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                  Alumni Issue Fall 2004 Vol. 32 No. 3

                                                           Commentary                   The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

                                         First Impressions, Mine and Yours                                                              by Lyn Blackmon
    As I recall the exact point in time that I decided to apply for the Director of Alumni Relations position at Coker, I remember trying to think of reasons why the
College might consider a non-Coker-graduate for the job. I had experience in development and alumni relations, but could I convey to the selection committee the depth
of my affiliation with Coker College? I immediately started making a list (I am a list person) of my impressions of Coker and how it had
influenced my life.

 First Impressions…
1. Of course, my mother, Sara Long Fox ’60, is a Coker alumna. She met and dated
   my father here. Shortly after graduation, they married and two years later, I was
                                                                                           New Impressions…
   born. I consider this pretty significant. I grew up in Hartsville and spent many
   days as a child roaming the Coker campus.                                           When I accepted the Alumni job, I thought I knew a lot about Coker College. I had
                                                                                       no idea that I would form a new set of impressions. I immediately started a new
2. Around age eight, I began taking ballet lessons from Dana Grubb Irvin ’74 here      list.
   at the College. Dana was the dance major who skillfully and patiently taught
   many awkward little girls how to plea’ from fifth position. I wore a bright red      1. The students at Coker College are extraordinarily talented. As I eased into my
   leotard that rudely clashed with my bright orange hair. I remember boys were           new position, I began attending theater performances, recitals of the Coker
   just starting to appear on campus and the girls in my class would call out “boy        Singers and art exhibits. I was blown away. The word “Broadway” came to mind
   germs!!” whenever we spotted one.                                                      as I watched these performances and I would have purchased a painting from
                                                                                          Laura Martindale’04 if Frank Bush hadn’t bought it first.
3. My choir directors at the First Presbyterian Church were Virgil Smith, Chairman
   of the Music Department and Gayle Buckheister Sawyer ’70. This was certainly a      2. The students at Coker College participate in many aspects of running the campus.
   point in my life when I was sure I was destined to become a professional singer.       I was surprised at the level of responsibility that these students readily accept and
                                                                                          at the level of performance they achieve. Coker teaches leadership.
4. My Girl Scout leaders included Willie Calcutt Saleeby ’50 and Belinda Duckworth
   Copeland ’63.                                                                       3. The Coker College Alumni Association is just as active as any “big” school.
                                                                                          Former alumni director Trish Lunn ’87 told me this, but I had to see it for myself.
5. As a young teen, I remember Ruthie Henderson Mobley ’75 who performed her              With seventeen focus groups, Coker’s Alumni Association compares well with
   student teaching assignment under my mother. She even lived in our home for            many larger associations in the State.
   a short while as she completed her coursework. Today, Ruthie is the Chair of
   the Alumni Association Student Teacher Focus Group. She organizes events that       4. Coker Alumni truly care about Coker College. When I work with a focus group
   bring Alumni educators together with student teachers for mentoring sessions.          to plan an event or implement an initiative, I am always amazed at the level of
   Small world!                                                                           energy and care the group exhibits. They work tirelessly to make sure that Coker
                                                                                          Alumni programs are the best.
6. Laura Inabnit ’33 was my English teacher in both eleventh and twelfth grades.
   She encouraged my interest in the subject so much that I majored in English in                                                                            continued on next page


7. I mentioned that I had experience in development and alumni relations. I
   acquired these skills while working for Ellen Tollison Hayden ’68 at the
   Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics Foundation before coming to

8. Finally, my late husband, Dr. James W. Blackmon ’75 was one of those “icky”
   boys who showed up on campus. I guess the boys eventually won me over.

                                                                                          THE ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND CHALLENGE is ON
   Your Impressions…
Your impressions of the Alumni Office are very important to me. Our mission
is to serve you and the students of Coker College by creating an environment
that encourages the participation of Alumni in the life of the College. Our
responsibilities include maintaining current alumni files, facilitating Alumni Board
                                                                                            Classes of 1981 to 2004. Watch for it in the mail.
meetings, planning and implementing alumni volunteer training and Alumni Day,
organizing class structure and publishing the alumni news in the Commentary.
In addition, we are currently upgrading electronic communications, assisting the
Career Development Office, working with the Admissions Office to recruit quality                           BE THE ONE.
students, hosting two travel programs and sponsoring many campus wide events for
both traditional and evening students. I welcome your ideas and comments about                    Return Coker to “#1 in Alumni Participation” among
alumni programs at or 1.800.65.COKER.                                                   all SC colleges & universities.

                                                                                             Over 200 Coker Alumni have already chosen to BE THE ONE.

  One Last Impression…                                                                     giving as a measure of the satisfaction of those who have most directly benefited
                                                                                           from an institution. The thinking is that alumni are, in a sense, our customers and
                                                                                           should theoretically support us if they are satisfied. Our customer satisfaction
Money matters always seem to be the most uncomfortable subject that we have
                                                                                           level compares poorly with other SC Independent Colleges and Universities – of
to discuss. I want to try to put a spin on this subject that you can appreciate and
                                                                                           17 member institutions reporting, 9 had higher alumni participation rates than
even support. My goal here is to impress upon you at least one good reason to
                                                                                           Coker. Coker College needs the support of all of its satisfied customers.
financially support Coker College using (you guessed it) another list.

                                                                                         3. Be The One! The Office of Institutional Advancement introduced the “Be the
1. Coker College’s Annual Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to many of
                                                                                            One” Campaign on August 7 at Leadership Coker. Chris Dax, Director of Annual
   our students. Most of you probably know how important this kind of assistance
                                                                                            Giving and Athletic Fundraising, formally announced the 2004-2005 goal of 25%
   can be to a college career. In many cases, financial aid is the difference that
                                                                                            alumni participation. To achieve this goal, 1 out of every 4 alumni must make a
   attracts a highly qualified student to Coker, especially those who are financially
                                                                                            contribution to the Annual Scholarship Fund. Let me show you how easy it is for
   disadvantaged. Your gift to the Annual Scholarship Fund could mean a difference
                                                                                            you to “Be the One”… (oh boy, a sub list)
   in the life of a student. A Coker Alumnus has probably made a difference
                                                                                                   a. A gift of any size positively impacts everything that I have listed.
   in your life.
                                                                                                   b. You can “Be the One” securely at
2. It’s not how much, it’s how many! You may be surprised to learn that the
                                                                                         4. Finally, for those of you who love a contest, the Alumni Office will sponsor several
   percentage of alumni giving can be as important as the total dollars given. I can
                                                                                            in conjunction with this campaign. Young alumni (graduates from 1981 through
   cite several examples. One is the U.S.News & World Report college rankings
                                                                                            2004) will have the opportunity to re-align with either Green Machine or Violet
   published every year by the magazine and used critically by prospective parents
                                                                                            Power. Which group will have the highest giving percentage? We’ll keep track…
   and students to evaluate the effectiveness of an institution. U.S. News ranks
                                                                                            you “Be the One”. Alumni Day reunion classes…’45,’50,’55, ’60 (my mother’s
   colleges by category and by region. Coker ranks 13 of 48 “Best Comprehensive
                                                                                            class),’65, ’70 ’75, and ’80 will present gift checks to Dr. Dawson on Alumni Day.
   Colleges in the South.” “Average alumni giving rate” is one of the criteria used to
                                                                                            All first-time donors will be recognized in the Commentary.
   determine rankings. I have read arguments for the case that a high participation
   rate can boost a school’s ranking. A high U.S.News ranking can mean dollars for
                                                                                         With that I will close my list of impressions. You see how very impressed I am
   a school in terms of increased enrollment. In 2003-2004, Coker’s Alumni giving
                                                                                         with your Alma Mater. It has been a landmark in my life. It has been a source of
   rate fell to a ten-year low of 17%. We are moving in the wrong direction. A
                                                                                         inspiration and culture and education. It has produced the role models who have
   second example is the $500,000 grant from the prestigious Kresge Foundation
                                                                                         influenced me the most. Under the guidance of Dr. Dawson, it is well positioned to
   for which Coker has applied. The Kresge Foundation also uses the alumni giving
                                                                                         carry on the tradition of customer satisfaction as evidenced by your support. I am
   percentage as a key factor in the grant-making process. Foundations see alumni
                                                                                         impressed. I am sure you are too.
                                                                                    Class News
                              Alumni Issue Fall 2004 Vol. 32 No. 3

                                                                                                                                ...Gathered & written by Class Representatives

’24         Anabel Hill Summers celebrated
            her 100th birthday February 28. She
lives at The Methodist Oaks in Orangeburg and
                                                           Allie Stricklin Johnson says she has just
                                                       spent a long weekend in Richmond with friends.
                                                       Richmond is where she and Cliff lived for four
                                                                                                              good shape with friends and family whom they
                                                                                                                  Virginia Williams Anderson is in good shape
                                                                                                                                                                        Florence McDaniel Rhodes adores her
                                                                                                                                                                    grandchildren as I love nieces, great nieces and
                                                                                                                                                                    nephews. She had an accident falling on steps at
is well known for her community volunteerism.          years. She says both of her sons earned PhD’s.         again. Her son lives with her and, during the         her daughter’s and took a while getting over it.
                                                       Clifford’s is in English Literature from the           time that she was recuperating from pneumonia,        She manages pretty well.
Her sons had a birthday party for her.
                                                       University of Virginia and after teaching at the       was a great help. She is able to do things on her         Eloise Hayes Smith wrote me a lovely letter
                                                       University of Pittsburgh and in Germany, he            own now.                                              telling about her life. She is living in an old

                                                       joined the American Express Financial Advisor              Janie Brooke is still doing something with        house and has plenty of company. She is fine and
           Florence Houck Steele                       Program. She has two granddaughters. Virginia          Music when she can. She is fortunate to have a        very busy.
           Post Office Box 69                           has two children and works in The Planning             good friend who helps her with many things.               Patsy Prince Shuler is a friend of mine from
Davis Station SC 29041                                 Department of the City of Annapolis. Her               Janie is not able to do much in the house.            Charleston. Patsy lives in a Home at Clemson.
803.478.8783                                           other granddaughter, Ellen, is married to a                Willah Mae Kirby Bell said “I am doing            She reads and listens to tapes. She is on a walker.
                                                       man from Scotland and they live in Alexandria.         pretty well.” She has good friends who like to        She needs the walker for everything. She likes
Class of ’38,                                          Ellen works in Washington with a publisher as          help.                                                 where she is living.
    I’m sorry I missed the deadline in January so I    a graphics artist. Samuel, her son, has a PhD in           Martha Gunter Caldwell writes me letters              Julia Youmans came to Coker at the History
will try extra hard to get some news for our next      Mathematics from Duke University and teaches           and often helps when she gets my letter. She is       Sisson invitation. She loves all of you. She is fine.
Coker College Class News. If any of you would          at Eureka College in Illinois or travels. He           able to get everything done and is still driving.         I love calling you. I have a new phone in
like to serve as our reporter, I would like for you    speaks, in addition to English and sign language,          Nona Crane Cothran has diabetes and               my room. Everyone is happy. I have Post Polio
to let me know.                                        German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and        because of this is confined to a wheelchair. Since     Syndrome because I had polio after I graduated
    Nancy Bridges Fussell reports that she and         Spanish. Allie sent special love and concern for       her husband is living and she has good help,          from Coker. The muscles in my legs, arms and
husband, Aubrey, have decided to limit their           her fellow classmates.                                 she is able to go to church and other activities      hands are badly affected. I hope to get therapy
traveling and have the children come to see                Hilda Rowe Rutherford continues to live in         occasionally. She reads a lot. She depends on         on my legs and see if I can stand again. I enjoy
them. She has one granddaughter who has just           the home she and her husband built. She has            help as she cannot stand alone. She had a few         hearing from you. You will get a letter from me
graduated from Boston University. One grandson         macular degeneration in one eye but is seeing          problems but she is doing better again.               in July. Our news in the Coker News only comes
has been in Ukraine in The Peace Corps and             a specialist in Jacksonville and thinks she is             Mary Page Killian is in a retirement home         out twice a year. I shall call you and write you
is returning soon. Her oldest granddaughter            seeing better. She has a daughter, Alice Rowe          in Rock Hill which she loves. However, she is         every three months. I appreciate your notes and
is a Meteorologist in Juneau, Alaska. She              Amundson, who lives in Montana. Nancy                  still taking partial care of the home she left. It    calls. God bless you.
received a gold award for saving a person at           Bridges Fussell had told me she had read an            causes her many anxious moments. She can do               Laura Schafer McInnes
Lake Washington. Her family consists of two            article in the paper about her and that she had        everything.
daughters, two sons and seven grandchildren.           chatted with her on the phone. I’ll report on              Martha Coker Huntley has two sons that            CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 8

    Mary Jones Folger says she has slowed down         her accomplishments next time. Her second              live with her. She has complete care. She can                 Sarah Orr Scarborough
considerably (as we all have) but still enjoys life.   daughter lives at St. Simons Island and her son        go places on occasion with someone. She had a                 904.246.1850
Her daughter, Eileen, lives in Columbia. She is        lives in Atlanta.                                      stroke five years ago.
retired from the State Department of Education             I enjoyed a nice long chat with Alma Reames            Helen Montague James is able to do many               The class of ’40 entered Coker College in the
and visits her mother often.                           Walker. She has had some health problems and           things. During the summer she went to Edisto          Fall of 1936 with an enrollment of 50 Freshmen.
    I do get to see Edith Todd Ford occasionally.      has been declared legally blind, but she is feeling    Beach. She is a friend of Octavia “Ta” Moses          On May 27, 1940, thirty nine of us, in cap and
She is still active and enjoys living at the           better now and is able to attend her church and        Mahon. She is pleasant to talk to as all of you       gown, marched to the Center Theater for our
Methodist Manor in Florence. Her son,                  help with some of the activities. She has two          are.                                                  graduation ceremony. For 66 years, we have been
Tom, wife Cherry and their two daughters               sons who live close by her and pay her a lot of            Edna Johnson Kirkegard is a special friend        more like real sisters rather than alumnae sisters.
were visiting her when I called. One of their          attention.                                             to me. She can do anything she wants. She has         There is great sadness for each of us when we
daughters, Suzanne, will enter college this fall.          Hope Tallevast Godefroy is fine and active,         been good about sending me interesting postage        lose even one of them.
The other, Elizabeth, is in the 11th grade. Edith’s    as always. S he reports that her daughter has          stamps. She does not write letters but likes to use       In Memoriam—Mae Louise Culler Viola
daughter, Betty, lives in Woodstock VA where           purchased a home across the street from her.           the telephone.                                        lost the battle with Leukemia in February this
her husband is Director of the County Social           Hope says that is wonderful.                               Janet Langston Jones has been a real good         year. We think of Mae Louise every time we see
Services Department. They have two daughters               I’ve made many calls, but have been unable         friend for many years. She is very busy with          a picture of the bell tower. She woke us at 7:
14 & 15.                                               to get in touch with all of you. If I haven’t          prayer meetings and going to see the sick as all      00 a.m., sent us to meals, let us know when we
    Eunice Ford Rogers reports that she wishes         mentioned you, please sit down and write me            of you have been. She writes me nice letters on       were going to be late for class, let our dates know
she had some interesting news but says her life        about yourself, your family or anything else. I        her computer. She sent me a very clever birthday      when it was time to leave campus, and kept the
style is slow. But please don’t believe that. She      would certainly appreciate that.                       card that I have saved. I call her on the phone,      whole College on time. It hurts terribly to know
has just returned from visiting her niece. While           My own news—I went to Savannah last week           but she does not call anyone. Her family calls her    she is no longer with us. Our thoughts and
there, she spent a few days in Washington and          to welcome my grandson, John, back from 60             all the time. She spends much time in her yard.       prayers are with you, Karl.
enjoyed the World War II memorial also the             days in Kuwait. We hope he may not have to go              Octavia “Ta” Moses Mahon seems to be                  In Memoriam—Mary Helen Bennett Acker
National Cathedral. Now please write or call her       back.                                                  doing very fine. She has a daughter who lives in       died in April after a long illness. Mary Helen
and ask about her “canoe ride.” Barbara Kalber             I’m attending the International Convention         Summerville. I wish she’d come see her and come       made a significant difference in many lives
Frampton and husband Harry have moved                  of Delta Kappa Gamma in Minneapolis the last           see me. She came to see me years ago.                 during her life-time. The memorial to M.H. was
back to Hartsville after living 22 years at Fripp      week of July. I am still fairly active and drive           Evelyn Bagby Montgomery moved to a                a true celebration of her wonderfully caring life.
Island. Her daughter Carrie lives in Mt. Pleasant.     wherever I want to go.                                 Retirement Home in Raleigh. She has the same          Each member of her lovely family had a part in
Harry, her oldest child, lives in Vail CO. He’s a          If any of you will volunteer to be our reporter,   phone number. She likes this home fine. She is         the memorial with daughter, the Rev. Miriam
Developer and is President of ULI. He is married       please let me know.                                    the oldest member on our list. She gets along         Acker Beecher officiating. How we miss that
to Susan Rogers Frampton ’66. Bib lives in                 Florence Houck Steele                              fine.                                                  vibrant, happy sister!
California. They have seven grandchildren.                                                                        Finley Plunkett Lucas and her husband                 Nelle N. Fooshe always seemingly the same,
Barbara still bikes five miles a day, four times a      CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2                          moved to a Retirement Home in Florence. She

                                                                                                                                                                    is “still upright”, positive person that she is. She
week.                                                                                                         receives her mail there and can be received on
                                                                 Laura Schafer McInnes                                                                              is exemplary alum having been a most generous
    Wave Josey Parks lives in the Presbyterian                                                                that phone if she happens to be there. I don’t
                                                                 Presbyterian Home of SC                                                                            contributor to “O Coker Fair” during the years.
Home in Columbia and reports that she enjoys                                                                  have her address. It’s a Methodist Home.
                                                       210 W 9th North St, Unit 151                                                                                 Her one exception in deference to the aging
it and is doing fine. One daughter, Susan, lives                                                                   Anna Nettles Ray has not been driving a long
                                                       Summerville SC 29483-6701                                                                                    process is giving up driving in bits and pieces.
in Dallas; and Karen, her other daughter, lives                                                               time. Her family drives her wherever she’s going.     Nell is in contact with Caroline Chandler
near Columbia so she sees her often. She has five                                                              She is fine. She’ll visit her daughter for a month
                                                         I am glad to give a report on the class of                                                                 Caddell who, according to Nell, “is doing fairly
grandchildren.                                                                                                at a time.
                                                       1939. The friends whom I called seemed to be in                                                              well.”
   Margaret Davidson Baker and Bill are                    Class of ’41,                                        Church. Their son, Ray Jr., has retired as pastor   14 when my son Curt, drove me and my friend
enjoying the summer at their home in Bluffton.             I did not know of Eugenia McAlpine Lewis’s           but is hospice chaplain for four counties. He and   Joy to the concert of Marina Lomazon sponsored
Some of their family live and work in the               passing until I received the spring issue of the        his wife live in Newberry. Lynne was excited they   by the SC Federation of Music. Marina had
Bluffton/Hilton Head area now which makes for           Commentary. Nancy Mahady Winn did not                   have a “Ridgeway” great-grandson.                   recently became engaged to a handsome young
great get-togethers for Marnie and Bill. Jay and        know it either. Eugenia had called her after                In her letter she enclosed a write-up from      man who had graduated from Eastman, so we
granddaughter Marnie (daughter of Jennie Baker          Christmas.                                              the Greenville News about the death of Mary         were treated to a duo concert! Coker’s Frank
Smith ’69) are expecting their second little one           Recently I called Helen Williams Rentz,              Helen Bennett Acker. After she graduated she        Bush was a vital part of having the two Steinways
very soon. What a blessing for that little one—to       who was in our freshman class. She said that she        got her Masters degree and taught in Greenville     available and the Elizabeth Boatwright Coker
be born into that wonderful, loving family.             took a business course in Columbia and married.         schools for 40 years. She was very active in the    Performing Arts Center ready for the members
   Our Class President, Loree Harrington                They lived in NC and SC and moved to                    church and community. Lynne said she and            of the music federation. The next “Coker
Gandy has three grandsons. Two of them                  Bamberg 59 years ago. Her husband is deceased.          Ray had kept in touch with her over the years. I    Connection” for me, although too brief, was to
were recently married and Loree is excited to           They had one son. He and his family live in St.         remember what a vivacious girl she was at Coker.    meet Mildred Box Tanenbaum ’43 and Nat,
have two granddaughters in the family now.              Augustine, Florida where he is a teacher and                As I was getting my news ready to send to       at Brevard Music Center July 9th. This, too,
                                                                                                                Coker tonight, Nancy Mahady Winn called to          was a Marina Lomazon Concert playing with
                                                                                                                tell me she saw in the Sun News today that Edna     the Repertory Symphony Orchestra of summer
                                                                                                                Mae Galloway Fletcher passed away July 9th.         music students at Brevard. That Friday night was
                                                                                                                After finishing Coker, she went to University of     the first time I’d seen Mickey, probably in half
                                                                                                                NC and got her Masters in biology and taught        a century!
                                                                                                                school in Marlboro County for 30 years. She             Talking with some of you this summer, I
                                                                                                                and her husband retired and moved to Murrell’s      found out that Laura “Tootsie” Clowe Holley
                                                                                                                Inlet and later moved back to Hartsville to be      had a cruise to Alaska; Edith Hahn Anderson
                                                                                                                near family.                                        said that Christine “Tina” Hahn Ropp and
                                                                                                                    I’m able to travel again and flew to Chicago     husband had moved from Aiken to Columbia’s
                                                                                                                for my youngest granddaughter’s high school         Presbyterian Home; Caroline Tison O’Neal
                                                                                                                graduation Memorial Day weekend.                    in Beaufort was having Mary to visit in July;
                                                                                                                    “Shake the bushes” and send me some news.       Margaret Scott Smith fell in December and
                                                                                                                I’m sorry I have sad news this time.                broke her shoulder; Mary Brinkley LaFrage
                                                                                                                    Love, Norma                                     and family were doing well; Sarah Workman
                                                                                                                                                                    van Dalen was expecting her daughter and
                                                                                                                   PS. Our sympathy to Nancy Mahady Winn            grandchildren for a two week visit from Seattle;
                                                                                                                on the death of her husband, Sterling, at their     Nancy D. McLaurin was still making trips to
                                                                                                                home in Surfside beach on July 30.                  and from Columbia’s Presbyterian Home to
                                                                                                                                                                    Dillon to close up the family home; Kathryn
                                                                                                                CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 1                       “Gibb” Gibbons Blackmon plans to have our

                                                                                                                ’42     Class rep or co-reps needed                 Coker luncheon on October 2. We will meet
                                                                                                                                                                    at Gibb’s home anytime after 10 am, and then
                                                                                                                                                                    go the Spring Valley Country Club at noon
                                                                                                                                                                    for lunch. Let us know if you’d like to come.
                                                                                                                CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 4

                                                                                                                                                                    The college is planning our 60th class reunion
                                                                                                                            Selma Stogner LeHardy                   next April 9th. I talk occasionally to Rosamond
                                                                                                                            415 Lakeshore Drive                     “Bouka” Durban McDuffie ’43 in Aiken,
                                                                                                                Hartsville SC 29550                                 whose had terrible pain with both hands and
                                                                                                                843.332.7952 Martha Blackwell Windham               unfortunately surgery did not help. Jean said
                                                                                                                                                                    in July that Oliver was to get broken arm out
                                                                                                                CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

                                                                                                                                                                    of cast. Jean’s still bothered with asthma. Had
                                                                                                                        Class rep or co-rep needed                  a nice letter and phone visit with Mary Alden
                                                                                                                                                                    Haynsworth Carrison who had not heard of
Class of 1944 (left ot right): Grace Jackson Ingram, Jacqueline Everington Jacobs, Katherine Kalber Dunlap,                                                         Margaret “Burr” Des Champs Moore’s death
Ann Ludlam Winfield                                                                                              CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 5                       until receiving the January Commentary. Thanks

Congratulations, lucky lady. Remember the
lovely bouquets with which Loree decorated
                                                        coach. She still gets the Coker news.
                                                            I’ll include a little news from the class of ’42.
                                                                                                                ’45       Katherine Still Campbell
                                                                                                                          511 Gue Road Northwest
                                                                                                                Orangeburg SC 29115
                                                                                                                                                                    to many of you who contributed in June to
                                                                                                                                                                    increase our percentage from 14% to 38%! We
                                                                                                                                                                    really need all of us to keep in touch—which
                                                                                                                                                                    in turn helps Coker to qualify for many grants
the tables for our Sixtieth Anniversary dinner          Ella Earle Busbee Benson called me the last             803.534.6594
                                                                                                                                                                    that often are based on Alumni contributions.
at the Hart House? Our botanical and artistic           of June. One of Margaret Tenhet McBrier’s
                                                                                                                    Dear Classmates,                                Since some of us have had our 80th birthday,
authority on roses tells us that the severe weather     daughters called to tell her that Margaret had
                                                                                                                    The BIG news for our Class, as I write this     I will share how I celebrated mine! One of my
has kept her roses from flourishing this year. She       passed away at a Retirement Community in
                                                                                                                on July 15 is that Ann Holloway Murchison           neighbors planned an ice cream party for family
had hoped to share them with Hazel Stogner              Charlottesville Virginia. She and I have been
                                                                                                                was chosen for Coker’s Alumni Association           and friends. Before the party Curt’s wife, Tamra,
McKorell and Mary Verne Williamson Powell               friends since childhood. Our fathers had roomed
                                                                                                                Distinguished Service Award at Alumni day           had her father of Columbia to come down on his
who are both in Assisted Living at Morningside.         together in college for four years! I got in touch
                                                                                                                this past April 17. I picked up Kathryn “Gibb”      Harley-Davidson and take me for a ride on I-26
    Please know that all our sisters and their loved    with Jeannette Pate Copeland and Alberta
                                                                                                                Gibbons Blackmon that Saturday in Columbia          at 80 mph (for a short distance!) since it was my
ones are in our daily thoughts and prayers. How         Kneece Mobley. Alberta and I roomed together
                                                                                                                for our trip to Coker. We joined Ann, Clyde, son    80th birthday! I also got a T-shirt “Let’s Roll.”
we would love to hear from each of you again!           my sophomore year. She still lives in Aiken.
                                                                                                                George and daughter Margaret Ann Murchison          And with that event told “Let’s close” and let’s
    We love y’all good (ala Merky),                     Margaret and Jeannette roomed together for
                                                                                                                Fitz ’73, husband Tom and their daughters, as       hear from U!
    Sarah and Bill                                      two years. Jeannette and J. F. Copeland live in
                                                                                                                well as Buddy’s two daughters. Also there was           Most sincerely, Kat
                                                        Columbia now. Ella Earle and I are not able to
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3                           visit each other right now, but we do a lot of          Jean McCleskey Jay’s daughter, Mary Ann Jay

                                                                                                                                                                    CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

          Norma Mathis Pate                             visiting via the phone!                                 Wingard ’69. Ann gave a wonderful and heart-
                                                            Lynne McCuen Ridgeway sent me a letter              filled talk as to what Coker had meant to us in              Class rep or co-reps needed
          Barclay Estates
210 Whitehall Road                                      that she sends friends and family. She and Ray          shaping our lives and what a wonderful influence
North Augusta SC 29841                                  have not been able to do overseas missions trips        and example that Finley Plunkett Lucas ’39 had
                                                        recently, but hope to return to the Ukraine in          been for us. We had a delicious lunch in the        CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 5

803.279.9248 home & fax
                                                        2005. Their daughter, Phyllis and her husband           dining room where Ann’s family and friends sat              Class rep or co-reps needed
                                                        live in Anderson. She has 50 music students             at a beautifully decorated long table.
                                                        and is music director at Piedmont First Baptist             The next occasion for me at Coker was May
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

                                                                                                             And it was fabulous with all the old castles and     Barbara and Robert visited him while he lived
                                                                                                             churches and beautiful countryside!                  out west and went to many interesting places.
                                                                                                                Later we flew to Venice for 2 days, which was      David has a son who is interested in tennis and
                                                                                                             not nearly long enough.                              plays in matches. Son Bob has a daughter. They
                                                                                                                Some of the other Coker classes may               stay really busy going to tennis matches and
                                                                                                             remember my sisters, Elsie Lee Stackley ’49          being with the grand children. Daughter, Jean,
                                                                                                             and Helen Lee Chapman ’58. Helen and her             lives at Valle Crucis near Boone and is an artist.
                                                                                                             husband always have a 4th of July reunion at         She does painting using water colors. Barbara
                                                                                                             their home on Lake Marion which everyone             and Robert celebrated their 50th anniversary in
                                                                                                             enjoys immensely. Elsie and Helen are doing          December of 2002.
                                                                                                             well. They both have grandchildren which they            Herb Hanna ’51 and Dorothy “Dot” Garrell
                                                                                                             adore. Elsie has 2 and Helen 3.                      Hanna are both staying young with the help
                                                                                                                                                                  of the fitness center, where they workout on a
                                                                                                             CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 7                        regular basis. Their daughter, Beth, and husband

                                                                                                             ’51        Mary F. Graham Coker                      Alan recently transferred to Wilmington NC.
                                                                                                                        2689 Olanta Highway                       Alan works with the cooperative bank. They have
                                                                                                             Turbeville SC 29561                                  two granddaughters, Erin who is 14 and Ryan
                                                                                                             843 659-2812                                         who is 12. Herb enjoys doing woodworking.
                                                                                                                                   Rock ’51 and Jane Woodward Truett are doing
                                                                                                                                                                  all right. Rock has a pacemaker and he and Jane
                                                                                                             Betty Lee Jordan Gandy                               go a lot of places together. Rock can’t drive
                                                                                                             1201 Wistera Drive                                   anymore so it is all up to Jane to chauffeur them
                                                                                                             Florence SC 29501 843-662-2797                       around town. Jane visited her sister-in-law Joann
                                                                                                                                                                  Jones Woodward in Columbia recently. Joann
                                                                                                             CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 5                        has moved into an apartment in Columbia.

