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  a L b u q u e r q u e                           r e s C u e              m i s s i o n          

                   on the

raFaeL: a Changed LiFe

 An Artist's
  Eye...and a
 Heart for God.
 O             ne hot sum-
               mer day Rafael
               Lope and his
 cousin were wrestling in
 the dirt outside his home
 when a big yellow bus pulled
 up near them. Two girls
 he recognized from school                                                        stopped lov-     to shut up,” Rafael relates, shaking his head
 stepped off the bus and asked                                                     ing me, but     in dismay. After his mother passed away in
 if they wanted to go to church                                                    meth makes      2003, Rafael was distraught and angry by
 with them. Rafael thought                                                          you not        the loss of the last person he could count on.
 for a moment, looked at his                                                        care about     “She was all I had. Everything went numb
 dusty, grubby play clothes,                                                         anything.”    inside me when I lost her.” Not long after
 shrugged and said, “Sure,” and                                                       Rafael was   her death, Rafael developed a severe tooth
 for the next four years regularly                                                    an only      infection. He ignored the symptoms, and
 attended Sunday school. Rafael                                                       child and    the infection moved into his blood system,
 liked the stories and the activi-                                                    “well-       damaged his heart and required open-heart
 ties but never did understand the                                       loved” by his mother,     surgery to repair a valve. He then fell into a
 Salvation message. Eventually he                 grandmother and a large circle of relatives      coma which lasted four months. Waking up
 no longer wanted to attend church since          in the small town he grew up in in New           to tubes sticking out of him and unable to
 his friends were having a bad influence on       Mexico. His mother worked hard to support        speak, walk or perform any basic function
 him. By the time he was fourteen years old,      her family, and his grandmother cared for        without help was a shock. Eventually he
 he was smoking marijuana and drinking.           Rafael while his mother worked. His grand-       was sent to rehabilitation where he slowly
 Curiosity about methamphetamine led him          mother’s death when he was 15 devastated         regained his motor reflexes and other abili-
 to try it just once, and he was hooked. Rafael   him, and he became even more rebellious.         ties. However, after two months into reha-
 remembers, “I knew                                     Meth and alcohol were a potent mixture     bilitation, he felt the cravings for alcohol and
 it was stupid. I broke                           for Rafael and transformed a normal, happy       meth again, and he snuck out to get them.
 my mother’s heart. I                             kid into an angry, violent man by the age of     When he was able to function better on his
 could see it in her                                   26. “If someone annoyed me, I would         own, Rafael escaped from rehab and headed
 eyes. She never                                           just pull out my gun and tell them      for home.                 Continues inside…

                    alBUqUeRqUe RescUe MissiOn transForming Lives through the PoWer oF god’s Love
            Changed                          L     i   v   e    s       a   n      d        F   u    t   u   r   e   s

An Artist’s Eye...
Continued From Cover…                  and talking to God. He did not                  would take him with his
     Back in familiar territory, he    know if he was doing it right, but              special needs. One day he
made a beeline for a drug dealer.      he kept asking God to help him,                 looked across the street to the
He sold everything he owned;           and by putting one foot in front                Albuquerque Rescue Mission
even the house and land he             of the other he managed to walk                 and thought, “I am not much
had inherited went to support          for about 160 miles. Finally, he                of a Christian; that will be too
his drug habit. Soon Rafael was        accepted a ride which brought                   weird for me.” Suddenly, he
homeless and looking for ways to       him to Albuquerque and life on                  felt a surge of strength and
support his craving, but he had        the streets of the big city.                    knew that this was his last
nothing and no one to help him.             Six years went by for Rafael               chance. He HAD to make
One night he ended up sitting          where his only concern each day                 the effort. Rafael stood up
under a bridge thinking about          was how to beg, borrow or steal                 and walked across
what a mess he was in, and as he       enough to get the bottle of booze               the street to the
watched the sun come up he said,       and the drugs he wanted. Rafael’s               Albuquerque
“This is it!” Rafael started walking   heart weakened even more with                   Rescue Mission.

