Betty for 4 years and have been
Liberty, SC 29657                                                     married to her for 33 years. She works for Williams and
(864)225-9743                                                         Williams Chiropractic Clinic. We have one son, Brian
                                                                      who works for Kenworth of Tennessee. I have worked for
Froman, Ronnie                                                        Northwest Airlines for 34 years and am in Customer
1431 Bird Road                                                        Service with Northwest in Memphis.
Winter Springs, FL 32708
407-699-9622                                                          Grimmer, Pam (Merkel)               Spouse: Albert
                                                                      258 Old Humboldt Road               3 children
Garner, Cassa (Seabrook)                                              Jackson, TN 38305
21 Bradmere Cove                     2 children                       731-668-7798
Jackson, TN 38395
731-668-8704                                                          Gurley, Paula (Butler)              Spouse: Mike
                                                                      44 Country Club Cove                2 children
Classroom teacher for 32 years. Raised 2 children.                    Jackson, TN 38305                   4 grandchildren

                                                                      I have been married to Mike for almost 37 years. Mike is
                                                                      an environmental consultant and is the President and CEO

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

of Acculab Environmental Services, Inc. I am Special               Hammonds, Joe                       Spouse: Jeanne
Education Supervisor, 504 Coordinator and Testing                  7583 West Talavera Way              3 children
Coordinator for the Jackson-Madison County School                  Tucson, AZ 85743                    5 grandchildren
System. Mike and I are blessed with two children,                  520-744-1450                        1 great-grandchild
Michael and Allison and four grandchildren. Michael is             520-794-5934
the Director of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation and    
lives with his wife and two children, Wesley Anne(2) and
Campbell Elizabeth (5mo), in Nashville. Allison is                 Graduated from Tennessee Technological University in
married and is an RN. She and her husband have two                 1970 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and
children, Connor Wesley (5) and Leah Elizabeth (3). They           commissioned 2nd Lt. US Army active duty 1970-1974.
live in Kingsport, TN. Mike and I are very involved in our         Served 3+ years in Europe. Worked for Sperry Support
church in various capacities. We are part of the worship           Services from Nov 74 to Jun 76 in Huntsville AL on
team in the early worship service and sing in an ensemble          NASA contracts supporting Space Lab/Shuttle contracts.
group. We enjoy traveling and being with our family                Married Jeanne with two sons Lee and Brett. Worked 15
whenever possible.                                                 years for McDonnell Douglas Corporations on F-15 and
                                                                   AV-8B in St Louis. Adopted Kaylee Park Hammonds,
Hale, Lynn (Cantrell)              Spouse: Tommy                   born in Seoul Korea. Worked five years on the F22
94 Riverview Drive North                                           program for Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA. Then
Decaturville, TN 38329                                             worked 4+ years for Lockheed Martin Tactical Defense
731-852-2247                                                       Systems in Goodyear, AZ. Worked four years to present
                                                                   on the Groundbase Midcourse Defense System for
Hamilton, Herb                     Spouse: Ellen                   Raytheon in Tucson AZ. Love camping, fishing, reading,
650 Meadowbrook Lane               2 children                      trying to repair things around the house, and spending
Rock Hill, SC 29730                                                time with my family.
                                                                   Hammonds, Ronnie                    Spouse: Luweida
Vanderbilt undergraduate 1969, University of South                 3104 Mary Nancy                     3 children
Carolina Law School 1975. U. S. Navy 1970-1972. Two                Bartlett, TN 38134                  9 grandchildren
sons Will (21) upcoming senior at Wofford College,                 901-386-6373
Spartanburg S.C. and John (19) upcoming Sophomore at     
South Carolina, Columbia S.C. Partner in Whaley,
McCutchen, Blanton & Rhodes. attorneys, Columbia S.C.              Hanna, Janice
1975-1993. Partner in Kennedy Covington Lobdell &                  45 Park Place South #237
Hickman, Charlotte, N.C., 1993-2004. Started Hamilton              Morristown, NJ 07960
Martens Ballou & Sipe Attorneys in August of 2004 in               973-993-8561
Rock Hill S.C. (a suburb of Charlotte).                  

Hamlett, Sandra (Britt)            Spouse: Ron                     I am semi-retired living in New Jersey after a career in
820 Beech Bluff Road               1 child                         marketing and advertising management with AT&T.
Beech Bluff, TN 38313              2 grandchildren                 Previous to that I taught marketing and advertising at
731-423-1063                                                       Georgia State University in Atlanta and at University of
                                                                   Calgary in Alberta, Canada. My lifelong interest is art and
Ron and I have been married for 32 years. Our daughter,            my new interest is golf. I was married once and am
Amanda and her husband live in Fayette with our 2                  currently unmarried.
grandchildren, Nathan and Lily. I stopped working shortly
after Nathan was born so I could be with him. We attend            Harrison, Cindy (Anderson)          Spouse: Howard
West Jackson Baptist Church. Through the years, I                  5605 Montgomery Street              2 children
collected dolls and Precious Moments but as I have gotten          Chevy Chase, MD 20815
older, I have lost interest in them so I am selling them           301-652-5725
over eBay. That has been quite an experience. I am       
looking forward to seeing fellow classmates at the
luncheon.                                                          Life has been full -- of wonder and challenge! I still
                                                                   marvel at how fortunate we were to grow up in the 1950's
                                                                   and '60's in such a place as Jackson. Since 1965 I've been
                                                                   on a learning curve -- through college (& later) in Boston,
                                                                   and immersed mostly in Washington, D.C. -- law school
                                                                   and work of all sorts. Most important are our two kids --

Updated 4/21/2007                                            -8-
             Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

22 & 26. Kate and David are terrific; watching them grow              Herron, Susan (Bledsoe)
up has been joy (though not *pure* joy). Howard and I                 374 Caraway Cove
enjoy travel -- to wherever in the world K & D may be, as             Memphis, TN 38117
well as hiking and biking, among other things.                        901-818-0193

Harte, Pam                           No information                   Hill, J.R. “Bobby”
                                                                      113 Wood Valley Drive              2 children
Harwell, Sandra (House)              Spouse: Jerry                    Rome, GA 30161                     3 grandchildren
415 Goodland Circle                  3 children                       706-232-1436
Memphis, TN 38111                                           
901-233-8494                                                          BS in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State                                               University, Masters in Electrical Engineering from
                                                                      Georgia Tech. Current employer is Georgia Power
I graduated from Memphis State University with a double               Company.
degree in Management and Personnel Administration. I
have been married 33 years to Jerry House and had 3                   Hill, Wendell                      Deceased (2002)
children - 2 that are living - Kimberly and Kristin. Jerry is
a graphic artist and owns a business. I do a lot of                   Hodge, Don
volunteer work and was chosen one of 50 "Women Who                    2768 Campbell Street               2 children
Make a Difference in Memphis" in 2004. I am involved                  Jackson, TN 38305                  3 grandchildren
with the Midsouth "Race for the Cure", "Carin' & Sharin'"             731-234-3852
(breast cancer support group for African-American
women), (literacy program), and "We Care"               United States Air Force 1966-1970. Air Traffic Controller
Alzheimer Association. My life lesson: It's not what you              (FAA) 1970-1981. Fired by President Reagan in 1981 for
do to make a living, but what you give to make a life. I              striking against the government. Lesson: Never put your
have had a great life!                                                job ahead of your family. Insurance Sales 1983-2000.
                                                                      School Bus driver 2001-present
Hastings, Tommy
7397 Sussex Drive                                                     Holland, Lynn (Joyner)             Deceased (2001)
Westchester, OH 45069
513-779-4894                                                          Holley, Elaine (Jones)             Spouse: Phillip
                                                                      35 Fair Acres Drive                2 children
Hawks, Melvin “Joe”                  Deceased (2001)                  Jackson, TN 38305                  4 grandchildren
Haynes, Lynda                        Deceased               

