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									OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER             OF THE     ROSALIE      W HY E L     MUSEUM   OF     DOLL   ART

  Vol XVIII, No 3                                                               Summer 2009
Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art
1116 - 108th Avenue NE ❖Phone: (425) 455-1116 ❖Fax: (425) 455-4793
Bellevue WA 98004 USA ❖
                                                                                      from the director
                                                                                      from the director
                       Your Favorite                                                      Wherever you may be reading
                                                                                      this, we hope you are enjoying a

                                                                                      relaxing, yet productive, summer.
                                                                                      The one here in the Pacific
                                                                                      Northwest has been stellar after
    Upon the opening of our new has been redressed in an                              a winter and spring deserving of
 exhibit A Few of My Favorite original ethnic costume                                 change.
 Things (May 30- October 25) the designed for the A. Marque dolls                         The Museum has been busy
 question has been posed to the by Margaine Lacroix.                                  since Christmas, we are delighted
 Museum staff, “What would you                Also, among my favorites is
                                                                                      to say, and perhaps it is folks
 consider to be one of your Astonbrook, a twenty-one room
 favorite dolls or other treasures 1” to 1’ Victorian house by                        looking for an inexpensive way
 in the Museum collection?”. This Seattle miniaturist Rosemary                        to spend their leisure time or
 is so not easy! But for me, if I Zilmer. From design to                              maybe it is the huge growth of
 must select one doll among very completion, it took Zilmer nearly                    our Bellevue downtown, or
 many favorites, I would have to five years to create Astonbrook.                     possibly both. Yet, we continue
 go with the A. Marque, which is Every room, from the solarium                        to see visitors from every state
 on “permanent promenade” in and gentleman’s parlor, to the                           and countries from around the
 the Meet the Masters exhibit of service porch and pantry, is
                                                                                      world on a regular basis. It is
 French bébé dolls. In his sculpt brimming with all manner of
 of the head, Albert                                      miniatures,                 exciting to meet such a wide array
 Marque attained a                                        including everyday          of our world’s population in this
 serene          and                                      h o u s e h o l d           little corner of Bellevue. It is also
 delicate beauty. If                                      necessities,                wonderful to see the effect the
 you are having a                                         a r t w o r k ,             dolls have on each of them,
 difficult day, just                                      collectibles, and           whether an avid collector or
 stop by and gaze                                         clutter.     It    is       someone interested in history or
 upon this lovely doll                                    wondrous        and
                                                          really a joy to
                                                                                      art. It verifies my love of dolls,
 for a few minutes
 and it just might put                                    behold.                     too, and encourages our staff to
 a spring back in                                            How about you?           work towards providing beautiful
 your step. And if it’s                                   Do you have a               and interesting exhibits and also
 been awhile since                                        favorite        doll,       inventory in our two stores that
                            Albert Marque girl c1915
 you toured the
                         As she appeared in the Museum
                                                          dollhouse, or other         speaks to every collector.
 Museum,         you originally. Today she is restored to treasure exhibited              In that light, this spring and
 might be surprised       an original Margaine-Lacroix    at the Museum that          summer we have available for
 to see that the doll      labeled dress- come see her!       Continued on Page
                                                                                                    Continued on Page 2...
 SMALL WONDERS                                                                                                PAGE ONE
 from the director                           my favorite items in the collection                         ...Continued From
                                                                                                                    Page 1
              ...Continued From Page 1       and how in the world could I
viewing until mid-August an                  choose one over another?                                you particularly
exhibit celebrating the 100th                Fashion definitely has its place                        enjoy seeing
                                                                                                     and sharing
anniversary of Rose O’Neill’s                there as well as the vulnerable doll
                                                                                                     with         your
famous Kewpies. The oohs and                 or toy that has been well-loved        friends when you visit? We
ahhs can be heard as soon as a               by previous owners. But then, that     would love to hear about it! If you
visitor reaches the Atrium case              perfect, rare, and beautiful doll
where these little darlings are              has its place, also. I love things
displayed. Besides selections from           with a history or provenance that
my collection, we have borrowed              binds me to the past and to the
the best of Shelley’s, an astute             one who cared enough to
collector herself. It is easy to see         preserve her toy for the future.
how these adorable creatures have            Age doesn’t necessarily win out
wiggled their way into hearts for            over charm, so you will see items
all these years.                             up to the present day included.