    “My year in the program at the
         a wonderful
 Mission was
 experience.         The great teachers
 at the Mission opened the Bible to me.
            comes from
 You can see that it
 their hearts.
                                                       the constant sub-                     This was
                                                       stance abuse, and he            the beginning
                                                        spent much of his              of a transform-
                                                        time either in jail            ing year for
                                                         or in the hospitals.          Rafael. He says,
                                                         One of his doctors,           “My year in the
                                                          Dr. Anthony Fleg,            program at the
                                                          inspired Rafael              Mission was a
                                                          with his posi-               wonderful expe-
                                                           tive attitude. He           rience. The great
                                                           encouraged Rafael           teachers at the
                                                            to fight his addic-        Mission opened
                                                             tions by entering         the Bible to me.                      to look forward to a longer life
                                                             a 30-day rehabili-        You can see that it comes from        in Christ. After graduating from
                                                              tation program.          their hearts. With all the support    ARM’s New Life Program, Rafael
                                                                     The rehab         I found at the Mission, putting       is now in a self-sufficiency pro-
                                                               program was             my addiction to alcohol behind        gram and is an active volunteer
                                                               ending and he           me was surprisingly easy. I was       in the Native Health Initiative
                                                               had no place            safe here, and I met others going     (NHI). NHI works with medical
                                                                to go. Rafael          through the same experience.          students to develop health pro-
                                                                did not want           Church and support groups filled      grams in the community and on
                                                                 to go back out        my life with the knowledge that I     the reservations.
                                                                 on the streets.       had choices beyond using drugs
                                                                  He kept              or alcohol.”                               Please remember the
                                                                  searching for              With regular medical treat-      Albuquerque Rescue Mission
                                                                   a residential       ment and ceasing the self-abuse         in your will or estate plan.
                                                                   program that        with his addictions, Rafael is able

                                                 2 a L b u q u e r q u e r e s C u e m i s s i o n B at t l e l i n e s
                                                                    m a k i n g           a    d i F F e r e n C e

a b o u t o u r s ta F F:

Did You Know?
Meals at the Mission Nourish Albuquerque’s Hungry.

A         meal is a precious gift for the men,
          women, and children who join us
          each week for breakfast and dinner
at the Albuquerque Rescue Mission. For many,
the food we provide may be the only nutrition
                                                                   Food Boxes
                                                                        For the elderly, the sick, and the poor,
                                                                   food boxes supplement nourishing meals for
                                                                   those unable to attend our meal times. We
                                                                   prepare food boxes that can feed any size                   204,909
                                                                                                                                             247,134         245,858

they receive.                                                      family three nutritious meals for seven days.
                                                                   Think of how much food your family goes
               268                                                 through in one week!
                              218                                       The requests for food boxes we receive
  166                                                              often exceeds the food we have on hand.
                                                                   Consider holding a canned food drive for the
                                                                   Mission at your place of work or worship.

                                                                         Mondays through Saturdays the
                                                                   Albuquerque Rescue Mission provides break-                     2006           2007          2008         2009
   2006              2007              2008                2009
                                                                   fast and a dinner meal. Each year we provide
   Food Box Distribution 2006-2009                                                                                                    total Meals served 2006-2009
                                                                   thousands of meals for the hungry.
   1 food box for a family of 4 = approximately 88 meals

v o Lu n t e e r s m a k i n g a d i F F e r e n C e : j e n n i F e r s e L F

Giving Her Greatest Asset
Jennifer Gives Her Time to the Women’s Center of Hope.