                                                                                                                                                                      Flora Collins Baker and husband Bill recently
                                                                                                                        Betty Lou McIntyre Barclay                went to help their son who is a NC Park Ranger
                                                                                                                        329 Lee Circle                            and family move from Hanging Rock State Park
                                                                                                             Dillon, SC 29536                                     in Danbury NC to Stone Mountain State Park
                                                                                                             843.774.6122                                         in Roaring Gap. They helped the family, which
                                                                                                                                      includes their five children, get settled in their
                                                                                                                                                                  new home.
                                                                                                                Florence McManus Rabb                                 Frances “Frankie” Nicholson Townsend
                                                                                                                                                                  has had to have two surgeries during the past
                                                                                                                 Jennie Smith McLeod has problems with her        year. Now she is much better and on the mend.
                                                                                                             back and other health concerns. She was in the       Her son, Jim, and wife have one son and live
                                                                                                             hospital in Columbia and has been transferred        in Louisville, KY. They have one child. They
                                                                                                             to the Presbyterian Home in Florence. We hope        recently enjoyed a vacation at the beach together.
                                                                                                             that she will soon be much better.                   Daughter Mary works in Richland Memorial in
Class of 1949 (left ot right): Bottom row: Naomi Phillips Ward, Joanne Moody Zobel, Wilma Carmichael             Elizabeth “Frog” Stevenson Meigs was asked       Columbia in ICU, and Ann lives in N. Augusta.
Crews, Virginia James Graves Second row: Ruth Phillips Grayson, Jean Shelley Andrews, Eunice Hayes Harper,   to send news to liven up the Coker notes, and        Ann is married to Mark Bowman.
Aldean Godwin Cassidy, Third row: Barbara Ballentine Stuckey, Lemerle Jackson Abbott, Louetta Coker          of course she came through. The following is             Mary Moore Parnell likes to read, visit and
Strickland, Elsie Robbins Carson                                                                             Frog’s update: Went to visit a friend who has        play bridge. She still lives in her home where
                                                                                                             moved into a retirement village. Was having a        she has lived for 52 years. Mary reports that
                                                        remember I cannot report any news if I do not        wonderful time till I realized I have NO social
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 10                          hear from you. So, hope to hear from all of you                                                           she is very active in her church, First Baptist, in

                                                                                                             skills that would make it possible to fit with such   Hartsville and is prayer circle chairperson. Betty
        Pat Hesse Hardison                              before the next column is due on January 15th.       a community. I can’t play pinocle or mah johng,
                                                        How about a Christmas card with all of your                                                               Reaves Herring ‘54’s son and wife are also in
        704.694.3094                                                                                         in fact I can’t spell either one of them. I can’t
                                                        news? This would give me time to meet the                                                                 her church and have become friends. Her sister,
                                                                                                             play bridge or skip-bo. I play Scrabble only with    Dorothy “Dot” Moore Jernigan ’51, lives in
Rosa Henderson Murray                                   deadline.                                            my immediate family. I flunked exercise class,
                                                           Lemerle                                                                                                Columbia and Mary has helped her since she
                                                                                                             which my hostess insisted I visit. The last time I   has some health problems. Mary enjoys keeping
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2                                                                                felt that inadequate was playing field hockey at

                                                        CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 7                                                                             her grandchildren. She has three children,

        Genevieve Chandler Peterkin                                                                          Coker…when the opposing teams came at me I           Eddie, and avid golfer who lives in Mt. Pleasant.
        Post Office Box 2059                                     Connie Lee Freeman                           politely stepped out of their way. They scored.      He works with RJ Reynolds as southeastern
                                                                Rep or co-rep needed                         Our goalie, Carol Davis, came after me with a        manager. He and his wife have three daughters.
Lemerle Jackson Abbott                                                                                       hockey stick.                                        Mary’s daughter, Beth, lives in the Charleston
306 Seminole Trail                                          The last edition of the Coker Commentary             No very exciting news, except it’s summer        National Country Club development. Son,
Jacksonville, NC 28540                                  was the first time ever that I had sent in any        and summer is when we remember why on earth          Eddie, also lives in the same area. Beth is a Math
                                                        news- but here I go again.                           we ever stayed in Connecticut.                       teacher at Charleston Southern University in
   Dear Classmates,                                         I wanted to share with you the wonderful             I broke a leg in November, so have not           Charleston. She and her husband have two
                                                        trip my daughter, her friend and I took in May;      been to NYC since. Did find that a can and an         boys. Her husband is a Corian Dealer and
    Well, I haven’t heard from any of you since         primarily to visit my granddaughter Tonya at         awesome leg brace gets you lots of attention in      deals in specialty types of tiles. Daughter,
our reunion. Just hope all of you that attended         Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. She made         an airport. White hair doesn’t hurt.                 Shannon, lives at Surfside Beach and works with
had as good a time as Harold and I did.                 all the arrangements and accompanied us.                 Hi to Flossie…some day I’ll be able to think     Minnie’s Interiors at Myrtle Beach as an interior
    It was good to see all of you. For those of you         Near Ramstein we stayed at a delightful Bed      of her as Mary.                                      decorator. She has her masters in Media arts. Her
who did not come, you missed a good time. On            and Breakfast surrounded by beautiful gardens.           Barbara Spears Baird and husband Robert          husband works for AVX.
Friday night seventeen of us went to Mr. B’s for            While there we visited Duchau, Munich            live in Raleigh, NC, and we are happy to                 Don and I stay busy. He works for the
a seafood dinner and lots of conversation and           and Garmish. Probably most of you know how           have news from our May Queen and Student             Dillon County Historical Society and is assisting
catching up on the news. We had several with us         beautiful Garmish is, surrounded by rugged           Council President. They moved to Raleigh from        with developing a caboose and an old country
who had not attended a reunion recently.                snow capped mountains. The shops and houses          Bennettsville in 1967 and she taught in Raleigh      store/post office as part of the museum system
    On Saturday we followed the usual schedule          were very charming, with flowers and trees            from 1971 until 1995. Robert was chaplain at         in Latta. So if you are looking for a place to
with class meetings, lunch and the business             blooming everywhere.                                 St. Mary’s College. They have two sons and one       tour, just come to Dillon County. We already
meeting of the association.                                 Leaving Garmish we only rode through the         daughter. The sons live near Barbara and Bob.        have a Dillon County Museum, J. W. Dillon
    I am sure there are other articles about the        edges of Austria and Switzerland because we had      Their sons are David and Bob. David lived in         House Museum, and the restored Court House.
reunions so will not repeat them here. Just             to get back to Ramstein for a Rhine River tour.      Phoenix before moving to Raleigh in 1998, and        All are interesting. I stay busy as a member of
the Parents and Guardians Association for the         Weiner, 160 Hallman Wagon Road, Leesville SC          hope Louisa “Lou” Porter Presler, originally         of us to send some news for our class of 1952.
Marion Dillon County Board of Disabilities.           29070, telephone 803-892-5220.                        from Rockingham, NC, will get her letter to          Our space in the class news section was empty
Chris, our youngest daughter, goes to the Board           I talked to Margaret Harris Engelhart’s son       me in time to have it in this issue. Maybe we’ll     for too many years. We should do better from
Workshop and now works almost every day at            a while back and learned that she died two or         do better the next time. I realize how hard it is    now on to keep in touch.
a yarn plant in Dillon. She keeps life interesting    three years ago. I was very sorry to hear about       to find the time to make contact with our old             I bring you warm greetings from Christiane
with her hobbies and interests in bird watching,      her death. Her son told me that his mother had        friends so I appreciate all of you who have done     “Chris” Blanchon Burnet, our French friend
cooking and going to see her favorite performer,      taught at a college in Macon, Georgia. My call        this on your own for the Commentary.                 who joined our class our junior year on her
Rick Alviti, who does Elvis. We go to the Latta       was cut short for some reason and I tried to reach        Reminiscing:                                     fellowship year from Paris. She said to tell you
Presbyterian Church. The Presbytery of New            him again a couple of times but only got his              1. Remember our very first day at Coker in        “Hello and thanks for the fun times she had
Harmony is working on developing homes for            answering machine. I hope all of this information     1948 when those “older” girls were running           with us.” Her married name is Burnet. She and I
persons with disabilities in the area. I am on the    is correct, as I am writing from memory and I         around in those cute little pinafores helping us     have kept in touch through the years and she has
board which is the Presbyterian Agency for the        expect that you all know how that is!!                get settled in our new “home”?                       many fond memories of her time at Coker. Chris
Developmentally Disables. Our oldest daughter,            A few of us from our church went to a retreat         2. Room #7 in Memorial Dorm was home             is now in an assisted living home due to multiple
Shelley, lives in NYC and is a designer for the       at Spring Maid close to Myrtle Beach. I was           that first year for Joyce, B.W. and me…we had         sclerosis.
Guiding Light. She has two PGGV dogs, Annie           delighted to see Vera Wyndham Helmly there.           many illegal late nights there with a roomful of         During recent years I have enjoyed contact
and Flora Kate. Flora Kate runs in agility trials     I was even proud of myself because I recognized       strange-looking students in their P.J.’s and their   through visits with Flossie, Jennie, Frankie, and
and is doing well winning ribbons. We only have       her as she looked a great deal younger than I did.    hair rolled up in socks, curlers, toilet paper and   Betty Lou. Our 50th reunion at Coker was fun,
grand dogs which are a joy.                           We both had been going for several years, but         other odd things. It was a time to visit, study      but we missed those of you who were absent. A
    We are saddend to hear that our friend, Betty     had not seen each other or maybe, just did not        for a test, or to eat any snacks that they could     few years ago Flossie and I went on a Coker tour
Epting Owen passed away. Her husband Robert,          recognize each other.                                 “scronge” up…in the mean time the noise in the       to Sea Island, GA where Betty Wray Macdonald
on son and two daughters and grandchildren are            I have always felt that Lila Fannie White         room was getting louder and louder and we were       Jones and Miriam “Tiggie” Hooks Benefield
the family that Betty leaves behind. I am sure        Watson was a special friend. She did not care         the ones who would be the most responsible           hosted a party for the whole tour group—that
that we all remember Betty as a sweet classmate.      if your family was rich or if you were extra          since it was our room…we were running                was quite a treat to long remember.
She was truly a beautiful woman who was               smart or real pretty, she was your friend and         around trying to keep everyone quite..shh, shh,          My life stays busy involved with a retired
dignified and mild mannered. Her service was           when you read about Fannie’s after Coker life,        shh…just adding to the noise as no one paid a        husband and four children with their families.
held at St. John’s Methodist Church where she         you will realize it could not have been more          bit of attention to us…Joyce moved out at the        We have enjoyed being grandparents to eight
was a choir member for 50 years. This prayer          spectacular and you are not surprised. Fannie         end of the first semester..she could not stand it     grandchildren. There are still babies. Our
from the book of Good Things Come In Small            and her husband, Tom, will have their forty-fifth      any longer.                                          daughter, Martha C. Norberg, who lives in
Packages for Friends is fitting to offer in memory     wedding anniversary in November and they                  3. Remember Frog’s linoleum “carpet” that        Wake Forest, NC is home schooling her two
of Betty. ”Lord, in those regrettably short seasons   have three children. Tom, Jr., who is married         she painted black and we traced our barefoot         girls while taking care of her baby boy. All three
of fellowship, thank you for thoughtful friends       and has three children. Mark is also married,         steps all over it and finished it very nicely by      of our sons live in the Boone, NC area and each
who care enough to leave us with a thousand           but has no children, and Lila is employed by          painting the footsteps red! I think that she         owns his own unique business. Boone is in the
golden memories.”                                     Blue-Cross/Blue-Shield and has married fairly         carried it with her when she transferred to Wake     mountains called “The High Country”, north
    Crickett Blackburn Rogers reports that            recently. Fannie, herself, retired from the SC        Forest.                                              of Blowing Rock. Our youngest son, Judson,
she has nothing to report. BUT she does have          Department of Social Services after serving for           4. Required functions…I know you                 owns a fishing guide business called Elk Creek
beautiful and bright grandchildren who keep           forty years of working as a case worker, Human        remember them…especially the formal ones             Outfitters. That is on the web in case you want
her busy. She does report that she hasn’t been        Services Supervisor and as Lee County Director.       like when the Wofford Men’s Choir performed.         a fishing guide service in the mountains. Our
abroad or written a book. BUT we all know that        She also has recently resigned from the State         We had assigned seats in the auditorium and          middle son, Walton, owns a Russian import
the life in a small town in South Carolina can be     Agency of Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory          someone was appointed to check the roll by           business and gallery known as The Golden
interesting and rewarding.                            Board. She has been given awards for “Lifetime        seats that were empty. I was reported one time       Cockerel which sells gifts and collectables all
    Speaking of interesting and rewarding several     of Services”. She has recently joined the D.A.R.      for being absent and was called to come to Dr.       handmade in Russia. It is on the web as The
of us are having a mini reunion on July 14 in         which is quite a remarkable accomplishment. She       Agnew’s office. I think that I was framed!            Golden—so try it out when you
Lumberton. We do this every now and then, so          has taken sessions of water color and oil painting.       5. Do you remember visiting on Dunbar            want an unusual gift. Walton’s business started
if you are interested in joining let Betty Lou or     However, Fannie admits her grandchildren              when we had a little bit of free time? Not much      when he was teaching English in Russia in
Flossie know.                                         are her number one interest now and probably          to do but to watch the smokers “puff-away” and       the 90’s. Our oldest son, Eustace, runs Turtle
    Hopefully all of you will start keeping notes     forever! To top it all, she will have been a cancer   bridge players getting a few hands in, some were     Island Preserve which is an environmental
for the next issue. Keep in mind that often the       survivor for five years this September. Thank          shagging while Peggy Jo played the piano, the        school center and camp for students, campers,
little stuff is some of the best stuff. ‘Till then    God.                                                  dancing did not exactly go with the music, but at    and families. It also is on the web as TurtleIsla
    Betty Lou and Flossie                                 Vera Wyndham Helmly writes, “what a               least it was good music.                    It has been featured in many
                                                      surprise you and I both got when we met face-             6. After the study period each night, we         magazines and newspaper articles. This year a
    News from the Class of 1952 has been sort of      to-face at the Methodist Older Adult Conference       headed for the Dunbar which most of the              book about Eustace was published by Viking. It
slow getting to us…but I guess a little is better     at Springmaid last February. Some sad news,           time was sort of quiet, almost boring, but this      is a biography written by Elizabeth Gilbert about
than none. I did receive a very informative letter    Betty Jane White Daniels’s husband, Covert,           one night a rat appeared (probably just a wee        Eustace’s unusual life and adventures. The name
from Leatrice “Lea” Margolin Weiner. She and          passed away last year. You remember they lived        mouse) that was really more scared of us that        of the book is The Last American Man and it is
her husband, David, have been married over a          in Manning. Betty Jane was with us during our         we were of it. We chased it with a broom and         available in hardback and paperback.
half century…wow!! They live in Leesville but         Freshman year. Saw Jennie Herlong Boatwright          a drink bottle crate. Most of the students were          After my husband spent eight years teaching
travel a good bit. They have three children:          ’53 and her husband, Phil, at a telephone             standing on tables, chairs, sofas and even the       at the University of South Carolina we moved
Debra who is a nurse with a BS degree, Lucy           convention in Hilton Head last spring. Jenny          piano screaming and yelling to get him, get him,     to Gastonia thirty-five years ago and we are still
Gay is a MD and Allan is a scientist with three       was a year behind our class. They looked great,       look out, eeeeekkkk! We almost scared that cute      here.
PhD’s, we know you are very proud of them.            as usual. My oldest granddaughter’s husband just      little mouse to death. We were not sure what             I look forward to reading news from many
They have five grandchildren and one great             got back from a year in Iraq, so all the family got   happened to it, but we think it jumped off of the    of you in our Coker Commentary. So keep the
grandchild. Lea says that she will always be the      together to welcome him home Memorial Day             second floor porch, after it ran through Karen’s      news flowing to Betty Lou and Flossie.
product of Coker even though she is always            weekend. It was so nice to have all the children      feet, as it never came back again.                       Karen Johnson Conway
going to some sort of school. For the last four       and grandchildren together, along with various            This is the end of the “Reminiscing” this
years, she has taken courses at the University of     boyfriends and girlfriends. Bobby is still working,   time, if you can think of some good tales from       CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 6

Creative Writing. She has a MS and has taught         and both of us take an active part in church and      the good ole days, please, let Betty Lou or me                   Pat Chapman Huff
Math from the eighth grade through college            community affairs. We stay busy and happy.”           know, you will get a special by-line                             507 Wilmar Avenue
level, which is quite amazing. Lea has also been          Karen Johnson Conway hopes to have a                  Mrs. Don Barclay, 328 Lee Circle, Dillon SC      Hartsville SC 29550
listed in the Who’s Who of American Women.            letter to go with the others that have already        29536 and Mrs. Mary Rabb, 115 Woodlawn               843.332.3755
Lea had been active in her community and in           come in. I will wait until Friday to mail this        Ave, Union SC 29379.                       
politics until her husband retired. At the age of     to you. She plans to send us some information             Thanks. Flossie
73, she does whatever she wishes, whenever she        about Christiane Blanchon Burnet, who was
feels like it! She says that she mostly brags about   an exchange student from France. I wrote                 Dear Classmates,
her grandchildren and travels the world. What         and called Willie Hughes Van Patten from                 Let us give a “high five” to our volunteers,
a great life, Lea! Her address is: Lea Margolin       Bishopville, but did not get to talk to her. I also   Flossie and Betty Lou, who have motivated some
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

Mitzi DuPre Matthews                                 to arrive that very night at the college to see      Several Coker girls were there. We saw Peggy          CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 6

