The War of the Wall

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					The War of the Wall
by Toni Cade Bambara                        Name:_____________________________
pp. 326-334 in the literature anthology

  A. Answer these questions on your own sheet of paper for the best score.

   1. Give three reasons why the wall is special and important to the narrator and Lou.
      Be sure one of your reasons includes what is carved into the wall and why.

   2. Give three reasons why the narrator and others are scornful of the painter lady.

   3. Why is Side Pocket called by that name? Find a clear clue in the story to prove it.

   4. Why does Mama’s opinion of the painter lady change? Why does Mama decide
      that the lady had been so picky about her food choices?

   5. Why do the narrator and Lou buy spray paint?

   6. Why do the kids change their minds about using the spray paint? What people do
      they recognize in the artwork? What connection do they find they have with the
      painter lady?

   7. Given what the kids learn about themselves and the painter, what do you think the
      theme of this story is?

    B. “Wall of Respect” Project

               Imagine you have an old brick wall in your community. You have been
        given the opportunity to create a mural of your own.
               The painter lady in the story included people from the neighborhood,
        important figures in African-American history, meaningful colors, and career
        choices in her artwork. What would you put in your creation?
               Create a collage of images that you would put on your wall section.
        You may glue on computer images, pictures from magazines or images you draw
        yourself. You may also use personal photos if you don’t mind gluing them to
        the project. The “brick wall” will be provided by Mr. W!
               Include at least ten (10) images representing your life: your friends and
        family, your neighborhood, and people, places, things or ideas you value. At
        least one of the images should include a color that is important to you.
               Provide a key on the back of your wall collage with short sentences that
       explain each image and why you included it. Remember, images are designed to
       overlap in a collage. If you want, you can label each image with a small letter or
       number and put corresponding letters or numbers on the back.

       Due date for questions: Monday, 3/21
       Due date for collage: Wednesday, 3/23

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