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					 Jared Pratt Family Association Newsletter                                                                                     Page 4

                                             Sunday morning, April 13, Ernie               Parley, or if you own any such docu-
                                                                                                                                                                                     The Jared Pratt Family Association’s
The Pratt Family in Kirtland

      We now have a new Pratt
family site to visit when we go to
Kirtland, Ohio. This past April, a
                                             Robison dedicated Thankful’s new
                                             gravestone at the Kirtland Cemetery.
                                             Many thanks to Ernie and to all of
                                             the members of the family who
                                                                                           ments and would allow these
                                                                                           authors to look at them, please email
                                                                                           Matt at or
                                                                                           call 801-943-4648.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bicentennial Star
few dozen members of the Pratt               contributed and attended.                              In addition, we are continu-         Jared Pratt Family Association Newsletter                                                                         September 1, 2008

family met in Kirtland, Ohio, to                                                           ing our historical transcription
dedicate a new gravestone for                Pratt Family History                          project. With cooperation from the
                                                                                                                                            THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHOSE CONTRIBUTIONS OF FUNDS, TIME AND
Thankful Halsey Pratt, Parley Pratt’s                                                      LDS Church Archives, we are                        ENERGY ARE SUPPORTING THE WONDERFUL PRATT FAMILY PROJECTS
first wife. Thankful, the mother of               The 200th anniversary of                 transcribing documents related to                                 DESCRIBED IN THIS NEWSLETTER!
Parley Jr., died in Kirtland in 1837         Parley’s birth in 2007 created a lot of       Anson, William, Parley, Orson, and
and was buried in the graveyard next         interest both within the family and           Nelson, along with their wives and                                         Special thanks to our volunteer team of archeologists and scientists.
to the Kirtland Temple.          (See        among others in the legacy of the             children. We have hundreds of these
detailed story in Parley’s autobiog-         Pratt family. Besides the creation of         documents already available online           Report to the Family Concern-                    excavate the grave site identified as    ground was less compacted, easier
raphy, Chapter 20.) Until recently,          the DVD, a historical conference in           at our website, www.pratt-                   ing Parley P. Pratt’s Arkansas                   Parley’s by both historic and scien-     to dig than the surrounding undis-
Thankful’s gravesite at the Kirtland         Arkansas considered the “life, times,, and will be continually                                                           tific evidence, which is located about   turbed earth, and contained “mixed
Cemetery was unknown and                     and legacy of Parley P. Pratt.” The           adding new documents.                                                                         100 feet from the monument erected       soils” no longer in their original
                                                                                                                                        by Robert J. Grow
unmarked.       Through historical           organizers of the conference, Greg                                                                                                          by the family in the 1950s. On April     layers. We knew from the GPR that
research, cousin Ernie Robison               Armstrong and Dennis Siler, along                                                               On May 13, 1857, Apostle                    2, 2008, I testified in an Arkansas      the grave was shallow and just six
discovered the deed to her grave,            with the assistance of Matt Grow,             The Next Reunion                             Parley P. Pratt was killed outside of            court and delivered more than 130        inches within the southern cemetery
commissioned a monument, and                 are compiling an edited volume of                                                          Van Buren, Arkansas, leaving                     signed affidavits from direct descen-    boundary (both reasons noted by the
made the arrangements for members            many of the papers presented at the                The next major Pratt family             behind a family of ten widows and                dants, including 16 from the 22 or 23    judge when he approved our
of the family to gather in Kirtland.         conference, along with additional             reunion is scheduled for the summer          24 children, most under the age of               of Parley’s living great grandchil-      request). Early digging suggested
      Renowned      historian    Karl        essays on Parley’s life. They hope            of 2011, the 200th anniversary of            12.     Over the past 150 years,                 dren, his closest “next of kin.”         that the hard red clay covering the
Anderson, the world’s leading                this will be published in 2009. In            Orson Pratt’s birth. The family is           Parley’s descendants have made                   Although initially skeptical, Judge      150 year old grave had not created a
expert on the experiences of the             addition, Matt Grow and Terryl                looking for Orson Pratt descendants          repeated attempts to precisely locate            Gary Cottrell of the Circuit Court of    semi-impervious        shield    from
early Mormons in Kirtland, led our           Givens are researching a biography            to lead the planning of this reunion.        his grave and fulfill his dying wish             Crawford County, Arkansas, granted       constant water penetration as we had
group on a two-day tour of Pratt-            of Parley which will be published by          If you are willing to help in this           to move his remains to be buried                 the family’s request that we be given    hoped. The clay itself, which is