Henry, Harry                         Spouse: Beth                     Went to Union University, majoring in music. Transferred
63 Oakmont Place                     2 children                       to Tennessee Tech in 1968, graduated in 1970. Received
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     Master of Music Ed. from Delta State University in 1982.
731-664-7755                                                          Have taught music at all levels of public school for 32                                                      years, including elementary music, chorus, band, and jazz
                                                                      band. Am currently an elementary music teacher for
My wife, Beth, and I have a daughter, Kathryn, who is a               Jackson-Madison County School System, at Malesus and
Junior at the University of Alabama, and a son, Ed, who               South Elementary Schools. Play alto sax in the Jackson
will be a senior at Liberty Tech. High School in Jackson.             Area Community Concert and Jazz Bands. Also currently
After being in food sales for 25 years, I have been a                 Choir Director at St. Andrew United Methodist Church.
residential contractor for 12 years, with my partner, Bud             Married to Phillip Jones, have 2 stepdaughters (both
Dodson, here in Jackson.                                              married), 4 grandchildren (2 boys, 2 girls), and 4 great
                                                                      nieces. Have 3 pets, Scooter (dog), and B.C. and Gracie
Henry, Nathan                        No information                   (cats). Enjoy working in the yard, flowers, and plants,
                                                                      play guitar on occasion just for fun.
Henry, Peggy (Frye)                  Spouse: Greg
775 Cooper Anderson Road                                              Horn, Rose (Richardson)
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     500 Norwich Street
731-668-7904                                                          Morro Bay, CA 93442

Updated 4/21/2007                                               -9-
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Horner, Robert                                                        He is presently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom at
150 LeEtta Drive                                                      Camp Arijan where he serves as the Command Sergeant
Gallatin, TN 37066                                                    Major of the 377th Theatre Support Command.
                                                                      Jaggers, Cedric                    Spouse: Kathy
House, Pam (Garner)                Spouse: Dwight                     1593 The Crossing
320 Hall Road                      2 children                         Rock Hill, SC 29732
Jackson, TN 38301                  1 grandchildren                    803-324-5833
                                                                      Graduated Union University in 1969 with a BS. Started
Dwight and I married in 1967 and started our family. Our              graduate school at U.T. in Knoxville. Drafted into the
son, Hank, was born in 1968 and our daughter, Beth, was               army and served in Korea from 1970 to 1972. Started
born in 1973. I became one of the nontraditional college              working for Social Security in 1973. Presently Assistant
students when I graduated with an AS degree from JSCC                 District Manager for Social Security Administration in
in 1978 and a BBA from Lambuth in 1980. I have worked                 Rock Hill, SC. For fun I am contributing editor of
as an accountant in public, private, non-profit and                   Running Journal magazine. I write a monthly column
governmental accounting positions here in Jackson. My                 called "Down the Road". I edit the electronic South
husband retired from JEA with over thirty years of service            Carolina Runners' Gazette. Married in 1981 to Kathy, a
in 2001. I retired in 2004 when our precious grand-                   Phi Beta Kappa from the University of South Carolina.
daughter, Ella Marie Martin, was born so I could help
provide daycare for her while her mom works part-time. I              James, David Earl
enjoy designing floral arrangements, sewing projects, and             57 Hillary
my computer. My husband and I both enjoy traveling and                Jackson, TN 38305
hope to do a lot more in the near future.                             731-424-4470

Howell, Kathy                      No information
                                                                      Jamieson, Dale                     Spouse: Treila
Hubbard, Al                        Spouse: Kathy                      996 Eastwood Terrace               1 child
5600 Sunset Lane                                                      Collierville, TN 38017
Indianapolis, IN 46260                                                901-854-5670
317-257-8927                                                          901-834-2432
Hunt, Ed                           Spouse: Margaret         
1221 Mount Alto Road               2 children
Rome, GA 30161                     2 grandchildren                    I married Treila Roby (JHS 66) in August '69 after we
404-232-8657                                                          graduated from Union. After graduation we moved to                                                     Orlando, FL where I taught and went to graduate school. I
                                                                      entered law school in Memphis in '73, graduated in '76
College: Go Vols. Career: E. M. Hunt & Associates, Inc.               and have practiced real estate law in Collierville ever
in its 25th year. Family: have Twin Grandsons Sam and                 since. Our daughter, Shannon, graduated from
Joe 6 years old. Life's Lesson: "Whatever it Takes”                   Washington & Lee University several years ago and is
                                                                      employed by FedEx here in Collierville. Treila and I both
Jackson, Sandra (Bledsoe)          Spouse: Mike                       are active in the community and enjoy the small town
26 O’Hara                          4 children                         "Mayberry" life. We enjoy traveling and I love to fly fish
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     and study civil war history. Come see us!
731-668-7058                                             Johnsey, Betty (Clausing)          Spouse: Mark
                                                                      1623 Hunter Road
Mike and I have been married for 37 years. We have 4                  Fairfield, OH 45014
children and no grandchildren but 4 "granddogs" (3 labs               513-858-6340
and 1 greyhound). I am still working in the education       
field and am presently the senior guidance counselor at
Liberty Technology Magnet High School in Jackson.                     Since high school, I have been a moving target. From
Mike retired from the school system after 30 years as a               Jackson it was off to Memphis State, then back to
teacher, coach and principal. As a member of the                      Jackson, then to Phoenix, AZ, then to Prescott, AZ, then
Tennessee National Guard, he was activated in July 2004.              to Downey, CA, then to Portsmouth, OH, then to

Updated 4/21/2007                                            - 10 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Cincinnati, OH, and finally to Fairfield, OH. My favorite               My husband Joseph R. Patty and I were married in 1969.
job over the years was being a clown. People actually                   We have two children. Joe, age 35, is married to Amy,
paid me to go to birthday parties. Ain't life grand!!!                  and they have 2 children -- Kylie 7 and Regan 3. Joe is a
                                                                        full time Memphis police officer in charge of creating the
Johnsey, Emily (Canter)             Spouse: Ron                         department's programs and providing information to other
96 Bon Air Circle                   2 children                          officers and the public. Joe also runs a fleet of ice cream
Jackson, TN 38305                   1 grandchild                        trucks in the Memphis area. John, age 30, is a full time
731-668-1780                                                            employee of Maxx Guard Security Services, going on 10                                                      years. My husband Joseph owns and operates a custom
                                                                        insecticide formulating company serving all of the US,
After graduating from Union University and Memphis                      South America, and parts of Europe and the mid-east. He
State with degrees in Elementary Education, Library                     also operates a company in Illinois that makes the fogging
Science and a Masters in Education. I married Ron Canter                equipment used in the application of the different fogging
who sings with the Delacardos. I am librarian and Eagles                compounds he formulates. I still enjoy my horses,
Theatre Company sponsor at North Parkway Elementary                     (although Joseph has me riding motorcycles a lot these
School. I dance in Ballet Arts productions of The                       days), and I maintain "Suzanne Stables" on Old Medina
Nutcracker and as Ms. Gultch in Dorothy and the Emerald                 Road.
City. We attend St. Luke's Episcopal Church. We have 2
grown children, Margaret and John, both Art majors. We                  Jones, Celia (Williams)             Spouse: Bart
have a 4 year old grandson named Caleb. I love being at                 2705 Pine Manor Lane
home and traveling in the summer                                        Albany, GA 31707
Johnson, Bill                       Spouse: Pamela
207 Spruce Street                   3 children                          Jones, Cindy (LauBach)
Mandeville, LA 70471                                                    73 Summar Drive
985-845-0063                                                            Jackson, TN 38301                                              731-422-4349

Three wonderful children, Stephanie, Hunter and Olivia.                 Jones, Luweida (Hammonds)           Spouse: Ronnie
Stephanie has Grand #1 on the way. Pamela keeps                         3104 Mary Nancy Cove                3 children
everyone in line and focused. 32 years with Schering -                  Bartlett, TN 38134                  9 grandchildren
Plough sales. Moved several times chasing a buck and a                  901-386-6373
job. We have enjoyed Louisiana for the past 19 years!         
Time flies by. Health and Happiness to you.
                                                                        Married to Ronnie Hammonds for 39 years. Have 3 sons
Johnston, Lee                       Spouse: Beatrice                    and 9 grandchildren. We will be celebrating our 40th
740 Sumac Avenue                    2 children                          anniversary in Hawaii. Retired from Sears after 31 years.
Boulder, CO 80304                                                       Where did the years go? Just yesterday we were walking
720-565-1422                                                            the hall of JHS. It has been a wonderful life just knowing                                                      that my high school sweetheart has remained by my side
                                                                        through thick and thin.
After a late start to have a family, Beatrice and I moved to
Boulder, CO five years ago to raise our 2 boys, now 9 and               Jones, Margaret Anne (Lucas)
11, in a smaller city. I practice and teach child, adole-               336 Gobelett Road
scent and adult psychiatry and psychoanalysis. I no                     Medon, TN 38356
longer have family in Jackson since my mother moved 10                  731-424-6215
years ago. My only honor of distinction was to be Class
President but this was put in proper perspective at the last            Jones, Robert E., Jr. “Buddy”       Chris
reunion I attended when it was a trivia question to name                1411 N.E. 10th Street               2 children
the Class President.                                                    Bentonville, AR 72712               5 grandchildren
Jolly, Suzanne (Patty)              Spouse: Spouse: Joe       
133 Pine Tree Drive                 2 children
Jackson, TN 38301                   2 grandchildren                     Went to Union University. Joined the USAF in 1966,
731-427-1024                                                            serving at Davis Monthan AF Base in Tucson, AZ. where                                                       I met my wife, Chris, of 36 years. I have a son and a
                                                                        daughter and 5 grandchildren (4 boys, 1 girl). Between