6493 Bridgewood Road                                 “Oklahoma” and to spot Anne Merck McDowell           Cantey Gardner ’56, Lois Hatfield Anderson                       Lois Hatfield Anderson
Columbia SC 29801                                    and Mickey in the audience. Of course we made        ’54 and Electa ’85, and Sara Pauline Jackson                    210 Saddlebrook Lane
803.787.4157                                         arrangements to sit together. The performance        McRae ’55. I was disappointed to learn later that     Hopkins SC 29061                                  was outstanding. Girls, a long way from our          Faith Fennegan Allen ’55 was there and I had          803.776.0926
                                                     “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “The Little Dog           missed seeing her.                          
Dear Class of ‘53,                                   Laughed”.                                                Joan Carter McKissick promises that one
    Please tell me where the first half of 2004 has       Beth DuBose Cottingham has been                  of these days she is going to join us. We have        Betty Reaves Herring
gone. The older I get, the faster time flies.         wonderful with keeping in touch. We always           exchanged several notes and I cannot believe          5091 Sail Club Drive
    Taking place right after Mitzi DuPre             include her in our activities and she always         that one person can do all that she does. Plus        Hartsville SC 29550
Matthews’ last newsletter was Leadership Coker       responds. She has experienced some health            her husband John is still coaching football in        843.335.8916
at the college. Mitzi and I attended. It’s always    problems so please keep her in your prayers. She     Summerville, and she is right there supporting
great to go back to Coker, to see old faces and      sent a newspaper article which featured Jo Anne      him and the teams.
meet new faces, to see fellow alumni serving the     Boyd Sires and her recent publication, a cook            Mitzi DuPre Matthews and Budd have kept               Dear 54’er,
Alumni Association in various capacities, and to     book entitled “Sunday Dinner at Granny’s”.           their friends posted on their grandson Jayson             Contents of this newsletter are coming from
hear updates on the college from Dr. Dawson          All proceeds were going to the American              Gilligan who is in Iraq. Please pray for his safety   five different directions: Martha Little Hunter
and others in leadership.                            Cancer’s Relay for Life event in Kingstree.          and that of all our military. I marvel at the faith   has sent some great comments; Betty Reaves
    Carl and I were very honored to be dinner        Congratulations, Jo Anne. We are proud of you.       that Mitzi and her family have shown. Mitzi and       Herring has shared a lengthy e-mail from Sarah
guests in the Dawsons’ home in February, where           I attended Alumni Day in April when              Fran Worley Bond are good about keeping up            Kolb Bivins and one from Chris Bates Mink;
we were entertained by members of the Coker          Trish Lunn ‘87 our former Alumni Director,           with each other by e-mailing.                         Ellen Bramlett Clarke sends a reminder about
Singers, any one of which was talented enough        received the Distinguished Alumni award. We              Daphen Yarborough Edge called this week           reunion booklets; and I have the privilege of
to be on Broadway. In fact, they have recently       all congratulate her on this honor which she so      to tell me of the death of Betty Wallace Hasty’s      putting in my two cents worth!
performed in Carnegie Hall. How special Carl         richly deserved.                                     mother. She lived to be 97. It is still so difficult       Martha’s letter follows: Reid and I just
and I felt when the group dedicated one of their         In May, a group of us, including husbands        to believe that Betty is gone.                        got home from London. We took our son,
songs to us in honor of our recent 50th wedding      spent the day with Betty Carol Mobley Bynum              I have just returned from a week at Jean Fore     Edward and his daughter Willis, 15, and our
anniversary.                                         and Bundy in Winnsboro. After lunch at The           and Mac McDaniel’s beachhouse at Pawleys              daughter Katy and her daughter Sarah, 16.
    Charlie Chewning and I spent an evening at       Tavern downtown and celebrating Anne Merck           Island. Enjoying this time also were Charlie          We had the most wonderful time! We stayed
the college in March making phone calls. We          McDowell’s birthday, we visited in the Bynums’       Chewning, Betty Jean Lee Hunsinger, Mitzi             at the Ritz hotel, and one of the highlights for
concentrated mainly on calling those who lived       lovely home. What a delightful day.                  DuPre Matthews, Susie Gaines Hautala, Anne            our granddaughters was seeing and shaking
close enough to attend the April 2 luncheon that         This was the year for most of us to celebrate    Merck McDowell, and our hostess Jean. What            hands with Bill Clinton, who was also staying
our class voted to have during the years when        our 55th high school reunion. Girls, we are          a wonderful time we all had. Were your ears           at the Ritz. We did many of the usual tourist
there is no reunion.                                 really getting on up there in age. In talking with   burning the week of June 13th because probably        things - Tower of London, the crown jewels,
    Charlie talked with Jennie Herlong               Margaret Hewitt Hoffmeyer, I learned that            while reminiscing about our Coker days we             Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Churchill’s
Boatwright, Jean Stevens Edwards, Jo Anne            Everette Gause Stauffer and Peggy Warren             spoke of everyone in the class of ‘53. Our            bunker, Madame Tussaud’s, etc. Everyone but
Boyd Sires, Sara Huggins Fowler, Toula Latto,        Smith had come to Florence for theirs. Carl had      professors too, but sadly none of them are living.    me did a Beatles’ walking tour and a Jack-the-
and Wyatt Matthews Moore.                            seen Felicia Brown McElveen and Red at a high            On Tuesday of that week we had lunch at           Ripper walking tour on Sunday. I walked to
    I had a nice chat with Dave Rogers who told      school reunion for the class of ‘47 in Hartsville.   the Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach, where        Westminster Abbey and worshipped there. It was
me all about the loss of his wife Betty and then     Carl and I each went our separate ways that          we were joined by Karen Dawson (Coker’s first          an amazing experience, tremendously enhanced
later his marriage to Carolyn. Both were nurses      particular night. He had his here and I had mine     lady), Daphen Yarborough Edge, and Pam                by “Deeda’s” Civ courses!
and good friends.                                    in Cheraw.                                           Huggins Chapman ‘50 and Henry. It was                     Our 50th reunion was truly wonderful.
    It was good to talk with Jane Biggers Brown          A number of us had children graduating from      Pam and Henry’s 54th wedding anniversary.             Shirley Dobbins Middleton and I met at the
who said she spends much of her time keeping         high school or college this year. Anne Merck         Remember how we little freshmen idolized those        motel Friday afternoon, then rode over together
her grandchildren.                                   McDowell and I have granddaughters who               dignified seniors?                                     to Coker. Shirley and I talk often on the ‘phone,
    Beth Farrior Floyd had eye surgery and at the    will be college freshmen together. Betty Jean            Miss Helen Mills would have been impressed        but don’t get to see each other much, so it was
time we talked she still was not driving.            Lee Hunsinger while visiting and attending a         with Jean Fore McDaniel’s culinary skills.            great to be together. Walking into the drawing
    Teresa Cameron Glasco had undergone              grandson’s college graduation in San Antonio,        She demonstrated the art of making our own            room and seeing dear, familiar faces was so
quadruple by-pass surgery and was doing well.        Texas, called Lexie Margaret Stokes Collie.          mayonaise and preparing artichokes.                   special. Joan and I locked eyes across the room,
She was moving from Charlotte back to her            Listen up, everyone. Lexie and Lamar now have            Our last night there we had a giant birthday      and it was almost as though we had just seen
hometown, Sanford, NC, where she has good            22 grandchildren.                                    party celebrating all of our birthdays, complete      each other the day before. She is as beautiful
friends.                                                 A fellow church member while visiting            with balloons, party hats, horns, and a cake with     as ever, inside and out. Everyone looked great
    I enjoyed talking with Betty Tally Earon and     Kathwood in Columbia overheard a resident            candles (70+).                                        - Joyce Barton Toole, “Frank”, Chris, Pug,
hearing about her family. She and Teresa have        singing the praises of Coker College. It was             We are officially (and she knows nothing           Betty, Beth, Ellen, Sarah, Becky, Mary Ellen,
remained close during the years since Coker.         Louise Bristow Kinsey. Louise had fallen             of this) naming Karen Dawson an honorary              Beth DuBose, Miriam, Jo, Frances, and Lois.
    The luncheon at Mr. B.’s near Hartsville         and was there to recuperate. Her address is          member of the class of ‘53. She has joined us on      Dr. Dawson, our new president, and his wife
was a real success. Besides our honored guests                                                                                                                  were there for dinner, and he spoke about Coker.
                                                     Kathwood, 4520 Trenholm Road, Columbia,              several occasions, and we just enjoy her.
Dr. and Mrs. Dawson, Chris Dax, and Lyn                                                                                                                         He is extremely impressive, and Coker’s future
                                                     SC, 29206.                                               Now, I must indulge with one little personal
Blackmon from the college there were, Sarah                                                                                                                     seems solid and bright. I think all of us were a bit
                                                         Charlie Chewning is so faithful about            item. Carl and I became great-grandparents
Sampson Bell and James, Beverly Denny                                                                                                                           frustrated with our lack of quality time together.
                                                     calling classmates on weekends. Among those          May 3. Sean Braden McCurry was born to our
                                                                                                                                                                We had a fairly short time together Saturday
Dority and Richard ’55, Betty Carol Mobley           she has talked with recently are Callie McCuen       granddaughter, Emilea, and her husband Brent
                                                                                                                                                                morning, then attended the alumni gathering in
Bynum and Bundy, Anne Merck McDowell                 Simpson, Barbara Lowery Mims, Tommie                 in Greenwood. I was sitting at the bridge table       the auditorium, then lunch in the dining hall,
and Mickey, Truey Tarbox Thieker and Forrest,        Long McClain, Jo Hall Williams, Meta King            when the call came. Needless to say, the bridge       then many of us had to leave. I had lunch with
Betty Jean Lee Hunsinger, Betty Lou “Boo”            Foster, Joyce Bell, and Beverly Denny Dority.        game broke up and we headed for Greenwood.            Frank Bush here at Sea Island in May, and we
Brown Stewart, Charlie Chewning, Callie              Richard ’55 has improved greatly with a few              June 30 was the deadline for giving to            talked about how it could be better. So, next
McCuen Simpson, Mitzi DuPre Matthews                 minor setbacks. He often fills the pulpit in          our endowed scholarship and to the alumni             time (if there is a next time!), perhaps we’ll have
and Budd, Lila Fannie White Watson ’52,              Charleston churches.                                 scholarship fund. Our total was $5,000 with           a cozier meeting place, and more time to share
and Carl ’52 and me. The group approved the              Marcell Ludlam Austin is now living in           only 20 members contributing. May I encourage         photos and talk, talk, talk.
guidelines for our endowed scholarship which         Orlando, Florida. Her address is P. O. Box           you to give to Coker gifts to honor and gifts in          I’m so proud of Coker, and can’t wait to take
Chris Dax and I had formulated. Dr. Dawson           540626, Orlando, Florida, 32854-0626. I know         memory of loved ones.                                 Sarah and Willis to see it. What a thrill it would
brought greetings from the college and told          she would appreciate hearing from some of you.           Enjoy the remainder of 2004. It will be gone      be to have a granddaughter (or two) there! Much
of ongoing projects. Lyn Blackmon, our new               Betty Jean Lee Hunsinger and I attended          before we know it. Keep Mitzi and me informed         love to all of you who couldn’t be with us. You
Alumni Director, spoke on behalf of the Alumni       Bert Herring’s funeral during this year. Bert        of events taking place in your lives.                 missed a grand time, and we missed you. Please
Association.                                         was Betty Reaves Herring’s ’54 husband, and              I love each of you,                               be in touch. My email is
    How pleasantly surprised Carl and I were         we extend our sympathy to her and her family.            Pat Chapman Huff                                      Love to all, Martha Little Hunter
   News from Chris: The biggest news I have             year, August 13, 2005, she and Lee will celebrate       are in that category, please let some of us know.        Electa and I are still enjoying being under
to share is our cruise to celebrate our 50th            their 50th wedding anniversary at cleft Rock            We discussed at the reunion how much more            the same roof. She is truly my right arm and
anniversary. With our children spread out from          Retreat where they live in Kentucky and would           precious the early friendships have become and       my leaning post. We’ve been at the beach a fair
Summerville to Atlanta to Nashville, planning           like for all of you to come celebrate with them.        how we really want to keep in touch.                 amount this spring, trying to catch up on never-
a party didn’t seem practical, so we decided            This is their mailing address: Lee and Sarah                All of us look Gooooood!! We’ve had a few        ending repairs! We’ve done hammering, ripping,
on a short cruise from Tampa to Cozumel,                Bivins, Rt. 1, Box 400, Mt. Vernon, KY, 40456.          health glitches along the way (and some of our       painting, etc, etc. We have a story to tell about
Mexico. Since only our daughter-in-law had                  Ellen’s reminder: I still have Reunion              crew are still having some glitches) but, we         the ugliest room we’ve ever painted. My health
“cruised” it proved to be a sensational idea. Our       Booklets available. The booklet has 60 pages            agreed that life is still wonderful and we want to   has improved a whole lot. That’s why I’m really
grandchildren range from seven to thirteen so           (with cover) and includes 15 pages of photos            keep on with it!                                     enjoying the mundane stuff. I’m so grateful to
they are old enough to be rather independent,           shared by classmates as well as copies from old             Miriam Powers Jordan and her husband             be alive! Send us info about yourselves. We can’t
and Carnival is a “family friendly” cruise line         annuals (An effort was made to have each class          “Chubby” were at their lovely beach home one         put into the Commentary what we don’t know.
with lots of kids activities. All thirteen of us        member in at least one picture).The booklet             of the weeks that Electa and I were at Electa’s      It is so disappointing to find a bare spot in the
agree that this cruise ranks #1 with our family         contains printed biographical information               house. We’d planned to go out to eat together,       Coker paper – and know that our news from ’54
gatherings. No meals to plan or cook, no                sent in by 30 members of the class of ‘54 and           but when plans were made, the Jordan’s invited       isn’t there. Help us, please.
entertainment to arrange, nothing to clean, not         several pages of pictures of most influential            us to come down and share Frogmore (or do                Much love,
even a bed to make! A great 50th anniversary            teachers. The front cover has a color photo of          I call it Beaufort?) stew. We went and I can             Lois
after a great 50th Coker reunion!                       the administration building; the back cover             promise that not one of us went away hungry.
   Betty’s e-mail from Sarah: Sarah Kolb Bivins         has a BW picture of the bell tower. The covers          Their place is at Surfside about four miles from     CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 10
had a stereotactic biopsy, which showed that
she had breast cancer - invasive duct carcinoma.
On June 16, she had a lumpectomy and the
                                                        are protected by a transparent plastic binder.
                                                        Cost of the booklet and postage is $8.00.
                                                        Contact: Ellen B. Clarke, 3905 Kenilworth
                                                                                                                us. Miriam’s sister, Eleanor Blanche Powers
                                                                                                                Berryhill ’58, who graduated from Coker four
                                                                                                                years after we did, has recently been diagnosed
                                                                                                                with ALS (Lou Gerhig’s Disease). She now
                                                                                                                                                                     ’55       Hoyland “Hoy” Lowery Fisher
                                                                                                                                                                               925 Dogwood Court
                                                                                                                                                                     Hanahan SC 29406
                                                                                                                                                                     843.747.9764 (also fax)
                                                                                                                resides at the Presbyterian Home in Florence
                                                                                                                and loves getting mail. Her address is Eleanor
                                                                                                                Berryhill, Room 168, Presbyterian Home, 2350         Virginia “Ginny” Tomlinson MacKinnon
                                                                                                                Lucas Street, Florence, SC, 29501. Miriam            8199 Charrington Forest Blvd.
                                                                                                                asks that you include Eleanor Blanche on your        Tallahassee, FL 32312-4201
                                                                                                                prayer list. (I’m asking that you include Miriam     850-668-8483
                                                                                                                and other family members along with all of her
                                                                                                                    Betty Reaves Herring has just had cataract          Dear Classmates,
                                                                                                                surgery on BOTH eyes. The first surgery was on           A special thanks to Beth DuBose Cottingham
                                                                                                                one day and the second surgery on the next day!      and Sarah Pauline Jackson McRae for being the
                                                                                                                She’s thrilled to be able to see again! She says     Class Representatives for such a long time!
                                                                                                                that all white things are so brilliant, she almost      Ginny and Sarah Pauline assisted me in
                                                                                                                needs sunglasses.                                    getting news for this issue of the “Commentary,
                                                                                                                    One of my high school friends located Wyatt      and we revisited many wonderful memories of
                                                                                                                Matthews Moore ’53 as our high-school class          Coker as we called a number of our classmates.
                                                                                                                prepared for its reunion. Wyatt could not be         Thanks Ginny and Sarah Pauline! Ginny
                                                                                                                found by me when I was trying to talk to the         enjoyed it so much that she has agreed to be a
                                                                                                                Coker crew. I don’t know how I missed her!           Co-class Representative. It is difficult to believe
                                                                                                                At any rate, Wyatt and her husband (we called        that it has been 49 years.
                                                                                                                him “Mocus”) are still at Pawley’s Island. She is       Mary Beth DuBose Cottingham recently
                                                                                                                having difficulty with her eyes. I know you join      had two mini-strokes but everything is fine. She
                                                                                                                me in wishing her well.                              and Walter attended his 50th Clemson Class
                                                                                                                    I talked at length with Mary Ellen               Reunion, and it was announced that Coker voted
                                                                                                                Williamson Sprawls, who has just returned from       Clemson their favorite men for six straight years.
                                                                                                                what she called a “week of River Rambling”.          Beth is absolutely remarkable and seems to have
                                                                                                                She and a group of her friends toured the Ohio       more energy than several of us combined. She
                                                                                                                River and the Mississippi River and had a            stays busy with her church and swims every day.
                                                                                                                glorious time. Her next jaunt is a driving trip      She and Walter are looking forward to the Coker
Class of 1954 (left ot right): Bottom Row: Betty Reaves Herring, Rebecca Burroughs Mitchell, Joyce Barton       to New Hampshire to meet the daughter of a           Alumni Trip to The Homestead in Hot Springs,
Toole, Ellen Bramlett Clarke, Frances Fowler Williams, Mary Williamson Sprawls Second Row: Sarah Kolb Bivins,   friend. This friend’s daughter is bicycling from     VA in November.
                                                                                                                California, cross-country to New Hampshire.             Mickey McIntosh Atkinson lives in Kingstree
Joan Griffin Burpee, Jo Simmons Aiken, Miriam Powers Jordan, Martha Little Hunter, Christine Bates Mink, Third
                                                                                                                What an adventure! Mary Ellen still works            so she and Beth stay in touch. Since Mickey’s
Row: Lois Hatfield Anderson, Shirley Dobbins Middleton, Frances Johnson McElveen
                                                                                                                for her two sons two days a week. She spoke          husband’s death, she stays very busy. Recently
surgeon was able to get out all of the cancer,          Rd., Columbia, SC 29205, phone number:                  glowingly of her two grandchildren.                  she attended her granddaughter’s high school
leaving clear margins. On July 14, she will have        803-787-6980 or e-mail ellenbclarke@hotmail.c               Did I tell you that I chatted with Peggy         graduation in Tallahassee, FL after which she
a simulation radiation and get a small blue             om. Thought the reunion celebration was most            Blakely Jackson a few weeks ago? She lives at        vacationed with her son and his family in the
tattoo to show the radiation oncologist where to        enjoyable! Keep in touch, Love, Ellen                   Pawley’s Island and is having some pretty serious    Florida Keys. The granddaughter plans to attend
center in, for thirty-three radiation treatments.           The Golden Anniversary of this bunch of             health problems. Give her a call. She’d love         college. Mickey says now she goes on three
She is taking Tamoxifen to block the estrogen           Golden Goodies was wonderful! What a joy to             hearing from you. She’s listed in the directory as   vacations annually (with each child and their
receptors and is feeling well except for a strained     see each other and make a teeny-weeny attempt           Peggy B. Jackson.                                    family). She continues to thoroughly enjoy her
oblique muscle at her waist on the left side of her     to catch up. For those of you who weren’t there             Betty Stokes Cottingham still regrets not        grandchildren who live in Kingstree as well as
abdomen. She will be going to physical therapy          – how we wish you had been with us! Ellen               getting to the reunion. The last time I talked       traveling, reading, sewing, watching TV, and
to help tight muscles on both sides of her spine.       Clarke, Betty Herring and I made valiant efforts        to her, she was getting ready to dash to the         having fun with widow friends.
She is extremely grateful to God and to all of          before then to contact everybody in the class,          grocery store and do a few errands. J. D. had           Ginny lives in Tallahassee, FL and enjoys it
her praying friends and is feeling joyful that          but despite all those attempts, some members            gone to something having to do with cows (a sale     tremendously! She has four children (3 boys and
the cancer was found early and can be treated.          just were not reachable. Many of us have had            – maybe?) He is about the same. Betty would          1 girl). Her first grandchild, a girl named Amy,
She loved the time spent with classmates at the         the same address, telephone number, zip code,           love to hear from you.                               was born June 26 of this year. She weighed 8
50th Reunion. Her grandfather, John Spivey,             and e-mail address for months or years, but some            Beth DuBose Cottingham ’55 was a VERY            pounds and 7 ounces. Ginny e-mailed a picture
contributed money for Spivey Chapel. Both of            of us have obviously had some changes in our            welcome part of our reunion! She has not felt so     to me when Amy was only a few hours old.
his daughters, five of his granddaughters and one        lives that have caused some of “the above” to be        perky lately, but is doing better now. Have you      What a beautiful baby! Congratulations Ginny!
great granddaughter graduated from Coker. Next          out of date. If you (or any 54’er that you know)        ever known anyone spunkier? I certainly have         I’m sure you will not spoil her too much since
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

she is in Tallahassee, also. Ginny is active in St.   Carolina.The other daughter who lives in Boston       medical clinic, and is active in church. She and      that she taught school three years, then became a
John’s Episcopal Church and in the community.         has her masters in engineering and works for          Wilhelmina Kirkland Miller have remained              “stay at home mom”. The oldest granddaughter
Her priest was born and reared in Hartsville. Oh      Johnson and Johnson as Director of Quality            friends since our freshman year.                      graduated from high school this year. Faith stays
yes, Ginny continues to play bridge.                  Assurance. Their son, Jeff, is an Investment              Betty Shaw Merck married Anne Merck               busy enjoying her grandchildren who live nearby
    Ila Louise Price McCoy lost her husband,          Counselor in Conway. Wilhelmina retired in            McDowell’s ‘53 brother who passed away in             and managing their rental property. She is also
Terry, unexpectedly two years ago. She has            2003 after serving as an Administrator for the        1998. They had one daughter and one son. She          active in church.
lots of nieces and nephews who are helping her        City of Florence.                                     enjoys their five grandchildren. They all live in          Lily Mae Mims Bailey’s husband, Richard,
cope with her loss. In February she decided to            Judy Long Quattlebaum continues to live           SC. She is looking forward to going on a mission      is a minister and retired in 1996 after 37 ½
downsize and moved into a garden home. She            with her daughter, Kaye, in Atlanta, GA since         trip with a church group to Canada in July. At        years at N. Hartsville Baptist Church. Lily Mae
is planning a trip to Arizona and California in       the death of her husband, Bud. Judy and Bud           our 45th Class Reunion Betty looked the same as       retired in 1992 after teaching at the elementary
August to visit relatives.                            had three children (two girls and one boy). The       when we were at Coker. Guess her walking and          school level for 30 years. They have three
    After 28 years in the Marine Corps, Lou           oldest girl is deceased. Kaye has two boys and        working out in the gym really work. Betty also        children (twin daughters and one son) and twin
Phillips Hancock’s husband retired, and they          a girl, ranging in age from seven months to           enjoys reading.                                       granddaughters. All children and grandchildren
moved to Elizabethtown, NC where they bought          seven years. Judy’s son, Lawrence, lives in Lake          Camilla Prosser Lawrimore lives in                live in Hartsville. Lily Mae says that Thelma
a Western Auto Store. They are now fully              Arrowhead, GA and is an avid outdoorsman.             Hemingway and lost her husband, Billy, in             Mae Johnson Baker and Tom have two children
retired and busier than ever. They have three         She enjoys her grandchildren and marvels at how       1997. Their three children and six grandchildren      and live in Pinewood.
children (two sons and a daughter) and four           quickly they are growing up. Judy continues to        live nearby. Camilla is the church organist and           Marian Atkins Powe e-mailed saying
grandchildren. Two of the grandchildren live          be creative and artistic. Presently, she is making    volunteers at the Senior Center. She says, “Life is   that she is still very active with patriotic and
in Elizabethtown and help keep Lou and her            Christmas stockings from a grandfather’s and a        full and happy”.                                      historical organizations: United Daughters of
husband “young and busy”.                             great grandfather’s leather gloves and ties. These        Frances Huggins McLaughlin lives in               the Confederacy, Daughters of the American
    Pauline Griffin Funderburk retired from            no doubt will become treasured heirlooms. She         Sumter. Her husband passed away in 1989               Revolution (Ex-Chapter Regent), Colonial
teaching in 1992. She and her husband have two        also enjoys doing needlework. In addition, Judy       and they had three daughters and three                Dames XVII Century, and Magna Charta.
daughters (both teachers) and two grandchildren.      is active in church and attends neighborhood          granddaughters. The oldest daughter, Evelyn,          She also enjoys participating with friends in
They still live in Monroe, NC and attend              Bible study.                                          lives in Blythwood, the middle daughter, Robin,       Canasta Clubs. Husband, C. M. works full time
the same First Baptist Church. Pauline loves              Vivian Harper Mobley is now married to            lives in Lugoff, and the youngest, Laura, lives       as a Senior Scientist at Science Applications
traveling, but has had to curtail that for the        Betty Carol Mobley’s (Class of 1953) brother          in Charleston and teaches middle school in            International Corporation. She and C. M. make
past few years due to a bout with cancer that         and lives in Hanahan. She is the caretaker for        Walterboro. Frances’ says her mother of 91            frequent trips to Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge,
was caught early and from which she has fully         her mother who lives with them. Dorothy Hayes         years lives at home with her son. Frances retired     Tennessee. Marian is looking forward to our
recovered. Also, she had surgery on both knees.       Branham and Vivian are cousins. Vivian says that      in 1998 after 40 years as a physical education        Coker 50th Class Reunion.
Thank goodness, Pauline is doing great now and        Jean Tanner Gentry and husband, Thomas, live          teacher--20 years in the public school and 20             Mary K. Lowrimore Daniel says she misses
hopes to begin traveling again soon.                  in Manning and have four daughters.                   years at Wilson Hall.                                 her sister, Janice Lowrimore Duke ’56, who
    After living in Clemson and Charlotte, Sally          Martha Rogers Arnette still lives in Columbia         Frances stays active gardening, swimming,         passed away in 2003 very much. Janice lived in
Rast Williams and her husband returned to             and is a semi-retired realtor. She has two            walking, playing bridge and three years ago           Surfside, and they saw each other often. Please
Swansea to live. They have four children (three       daughters and three grandchildren. Martha says        started playing golf. She is a member of the          add Mary K. and her husband, Luther, to your
boys and one girl) and nine grandchildren. Their      she continues to enjoy playing bridge.                Evening Pilot Club of Sumter where members            prayer list because he has been suffering from
daughter lives in Swansea and the sons in various         Richard Dority says that prayers were             do volunteer work. Frances is also active in          Alzheimer’s for 10 years. They have six children,
parts of the state. Sally taught school for one       answered because he has recovered from bladder        the First Presbyterian Church of Sumter--sings        three girls and three boys. Two of the sons live
year after graduation and did substitute teaching     cancer and is presently being treated for a blood     in the choir, is a Church Circle Leader, and a        nearby and help Mary K. tremendously. She says
but made her family her “real career”. She had        clot on the right shoulder. He and Beverly            member of the Women’s Council.                        that Hospice is also very helpful. Her hobbies
pneumonia twice this past winter but is enjoying      Denny Dority ’53 enjoy camping in their RV.               Elizabeth Turner Jordan and husband,              include gardening, reading, and crocheting. Also,
good health now.                                      They have 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 5         Denon, just returned from an enjoyable 13-day         she loves to bird watch.
    Sarah Pauline says that she and Johnny are        step-grandchildren, ranging in age from 1 to 21       Coker Alumni Trip out west visiting National              While talking with Joan Tisdale Harrington,
professional grandparents of eight—four boys          years. Richard says everyone lives in SC.             Parks and other exciting sites. Liz reported          I found out that her husband, Fred, passed away
and four girls. Their first son, Lane, lives in            Frances Isgett Matheson and Bill moved to         that Wilhelmina Kirkland Miller and Jeff also         4 ½ years ago. They had two children (one
Irmo and works for Eli Lily Pharmaceuticals.          Asheville, NC after retiring. They have two sons      went on the trip and took a ride in a hot air         daughter and one son). Joan enjoys their three
John, his twin, lives in Darlington and works         and one deceased. Frances says they do not have       balloon. Bet the view was fabulous! Some of           grandchildren, ranging in age from 6 to 26, and
for Progress Energy. He and his wife have two         any grandchildren but they have “grand dogs”          the highlights of the trip included visiting the      three great grandchildren. The daughter lives in
Patricia’s Gift Shop(s)—one in Darlington             because they do sit. She is active in the First       Grand Canyon in Arizona, Bryce Canyon and             Florence and the son lives near her in Manning.
and one at the Florence Mall. Allen’s wife has        Baptist Church and enjoys reading.                    Zion National Parks in Utah, and Yellowstone          Joan is active in her church.
been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he               Allene Stuckey Reep and Lewis live in             National Park in Wyoming. They also enjoyed               Iris Matthews Tilley attended Coker one
is her full-time caretaker. Keep them in your         Hartsville and have three daughters and               visiting Goz and Pat Ramsdell Segars ’81 at           year only and then transferred. She and her
prayers. Ken, the youngest son, is Director of        seven grandchildren—all boys. One daughter            the Segars’ ranch in Montana. In addition, they       husband, Thomas, are self employed. They have
the Darlington County Recreation Department.          lives in Florida, one in Charlotte, and one in        visited Idaho and South Dakota. Since Liz and         four children (three girls and one boy) and 11
Sarah enjoys her grandchildren, reading, and          Greenwood. She and Louis are busy this summer         Denon are retired, Liz says they do what they         grandchildren. Her daughter, Becky, lives in
playing computer games.                               entertaining the boys but love every minute of        wish at their own pace. Liz enjoys reading.           Virginia and is married to Rev. Jerry Falwell’s
    Sarah Pauline says she and Betty June             it. Allene is a member of the Friendship Force            Nell Gerald Thompson and Lamar live               son who is an attorney. Kathy DeHass and her
Crowley Gandy are close friends. Betty June’s         Club, a club that began as an outgrowth of            in Pennsylvania. Nell is recuperating from            husband, Ted, live in Millersburg, OH, the
husband is from Dovesville and their farms            promoting peace throughout the world through          shoulder surgery. They have two girls and four        beautiful Amish Country. Kathy breeds and
adjoin one another. Also, Betty June and Sarah        friendship. Members visit each other throughout       grandchildren. Nell and Lamar enjoy playing           raises show horses and Ted is the CEO and
are in the same Sunday School Class and Sarah         the world and stay in each other’s homes. Allene      competitive duplicate bridge.                         President of the Castle Nursing Homes. Iris’ son,
teaches the class. Sarah says that Betty June is      is planning a trip to New Zealand in November             Dorothy “Dot” Gore Lay lives in Loris. Her        Bruce, publishes “Homes and Land” magazine
going through a difficult time now because her         with members from a North Carolina club and           husband, George, is deceased. They had three          for a number of counties in NC, and daughter,
mother is in poor health and requires constant        the Florence club. In addition, Allene is an avid     children, two girls and one boy. She enjoys her       Trish, works at the University of North Carolina
attention and care. Lets remember Betty June          gardener, completing the Master Gardening             five grandchildren immensely. Dot is active in         Memorial Hospital. Iris taught school for two
and her mother in our prayers. Sarah also reports     Course. Louis is retired but continues to work in     her church and is the church pianist. Martha Jo       years, worked for Social Security Administration,
that Betty June’s daughter is a pharmacist in the     developing new hybrid corn on a small scale.          Hayes Gerald lives in nearby Tabor City and           and then became a homemaker after their second
Clemson area and serves on the school board.              Allene says that her twin sister, Alice Stuckey   she and Dot go to the same beauty shop. Dot’s         child was born. She teaches Sunday school.
    Sarah Pauline talked with Wilhelmina              Thomas, and her husband also live in Hartsville       daughter teaches music at Wilson Hall.                    Urania Tumboli Ferrara and husband, John,
Kirkland Miller’s husband, Jeff. Wilhelmina           and that Alice is very active in church.                  Faith Fennegan Allen and Ray live in Myrtle       live in Mt. Pleasant, a bustling community
had gone to Spartanburg to visit relatives. Sarah         Patsy Hill Yarborough and Sammy Lide              Beach. After Ray retired from the Marine Corps,       across the Cooper River Bridge from Charleston.
reports that Wilhelmina and Jeff have two             celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary             they moved to Horry County where they have            Urania says they will have been married 45
daughters and one son and five grandchildren           in December 2003 with a surprise party                remained. They have two daughters and four            years in December 2004. They have two sons
(one granddaughter and four grandsons). Their         given by their two children. They have three          grandchildren, ranging in age from 6 to 18            and a daughter and three grandchildren. The
daughter, Lisa, has a degree in mathematics and       grandchildren, ranging in age from 16 to              years. One daughter lives in Winston Salem,           daughter lives with them and the sons live in
is a Systems Director for Nucor Steel in North        18 years. Patsy gardens, volunteers at the            NC and the other in Myrtle Beach. Faith says          the Washington, DC area. She said she told the
grandfather of the three grandchildren named           Peggy Cantey Gardner                                    In the summer issue of the Commentary I see           Dee McCracken Briggs reports she tried to
Samuel, Benjamin, and Jake that they should            Post Office Box 42                                   that we are ahead of percentage participation         retire in May 2004, but they convinced her to
open a deli and name it Sam, Ben, and Jake             Manning SC 29102                                    in the Annual Giving! Many of the classes list        sign on contract work! She seems to have it made
Deli. Close it on Jewish holidays out of respect       803.435.6862                                        32% or 25%, but we, Class of 1958, are at 73%!        in Myrtle Beach, working when she wants to! 3
and never tell the customers that the last name                                                            The only ones who beat us are Class of 1928,          days a month! Her plans include a walkathon
is Ferrara. Yes, Urania can still make all of us           Hello Everybody,                                and 1930, and 1934, with 100%! As most of             on Myrtle Beach next February, for the “old
laugh. She and John left the Greek Orhodox                 I’ve had a wonderful letter from Elizabeth      you know, I attended Coker with the help of           folks” category! She’s already walking two miles
and Roman Catholic Churches 12 years ago and           “Liz” Degenhardt Campanile. She’s still             scholarships, and really have appreciated that        per day. That sounds like work! Her daughters
joined the St. Matthews Lutheran Church.               working with the N.J. Ed. Assoc. representing       help. I believe in tomorrow’s students. So send       take lots of her time as they should. One, Chere,
    Urania says that because of her athletic ability   employees of Monmouth County. I’ll bet they’re      your check to Coker!                                  has a husband who is now in Kosovo with the
over the years, she has two “designer titanium         the highest paid group in the U.S. Her daughter         I promised you an update on Virginia Hall         National Guard. Let’s pray for him! The younger
knees” and that she is still funny and big, but has    Lisa recently married Georgio Besso, Director       & Drury. They had a new grandchild, # 4 in            daughter lives in Florence, runs a consignment
added gray hair. She says that she continues to be     of Foreign Language School for Adults at NYC.       February 2003, Claire Duerr. Virginia has a           shop, so Dee says she can work when she wants.
athletic. Urania wants to know if Pauline Griffin       Her son, Paul, is an oncology pharmacist at         specialty tag for her auto which reads “Choose        Husband Buck is not retired yet, Dee may travel
Funderburk has “designer titanium knees” like          Duke University Hospital; so she does come          Life!” She reports that she has learned the benefit    with him some. But first, she says : “I must clean
hers.                                                  south occasionally. In fact, she visited with       of catered food, though she has the ability and       out some closets and drawers!” They went to Las
    Dorothy Lee Holt Snowden ’54 still lives in        Luanne Chastain Gossett and Kathryn Chastain        desire to cook. They had a wonderful meal at          Vegas and found it TOO HOT! She did NOT
Hemingway. She and Sonny have two children             Durham ’58 in Greensboro and with Peggy             Christmas in Florida, plus an outstanding event       say if they won money! Dee loves her blue birds,
and four grandchildren who all live nearby.            Rogers Neighbors and Jim in Beaufort. Hope          with their child’s and Grandchild’s Christmas         and so do I. I have become a real birdwatcher
Dorothy Lee spent two years at Coker after             all of you plan to come to Coker for our 50th       service, making Virginia Hall aware that “too         since living in the Austin area. 370 species pass
which she transferred to Columbia College.             in ’06. Maxine Locklear Amos has just returned      much decorating and too many events distract          over Lago Vista one way or the other.
We knew her as “Shot”. The son assists his             from a Multi-cultural seminar in Florida—quite      from the meaning of Christmas.” Her Mother-               Virginia Blakeney Case writes: Del and I
father with the farm. Shot has always been a           an interesting experience. Our condolences to       in-law, Frances was ill with a kidney infection,      and his 82 year old mother just returned from
homemaker. She and Sonny enjoy camping and             Jeanene Locklear Leonard in the death of her        and we hope she is well now.                          Canada - attending our daughter’s graduation
traveling in their motor home.                         mother in June. Her husband Jim, is not well.           Virginia Blakeney Case has become my email        from Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario,
    Jackie Young Gould called from California          On a brighter note, Joyce Player Gibbons was        pal, and I get lots of laughs from what she sends!    CA. She goes on to describe a wonderful family
where she has lived since 1971. She had just           genuinely surprised by her children with a big          Mary Kay Rickenbaker ’57 tells me that a          time--eating out and eating out and sometimes
returned from visiting three weeks with relatives      party on her 70th birthday. Ted and I were able     group of ’58-ers met in Lake Lure, for a mini-        attending the ceremony! Daughter is working at
in Georgetown. She has two daughters who are           to attend. Christina Savvas Homer and her           reunion in the spring. I think there were Linda       her vet job in Harrisburg, Pa. The grandaughter
involved in “show business”. The oldest daughter       gang are all going to Athens in August for the      Gause Connor, Patricia Clark Jackson, Hazel           Molly recently turned 2 and celebrated with
is an actress and the other has her own casting        Olympics. Her granddaughter was on the All-         Johnson Nichols, Helen Kolb Chambless,                the whole extended family - again eating and
company and won an Emmy for her work on an             state Soccer team and played in Texas recently.     Suzanne Currier Soderburg, Susan Holroyd              eating and the like. She is the only grand
HBO show. She says she counsels young people.          Christine is enjoying being free to travel. Shep    Shumaker, Betty Barnes Walpole, and Virginia          and great-grandchild, so Virginia admits she
    My husband, Earl, and I have two sons—Earl         Porter Wallace has enjoyed having her children      Hall Brinson Caine. Who knows what they               is greatly spoiled. What else do you do with
III and Mark. Earl III is disabled and lives at        and grands at the beach for a month. Shirley        talked about?!                                        grandchildren? They are already talking about
home; Mark is a bachelor and works in the              Lawhon Rhem and Laurice are getting to see              Our big news is we spent 17 days in France!       our 50th reunion, so may be we best start our
hospitality industry in Charleston. I continue         their daughter’s children play ball in Florence     Seems President Bush likes to follow me around.       plans to make it better than our 45th last year.
to work part time for Charleston County                since the daughter and family has moved there.      Every time I go to SC to visit my Mom and                 I guess you’ll be interested to know that we
School District as a coach for new Career and          Barbara Joyce Chambers is recovering from           family, he is there campaigning! I told them last     took three of our grandsons, one 11, and two
Technology Education teachers. Also, I enjoy           surgery. We hope to meet for lunch when she’s       time, when he was our Governor; I see more            14, to Bandera, TX to the Dude Ranch this
water aerobics twice weekly. Earl spends most          able to travel. Marian McKnight Conway, our         of him in SC than I do in Texas! And sure as I        summer. These city slickers learned to ride, to
of his leisure time involved in various aspects        Miss America, plans to visit Manning the last       go to Paris, here he comes! Many of the special       groom, and to clean the tack room. The teens
of general aviation. He is Chairman of the             week of July. We’re looking forward to seeing       places were closed because of his presence. But       rode 3 times a day; the grandparents rode twice
Berkeley County Aeronautics Commission and             her. She has a grandson in Washington DE,           we got to enjoy the parades, the Invalides was a      a day, which was enough! I was the accident
Vice President of the Experimental Aircraft            so she splits her time between there and Pasa       hot bed of preparation of calvary and machine         of the trip – my horse ran me into the barbed
Association in the area.                               Robles. Our grandson, Smith, plans to attend        guns, and we had a little hotel just across from      wire, resulting in 17 stitches in my knee! Since
    Now with cell phones, e-mail, and fax              college in the fall. We will surely miss him. Ted   the Invalides. We had spent a week prior on a         we were headed from there to the rapids on the
machines, it is easier to keep in touch. If you        had knee replacement on March 30th and he           River Cruise on the South of France, the Rhone        beautiful Frio River, it was a bummer. But the
have e-mail, please send Ginny and/or me your          and Mitchell went fishing in Alaska for Father’s     and the Saone Rivers. Ended in Burgundy               best is yet to tell – we were witness to a true
e-mail address. Also, we need your help in             Day. They were able to bring back with them         Regions with all the vineyards, and then Dijon.       flash flood! Overnight, our gorgeous green clear
locating classmates for whom Coker does not            90 lbs. of salmon and halibut. So get those knees   We boarded a bullet train, TGV, and sped to           river received 26 feet of water from upstream,
have addresses and telephone numbers or the            fixed! Did I mention that we have a grandson         Paris. Wow, we were impressed with the speed;         and we had to evacuate quickly our beachfront
telephone numbers are incorrect. If you know           named Cantey? Isn’t that NEAT?                      and the ease. Why can’t we do that in Texas?          cabin. It took us 20 minutes to load us and all
someone who is not mentioned in our news,                  As you can see I’ve run out of news so send     Of course, my favorite was Rodin Museum,              the gear and head to the hills. But in less than 4
please ask them to contact Ginny or me.                more news and don’t forget your donation. Let’s     but G. loved the D’Orsay! Yes, we did Moulin          hours, we were back in our cabin, never losing
    Thanks for sharing news of your world for          try for 100%.                                       Rouge, Sacre Coure, and lots of sidewalk cafes. I     electricity, water – (it did not reach above the
this issue of the “Commentary”. Some news                  Fondly,                                         bought a tablecloth in Provence, so I can have a      porch of our cabin) just as quickly as it came up,
probably covered the 49 years we have been out             Peggy                                           Provence party, with all the herbs.                   it went down.
of college but it was great talking with everyone                                                              Lamar Caldwell tells me that he had                   However, the only bridge across the river
and finding out what had happened over the              CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 4                       gallbladder surgery, May 27; he calls it drive-thru   was 6 feet under water until the following day.