related sites in the area. Kirtland          Oxford University Press, most likely          planning, please contact us at               among the family in Utah. In the                 an opportunity to close this chapter     acidic by nature, and the materials in
was, in many ways, Parley’s city.            in 2011. If you know of interesting  You              1950s, his family purchased the                  in our family’s history. Surprisingly,   the grave were completely soaked
Following his conversion to Mor-             historical documents related to               are needed!                                  small cemetery in Arkansas where                 he noted in his ruling that he had       from recent spring rains. Rather
monism in 1830, Parley traveled to                                                                                                      he was buried and erected a monu-                written a college paper on this          than protecting the shallow human
Kirtland where he baptized his                                                                                                          ment to his memory.                              “tragic” event in their history and      remains, the acidic wet clay made
former religious mentor Sidney                                                                                                               This is my report to the family             stated that he hoped this would also     the discovery of discernible human
Rigdon and many others. Soon                                                                                                            of the outcome of our three year                 allow their community to close this      remains unlikely.
afterwards, Joseph Smith received a                                                                                                     effort to find and move Parley. After            era or saga in their history as well.         When the archeologists had
revelation which commanded the                                                                                                          more than two years of preparation,              He specifically stated that the          completed digging down to the top
entire Church to move to Kirtland                                                                                                       including ground penetrating radar               family’s efforts had been “exem-         of where the body would have been
from New York.                                                                                                                          studies (GPR) and extensive histori-             plary.”                                  placed in this grave, it now appear-
      Among other sites, we visited                                                                                                     cal research, more than 200 descen-                    Almost immediately, a fully        ing that no identifiable remains
the place where Parley settled in                                                                                                       dants of Parley P. Pratt met together            prepared team of trained archeolo-       would be found, I called the family
Russia Township in 1827; where                                                                                                          during the Pratt Family Reunion in               gists and scientists and interested      members together to the grave site
Parley was egged while preaching in                                                                                                     July 2007. After reviewing this                  family members, volunteering both        and asked the family for direction.
Mentor, Ohio; where Parley                                                                                                              information, and considering the                 their time and expertise, headed to      Those present voted unanimously to
baptized numerous converts; where                                                                                                       impending urbanization of the                    Arkansas. Excavation of the grave        complete the excavation. Although
Parley and Thankful lived; and                                                                                                          surrounding property, they voted                 pinpointed by GPR commenced on           we were disappointed that we might
where Parley preached to the Shak-                                                                                                      unanimously to make a final attempt              Saturday afternoon, April 19, 2008,      not discover any specific remains to
ers and “shook his coattails” after                                                                                                     to fulfill Parley’s dying request that           with the excavation completed and        return to Utah, we all felt that we
they rejected his message. Our                                                                                                          his body be buried in Utah. With                 closed, and the gravesite dedicated      had found Parley’s resting place and
experience culminated in a night at               Thankful Halsey Pratt’s new headstone in the Kirtland Temple Cemetery.
                                                  “My grief, and sorrow, and loneliness I shall not attempt to describe.                generous contributions from numer-               on Wednesday morning, April 23,          were completing all that the family
the Kirtland Temple, where mem-                   Farewell, my dear Thankful, thou wife of my youth, and mother of my                   ous family members, this effort                  2008.                                    could do to fulfill his dying request.
bers of the family shared their                   firstborn, the beginning of my stregth, farewell. Yet a few more lingering            moved forward.                                         While digging in the hard red      With great care and respect, we
feelings about our heritage. On                   years and I shall be with thee. Parley P. Pratt”                                           In January 2008, legal motions              Arkansas clay, it was clear that the     segregated the materials where we
                                                                                                                                        were filed seeking court approval to             identified site was a grave, as the      believe his body was laid a century
 Jared Pratt Family Association Newsletter                                                                               Page 2    Jared Pratt Family Association Newsletter                                                                           Page 3