                                             And two-dimensional has always                1” to 1’ Scale Dollhouse
                                             won my heart, also.                        Rosemary Zilmer U.S. 1985
                                                                                        Come see all the goodies inside!
                                                Most of all, I believe you will
                                             see a respect for the creators of      have a story to share about your
                                                                                    favorite things in the Museum
                                             these wonderful dolls and toys.
                                                                                    collection (either on permanent
                                             No matter the media or the             exhibit or something you recall
                                             means, each did what his heart         seeing in a changing exhibit or
                                             inspired and the results cause us      other special exhibit) please
     Various Bisque Kewpies and other        to delight in the work.                email us at
    Kewpie artifacts in our latest exhibit      If you are curious about the        Rosalie will do her best to select
     celebrating a Century of cuteness.
                                             “Surprise Unveiling” we did for        her favorite story, to be included
   If you haven’t seen our latest            this exhibit, sorry, you have to       in our next newsletter.
                                                                                                           Jill Gorman
changing exhibit, I personally               show up! Hint, it is in the case
invite you to come, view, and                outside the changing gallery.
enjoy “A Few of My Favorite                     Coming soon – our winter            support of the Museum and our
Things”. Some of the comments                exhibit “MIB: Dolls and Toys”.         stores. Reserve Saturday,
by recent visitors have been “This           What could be more exciting than       September 12 on your calendar
is your best exhibit yet!” and               peering into an original box to        and remember the SALE at both
“There are so many rare and                  find that perfectly preserved “mint    the Museum Store and Rosie’s
unusual items” and also “The                 in box” doll or toy, or clothing?      Too goes all week! See page three
variety of items is unbelievable”.           Herein lies yet another of my          for more information.
You’re sure to find something                passions and I know yours, too.          Hope to see you soon at one
after your collecting heart in this          Stay tuned.                            of our many exhibits and events!
exhibit as it relays my collecting              Before that, however, the                             Rosalie Whyel
passions for the broad array of              museum will be celebrating our                                 Director
dolls, toys, and related items. It           17th Anniversary! We look
was interesting for me to try to             forward to sharing with you and
determine just exactly what were             thanking you for your continued
 SMALL WONDERS                                                                                                  PAGE TWO
         From the Museum Store...      Beaded Beauty                          Simon & Halbig Beauty
                          15” Bisque marked 264 CP                      19” Untinted bisque shoulder-
                          by Catterfelder Puppen-                       head with deeply molded
                          fabrik. Brown sleep eyes,                     blonde curls & delicately
                          pierced ears & old wig.                       painted features. Fully
                          Unusual flapper-type body                     outlined deep blue irises &
                          with rubber hands &                           great shoulder molding with
                          original finish. Wears                        “V” indentation typical of
                          original beautiful beaded                     S&H. Original cloth body with
                          Russian outfit & white cotton                 replaced leather arms. Antique
                          chemise. Fabulous socks &                     dress & red leather boots.
                          shoes, too! $475                              c1870 $585
From Eastern Europe with Love...c1930                                                                  MIB 1981 Kruse
20.5” All original & unusual Eastern European twins. Compo heads with cloth bodies. Painted     19” Hard plastic head on jointed cloth body-
features wearing muslin dresses edged in 1930s prints. Interesting jacket with wide cuffs &     “Amelie”. Blonde braids & blue calico dress
flared bottom. Some surface soil & doll on right has cheek chip. $250 pr                        with black pinafore. Excellent condition. $575

Kewpie Turns 100 & We Celebrate!!