years. Lets continue sharing news and start                                                                surgery! He was home in 7 hours! He is doing          I should not have worried as to how we would
making plans to attend our 50th Class Reunion                     Anne McGuirt Kennington                                                                        entertain 3 boys; they were fascinated by all the
                                                                                                           great from that surgery. Looks forward to visiting
in the spring of 2005. Also, encourage other                      6267 Wheeler Drive                                                                             heavy equipment instantly at work on the clean
                                                                                                           daughter who now lives in Des Moines, as well
classmates to attend. This will be the big one!        Charlotte NC 28211                                  as Steve who lives in Montana.                        up. So, we got an extra day on the Frio, and by
See you there!                                         704.362.2600                                            Peggy Stogner Nelson sent me an email             the time we left, it was already returning to its
    Love,                                                                        stating she was expecting her first grandchild,        lovely clear green. The worst part was stretching
    Hoy                                                Co-rep needed                                       and could hardly wait! “I thought it was never        the remaining food to last another day with three
                                                                                                           going to happen!” She misses her husband but          boys!
                                                       CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 8

CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 4                                                                              stays busy with ministry to older single women.           Looking forward to hearing from you!

’56       Maxine Locklear Amos                                    Annette Cooke Stokes                     She enjoys visits from people who come to the             Annette
          9 Robin Road                                            21500 Patton Avenue                      Furniture market in High Point.
Lumberton NC 28358                                     Lago Vista TX 78645                                     Sad to report Sarah Burgess Auman’s
910.738.3309                                           512.267.7520                                        husband, Fred, died in June. Sarah, we are                                                            thinking of you, and pulling for you.
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 7                        name be on it too, so the scholarship is to be           for going to one of the Murrell’s Inlet oyster         ago. She is enjoying another kind of teaching,

’59        Pat Crawford Fields                       called the “Class of 1959 Scholarship in Memory          roasts while down that way. Martha Jackson             working as a docent at the Memphis Museum of
           1713 Scenic Valley Lane                   of Billie Barclay” In addition, the Dixons set up        Singleton and husband Charlie were combining           Art. In fact, she was elected their Docent of the
Knoxville TN 37922                                   a scholarship several years ago—aptly named the          their Hartsville trip with one of their frequent       Year this year. Congratulations, Shirley!
865.675.3013                                         Barbara Dibble Dixon Scholarship—so their                visits to Myrtle Beach. Charlie commented that             Sharon Bennett Gregory is planning a move                                    contributions for this year were included in             “A bad day at the beach is better than a good day      from Florence to Charleston. She’s bought
                                                     that amount. Our total giving for the year was           anywhere else.” If the beach is in South Carolina,     property west of the Ashley and will build.
Holly Mims Westcott                                  $20,565, with 58% of the class participating. I’ll       we definitely agree! We’re so glad they maintain        She had just gotten her mother settled into the
7813 Harpeth View Drive                              say it again: Hoorah for the Class of ’59!               their SC connections.                                  Carolinian (a retirement home) in Florence and
Nashville, SC 37221                                      Had we given awards to the person who had                Elizabeth Whittle Baxter was excited               will look for a similar place for her in Charleston.
615.673.7949                                         traveled farthest to attend the reunion there’s no       about an upcoming trip that would include              Sharon is a church musician and plans to                                  doubt that Tricia Fisher, resident of Santa Ana,         the Kentucky Derby and planned to root for             continue that once she’s in Charleston. She has                              CA, would have won. Because husband Robbie               South Carolina horse Limehouse. As it turned           really gotten into decorative sewing and showed
                                                     keeps a truck in Rock Hill for his frequent visits       out, Limehouse is owned by friends of Molly            snapshots of some of her work.
    For the 45th year reunion of the Class of        to check on his mom and Tricia’s stepmom, she            Creadick Gray and husband Pete, so there will              Tricia Fisher and Sharon Gregory were not
1959, Hartsville was decked out in azaleas and       was able to drive to Hartsville without renting          be much cheering in front of their television set      the only classmates present who remain gainfully
dogwood, creating a glorious spring welcome.         a vehicle after flying in to Charlotte. Tricia            in Aiken as well.                                      employed amid many retirees. Susan Robinson
Though no less welcoming, the Coker campus           would also win the prize for most children and               Elizabeth is also planning to go on the Coker      Reed continues to work as administrator of a
was decked out in dirt. Recent landscaping had       grandchildren: 10 of the former and 23 of the            National Parks tour to the West this summer,           large retirement complex in Jacksonville, FL.
scraped away familiar plantings, leaving buildings                                                                                                                   When a lot of us are wondering if we should
standing on bare earth, looking rather naked                                                                                                                         move to such a place, she’s running one!
and isolated. However, we know that this is a                                                                                                                            Though Patsy Maxwell Day says that one of
necessary step to a better appearance, and we all                                                                                                                    her goals for the coming year is to simplify her
look forward to returning for our 50th reunion                                                                                                                       garden, she left Kalmia Gardens on Saturday
in 2009, if not before, to see the beauties of the                                                                                                                   afternoon with a cutting that she planned to
new campus.                                                                                                                                                          root. Resolutions are hard to stick to, especially
    The following were present for reunion fun,                                                                                                                      when they go against the grain of what you love!
most for both Friday evening and Saturday, a                                                                                                                             While the reunion booklet contained many
few for just one or the other: Elizabeth Whittle                                                                                                                     complaints of creaky knees, there’s proof that we
Baxter, Patsy Maxwell Day, Barbara Dibble                                                                                                                            haven’t quit yet:
Dixon, Mary Gee Langston, Molly Creadick                                                                                                                                 Shirley Land Lupfer works at improving her
Gray, Sharon Bennett Gregory, Katie Huggins                                                                                                                          tennis game and Molly Creadick Gray at court
Hennecy (aka Mary Kay), Polly Jordan Huntley,                                                                                                                        tennis.
Shirley Land Lupfer, Doris Kirk Miller, Betty                                                                                                                            Doris Kirk Miller says that she can’t hit a golf
Crawford Moore, Susan Robinson Reed,                                                                                                                                 ball as far as she used to, but she’s still out there
Faye Gurley Reynolds, Bonnie Cone Sawyer,                                                                                                                            hitting it.
Nancy Phillips Sebastianelli, Martha Jackson                                                                                                                             Betty Crawford Moore is learning to play the
Singleton, Barbara Roney Whittington, Tricia                                                                                                                         piano.
Fisher Williams, and yours truly Holly Mims                                                                                                                              Mary Langston Gee continues to direct a
Westcott. We also had a number of spouses:                                                                                                                           summer camp for Central Methodist Church
John Day, Bubba Dixon, Wayne Langston, Pete                                                                                                                          in Florence. Dealing with young ’uns can be a
Gray, Frank Hennecy, Mike Lupfer, Les Reed,                                                                                                                          taxing thing!
Armie Sebastianelli, and Charlie Singleton.                                                                                                                              Bonnie Cone Sawyer has fun gardening with
    Not only were we the class with the best                                                                                                                         students.
attendance at this reunion, but we had one of                                                                                                                            Polly Jordan Huntley is raising young
the biggest class gifts: $5,515, considerably more                                                                                                                   puppies.
than our goal of $3,380. Hoorah for the Class                                                                                                                            Barbara Roney Whittington enjoys
of ’59!                                                                                                                                                              birdwatching, so her eyesight must be okay!
    During our meeting on Saturday, Frank Bush                                                                                                                           And it’s clear from Katie Huggins Hennecy’s
and Chris Dax explained how our donations            Class of 1959 (left ot right): Bottom Row: Barbara Dibble Dixon, Elizabeth Whittle Baxter, Doris Kirk Miller,   comments in the booklet that she’s still in love,
work. All unrestricted gifts, including memorial     Shirley Land Lupfer, Sharon Bennett Gregory, Holly Westcott Second Row: Nancy Phillips Sebastianelli, Martha    even after all these years. She writes that she and
gifts or gifts in honor, count toward the class      Jackson Singleton, Betty Crawford Moore, Bonnie Cone Sawyer, Faye Gurley Reynolds, Mary Gee Langston            Frank “enjoy shopping together, being together,
gift. These unrestricted gifts go into a general     Third Row: Tricia Fisher Williams, Susan Robinson Reed, Polly Jordan Huntley, Patsy Maxwell Day, Barbara        taking trips together, being together, taking part
scholarship fund. Restricted gifts—that is,          Roney Whittington, Katie Huggins Hennecy, Joyce Tolson Warr                                                     in activities together (church, social, political,
gifts given for a special purpose—do not count                                                                                                                       etc.), being together—what blessings!”
toward the class gift. However, the donor is                                                                                                                             I have to admit that a few us don’t look much
                                                     latter. Two children live in Arizona, within             as are Faye Gurley Reynolds and Bonnie Cone            like our yearbook pictures any more, but there
credited with the gift and it counts toward          easy driving distance; others are closer to home,        Sawyer. All three were on the Ireland trip last
overall giving. When you make a donation,                                                                                                                            are at least two who do: Barbara Dibble Dixon
                                                     including one who lives next door. Tricia’s              summer, so their return this year confirms what         and Joyce Tolson Warr. I should have grilled
whether you pay for it by monthly bank               life includes a lot of family get-togethers and          I’ve heard, that the Coker trips are a lot of fun.
withdrawal or by writing a check once a year,                                                                                                                        them to find their secrets.
                                                     birthday parties. When I asked if she gives gifts            Now that they are retired, Nancy Phillips              Some of our classmates have specific tips that
you may designate any part of your gift for a        to all the grandchildren at Christmas and on             Sebastianelli and husband Armie, who live in
special purpose if you wish. For example, if you                                                                                                                     can help all of us:
                                                     birthdays, she told me that that is one reason           Burke, VA, particularly enjoy visiting Virginia’s          Patsy Maxwell Day recommends Annand’s
wish to support the library or give money to         why she started teaching school at age 60! She           various historical sites. Armie was a social studies
Kalmia Gardens or to a particular scholarship,                                                                                                                       Original Longnecker Trowel; she says it removes
                                                     continues to love being in the classroom at a            teacher before getting into administration, so         weeds easily and provides great help in standing
you may do that.                                     time when most of us teachers have been glad to          he has a good background for taking pleasure in
    This year, our restricted gifts totaled an                                                                                                                       firm ground. I definitely need to look for this
                                                     escape from it.                                          what they see. Nancy says that her appreciation        one.
official $15,125, with $175 added during our              Though the distances traveled did not                of history began with Civ., so she too gains
class meeting for a new scholarship honoring                                                                                                                             Faye Gurley Reynolds says that Max Factor’s
                                                     compete with Tricia’s, several classmates made           satisfaction from these jaunts.                        Lipfinity Lipstick, to which she was introduced
both our class and Billie Kissane Barclay. About     the reunion a part of a longer journey. Betty                While husband Mike continues to work part-
$10,000 of that came from Jack Barclay, who                                                                                                                          by Bonnie Cone Sawyer, stays put and doesn’t
                                                     Crawford Moore had made several stops in                 time teaching statistics courses at the University     run in the grooves. What grooves, you ask? Well,
sent word before our reunion that, because Billie    NC and planned to see her sister in Winnsboro            of Memphis from which he recently retired,
loved her class and Coker College so much, he                                                                                                                        then, you don’t need to use it.
                                                     before returning to Johnson City, TN. Shirley            Shirley Land Lupfer is a little more completely            Though she had worked hard as a member
wanted to establish a scholarship in the name of     Land Lupfer and husband Mike were journeying             retired from the same institution, in whose
the Class of 1959. Frank Bush insisted that her                                                                                                                      of the reunion committee, Pat Crawford Fields
                                                     on to visit family in Conway, with special plans         Psychology Department they met many years
was not able to attend. Her thoughts about            professional reasons. We hope to have lunch the       plan now to be at Coker in 2009!                        Hi, Classmates!
us were evident in the cups and napkins, the          next time she comes to Nashville; Clarksville is          Molly Creadick Gray hosted a mini reunion
photocopied booklets from 1959, and the huge          less than an hour away.                               on July 12, 2004. There were nine present, plus         The most important thing that we have to
59 numerals (actually piñatas) we used to adorn           I also got an email from Nancy King Wactor,       the grandmother of one ’59er. We all gathered        report on this Commentary is the upcoming 45th
our table, all of which she sent. Pat and Jim are     who has lived for the past eight years in Mt. Airy,   here about 11:00......Patsy and John had the         Class Reunion April 8 and 9, 2005. Can it be
making frequent trips to New Jersey these days,       GA (about an hour south of Highlands, NC) a           furthest to come and were here first. John went       possible that it is forty-five years since we were
to see granddaughter Kaleigh. They are making         town she loves because it’s a lot like Orangeburg     off to see old friends from when he lived here.      at Coker? Last month the reunion committee
a longer trip in May, to London and Edinburgh,        was when she grew up there. Nancy is in the           As the rest came, we gathered in the living room     got together and made some tentative plans. We
where they hope to fill in gaps of their previous      antiques business, visiting antiques shows to         to drink tea and have cookies, and I showed          have reserved a block of rooms at The Landmark
trips and just drink in the atmosphere. In June,      sell her wares. She had wanted to attend the          them around the house, since no one had              (where we were last reunion). Our Friday
they will go to Charleston for a family wedding.      reunion, but had a show scheduled just before         been here before. Doris brought her adorable         evening get-together will be at the new Hartsville
    We were also disappointed that Doris Ann          it. She promises to come to our 50th. She says        granddaughter, Malia, and I was worried that         Country Club and we hope all of you will bring
Maxwell English, who had planned to attend,           that husband Ray still builds about two houses        she would be bored, but she was a real trooper!      your spouses or significant others for lots of fun
could not be at the reunion. Doris Ann had            a year. It seems to me that both have the perfect     Oddly enough we went to a place called Malia’s       and fellowship. Then on Saturday the College
just recently decided to go ahead with an             situation, continuing to work at things they          for lunch, so I introduced the two Malia’s to each   has big plans for us. Put April 8 and 9, 2005 on
unanticipated medical procedure, so was at            enjoy that don’t require an eight-hours-a-day,        other. Neither one knew another Malia.......such     your calendars. We hope to see all of you back
home recovering from that. We all hope that           five-days-a-week schedule.                             a beautiful name.                                    at Coker!
Doris’s medical problems work out positively;             Despite retirement or maybe because of it,            At lunch we had much catching up to do,             On a sad note, Patsy Gainey Tyler passed
many of us are remembering her in our prayers.        Betty Crawford Moore leads a dizzily busy life.       and did it, though it’s a little difficult to hear    away on June 11. Our thoughts and prayers go
    Mary Holmes Burkett let free airline tickets      The week following our reunion, she wrote:            everything from everyone. I think we did a           out to her family and friends.
lure her away from our reunion. Daughter Laine        “In addition to helping tend grandkids and            good job of sharing the news since the reunion.         Ann Matthews Bragdon and I (Ann
and her husband Lance wanted to participate           granddogs, still working hard to finish my house       Several of them had gone on a Coker sponsored        “Winkie” Hayward Griffin) have both been
in a boat race, so they gave Mary tickets to San      down-sizing and yard up-sizing, and traveling         trip out west and had a super time.......we heard    busy with grandchildren (Ann B. with her first
Diego so that she could babysit. The promise of       around some, I have been on a treadmill this          a lot about that. Mostly I had a great time just     and I with our seven). Don’t know how we
having fun with adored grands Morgan, Ian, and        week with other obligations that keep me busy.        reacquainting myself with everyone, because we       had time to work. Retirement really does keep
Cheryl were doubtless a part of the lure. Luckily,    I am on 3 Boards, one a property-owner’s board        had such a short time in April. We all ate the       one busy. Neither of us “Anns” has heard from
Mary had a layover in Nashville, so Warren            in NC where I just finished being President,           big Malia portions (she always gives you enough      classmates during the last few months. We know
and I met her at the airport and went to dinner       another the East Tennessee State University           for two people), and most everyone ate her           that you all are very busy, but would love to let
with her at a nearby restaurant, then hurried         Retirees Association where I also just became         famous raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream for      everyone know how you are doing. Let us hear
back so she could make her flight. Earlier, Mary       past president, and the Biosafety review board        dessert.....groan!                                   from you!
had visited son Michael in San Francisco and          at the Veterans Administration Hospital where             After lunch we walked down the street in a          Ann “Winkie” Hayward Griffin
participated with other Holmes family members         we review research grants to make sure they are       sweltering haze of heat to one of my favorite
in the Smithsonian Kite Fly in Washington,            in compliance with all the many guidelines. I         shops, The Artist’s Parlor to browse. Then we        CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 6

DC. However, the most interesting trip she            also taught in a nurses’ workshop this week at        dashed(I use that term very loosely) across the                 Regina Swygert-Smith
made was with other Holmes family members to          the Medical Center Hospital. I’ve been doing          street to Plum Pudding, which is a gourmet                      5206 Main Street
Puerto Rico. Just after the turn of the twentieth     this twice a year for almost 30 years now. But        specialty shop that sells all kinds of china,        Stephens City, VA 22655
century, their grandmother, Dr. Grace Atkins          primarily, I will quote a good friend who retired     cookware, exotic food, and much more, a great        540.868.1055
(later Dr. Grace A. Holmes), the first woman           at the same time I did...’’Whatever I want,           place to spend looking. By the time we left there    540.868.1057 FAX
medical missionary in the Presbyterian Church,        whenever I want, and with whom I want.’ That          it was time to come back to the house to meet
established a hospital in San Juan. The Holmes        is not exactly correct, but it sounds cute when       John. Pete was here also, and we all sat around in
family received a special invitation to participate   she says it.” She concludes by telling how much       the den/kitchen with the two dogs showing off        Needs co-rep
in the celebration of the hospital’s hundredth        she enjoyed being with everyone at the reunion.       all their tricks while we lolled around and drank
anniversary. While Mary was in Nashville,                 Even though it is entirely too far from the       more tea. They all left to go home about 4:30 or     CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 6

I reminded her that WE have an important              Atlantic Ocean, Warren and I enjoy living in          4:45. It really was a happy day.
anniversary coming up. In September 2005, we          Nashville. Volunteering at the First Center               One PS: When we were ready to go                            Peggy Brown Buchanan
will have been friends for 50 years! We decided       for the Visual Arts, where I will train to be a       downtown for lunch, we went in two cars. I said                 1171 Parkway Drive
to mark that anniversary in a special way, so         docent in the fall, and at an elementary school       I would take my car, and I sent everyone out         Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
stay tuned! Doubtless there are many of you out       where I am “reading partner” for two little boys,     the front door and locked it. Then I drove my        843.884.352 home
there who could celebrate a similar anniversary.      a second grader from Iran and a third grader          car around front from the garage to pick people      843.881.4163 fax
    Cynthia Sullivan Anzolut could not come           from (he says) Kurdistan, have kept my calendar       up, and there was Katie standing on the porch
to the reunion either, not because of a golf          full. I am also training to be a cathedral guide      with the front door open. I said, “Katie, how did
tournament as one might expect. She and her           at Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal), taking        you get that door open”? She told me that I’d        Dear Classmates,
husband own a women’s basketball team which           a spiritual direction class with some rather          forgotten to count, and had locked her inside!!          Serving as your class representative continues
is traveling at this time of year.                    challenging reading, and lecturing (ie, reading       Fortunately I hadn’t pushed the deadbolt, and        to be a blessing and joy for me. It warms my
    Laurens McMaster Livings also could not           scripture or Prayers of the People) for the 11:       she turned the key to let herself out! We had a      heart to hear from so many of you. There are
attend, because of her obligations as a church        15 service that we attend. Warren likes his job       good laugh, but if I had pushed the deadbolt she     some of you I have not heard from, and I look
musician and voice teacher in Winnsboro.              at Tennessee State as head of the Department of       would have still been in there while we went to      forward to catching up with you, so please let me
    Anne Davis Glass called me shortly before         Literature, Languages, and Philosophy. He has         lunch. We were still chuckling about it when         hear from you. Since January 15, here is what I
our reunion, announcing herself as a “voice from      a convivial faculty who enjoy getting together        she left                                             have to share. Some news is happy and some is
the past.” She said she had hoped to attend the       for purely social dinners out or for serious                                                               sad, but that is life.
reunion, but teaching duties at Austin-Peay           discussion on topics of interest. What started as     CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 9                            It was great to receive an email in January