                                                                                         obligations and keeping his prom-        his testimony continue to be carried         children inscribed.                     A Family of “Firsts”—
                                                                                         ises to his family, the Church, and      to the saints and to the world.                   3. We know some of you have        Descendancy Research and
                                                                                         the Lord. The effort to find Parley’s                                                 already contributed to this effort      Temple Work
                                                                                         remains helped us rediscover a vast      Parley’s Grave: What’s Next?                 (and we have approximately
                                                                                         amount of new historical evidence                                                     $10,000 remaining from those                 Last month, a great historic
                                                                                         about how Parley lived as an apostle          We still have two challenges            contributions), but we are now          treasure was found in the family. In
                                                                                         and died as a martyr to the gospel       ahead of us. First, Parley’s actual          asking that all of Parley’s descen-     1853, Orson Pratt excitedly wrote
                                                                                         that he loved. More than anything        burial site in Arkansas remains              dants, including children, as well as   his brother Parley about an effort he
                                                                                         else, I believe that our efforts over    unmarked and is on the very south-           friends of Parley, be a part of this    had recently read about to find all of
                                                                                         the past three years to clarify the      ern boundary of the small cemetery           historic occasion by contributing to    the Pratts who descended from Lt.
                                                                                         historical record permit Parley’s        which will soon be surrounded by             the erection of these new monu-         William Pratt, a Puritan who immi-
                                                                                         apostolic witness of the Restoration     urban uses. Second, Parley and his           ments. Even young children could        grated to Massachusetts in the 1630s
                                                                                         to continue in full force as he          wives’ gravesites in the Salt Lake           earn a dollar to contribute. The        and then Connecticut in 1640. Orson
                                                                                         desired.                                 City Cemetery need significant               name of each person who contrib-        contacted many relatives and
                                                                                               Finally, we discovered that        improvement and repair.                      utes will be buried in a time capsule   assisted Frederick Chapman, a
                                                                                         Parley’s dying statement contained            Although we did not find                next to the monument with the           Protestant minister, in tracking
                                                                                         more than a request that his body be     discernible remains in Parley’s              Arkansas clay that was brought          down both the descendants and
                                                                                         taken to Utah for burial. More           grave to bring to Utah, at the sugges-       home from his burial site.              ancestors of Lt. William Pratt. In
Thanks to our archeological, scientific, and support team!                               importantly, as he lay dying in          tion of the court-appointed mortuary              4. My final suggestion is that     1864, Chapman published his
                                                                                         Arkansas, surrounded only by             official who was present at the exca-        the family gather on Saturday, May      efforts, which included information
and a half ago. The next morning               John B. Ogden, who when faced             strangers, he expressed concern for      vation, the family has brought back          16, 2009, the 152nd anniversary of      on thousands of Pratts, in The Pratt
family members reverently replaced             with a mob of nearly 500 in his           his family and then bore a final         to Utah a small amount of Arkansas           the week of Parley’s death, to com-     Family. In the 1870s and 1880s,
in the grave the Arkansas soil which           courtroom, acquitted Eleanor Pratt        earthly witness: “I die a firm           soil symbolizing that the family has         memorate his contributions to the       Orson and the extended Pratt family
we believe holds the now indiscern-            and later privately acquitted Parley      believer in the Gospel of Jesus          now done all that was humanly                Restoration and rededicate the          performed baptisms for the dead and
ible remains of our beloved Parley             of any crime, offered him weapons         Christ as revealed through the           possible to fulfill Parley’s dying           family plot and the other graves.       other temple work for the deceased
and dedicated that spot as his final           for his defense which Parley              Prophet Joseph Smith, and I wish         request. I am seeking the family’s                                                   Pratts, making the Pratts very likely
resting place, a place of safety and           declined, and helped him leave town       you to carry this, my dying              advice and involvement with these            WILL YOU HELP?                          the first family in the Church to