S         chool, work and family comprise a
          busy life for Jennifer Self, but that
          doesn’t stop Jennifer from giving
generously of what time she has to ARM’s
Women’s Center of Hope.Suzanne Teasley,
                                                                    in the lives of the guests at the WCOH. Your
                                                                    help and support are truly a gift that we will
                                                                    treasure. Thank you for your generosity and
                                                                    willingness to serve, for giving so selflessly of
                                                                    your time and money. I really appreciate every-
Assistant Director says, “First, let me express
my appreciation for your willingness to serve
in the capacity of the computer room teacher. I                             “I am blessed by
appreciate you and I am eternally grateful. No                                                                                others to encourage them to volunteer at the
matter the deed, great or small, your uncon-                              the determination to                                Albuquerque Rescue Mission, Jennifer relates,
ditional love and unselfish dedication to the                             start a new life that I                             “You don’t have to be a college grad or a mil-
Women’s Center of Hope encourages me daily.                                                                                   lionaire to help someone change their life.”
Jennifer, you bring vast knowledge and experi-                              see in the ladies.”                               Every day lives are lifted by the kind and giv-
ence in your various fields. We thank you for                                                                                 ing hearts of our Mission volunteers. We are
accepting the women at the Women’s Center                                                                                     blessed by their presence. Without our loyal
of Hope as family without judgment or condi-                        thing you have done. You are fantastic! Thank             volunteers, the Albuquerque Rescue Mission
tions. We thank you for your long hours as a                        you for helping 'better' the lives of our Guests.”        would not be able to continue the Lord’s work
computer room teacher. Jennifer, you restored                            About six months ago, Jennifer began vol-            with the homeless and needy of our city.
the confidence to some and enlightened oth-                         unteering with the ladies at WCOH and found               Thank you!
ers. Thank you for the inspiration you give                         a great joy in contributing to their successes.
to the women here at WCOH as we prepared                            Jennifer says, “I found that I am blessed by the                  Get inVOlVeD - VOlUnteeR!
to start our new computer enrichment class-                         determination to start a new life that I see in                   Contact eldridge @ 346-4673 ext 235 or visit
es. Thank you so much for making a difference                       the ladies.” When asked what she would tell             

                                                             3 a L b u q u e r q u e r e s C u e m i s s i o n B at t l e l i n e s
                                                     F r o m         t h e         m i s s i o n

bridge of hope silent auction                                                                                   become a friend
and banquet, march 13th                                                                                         to hear tweets
     on saturday, march 13, 2010, supporters and special guests will celebrate the 56th
anniversary of the albuquerque rescue mission with its third annual bridge of hope                              and updates from
banquet. attendees will enjoy the excitement of a live auction, silent auction, and surprises.
the festivities, including dinner, will begin at 5Pm at the marriott hotel. the featured                        the mission.
speaker will be mr. john ashmen, President, association of gospel rescue missions. if you
would like information on sponsorship opportunities, donating to the auctions or the gift
bags, or to PurChase tiCkets, please contact either diane Ward (505-228-6536) or Carol
kline (505-452-0585).

Womens Center of hope tea is june 12th.                                                                               sign up for Facebook to
                                                                                                                 connect with albuquerque rescue
     Ladies, get your prettiest spring hat ready for the upcoming Women's Center oF                              mission. twitter is a free service
hoPe tea scheduled for june 12th, 2010, noon to 3 pm, La Fonda del bosque (Patio),                               that lets you keep in touch with
national hispanic Cultural Center. Watch our website for more                                  people through the exchange of
information in the coming weeks.                                                                                 quick, frequent answers to one
                                                                                                                 simple question: What's happening?
                                                                                                                 join today to start receiving arm's
  thank you to the following                                                                                          to see the mission’s Facebook
                                                                                                                 page and our twitter alters, click on
  albuquerque businesses:                                                                                        the Facebook and twitter icons at
      thank you to the following albuquerque businesses that faithfully supported
  arm through 2009. We rely entirely on the kindness of private donors to support our
  mission and because of You, we are able to continuously provide all of our services
  and special programs to the hungry and homeless, men, women, and children in the
  albuquerque area.
     albuquerque bio Park
                                      house of bread
                                      just a bite
                                                                         unique Cakes by karen                   2009 new
     ashley Furniture home store
     bank of albuquerque
                                      kirtland Lodging
                                                                         unm Lobo teams
                                                                          basketball                             Life Program
     bargain box
     borders bookstore
     Christopher and banks
                                      m&m sales
                                      nm business Weekly
                                                                          Women’s volleyball
     Costco                           olive garden                       Walgreens                                    For 56 years, we have seen
     enchanted Cookies & Cakes        Party City                         Wal-mart
     Fano bread                       Perry supply Co., inc.             Whole Foods
                                                                                                                 transformed lives in the men enrolled
     First Community bank             Pbg- Pepsi bottling                Wolfes bagels                           in our new Life Program. now
     ge/FanuC                         Pizza hut                          Zanios Food distributors                with the addition of the new Life
     golden Pride                     shamrock Food distributors                                                 Program for Women, we are blessed
     grizzly storage                  sign-a-rama                                                                with seeing the transformed lives of
                                                                                                                 women. these men and women have
                                                                                                                 surmounted great obstacles and laid
                                                                                                                 to rest their pasts.
  thank you to the following                                                                                          For some, it was drug or
                                                                                                                 alcohol addiction; for others, broken
  Women’s day room individuals:                                                                                  relationships, unemployment, or
                                                                                                                 homelessness. a common trait for
                                                                                                                 every single person was hopelessness.
       thanks goes out from the Women’s day room to the following individuals for                                now, after much work, prayer, tears
  their generosity and graceful support during 2009.                                                             and determination, they have left as
     the kitchen staff at a.r.m.          Celeste             girleen              mr. ray                       graduates with hope and joy in their
     the Ladies of sagebrush Church       Christie            heather              nicholle                      new life!
                                          Corina              michelle             renell                             the staff, volunteers, and our
                                                                                                                 mission family congratulate the new
                                                                                                                 Life Program graduates of 2009!