University in Clarksville, TN, have her so tied       their “philosophy symposium” is seguing into a                                                             from Nancy Rogers about her new project.
                                                                                                                       Ann Matthews Bragdon                      In this 200th anniversary year of the birth of
up at this time of year that it’s hard to get away.   book discussion group this fall. By the time you                 1563 Johnsonville Highway
She said she’d recently been in Nashville, where      have read this, I will have recovered from the                                                             George Sand, Nancy is translating her favorite
                                                                                                            Lake City SC 29560-6202                              Sand’s novel—Nanon—from French into
I now live, but had been involved with musical        bladder surgery I am having (yes, one more time)      843.389.4401
duties at Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music and      in May. In fact, I am sending this off to Coker                                                            English. This is the first time Nanon has been
                                                                                                            843.389.0944 FAX                                     translated like this since 1890. It is the story of a
at a local church so had not been able to call        just before going in for the surgery in order to be
then. She loves her job, continues to play organ      sure that they have it ready for the next Coker                                                            peasant girl and life in the rural areas of France
at the local Episcopal church as she has for forty    Commentary, though much of this “news” will                                                                during the French Revolution of 1789. Nancy
                                                                                                            Ann Hayward Griffin                                   will also be writing a critical introduction to the
years now, and has no plans for retirement. Her       no doubt be outdated by then.                         401 Valley Road
life has included one major change, however:              Soooo—It was a really terrific reunion for all,                                                         work. She is extremely excited to be getting back
                                                                                                            Sanford NC 27330                                     to her work in French literature, which she has
She is married! In January, she wed Chuck Crist,      a wonderful way to build our Coker memories.          919.776.9710
who is retired military, someone who had been         We want to see everyone at #50, but we want to                                                             done little of during the past five years because
                                                                                                                                  of the exigencies of her job at the NEH. Nancy
a good friend for many years. Evidently, she is       hear news of you well before then. Do send Pat
keeping her name as it has been, probably for         a Christmas card with your latest updates. . . and                                                         wrote her PhD dissertation on George Sand.
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

Hope that your wonderful project has been             email address if any of you would like the recipe.   one burned on the DVD. In fact, I would hope          progress—more about the grand event in our
going well, Nancy.                                                             more classmates will want to join The Planetary       next issue. Nancy’s family and five other families
    This has been a very difficult year for Ida            Harriet “Happy” Burnside Richmond and            Society to help further space exploration.”           vacationed at the Isle of Palms in June and had a
Pace Stoors. Ida wrote that Angels were sent          Ken, her husband, spend a lot of time at Pawley’s        Harriet King Van Norte, Mary Bailey King          blast. Congratulations to Dr. Nancy Thornhill
to her when she needed them most. She was             Island and stay in touch with Joanne Tuten           and yours truly had a mini reunion at Bocci’s         Bolden are in order. The 2004 South Carolina
speaking of her Coker friends, especially Frances     Bellamy, who lives there. Grandmamma Happy           restaurant in Charleston for lunch in April.          Dancing Festival was dedicated to Nancy, and
Segars Kelly. They cared for her during her brain     recently had her Grandson, Hub, with her at PI.      When I emailed Harriet about meeting for              the South Carolina Dance Association proudly
surgery and successful recovery, and during               Thank you Joanne Tuten Bellamy for your          lunch, she replied, “Peggy, I am very familiar        recognized Nancy for her many years of service.
her husband’s, Niles, declining health and            beautiful spirit during your illness. Joanne will    with Meeting Street below Calhoun as my two           A full page inside the program listed her many
subsequent death. She loved and appreciated all       have surgery, when her heart is strong enough.       Aunts on my Dad’s side of the family lived at         accomplishments. She has served several times
the cards, phone calls, pound cake and fruit. The     You are in our thought and prayers. I have           298 Meeting Street, and we would spend two            as President of the Association. The University
“Cokernut grapevine” put the word out, and            appreciated your notes and calls. Joanne’s           weeks with them each summer when I was a              of South Carolina hosted the festival. Nancy
the angels went to work. Not only did they care       address is Post Office Box 526 Pawley’s Island,       child. Of course, much has changed on the             is one of the co-founders of the SC Center for
for Ida and Niles, but also Possum O’Riley, her       SC 29585 in case you want to send a note or          street but the old house we loved is still there.     Dance Education. She is a regional coordinator
Bichon Frise puppy dog. She was on the prayer         card. Joanne has three large dogs that keep her      I saw Mary Bailey and in October at a Tour of         for the association. It was said,” She inspires and
lists of people she will never know. Ida’s doctor     company. Joanne shared a beautiful experience        Homes on Edisto Island, as well as at Dickie          promotes dance in our state, as well as on the
told her to make her next appointment in two          with me. It goes like this. On Joanne’s way to       Legare’s funeral in Adams Run, where I met your       national level.”
years. That is so encouraging, Ida. Niles died        Murrell’s Inlet near Brookgreen gardens to pick      husband for the first time. My Dad’s name was              Nancy Thornhill Bolden saw Anita Jones
on May 3 and was buried in Ida’s hometown of          up Bentley Boogie Bridges, her deaf dog (by the      Frederick Bailey King so there is a connection        Stanton at the Attalya Art Festival, which took
Nichols, SC. Attending the funeral were Frances       way he is an albino and has beautiful baby blue      between our two families. I wish my Mom could         place across from Brookgreen Gardens. Anita
Segars Kelly, Nancy Thornhill Bolden, Peggy           eyes like Paul Newman) who had been groomed,         still remember all of that for she was really good    is a visual artist. The Attalya is a juried show,
Brown Buchanan and John, Rosalind Carrigan            Joanne witnessed about 30 wild baby turkeys          at genealogy. I never was, but I am trying now        sponsored by the SC Department of Parks,
Heron and Eddie, and Rosalind’s lovely mother,        crossing the main highway. She saw a man stop        that I am down here and not working trying to         Recreation and Tourism. Nancy’s husband,
Mildred Carrigan. The Herons, Frances Segars          traffic and hurry the turkeys across the highway      educate myself by listening to my Uncle Everett       Harold, bought her one of Anita’s etchings for
Kelly, and Lee McCown Huey and Al attended            and all were safe.                                   who is 86.” Harriet, Mary, and yours truly had        her birthday. Nancy said,” It is a winter scene
the visitation the evening before in Columbia,            Lee McCown Huey’s mother celebrated              so much fun catching up with each other and           and it is really beautiful.” Anita, please let me
along with friends of Niles. Ida said, “Thanks to     her 86th birthday May 23. Lee, please tell your      sharing other news about our classmates. Mary         hear more about your art and all the others
all of you for all you did for me. I could not ask    mother that we send our late congratulations to      is involved with mission work, and she told us        things going on in your life.
for better friends.” Ida at present is redecorating   her. Lee and her sisters vacationed in Naples,       that she would be going soon to the Dominican             Teaching Bible School, canning fresh
some of her home, which is keeping her busy           Florida for two weeks. Then Lee’s family spent       Republic for the fourth time. She loves that          vegetables from her garden, working in her
and giving her much pleasure. Oh, yes, Possum         their vacation on Sullivan’s Island. Lee, I am       ministry. She is a Spanish translator for the         lovely garden and yard, and keeping up with
is walked around the block at least twice a day.      disappointed that I was not at home when you         dentists who conduct a clinic. She, like many of      grandchildren kept Frances Segars Kelly busy
Carol Elting Richardson and Charlotte Cothran         were at SI. Lee was in Columbia earlier this year    us, enjoys her grandchildren who live close by. I     this summer. Her 8-year-old granddaughter
Taylor visited Ida in July.                           to visit Ida during her convalescing and took her    enjoyed hearing Mary and Harriet share family         enjoyed a program at Kalmia Gardens in
    Lee McCown Huey, Molly Holbrook                   to lunch.                                            stories as they are related. Harriet and her sister   Hartsville.
Thomas, Nancy Thornhill Bolden, Ida Pace                  Gabrielle Morandiere sent an email at Easter     took care of their mother at her home for quite           Finally, yours truly—Peggy Brown
Storrs, Frances Segars Kelly, Florence Staklinski     saying that it was spring in New York and            an extended time on Yonges Island, until she          Buchanan—and John are enjoying spending
Taylor and her Mother, and Dee Pierce from            that she was loving every minute of the cooler       died in April. Harriet, we want to express our        several days this summer each week in Florence,
the Coker Alumni Office and yours truly met            weather! Her son, John’s knee and her foot had       sincere sympathy to you and your sister. I can        where John is the part time interim rector at St.
at Bizzell’s restaurant in Hartsville in April for    healed. Unfortunately, their apartment had           only imagine how grateful your mom was for            John’s Episcopal Church until late August. Being
a mini reunion. We were a noisy group and             water damage from the apartment above, and           you both to leave your homes for such a long          in Florence gives me an opportunity to be with
we had a blast. Just wish you could have been         that caused a major mold problem. They had to        time and care for her. Harriet’s sister was in an     my 85-year old mother, daughter and sister—
a fly on the wall. We had so much fun sharing          move out while the mold problem was treated,         auto accident as she was returning to Atlanta, so     Mary and Carla—and many other relatives and
stories and reminiscing. While we were visiting       but a wonderful neighbor, who was out of the         Harriet returned to Yonges Island earlier than        friends. John and I spent several days in May
and eating wonderful food, the president of the       country invited them to use her apartment. The       planned and cared for her after surgery. Harriet      visiting friends in Houston, Texas. My family
college, Dr. James Dawson, and his lovely wife        repairs will require a major renovation, with        said, “We are grateful to God that she is alive       and I vacationed at Seabrook Island. John Clark
stopped by to say hello to us. Of course, we all      walls being razed and replaced. At this time the     and that our mother’s passing was peaceful.”          and Mary Ella Bryant, our almost two-year-old
had to get out our cameras and asked our server       repairs are scheduled, but have not been made.       Harriet returned to Atlanta when her sister was       grand-twins, keep us quite busy. They are a joy.
to snap our photos. Mrs. Dawson invited us            Otherwise, all is well. Gaby recommends the          well enough to manage on her own.
to come by their home on East Home Avenue             movie Monsieur Ibrahim with Omar Sharif. She             Peggy Aull Werts emailed, at the same time            So long for now. Please help me to have more
after lunch to see the recent renovation to their     says it is touching and wholesome. Gaby was          of our mini reunion, that she and Bo were flying       news in our next Commentary, by emailing, by
home, which was absolutely lovely. Earlier that       expecting three cousins from England to arrive       to Honolulu to cruise around the islands. She         calling or by writing a note to me. Thanks in
morning, Molly Holbrook Thomas, was in                for a week. Her rheumatoid arthritis continues to    was missed, but we know she and Bo had a              advance and may you have a great summer. Until
the Coker College gift shop and commented             be a problem for her.                                fabulous trip.                                        next time, Peace dear hearts. Peggy
to a man nearby that she was not the least bit            Mary Bell Kittle and Joe stopped in                  What started out to be fun and frolic turned
interested in buying anything that had a cobra        Columbia to see Ida and take her to lunch. Mary      out to be dreadful for Betty Saunders Brooking.       CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

printed on it. Then Molly proceeded to ask            and Joe were en-route to Charleston to attend        One of her sons was chasing her at a family                      Edith Floride Reynolds
him what he did and she then learned he was           a party for Joe’s brother soon to be married in      outing, when she fell and broke her anklebone                    105 South Rosemary Avenue
the president of Coker College. Well you can          Ohio.                                                in three places. Now she is wearing a cast. Her       Andrews SC 29510
imagine how she felt. The mini reunion was also           Molly Holbrook Thomas and six of her high        daughters-in -law have been helpful and attentive     843.264.5173
Ida’s first outing since her brain surgery. Wish       school classmates had a wonderful mini reunion       during this time. Canceling a trip to California
you could have seen her adorable Minnie Mouse         in Blowing Rock, NC in the spring. Molly             was disappointing to Betty, but we wish her a
hat that Frances Segars Kelly bought her from         and Al returned in May to their home in Ohio         speedy recovery.                                      Dear Classmates,
Disney Land. Sarah Lawton Anderson Kummer             hoping to sell it and move permanently to NC.            Spoke to Pat McTeer Hughes and learned               I hope everything is going well with all of you.
was unable to join us as her students were taking     Molly emailed that she is ready for another mini     that she is working at the new Library in             Thanks to those who responded to e-mail with
their AP test and she needed to be there to give      reunion in the fall. More on dates later. We send    Hartsville. She regretted not to be able to join      news to share. I know the summers are especially
them moral support.                                   our expressions of Sympathy to Al Birchler and       the mini-reunion at Bizzell’s.                        busy with family gatherings and vacations.
    Florence Staklinshi Taylor told us at the         Molly. Al’s son, William Joseph Birchler, died           Beverly Jones Dinkins emailed that her sister     Hopefully there will be news from more of you
mini reunion at Bizzell’s that she submitted a        unexpectedly in February. During our lunch at        died in March. Beverly, we send our condolences       for the next issue of the Commentary.
cake recipe to the Southern Living magazine, but      Bizzell’s, Molly told us, “I am a member of The      to you and your family. Beverly was unable to            Belinda Duckworth Copeland is on the
a printing error occurred in the recipe. When         Planetary Society and have been for a number of      join our mini reunion because it conflicted with       November ballot for Treasurer of Darlington
she brought it to their attention, she received       years. On a DVD sent to Mars aboard the Spirit       her work.                                             County, a position she has held for a number
a letter of apology and a 2003 hardback recipe        back in January, the names of over four million          Nancy Thornhill Bolden is happy to                of years. She says retirement will sound good at
book. Florence agreed for me to give out her          people from Earth were burned and now the            share that her daughter Molly is engaged to           the end of this four year term. She drives several
                                                      DVD rests on the Martian soil. My name was           Mike Peterson and a big wedding plans are in
hundred miles every other weekend to check on        along with all the gorgeous pansies filling the       fall, Diane hoped we’d see her at the reunion;        year - first to the Caymans, Cozumel and Key
her dad. Belinda also visits Joan C. Gregg in the    yard. After a delightful meal we formed a circle     however, although she registered, she didn’t          West in January then on Alaska’s Inside Passage
Presbyterian Home in Florence when she can.          to individually share thoughts about people,         get to Hartsville. Joanie, an interior design         in July. She retired as her church’s secretary a
    Lynda Morillo Hord’s family spent the week       events, places and other subjects important          consultant whose work has been published in           few years ago, but continues doing its financial
at the Outer Banks, Corolla in June. Daughter        to us with frequent references to “the Coker         home decorating magazines, has two children,          work on her home computer part-time. Earlier,
Jennifer teaches in Arkansas and is home for the     experience’s” very positive impact throughout        both of whom are married.                             she was Greer High School’s bookkeeper for six
summer. She was her school’s Teacher of the          our lives. This was an amazing session with each         Judy Smith Campbell, married 42 years to          years. Ann’s daughters have provided precious
Year this past year. She is also the lead teacher    person participating in the most meaningful          John “Doc”, is very busy caring for her parents       grandsons – Laura’s Zane, four, and Carol’s
for a NASA project at her school. As a part of the   way. Obviously, all have lived with extraordinary    and grandchildren as well as working from her         Jacob, three and a half, and Andrew, 14 months.
NASA Grant, Jennifer and her team of teachers        courage, creativity, integrity, faith and humor      home in Charlotte. Judy emails adorable pictures      Laura is a bank controller in Spartanburg, where
spent a week at the Space Camp in Huntsville,        making significant contributions wherever             of the little ones. Son Douglas, wife Diana and       she and husband Wayne have recently moved.
Alabama for training. Lynda still works as a         possible. Receiving a little brown bag like the      children Harrison, Isabel, and Sofia live nearby as    Carol, a kindergarten teacher, and her husband,
financial analyst at the Center for Creative          ones handed out for Sunday night suppers at          does Judy’s sister. Her younger son Layton works      Jim, are in Greer as is son Tony, who is single
Leadership in Greensboro. She also works nights      Coker in our day was a nostalgic bit of fun as we    with a design firm in the area. At Coker Judy          and employed at a furniture/appliance store
and weekends at the other job in interior design,    left Naomi’s. What a neat treat! Throughout the      so generously chauffeured other out-of-town           there.
which is her passion. This will keep her busy        weekend we missed those who couldn’t come            classmates to several activities in her nice van.         Sarah Ann Alford Horton retired after a 30
when she retires in three years.                     and know that you have been living your own              As Coker’s Assistant Dean for the Evening         year teaching career that included work with
    Lana Suber Barnett’s family vacationed           remarkable stories.                                  and Extended Studies Program, Patricia “Pat”          children in pre-kindergarten, first, second, third
at Surfside Beach in May. She still babysits             The extensive landscaping project underway       Holland Chapman commutes from Lexington               and fourth grades and says she still misses it.
daughter Nina’s children and enjoys her              on campus in no way interfered with our              to Hartsville twice or more each week. She finds       She was honored with “Teacher of the Year”
retirement. Nancy McConnell Wilhelm, Lana            enjoyment of Saturday’s Alumni Association           books on tape a great source of entertainment         awards and earned many graduate hours from
and I met for lunch one day.                         activities, and the final results should be           and information while she travels. Pat, who           Winthrop, Clemson, USC and Limestone.
    Nancy Fairey Forbis and Rod enjoy their          sensational. Our class meeting gave us another       earned an M.A. from Appalachian State                 Now she finds joy in her church activities, a
boat. They take frequent fishing trips to             chance to visit and to get a current view of         University and Ed.S. and Ph.D degrees from            community in-depth Bible study and the two
Morehead. In the late spring they went to Alaska     Coker from our very helpful student aide for the     the University of South Carolina, has been            garden clubs to which she belongs! She’s a
on a fishing excursion at Waterfall Resort.           day. As we reminisced, she found some of the         honored often during her career in education.         dedicated gardener who “likes to get dirty”!
    Carol Phillips Kirven’s family traveled out      requirements and activities from the ‘60s almost     She is involved in church work, sits on Lexington     Her other hobbies include decorating, reading,
west over the summer. She, Nancy V. Bland,           beyond comprehension and quite amusing, too!         School District One advisory committees and is        sewing, antique shopping and “best of all”
Katherine “Kitty” Kirby Nobles, Georgia Ann          At the General Meeting our own Sarah Ann             a member of Delta Kappa Gamma. Husband of             – grandmothering. We rejoice with Sarah Ann
Jenkins Porcher got together for a mini-reunion      Alford Horton won a beautiful door prize, a          32 years Frank retired from military management       that she is a 15 year cancer survivor and celebrate
in Myrtle Beach in the spring.                       Coker afghan, which gave her another reason          and is now a business consultant. Older son           her good health. Husband of 40 years Wendell
    Frances Partin Cooper plays a lot of duplicate   to be glad she’d finally returned for a reunion.      Jim is an M.D. completing his second year of          “Wendy” retired from the mental health field.
bridge. She participated in a tournament recently    Cameron Council Speth, our class agent, made         residency in Harlingen, TX, while younger son         Son Allen, a captain in the Beaufort County
in Hot Springs and highly recommends going           us proud when she presented our substantial          Leighton works in marketing and graphics at           Sheriff’s Office is married to Connie and has a
there for a vacation. She also makes frequent        reunion gift to President James Dawson. Thanks       Fluor in Greenville. As graduates of a certain        daughter Sarah Jamison, four. Son Van, who
trips back to South Carolina to check on and         to Cameron for assuming this duty and to every       upstate college, both are avid Tiger fans, as are     works with the Department of Natural Resources
take care of her Mom’s banking and bills.            class member who contributed during the fiscal        their parents who enjoy going to games.               and is married to Judy, is the father of two boys,
Frances’s oldest daughter Karen is an attorney       year to the annual scholarship fund. Following           After retiring as a captain with 35 years of      Jacob, three, and Samuel, one, with another
who has four beautiful little girls ages two to      an excellent lunch in the Linville Dining Hall,      service from the SC Law Enforcement Division          baby on the way. Allen, Van and families near
seven. Middle daughter Camille is a reference        many of us traveled to Kalmia Gardens for            and dealing with that agency’s computerization        Sarah Ann and Wendy’s Ridgeland house, which
librarian at Clemson University. She and her         scrumptious desserts at the Hart House and a         needs, Nita Nunn Danenburg has a new career           was previously her parents’ retirement home.
husband, who grew up in Istanbul, took a             walk through the glorious landscape. A pizza         and “is learning to be a pastor’s wife”. Marshall,    Daughter Reaves received her master’s degree
delayed honeymoon to Turkey during the               supper at Jean’s lovely house was the perfect        her husband of 25 years, was ordained April 25,       plus 30 hours in speech language pathology from
summer. Youngest daughter Deborah lives in           ending to our time together. How grateful we are     2004 and is serving the Peace Baptist Church of       USC this past May.
Inman Park in an old Candler-built home.             to all who worked so hard to make the reunion        Fayetteville, NC while completing his seminary            We were so warmly welcomed into Naomi
    My daughter Jessica Marie Thigpen’99             an event to experience and remember with             studies at Campbell University. Although her          Kelley Jackson’s wonderful home filled with
and Dean Stewart Legge ’99 were married in           pleasure and to each who gave us the gift of their   present duties place her on call 24/7 and include     family treasures to enjoy our first reunion event.
June. We had quite a number of Coker Alumni          presence by attending.                               caring for Marshall’s parents, Nita enjoys reading    She and John provided such gracious hospitality.
present at the wedding—from the class of                 Since many of you did not receive one of         whenever she can. She and Marshall traveled to        Special thanks to the Jacksons and Naomi’s
’35 up to the class of ’00. Dean is his class’s      the Keepsake Booklets, here are highlights from      parts of Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; and         brother who barbecued especially tasty chicken
representative for the Commentary.                   contributing classmates as well as additional        Zurich, Switzerland during May. Their most            to accompany all the other marvelous dishes
    Isn’t there anyone interested in becoming a      thoughts gleaned at our Friday night “sharing        interesting tour consisted of historical sites with   we were served! Through the years, Naomi has
class representative? A co-representative?           session”. Bear with me if any information is         significant connections to the Reformation¹s           been such a creative, hardworking and nurturing
    If, like me, you are a new e-mail user or        slightly skewed, because I had trouble reading       great preachers. Nita remarked that she was glad      presence as we’ve returned for reunions, and our
your e-mail address has changed since our 2003       my scribbled notes! Each person named attended       she remembered Dr. Davidson’s discussions             appreciation knows no bounds. The Jacksons,
reunion, please let the alumni office know.           the reunion unless indicated otherwise, and all      on cathedral architecture! A crystal chandelier       married 15 years, lived with her mother who
(                                   children’s ages given are as of this past April.     and special pictures for Marshall’s study are         survived to age 97 then later built their own
    Stay in touch.                                       Things are beginning to settle down for          meaningful keepsakes from their trip.                 home. Both she and John are retired educators,
    Edith                                            Diane Barber since her move to Greenwood                 Roberta “Bobbye” Wagar Hall was not able          she as a teacher and he as an administrator.
                                                     three years ago following 33 years in California.    to join us at the College, but she sent an update.    Naomi earned a M.Ed as well as a masters
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 5                        Before that she lived briefly in Charlotte, NC;       She retired in 1999 after a career in business        plus 18 hours from USC, and she was named

