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Aluminum Powder 231


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Aluminum Powder 231
DESCRIPTION Aluminum Powder 231 is an extra fine grade atomized aluminum powder (9μ) used to formulate expanding type cements. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Physical Appearance Silver Grey Powder Specific Gravity 2.7 Apparent Density 0.8 g/cc Melting Point 782 C Surface area 0.57 m2/cm3 325 Mesh Retention 0.5% (40μ) Chemical Aluminum (min) 99.5 % Solubility in Water Insoluble Particle size (Avg) 9μ (Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer)

APPLICATION Aluminum Powder 231 can be used to formulate expanding cement slurries. The aluminum reacts with the alkalis in the cement slurry to produce tiny bubbles of hydrogen gas. The reaction, and thus the degree of expansion is dependent on several factors including pressure, temperature, particle size and concentration of the aluminum powder. Typical application is in the range of 0.05 % to 1.0% wt. See table below for expansive effect:
% Expansion Volume at 27 °C Aluminum Curing pressure (%) O kpa 20685 kpa 0 0.05 12 0.7 0.10 18 0.9 0.25 24 1.6 0.50 57 2.6 1.00 57 5.2

Expanding cements prepared by the use of aluminum powder have found use in shallow well applications, especially where the problem of gas migration occurs. MIXING AND HANDLING Aluminum Powder 231 is of low toxicity. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area away from sources of heat, ignition, sparks and incompatible materials such as oxidizers, halogenated hydrocarbons, some acids and alkalis. Keep material dry as Aluminum Powder 231 will react with water and slowly generate heat and hydrogen. See Material Safety Data Sheet for further information on safety and handling.

WHMIS: Not controlled

TDG: Not regulated

PACKAGING: 22.7 kg kegs

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