                                            4 a L b u q u e r q u e r e s C u e m i s s i o n B at t l e l i n e s
                                                              F r o m           t h e        m i s s i o n

F r o m t e d t r u j i L Lo, a r m b o a r d P r e s i d e n t

God’s Faithful Provision
Finding Creative Ways to Meet Needs Through God's Grace

S         halom, the year 2009 has passed and
          only what we have done in Christ
          will last. We are thankful for God’s
faithful provision this past year through you.
Though 2009 was financially tight, the Board
                                                           reminds me of the miracle of the feeding of the
                                                           5000, which is the only miracle recorded in all
                                                           four Gospels. Jesus saw the multitudes coming
                                                           to him; they were away from the cities; it was
                                                           a deserted place; they were tired and hungry.
                                                                                                                   ministry we take that which is given to ARM
                                                                                                                   and ask him to bless it and provide to meet
                                                                                                                   great need which is seen on a daily basis. As
                                                                                                                   with the boy’s loaves and fish that were brought
                                                                                                                   to Jesus, though it was nothing compared to
of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission (ARM)                    He had compassion on them. He then spoke                the need, He blessed it and met the need of the
was committed to being faithful stewards                   to them, “Philip, where shall we buy loaves so          people. Jesus could have commanded the rocks
with your generous donations. We had to                    that these may eat?” And He said this to test           to turn to bread but He didn’t; He used a boy’s
make some tough decisions this past year in                him, for He Himself knew what He would do.              dinner that was brought to Him, and He met
order to be good stewards with our finances                Philip answered Him, “Loaves for two hundred            the great need. In the same way God uses you
and also not to impede our services to those                                                                       to make a difference.
in need. As we have sought God’s kingdom                                                                                 The year 2010 will be a challenge, but
first and His righteousness (Matt 6:33) and                      “Philip, where shall                              as witnessed by scripture and years past,
committed our works to the Lord (Prov 16:3)
we have seen Him do as He promised, pro-
                                                                   we buy loaves so                                God will provide through your generous
                                                                                                                   donations. So, no matter what God leads you
vided by using you.                                              that these may eat?”                              to give this coming year, know that as the 5
      Now as we enter 2010, our nation con-                                                                        loaves and 2 fish were placed in the hands of
tinues to face financial hard times with many                                                                      Jesus, He will multiply it. Therefore, we ask
Americans dealing with less income and                     denarii are not enough for them that every one          you to continue to pray and financially give to
the loss of employment. Last year we saw                   may take a little. “One of His disciples, Andrew ,      the work that God is doing through the ARM.
increase in those who used the services at the             Simon Peter's brother, said to Him, “There is                 I want to thank the Staff of ARM for
Albuquerque Rescue Mission. And with the                   a boy here who has five barley loaves and two           their dedicated work, the Board of Directors
possibility this year of more in need of the ser-          small fish, but what are these among so many?”          who volunteer to serve, the many volunteers,
vices we provide we are committed to helping               (John 6:5-9) Jesus took the little, compared            and to you for all that you have done and will
as many as we can with the resources we have.              to the great need, and blessed it, causing it to        do for bringing hope to the hopeless.
      Therefore as we see this great need arise,           be multiplied so the many that were in need                   Ted Trujillo
we look to God to faithfully provide. This                 were filled and satisfied. Because this is God’s              Board President of ARM