’64     Becky Sparrow                                Charleston; Washington, DC; and Texas.               education, is now living in North Augusta             a “Teacher of the Year” at McBee Elementary
                                                     Diane’s daughters Gay and Lisa are college           and enjoys needlework as a hobby. During              School. Her career spanned 32 years. Now she
                                                     graduates now busy with their own careers in         her working years, Bobbye took post-graduate          stays busy in her yard, assisting during elections
    Forty was the magic number for our               the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, but she sees            courses at USC’s Aiken and Columbia campuses          at her community poll, attending church and
incredible reunion in April, when 20 of us plus      them regularly. Diane, who has a MSW and is          and at Valdosta State in Georgia. Her daughter        occasionally volunteering at local schools. She
five spouses gathered for the best of weekends        the social worker for dialysis patients at Gambro    Stephanie Heyman, who works for Sentinel              also enjoys crossword puzzles, reading and
together! The class dinners and activities planned   Healthcare, describes her days as “work, work,       Probation Services, is the mother of Benjamin,        Clemson football games. While she and John do
by Naomi Kelley Jackson, Jean Smith Stewart          work” and ponders what the next few years            ten, and Matthew, four.                               not have children, they have been very involved
and Rebecca “Becky” Sparrow spared no                might bring. After many changes in her life,             Although she spends many hours keeping            in the lives of the Kelley family’s ten nieces and
detail in providing delicious food, the warmest      we’re happy she’s now finding some time to            her grandchildren, Ann Dobson Hammond                 nephews. She says, “They are all grown and have
fellowship and lots of happy surprises. Naomi        reconnect with old friends including Coker           manages to find time for lots of other activities,     their own families, so we now help keep their
greeted us Friday evening with a big Coker           classmates.                                          too. Needlework, sewing, walking and square           children and love it!” How lucky for the entire
College banner outside her beautiful home                Following a visit to Joan “Joanie” Henley        dancing are favorite hobbies, and she and Tom,        clan!
                                                     Brendle, at her Hendersonville, NC home last         a retired tool maker, have taken two cruises this         Linda Milam Law taught for four years,
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

enjoyed being a mom and worked for Blue Cross        two sons, Tyler and Auston, 18 and 15. Dana,            pilot, continue the travels which have always         work career continues with duties twice a week at
Blue Shield for 13 years. Her husband Charlton       her younger daughter is married to Fred, and            been a major focus in their lives. In fact, Gail      Mercy Hospice in Conway and responsibilities in
“Charlie” is a retired banker. Linda is involved     owns a hair salon. Betty, who works part time           said, “I thank Coker for preparing me for the         the field placement program for the USC College
in the Columbia community through church             for a medical group, also stays busy with church        man I married!” She can fully appreciate John’s       of Social Work. Among the numerous honors
activities, as a Governor’s Mansion docent and       activities, gardening, quilting and membership          love of art and music, and the Civilization course    Becky has accumulated through the years are the
is a board member of Laurel Crest, a church          in a quilters’ guild. Helping organize Bethune’s        she “loved with a passion” has come to life           Pee Dee Chapter of the National Association
retirement home. She enjoys reading and loves        library has been a special project for her.             for her through their many trips. Gail’s entire       of Social Workers social worker of the year, the
being a grandmother to daughter Margaret’s               Elizabeth “Lib” Johnston Pearce told us             family enjoys their vacation home at Hilton           Georgetown Habitat for Humanity’s Nehemiah
three girls - who are six years, four years, and     a moving story of her and husband Randy’s               Head. Daughter Susan, a busy mom and school           award, and the USC College of Social Work’s
nine months - and daughter Sarah’s little boy,       involvement in organizing a new church                  volunteer in the Atlanta area, and her husband        alumni of the year award. She also serves on the
eighteen months. Margaret and husband Troy,          congregation in the Conway area. The effort             Dale have three children, ages 13, 10 and five         Board of Directors for Georgetown’s Habitat
who is with BB&T, are in Greenville, while           assumed a life of its own with astounding twists        and a half. Son Joel, whose video animation           for Humanity and is active in Service Over Self
Sarah and her husband Trevor, an attorney, live      and turns, until all plans finally came together for     and graphics business in Denver has won many          and the Mental Health Awareness Foundation of
in Haddonfield, NJ.                                   a fine sanctuary to house the group. When their          awards, and his wife Deana have a daughter who        Florence. And Becky still finds time for reading
    The busiest schedule of all is probably Anne     children were young, Lib enjoyed being a stay-          is three.                                             and yoga! Recently she helped lead an extremely
Lamb Matthews’, who often has 18 hour work           at-home mom, then she later taught first and                 Ellen Harden Rogers, who earned a M.A.            successful effort to establish a Coker scholarship
days, and we were delighted that she could be        second grade. She was a great support to Randy          at Vanderbilt University, continues her career        in honor of a deceased friend who was a graduate
with us on Friday night. Anne¹s consulting and       as he attended Georgia colleges in their early          in developmental biology at the Environmental         of the College’s evening school, and the inspiring
speaking obligations, such as training Rotary                                                                                                                      story was featured in the Commentary’s spring
leaders and serving on college accreditation                                                                                                                       2004 issue. She encourages others to consider
teams, take her all over the world from home                                                                                                                       such a worthy project when appropriate. Thank
in Columbia, and we are proud of her endless                                                                                                                       you so much, Becky, for all your efforts as a
accomplishments. Many are the honors she has                                                                                                                       reunion committee member and accepting rep
accumulated through the years, the latest of                                                                                                                       duties for us!
which is Rotary International’s “Rotarian of the                                                                                                                       ”Working is a blessing!” according to
Year” award. Anne earned a master’s degree at                                                                                                                      Cameron Council Speth. She loves working with
Appalachian State University and her doctorate                                                                                                                     children in her job as administrative assistant to
at USC and became an extraordinary educator.                                                                                                                       a high school principal, a career she has followed
After retiring from the State Department of                                                                                                                        in various places for over twenty years. She and
Education, she created her own consulting                                                                                                                          her “best friend” and husband Gustave “Gus”
business. Her community involvements include                                                                                                                       commute together each day to their jobs in New
the Girl Scouts, the Cancer Society and church                                                                                                                     Haven, CT. Cameron originally planned to
activities among others. She treasures very close                                                                                                                  teach and “almost” finished work for a masters
relationships with various family members and                                                                                                                      in history, but after her children arrived she
enjoys reading and the travel that is a major part                                                                                                                 decided to be a school support staffer. Gus is
of her routine. Ann says, “Wherever I go, I see                                                                                                                    dean of Yale’ Environment School, and his book
Dr. Davidson!” Wouldn’t Dr. D. be gratified                                                                                                                         on global warming, Red Sky at Morning, was
to know how much the Civilization course has                                                                                                                       released this past spring. Only moments before
meant in so many alumni’s lives? We all grieved                                                                                                                    emailing our class news to the Alumni Office,
with Anne some years ago when she lost her                                                                                                                         I learned that Cameron Reid McCullough
husband Jeff and are inspired by the way she has                                                                                                                   arrived on July 12 to the great joy of her entire
dedicated her life to so many good purposes with                                                                                                                   family! The Speths had been eagerly anticipating
great faith and optimism.                                                                                                                                          the birth of their first grandchild to daughter
    Kay Rogers McLean served the U.S.                                                                                                                              Catherine in Charleston. Baby Cameron was
Department of Agriculture for 35 years as a                                                                                                                        seven pounds, six ounces and 20 1/2 inches
program assistant in the ASCS. She and husband                                                                                                                     long. Catherine was, of course, on maternity
William “Bill”, another of the nice spouses                                                                                                                        leave from her position as director of the Cystic
whose presence added so much to the reunion,                                                                                                                       Fibrosis Foundation in SC. Congratulations to
live in Rowland, NC. Bill works for Pioneer NC                                                                                                                     her and husband Clay, an attorney. Son Jim is an
Seed Division. The McLeans are sports fans with      Class of 1964 (left ot right): Bottom Row: Mary Frances Zachary Williams, Judy Smith Campbell, Naomi          ace at writing computer software and puts a lot
special interest in baseball. They supported son     Kelley Jackson, Cameron Council Speth, Pat Holland Chapman Second Row: Ellen Harden Rogers, Linda Milam       of miles on his car accompanied in his travels by
William Gentry as a player during his college        Law, Betty Morrell Pait, Lorena Cook James, Ann Dobson Hammond, Elizabeth “Lib” Johnston Pearce, Gail         canine companion Zoe. Younger son Charlie and
years, and continue with younger son Alexander       Etters Pilger Third Row: Becky Sparrow, Nita Nunn Danenburg, Diane Barber, Fran Warlick van der Vate, Sarah   fiancé Libby are planning a spring 2005 wedding
Lee who currently plays on his college team.         Ann Alford Horton, Kay Rogers McLean                                                                          right after finishing Georgetown University’ law
William married in December of 2003 and lives                                                                                                                      school together. Cameron and Gus enjoy trips
with his wife Holly in Concord, NC. Kay, a past                                                                                                                    to terrific places like Colorado and Panama for
member of the Dillon Business and Professional       years together, then they lived in New Jersey for       Protection Agency and looks forward to                hiking, snorkeling and all sorts of activities and
Women’s Club, is active in her church and            a while. They have owned a marine dealership            retirement next year. Additionally, she finds          love gatherings at their Isle of Palms house with
enjoys shopping, traveling and spending time         in Conway since 1978 and are now ready to               time for reading, gardening and serving as a          all their family and dogs. Special thanks again,
with family and friends.                             sell it and retire. Lib’s children are Kimberly,        hospice volunteer. She and husband Nicholas           Cameron, for acting as class agent on Alumni
    To our biography form “honors received”          a CPA who lives in Atlanta with her husband             “Nick”, who is with the U.S. Postal Service,          Day!
inquiry, Betty Morrell Pait of Hartsville            John and three daughters; and Christopher, a            live in Raleigh, NC but are hoping to retire              Our Saturday night hostess, Jean Smith
responded, “Being a daughter, mother, wife,          Gainesville, FL attorney recently married to Jane,      to hometown Hartsville and remodel her                Stewart, always so generous with her hospitality,
grandmother, sister and friend - the best honors     a Methodist minister. In addition to her church         parents’ house. Ellen has vivid recollections of      made the evening at her beautifully decorated
ever!” What a great answer, and it was obvious       work, Lib enjoys gardening and boating.                 all the things that made our years at Coker so        home so very pleasant and comfortable. Her
as classmates talked during the weekend that             After graduating from Coker, Abigail “Gail”         memorable: freshman initiation, fire drills, the       husband Thomas “Tom”, a retired hospital/
relationships are the most important part of our     Etters Pilger followed a career in teaching and         bell tower, song contests, the then new library’s     nursing home administrator, was on hand both
lives. Betty amazed us Friday night by singing       consulting adult education classes at Emory,            “book brigade”, beauty of the campus, required        nights, and we are extremely grateful for both
her favorite college tune, our freshman class pep    Oglethorpe, Georgia State University, DeKalb            functions, singing “round the table” in the           his warm presence and contributions to our
song, word for word and with much enthusiasm!        Perimeter and Mercer and also studied interior          dining hall, senior parlor, vespers, civilization     happy weekend. All our thanks, Jean and Tom!
Betty’s career was in the health care field, and      design at Atlanta Technical College. Gail is            classes and more!                                     Jean, who received a M.Ed. in reading from
her husband Jerry’s has been in maintenance and      very involved in the Dunwoody Woman’s                       Becky Sparrow, your new class representative,     USC is “retired but still working” every day at
tree farming. Their son Todd works for March         Club, the South Carolina Club of Atlanta, as            divides her time between homes in Pawley’s            an alternative school. Reading, traveling and
of Dimes in Tennessee and is single, while           a community volunteer and a political activist.         Island and Hartsville, where her 94-year-old          grandchildren - ages one, two, three and four
daughter Susan is married to Mitchell and has        She and husband John, a retired Delta Air Lines         father is in the Morningside home. Her social         - provide much pleasure for her. Her pediatrician
daughter Kimberly, who lives in Mt. Pleasant,        are doing well, but she was unable to attend            Send Becky your updates and help her by getting        sister-in-law and family for a few days. Went to
and husband Rick have two children and another       the reunion due to other obligations. Daughter          in touch with a classmate you haven’t heard from       Anna Maria Island, Florida to see Patricia “Pat”
on the way. Son Todd, in the pharmaceuticals         Meredith teaches at Winthrop and plans to               in a while. I will always be interested in each of     Hanahan Engman and her new home, which is
business in Charlotte, NC and wife Heather two       marry in 2005. Son Zan, who farms with his              you, so please stay in touch. Both old and new         a show stopper!!! Got to see Sara Schrader Irving
children.                                            father, and his wife Mary Adell were completing         memories and relationships shared with you are         there too. It was almost old home week but so
    Jean said that Dale Galloway Davies had          their new home near Mary Ann when she last              cherished, and I send fondest wishes for all good      many were missing. Turned east to visit some
made arrangements to attend our reunion, but         wrote. Her mother’s health and well-being are a         things in your lives. Lorena                           of my extended family, then north to Savannah,
circumstances made it necessary for her to cancel    primary focus in Mary Ann’s life, and we send                                                                  Ga for a quick hello to another friend. At this
shortly before the weekend. We missed you            best wishes their way.                                  CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3                          time I am back to the Central Florida area as my
    We were happy to meet Fran Warlick van
der Vate’s husband of 25 years Peter “Pete” who
traveled with her from Fairfax, VA to attend our
                                                         ”Musical houses” was the subject of a June
                                                     update from Mary Louise Antley Glesner! She
                                                     and Jerry sold their town house in Waynesboro,
                                                     VA and found another home - with plenty of
                                                                                                             ’65     Linda “Hoot” Ramsey Snyder
                                                                                                                                                                    granddaughter is coming here to visit! Having
                                                                                                                                                                    been grandmother to each of my late sister’s
                                                                                                                                                                    babies, I am enjoying very much my own. Send
                                                                                                                                                                    me an e-mail:”
                                                                                                                Hello my dear friends.....It is that time again.
reunion. They arrived at Naomi’s house laughing      room for his model trains - just down the street        I must have the Class of 1965 news submitted to            Sara Schrader Irving also weighs in on Pat’s
about the unplanned extra miles they’d ridden        from their daughter Jill. They planned to start         Coker by July 15. Sooooo, you know what that           new retirement home….saying, “I just got
before finding their destination! Fran, who           moving the end of July. Daughter Sharon and             means. Please, please email me any developments        back from Anna Maria near Sarasota. Pat is
earned a M.Ed at Duke University and a MSW           her husband Barry would soon move into a                in your life that I can share with everyone.           building a beautiful home next to the beach...her
at the University of North Carolina, continues       house they were building, and son Scott was                I am going to the Raleigh/Durham area on            retirement home. Should be completed by the
in her social work profession, while Pete’s career   relocating to Greenville, NC, where he planned          the 15th for ten days to meet my new son-in-           end of August, when she officially retires from
is in racing and car repair. She also participates   to check out the job market. A buddy with a             law-to-be. I understand that he is a very nice         The Round Table in Washington DC. Douglas
in garden club and church activities and enjoys      new house was looking for someone to share              man. 6’7” Formula USA motorcycle racer who             and I drove down for the day to see her, the new
sewing. Daughter Sarah, who lives in Richmond,       expenses, so Scott thought the change would             has a heating and air conditioning business in         diggings and Sharon, who had driven in from
VA and works for World Market, has a beautiful       bring interesting opportunities. We hope                Philadelphia! I am also going to have some more        Texas for a few days. Due to my real estate work,
singing voice for which Fran hopes she’ll seek       everyone’s gotten happily settled by now!               speech therapy at Duke Hospital while there.           I’m still commuting back and forth to western
further training.                                        Very sad news is the death of Melanie                  Anyway, I need to collect all the input and         North Carolina. Had six of our grandchildren
    Mary-Frances Zachery Williams, who               “Mimi” Martin Adair on June 1, 2004 at her              create the column before I leave here. I will really   and their parents with us prior to the fourth,
eloped 43 years ago with Bruce ’62 during a          home in Clinton after an illness. Mimi taught           appreciate your input. Also, if there is someone       in the mountains. Our other grandchild and
Thanksgiving weekend, is loving retirement           for 28 years and retired in 2002 from Laurens           for whom you have an email address that is not         his parents will vacation with us the end of this
in Conway. She was a professional clerical           County School District 56. Her survivors include        shown here, PLEASE contact that person and             month. Douglas and I have planned a trip to
temporary worker for over 30 years besides being     her husband of 40 years, Duckett M. Adair, son          ask them to send me their news.                        Italy in mid September. We’ll be touring mostly
involved in her church and PTA, while Bruce’s        James Franklin Adair, daughter Melanie Adair               I anticipate a nice weekend reading all your        in Tuscany, Rome and the Amalfi Coast with
work was in purchasing. She had attended             Johnson and three grandchildren. We remember            emails. Please don’t let me down. Love and hugs        two other couples.”
Bruce’s most recent Coker reunion, but this          Mimi fondly and are thinking of her family.             to all. Hoot                                               Elaine Bullin reports from Wilmington, NC
was Mary-Frances’ first with her own class. It            Our deepest sympathy to Yvonne Whittle                                                                     that all her news at this time is work-related.
was great to have a Coker alumni couple in our       Hearon of Union whose husband Willard “Will”            Hello again fellow Cokernuts!                          She is putting in long hours as a Registered
midst! She says her funniest Coker memory is         P. Hearon died on July 13, 2004. Will was also              Imagine, half of the year 2004 is already gone.    Respiratory Therapist due to downsizing at her
sleigh riding on trays down the amphitheater’s       survived by daughter Merritt Donald of Greer            Looking back, it has been a time of immense            hospital. She also adds a phrase that I have seen
gentle slope on “a dusting of snow”. The             and son Tom Hearon of Travelers Rest. In                joy for me and my little world. I had suffered         quite often during my time as Class Rep, “I am
Williams’ children are Lisa Anne, 40, and James      addition, our condolences go to Burney Bristow          serious injuries during spinal surgery in August       looking forward to retiring as soon as I possibly
Bruce, Jr, 35. Mary Frances and Bruce enjoy          Byrd whose mother Christine Hart Bristow ’43            2001 and had been told they were irreversible.         can.”
traveling and have taken 13 cruises. Additional      died earlier this year. Burney and her husband          Having little to do but accept my fate, I got on           Mary Elese Pugh Krebs sends word that she
pleasures for her are reading, puzzles and movies.   Jerry live in Hartsville.                               with my life in the best way I could, barely able      was blessed with a new granddaughter, Elese
    Although not attending the reunion, other            Doug and I hope that by the time this               to speak and breathe. Then one day, with the           Alcott, born April 14, 2004.
classmates have been in touch. From California       is published we will have at least begun                encouragement of my Coker friends and some of              Donna Gates Chapman sends the best news
Susan Frank sent her regards to all and some         construction on a house in the country where            my old Piedmont (Airlines) colleagues, I was able      she has had in a long time that she and Curtis
“classic” pictures from our Coker days. Our          we will join our son Bryan, who is making much          to get an appointment with an Otolaryngogical          Chapman ‘63 BOTH RETIRED and LOVIN’
reunion coincided with the Linda Traynham            better progress on his portion of the land. I           Surgeon at Duke University. He was able to             LIFE in Hartsville! They are spending ten days
Prior’s busiest period of the year, as she was       have written enough about the Jameses over my           repair the damaged trachea and vocal chord. I          in Maine this month for a little R&R. Make lots
coordinating all the freshmen exit exams at          years as class rep and, in appreciation of your         have been going back to the Speech Pathology           of wonderful memories to share with us next
Augusta State University. She had recently           indulgence, will now be brief. We are grateful          clinic at Duke for the past four months and have       Commentary, Donna!
visited son Jimmy, his wife Cynthia and              for all the rich blessings of our lives, treasure       only a couple more sessions before recovering an           Rebecca Ramseur Earle hasn’t sent an update
grandson Stennett in Mandeville, LA, and her         friends and family and completely adore our             almost- normal speech and breathing pattern. To        for many years, and we are so very happy to hear
plans were to teach the first half of summer          granddaughter Bella, two and a half. Retirement         say the least, I believe in miracles and the power     from her again. She and her husband, Perry, just
school before retiring on July 1. Catherine          continues to be such a satisfying time for us, and      that loving and nurturing friends can have over        celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary in June.
“Katie” Tanner Mishler’s brother and his wife        we fill it with things we enjoy and try to support       your universe. Thank you my friends.                   In the last 8 years our four married children
were visiting her in Richmond, VA throughout         persons and causes as needs and opportunities               Patricia “Pat” Hanahan Engman will                 have produced 11 grandchildren. I retired from
our reunion weekend. She continues to enjoy          arise. After walking away from the crash of             be retiring at the end of August from a long           teaching and Perry retired from banking. I enjoy
part-time work as a research librarian at a local    his ultralight plane in May, Doug decided to            and distinguished career with “The Business            playing golf and tennis, working in my garden
community college.                                   concentrate on hobbies and projects closer to the       Roundtable” in Washington, DC. Upon                    and being with the grandchildren. Perry enjoys
    Unfortunately, Nell Bates Beasley was in the     earth! Our son Bryan, his sister Kelly and her          graduation from Coker, Pat pursued a law degree        being able to get up each morning and spend the
hospital during our Coker activities recovering      husband Kyle are happy in their pursuits. Life is       and has certainly put it to good use for these         day working on our 500 acre cattle ranch. For 25
from back surgery on April 12. May brought           good, and every day is a gift. Thanks to all of you     many years. She is looking forward to leaving          years he had to do the work around his banking
news that Nell was doing well but would need         at reunion, especially Ann and Nita - the loving        the fast lane for a much more relaxing lifestyle.I     hours so he is loving being a full time cowboy!
to wear a brace for a few months, and we hope        propagators - who helped celebrate my birthday.         know we all wish Pat good health and great joy         Greenville, SC is about to grow out to us. We
she has made great progress. She and Thomas          I was so surprised until my response probably           in her retirement. As you will see, throughout         hate to see the countryside slowly disappear but
“Punk” spend most of the time at their Little        didn’t properly express the appreciation I felt!        this article, her new “digs” are designed for          you can’t stop progress. Rebecca, please keep us
River place with Punk returning once a week          Then we doubled our fun by also celebrating             comfort and casual enjoyment, sporting                 posted. It is wonderful hearing from you.
to Bishopville for golf with friends. Both their     Judy’s birthday!                                        gulfviews all around and very fine golfing.                  Carol Metz Peecksen says it is another busy
children live in the Grand Strand area. Daughter         This is my sign off as your class representative,       I have news from across the country from           summer in Charleston. Lots of family, lots of
Michelle, who was married in October 2003,           and I thank you for allowing me the privilege of        my fellow classmates. Sharon Williams Elton            fun. But it surely would be good to see some of
and daughter-in-law Heather work together            serving and the support you have shown. The             writes, “I have been enjoying a road trip ALL          her fellow “Cokernuts!” Just down the road in
at Hair Worx on Ocean Drive’s Main Street.           class of ‘64 is very lucky to now be represented        BY MYSELF! I spent a day or so in Gulf Shores          Savannah, Barbara H. Thompson is enjoying
Heather and son Michael¹s children are Haley,        by Becky Sparrow, who will do an outstanding            Ala. visiting a good friend, what an elegant beach     life, enduring the rains and keeps me supplied
four, and Chad, two.                                 job for us with the benefit of her own fresh             area it is! Then to Central Florida to visit my        with plenty of enjoyable email to put smiles on
    Mary Ann Tomlinson and husband Billy             approach to gathering and presenting our news.
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

my face.                                               mail…talk about dedication in helping us get            I recently read a good description of the stages      Michael Young). Now I know why I have been
    Saving the sad news until last, we lost our        news in. Laura served as the class rep. just prior      of grief. I could identify with every single one. I   so busy for the last 6 years and selling over 16
classmate, Melanie “Mimi” Martin Adair ’64, in         to our taking over and she is great in responding       hope none of our classmates have to experience        million each year as a Real Estate Broker in High
early June.                                            as you will see. “Only a minute to spare as we          this kind of loss in the near future. Loosing your    Point. Writing this has made me even stress!
    AND, DON’T FORGET, 2005 is our big                 are leaving tomorrow A.M. for New York City.            spouse is like loosing a major part of your own           We have had great fun getting back in touch
40th reunion year. Some classmates have asked          I have never been! Fred and I are going with his        body. If anyone has missed seeing Alaska, that is     with Joan Nacrelli Zola. We have talked several
me to get ideas for a special way to celebrate,        sister Betsy and her husband Bridges. It should         a must do. I went last summer and I enjoyed the       times. I told her we needed to get her back South
perhaps a cruise? I do not have current email          be fun. We are going to do all the tourist things       wildlife and nature so much I would like to go        for a visit since she has lost her Southern accent
addresses for very many of you, so I must rely         for me. See two shows and as many museums as            again. My oldest (step) grandson just graduated       that we worked so hard to teach her during
on your contacting me. I would really like to          possible. Ground Zero, the Ferries, etc. etc. This      from Francis Marion University here in Florence.      our Coker years. We told her this would give
include more of you in our news column, but            summer we will again be at Edisto for the last          He sure made us all very proud. There are 3           her another foreign language “Southern drawl”
can do so only if you provide the information.         two weeks in July. Then in the fall we plan again       more to go!                                           that she could add to her Vita at graduation
Please feel free to email me anything you want         to take a trip with Betsy and Bridges to Ireland!!          Glenna Rickborn McGahey always had the            time. Joan updated us in the following email.
to! My email address is             No RV trips this year, but we are talking about         knack of keeping us thinking positively and she       “After teaching French for 18 years at the High
                                                       another trial with a smaller Class C to the Maine       still does it with this message. Hi, young ones! I    School and College level, I recently assumed an
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 6                          coast in the Spring of 2005. The grand children         hope that we can have a reunion and get together      administrative position as the World Languages

’66     Co-reps needed                                 are well and happy, and Fred and I are having a
                                                       great time with them. Trey and Anna are busy
                                                       and happy also. So, all is right in my world
                                                       except that I am not retired yet.
                                                                                                               soon! I am taking a short break and heading for
                                                                                                               Hilton Head to unwind. My mother is at my
                                                                                                               house right now. She is having cataract surgery
                                                                                                               at Emory in a few weeks and I thought it best
                                                                                                                                                                     Supervisor for my district in Mt. Olive, NJ. My
                                                                                                                                                                     husband, Joseph, is an Aeronautical Engineer at
                                                                                                                                                                     Boeing Helicopters. Our son, JR, is in his third
                                                                                                                                                                     year of Med School at the Medical College of