peace where both Church members                ahead of his enemies. Judge Ogden         testimony. I know the gospel is true     issues. I would suggest the follow-                                                  undertake such a large genealogical
and the family can come to remem-              later helped Eleanor Pratt safely         and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of    ing:                                              Please make contributions          effort. In the 1990s, the family orga-
ber the life, legacy, and testimony of         leave town and caused her written         the Living God. I am dying a martyr           1. The family erect a head-             payable to Family Research              nization completed the temple work
this remarkable man, who died                  defense of Parley to be published in      to the faith.” Parley asked that his     stone in Arkansas on Parley’s actual         Projects, a nonprofit corporation       that Orson Pratt had begun.
keeping his covenants to a sealed              the Van Buren newspaper. These            final testimony be “carried” to the      gravesite, place a plaque to identify        with tax-exempt status (your contri-    Recently, Marjorie McMurray
wife and to the Lord.                          and others in Arkansas should be          Church and saints that he loved. As      the other families who have ances-           bution will be deductible) and iden-    presented to the family organization
     If you ask me after all of this           remembered as true heroes in our          Parley wrote in the preface to his       tors buried near Parley on the               tify your contribution for the Parley   the handwritten “temple book”
effort, “Has it been worth it?” I              family’s history.                         Voice of Warning in 1846: “Should        Church-owned site, and perhaps               grave project. Please include the       record in which Orson and the
would say, “Unequivocably, yes.”                    In addition, literally hundreds      the author be called to sacrifice his    purchase 10-20 feet of “buffer prop-         names of the contributors for the       family meticulously recorded the
We went to remove our ancestor                 of neighbors came to observe and          life for the cause of truth…it will be   erty” along the boundary where               time capsule with your contribution.    temple work they performed in the
from a place that our family has               share stories as the excavation was       said of him, He being dead yet spea-     Parley is buried;                            See form on page 6. We will scale       1870s and 1880s.
always remembered and treated as               occurring. In positive stories, local     keth.” I believe all that we have             2. It has been approximately a          what we do to the contributions we           This just goes to prove that in
hostile. As our historical knowledge           newspapers and television stations        done as a family allows Apostle          century since the family erected a           have received by December 31,           our filing cabinets and boxes in the
grew, we found some true Arkansas              told of our efforts on Parley’s behalf.   Parley P. Pratt’s testimony, as          monument for Parley P. Pratt in the          2008. Please do not delay if you        attic there are undoubtedly other
heroes for our family to also remem-           We went believing that Parley was         embodied in his writings, his autobi-    Salt Lake City Cemetery. With the            would like to help.                     family records, pictures, and
ber: Zealey Wynn, the blacksmith               buried among his enemies but              ography, and his personal example,       passage of time, the family plot is                                                  heirlooms that need to be found,
who cared for Parley during his                relearned of old friends who helped       to continue to be heard. In very         now showing its age and in signifi-                                                  brought forward, and protected for
dying minutes, opened his home for             Parley and Eleanor in their darkest       personal,      quiet,    and   sacred    cant disrepair. At this point in the         MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!                   future generations. This special
an inquest and preparation of the              hour and made new friends for the         moments, I have come to understand       family’s history (Parley now has                                                     book, which shows temple work for
body for burial, and gave Parley a             family and the Church.                    that Parley’s charge to “carry” his      perhaps 40,000 descendants), we                   On May 16, 2009, we will hold      Pratt ancestors dating back to the
Christian burial in his own family                  After 150 years of inaccuracies      testimony was not intended solely-       would suggest commissioning a new            a special commemorative service for     12th and 13th centuries, will be on
plot; William Steward, the owner of            and misstatements about Parley’s          for the strangers who heard the          monument for Parley and individual           Parley and dedicate a new monu-         display at the next reunion.
a nearby lumber mill who had                   death, some of them openly slander-       actual words but for us, his growing     markers for his wives buried in the          ment for Parley and headstones for
known the Pratts in New York who               ous, we have reconfirmed and retold       posterity, as well. By our actions in    Salt Lake City Cemetery. The                 those wives buried in the Salt Lake
gave Parley his own handmade                   the truth that Parley died as he had      Arkansas, we as a family have been       wives’ headstones will have their            City Cemetery. You won’t want to
coffin to be buried in; and Judge              lived--fulfilling his missionary          fulfilling Parley’s charge to us that    names, dates, and the names of their         miss this!
 Jared Pratt Family Association Newsletter                                                                                  Page 5

