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                                     Dog On It
                                     Author: Spencer Quinn
                                     Publisher: Allen & Unwin
                                     RRP: $23.95

                                        Meet Chet, the captivating
                                     canine narrator of this
                                     fabulous, funny new detective
                                     series. Wise and loveable,
                                     Chet spends his days as an
                                     offsider to Bernie, a slightly
                                     down-at-heel PI.
                                        Chet may have flunked
                                     out of police school (“I’d
                                     been the best leaper in K-9
                                     class, which had led to all
                                     the trouble in a way I couldn’t
   Author Peter Corris               remember exactly, although
underwent the same heart             blood was involved.”), but
                                                                        Sunshine cleaning                  Disgrace
                                                                           Rose Lorkowski discovers            David Lurie, divorced and
operation last year, obviously       he’s just as much a detective
                                                                        that there’s money to be made      dissatisfied with his job as
influencing the direction of the      as Bernie – superior,
                                                                        by cleaning up after death. A      an English professor in post-
Cliff Hardy series.                  sometimes, in his insight into
                                                                        new business is formed, and        apartheid South Africa, finds his
   However, the similarities         human foibles.
                                                                        Rose’s carefree younger sister     life falling apart. After seducing
stop there, as Cliff Hardy gets         In Dog On It, Chet and
                                                                        Norah, a slacker, tags along for   one of his students, he is
drawn into a missing person’s        Bernie take a welcome break
                                                                        the ride. Oscar, Rose’s eight-     dismissed from his job and takes
investigation, after the father of   from snooping on errant
                                                                        year-old drop-out son, needs       refuge on his daughter’s farm.
his nurse, Margaret McKinley,        husbands to investigate the
                                                                        his mother to succeed almost           For a time, his daughter’s
goes missing.                        disappearance of a teenage
                                                                        as much as he needs the latest     influence and the natural
   The search for renowned           girl who may or may not
                                                                        binoculars from the mall. And      rhythms of the farm promise
geologist, Dr Henry McKinley,        have been kidnapped, but is
                                                                        Joe, Rose’s dad, is a dreamer      to harmonize his discordant
takes Hardy behind the scenes        definitely mixed up with some
                                                                        prepared to make sacrifices to      life. But South Africa’s balance
at one of Sydney’s biggest           very unsavoury characters.
                                                                        keep his daughter’s dream alive.   of power is shifting and, in the
basin aquifers and ignites the       However, all is not lost, as our
                                                                           This is the team behind         aftermath of a vicious attack
wrath of local big business          resourceful duo handles every
                                                                        Sunshine Cleaning, a bittersweet   on the farm, Lurie is forced
that stand to lose even bigger       perilous situation in its unique
                                                                        family film about respect, love     to confront more than his
money if Hardy’s discoveries         way – from sniffing out the
                                                                        and clearing up body parts.        disgrace. Season commences
are revealed.                        bad guys to a dog-napping.
                                                                        Season commences June 11.          June 18.

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