                                                           Janet DeLoach Strickland updated us on              for her to be here. It is too hard for me to get      Virginia (VCU) in Richmond and our daughter,
           Judy Starnes Brasington                     the exciting things she and Joe and her family          away this time of the year that much. There is        Ginger, graduated from the Business School of
          2 Wharfside 5 A                              are up to…As you know, I closed my Christian            always real estate that needs sellers and buyers. I   Villanova University and is currently working
Charleston SC 29401                                    Bookstore, Gift Shop, and Cafe in February,             was at Lillian Utsey Harder ’65 son’s wedding         in the manufacturing department of a Chinese
843.722.6785                                           just as we closed the store Joe decided to come         in January and had a wonderful time! I think          company. We have been truly blessed with a                                 out of retirement and start a new business. He          of you often and love hearing the news--oh, by        “king’s” family
                                                       promises me that he’ll only work about three            the way, talked with Carol Cooper Casteel just            Cricket and I have loved hearing from
Ginny Hammond Carroll                                  days a week, so I’m going to hold him to it!....I       before Christmas and she is engaged! Can’t stop       another one of our wonderful “northern friends”
1004 Black Rush Circle                                 had retired from teaching four years ago, but           us Coker girls!!--Hugs, Glenna                        Edith “Edie” Steen Edwards. She has stayed in
Mt. Pleasant SC 29464                                  went immediately into the store, so I am really             We were so pleased to hear from Ashley            the South long enough that she sounds like us
843.881.1148                                           enjoying being at home and living a much slower         Wilson King catching us up on her busy life.          now. No doubt her Georgia law clients like her                                   pace! Our daughter and son-in-law, Jennie and           We had missed hearing from her until just             Southern accent. Our most recent news from
                                                       Scot, are expecting their third child in July,          recently when we reconnected. It has been great       Edie finds her telling us about another interesting
    The class of ‘67 seems to be staying as busy as    and I’ll be busy helping her when our newest            hearing from classmates including those who           project she has planned. My neighbor, Norman
always. We are delighted that we’ve been able to       grandchild arrives! She has two little girls, so this   transferred prior to graduation since they are        Huggins, a retired colonel, maintains a residence
catch up with a number of you since the last class     will be our first grandson! Our son and daughter-        still an important part of our Coker family. We       and tobacco farm in Mullins, SC; and, is guiding
news was published in the Commentary. Coker            in-law, Joe and Altra, are leaving Covenant             continue to try to locate other classmates so         me in selecting a summer tour of S.C. He has
gives us two deadlines: July 15th and January          Players, a drama ministry that they have been           Ginny and I sure would appreciate help from the       provided me with copies of the Sandlapper,
15th. We look forward, however, to getting             with for four years, and will be returning to           entire class on locating other friends that we have   and I’ve really enjoyed learning about all the
emails, phone calls and letters anytime during         school and to seminary....and we’re excited             lost track of. Ashley wrote “Since we last talked     charming characteristics of each area. I plan to
the year, and we always include news over a large      about having them back in the mainland USA,             my list of grandchildren has grown to 3. Our          do drawings and paintings of various areas that I
time frame.                                            as they’ve been in Alaska for a year. I’m praying       daughter here in Jacksonville, Fl has two little      visit. In September I am giving a program on art
    I had such fun talking to Sharon Pickren           about what the Lord would have me do next, as           girls now. Addison Ashley is 2 1/2 and Elizabeth      to our local AAUW.
Johnson recently and she said that Don, her            I have too much energy to just “sit!” Would love        Sabrie is 9 months and I spend 4 days a week              Harriet Hurd Rowe’s email summed up our
husband, kids her about knowing someone she            to hear from lots of Coker friends...                   being entertained by them while their mother          thought exactly when she said “It was so good to
wants to call every place they travel. Staying             We were delighted to hear from Anna                 works. Our older daughter Adele who lives in          hear from you. Coker news is always enjoyed. I
in touch with college friends is so very special.      Williams Baker, she writes…I am living in               Virginia Beach just recently (2 1/2 months ago)       cannot believe that it has been this many years
Sharon said she plans on teaching another year         Marion, teaching math and statistics at Wilson          gave birth to our first grandson - Christian John.     since we were there. This year has been rather
or two since she still enjoys her work. Their          High School in Florence. Life is good, except for       I spent about a month up there with her helping       chaotic, as usual. My husband has had some
daughter Michelle and son-in-law Terry are             weeding and mowing. There is always something           out and having a ball. Our son Patrick is still       trouble with the recurring bloodclots which
doing well and they are still enjoying being in        to do when you have a yard. This is high school         over in Cape town, South Africa (following his        have plagued him since Vietnam. I have been
Birmingham. Needless to say, some of Don and           reunion #40.                                            service as a Peace Corps volunteer as a teacher)      delighted that the warmth of summer is upon
Sharon’s trips from Fla. are in that direction.            We received the following wonderful update          but will be returning to the states late this         us, as I am still a “hot house plant” as my mom
    We were thrilled to get a corrected email          from Carolyn Thornton Crowe …Our darling                summer with his girlfriend as she completes her       used to say. This summer we will be spending
address for Carol Chastine Cooper. Please              granddaughter, Haley is 13 months old, and the          Masters in Criminology at GWU in DC. My               some time at Solomons Island, MD, as we have
correct this on the data base we mailed to             apple of our eyes...the blessing of getting older,      husband, Wade, and I are still plugging along         for a number of years. While in the past I have
everyone, Carol wrote         I guess. My husband Marv is pastor at 2 small           enjoying our children and grandchildren. I still      been able to go over and stay most of the time,
Happy New Year a little late! I’m spending the         Methodist churches after a 2 year absence. Our          make it to Charleston as often as possible to visit   this year has been a bit too busy for that. But I
winter in Richmond at my fun city house. My            daughter may be moving back to Atlanta from             with my mother who still lives on James Island        will be there as much as possible. Who knows!
fiancé is much closer to here than Smiyh Mt.            Columbia, and I’ll just have to get braver and          - but in a retirement community as she gave up        A Maryland blue crab might make its way into
Lake and also the lake is boring in the winter.        make the drive more often. Hope you and all our         keeping house about 10 years earlier. Take care.      my pot yet. Take care, and let me hear from you
My situation is--divorced, 3 children, 2 married       classmates are all well.                                Hope to see you and all the others at some time       again. Hugs, Harriet
and living in Roanoke. They are lawyers and                Trisha McKenzie Blackmon sure stays busy            in the future - even though I’m probably the              Mary Lloyd Edwards Williams sends this
engineers and in real estate and are all just great.   too. Sounds like she should join some of the rest       only one of the bunch that did not graduate with      note: Our son and his wife are expecting their 1st
My youngest son Briggs just graduated from             of our class members who are real successful Real       you all!!                                             baby in August, needless to say, we are excited.
college. Don’t know what’s in store for him yet-       Estate Agents. I retired in 98 and have enjoyed             Carol “Mickie” Michael Young had                      Boo and I just had another great phone visit
-maybe Hawaii with his girlfriend. I’m engaged         doing lots of sewing, knitting, embroidering            delightful news to pass along. My 6th grandchild      and she sends her warmest regards to everyone.
to Bill Lee from Alexandria, Va. He’s a civilian       and buying and selling property. I just sold my         was born on June 24, Davis Young DeLille, 9           She and her family have spent a lot of time at
employee of the navy and will retire from that in      beach condo (in less than 24 hours) and my              lbs, 3 ozs. A beautiful young man! I now have         Garden City this year. Boy did we have some
Jan. 2005 and then move on to a new adventure.         home I live in just got a contract on it, after only    5 grandsons – Davis - 12 days old, Sam – 1            wonderful beach visits during our Coker years
He’s head of the flight simulator program for the       2 weeks, and so by late November I should be            year, Jack (Davis’s brother)– 18 months, James        thanks to the generosity of her family. She still
navy. Great guy. I look forward to hearing from        in my new home on a lake in Florence. I have            – 4 years (named after his Grandfather (James         loves being in Salters. She was talking about
and about Coker friends. Keep in touch.                always wanted to live there and finally it seems         Young) that died in 1993), and David – 6 years        how much fun it is to have fox, deer, turkeys,
    Laura Cheatham Palmer took time out                my dream will come true. I still miss my dear           and the Princess of the family Elizabeth 3 years      raccoons in their back yard, in addition to their
of a busy schedule to send us the following e-         Tom; it has been 20 months of sheer confusion.          (named after her grandmother – Carol Elizabeth        cats and dogs.
    Kathy King Belknap sent us this exciting            living close to New York City all these years        Vance suggested we try a “buddy” system of              relaxing 35th wedding anniversary. Connie has
update. We survived the wedding on May 29.              is the opportunity to see and hear some              writing or calling a few classmates, and passing        been in touch with Jeffry Daniel Beasley who
Actually, it was wonderful. Everything went well,       outstanding performers from all over the             along any news to the class representative. The         lives in Columbia with her husband. Their
and Katherine and Ryan have just moved in their         country and world. In May, I had the delightful      response has been good and many thanks for              son is employed at Frito Lay in the Asheville/
little house here in Lexington. Since Ryan is a         experience of hearing our own Coker Singers          your efforts to make this work! Here’s the latest       Spartanburg area.
Citadel grad, we had bagpipes and swordsmen,            perform at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was a         news from your classmates:                                  April Garnier Poitras and husband Joe visited
and that made it very special too. The bagpipers        swelteringly hot day, but their performance was         Congratulations to Amanda Hubbard                    Hyatt Ann Keels Brandt and her daughter
were my cousins. We had them play “Amazing              “cool” – I felt so proud to have a connection to
Grace” in the narthex of the church before any          these gifted singers.
of the processionals began, and then they played            The summer of 2004 brought a different
“Scotland the Brave” as the recessional for             type of reunion for many of us: 40th high school
the bridal party. I love music, so I particularly       reunions that is. A note from Nancy Baker
enjoyed it. Now we’re still carrying loads of stuff     Bell said she was planning to host her high
of to their house - including half my furniture!        school reunion at her Bluffton river house, and
At least the attic is really cleaned out. I am taking   I attended my Landon High School reunion
golf lessons, but it’s soooo hot, I’m wishing I had     in Jacksonville in late May. “Where have the
waited til fall. Joe really enjoys playing, so I’m      years gone?” asked Nancy, and I’m sure most
hoping to learn a little in order to be able to go      of us have puzzled over that question hundreds
out with him.                                           of times as the reunion years come and go.
    Anne Gibson Whitmire, emailed us the                The good thing is that as long as we can still
following message from Hendersonville, N.C. I           remember those times (and our addresses and
have been running around all summer trying to           today’s date!), and recognize most of those
do things I didn’t get done during the year. I am       faces of friends from long ago, we are in pretty
planning to teach again this year and continue          good shape no matter how many years ago we
to be very active in my state organization              graduated!
NCAAHPERD. I have played a little golf and                  Retirement is a graduation of sorts, and Anne
spent a week at Cherry Grove. I try to visit            Davis Darby officially retired in May from full-
my folks each month and keep in touch with              time teaching and as head of the charter school
everyone. I would love to see and hear from             she established in Manning. Anne will continue
Coker friends.                                          to advise the new administrator in the transition
    Cricket and Jim never seem to slow down             period and do some part-time teaching (her real
either. Ellen still loves college and has taken full    love) as well.
advantage of trips abroad, along with being a               As most of you have discovered, retirement
part of all the other college activities. Just as we    is just another word for new opportunities.
brought college friends home Ellen has filled            Recently, I have become a volunteer for the
their home with friends according to Cricket            National Park Service at the Theodore Roosevelt
and it has been great fun for everyone. Cricket’s       Historic Site at Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay,
Mom recently has not been well so Cricket is            NY. In addition to greeting visitors from all
spending a lot of time in Albemarle with her.           over the world and helping with school group
Margaret’s determination to remain independent          visits, I have had the opportunity to visit T.R.’s
has been remarkable and the family has made             birthplace in New York City (with a “behind-
that wish a reality. There is no place like home        the-ropes” special tour). I know many of you are
and Jim and Cricket have respected her Mom’s            also involved in various volunteer activities that
desire.                                                 satisfy your own intellectual curiosity and enrich
    Dalton and I continue to travel a great deal…       your communities. Please send me all your
sometimes its short trips year round to follow          news about these and other activities. And don’t
The Citadel Bulldogs and USC Gamecocks since            forget the weddings and grandchildren. Nancy
sports remain a real passion for both of us. Other      Bell reminded me that her two grandchildren,
times we enjoy being gone for months at the             Matthew and Abby celebrated their first               Class of 1969 (left ot right): Bottom Row: Connie Igleheart Brock, Mary Ann Jay Wingard, Vaughan Smith
time. There are still lots of places in the world       birthdays in May. Soon they’ll be asking the         Long, May Merritt Benson, Second Row: Gail Worrell Townsend, Carol Blake Armstrong, Pam Mackey Hall, Ray
we want to visit for the first time or revisit and       same question we ask, “Where have the years
                                                                                                             Torrance Vance, Jean Dell Whitesides James, Third Row: Carol Luth Ruthven, Anne Gardner Blomeyer, Nell Cutts
we always enjoy doing just that. When we aren’t         gone?”
                                                                                                             Daniels ’70, Pat Stevens Hewitt, Joyce Childres Tice
traveling you can catch up with us in Charleston,
Folly Beach, or Highlands, N.C. We love having          CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2

                                                                                                             Sedgwick on receiving a Masters in Education!           in Irmo, SC. Did you know that Hyatt Ann
friends come visit. We often say we don’t know                    June Smith Rownd                           Her graduate group had the distinction of               introduced April to Joe at Coker! April recently
how we ever found time to work. We love                           515-D 36th Avenue North                    being the last class in Europe to graduate from         had a mini-reunion with two sophomore
retirement.                                             Myrtle Beach SC 29577                                National Louis University. The ceremony                 roommates at Coker- Alyce Coker Player and Jo
    Please stay in touch with us by sending news,       843.626.5778                                         took place in Mannheim. Mandy and husband               Rand. Alyce lives in Lexington, SC and works
any address changes and we also hope you will                                                                Michael are spending the summer on Tybee                for Social Services in Columbia. After October
keep Coker in mind and make a contribution              Carol Luth Ruthven                                   Island, GA and then back to Germany for                 both of Alyce’s daughters will be married. Jo
to help our college continue to do wonderful            176 Emley’s Hill Road                                another two or three years of teaching.                 lives in Berkley, CA and works for a hospital
things for students. Large donations are always         Cream Ridge, NJ 08514                                    Congratulations to May Merritt Benson on            coding medical records. April saw Anne Gardner
great, but small gifts make a huge difference too       609.259.2623                                         the birth of her first grandchild, Bennett Grace         Blomeyer and husband Bob a few months
since the percentage of alums donating is a very        609.259.5876 FAX                                     Forville, born in DC on July 6th.                       ago for dinner, but missed their July 4th party
important factor as Coker searches for grants etc.      Ruthven8@aol.Com                                         Jennie Kluttz Clifton writes that her oldest        complete with fireworks over Dallas! April will
                                                                                                             son David is getting married on August 21st,            once again be traveling during the summer

                                                        Dear Classmates,                                     in Athens. Jennie and husband Cecil recently            months, visiting her son and his jazz band in
            Nancy Strahan Hall                              Those of us who were able to make the 35th       spent five days in New York having a great time          Austin, NJ for a family reunion, then on to the
            24 Dickerson Court                          reunion in April had a wonderful time “strolling     visiting friends, dining out, seeing shows.             Poconos, Vermont and Maine, where she’ll visit
Port Jefferson, NY 11777                                down memory lane”. We spent hours catching               Connie Igleheart Brock writes that she              Leigh Ann Farnell-Noyce and Jeff. In August
631.928.2746                                            up, shared happy and sad, remembered the             and husband Jim are having a busy summer                she’ll be back to teaching 2nd grade in a private                                   experiences that brought us together not only        enjoying their two grandsons and other family           school in Arlington.
                                                        as a class, but as friends. One of our biggest       including their Sudanese family. Connie                     Richard and I also have a busy summer with
   One of the great things I’ve found about             challenges is to stay in touch! Ray Torrance         and Jim took a trip to Daufuskie Island for a           youngest son David graduating from college
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

with a degree in Architecture. He’ll continue          Anne Gardner Blomeyer ‘69, April Garnier             our information mission and we will surely do            For those of you who did not return to Coker
into the graduate program in the fall. On August       Poitras ‘69, Virginia Haskins Bagby ‘69,             it again. We met a couple from Ft. Worth (Air        in April for our 30th reunion, you missed out
22nd, two weeks after his college graduation,          Marsha Hatfield Marcelli ‘69, Margaret Hauser         Force retired), and we have decided that we          on a fabulous weekend! For those of you who
he’ll be married on the beach at Topsail Island,       ‘69, Amanda Hubbard Sedgwick ‘69, Connie             will fly somewhere every year together. We are        came, thank you for making our reunion a great
NC! I am loving my volunteer work with my              Igleheart Brock ‘69, Mary Ann Jay Wingard            thinking about England next spring. I’ve put         success and an even more memorable occasion.
Golden Retriever, Quar. He is a certified therapy       ‘69, Dora Johnson Beasley ‘69, Hyatt Ann             the reunion on my calendar and look forward to       For those of you who planned to come, but were
dog which means that he visits schools for             Keels Brandt ‘69, Virginia King Hilderbrand,         it. I’ll be seeing Diane Thrasher Mills in July if   unable, we missed you!
handicapped children and nursing homes. It’s           Kathryn Lindsay ‘69, Carol Luth Ruthven ‘69,         plans stay intact for a visit by her to our beach        Thanks to Cynthia and Milton Gantt for
amazing to see the joy he brings to any age group      Jocelyn Strange Lynch ‘69, Pam Mackey Hall           condo. I’ve heard through the grapevine that she     helping with the reunion and their many phone
with his gentleness. Thank you to all who took         ‘69, Mary Anne McAdams Fortney ‘69, May              has been shagging away at the old beach haunts.      calls to our classmates asking for financial
the time to write. I look forward to hearing from      Merritt Benson ‘69, Joyce Montgomery ‘69,            Same Diane!!! I saw Susan Burns Wetmore this         support to Coker. Our class managed to give a
you throughout the year. Think of me when              Sandra Myers Denny, Nancy Nash Stoutamire            past weekend at a wedding and she and Frank          generous gift to the Annual Fund. Thank you
something exciting happens in your life and get        ‘69, Camille Reynolds ‘69, Frankie Rhodes            are doing great. Hopefully I can convince Susan      classmates for your contribution that will only
in touch!! We’re Coker Family, you know! Take          Watson ‘69, Linda Schultz Edwards ‘69, Jackie        and Fran Crisp McCaw to come to the reunion          help Coker College continue to grow and remain
good care!                                             Shuler Patterson ‘69, June Smith Rownd               in April. Jane                   a school that has proud alumni.
    Love and a hug,                                    ‘69, Vaughan Smith Long ‘69, Ruby Lynn                   Other addresses are: Pie White                       Those present for the reunion were: Cynthia
    Carol Luth Ruthven                                 Smith Barnes ‘69, Rosanne Taylor Pollard   , Candee Craven                       and Milton Gantt, Carolyn Stutler Poole, Sarah
                                                       ‘69, Estelle Truesdale McKenzie ‘69, Linda  and Nell Daniels                Fran Wells, Sarah Stubbs, Edna Earle “Boone”
   PS Ray Torrance Vance kept a financial diary         Watkins Kelly ‘69, Jean Whitesides James ’69                                  Myrick, Jane Blankenship, Pat Newman, Anna
during her stay at Coker College. Thought these        (May Queen), Gail Worrell Townsend ’69 and               Connie White Boleman wrote a long message        Barnes Polston, Dana Willis, Alice Bodenhimer
figures might give you a laugh: Tuition-$500,           several juniors (Class’70)- Martha Carpenter         that went off into cyberspace. What I did receive    Wilson and husband Don, Pam Thompson
Mailbox-$1.00, Coker beanie-$1.25, math book-          Shockley, Deborah Collins Kobezak, Harriett          from her was that she was “voted teacher of the      Motley and husband Marty, Mary Ann Burkee
$8.95, coke- $.10, syllabus- $3.50, movie- $1.00,      Council, Debra Earnhardt Ashley, Martha              year at my school. Obviously, I’m not ready for      Palmieri and husband Sam, Jane Clyburn (class
dance-$3.00, Weeguns-$9.95, tennis shoes-              Flowers Herbert, Jessica Markley Lee, Jane           retirement. I still have too much to do.” Connie     of ’73 and ’74) and me.
$4.02, Girl Scout cookies-$.50!!!!                     May Gable, Lynda Patton Land, Ray Torrance                                       We had such a good time Friday night at the
                                                       Vance, Diane Thrasher Mills (always teasing              For you math majors, you might already have      Sory Boathouse, and I owe Don Wilson some
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 4                          me-I love her), Mary Judd Utley Montgomery,          figured out that we have a big date coming up in      new khaki pants!

’70        Linda Smith Bradford
           Post Office Box 130
Hallieford VA 23068-0130
                                                       Elizabeth “Betsy” Buhrmaster Johnson ’71
                                                       (my little sister) and many, many more. Please
                                                       kindly give them this message together with my
                                                                                                            2005 – our 35th Reunion. Your committee has
                                                                                                            been formed – Jane Brown Riechmann, Gayle
                                                                                                            Buckheister Sawyer, Joyce Floyd Shaw, and
                                                                                                            me. Our tentative plans are quite similar to the
                                                                                                                                                                     It was great meeting Pat Newman’s son,
                                                                                                                                                                 Robert, a freshman at Coker. Pat also shared
                                                                                                                                                                 pictures of a mini-Coker reunion held at Folly
                                                                                                                                                                 Beach in the November of last year.
                                                       e-mail add on classes reunion. I would appreciate
Joyce Floyd Shaw                                       e-mail addresses of our teachers -Ms. Edna           format for the 30th – Drop in Friday evening at          Claire Hudson Watts could not make the
252 Timberlake Drive                                   Earle Poyner, Ms. Eugenia Burns and Mrs.Lynn         a local restaurant, the College events Saturday      reunion due to illness. Her mother has reported
Florence SC 29501                                      Oates (she was Assistant Professor of Business       and then a BBQ that night at Kalmia. We will         to me that Claire is much better.
843.393.2540                                           Education at that time). Thank You. I have to        reserve a block of hotel rooms for a dorm-like           Cynthia and Milton Gantt had a marvelous                                     go by now because my tear is running out. My         PJ party Friday and Saturday nights (Connie          trip to Lake Tahoe. Milton says it was the most
                                                       love to you and your family. I look forward to       Boleman’s suggestion). Ideas are welcomed; we        beautiful place in the USA. Cynthia and Sarah
Attention Class of 1969 – Don’t skip our news!         receiving your reply as soon as possible thru        want to plan the event so everyone enjoys! Let us    Stubbs have also gotten together for lunch in
    For many years we have had a huge gap in           e-mail.                                              know! Put the date on your calendar now – April      Dillon recently.
our rooster – Eed Thanomkulbutr was actually               Love always, EED              9, 2005. We will work on mates who have not              Porter Vann Hudson could not attend the
a member of the Class of 1969 had been listed              Gayle Buckheister Sawyer is busy writing her     returned in years – be prepared Bev and Bland!       reunion because she had plans to be in Virginia.
as lost. While taking a computer class in April        dissertation, working, keeping up with George            Take care, Linda and Joyce                       She has recently sold her house in Orangeburg
Eed located George Sawyer’s name on the Coker          and the children, playing the organ for Church                         and we will need a new address for her!
website and contacted him! I’ve edited a bit           and likely a whole host of other things as well!                                   News has it, Marcena Kellahan Tisdale is
from her message (George and Gayle shared                                                                                   going to be a proud Grandmother real soon!
                                                           Elaine White Gilbert wrote and shared a          CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 7                            Cissie Jordan Thaxton missed our reunion,

it), but she sends greetings to a long list of folks
in both classes – ’69 and ’70 – and to faculty.        message with several folks whose addresses I                   Sarah Jo Wood Safrit                       but had a great trip to Europe!
How wonderful to hear that she is well and             didn’t have:                                                   Post Office Box 388                             A beach retreat in the late fall is in the making
still the student! E-mail her – address at the             Hi Ladies, as you may have already found out,    Beaufort NC 28516                                    for our class and if you are interested, please
end. Eed’s message: Dear Gayle, this is EED            Jane has retired (for the moment!!). To Pie, Jane,   252.728.3213                                         contact Cynthia and Milton Gantt. Their
from Thailand. Haven’t met you and friends             Nell and Candee -- hope all of you are doing                               phone number is 843-381-9418. Their email is
for over 35yrs, I am still alive in this part of       well, and I expect to see ALL of you at Coker                                                   
the world. I am glad to see Mr. Sawyer’s name          next April. Our 35th Reunion, hmmm – I don’t         CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 5                            This is short and I know there must be loads

on Coker’s faculty list. Really I am just taking       even feel 35 years old yet, do y’all??!!?? How can                                                        of newsworthy items, so please let me hear from
                                                                                                                      Jean Southard Riddle
computer lesson. I look at my office computer           we have been out of college that long?? Miss you                                                          you!
                                                                                                                      9 Pathfinder Drive
every morning but no message back. Only 2 wks          all! Love, Elaine                                                                          As always, I send warmest wishes to everyone!
                                                                                                            Sumter, SC 29150
of lesson I looked at Coker’s website and there            Jane May Gable writes: Elaine was correct in                                                              Myra
Mr. Sawyer’s name. I know classes members              the fact that I have retired...hopefully forever,
                                                       but we’ll see how we survive on a single salary! I                                                        CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 7

will be met on 17 April, then I think it is a good                                                          CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 6

opportunity to say hello to them and to send           had put 32 years into 5 day a week, minimum of                                                                      Rose Patrick Smith
them my best regards. I always miss them and           8 hours a day jobs that I really enjoyed, but the              Jane Clyburn
                                                                                                                                                                           1801 Stannard Trail
the good time while we were boarding at Coker.         more I thought about the chance of being paid                  1002 Starcliff Drive
                                                                                                                                                                 Raleigh NC 27612
Thank you friends for all the warm welcome             to quit work (CSX gave a severance package)          Lugoff SC 29078
and lovely smiles extended to your black head          the better that sounded to me, so I raised my        803.438.5638
friend from Thailand (now it is turning gray).         hand and requested to be let go. Being free from
My love to- Amanda Adams Cauthen ’69,                  a job allowed us to take our first Space A trip.      Co-rep needed
                                                                                                                                                                 Dear Classmates,
Susan Allen Morano ‘69, Janice Atkinson Lane           For the non-military, that is a flight anywhere                                                               We’re planning a party and you’re invited!
                                                       in the world where there is a military facility      CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

‘69, Carol Blake Armstrong ‘69, Clare Anne                                                                                                                       Thanks to Carlotta Johnson Wiggins, Kathi
Calloway Lyle ‘69, Betsy Coker ‘69, Evelyn             accepting flights. The cost is free and the trip                Myra Grayson Nuttall                       Pleasant Luther, and Reveley Wilson Thomy
Conley Owen ‘69, Jane Cress Newsome ‘69,               requires only that you are flexible enough to fly                2873 Luvan Boulevard                       for agreeing to serve on our Reunion Planning
Jeffry Daniel Beasley ‘69, Martha Ducworth             space available. Mark and I left on May 18 for       Georgetown SC 29440                                  Committee. We look forward to seeing you at
Reynolds ‘69, Ann Farmer O’Shields ‘69, Leigh          Italy and returned on the 31st of May. We had        843.527.4837                                         Coker for Alumni Day on April 9, 2005. Save
Ann Farnell-Noyce ‘69, Paula Fulcher Kemp              a wonderful time visiting Sicily and from Naples                                  the date!
‘69, Elaine Gaddy Cronin ‘69, Pat Gamble ‘69,          southward in Italy. This first trip was primarily                                                             Peggy Jernigan Russ e-mailed this message.
                                                                                                              shrimp on the barbie! Sounds great!                  Now that is a busy family!
                                                                                                                  Agnes Avery Lyles lives in Hartsville and            Nancy Timms Matthews is delighted to
                                                                                                              is the Assistant Principal at North Hartsville       report that baby Grace is wonderful through and
                                                                                                              Elementary School. Both of her sons are              through. She has just turned 3, loves her two
                                                                                                              serving in Iraq. Tripp is twenty-three and he        older sisters, knows her letters and sounds, loves
                                                                                                              and his wife are expecting a baby in October.        books...and has a bubbly, giggly personality!
                                                                                                              Her younger son, Avery, deployed after his           That family sounds as though they are really
                                                                                                              sophomore year of college. Agnes hopes to have       having fun.
                                                                                                              them home by March.                                      Mike Yelton reports from Ohio that his
                                                                                                                  Would you believe that last summer I visited     wife has a long list of summer fun things for
                                                                                                              the Mall of America with some girlfriends and        him to do. In addition he is working on a
                                                                                                              didn’t buy a thing? Talk about sensory overload!     second masters in Special Education at Wright
                                                                                                              While Dabney and I enjoyed a trip to San Diego       State University. He hopes to finish this fall.
                                                                                                              in July, LuLu went to Shady Grove Pet Resort.        Mike’s wife is working at upper Valley Medical
                                                                                                              We kept telling her that she was going to camp,      Center as a nurse. Both daughters, Megan and
                                                                                                              but she wasn’t thrilled about being left at home.    Catherine, are working and playing. Both are
                                                                                                              For fun, I participate in an interesting book club   involved in several sports. A note from Jeanie
                                                                                                              and play Bunco with a neighborhood group.            says: “I am sorry that I have not had time to call
                                                                                                                  Here’s wishing Brad Mobley good health!          or otherwise contact any of you through the year.
                                                                                                              Ruthie Henderson Mobley is a great “nurse”           Mike was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma last July
                                                                                                              and patient advocate.                                and we have been fighting it the entire year. This
                                                                                                                  If you know the whereabouts of any of these      cancer is related to Agent Orange, the herbicide
                                                                                                              lost classmates, please let me know ASAP in          used in Vietnam. We were sent from MUSC
                                                                                                              order that they receive information about the        to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,
                                                                                                              reunion. Thanks for your help! Larry Eugene          Texas in November. We spent 3 months there.
                                                                                                              Brown, Roy Lee Carruth, Gary A. Chavis,              Mike underwent surgery to remove a vertebra
                                                                                                              Robert F. Cooke, Kay Beeland D’Andrea,               which had collapsed because of the disease. He
                                                                                                              David Desser, Emily Stanley Durant, Brian            did well through rigorous physical therapy and
                                                                                                              Eckert, Richard Fisher, Susan Hite Frost,            radiation and was walking when we came home.
                                                                                                              Ronnie Lee Ham, Elizabeth Hill, Patricnola           In early March he began to get weak and sick
                                                                                                              Horton, Barbara Horton, Randall Humphries,           again. Tests at MUSC identified several spots of
                                                                                                              Frances Walton Johnson, Kay Williams                 cancer metastasized to his liver, kidney, pancreas,
                                                                                                              McCall, Laurin Allen McInnis, William                and skin. It was the same sarcoma, but this
                                                                                                              Leonard Morrison, Andre Mungall, Pamela              time it came back in the soft tissue and was very
                                                                                                              Phillips Neal, Lucinda Herstine Peace, Miriam        aggressive. Chemo started immediately and he
                                                                                                              Anderson Pratt, Rhea Register Privette,              has just finished the 4th round. He has also had
                                                                                                                  Valerie McPherson Privette, Joanne Mayo          more radiation on another tumor in his spine.
                                                                                                              Richardson, Margaret Donaldson Sanner,               Right now he is feeling a little better and there
                                                                                                                  Jane Wiggins Thompson, Charles R.                has been some positive response to the chemo. A
                                                                                                              Tiemeyer, Roland Normand Trudeau, John               little girl at my school wrote me a note before we
                                                                                                              Ward, Joseph Marion West, Howard E.                  went to Houston. She said “You should believe
                                                                                                              Wilkes, Barbara Haynes Williams, Edward L.           in could always happen.” We are
                                                                                                              Wood, and Janet Esther Allen Young.                  praying for and expecting that miracle. Please
                                                                                                                  Can’t wait to see everyone in April!             remember him in your prayers.”
Class of 1974 (left ot right): Bottom Row: Myra Grayson Nuttall, Anna Barnes Polston, Alice Bodenheimer           Rose                                                 Please contact me with your news. My address
Wilson, Pat Newman, Second Row: Edna Earle Boone Myrick, Jane Blankenship Hawkins, Sarah Stubbs, Dana                                                              and e-mail are above. Someone is looking for
Hinson Willis, Third Row: Pamela Thompson Motley, Carolyn Stutler Poole, Fran Wells, Cynthia Ward Gantt,      CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 7                        every one of you and I would love to get the

