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									                                     EEO PUBLIC FILE REPORT

This Report covers full-time vacancy recruitment data for the period May 23, 2009 – May 22, 2010.

1) Employment Unit Location/Name: Baltimore, Maryland / CBS Radio Baltimore

2) Unit Members (List all station call signs and communities of license)*: WJZ-FM, Catonsville, MD
                                                                           WWMX-FM, Baltimore, MD
3) EEO Contact Information for Employment Unit:

 Mailing Address:                                                                      Telephone Number:
 CBS Radio Baltimore                                                                   410.825.1000
 1423 Clarkview Road
 Suite 100                                                                             Contact Person:
 Baltimore, MD 21209                                                                   Ann Peters
                                                                                       Market Executive Assistant/Office
                                                                                       Manager/EEO Coordinator
                                                                                       E-mail Address:

4) List all Full-Time Job Vacancies Filled by Each Station in the Employment Unit:

         Job Title                                       Recruitment Source Referring Hiree

    1.   Account Executive                               3rd Party Industry Referral

    2.   Account Executive                               3rd Party Industry Referral

    3.   Account Executive                               3rd Party Industry Referral

    4.   Account Executive                               3rd Party Industry Referral

    5.   Account Executive                               3rd Party Industry Referral

    6.   Account Executive                               Employee Referral

    7.   Air Talent                                      Former Independent Contractor

    8.   Sports Talk Show Host                           3rd Party Industry Referral

    9.   Air Talent/Producer                             Internal Promotion

    10. Business Manager                                 Rehired Former Employee

    11. Web Administrator                                Internal Promotion

    12. Account Executive                                Employee Referral

Document Number: 288614 v.3
                      Station(s) WJZ-FM and WWMX-FM are Equal Opportunity Employers.
5) Job Title: See Section 4*                  Referral Source(s) of Hiree: See Section 4*
 * Each of the recruitment sources listed below was contacted in connection with the recruitment for all positions
 filled, except for Air Talent (job titles #7 and #9), whose hiring was an exigent circumstance and for whom no
 recruitment was undertaken.