Pr aY e r Co r n e r

Prayer Needs                                                                                  mission
                                                                                                                                   visit the
                                                                                                                                   mission online

I       saiah 65:24 says, “Before they call I will answer; while they are
        still speaking I will hear.” (NIV) Listed below are requests that we
        would like you to join us in praying.
• Josephita find comfort in God’s strength, in times of hardship.
• Ruth’s family be covered in God’s loving care during their time of need.
                                                                                                       ur purpose is to
                                                                                                       show the restor-
                                                                                                       ing love of jesus
                                                                                              to hopeless and homeless
                                                                                              men, women, and children
                                                                                                                                    Learn more about us, discover how
                                                                                                                                    lives are restored and even see past
                                                                                                                                    issues of the battlelines, all at our
                                                                                                                                    web site.
• Juanita struggling with her finances and needs comfort.                                     resulting in spiritual and
                                                                                              emotional healing, and life-
Prayers and thanksgiving from the A.R.M. Staff:                                                                                         on the

•“I pray for individual cleansing, purification and maturity for each staff person. I pray    long discipleship to jesus.
   for the blood of Jesus to wash away all hindrance and open our eyes to Kingdom
   mentality and our rightful place as ambassadors for our Lord and Saviour Jesus
                                                                               ,              to fulfill our mission, we            PUBlisHeD BY aLbuquerque
   Christ.” Eldridge Scott – Volunteer Coordinator                                            provide:                              resCue mission. Po box 331
• “I give thanks for the Lord’s sheltering hand for the Mission during the past year              • Food                            aLbuquerque, nm 87103,
                                                                                                                                    505-346-hoPe (4673)
   of economic hardship. I also give thanks for the generosity of our donors and vol-             • Clothing                        editor: jannetta Lamort
   unteers, and their rallying to help us in our time of great need.” Pastor John Hill,           • shelter                         Design: oneCreative
   Executive Director                                                                             • education                       Photography: oneCreative
• “Pray for our ministry and the hurting men, women and children the Albuqueruqe                  • mentoring                       distributed quarterly to supporters
                                                                                                  • biblical Counsel                committed to the goal of sustaining
   Rescue Mission serves. Please pray that all those who enter the Mission will experi-                                             and restoring homeless and near-
   ence the forgiveness, healing, and joy that can only come from a life transformed by                                             homeless men, women, and children of
   our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Jannetta LaMort, Communications Coordinator
                        ,                                                                                                           albuquerque and new mexico.

                                                    5 a L b u q u e r q u e r e s C u e m i s s i o n B at t l e l i n e s
                                                        Y   o   u       C   a    n      h    e   L   P

