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Download Resume Doc - Muhammad Abid Software Engineer_ Java


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									                               Muhammad Abid
                                 Email: abidshafiq479@hotmail.com

                                       Cell# +923337681122


         4+ years of extensive experience in application and product development using J2EE
          technologies like JSP, Servlet, Spring Framework, Hibernate Framework, IBatis
          Framework, JSF Framework, Struts Framework, XML, XML Schema, Ant, Enterprise
          Java Beans, JDBC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET 2.0, JSP, Macromedia
          Dream weaver, MS FrontPage, Home Site, Eclipse 3.2, Ruby on Rails, MS SQL Server,
          Microsoft Access, My SQL, HSQL DB, Oracle, Corel Draw 9.0, Adobe Photoshop,
          Macromedia Flash MX, Swish MX, Internet Information Server (IIS), Tomcat/Apache
          web server, JBOSS 4.0 and Strong UML Concepts
         Experience with different J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, DAO, Data Transfer Object,
          Session Façade, Template, Service Locator, and Singleton.
         Experience in XML with Java using DOM and JDOM.
         Experience in SQL (Structured Query Language).
         Experience in Enterprise Java Beans.
         Experience in web designing using HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
         Experience of databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,HSQL and MYSQL
         Experience with IDE like Eclipse, JBuilder, Net Beans and MYEclipse.
         Experience in SVN and CVS.
         Experience in Enterprise Architecture, MS Project MS VISIO, Rational Rose and UML.
         Experience on SDLC, Software Architecture Development (Analysis/Design).
         Experience in various Application Servers like IIS, JBoss and Tomcat.
         Strong experience in Health Care applications.
         Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) using different design methodologies,
          process frameworks like Agile, XP, tools like UML, Rational Rose.

 Technical Skills

                     JAVA, J2EE(JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Entreprise Java Bean, JMS, XML, Web
                     Services, Java Beans, JDOM ), SWING, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
Langage              ASP, PHP, ASP.NET 2.0, Ruby on Rails

Framework and
                     Hibernate, Spring, IBatis, Ajax, Ant, Log4j, JSF Framework

                     Internet Information Server (IIS), Tomcat/Apache web server, JBOSS 4.0

                     Eclipse, Borland Jbuilder, MYEclipse, Macromedia Dreamweaver,
                     Macromedia Home Site
Database             Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, HSQLDB, MYSQL and Microsoft Access

Modeling Tools       Rational Rose, Visio, Enterprise Architecture, MS Project

Bug Tracking         JIRA

Version Manager      SVN, CVS

Testing Tool         JUnit, JProfiler

Operating System     Windows NT, Windows XP Professional, Unix, Linux

 Inmedius (Jan 19, 2010 – continue)

 Project: Advisor
 Role and Responsibilities:      Java Developer/ Software Engineer
 Making minor changes, add features, and correct bugs on an xml validation system. System has a java
 swing client application and a J2EE server application.
 Tools and Technologies Used: Java, Java SWING, XML, XPath, Regular Expressions, MVC, DTD and

 GDev FZ LLC (Sep 21, 2009 – continue)

 Project: Nextance
 Role and Responsibilities:    Java/XML Developer
 Working as a configuration engineer to configure and enhance the product to meet customer requests.
 Configuration engineers employ XML and Java to design and implement data schemas to store critical
 business information, design and develop user interfaces, create business workflows and business rules,
 define and optimize search strategies, define enterprise reports, and implement integrations using web
 Tools and Technologies Used: Java, XML, XPath, XQuery, Regular Expressions, DTD and Schema,
 Apache Tomcat

 GDev FZ LLC (Feb 20, 2009 – Apr 18, 2009 )

 Project: Versata BRMS (Business Rule and Management System)
 Role and Responsibilities:      Java Developer
 Worked as a Java Developer, responsible to remove bugs and add new features, enhance performance
 and scalability in application.
 Tools and Technologies Used: Java, J2EE, PDE - Plugin Development Environment for Eclipse, - EMF -
 Eclipse Modeling framework, GMF - Graphical Modeling framework, Technical depth in Ant, Junit,
 Database concepts, Java Server Faces

 TimeSolv Corp (Oct 17, 2008 – Feb 02, 2009 )
Project: TimeSolv (Time and Billing Software)
Role and Responsibilities:    iBATIS expert with Oracle & MySQL
I was responsible for ORM replacement. The existing layer was in VBSF and required conversion to
Tools and Technologies Used: Java, J2EE, VBSF, iBatis, Ant, Junit, Database concepts, Java Server Faces

Amplified Analytics Inc (Aug 22, 2008 – Oct 03, 2008)

Project: Amplified Analytics
Role and Responsibilities:     Java Developer/Software Engineer
It is a Production Reputation System and I was responsible for designing and developing the beta version
of the application.
Tools and Technologies Used: Java, JSP, Servlets, MySQL.

Group Zero (Aug 09, 2008 – Oct 08, 2008)

Project: National Online Directory (http://www.nationalonlinedirectory.com/)
Role and Responsibilities:      PHP/My SQL System Analyst
I was responsible for finding potential bugs, security issues, performance problems, etc. I made a report
on bugs and security issues to help client improve application performance and security.
Tools and Technologies Used: PHP, My SQL, Java Script.

