Facebook Assignment with Marking Scheme by ashrafp


									                  Global Geography 12 ● Sackville High School
                                        Facebook Country Profile
For this assignment, you will be using the knowledge and skills learned around measuring the relative wealth and
quality of life in countries around the world to construct a profile of a country as if it were a person with a Facebook

Required Process/Elements:
You will display the information on a page that resembles a Facebook profile.

Your profile should include:

        a. Information: GDP/GNP, PQLI, Population, Fave buys/sales (major imports and exports)
        b. A profile image (can be a map, flag, national symbol)
        c. A status update that reflects the current events or status of your country in the news
        d. At least 4-6 posts from “friends” – countries that are neighbours, trading partners, allies, etc, that reflect
           the interactions of your country on the global stage
                i. Each of your “friends” should also have a profile picture (map, flag, national symbol)
        e. At least 2 sidebar advertisements for products grown/manufactured in your country
Marking Scheme:

   Category                  Specific Topic                 Possible       Complete           Incomplete       Missing
                    your network (job / school /
                    community)                                  1
Profile              “looking for”                              1
                    family                                      1
                    hometown (pick one within your              1
                     contact information (where you are         1
                     in the world, imaginary email)
                     activities (2)                             2
                     interests (2)                              2
Personal             favorite music (what type would            1
Information          he/she listen to or like)
                     favorite quotes (3)                        3
                     about me: 5 quick lines about your         5
                     education level: could be literacy         1
                     rates for both sexes
                     audio/song: 1 song that would              1
                     describe your
                     comments from “friends” (you have
                     to think about which countries
The Wall             would be your friends and why they
                     would be your friends) or anyone           5
                     5 posts from at least 3 other
                  at least 6 “friends” or contacts              3
Contacts          each contact should have pics and             3
                  clever/funny/serious names
                  your webpage should have one central
                  photo of you (your country’s place on         1
                  a world map / person to represent /
Photos            etc.)
                  3 additional photos about you, your
                  friends, what you enjoy, activities
                  relevant to a “day in the life” of            3
                  someone living in your country

TOTALS:                                                                                 /35

Your webpage should express and demonstrate an in-depth analysis of your country. Therefore take this seriously. It is a
case study. Be tasteful and appropriate; although an engaging assignment, it is an assignment nonetheless.

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