Updated 4/21/2007                                              - 11 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

soccer, basketball and track our grandchildren keep us                Lassiter, Robert                    Debra
busy. I have sold insurance, been a business owner, and               5547 Quince                         2 children
am currently employed with Wal-Mart in the transport-                 Memphis, TN 38112
ation department. My wife and I are avid do-it-yourselfers            901-761-5763
and are enjoying working at remodeling our home in
Bentonville, AR.                                                      BBA & MS from University of Memphis. Employed by
                                                                      Memphis City Schools as Business Coordinator for Food
Jones, Susan Ann                   No information                     Services. Retired from Memphis City Schools in 2002.
                                                                      Presently a partner with SES Consulting performing
King, Laura Jane (Bledsoe)         Spouse: Dossie                     business and technology consulting. Married to Debra
244 Bowman Loop Road               3 children                         Gallimore and have 2 children, 1 daughter and 1 son.
Beech Bluff, TN 38313              5 grandchildren
731-423-3549                                                          Latham, Terry                       Spouse: Muriel
                                                                      651 Forest Oaks Drive               2 children
Dossie and I have been married for 29 years. Between us               Fairview, TX 75069                  1 grandchild
we have 3 daughters, two grandsons and three grand-                   972-727-4761
daughters. I have been employed with AmSouth Bank for                 tlatham1947@sbcglobal,net
30 years with no plans for retirement. I enjoy spending
time with family, reading and Southern gospel music.                  Union University 1969, BS in Economics. 1st LT in US
Interesting story: 4 years ago I discovered I have a half-            Army, stationed in Germany, 1969-1972. Career in
sister that I didn't know about. What a shock!                        Human Resources with Rockwell International and
                                                                      Alcatel living at Pittsburg, PA; Dallas,TX and Paris,
Kirby, Franklin                                                       France. Retired and living in Fairview, TX so I can be
8 Bridlewood Cove                                                     with children and grandchildren. Life lessons: A little late
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     for us, but tell your kids to be careful where they relocate
731-664-1879                                                          to because that is where they may end up retiring.

Kirk, Jayne                        No information                     Leaver, Nicky
                                                                      2433 Skyview Drive
Koonce, Jim                                                           Centerville, TN 37033
291 Country Road 714                                                  931-729-2757
Blue Mountain, MS 38610
662-538-7666                                                          Ledbetter, Brenda (Rayman)          Spouse: Chip
662-534-2688                                                          217 Winmont Turn                    1 child
                                                                      Knoxville, TN 37922
Lamen, Eunice                      No information                     865-692-5270
Lamport, Bonnie (Cloar)
2515 Jones Bend                                                       BA and MA – Art History – Arizona State University.
Paris, TN 38242                                                       Lived in Phoenix, AZ from 1975-1993. Employment:
731-642-8049                                                          Assistant Registrar, Phoenix Art Museum. Moved to
                                                                      Knoxville, TN in 1993. Employment: Catalog Editor,
Land, Norma                        Deceased                           University of Tennessee, oversee production of graduate
                                                                      and undergraduate academic catalogs and maintenance of
Lane, Nancy (Bain)                                                    curriculum/curricular records. Husband: Chip Rayman,
12 Knollwood Drive                 1 child                            Administrator, Facilities Services, University of
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     Tennessee. Son: Seth Rayman, American History teacher,
731-660-0400                                                          Knox County Schools.

Hair dresser at "Styles by Diane." I have one son, Brad               Lee, Jerry                          Spouse: Shirley
who is 26 years old. I have been divorced for 5 years. I              1847 Briarbrook Road                2 children
live in Jackson and am living life with happiness and                 Germantown, TN 38138
excitement, seeing what God has for me for the rest of my             901-755-8121

                                                                      Worked 2 years First National Bank in Jackson, TN.
                                                                      Attended Lambuth for 2 years. I have worked for C.N.

Updated 4/21/2007                                            - 12 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Railroad as a Conductor on freight trains since 1968.                   a few bad hands, but most of them were winners so I can't
Played commercial league softball for 10 years. Love to                 complain too much.
play golf! Married to Shirley since 1981.
                                                                        Lloyd, Mary (Arnold)
Leggett, Larry                      Deceased                            16 Chatwood Cove
                                                                        Jackson, TN 38305
Liggett, Nina                       No information                      731-668-7764

Lillard, Diane (Crouch)                                                 Lloyd, Jane (Shull)
4 O’Keena                                                               19 Milsap Drive
Jackson, TN 38305                                                       Jackson, TN 38305
731-668-3189                                                            731-9352975

Long, Linda                                                             Lynch, David O.                    Spouse: Julia
767 Westwood Avenue                                                     2922 Chimney Rock Lane             2 children
Jackson, TN 38301                                                       Louisville, KY 40220
731-427-9734                                                            501-491-3538
Long, Loyce Ann (Frankland)         Spouse: Hays
56 Brookfield Drive                 2 children                          Currently Associate Broker for Semonian Realtors.
Oakfield, TN 38362                  2 grandchildren                     Retired Kentucky Air National Guard in 1997. Received
731-424-5202                                                            MBA from University of Louisville in 1985. Married to                                                      Julia, who is a communications consultant at Humana
                                                                        Insurance. Have 2 daughters, Jennifer and Caroline.
Attended Lambuth College and West Tennessee Business
College. Married to Hays Frankland for 37 years. Have 2                 Lyon, Lee
daughters, Kristi and Rachel. Have 2 grandchildren,                     118 Walters Avenue,
Chase and Katie. Work at West Tennessee Bone and Joint                  Franklin, TN 37067
Clinic for the last 15 years.                                           (615) 771-9881
                                                                        (615) 327-4316
Long, Michael
7 Ridgefield Place                  1 child                             Maddox, Kenny                      No information
Jackson, TN 38305
731-664-6356                                                            Martin, Larry                      Spouse: Jane
                                                                        1416 Kensington Drive              2 children
Military service - 6 years Army National Guard. College -               Knoxville, TN 37922
U.T. Knoxville. Married for 31 years, one daughter.                     865-531-0348
Career - Outdoor Advertising Business (1972 - 1997).
Sold my business in 1997 and retired.                                   University of Tennessee BS 1969. First Tennessee Bank
                                                                        35 years. Married to Jane Hope since August 1969. Two
Lovell, Ralph                                                           children; Hope is a graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College and
655 Riverside Drive #305B                                               is a kindergarten teacher in Hickory, NC; Meg is a
Memphis, TN 38103                                                       graduate of Miami University and is a river guide in
901-527-6050                                                            Colorado. "Always do right. This will gratify some people                                                 and astonish the rest." by Mark Twain.