Recruitment Sources Used         Contact Person             Address                          Phone      Did
                                                                                             Number     Recruitment
                                                                                                        Notification                    Ann Peters                 Internet Site                    410-825-   No
American Women In Radio &        Melissa Lowe               8405 Greensboro Dr #800,         703-506-   No
Television                       Career Line                McLean, VA 22102                 3290
Association Of Black Media       Terri Owens                P.O. Box 47236, Baltimore,       No Phone   No
Workers                          Job Placement Services     Maryland 21244-0236
Baltimore City Community         Eula Gautreaux             2901 Liberty Heights Ave,        410-462-   No
College                          Career Development         Baltimore, Maryland 21215        8300
Baltimore County Dept of Aging   Patti Madigan              611 Central Avenue Room 319      410-887-   Yes
                                 Sr. Employment &           Towson, MD 21204                 3296
                                 Housing Services
Baltimore Sun                    Margaret Anderson          Calvert Street, Baltimore,       410-783-   No
                                 Classified Advertising     Maryland                         2507
Baltimore Urban League           Ophelia Jones              512 Orchard Street, Baltimore,   410-523-   No
                                                            Maryland 21201                   8150
Bowie State University           Mary Johnson               M L King Bldg, #256, Bowie,      301-464-   Yes
                                 Career Services            Maryland 20715                   6570
Broadcasting Institute Of        Norman Brooks              7200 Harford Road, Baltimore,    410-254-   No
Maryland                         Placement Department       Maryland 21234                   2770
Capitol College                  Tony Miller                11301 Springfield Rd, Laurel,    301-369-   No
                                 Career Services            Maryland 20708                   2800
                                 Department                                           Internet Site                               No
Catholic Charities               Kimberly Ellis,            19 W. Franklin Street,           410-468-   Yes
                                 Placement Manager          Baltimore, MD 21201              4625
Catonsville Community College    Career Development         800 South Rolling Road,          410-821-   No
                                 Director Career Planning   Baltimore, Maryland 21228        8921
                                 & Development                     Ann Peters                 Internet Site                    410-825-   No
Change, Inc                      Gracie Rolling             1413 Park Road N W,              202-387-   No
                                                            Washington, D C 20010            3725
College Of Notre Dame            Lucy Wase                  4701 North Charles Street,       410-435-   Yes
                                 Career Center              Baltimore, Maryland 21210        0100
Coppin State College             James Thornton             2500 W. North Avenue,            410-383-   No
                                 Career Development         Baltimore, Maryland 21216        5990
Coppin State College             Theresa Dawson             2500 West North Avenue,          410-282-   No
                                 Career Development         Baltimore, Maryland 21216        5990
                                 Center                   Ann Peters                 Internet Site                    410-825-   No
Division Of Rehabilitation       Bridget Stevens            4710 Author Place #420, Camp     410-544-   No
Services                         Career Counselor           Springs, Maryland 20746          9385
Dundalk Community College        Marlene Rydzewski          7200 Sollers Point Road,         410-282-   No
                                 Counseling Center          Baltimore, Maryland 21222        6700
El Heraldo                         Manuel Alban               2711 Wesleyan Way,               410-836-   No
                                                              Churchville, Maryland 21028      2114
Essex Community College            Denise Richardson          7201 Rossville Blvd,             410-682-   No
                                   Job Placement Office       Baltimore, Maryland 21237        6000
Globaltech Bilingual Institute     Gary Totelino              149 North Luzerne Avenue         410-558-   No
                                                              Baltimore, MD 21224              3510
Goucher College                    Raquel Cosden              1021 Dulaney Valley Road,        410-337-   No
                                   Employment Relations       Baltimore, Maryland 21204        6000
Hood College                       Sarah Bigham               Main Street, Frederick,          301-663-   No
                                   Director Of The Career     Maryland 21701                   3131
Howard County Community            Janice Marks               Little Patuxant Parkway,         410-772-   No
College                            Director Of The Career     Columbia, Maryland 21044         4450
Howard County Department of        Stephanie Hill             7060 Oakland Mills Road          410-313-   No
Employment and Training                                       Columbia, MD 21046               4600
Howard University                  Samuel Hall                P.O. Box 667, Administration     202-806-   No
                                                              Bldg, Washington, D C 20059      6100
Internal Job Postings              Ann Peters                 1423 Clarkview Rd                410-825-   No
                                                              Baltimore, Maryland 21209        1065
Jewish Vocational Services         Natalie Merkur Rose        9900 Georgia Avenue              301-816-   No
                                   Career Services Director   Silver Spring, MD 20902          2628
Johns Hopkins University           S. Baughan                 3400 North Charles Street        410-516-   No
                                                              Baltimore, MD 21046              8048
Korean Community Service           Career Services Director   217 Muddy Branch Rd,             301-345-   No
Center                                                        Gaithersburg, MD 20878           0839
La Comunidad                       Career Services Director   8519 Piney Branch Road,          301-445-   No
                                                              Silver Spring, Maryland 20901    8204
Loyola College                     Bruce Smeltz               4501 North Charles Street,       410-617-   No
                                   Career Planning &          Baltimore, Maryland 21210        2000
Maryland Department Of Labor &     Linda Boyer                7930 Eastern Blvd, Baltimore,    410-876-   No
Licensing                          Maryland Job Service       Maryland 21224                   9382
Economics/Employment Division
Maryland Division Of Parole &      Barbara McFarland          3413 Dundalk Avenue,             410-333-   No
Probation                                                     Baltimore, Maryland 21222        4101
Maryland Employment Service        Stephanie Hines            10650 Hickory Ridge Road,        410-312-   No
                                   Job Placement              Columbia, Maryland 21044         5762
Maryland Job Service – Frederick   Career Counselor           5340 Spectrum Drive #A,          301-846-   No
County                                                        Frederick, MD 21703              2255
Maximus                            Lisa Simmons               4351 Garden City Drive,          301-918-   No
                                   Career Counselor           Landover, Maryland 20785         9555
Mayor’s Office of Employment       Darryl Sutton              417 E. Fayette Street #468       410-396-   No
Development                                                   Baltimore, MD 21202              3009
