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					The Use and Abuse
    of Drugs !!

            EDFD 6053
          Lonna Gae Gault
            Sum I 2003
               What are drugs?
• Drugs can be defined as chemicals other
  than food intended to affect the structure or
  function of the body.
             The Drug Tradition
• Naturally occurring drugs have been used throughout history
  for religious, medical and personal reasons.
• Although drug use dropped after 1900, it surged again in the
• Some drugs are enjoying a revival in certain populations,
  especially in younger generations
          Use, Abuse, and Dependence
• People of all incomes, educational levels, and ethnic
  backgrounds use drugs
• Risk factors for drug use include being male, being young,
  having frequent exposure to drugs, and having a risk-taking
    Use, Abuse, and Dependence (cont.)

• Reasons for using drugs include the lure of the illicit,
  curiosity, rebellion, peer pressure, and the desire to
  alter one’s mood
• To escape boredom, anxiety, depression, or other
  psychological problems
     Some Stats
Drug and
       Use !!!
           Drug and Alcohol Abuse
• 66% of all teenagers will use drugs before they graduate from
  High School
• 40% use something other than alcohol and marijuana
• Teenagers can become addicted in less than 6 months
• Pregnancies begin when one or both are under the influence
  of drugs and/or alcohol
      Policy on Drugs and Alcohol Use
• The parents have the right to know if their child is
  using drugs and/or alcohol
• The lockers and personal searchers can be done if
  there are reasonable grounds to suspect violations
• What the penalties are for using, possessing or
  distributing etc..
   Disciplinary Action is Used too…
Serves as a deterrent for all students and the individuals
Use the incident as a means for breaking through denial
  behaviors and getting help for the student
To separate the student on drug/alcohol from the other
           What is Drug Abuse?
• Drug abuse is maladaptive pattern of drug
  use that persists          despite adverse
  social,           psychological, or
  medical consequences
            Drug Dependence
  This type of dependence involves taking a drug
 compulsively; which includes neglecting constructive
activities because of it and continuing to use it despite
       experience adverse effects resulting its use.
Tolerance and a withdrawal syndrome
                  are often present
         How Drugs Affect the Body
•    The effects of a drug depends on:
1.    drug factors
2.    user factors
3.    social factors
    Drug Factors
   This might include:
Pharmacological properties
 Dose-response function
  Time –action function
    Cumulative effects
     Method of use
                 User Factors
               • This might include:
•   A person’s physical and psychological characteristics
                   • Such as:
                 1. Body mass
               2. General health
            3. Other drugs being taken
Why don’t the Staff members act in an
• Don’t know…..just suspect substance abuse
• Afraid they won’t be supported by
• Fear of reprisal
• Called and parents have
• The first step is assessment
• Assessment will confirm the problem and
  the stage of the dependency
• Inpatient – observation and detoxification
• Therapy to help               recognize and
  accept the illness
             And then……
Medical treatment if needed

Development of a rehab plan
            School’s Role….
Help identify facilities and services
                Assist in the treatment
                as it affects activities at
                Focus groups of students
 with similar problems
• The psychological set
  and social setting are
     sometimes more
       important in
 determining effects than
      the drug itself
  Types of Psychoactive Drugs
Amphetamines make people feel more alert,
Less fatigued or bored
Abuse with amphetamines
Can cause delusions
Or even provoke violence
        Psychoactive Drugs cont…

      Inhalants are present in a variety of
               harmless products
Inhalants use can lead to loss of consciousness
Lead to heart failure
   DEATH !
• Cocaine produces an intense euphoria
• Cocaine is usually sniffed, snorted or intravenously

• Crack is a less expensive,                      ready
  to smoke version of                   cocaine
Drug Use: Decades Ahead

       Honest and unbiased about
    drugs may help cut down on
    the abuse. Research has found
    scare tactics and exaggerations
               are ineffective !!
                 How to Cope?
There are self-help groups and peer counseling are
  helpful forms of treatment for some drug abusers.
Counseling for friends                           and
  relatives of                               drug
  abusers                                       is also
  often available
            The Government has made many attempts               to
   control the drug problem, focus on production, importation,
   and the distribution.
Persuasive anti-drug educational programs are necessary,
   especially important is helping students develop strategies for
   resisting peer pressure
               Personal Insight?
What is your attitude toward drug dependency?
Do you view it more as a                 moral
  violation,                    criminal act, or
Where do you think your
ideas come from?

•What to say……….
• UMMMM………..

• Don’t use DRUGS !!!!!

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