h o W Yo u C a n h e L P - W i n t e r 2 0 1 0

easter 2010 Washing of Feet: a Community
of Compassion                                                                                                          give to the
     Washing the feet of the homeless for two reasons: it is something that jesus Christ would do. it is
something that jesus Christ did do. “after that, jesus poured water into a basin and began to wash his                 mission with
disciples' feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.” (john 13:5) many who are
on the streets seldom have normal loving human contact and this outreach of food and foot washing
                                                                                                                       Food items:
                                                                                                                       We serve hundreds of meals
with podiatric care is a way of inviting them to learn about the mission’s services, including its long term
                                                                                                                       every week and would be
program of restoration in order to get off the streets permanently. the treatment begins with a warm
                                                                                                                       very thankful for your help
soaking, followed by lotion and a new pair of socks. it also provides examinations and basic care for the
                                                                                                                       suppling any of the follow-
feet of the homeless.
                                                                                                                       ing needs.
     We will be holding this event on march 27th at the mission. if you are interested in volunteering
your time or donating needed supplies please contact jannetta Lamort, Communications Coordinator,                      Fruits            mayonnaise or (505) 480-2365. You will also find periodic updates at                    Fresh and         Catsup
                                                                                                                       Canned            salad
                                                                                                                       vegetables        dressings
give at Work and double the impact of Your gift                                                                        Canned Foods
                                                                                                                       of all kinds
                                                                                                                                         Pancake syrup
                                                                                                                                         salt and
      many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made                       meats             Pepper
by their employees. Your employer's matching gift will assist even more homeless and needy men,                        eggs              Pies
women, and children right here in albuquerque. if your company has this policy, request a matching                     Flour             Cakes
                                                                                                                       rice              Paper towels
gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest.                    Pasta             napkins
the impact of your gift to albuquerque rescue mission may be doubled or possibly tripled! some                         milk              Paper Plates
companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.                                                                 dry milk          Large Zip-loc
      if your company does not currently match employee donations, please ask it to do so. together,                   juices            bags
you and your employer can send a message of hope to the homeless of albuquerque. For more                              breads
information, please contact vicki Whitby at (505) 346-4673, ext. 222.

annual summer 2010 matching gift Phoneathon                                                                            help meet
    this summer the albuquerque rescue mission will be incorporating a matching gift Phoneathon                        the need for
in may 2010. We want to match dollar for dollar by may 31, 2010 for $60,000. We will have staff and
volunteers on the phones and mailings asking for pledges and gifts to reach this goal. this will be a                  Clothing:
tremendous blessing as we head into the challenging time of the year when donations are down. For                      our clothing room gives
more information on how you can help please contact Lawanna johnson, (505) 346-4673, ext. 233 or                       supplies to those in need.                                                                                               here are some needed items :
                                                                                                                       White bath towels
                                                                                                                       Colored bath towels

   gifts honor Loved ones                                                                                              underwear - Large
                                                                                                                       Liquid hand soap
   one of the many ways that our ministry partners reflect the care that their                                         disposable razors
   loved ones displayed during their lives is by making a memorial gift to the                                         shaving Cream
                                                                                                                       travel size toiletries
   ministries of the albuquerque rescue mission. We appreciate these gifts and wish                                    Combs
   to publicly acknowledge them and the loved ones on whose behalf they were given.                                    deodorant
   Memorial Gifts                                                                     Honorary Gifts                   toothpaste
                                                                                                                       sanitary napkins
    jack Zamora              Louis s. kondziolka        beverly romero                god’s Word                       hand and body Lotion
    bonifacio Lujan          mary johnstone             ernest h. Palacios            unemployed Workers               makeup (unopened)
    robert m. gilbert        tony                       jose roy anglada              narintra ratanachuvonos          sunscreen
    eloise dorso             boleslo romero             joe Lascano                   bonnie henry                     Pants (32" & up)
    robert hall              esquiel aragon             karen Finley                  god                              jeans (30" & up)
    raymond neal             david onuschak             Family bowman                 viola martinez                   extra Large Clothing
    sharon Cleve             jose Chavez                   -shoenung                  samantha and drew                shoes (9 & up)
    james m. hart iii        marie e. ornelas           gabriel tapia                 sooley
    roger rhoton             irene humphrey             daniel g. torres              john hawkes
    joe hooliuli             joseph salcido             diana esparza                 Patty ramsaver
    virginia brown           david neibel               mr. heffelman                 the jim hopkiins Family
    Catherine Woodward       my son                     albert ayolte                 Laura gene Lawson
                                                                                                                         Get inVOlVeD: GiVe
    somchai ratanachuvonos   judy daeschner             mona Zimmerman                bobbie and tom isaacson          For more ways you can
    douglas d. Flores        Crystal barden             james hawthornwhite                                            help the mission visit
    sofia Zanghellini        dad- mike g.                                                                    

                                              6 a L b u q u e r q u e r e s C u e m i s s i o n B at t l e l i n e s

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