I was a college drop out and went into the Army in 1967                 McBride, Carol (Haskins)
and spent some time overseas. Got my degree in                          52 Emerald Lake
Psychology from Lambuth College in Jackson and                          Jackson, TN 38305
received my Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) from                    731-660-4769
the University of Tennessee. At least 3 MSWs came from
Jackson High; Bob Bolton, "Doc" Reedy, and myself. I've                 McCaghren, Pat                     Spouse: Becky
worked in psychiatry most of my working career and I                    2515 Grand Point Circle            2 children
think I finally found my real niche in life...retirement. As            Birmingham, AL 35226
Garfield put it, "I'm a do nuthin' kinda guy...but I do it              205-305-1481
quite fact, I'm the dean of do nuthin'...a lean,              205-979-1133
mean, do nuthin' machine." In retrospect, life has dealt me   

Updated 4/21/2007                                              - 13 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Mississippi State University 1965-1970. IBM Marketing                  and stayed there until I formed my own software and
rep, Birmingham, AL 1970 – 1992. US Navy –Lieutenant                   database company, Cimitry LLC. One daughter (Kathy)
JG, Supply Corps, USS Inchon (LPH-12) 1971-1973.                       graduated from Vanderbilt as a Chemical Engineer and
Owner:, 1999 to the present.                       now works for Siemens Westinghouse in Orlando. Our
Current passion:- dancing (ballroom, Swing, Cajun,                     other daughter (Julie) went to Duke, graduated from
Zydeco).                                                               medical school last year, and is a resident in pediatric
                                                                       psychiatry at UNC in Chapel Hill. Carol is a manager of a
McCollum, Diane (Osborne)           Spouse: John                       data analysis department for Millward Brown here in
43 Corner Brook Place               1 child                            Fairfield. My big passions these days are tennis and
The Woodlands, TX 77381             1 grandchild                       Rotary.
                                                                       Menzies, Bill
My husband John & I have lived in The Woodlands, TX,                   2933 Grand                         2 children
for 17 plus years. We are both real estate agents at the               Kansas City, MO 64111
local Prudential Gary Greene Realtors office. In my past               816-531-7110
life since high school, other career occupations I have had
are assistant in the Dean of Students office at UT Martin,             Attended Vanderbilt and Purdue Universities. First job
assistant principal at Hendersonville High School, & full              was with Texaco, Inc. Spent 20 years in Austin, Texas
time Mom. We also spent a year in Argentina, which was                 with an environmental engineering company. Currently
a job-related move.                                                    Director of Business Development for Midwest Research
                                                                       Institute (Kansas City, MO) which provides technical
McCoy, Joe                          No information                     services and products to the government, primarily the
                                                                       Department of Defense. Have two wonderful daughters,
McCoy, Suenette (Livingston)        Spouse: Bill                       Lacey and Melissa, who are doing very well. Kathy Clark
49 Amberwood Cove                   2 children                         is the love of my life and will be moving with me to
Jackson, TN 38305                                                      Washington, DC next year. Hobbies include travel (US
731-664-4735                                                           and abroad) and golf.
                                                                       Messer, Charles “Skip”
After Memphis State I taught school for 3 years. I've been             3401 Oakridge Lane
a dental lab technician for the last 29 yrs. I have one                Saraland, AL 35217
living daughter in nursing school and married. I lost my               251-423-8405
son three years ago to heart disease at age 29. Just         
remarried in March. Been back in Jackson for 15 years.
                                                                       Miller, Linda (Walker)             Spouse: Bob
McManus, Madeline (Heinemann)                                          8475 Dogwood Road                  4 children
2441 Bella Pago Drive                                                  Germantown, TN 38119               4 grandchildren
Grand Junction, CO 81503                                               901-754-7117
                                                                       After the 30th reunion, I lost my mother after a long
McMillin, Bill                                                         illness in 1999, both of my daughters got married and we
49 Highland Hills Cove                                                 have 4 grandchildren. My sons, both 21, still live at
Jackson, TN 38305                                                      home. One of the biggest changes in my life was in the
                                                                       Fall of 1996 when all of my family became Catholic. A
Medlin, Terry                       Spouse: Carol                      very special time for my husband and me was in the
90 Northwood Road                   2 children                         summer of 2000. While we were in Europe, we were able
Fairfield, CT 06825                                                    to attend a Papal Mass with Pope John Paul II at St. John
203-576-1704                                                           Lateran Basilica in Rome. That is an event I will always                                                    remember.

Carol and I lived in various suburbs of the Washington,                Milstead, Paul                     Spouse: Linda
DC area after Vanderbilt, and moved in 1984 to Fairfield,              3271 Eastdale Lane                 2 children
CT where we still live. I got a MS in Computer Science                 Bartlett, TN 38134
from the University of Maryland, and an MBA from the                   901-388-8417
Stern School of Business at NYU. I worked at the
National Institutes of Health while we lived in Maryland.              After high school, I attended Union University for 1 year
I accepted a position in a startup in Connecticut in 1984              and enlisted in the US Naval Air Reserve for a 6 year

Updated 4/21/2007                                             - 14 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

term. After active duty, I attended Union for a semester              guys, musicians & artists, and we have a great time. I’m
and then transferred to Memphis State where I graduated               still working in most of the areas I always have, as
in 1971. Married Linda in 1972. We have 2 daughters,                  opportunities and interesting fees arise.
Jennifer and Emily. We have lived in Bartlett, TN since
1979. Members of Bartlett Baptist Church. I have worked               Mullins, Randy                       Spouse: Andra
at First Tennessee Bank, Holiday Inn, NCR Corp and 20                 324 Hickory Drive                    3 children
years with the US government.                                         Old Hickory, TN 37138                5 grandchildren
Mitchell, Tommy                                             
48 Cambridge Lane
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     Graduated Freed-Hardeman. U.S. Army 3 years in the
731-664-8432                                                          Medical Corps touring Europe at tax-payers expense.
                                                                      Moved to the Music City and married a young lady 33
Moomau, Susan (Bafundo)                                               years ago and still happily married in love (How she can
8252 Charles Crawford Drive        2 children                         love something as old and crusty and ugly as I am)? Spent
Charlotte, NC 28269                4 grandchildren                    30 years in the printing and publishing business as an
704-510-1982                                                          accountant, the Wife ran the Payroll Department paying                                            600 people each week. We retired about the same time
                                                                      several years ago, got tired of the stress and strain. I work
I completed Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, IL. I am                    a few days a week now for the Hertz Corporation at the
currently a Vice President in Information management                  Nashville Airport renting cars--no stress-no strain. We
with Wachovia Securities/Bank in Charlotte, NC. I have                have three children...five marvelous em'
2 children, Joseph Park Chromcik and Christine                        more than life. Picked and sang in Bluegrass band 25
Chromcik, and 4 grandchildren, 1 grandson and 3                       years. The only pickin' I do now is to do the grand-kids a
granddaughters.                                                       verse and chorus of "Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Moore, Charlie                     No information                     Mullis, Mike                         Spouse: Sheri
                                                                      1720 Chapel Creek Parkway
Moore, Don Richard                 No information                     Cordova, TN 38017
Moss, Mary Lou (Pettigrew)         Spouse: Randy            
104 Greenbriar Lane
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     Muse, Jamie (Tonahill)               Spouse: Ed
731-668-6942                                                          336 Burley Cove                      3 children
                                                                      Collierville, TN 38017
Mulherin, Joe                                                         901-853-4428
418 Angelus Street                 2 children
Memphis, TN 38112                                                     Ed and I have 3 sons, one married and 2 still in college.
901-274-2792                                                          We still live in Collierville where we have been since                                                  1974. I am back in the work force now working for a
                                                                      lawyer here in Collierville after several years of taking
After graduation I sampled 3 colleges and successfully                care of children and elderly parents. We are enjoying life
evaded the draft. In 1969, instead of graduating from                 as almost empty nesters, traveling a little when we have
somewhere, I embarked on what became my smorgasbord                   time. I am also enjoying needlework - embroidery, tatting
of careers. These have included: theater music                        and quilting - and have won a few ribbons at the fair.
director/actor; musician/arranger; freelance writer; video
producer/director; entertainment & corporate event                    Nelson, Major
producer; TV producer; music supervisor for movies &                  3109 214th Place S.E.
TV; and various other sidelines that piqued my interest.              Issaquah, WA 98029
At last count, those gigs have taken me to 43 states,                 425-392-5329
Canada, Europe and Asia. I’ve lived in several different
places and I’m now back in Memphis. In 1994 I fathered                Neudecker, Fred
twin boys. I was living and working in L.A., but thought              12607 S.E. 78th Place
Memphis was a much better place for them to grow up, so               New Castle, WA 98056
I moved back. Their Mom and I are divorced, good                      425-227-9238
friends, live around the corner from each other, and we’re  
raising the boys together. Marshall & Parker are cool