  Continued From Spring Newsletter...           would form the very successful                  demand added additional factories
Rose O’Neill was an experienced                 Cameo Doll Company in New York                  in Germany, then on to Belgium,
artist who had been making a good               and not only produce composition                France, and the U.S.A..
living for many years before the                Kewpies, but Bye-lo babies, Betty               Even after the dolls were produced,
Kewpies, so when it was time to                 Boop, Little Annie Rooney, Disney               the public wanted more. It was a
actually create a doll, she                     characters, and many others.                    market phenomena that no one had
demanded perfection. A young,                   An announcement in the Woman’s                  ever seen or experienced before.
undiscovered sculptor of only 17                Home Companion that dolls were                  Rose O’Neill had originally been
would ultimately be the one to bring            being created just fanned the flames            slated by her father to become a
her perfect drawings into perfect               of excitement that was already in the           great actress. Coached by William
form. It was Joseph Kallus that                 air in 1913. This was the first true            O’Neill in Shakespeare the theatrics
sculpted the Kewpie doll- the top               “doll craze” where stores were                  were not lost on her as can be seen
knot, blue wings, starfish hands,               bombarded and hearts elated to                  in her plethora of illustrations and
and impish smile created in bisque              own one of these sweet creations.               doll designs that would soon be
for all the world to hold and love.             The Kewpie doll was initial produced            coined as “Action Kewpies”. These
Later this young man, Joseph,                   in the Kestner factory, but soon                                  Continued On Page 4...

      The Museum’s 17th Birthday!
                  Come celebrate with us and enjoy the joys of childhood!
               Special activities on Saturday and lectures throughout the week!
        Saturday September 12th                                             Saturday September 12th thru
                  Birthday Cake
                 Party Room Fun
                                                                               Friday September 18th
                    Door Prizes                                                             Museum Store Sale
                                                                                             Rosie’s Too Sale
              Surprises All Day Long!
 Both our stores will be selling at huge savings from 10% to 70% off all week long!

              Free Doll $Money$!!!
We’ll be again giving out $2 to $100 “Museum Money” to be spent anytime during
  our Birthday month. Good towards the purchase of anything, in either Store!
 SMALL WONDERS                                                                                                               PAGE THREE
                     Docent Highlight
 It would be impossible to do all that we for us. She is the supreme example of
do, both in the museum and our stores,         asking a busy person to do something.         W
without the dedication of our faithful         Leone and her sister, Teresa Lehmbeck,        S
docents. We feel we cannot say enough          own and run the popular Antique Doll and
about their involvement and contribution       Toy Market besides being National
to the Museum. Many of them have been          Antique Doll Dealer members and doing            Rosie’s Too Sale
with us since we opened our doors nearly       many other shows both locally and away.
                                                                                                   Saturday 11 to 4
17 years ago and have donated countless          Leone is one of the most knowledgeable
                                                                                                      August 1st
hours of their time and talents.               dealers and collectors in our area and we
                                                                                                Come in to see all of our recent
   One such is LEONE MCMILLAN.                 feel so privileged to count her among our       inventory of miniature houses
Leone is one of our on call volunteers who     dedicated volunteers. Her total support of      and lots of miniature furniture
is always there for us whether to drop into    the Museum is appreciated and we thank          to add to your own dollhouse
                                               her, and also ask you to thank Leone the        or as the perfect accessory to
Rosie’s Too for a few hours to help with                                                       your doll display.
inventory identifying or pricing or by         next time you see her, for her contribution
                                                                                               ROSIE’S TOO APPRAISAL CLINIC!
phone to research a special bear or doll       from which we all benefit. Thank You!
                                                                                                    Saturday August 22nd
              ...Continued From Page 3         stoppers, place card holders, and                 During our open hours. These
creations were added for the older,            many, many more items. Even                     are complimentary, verbal
“adult audience” that also wanted to           mascots (hood ornaments) were                   appraisals, limit three dolls per
own Kewpies. They were made in                 produced of metal for that wonderful            person please.
bisque- falling down, marching,                new adult toy that was becoming
hugging, and being just plain                  more attainable to the masses: the            of time and continues to delight
comical as they appeared in Rose’s             car. The Kewpies tiny eyebrow dots            people around the world.
stories.                                       are even credited with starting the           Come Visit Our Special Exhibit of
Even this was not enough and within            thin plucked eyebrow craze!                   Rare & Wonderful Kewpies!
just a few years Kewpies appeared              And so it has gone for 100 years. A           “Kewpie Turns 100!” on
on fabric for dresses, books,                  small benevolent elf who did good             display ‘til August 15th in the
paperdolls, rattles, soap, dishes,             deeds in a comical, almost                    Museum Atrium. Dolls, Books,
lamps, jewelry, cameras, cards, wine           mischievous way has stood the test            Illustrations, Ephemera, & More.