Remarking Graves
                                              leading historians on the five Pratt              3. That this was a time of
     As part of our effort to honor           brothers. We have sold approxi-              reconciliation, peace, and oneness
the legacy of the five Pratt brothers         mately 1500 DVDs and feedback                with the people of Arkansas.
at the time of Parley Pratt’s 200th           has been extraordinary. This is                   4. That this event closed this
birthday in 2007, we began a project          currently the best tool to teach our         chapter on Parley's history.
of locating and remarking if neces-           families about our Pratt heritage.                5. That this work was actually
sary all of the graves of the five Pratt      Now is the time to order—it makes a          never about the physical, but
brothers, their wives, and their              great Christmas present. Fill out the        ultimately about the spiritual.
children and spouses. Along with              attached order form or order at                    I have had several people come
remarking the graves of Parley’s     The DVD                to me today and express their sorrow
wives in the Salt Lake City Cem-              costs $15 a copy plus shipping. All          that we were not able to come up
etery as described above, the family          proceeds go to support the historical        with any remains. I feel like shout-
is also remarking the graves of 12            work of the Jared Pratt Family Asso-         ing from the rooftops that they are
other family members from these               ciation. (If you paid your family            wrong!...that what happened so far
generations. When this is finished,           dues last year, the DVD costs $10            surpassed what was expected, that it
all of the known graves of these              each until the end of the year.)             is hard to put into words.
three generations will have been
remarked or restored.                                                                           Margaret Sevy, Treasurer: For
                                              Thoughts about Arkansas                      as long as I can remember at every
                                                                                           Pratt Reunion I attended, the same
The Pratt Brothers: Builders of                    Mitch Pratt, Archeologist: The          question kept reoccurring. "When
Zion DVD                                      verification by the Spirit of the            are we going to bring Parley home?"
                                              correctness of what we were doing            This question and the answer have
     We are proud to announce that            was overwhelming in a way that is            become dearer to my heart in the last
the DVD “The Pratt Brothers:                  still impossible to adequately               two years. With the help of many in
Builders of Zion,” produced by                describe. There are simply not               the Jared Pratt family organization
family member Stuart Heimdal, has             words to express the feeling I felt          and others desiring to help in our
won prestigious awards at the LDS             (and still do). There were a few             cause, we tried to accomplish
Film Festival and the Columbus                things that were impressed to my             Parley's dying wish. Many may say,
International Film Festival. The              mind and burned in my soul that              "but you didn't find anything", but
DVD, which is narrated by Lloyd               Tuesday morning:                             for those of us who were blessed to
Newell (voice of the Mormon Taber-                 1. That the spot we dug was             be at the excavation, we know that
nacle Choir’s “Music and the                  indeed the resting place of Parley.          we were at the burial site of Parley P.
Spoken Word”), features hundreds                   2. That there would be no               Pratt and that he wanted us to be
of photographs and commentary by              remains in the grave.                        there. He was pleased with our