Updated 4/21/2007                                            - 15 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Newbill, Linda (Clemens)            Spouse: James                       employed by the McNairy County Board of Education as
2527 Middlebrook Lane               2 grandchildren                     a K-8 Guidance Counselor at the Bethel Springs School
Auburn, AL 36832                                                        where I have been since 1976. I am married to Guy Jines
334-821-5511                                                            and we have one son, Joey who is a Lambuth graduate.
                                                                        Owen, Jimmy                        Spouse: Faye
After graduation I attended Freed Hardeman College then                 162 Springview Drive
the University of Tennessee, receiving a BS in Secondary                Jackson, TN 38305
Education and Sociology. After a short period of teaching               731-988-5345
in Miami, I moved to Alabama and received my Masters
Degree in Psychiatric Social Work from the University of                Parham, Pat
Alabama in 1975. For the past 30 years I have worked as                 105 Morningside Drive
a clinical social worker/ psychotherapist in the mental                 Jackson, TN 38301
health and medical field. For almost twenty five years I                731-424-8196
lived in Birmingham Alabama. In 1999 I married my
husband, James. He lived in Auburn, AL and his business                 Parrish, David
was there, so for over five years we commuted. This past                2117 Parliament Drive
fall I moved to the lovely city of Auburn and currently                 Thompsons Station, TN 37179
commute to Birmingham two days a week to maintain my                    615-595-2949
practice. I have three step daughters and two grandsons.                615-512-8688
We enjoy working with our church in a marriage ministry,
spending time at our lake cabin and playing golf.
                                                                        Patterson, Carol (Baier)           Spouse: Michael
Newton, Delores (Mullens)           Spouse: Johnny                      4801 Henican Place                 2 children
9 Ravens Rest                       3 children                          Metairie, LA 70003                 1 grandchild
Jackson, TN 38305                   4 grandchildren                     504-454-1793

O’Dell, Dianne                                                          I worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines in
133 O’Dell Road                                                         Dallas for 3 years after graduation from college. After I
Jackson, TN 38301                                                       moved to New Orleans and settled down to married life, I
731-423-2257                                                            started to work as a Spanish teacher in an Episcopal
                                                                        school. My husband, Michael, whom I originally met
Dianne contracted polio when she was 3 years old. The                   when I transferred in 1967 to Ole Miss from Union
disease caused paralysis, leaving her paralyzed from the                University, and I have raised 2 daughters, Amy and
neck down, her lungs useless. In order to live, she had to              Ashley, who are married and expecting children which
be placed in an iron lung. At 57, she is the longest living             will bring our total grandchildren to 3. "My cup runneth
polio survivor in an iron lung. Dianne sees life through a              over...."
13-inch mirror that sits just above her head. This has been
her view of the world for all but three of her 57 years. She            Patton, Lynn
can’t pick up a book or magazine to read, or type out an e-             7023 Reed Court
mail to a friend. She can watch TV – backwards.                         Brentwood, TN 37027
O’Guinn, Mike                       Spouse: Sandra            
6025 Barrantine Drive
Bartlett, TN 38134                                                      Pearce, Patricia Ann (Vinson)      Keith
901-372-2697                                                            8244 Excelsior Drive               4 children                                                        Pensacola, FL 32514                10 grandchildren
Osborn, Jane (Jines)                Spouse: Guy
8 Maryville Cove                    1 child                             1966 I attended Lambuth College 1 yr. 1967 I moved to
Jackson, TN 38301                                                       Charleston, S.C. and began my 31 year career with the
731-668-6719                                                            government in Civil Service. I married a Navy man who
                                                                        transferred to Guantanamo Bay Cuba and there I had 2
Graduated from Lambuth College in 1969 with BS                          girls and adopted one girl. In 1972 we got stationed in
degree. Obtained Master of Education degree from                        Pensacola, FL and I have been here ever since. In 1975, I
Memphis State University in 1974. I am presently                        remarried and had another girl; in 1990 I married my

Updated 4/21/2007                                              - 16 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

present husband and helped raise his boy (2) and girl (1). I            involved with Habitat for Humanity, Knoxville Area
started Civil Service as a GS-3 and retired as a GS-11 - I              Rescue Ministry, and Sevier Heights Baptist Church.
was quite proud of myself. My favorite job was
Environmental Specialist and my last job was Facilities                 Pitts, Fred                         Spouse: Linda
Manager. I received my AS from Pensacola Junior                         12 Bailey Lane
College in 1995. I was a housewife/volunteer for about a                Jackson, TN 38305
year and decided I needed to "get out" more. I am now a                 731-512-0840
part-time secretary for a Methodist Church in Milton. My
husband belongs to a hunting club and we enjoy fishing,                 Powell, Rick                        Spouse: Judy
swimming, and four-wheeling. I love to travel, mostly to                679 Blue Bird Circle
visit my sister in Seattle and my grown children and their              Parsons, TN 38363
children who have spread out all over the county. Can't                 731-847-6097
explain how much I love all my grandchildren - it is
amazing! Life has been a wonderful journey for me!!!                    Powers, Jimmy Lee
                                                                        7945 Highway 72 West
Pegram, Angelyn                                                         Madison, AL 35758
1328 Dickerson Bay                                                      256-837-3600
Gallatin, TN 37066
                                                                        Prall, Susan                        Deceased
Pennington, Penny
1328 Dickerson Bay                                                      Preissig, Randy                     Spouse: Judy
Gallatin, TN 37066                                                      11814 Mill Rock Road                3 children
615-230-7917                                                            San Antonio, TX 78230
Phillips, John Nicky                Spouse: Marla             
110 Eagle Trace Road                2 children
Covington, TN 38019                 1 grandchild                        BA from Vanderbilt University in 1968. M.D. from
901-476-4064                                                            University of Tennessee in 1971. Radiology Boarded -
                                                                        Duke University in 1975. Live in San Antonio, TX for
BS Union University 1969; lettered 4 yrs in baseball;                   past 30 years. Married to Judy for 25 years. Have 3 sons,
Class President; ATO fraternity. Married Marla Caudle in                Steve, Joe, and Jason. Enjoy family activities and travel. I
February, 1970. Served in Army in 1970-71. Teacher and                  am really looking forward to seeing old friends. Wish we
coach at Fayette Academy High School, Somerville, TN                    had a reunion more often than every 10 years.
1971-73. University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy
1973-1976; Doctor of Pharmacy. Partner in Roper Drug                    Puckett, Peggy (Estes)
in Covington, TN, 1999 until present. Two children,                     1481 Cotton Grove Road              2 children
Nicole who is married and Christopher. One grandson and                 Jackson, TN 38305                   3 grandchildren
another due in July.                                                    731-424-9325

Piercey, Jimmy                      Spouse: Donna                       Worked at BellSouth for 38 years as an Electronic
551 West Main                       2 children                          Technician. Have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
Knoxville, TN 37902                 4 grandchildren
865-549-2204                                                            Pulliam, Jan (Arrington)            Spouse: Dick
865-621-3763                                                            39 Colonial Cove                    4 children                                                 Jackson, TN 38305                   2 grandchildren
Served in the military with the U.S. Marine Corps             
(Special Forces - Recon '66-'69). Wounded in action in
Viet Nam in 1968. Married for 35 years to Donna (Brock)                 After graduating from Union University, I began teaching
- JHS Class of 1969. Two daughters (living in Charlotte                 at North Side High School in 1970. I taught English and
and New Orleans), two granddaughters (New Orleans),                     Spanish for 30 years and retired in the spring of 2000.
and two grandsons (Charlotte). 30 plus year career in                   Since my retirement I have been doing contract work
banking in Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alabama. Currently                 using my language skills. I translate for Latinos in two
President, East Tennessee Group, Regions (Union                         local courts, I teach Conversational Spanish classes to
Planters) Bank. Living and working in Knoxville, TN.                    adults and conduct management training classes for local
Hobbies include golf, boating, and fishing. Actively                    industries who employ Latinos. I have been married to my
                                                                        husband, Dick, since 1982. We have 4 children between

Updated 4/21/2007                                              - 17 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

us, a blended family, and 2 grandchildren, Macy and                   BS in Physics and Math from Christian Brothers
Hayden. I am enjoying my retirement, but I'm busier than              University in Memphis, TN. MBA from University of
ever. I have also been able to travel to Nicaragua with a             New Orleans. Geophysicist for 35 years in oil and gas
mission team, and plan to go back there again in January.             business - now retired. Current activities: oil & gas
                                                                      consultant, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity,
Rainey, Marilyn (Kemp)             Spouse: Bill                       restoration of vintage automobiles, scuba diving. Current
35 Sunnymeade                      4 children                         interests: history of World War II and Western US.
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     Happily married to Cheri for 35 years.
731-668-3624                                                      Rather, Janice                     No information