Milton Gantt                                                                                                                                                       information they need to find you. Time has
                                                                                                                        Marilyn Mros Belotti
                                                                                                                                                                   flown by since we graduated. I know that you
                                                                                                                        1118 Inverness Lane
                                                                                                                                                                   have done and are doing incredible things...and
“In May, 2003, I celebrated my 50th (ugh!)              in nursing. Floy and Rick live in Chapin with         Hanahan, SC 29406
                                                                                                                                                                   the rest of us want to know what they are. Please
birthday with a trip to a resort in Cancun. It was      their girls Jennifer, a high school freshman, and     843.747.8361
                                                                                                                                                                   be in touch.
fabulous!!! In three, count’em, three years I’ll be     Kimberly, a 6th grader. The Fannings celebrated
eligible to retire from my state job! Currently,        their 21st anniversary in June.                                                                            CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

I’m a member of two Toastmaster International               Congratulations to Johnny and Carlotta               Hi to all of you. Good news! We found
clubs here in Charleston, and soon I’ll achieve         Johnson Wiggins who celebrated their 30th             Marsha Lee Harmon ’77...actually she found us.                 Jane McCrackin Suchy
the level of Advanced Toastmaster-Silver. For           anniversary in June.                                  I had a letter from her in February and we have                1011 Poplar Street
the past two years I’ve served as secretary at              It was wonderful to hear from Jackie Bullock      been in contact through e-mail several times         Marion SC 29571
the Ladies Auxiliary of a VFW post in North             Szczepanik who lives in Canberra in the               since then. She retired from the Navy and has        843.423.1989
Charleston. In my spare time I love crafting. My        Australian Capital Territory. She and her family      started studying for a second career in physical
latest “craze” is candle making. All these activities   traveled to our part of the world (Seattle) for the   therapy. She is living in the mountains of NC
keep me fairly busy, but I still take weekend           December, 2003 wedding of her son Ryan, and           and seems to be having a great time. If you          Co-rep needed
trips, on occasion, to visit family and friends.”       then to Florida for Christmas. Jackie’s husband       would like to contact her I will be glad to pass
    Former suitemates, Floy Henry Fanning               calls her “The Country Queen of Canberra”             her e-mail address along to you.                        Burlean Smith Moses, wife of Daniel Moses
and Martha Short Rivers became roommates                because as he states, “Sheep, horses, you name           Tom Newboult and his wife, Karol, are             ‘78, and co-founder of Book Source in 1999
last summer when they participated in the SC            it, she is on a first name basis with every vet,       very, very busy. Everyone in the family is in        continues to work to get more books into the
Guidance Counselor Bus Tour. They spent a               sheep shearer, pony clubber, and horse show           college...right the same time. Karol is     hands of children. The major projects of Book
great week catching up and touring state colleges.      coordinator”. And, she home schools the girls!        working on her Masters in Early Childhood            Source include providing classroom libraries at
Martha is a guidance counselor at Cheraw High           Kristen, now nineteen, works at a vet clinic and      Education at USC. Tom is working on a                centers that provide day care for at-risk children,
School where she has been employed as a teacher         continues to participate in dressage. Fifteen-        certification as a Pastoral Counselor. He has         giving new books to children and encouraging
and guidance counselor for 27 years. She and            year-old Katey is a soccer player, as well as a       recently taken a job with Postbridge Hospice of      parents to read with their children. The goal
Larry live in Cheraw and celebrated their 29th          horse lover. Nine-year-old Kelsey is a two-pony       South Carolina in Columbia. Their daughter,          of Book Source is to get children excited about
anniversary in May. Their daughter Elizabeth            kid who also helps her mom with her computer          Julie, is a junior at Columbia College. She is       reading by giving them a sense of pride by
is pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy and         skills. We’re all invited to come Down Under          majoring in Education with a Spanish minor.          owning their own books, Moses said in an article
Erin is a college sophomore with plans to major         and the Szczepaniks promise to put another            Michael, their son, is attending Midlands Tech.      in The Florida Times-Union.
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 4                      and she is a domestic engineer at home.               would love to hear from anyone at Coker that         CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 0

’78         Vicki Smith Chaplin
            839 Bethlehem Road
Hartsville SC 29550
                                                   Their email is Hugh
                                                   Delaney has a daughter in college and keeps
                                                   in touch from Columbia, MD. His email is
                                                                                                         went to school with us. Kim Nesbitt Wilberger
                                                                                                         4088 Beech Overlook Lane Buford, Ga. 30518
                                                                                                         678-714-5155 Email:
                                                                                                             I had a short instant message session with
                                                                                                                                                              ’88     Millicent Chewning Macchione

843.332.5998                                                                                                                                                  Lisa Bryant McDowell                                      Send me your news, whatever it is.                Gaye Hopkins Graham a little while ago. She          9 Alison Way
                                                   Email or phone               and Gary are doing well. They were on their way      Columbia, SC 29229
                                                   803.734.2259. Have a great summer!                    to a ballgame of Corey’s (their son). They also      803.699.7924
Daniel Moses
                                                       Jeff Maddox                                       have a daughter, Morgan, who (I’m sure) keeps
Post Office Box 2403
                                                                                                         them on the proverbial treadmill with activities.
Jacksonville FL 32203
                                                   CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2                             I had the chance to spend the day with

904.777.8179                                                                                                                                                  CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

                                                            Susan Weathersbee                            Elizabeth Sargeant Moore on a trip she and                                                                                                                                                 Meg Quilty Liebe
                                                            332.3305 CIRCEmyTW14/                        Michael made to Edisto Beach. What a nice day
                                                                            it was. Debbie Brennan Bowers ’86 and her son,
   Daniel Moses was guest speaker at the                                                                                                                      Pennie Cathey Peagler
                                                                                                         and Theresa Truett Rogal ’86 were there the
Westside Business Leader’s Association on                                                                                                                     183 Royal Oaks Lane
                                                   CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3                         same day I was, so we had a mini reunion. I see
August 12. His topic was Sexual Harassment in

                                                                                                         Teresa occasionally, but I had not seen Debbie       Lexington SC 29072
the workplace.                                                 Barbara Britton                                                                                803.926.8410
                                                                                                         since Coker days. (We won’t say how long that’s
                                                               6716 St. Junian Way                       been.) She’s living in the Atlanta area and is in
CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2                      Fayetteville, NC 28314

                                                                                                         the real estate business.
           Debra Schultz McLaren                   910.860.7650                                                                                               CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 5

                                                                                                             I see Tammy Rodgers Mitchell ’84 and
           1347 Northgate Square                   Toll free 1.877.820.9147                              Teressa Thompson Harrington ’81 on a regular                   Kathy Harsh Cunningham
Reston VA 20190                                    1.877.820.9147 fax                                    basis. I’m at the beach a good bit, and they both              6004 Highmarket Street
703.689.0923                                                                live in Georgetown. Tammy, her husband Billy,        Georgetown SC 29440                        (please put Coker in                 Teressa, her husband Kim, and I had the chance       843.527.0530
                                                   subject)                                              to go sailing for the better part of a day with a
                                                   Teressa Thompson Harrington                           friend of mine. I had been deep-sea fishing and
    In April the piano students of former
professor Dana Dixon from the class of 1979                                                              on commercial cruises, but had never been in         Amy Gibson
                                                   CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 0

held a reunion in Chesterfield at the home of                                                             the ocean on a sailboat. Needless to say, we had     6 Corby Court
                                                           David Shulimson                               a wonderful time. Tammy and Billy have two           Columbia SC 29229
Randy and Cheryl Martin Jordan. Some of us
                                                                                 sons, Tripp and Rodgers. Teressa and Kim have        803.773.7664
had not seen each other in over twenty years.
We especially enjoyed visiting with Dana Dixon,                                                          one son, Zachary I have recently moved my real
                                                   CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 0                         estate license to Billy’s office in Pawley’s Island

our piano teacher and friend, who made the trip
from Hartsville to be with us. We celebrated                 Glenn Bridges                               (Tidewater Properties of SC), so I’m sure that          We send our sympathy to Paula Kubic
being together again and remembered our                      14 Huskey Court                             I’ll be seeing more of the Mitchell family in the    Bushyager in the death of her husband, David
Coker days while our children swam and played      Wellford SC 29385                                     days ahead.                                          Bushyager ’93 on June 5 in Charleston. They
something loosely resembling baseball.             865.439.6217                                              Please email or call me with news. Our next      have two children Natalia and Nicholas.
    Eileen Welch Jones, who majored in piano,                              newsletter is due to the college by January 15. I
now lives in Hartsville with her husband Ken                                                             know that many of you send letters containing        CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 4

and son Taylor, 8. Eileen and Ken are employed     CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2                         the news for the year at Christmas. Please
                                                                                                                                                                         Helen Mason Allen

by Progress Energy in Hartsville.                                                                        include me on your Christmas letter list. There
                                                           Donna Craig                                                                                                   132 Cottonwood Park Drive
    Teresa Kitchen, a music history major,                                                               are many of you that haven’t had your news
                                                                                                                             Charlotte NC 28214
made the longest trip of the day from her home                                                           in the Commentary in a while, if ever. I have
in Gaffney. She is a software programmer                                                                 recently been given a listing with names and
                                                   Michelle Wiscovitch King                                                                         
employed by Innovak International in                                                                     addresses, and a few phone numbers, so don’t be
                                                   400 Gandy Drive                                       surprised when you get a card or call from me.
Spartanburg.                                       Hartsville SC 29550                                                                                        Mary Lance Williams
                                                                                                         Hope to hear from you soon.
    Jeff Maddox, who majored in piano, lives in    843.857.0084                                                                                               5904 Satchel Ford Road
Columbia with his wife Anne Pearce and son                                                                   Electa
                                                                                                                                     Columbia SC 29206-1511
Sam, 11. Jeff is a CPA with the State Housing                                                                                                                 803.738.0674
                                                                                                         CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 0

Authority.                                         CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2

    Randy Jordan, a music theory major, is                                                                          Susan Sweatt Robey                        CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 3

                                                             Electa Allen Anderson
employed by the US Postal Service in Society                                                                        1 Cobblestone Court                               Kelly Jenkins
                                                             210 Saddlebrook Lane
Hill. Randy and Cheryl Martin Jordan have two                                                            Columbia, SC 29229
                                                   Hopkins SC 29061
children, Lane Elizabeth, 16, and Solomon, 11.                                                           803.699.6620                                         Fredie James Williams Sr.
Cheryl majored in psychology and has taught                                                                                4405 Squab Court
6th grade in the Chesterfield public schools for                                                                                                               Evans GA 30809
twenty-five years.                                                                                        Class co-rep needed                                  706.650.9406 home
                                                   Julie Smith Santos
    Another Coker alum at the Chesterfield                                                                                                                     706.650.5632
                                                   1005 Chambers Lane
reunion was Jack Hammond ’80. Jack,                                                                      CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 0

                                                   Mt. Pleasant SC 29464
an English major and editor of the college                                                                           Cindy Hylton
                                                   843.884.3999                                                                                               CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2

newspaper, The Infundibulum. After a twenty-                                                                         14405 Woodswalk Court
                                                                                                                                             Angela Hodges Taylor
year career with Chesterfield County Rural                                                                Midlothian VA 23112
Water, he now teaches English and coaches track                                                                                                                          3029 Pointe Drive
                                                   Hey Coker friends,                                                       Florence SC 29501
at Cheraw High School.                                                                                   804.639.2814 home
                                                       I hope this letter finds you all doing well.                                                  
    It is amazing how none of us has changed                                                             804.519.6192 cell
                                                   There hasn’t been much news from the forces
at all. Now that we have gotten back together,                                                           804.274.2057 work
                                                   this time, so I’m writing the news from the                                                                CLASSMATES THAT HAVE GIVEN: 2
we are planning another reunion later this

                                                   people with whom I keep in touch. I did get an
summer. Randy and Cheryl are taking a trip in                                                            Phyllis Atkinson Palmieri                                       April Herring Guerriero
                                                   email from Kimberly Nesbitt Wilberger ’86. She
June to visit Keith Paneff in his beach house                                                            1819 New Market Road                                            804 Chaucer Drive
                                                   writes: My life is always a circus with these three
in Sarasota, FL. I have also recently heard from                                                         Hartsville SC 29550                                  Florence SC 29505-3635
                                                   girls. Hunter and I have been married for 15
Perry Sweatman, who lives in Hendersonville,                                                                                                                  843.664.1181
                                                   years now and we have 3 girls. They are Kate -
NC with his wife Pam and 3 cats. He completed                                                                                                       
                                                   age 12, Molly - age 6, and Hope - age 3. Hunter
his doctorate in Pharmacy and is an Operations
                                                   is Director of Admissions for DeVry University
manager at Mission Hospitals in Asheville,
                                                   in Atlanta, GA and I teach at 5-6-7-8-Dance. I
  Shane “Tennessee” Bailey sent in an update to
the alumni office. “I just wanted to let everyone
know at Coker that I recently graduated last
summer from Lincoln Memorial University with                   We’re trying to save trees!
my M.Ed in Administration and Supervision.
My wife Donna recently gave birth on December
20, 2003 to our second child, Parker Wade-                           CLASSES
Daniel Bailey. We now have two kids, River
Shane Bailey, 5, and Parker Wade-Daniel Bailey,
3 months. Tell everyone at Coker “howdy!”
especially those in the athletic department. I’ll
never forget the wonderful times at Coker. I wish
I was still there!!”
                                                               to read your class news!!!
      1995                            2
                                                                 Your nominations for
      1996                            3
                                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. William R. Blakeney of Hartsville have established the William H. and Elizabeth G. Shelley
      1997                            3                          ALUMNI DISTINGUISHED                Endowed Scholarship at Coker College. The Shelleys, pictured above, are the late parents of Mrs. Blakeney.
                                                                                                     “Lib and Bill were very supportive of us during the early years of our marriage,” said William Blakeney, a
      1998                            3                           ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                  member of the College’s Board of Trustees. “They were loved by us and by our children. This gift to Coker
                                                                                                     College is a way to help a fine local institution and at the same time say thank you to two wonderful people
      1999                            5                          ALUMNI DISTINGUISHED                who were so important in our life.” The scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student with financial
      2000                            4                             SERVICE AWARD                    need who maintains at least a “C” average in his or her courses.

      2001                            3                           OUTSTANDING YOUNG                 BIRTHS

      2002                            8                             ALUMNI AWARD                    Information received June 16, 2004 through October 15, 2004.

      2003                            10                                                            Congratulations to Joseph L. Albin ’97 and Jodi on the birth of son Adam Joseph Albin on July
                                                               are due in the Alumni Office          26, 2004.
      2004                            0                        no later than December 31.           Congratulations to Becky Quinn Tackett ’00 and John R. Tackett ’00 on the birth of daughter
                                                                                                    Kaylyn Ryan Tackett on May 17, 2004.
                                                                Please contact the Alumni           Congratulations to Raegan Debruhl Smothers ’01 EV and Matthew on the birth of son Dallion
                                                                                                    Hardy Smothers on July 7, 2004.
                                                                Office for guidelines and            Congratulations to Catreace Brown Baker ’02 and Gabriel on the birth of daughter Aneko
                                                                    nomination forms.               Genie Baker on April 17, 2004.
                                                               1.800.65.COKER or
                                                                                                                          Send us birth announcements about your children or grandchildren!
Information received June 16, 2004 through October 15, 2004.
                                                                                                                       COKER TOURS PRESENTS:
Miriam Bell Forsythe ’37 in the death of her sister Marion Ida Bell ’41, August 16, 2004.
Cynthia Kelley Callaway ’41 in the death of her husband James, October 2004.                                    New Orleans & Steamboat Adventure Week
Dorothea W. Crouch Kemp ’41 on the death of her brother James, September 23, 2004.
Nancy Mahady Winn ’41 in the death of her husband Sterling, July 30, 2004.                                           May 26 through June 4, 2005
Ella Earle Busbee Benson ’42 in the death of her mother Margaret, in the spring 2004.
Vermelle Gressette King ’43 in the death of her husband Clyde, August 8, 2004.
                                                                                                                           $2650 per person
Anne Bethea Powell ’46 in the death of her husband Aurice, October 19, 2004.
Maurice Gray ’50 in the death of his wife Rachael Estes Gray ’50, August 30, 2004.
Annette Glenn King ’50 in the death of her husband Robert, October 3, 2004.                         3 nights in New Orleans, 4 nights on the Mississippi River
Betty Jane White Daniels ’52 in the death of her husband Covert.                                                     on the American Queen
Joan Tisdale Harrington ’55 in the death of her husband Fred.
Betty Wallace Hasty ’53 in the death of her mother Roxie, June 2004.
Camilla Prosser Lawrimore ’55 in the death of her husband Billy.
Ila Louise Price McCoy ’55 in the death of her husband Terry.
Jeanene Locklear Leonard ’56 in the death of her mother, June 2004.
Sarah Burgess Auman ’58 in the death of her husband Fred, June 17, 2004.                            For more information:
James Lamar Caldwell, Jr. ’58 and Lucy Singletary Caldwell ’54 in the death of his sister
Shirley Caldwell Becken ’54, September 23, 2004.                                           or
Betty Mullins Blackerby ’62 in the death of her husband William, June 28, 2003.
Beverly Jones Dinkins ’62 in the death of her sister, March 2004.                                   1.800.65.COKER
Harriet King Van Norte ’62 in the death of her mother Harriet, May 2004.
Burney Bristow Byrd ’64 in the death of her mother Christine Hart Bristow ’43.
Yvonne Whittle Hearon ’64 in the death of her husband Willard, July 13, 2004.
Sandra Tedder Lee ’66 in the death of her husband Ted, September 2004.
Diane Thrasher Mills ’70 in the death of her mother Margaret, June 2004.
Helen Mason Allen ’91 in the death of her grandmother July 18, 2004.
The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina

WEDDINGS                                                              Contributions to Scholarships                                   Memorial Gifts                                              Marilyn Henderson and Family
Information received June 16, 2004 through October 15, 2004.          From July 16, 2004 through October 12, 2004,                    From July 16, 2004 through October 12, 2004, Coker has      Richard and Margaret Moughan
                                                                      contributions were made to the following scholarships:          received gifts in memory of the following:                  Robert and MaryLou Ray
John Johnson, Jr. ’98 to Bornita L. Johnson                                                                                                                                                    Rachael Estes Gray
October 25, 2003.                                                     Alice and Virgil Smith Piano Scholarship                        Mary Helen Bennett Acker                                    Kenneth and Emma Wates Lesto
Kelley Catoe ’99 to Brandon Sick July 4,                                 Bryan and Martha Ann Anderson Blackwell                         Joyce Adams Moberg                                    Millicent (Cindy) Hampton
2004.                                                                    Pat Smith
                                                                                                                                      Mother of Jo Simmons Aiken                                  Peggy Jane Clyburn
Rebecca L. McCaskill ’99 to James Edison                              Anna White Hill Endowed Music
                                                                      Scholarship                                                        Walter and Beth DuBose Cottingham                     Emily Harris
Rollings June 19, 2004.
Jessica Thigpen ’99 to Dean Legge ’99 June                               Andy and Vicki Eaddy                                         Elmer Allen                                                 Pat Smith
12, 2004.                                                             Blanche Stuckey Derrick Endowed                                    David and Gay Blackmon                                Elizabeth H. Haselden
Catreace Brown ’02 to Gabriel Baker                                   Scholarship                                                     George Arnot                                                Charlena Hunt Chewning
February 27, 2004.                                                       Estate of Dorothy D. Betts                                      Bill and Anne McGuirt Kennington                         Carl and Pat Chapman Huff
Marielle Santos ’02 to Timothy Smith July                             Class of 1953 Endowed Scholarship                               Deborah C. Aston                                            Betty Jean Lee Hunsinger
3, 2004.                                                                 Betty Jean Lee Hunsinger                                        Betty Jean Lee Roberts Hunsinger
                                                                      Flora Newsom Folsom & William Arthur                                                                                     Bert Herring
Stephanie Walker ’02 to Chad Daniel Craven                                                                                            F. Wilton Auman
August 28, 2004.                                                      Folsom Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                  Dick and Michal Millen Baird
                                                                         William F. “Pete” Folsom Estate and Trust                       Andy and Vicki Eaddy                                  Reggie Huneycutt
Kimberly Ackerman ’04 to Lester Martie
Shelley, Jr. ’03 June 26, 2004.                                       Jessie E. Stanley DuBard Endowed                                   Frank and Elaine Johnson Hays                            Hylda Inabinet Bass, Robert Bass, Beth Bass
                                                                      Scholarship                                                     Rebecca K. Badder                                           Carl and Pat Chapman Huff
Send us a wedding photo of the bride and groom                           Fred F. DuBard, Jr.                                             Eugene and Donva Harrison                             Lucky Khoza
           with all your Coker guests!                                Katherine Saleeby Badder Piano Scholarship                         Gladys Lutfy and Family                                  The Coker College Family
                                                                         Eugene and Donva Harrison                                       Marjorie B. Nolen                                        Andy and Vicki Eaddy
                                                                         Gladys Lutfy and Family                                         John and Mills Orr
                                                                         John and Mills Orr                                                                                                    Dorothy B. King
IN MEMORIAM                                                                                                                           James F. Baker                                              Carl and Pat Chapman Huff
                                                                      Kiwanis Scholarship
Information received June 16, 2004 through October 15, 2004.             Hartsville Kiwanis Club                                         Charles M. and Kathryn Pleasant Luther                Ted Lee
                                                                      Leona Davis Perry Endowed Scholarship                           Shirley Caldwell Becken                                     Bryan and Martha Ann Anderson Blackwell
Lillian M. Pruitt Owings ’29                                              Priscilla Perry Arnold                                         James Lamar and Lucy Singletary Caldwell              Wilhelmena Arrington Lee
Jessie Cox Porter ’34                                                 Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship                                  Clampitt Paper Co. of Dallas
Grace Tisdale Brinkley ’35                                                                                                                                                                        Betty Jean Lee Roberts Hunsinger
                                                                         Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation                             Jean Altman Best                                         Eugenia McAlpine Lewis
Esther Barfield Jennings ’39                                           Marjorie Hooks Bethea ’46 & Thomas C.
Eunice Clark Till ’40                                                                                                                    Kenneth and Emma Wates Lesto                             Dick and Michal Millen Baird
                                                                      Bethea Endowed Scholarship                                      Christine Hart Bristow
Marion Ida Bell ’41                                                      Dewey and Miriam (Tiggie) Hooks                                                                                          Jon and Katherine Kirby Nobles
Edna Mae Galloway Fletcher ’41                                        Benefield                                                           Selma Stogner Lehardy                                 Margaret Tenhet McBrier
Margaret Tenhet McBrier ’42                                           Nancy Barrineau Endowed Scholarship                             Stuart Cannon                                               Norma Mathis Pate
Christine Hart Bristow ’43                                               Nan Elizabeth Carter                                            Bryan and Martha Ann Anderson Blackwell               James D. “Jim” Millen
Elsie Pierce Reutenauer ’44                                              Teressa Thompson Harrington                                     Carl and Pat Chapman Huff                                Dick and Michal Millen Baird
Rachael Estes Gray ’50                                                Nickey Brumbaugh Endowed Art                                    Eugene Carter
Margaret Harris Engelhart ’52                                                                                                                                                                     Carl and Pat Chapman Huff
                                                                      Scholarship                                                        Carl and Pat Chapman Huff                             Margaret DesChamps Moore
Shirley Caldwell Becken ’54                                              Betty J. Robertson Coughlin
Patsy Gainey Tyler ’60                                                                                                                Yancy Catoe                                                 Bawa and Karen Singh
                                                                      Pat West Endowed Scholarship
Mary Boyter Vassey ’60                                                                                                                   John and Naomi Kelley Jackson                         Mary Moore
                                                                         Zan West
Oleta Funderburk Winburn ’63                                          Ruth H. Woodham Kalmia Plant Fund                               Henley Clark                                                Larry and Karen Pinckney Floyd
Reginald Huneycutt ’76                                                   Tom Woodham                                                     Carl and Pat Chapman Huff                             Nita Morrison
Jonathan K. Spray ’90                                                 William H. and Elizabeth E. Shelley                             Class of 1946 Deceased Members                              Carl and Pat Chapman Huff
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                                                                         William R. and Beth Blakeney                                 Annie Hollis Coker                                          Carl and Pat Chapman Huff
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                                                                                                                                         Hylda Inabinet Bass                                      Norma Mathis Pate                                                          Lois R. Gibson                                                  Doyle and Jennifer Derrick
                                                                         Holmes Rolston
                                        Alumni Issue Fall 2004 Vol. 32 No. 3
                                                                                  The quarterly of Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina
 Kathryn Gibbons Blackmon ‘45 (left) and Katherine Still Campbell ‘45 (right) made a special                                                   The Class of 1959 Scholarship was recently endowed by John P. Barclay, Jr. of St. Joseph,
 trip to Coker on Alumni Day to see their friend Ann Holloway Murchison ‘45 receive the                                                        Missouri (right), in memory of his wife, the late Billie Kissane Barclay ‘59 (center), pictured
 Alumni Association’s 2004 Distinguished Service Award.                                                                                        here with Coker executive vice president Frank Bush at Alumni Day in 1999. Billie, a former
                                                                                                                                               member of the Coker College Board of Trustees, passed away in December 2003. She was
                                                                                                                                               class president in her sophomore and senior years and represented her class four times in
                                                                                                                                               Crew Races. Billie also played hockey, basketball and volleyball and she was a member of
                                                                                                                                               the IRC, the Drama Club, the Click Club and May Court. The Class of 1959 Endowed Scholar-
                                                                                                                                               ship in Memory of Billie Kissane Barclay will be awarded annually to a Coker student with
                HARTSVILLE, SC

                                                                                                                                               financial need who maintains a B average.
                 U.S. POSTAGE


                                                                                                                                                             Alumni Day – April 9, 2005
                                                                                                                                                              Stroll Down Memory Lane
            Office of Marketing and Communications

            Hartsville, South Carolina 29550-3797

                                                                                                                                                                                      Classes of
                                                                                                                                                              1945 • 1950 • 1955 • 1960 • 1965
            300 East College Avenue

                                                    Address service requested
                                                                                                                                                                     1970 • 1975 • 1980
                                                                                                                                                        For details call 843.383.8016, 1.800.65.COKER or

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