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This morning in the dining room on the ship Lupis provide cake as one of the breakfast
menu. This cake is made from rice cooked like triangular lontong and sprinkled with
grated coconut and brown sugar water. The taste is nice. I really enjoyed it. Lupis is
indeed one of my favorite foods.
 For some reason, whenever I find a cake Lupis anywhere, I always remember the
testimony of a mother who happens Lupis sellers decades ago. At that time I was a
teenager. Women who have tired of the tour took a break in our house. As a pitchman
on foot, so naturally when he was tired and needed a rest for a moment.
 No surprise that in a conversation with my family on the porch, the mother of Indian
descent Lupis seller of this within the rest, still took time to witness to our family God will
help him through.
 One time, as usual, this mother stepped from the house with respect Tampi Lupis above
his head. Step hopeful Lupis jualannya that will sell and he will bring home the money for
the needs of children are still small.
 But that day is a strange occurrence. An event that never happened before. Since the
morning he left home until late morning, not a single person who bought the cake
Lupisnya. Realizing the situation, the mother began to worry the program. He's not afraid
to bring home money to buy rice and some side dishes for the family tomorrow. While
her husband is usually working with mocok-mocok income can not be expected, was not
working since a few weeks.
 Noon passed, the mother was kept around while shouting the name of Lupis wares.
Sweat was already soaking her thin body is covered with colored clothes began to fade.
The more this afternoon, the more often he shouted Lupisnya. Perhaps because of
irritation mixed with the increasingly become kwatir-so. But it was strange, until 5 pm, all
his efforts seem futile. Not a single person who bought lupis wares. This really has never
 In the exhaustion and despair, he sat on the sidewalk while contemplating his fate that
day. The tears began to drip. Mother was crying not because of regrets all the effort and
the crowd that seemed in vain, because he realized that it is the responsibility to do. But
he wept at the thought of what would be eaten by children tomorrow.
 In the midst of sobs and kegalauannya, he suddenly remembered the Lord. Above the
grass at the roadside he sat down and prayed in my heart: "Lord, today I did not get
anything. I've tried, but no one bought daganganku. I'm not sorry for payahku efforts
futile. But you know God, the children you gave me to eat the next day. It's up to You
Lord. "
 After praying, he rose from his seat and intends to remove to the Trash all Lupisnya
cake. But then suddenly he thought to get rid of his wares to a small sangai located on
the outskirts of our housing complex. He was walking to get there while still upholding
Tampi wares, but no longer shout.
 We headed to the river is suddenly a little boy called him. He turned and went to a small
child standing on the porch. "Buy Lupis, not" the boy said. He was surprised, but he kept
close to the little boy. Apparently on the patio there are some adults and children were
gathered and joking ria. And she reached the porch, not a little kid who bought the cake
Lupisnya, but a mother, the child's mother may actually bought all Lupisnya cake. What
a remarkable event. God answered her prayer.
 Mother's testimony was so powerful it is embedded in my memory, so that morning I
told the program is testimony to the friend's mother is a table with me in the dining room,
while I eat my favorite cake Lupis.

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