After graduating from Lambuth College, I began teaching               Reed, Frank
in the Jackson-Madison County School System. I received               605 Fellowship Drive
a doctorate from Memphis State University and have                    Fern Park, FL 32730
taught for Jackson State Community College, Lambuth                   407-834-6912
University, and the University of Memphis. I have been a    
teacher for 28 years, taking an eight-year absence to be a
stay-at-home mom. I am presently the librarian at                     Reedy, Veldon “Doc”
Madison Academic High School (old Jackson High                        378 Carriage House Drive           3 children
building) and have been married for 35 years to Bill, who             Jackson, TN 38305                  1 grandchild
taught math at Jackson State Community College. We                    731 664-6222
have two children; Elizabeth, who is a veterinarian in
Colorado, and William, who works for Pinnacle Airlines                Since graduation, I have traveled throughout West
in Memphis.                                                           Tennessee, written over a hundred unpublished songs and
                                                                      one unpublished book, dodged the draft, met governors in
Rambeau, Rita (Vinson)                                                Oklahoma and Tennessee, never joined a rock band,
219 South College Street                                              became and remain a bleeding heart liberal, and carried
Halls, TN 38040                                                       the nickname "Doc" with me until now.
                                                                      Reis, Gabriele (Hromatka)
Rampley, Tony                      Spouse: Vicki                      Hromapka, Kohlergasse 24,
2705 Nix Lake Drive                1 child                            1180 Vienna, Austria
Jonesboro, AR 72401
870-933-8588                                                          Rhodes, Jimmy
                                                                      153 Esquire Peek Road
I have been married to my lovely wife Vicki, who grew                 Humboldt, TN 38343
up in Jackson Hole, WY, for 32 years. We have a son                   731-784-4008
Chad, 23, who lives in Memphis and attends the
University of Memphis. After serving in the Air Force I               Rhodes, Martha (Pfister)           Spouse: Gene
got my degree in Accounting from from Lambuth. I                      7612 Old Sturbridge Lane
currently serve as President and CEO of a glass container             Baton Rouge, LA 70806
manufacturing facility located in Jonesboro selling to all            225-925-1673
48 states, Canada, & Mexico with 350 employees. I have
been here for almost 20 years. Vicki is my EVP and Chief              BA from Union University. Career in insurance beginning
Marketing and Sales Officer. I also serve as Vice                     as adjuster and ending in claim management. Retired in
Chairman of Safe Foods Corp in Little Rock, AR, an                    July, 2002. Married to Gene Pfister for 20 years - 2 step
international meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, and fruit               children and 4 step grandchildren Hobbies are Pilates,
antimicrobial application company. I ride a Honda                     gardening, reading, playing on the computer.
Valkyrie, Vicki rides a Road Star, and my son rides a
Suzukie TL 1000.                                                      Rhodes, Nancy (Oversmith)          Spouse: Gary
                                                                      301 Coulter Court
Randolph, John B.                  Spouse: Cheri                      Washington, MO 63090
7420 Benjamin Street               1 child                            636-239-6857
New Orleans, LA 70118                                       

Updated 4/21/2007                                            - 18 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Rice, Craig (Stallings)             Spouse: Tom                        Rushing, Sherry (Crawford)
111 Summerfield                     2 children                         49 Carol Ann Drive
Jackson, TN 38305                   3 granchildren                     Jackson, TN 38301-9023
731-668-5707                                                           731-424-6889
                                                                       Russell, Mike                       Spouse: Venita
Graduated Millsaps College in 1969. Married Tom and                    170 Teakwood Drive                  3 children
moved to Atsugi, Japan for 4 years. Moved to St Louis                  Lexington, TN 38351-1328            1 grandchild
for 1 year, then returned to Jackson and raised 2 children,            731-967-0967
Greg and Carrie. I have taught first grade for Jackson       
Madison County Schools for over 20 years. My husband,
Tom, retired from Federal Government a few years ago                   I married my high school sweetheart, Martha Snider
and I hope to live long enough to retire also.                         (North Side), in 1967 and we were a couple for 38 years,
                                                                       until cancer took her life in early 2003. We were foster
Richardson, Ritchie                 Deceased (1997)                    parents to 13 children at different times in the 1980's. I'm
                                                                       the father of a daughter and a son with Martha. I married
Richardson, Roger                   No information                     again and my new wife, Venita, and I will celebrate our
                                                                       first wedding anniversary this fall (2005). With my new
Roe, James Donald                                                      marriage I gained one more daughter. The daughters are
9 Southshore Cove                                                      grown and "on-their-own". My 18-year-old son will soon
Jackson, TN 38305                                                      be finished with high school, and as a new member of the
731-424 3006                                                           TN Army National Guard, says he'll volunteer for active
                                                                       duty service in Iraq. I'm a proud "paw-paw" to a 2-year-
Rogers, James A.                                                       old grand-daughter (what fun!!).I'm a veteran of the
1024 Versant Drive, Apt 302                                            Vietnam War (1968). Drafted into the U.S. Army in 1967,
Brandon, FL 33511-8851                                                 I served 2 years on active duty and then served 20
                                                                       additional years in the TN Army National Guard. Retired
Rogers, Melinda (Meals)                                                in 1990 at the rank of Major. I graduated with honors in
1812 Walnut Hill                                                       1972 at Jackson State Community College with an
Opelika, AL 36801-2054                                                 Associate Degree in Business Technology. I'm now
334-749-0262                                                           completing 39 years of service with the TN Department
                                                                       of Transportation, and have been the supervisor of the
Roland, Lynn (Pappas)               Spouse: Nick                       TDOT Design Office in Jackson, TN since 1999. I am a
97 McIntosh                         3 children                         member of the Church of Christ in Lexington, TN.
Jackson, TN 38305                   5 grandchildren
731-668-8280                                                           Sellers, Pamela                     No information
                                                                       Sevier, Susan (Rochelle)            Spouse: Mike
Life is great, especially with grandchildren. After high               404 Cromwell Place
school, I attended Memphis State University where I met                Hopkinsville, KY 42240
and married Nick Pappas. We have been married 37 years                 270-886-2676
and have 3 married daughters and 5 grandchildren. Nick
is Director of Youth Town of Tennessee, a home for                     Shafer, Sandy                       Deceased
young men who have drug, alcohol and family problems.
I graduated from Lambuth University with a BBA in                      Shelby, Danny                       Spouse: Dorothy
Accounting after several years of working and raising                  14 Standard Court NW
children. I retired from Jackson Utility Division at 55 and            Cartersville, GA 30121
love getting a check for doing nothing. I decided to go                678-721-0190.
back to work part-time until Nick retires.
                                                                       Shires, Martha (Alewine)            Spouse: Mike
Ross, Danny                                                            1317 Wilson Heights Drive           2 children
670 Dees                                                               Austin, TX 78746
Cedar Grove, TN 38321                                                  512-327-6834

                                                                       After high school I went to nursing school at Union
                                                                       University and became an RN in 1967. I have worked in

Updated 4/21/2007                                             - 19 -
             Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

many different areas of nursing care as well as nursing                  Smith, Larry                       No information
management/ supervision. My husband Mike and I have
been married for 36 and have two grown sons and one                      Smith, Ronnie                      Spouse: Nancy
daughter-in-law so far! Our daughter-in-law, Priscilla, is a             1197 Sand Piper Ponte
native of Brazil. Our family spent two weeks in Brazil in                Counce, TN 38326
2003 and it was a wonderful trip to a beautiful country!                 731-689-5061
My husband is a native Texan and we have lived in Texas                  731-925-9016
for about 30 years. We have been in Austin for 24 years        
and lived in Dallas before that. I return to Jackson about
three times a year to visit my brothers and sisters who still            Stephenson, Everett
live there.                                                              243 Suncrest Boulevard
                                                                         Savannah, GA 31410-2209
Short, Mike                                                              912-897-5429
76 Hartford Square
Jackson, TN 38305-8519                                                   Stewart, Randy                     Spouse: Debbie
731-668-3548                                                             17 Gilbert Lane                    1 child
                                                                         Medina, TN 38355                   1 grandchild
Sinks, Virginia (Grissom)            Spouse: Ken                         731-783-3458
201 West Artic Avenue                2 children
Folly Beach, SC 29429                3 grandchildren                     After graduation, I attended West TN Business College. I
843-588-0145                                                             joined the Army in Feb of 1968 where I served for 3 years
703-625-3534                                                             as an Administrative Clerk. During my tenure, I was in                                                    Vietnam for 1 year. I married my wife, Debbie, in July of
                                                                         1968. Our son, Greg, was born in March of 1971. After
By way of Jackson; Nashville; Pittsburgh, PA; Germany;                   returning home, we lived in Jackson until 1994, then built
Atlanta, GA; Dayton, OH; Dallas, TX; Arlington, VA; we                   our prese4nt house in Medina. I worked for Peoples
have now settled in Folly Beach, SC on the beach. Ken                    Protective until it closed, then I began managing finance
and I have had a wonderful life together with two                        companies until 1978 when I was offered a position with
children, three grandchildren; and many opportunities to                 Second National Bank. I have been there for 27 years. My
travel. We have not retired, but talk about it often. We are             grandson, Brayden, is the light of my life. My son married
both in good health and are enjoying life daily.                         our classmate Sherry Rushing's daughter Tanya.