                                             Cut here, DVD order form on reverse side

                                 I want to help with the Parley P. Pratt monument!

    Contribution Amount: _____________                                                  Please make checks payable to:
                                                                                           Family Research Projects
    Contributors to be listed and placed in the time capsule:
    ____________________________________________                                                     Mail to:
                                                                                        Jared Pratt Family Association
    ____________________________________________                                               c/o Robert Grow
    ____________________________________________                                          9767 Little Cottonwood Pl.
    ____________________________________________                                              Sandy, UT 84092
  Jared Pratt Family Association Newsletter                                                                                Page 6

 efforts. Robert asked me the ques-            by those caring ancestors during             rest. We all experienced many
 tion, "Would we have done this if we          Parley's last hours on earth.                miracles. I think that the greatest
 had known that we wouldn't find                                                            miracle though, was that Heavenly
 anything?" My reaction is "prob-                   Karl Anderson, Historian: My            Father took care of Parley’s remains
 ably not", but it was not what we             feelings were of an overpowering             for us and we all had an unmistak-
 didn't find, it was the journey that          spiritual nature that have stayed with       able confirmation that He did. We
 took us there and the journey we all          me. As I stood there on that Arkan-          can now leave his remains in the
 individually take as we leave it              sas soil, I realized that although I         past and move forward and place
 behind and find closure in the things         have said words in the past about            appropriate markers in the Salt Lake
 that we were supposed to learn.               Parley's greatness and his great,            Cemetery.
       We had an opportunity to                spiritual and even fun stories, a
 connect with the people of Arkansas           transition came over me and I really              Paul DeBry, Vice President:
 and to acquaint them with the life of         came to know and love Parley. He             The result of all of this effort to
 an early apostle and devoted                  was a spiritual giant. He was Paul-          locate and excavate Parley’s grave
 missionary of the Church of Jesus             like. He is one of God's greatest men        was a resounding success. Those
 Christ of Latter-day Saints. I talked         of this dispensation. He is one of the       involved were satisfied that the
 with numerous groups of curious               noble and great from the pre-                grave has at last been located. To be
 people drawn to the site wondering            existence. I felt his presence and           completely truthful, it was a major
 why a family would care after 150             gratitude for what was being done            disappointment to me that the coffin,
 years to fulfill an ancestors dying           there. I feel a mission to spread as         the body, his clothing, and every
 wish. For me it was somewhat                  much as I can of Parley's greatness          other sign of Parley’s death and
 personal. My brother was killed on            as an Apostle and Prophet of God. It         burial had returned to mother earth.
 his mission 34 years ago and having           was a mountain top experience that           It would have been nice if Parley’s
 his body come home gave me some               can never be forgotten and leaves            remains still existed and could have
 closure to his death. I have always           me a changed man.                            been recovered. The fact that they
 felt that his mission never ended and                                                      were not, however, in no way
 I feel this was also true with Parley.              Ernest Robison, Scientist: I am        detracts from the sacred pursuit and
       Our presence in Arkansas                at a lack of words to describe the           desires of the family over the years,
 stirred up an interest in the Church          spiritual feelings that have remained        nor from the love and admiration we
 and gave us an opportunity to                 with me since we left Arkansas. This         all share for our departed ancestor
 connect with the descendants of the           experience has changed me spiritu-           and apostle of the Lord Parley P.
 people that helped Parley and Elea-           ally. I cannot think of a better             Pratt.
 nor at the time of his death. It was a        outcome than what has happened.
 special experience to talk with them          We did what we needed to do and              Check the website for additional
 and recognize the kindnesses given            Heavenly Father took care of the             details:

                                              Cut here, contribution form on reverse side

Price: We are strongly encouraging a $25 donation per family to help offset the costs associated with ongoing family projects,
including the family newsletter, the production of the DVD, marking the graves of some of our ancestors, etc. If you send the
$25 donation with this form, the price will be $10 per DVD. If you choose not to make this donation, the normal price is $15
per DVD. If you have already donated this year (or in 2007), you do not need to donate again.

Shipping: Shipping will be $2.50 for the first DVD and $0.50 for each additional copy.

         With $25 Donation                               Without $25 Donation                                 Mail to:
 # of DVDs    __________________                  # of DVDs    __________________
                    x $10.00                                         x $15.00                    Jared Pratt Family Association
 Subtotal:    __________________                  Subtotal:    __________________                       c/o Robert Grow
 Shipping:    __________________                  Shipping:    __________________                  9767 Little Cottonwood Pl.
                                                                                                       Sandy, UT 84092
 Total:       __________________                  Total:       __________________

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