Facebook Project by ashrafp


									                      African Culture Facebook Project


For this project you will be creating a fake Facebook page for someone from
the Arab, Swahili, Bantu, or Ashanti ethnic groups. You will not be utilizing
the Facebook website rather you will create a fake layout on a small poster
board or PowerPoint to show your work. For those of you unfamiliar with
Facebook it is basically a self created profile that typically allows you to upload
photos, tell people what you are currently doing at the moment, answer
questions about yourself, become friends with people, and displays other pieces
of information about yourself.

On a small poster board, you will divide the page up into the person’s wall,
profile, and info. The wall should include at least 4 pictures that they posted,
and the names and country information for 4 people they are friends with.
The profile should include 2 posts from you, and one post from a friend (The
post have to show knowledge of the culture of your chosen country – NO
RANDOM POSTS). The information section should be divided into About
Me ( person’s name, hometown, gender, favorite quotations/proverbs,
religion, and birthdate – BASE THIS ON INFORATION ABOUT THE
CULTURE OF THE COUNTRY); Education and Work (where the person
attends school), and Likes and Interests, ,( activities, books, music, television

All posts should reflect knowledge of the person’s African culture. NO

                                  Rubric for Facebook Project

                            4                   3                      2                  1

Wall, Profile and The student            The student            The student         The student did not
Information       accurately added       accurately added       accurately added accurately add
Sections          information            information for 2/3    information for 1/3 information for
                  explain in the         sections and related   sections and        any of the sections.
                  wall, profile and      it to the person’s     related it to the
                  information            ethnic group.          person’s ethnic
                  sections that is                              group.
                  directly related to
                  the person’s
                  ethnic group.

Elements           All required          Most elements          Key elements were Project is missing
                   elements are          required were          left out of the   most required
                   included in the       included in the        project           elements
                   project               project

Layout             Project is very       Project is neat and    Project is            Project is very
                   neatly designed       most objects are       somewhat              disorganized and
                   and all objects are   where they should      disorganized and      most objects are
                   were they should      be placed              several objects are   not where they
                   be located                                   not in the            should be. Many
                                                                appropriate place     elements are
                                                                                      missing and cannot
                                                                                      be found
Pictures    All required       Most photos           Project is missing    Project has little to
            photos are placed required are           photos and or         no photos and does
            on the poster or included and            labels. Readers are   not explain their
            powerpoint and labeled so the            somewhat              importance.
            labeled so the     readers can gain an   confused about
            reader understands understanding of      why these photos
            their importance their importance        are important

Spelling/   Project is free of   Project has several Project has quite a Project has many
Grammar     spelling and/ or     small grammar/      few spelling/ and errors in grammar
            grammar errors       spelling errors     or grammar errors and/ or spellings

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