Smith, Carol (Brewster)              Spouse: Dick                        Sublette, Jack                     Deceased (2002)
95 Tower Road                        1 child
McKenzie, TN 38201-8672                                                  Sullivan, Patsy (McCommon)
731-352-3841                                                             449 Boone Lane                                                        Jackson, TN 38301-5732
Graduated from Memphis State University (University of
Memphis) in 1968. Taught Spanish and German at                           Summarell, David
Whitehaven High School, Melrose High School and                          8370 Highway 70
Ridgeway High School in Memphis. On moving to                            Nashville, TN 37221-5407
Jackson, taught Spanish at The Episcopal Day School.                     615-646-2647
Later, taught Spanish in Carroll County the last career 20
years. Have been retired 2 years. Enjoy traveling,                       Taylor, Emily                      Spouse: Wayne
especially to Mexico. Also, enjoy reading, exercising at                 168 Exum Road                      2 children
the gym, walking, cooking, and herb gardening. Have just                 Jackson, TN 38305
celebrated 34 years of marriage to Dick Brewster (class of               731-668-7405
1960). Looking forward to seeing all the classmates.           

Smith, Jenny (Bledsoe)               Spouse: Mike                        Taylor, Lloyd                      No information
9150 Ellen Davies Drive
Memphis, TN 38133-0974                                                   Terry, Kib                         Deceased

Smith, Kenneth R.                    Deceased: 2001

Updated 4/21/2007                                               - 20 -
             Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Teague, Douglass                      Spouse: Leona                      Truex, Ben                         Spouse: Linda
468 Wallace Road                      2 children                         115 Tuckahoe Road                  2 children
Jackson, TN 38302                     1 grandchild                       Jackson, TN 38305                  2 grandchildren
731-664-8516                                                             731-668-7766                                        

My wife Leona and I have two grown children, Todd                        After 20 years in the automobile business, I traveled the
Teague and Kim Guidi, and one (perfect) eight year old                   United States for a construction company. For the past
grandson Matthew Teague. All are in Jackson which is                     five years I have enjoyed work in commercial develop-
really great. I worked for a family owned business for                   ment and the sale of investment property. Life today
several years before moving to Jackson State Community                   revolves around family and the grandchildren!
College 21 years ago. Most of that time I have taught
economics but for the past four years I have served in an                Truex, Bill                        Spouse: Carolyn
administrative role supervising the career programs of the               2912 Crestwood Court
college. I never would have thought in high school that I                West Linn, OR 97068
would have become a teacher (and neither did my                          503-697-2008
teachers) but it is a great career. Leona and I are currently  
building a new home. She retired as administrative
assistant to the county sheriff. If my health remains good I             After graduation, I worked as an associate professor of
plan to work eight more years. I look forward to seeing                  Math and Computer Science and Director of Computer
everyone at the reunion.                                                 Services at Union University in Jackson. Then went ot
                                                                         Hewlett-Packard as a computer performance engineer.
Thompson, Sammy                                                          Currently serving as Senior Director in worldwide
3350 New Heritage Drive               1 child                            presales for Hewlett-Packard, managing a team of
Atlanta, GA 30022                                                        "trouble shooter" engineers.
615-390-2312                                                Tuchfeld, Barry                    Spouse: Susan
                                                                         4747 South Prairie View Drive      1 child
I spend most of my time at leisure.                                      Sarasota, FL 34232
Tisdale, Ben                          Deceased                 

Tisdale, Norwood “Buddy”                                                 Wow...hard to be brief, but....married to Susan Marcus for
264 Ponce De Leon Drive                                                  22 years; our son Elliot turns 9 this summer. Recently
Winter Springs, FL 32708                                                 moved to Sarasota, FL after 14 years in Northern
407-782-1819                                                             California. Work has included university professor,
407-327-3728                                                             research director at psychiatric hospital; think tank
407-782-1819                                                             research; VP internet startup; co-founded and sold Health
                                                                         Information Network (pre-Web); consulting on strategy
Todd, Robert “Monty”                  Spouse: Valda                      and communications with corporations like Levi Straus
231 Bowman Road                       2 children                         and Hospitals like UC Med School, San Francisco. Sailed
Medon, TN 38356                       3 grandchildren                    Florida Keys and Caribbean for almost three years in late
731-935-2256                                                             80s. Currently am an investor, educator, writer, and teach                                                    Aikido, a Japanese martial art.

Four years USAF. Traveled both far East and Europe plus                  Tucker, Ora Mae (Fulton)           Spouse: Tom
some time in California after school out in 1969. Married                6574 Holt Road                     5 children
South Side girl Valda Stephenson and still married. Two                  Nashville, TN 37211                16 grandchildren
children; daughter born 10 years after marriage (were told               615-832-8628
we wouldn't have kids) Amanda Kay age 26, a son born           
1982, Robert Lane age 22. Amanda has 1 child Caden
McNeil, Lane has 2 children, Daltion age 6 and Riley age                 Married a Vanderbilt graduate in 1969. Owned and
18 months. I have worked for Xerox, IBM, Tennalum and                    operated restaurants for 18 years. Became a Realtor in
a few others. Presently run my own Electronic and                        1981 and am presently w/ RE/MAX Elite in Brentwood,
Hydraulic repair company.                                                TN.

Updated 4/21/2007                                               - 21 -
            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Turner, Tommy                      Spouse: Jan                        Walters, Mike
120 New Street                     3 children                         730 East Brandon Blvd
Jonesborough, TN 37659-1128        1 grandchild                       Brandon, FL 33511
413-753-2416                                                          727-515-5419                                       

Graduated University of TN College of Pharmacy 1971.                  Ward, Betsy (Roudebush)              Spouse: Lee
Served with US Army at Walter Reed Army Hospital,                     721 Pine Drive
Washington, DC 72-76, met & married Jan during this                   Ocean Springs, MS 39564
time. Transferred to VA Hospital Johnson City, TN Oct                 228-872-3269
76. Still love hunting, fishing, camping, spelunking &
owning horses. Mostly I re-enact F & I War, Rev War, &                Master's degree in Elementary education, Doctorate in
some War of 1812 & am unable to attend the 40th reunion               Administration. Married Lee Roudebush 8 years ago and
due to a prior commitment to the Hermitage in Nashville               both work at University of Southern Mississippi. Spend
for a 4th of July celebration. Saturday evening I will be             summers in Palmer, Alaska in our summer home. We
sitting on the front porch of the Hermitage having                    love to travel and are currently remodeling our home in
refreshments & will raise a glass to toast my fellow                  Ocean Springs, MS.
                                                                      Warmath, John                        Spouse: Ann
Underwood, Nancy (Stephenson)                                         27 O'Keena Drive                     1 child
13 Briarcliff Drive                                                   Jackson, TN 38305
Jackson, TN 38301                                                     731-664-5665

