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									Red Raider Jazz 2010/11
Mr. Tewalt
                                     RR Jazz Handbook
Welcome to this years’ installation of the Red Raider Jazz Ensemble! As your director, I couldn’t be more
excited and honored to lead a group of talented and driven individuals. Whether you were in this
ensemble in previous years or are a new member, I think you will soon find out that jazz band is unique
compared to other performance groups for a few reasons:

       First, it is optional. No one is forced to be here; everyone is here because they want to be, which
       puts us on common ground in an encouraging way.

       Second, we are small in numbers, which means that we get the opportunity to form strong
       connections and relationships. My hope is that these relationships foster a positive and secure
       environment where everyone is willing to take risks, make mistakes, and work together to achieve
       great things.

       Lastly, we are in the business of playing jazz music! Enough of that stuffy, music. What could be
       more fun than playing exciting, hip charts? Roller coasters, that’s what. However, jazz takes a
       close second.

This is your jazz ensemble, not mine. So, it is your responsibility to make sure that you and your
jazzmates act in such a way that the “Wishlist” you created can be fulfilled. I assume that you don’t need a
laundry list of “do’s and don’ts” so I’ll spare you. Just keep the eye on the goal and make sure that your
behavior will get you closer to that goal, not further away.

We will be meeting every Monday and Thursday morning from 6:30-7:25am. If anyone feels that a
sectional should be held, it will be the section leader’s duty to coordinate it.

As of now, these are the projected performances that will occur outside of the school day:

      November 13, Dinner Dance
      December 20 (maybe), Band & Choir Winter Concert
      January 30, Chili Luncheon
      April 8, Solo & Ensemble
      April 9, Eau Claire Jazz Festival
      April 19, Jazz Guest Artist Concert
      May 6, State Solo & Ensemble

Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is required. If you are going to elect to be in this group,
embrace the responsibility of having everyone else rely on your support every time we are together. If
you give others that security, they will give it back in return. On a similar note, please be on time. I
promise to let you go on time if we start on time.
If for any reason you know that you will be missing a rehearsal, inform your section leader and e-mail me
at least 3 days ahead of time. If you are going to be late, send a text message to your section leader
before rehearsal is scheduled to start. Please take this schedule home and put it on the calendar. If you
see a conflict with a performance, talk to me now! If something comes up closer to the performance date,
you need to let me know at least 7 days ahead of time.

If these attendance guidelines aren’t feasible, let’s talk to be sure that this is something you are still
willing to commit to in case we need to find someone else to fill your spot.

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