Core Sound Imaging, Inc. (Feb 2008 – Jul 2008)

Project: CoreStudyCast (http://corestudycast.com/)
Role and Responsibilities:    PHP/My SQL Developer
I was responsible for removing potential bugs and new features in Cake PHP based web application. I did
quad implementation of existing reports of patients.
Tools and Technologies Used: PHP, Cake PHP, My SQL, Java Script, Linux.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (Aug 10, 2007 – Aug 08, 08)

Project: Content Delivery System (CDS)
Role and Responsibilities:     Software Engineer
   This Web Application developed for WWE. It manages the Contents Publishing and other important
    scenarios for Wallpapers and Ringtones.
   I was on bug fixes and performance enhancement.
Tools and Technologies Used: JSP, Java Beans, JSF Framework, Hibernate, Media Surface, Tomcat 5.0,

Alpha-Omega Productions, Inc (Jan 05, 2008 – Jan 28, 08)

Project: Email Blast
Role and Responsibilities:   Java Developer/ Software Engineer
I was responsible of developing an email blaster application, which can send emails to users and users
can post news as region wise.
Tools and Technologies Used: JSP, Java Beans, JSF Framework, Hibernate, IceFaces, Tomcat 5.0, and

DaedalusSofware Lahore, Pakistan (Jan 07 – Mar 08)

Project: Bio-information Tracking and Management System (University of Loss Angeles)
Roles and Responsibilities:    Software Engineer
   BTM-UCLA is a web based application for tracking and managing the Bio-material.
   Worked as software engineer in analysis and design in software architect and development using
    latest technologies. We divided this project in seven in depended layers, layers using latest
    technologies e.g. Hibernate, JSF, AJAX, LDAP.
   Analysis, Design and Code Implementation of Accession, Roles and Privileges Module
   Developed XML configuration and data description using Hibernate.
   Used Session Façade, design patterns, JSF Components
   Tuned the Hibernate Queries to enhance performance of application
   Performance tuning with JBOSS and JProfiler
   Developed Log4j to log the entries, while running the application
   Developed ANT Script to compile the Java files and to build the jars and wars.
   Bug fixes of Patient Module

Tools and Technology Used: JSP, JSF Framework, Java Beans, AJAX, XML, XPath, Hibernate, Eclipse,
JUnit, Log4J, LDAP, MS SQL 2005, JBOSS 4

PASBAN Group (Jun 05 – Jan 07)

   Two year Teacher Experience at PASBAN Computer College as Web design and Developer Instructor.
    In addition worked as Search Engine Optimizer for the same sites.
   In addition I managed and developed sites for PASBAN group using HTML, PHP, JavaScript,
    Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop.
   Designed and coded following sites,

        tys-traffic-tactics.com
        tys-cash-creators.com
        tys-money-making-blog.com
        tys-fortune-with-500.com
        tys-affiliate-millions.com
        mashalbooks.com
        greatoverhead.com
        yourbusinessopp.com
        corpgearusa.com
        incorporatedservices.com
   thenetceo.com
   motocycleman.com
   vehiculo-bueno.com
   hithemat.com
   superdirectbuy.com
   businessguts.com
   homeidealjob.com
   incomenets.com
   homesuperbiz.com
   netrezolve.com
   multihomebased.com
   cyberhomejob.com
   travel-stumper.com
   vacation-recommendation.com
   reservedreservations.com
   cloudbursting.net
   dependable-travel.net
   hotelandsurf.com
   leasingwheels.net
   vacationafloat.com
   ticketplease.net
   ideal-web-income.com
   specialists-search-engine.com
   top-marketing-services.com
   web-affordable-advertising.com
   top-brand-consultant.com
   passive-income-earn.com
   home-based-business-seekers.com
   unique-home-business-ideas.com
   make-web-money.com
   best-work-at-home-idea.com
   seo-web-solutions.com
   home-based-business-2u.com
   start-web-home-business.com
   drugcooperative.com
   earn-work-at-home.com
   2umoney.com
       pitbosspicks.com
       thisreno.com
       bettingcities.com
       flexiblegamble.com
       sportsbookbonanza.com
       winslotmachine.com
       roulettegoldrush.com
       blackjackwinall.com
       nextwagering.com
       onlinesfurniture.com
       tophelmet.com
       lovecigarettes.com
       smokingvillage.com

BSCS Projects
Project: Courier Management System
Role:    Team Lead/Developer
This was my Final Project; it deals with the whole operational and organizational system of a Courier
Tools and Technologies Used: VB.Net, Asp.net 2.0, XML, Visual Studio.Net 2005, SQL Server 2000

Project: Library Management System (Software Engineering)
This project was implementation of Semester Project of Software Engineering. It includes Functional
Specification document, Non functional Specification document, Use case analysis, Sequence Diagrams
Project: ETL Project (Data Warehouse)
The semester project of Data Warehouse; it includes Extract, remove duplications and load to new
software system module for bank data.

Miscellaneous sites
For the following sites I was the only responsible for designing graphics and writing code. These are
developed using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, JOOMLA, Photoshop, some open source components.

       http://www.lokoutshop.com/
       http://www. sofiadickens.com
       http://www.drugconsult4u.com
       http://www.drugrehabcalifornia.net
       http://www.letters4liberty.org
       http://www.pasbangroup.com/
       http://kitchenconceptsne.com/
       http://www.ocpcmagazine.com
       http://www.nataliek.com
       http://www.jetzontire.com
       http://www. 2Tutorial.com
       http://plugya.com/
       http://www.simonsezit.com/

So many sites are still unmentioned here.


BS Computer Sciences                  ICS (Math, Physics, Computer)      Matriculation (Computer)
CGPA 3.32/ 4.00                       Division 1                         Division 1st
Virtual University Lahore, Pakistan   Punjab College of IT, Faisalabad   Govt. Technical High school

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