Usery, Armita (Blackstock)         Spouse: David                      Forty years? It is hard to believe it has been that long ago,
119 Barrett Place                                                     until you glance back to the past. College, marriage,
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     family, work, career and retirement. Now I am enjoying a
731-668-8536                                                          new hobby in the field of art and developing a web page.                                           Please visit the page at I
                                                                      am looking forward to seeing old friends again.
Vandyke, Marilyn (Pennington)
70 White Plains Drive                                                 Warmbrod, David                      Spouse: Deborah
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     559 Pearson Drive                    3 children
731-668-8509                                                          Jackson, TN 38305
Vinson, Judy (Rice)                Spouse: David            
862 Mecklenburg Cove
Southhaven, MS 38671                                                  Married to Debbie Mckenzie in 1989. Two daughters,
662-342-1208                                                          Angela and Jeanette, and one son, JT (J for John
                                                                      Pechonick and T for Tury Oman). Served in the military
Wallis, Nancy (Warren)             Spouse: Marty                      from 1966 until 2005. Retired as Master Sergeant after 33
7 Angel Trace                      2 children                         years of service. Served in Korea and Gulf War/Desert
Brentwood, TN 37027                1 grandchild                       Storm. Attended Jackson State, Lambuth, and UT Martin
615-776-5749                                                          where I graduated with BS degree. Attended Memphis                                                 State and Trevecca Nazarene University and received
                                                                      Masters in Education. Played professional baseball with
Oh well, the yellow Corvair convertible died many years               Pittsburgh Pirates. Teacher and coach for 31 years in
ago; however, life's ride continues to be filled with a               Memphis, Crockett County and Jackson.
fulfilling career, wonderful journeys, a lovely home and
most important great friends and a fabulous family -                  Watson, Barry L.
Marty, my husband for 38 years, Wendy and Matt, and a                 117 Key Senter Road
granddaughter, Mary Wallis. The past 3 reunions have                  Medina, TN 38355
been so much fun for me, and Marty, too. At the last                  731-423-6252
reunion I bumped into Tommy Carter and when I got
home, he called to list his house. I sold it! Who wants to
be next???

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            Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Watson, Roy                                                           Been married to Benny for 37 years. We have one son,
372 South Tucson Way                                                  Jason, and he has one son, Evan, 2 years old. Benny is
Aurora, CO 80012                                                      Vice President, Milan Express, Inc. I am retired from the
303-340-2869                                                          State of Tennessee, Judicial Division. Our son is a trooper
                                                                      with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.
Welker, James P.
214 Los Santos Dr.                                                    Wingate, Coleman               Spouse: Jocelyn
Garland, TX 75043                                                     51 Maplecreek                  4 children
972-270-7205                                                          Humboldt, TN 38343             1 grandchild                                                       731-824-3350
Wentworth, Errol                   Deceased                 

Whalley, David                                                        After high school I attended Lambuth and Jackson State
126 Oakmont                                                           before going to work for Owens Corning. I finished
Jackson, TN 38305                                                     college with a degree in Engineer Technology from West
731-664-2114                                                          Texas A & M in Canyon, TX in 1982. I have moved 7
                                                                      times with Owens Corning and finally returned to Jackson
Williams, Carolyn                  No information                     in 1997. I still work for Owens Corning as a Senior
                                                                      Product Engineer working with Wet Use Chopped Strand
Williams, Mickey                                                      for the Roofing market in North America. I also spent a
12001 Market Street #430           1 child                            total of 13 years in the Tennessee and Texas National
Reston, VA 20190                                                      Guard. Have 4 wonderful children (3 boys and 1 girl) and
                                                                      a terrific wife who puts up with all the traveling I do. I
Graduated from Union University with BS in Psychology.                love to play golf but just don't have a lot of time currently
Served in US Marine Corps, went to Viet Nam, promoted                 as my youngest son and I have been working on a Honda
to Captain and discharged in 1972. Divorced, one                      Prelude that he is driving.
daughter who is married. I lived in 15 locations, worked
for major corporations for 18 years, started and sold 2               Wood, Dan                            Spouse: Melanie
businesses. Retired in 2002 and traveled internationally.             308 Dacus Street                     1 child
Rode my Harley across the nation for a year and then got              Sikeston, MO 63801                   2 grandchildren
involved as a partner in a turn-around business in the      
Washington DC area. Looking forward to getting caught
up with everyone at the reunion!                                      Graduated from Union University, 1969. Masters degree
                                                                      in Educational Technology from University of Missouri. I
Williams, Tommy                    Spouse: Jackie                     have taught math, science, and computer technology in
196 Sundown Drive                  5 children                         Sikeston, MO for 36 years. Working part-time for 22
Jackson, TN 38305                  8 grandchildren                    years as a hospital lab technologist and teaching in the
731-668-5347                                                          summer as an adjunct faculty member for Central
                                                                      Missouri State University has kept me busy. Melanie and
Served in the military - 43 months in the Army Security               I have combined for 64 years of teaching and plan to
Agency, 34 months in Vietnam Attended UT Knoxville in                 retire in two years. We plan to take it easy on our farm in
electrical engineering for 7 quarters, then dropped out to            Missouri and play with the grandkids!
pursue career in construction. General contractor in
commercial construction - presently work as a consultant              Wright, Cynthia (McMullin)
for local developer, Wolfe Company where I perform                    1601 Poplar Oaks Circle #4
design work, engineering, estimating and project                      Memphis, TN 38120
management. Started in 1970. My wife, Jackie is founder               901-761-2858
& owner of Season's Coffee House & Cafe. She was
selected as a contestant for 2005 Mrs. Tennessee pageant.             Flight attendant for Delta Airlines. Retired early after 31
                                                                      years. Now I am a care giver for my mother and four
White, Barbara Ann                 No information                     small children. I never had my own children and it has
                                                                      been a challenge, but rewarding.
Winbush, Barbara (Page)            Spouse: Benny
701 Browns Church Road             1 child
Jackson, TN 38305                  1 grandchild

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              Classmate Directory, Jackson High School, Class of 1965, 40th Reunion

Wylie, Jean (Hessing)               Spouse: David                       FRIENDS AND FORMER CLASSMATES
P.O. Box 1047                       2 children
Paris, TN 38242                     2 grandchildren                     Edenton, Tom
731-642-4750                                                            616 Chelmsford Place                                                         Nashville, TN 37204
BS from UT Knoxville, BSMT from UT Memphis, now a
retired Medical Technologist. Married to David Hessing,                 Mel Robinson                       Spouse: Keith
2 married sons and 2 granddaughters. Rob and Dalana and                 3903 Fox Glen Dr                   2 children
daughter Sydney live in Selmer, TN. Rob is manager and                  Irving, TX 75062                   1 grandchild
golf pro at Chickasaw Bear Trace golf course. He                        972-791-9999
qualified and played in the Memphis FedEx PGA Pro golf        
tournament 2005. Dalana is a biology and science teacher
at Hardin County High. Sydney is 4 years old. Paul and                  Ok, a slight technicality I didn't actually graduate but I
Pam live in Paris, TN. Paul is an attorney with his father              couldn't pass up this opportunity. My dad was transferred
in the Hessing and Hessing Law Firm. Pam is a registered                to Memphis and we moved in January of 1964, although
nurse working in critical care at Henry County Medical                  my sister, who was a senior, stayed in Jackson and
Center. Shelby is 9 years old.                                          graduated in '64. I went to Overton High in Memphis and
                                                                        graduated from Memphis State in Jan. '70 and went to St.
Yates, John Wesley                  Spouse: Darcy                       Louis. In '78 along with my wife (now together 37 years)
7632 Shadywood Lane                 2 children                          and our two kids we moved to the Dallas, TX area where
Sylvania, OH 43560                  2 grandchildren                     we still live. I sold my company in 2002 and am looking
419-885-1257                                                            for my next adventure. I play a fair amount of golf and we                                                      enjoy traveling.

After high school, I went to Lambuth College for four
years receiving a degree in history and political science (I
think!). I volunteered for four years in the Navy and spent
time in Vietnam on the carrier, USS Kitty Hawk. After
the Navy, I worked for Owens Corning Fiberglas from
1973 to 1998, when I was "de-cruited to the mobilization
pool for further re-assignment", i.e., down-sized. I now
work for IBM Corp as a Resiliency Program Manager
(Disaster Recovery) for a large financial services account.
I have been married to my wife, Darcy, for 27 years, and
have two daughters Maria and Christina and two grand-
daughters Alexa and Hailey. Life Lesson: "Do the best
you can do every day, and it may never be good enough
for other people, but it's not between me and other people,
it's between me and God."

York, Kitty                         Deceased

Young, Jerry
7044 Y-Lighting Ranch Road
Hereford, Arizona 85615

Young, Tommy
730 Browns Church Road
Jackson, TN 38305

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