                                              Area Doll Show Dates
                                                                                               KITSAP DOLL CLUB ANNUAL
  UFDC NAT’L CONVENTION*                       CROSSROADS DOLL, TEDDY BEAR                            DOLL SHOW
    Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel               & ANTIQUE SHOW & SALE*                              Sons of Norway Hall
             Atlanta GA                                                                                 Bremerton WA
                                                      Nat’l Guard Armory
    Sun July 12 - Fri July 17, 2009                                                              Saturday September 26, 2009
                                                          Portland OR
     Public Day Thursday July 16                                                                         10am - 4pm
                                                  Saturday September 5, 2009
                                                         8:30am - 4pm                           ANTIQUE & COLLECTIBLE
                                                                                                    DOLL MARKET
              Rosie’s Too                      MUSEUM ANNIVERSARY SALE*
             Bellevue WA                                                                          Lake City Community Center
                                                          Museum Store                                    Seattle WA
         Saturday Aug 1, 2009                              Bellevue WA
              11am - 4pm                                                                         Saturday September 19, 2009
                                               Saturday Sept 12-Friday Sept 18, 2009                      10am - 3pm
                                                           10am to 5pm
      ANTIQUE DOLL & TOY                                   Rosie’s Too                          CROSSROADS DOLL, TEDDY
           MARKET*                                         Bellevue WA                                BEAR & MORE*
         Bellevue Inn Red Lion                     Saturday September 12, 2009                       Puyallup Fairgrounds
              Bellevue WA                                  11am - 4pm                                    Puyallup WA
        Sunday August 23, 2009                     Thursday September 17, 2009                    Saturday October 17, 2009
              11am - 4pm                                   11am - 8pm                                   10am - 4:30pm
                                                                                                   Sunday October 18, 2009
                         *Look for the Museum Sales Table                                                 10am - 4pm
 SMALL WONDERS                                                                                                     PAGE FOUR
   We would like to thank the following                    Welcome To Our New
       people for their generous                           & Returning Members:
    donations during the last quarter:                   Sandra Barker
                                                         Valerie Fogel
                                                                                  Ochiai Chieko
                                                                                 Elaine Garland
                     Leanne Adcox                        Valerie Ann Hudson    Estelle Johnston
  Marx dollhouse, dollhouse furniture, Petite Princess   Barbara Kellison     Lenore Kobayashi
           furniture, room boxes, doll dishes            Sandy Kralovetz            Ellie Kringer
                                                         Mary and Steve McArthur     Sue Molvik
                   Amber Anderson
          Pair of artist dolls with display case         Tracy Mullen          Rebecca Nelson
                                                         Patty Phillips                 Pat Pope
                 Lucinda Briggs                          Jan Rohrmann                 Gail Shaw
           Schoenhut doll with provenance                Marilyn Rose Smiley
                                                         Susan Stebbins Galloway
                   Susan C. Fuchs
   Collection of NASB-type dolls, A.M. Florodora doll    Tamara Tikhonova      Kamil Turkarslan
                                                         Sharon Westlund          Nancy Wilson
                     Rolf Friele
          Dollhouse books, tea set, figurines            HAVE YOU HEARD? We have a new
                                                         HAVE YOU          We
                    Esther W. Howse                                  SCA
                                                         and revised SCAVENGER HUNT!
                Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls                For all of you who have done our popular
                Susan Stebbins Galloway                  Scavenger Hunt maybe more than once,
                   Wicker doll carriage                  we have a new and challenging one for all
                 Catherine A. Grove                      ages. School groups, Scouts, home
   Arcade washer, sinks, tub, bathroom sink, ironing     schoolers, doll clubs, anyone or group will
      board, radiators, bed, cradle, Russian doll
                                                         find this to be a useful and fun tool for
                    Susan Harmon                         further enjoying the exhibits. And, if you
             3 cloth ethnic dolls, small doll
                                                         still don’t know who “WALDO” is, you soon
                  Pat Lanzinger                          will as there is a movie of him coming out
  “American Beauty” Horsman doll, composition baby
               and Mama Ideal dolls                      this summer. Watch for it and “Where Is
                                                         He?” in the Museum.
                    Peggy Meitmann

                                                           ATTENTION DOLL CLUBS
                 Cloth dolls and doll parts
               Florence J. Rasmussen
        Sioux Indian Chief doll with provenance          Our Rose Room reservations are already
                     Sacha Roberts
                                                         getting booked into the fall and winter,
                    Effanbee baby doll                   so don’t forget to get your club on the
                   Jane White Vielliet                   list as soon as possible for your meeting,
                 Pair of composition dolls               tea, or luncheon. Our package deals
                     Mary Withers                        include admission to all exhibits. Or
   Doll-size high chair with provenance, vintage baby    what about a summer get together for
  shoes, doll postcards, hand-carved wooden doll with
       provenance, c1950s McCalls magazine, 2            no reason but friendship??
                reproduction bisque dolls                Call Abby to reserve your date
SMALL WONDERS                                                                            PAGE FIVE
1116 - 108th Avenue NE
Bellevue WA 98004 USA
425.455.1116                           DOLLS FOR DEMOCRACY
fax 425.455.4793
                              Special Visiting Exhibit Coming To The Museum
Mon-Sat 10 to 5               The Washington State Jewish Historical Society is
Sun     1 to 5                relaunching a special touring exhibition and kicking it off
ROSIE’S TOO HOURS:            right here at the Museum!
221 106th Ave. NE Bellevue
(425) 455-0363                    August 18 - November 8
                                                     th                          th
Thurs       11 to 8
Sat        11 to 4            This special collection of dolls entitled “Dolls For
Or by Appointment             Democracy”, features dolls created in the 1950s by artist
   UFDC ATLANTA               Cecil Brooks. These realistic dolls depicting famous people
                              were made to tour schools and teach children that all people
   JULY 12-17, 2009           can contribute to society and achieve their dreams. The
WE WILL BE IN BOOTH 58 IN     group of 34 represents many different ethnicities and
THE SALES ROOM-COME           nationalities, including G.W. Carver, Saint Francis of Assisi,
SEE US FOR WONDERFUL          Jackie Robinson, Sacajawea, and Abraham Lincoln, to
TREASURES - SOMETHING         name a few!
                               Take this special opportunity to bring your children,
                              students, and yourself to see these dolls and learn the
                              important role the dolls played educating the youth of the
FOR YOU!                      mid-twentieth century and the important role they still play
SEE YOU THERE!                today.
ROSALIE AND SHELLEY            Stay tuned for programs schedules!

                       Coming Events at the Museum
                               AUGUST 18 - NOVEMBER 8            SEPTEMBER 12 2009
 Mid April- Mid August 2009              2009                 Museum Birthday Celebration
    “Kewpie Turns 100!”          Dolls For Democracy                Museum Atrium
       Special Exhibit              Special Exhibit                  (see page 3)
      (see page three)               (see page six)
                                                                SEPTEMBER 12 - 18 2009
MAY 30 - OCTOBER 25 2009           AUGUST 22 2009               Museum Anniversary Sale
  “A Few of My Favorite           Doll Appraisal Clinic           Museum of Doll Art &
          Things”                    at Rosie’s Too                   Rosie’s Too
  Changing Gallery Exhibit    During Regular Hours, 11 to 4          (see page 3)
                                  SEPTEMBER 7 2009                OCTOBER 31 2009-
      AUGUST 1 2009                    Labor Day                  FEBRUARY 21, 2010
  Rosie’s Too Sidewalk Sale          Museum OPEN                     “Mint In Box:
       Saturday 11 to 4          Forget Working, Explore            Dolls and Toys”
                                Childhood at the Museum!         Changing Gallery Exhibit
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