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									                                     Kalmyk Temple of Saint Zonkava
                                                at the
                                     Kalmucks Brotherhood Society
                                              Of America

                       Membership Dues and Donations for 2009

January 18, 2009

Dear Members,

The KBS is pleased to announce that we have received official status as a Tax Exempt, Non-
Profit Charity organization under IRS code 501 (3) C, retroactive to February 24, 1953 when the
KBS was originally incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This means that the
KBS is now afforded all of the privileges as a recognized religious organization, including tax
deductions to our members for donations and membership dues.

If you would like to become a member of the Kalmyk Brotherhood Society, please see the
membership dues below:

   A       $75 for an individual membership (over 18 years of age)
   B       $100 for a married couple with no children,
   C       $125 for a family (one household – same address) with children up to age of 18
   D       No fees are asked from students and seniors, but donations are welcome.

Payment can be made using PayPal on our website –, or can be made by
check and mailed to the KBS. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a letter stating the
amount that was given which can be used for deductions toward your 2009 tax return.

Please understand that your membership dues will be saved into an inte rest bearing account and
are generally used to backup our checking account which helps the KBS pay its utility bills,
maintain and make repairs to the facility and temple and support its monks. They also help us
nurture our religious, cultural and social goals.

If you have any questions regarding membership dues, donations or member benefits, please
contact Brenda Cucukov at 856 327 3676 or email to, or Purma
Muschajew at 215-500-3320, or e mail to

We ask that everybody fill out a form and return to us, regardless of status, so we can
update our me mbership and mailing list.

          Your ongoing support and participation are greatly appreciated!

                      129 East Courtland Street, Philadelphia, PA 19120 USA
                          Telephone / Voice Mail / Fax: 1-206-426-2859
         Membership Application for the Kalmucks Brotherhood Society for 2009

Please provide us with your most recent information by filling out this form, or by
visiting our website at
Membe r Name:

Mailing Address:

Home Telephone:                                   Other phone:


All family me mbers over age 18 (one household only please) to be included in the members hip:

Membe r:                                  Optional:                                    Circle One:

1                                         Occupation:                           (Student or Senior?)
2                                         Occupation:                           (Student or Senior?)
3                                         Occupation:                           (Student or Senior?)
4                                         Occupation:                           (Student or Senior?)
5                                         Occupation:                           (Student or Senior?)
6                                         Occupation:                           (Student or Senior?)

Would you rather receive information via (circle one)     email          or     regular mail?

Please mail the application, your membership dues and/or donations
by check made out to the Kalmucks Brotherhood Society, to:

                                       Treasurer KBS
                                     Mrs. Brenda Cucukov
                                     504 Fernwood Road
                                      Millville, NJ 08332

Or you can make a payment through any of the Board Members o r by
Credit Card, through PayPal on our website—

                        129 East Courtland Street, Philadelphia, PA 19120 USA
                            Telephone / Voice Mail / Fax: 1-206-426-2859

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