MDD CDE Broadcasters               Chip Weinman               106 Old Court Road               410-385-   No
Association                        Job Bank                   Baltimore, Maryland 21208        0224
Melwood Training Center            Kimberly Carter            4425 Forbes Blvd #C              301-870-   No
                                                              Lanham, MD 20706                 6722
Montgomery College                 Harriett Liebowitz         51 Mannakee St, Rockville,       301-353-   No
                                   Career Counselor           Maryland 20850                   7800
Montgomery County Commission       Carol Steadman             400 N. Washington Street,        301-279-   No
For Women                          Career Counselor           Suite 100, Rockville, Maryland   8346
Morgan State University            Allan Kennedy              Hillen Road & Cold Spring        410-319-   No
                                                              Lane, Baltimore, Maryland        8506
National Association For The       Ruby Lewis                 1000 U Street, Washington, D     202-667-   No
Advancement Of Colored People                                 C 20001                          1700
National Association For The       John Johnson             4805 Mount Hope Drive,             410-358-   No
Advancement Of Colored People                               Baltimore, Maryland 21215          8900
National Office
National Association For The       G.I. Johnson             6-8 West 26th Street, Baltimore,   410-366-   No
Advancement Of Colored People                               Maryland 21218                     3300
Of Baltimore City
National Association For The       Stacy Cotter             Main & Wesley Avenue,              410-747-   No
Advancement Of Colored People      Job Placement Director   Catonsville, Maryland 21228        7200
Of Baltimore County
National Association Of Black      Darryl Matthews          7249a Hanover Parkway,             410-655-   No
Accountants                        Career Counselor         Greenbelt, Maryland 20770          7833
National Association Of Black      Veronique Dodson,        3100 Taliaferro Hall,              No phone   No
Journalists                                                 University Of Maryland,
                                                            College Park, Maryland 20742
National Association Of            Michael McKinley         1771 N Street N W,                 202-429-   No
Broadcasters                       Employment               Washington, D C 20036              5430
National Association Of Colleges   Emily Fuller             P.O. Box 16279, Baltimore,         410-433-   No
& Employers                                                 Maryland 21210                     7550
National Coalition Of 100 Black    Dr. Anne Emery           2901 Druid Park Drive, Suite       202-862-   No
Women                                                       108, Baltimore, Maryland           3903
National Federation Of The Blind   James Gashell            1800 Johnson Street                301-659-   No
                                   Career Counselor         Baltimore, Maryland 21230          9314
National Organization For Women    Janet Caputo             P.O. Box 253, Timonium,            410-668-   No
                                                            Maryland 21094                     4399
National Sales Network             Career Counselor         2117 L Street, Suite 317,          202-331-   No
                                                            Washington, DC 20037               4407
Opportunities In Public Affairs    Eric Brice               P.O. Box 34949, Bethesda,          301-571-   No
                                                            Maryland 20827                     0102
Sheffield Institute for the        Bill Riley               13816 Sunnybrook Road              410-628-   No
Recording Arts                                              Phoenix, MD 21131                  7260
STEP                               David Brown, Youth       1025 St. Paul Street               410-625-   No
                                   Coordinator              Baltimore, MD 21202                1877
Stevenson University               Natalie Dobry            Wooded Way, 125H                   443-334-   No
                                                            100 Campus Circle                  2702
                                                            Owings Mills, MD 21117
Tess Community Center              Douglas Duncan           8513 Piney Branch Road,            301-565-   No
                                   Career Counselor         Silver Spring, Maryland 20901      7675
Towson University                  Employer Relations       8000 York Road, Towson,            410-830-   No
                                   Coordinator              Maryland 21252                     2000
                                   The Career Center
Transcen, Inc                      Maggie Leedy             451 Hungerford Drive #700,         301-424-   No
                                   Career Counselor         Rockville, Maryland 20850          2002
University Of Baltimore            Colleen Murphy           1420 North Charles Street,         410-827-   No
                                   Career Development       Baltimore, Maryland 21201-         4200
                                   Center                   5779
University of Delaware             Marianne Green, Career   401 Academy Street, Newark,        302-831-   No
                                   Resource Center          DE 19716-6510                      4034
University Of Maryland             Marirose Moran           3121 Hornbake Library,             301-405-   No
                                   Career Center            College Park, Maryland 20742       1000
University Of Maryland-            T. Lupinski Career       100 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore,     410-455-   No
Baltimore County                   Development &            Maryland 21250                     2665
                                   Placement Office
University Of Maryland-            Myrle Combs              5401 Wilkens Avenue                410-455-   No
Baltimore County                   Placement Office         Baltimore, Maryland 21228          2665
US Dept of Veterans Affairs        Andy Dombrowski          Vocational Rehabilitation and      410-230-   No
                                                            Employment, 31 Hopkins             4557
                                                            Plaza, Baltimore, MD 21201
Washington Urban League            Brenda Turner            2900 Newton Street NE,             202-526-   No
                                   Job Placement Service    Washington, D C 20018              2249
6) Total # of Interviewees Referred: For the period from May 23, 2009 through May 22, 2010, this Employment
   Unit interviewed 80 interviewees for full-time job vacancies.

Recruitment Source                                                      Total Number of Interviewees Referred
(1) Internal Promotion                                                                             1

(2) 3rd Party Industry Referral                                                                    27

(3) Employee Referral                                                                              7

(4) Website                                                                           24

(5) Website                                                                            2

(6) Former Employee                                                                                4

(7) Cold Call                                                                                      2

(8) On-Campus Interviews                                                                           12

(9) Former Independent Contractor                                                                  1

7) Supplemental Recruitment Measures.

     (a) General Outreach Efforts.

                            Description of Supplemental                                    Date:                 Personnel Involved:
                              Recruitment Measure:                                                                    (Position)
                 1. WJZ-FM/WWMX-FM have made significant                         Ongoing                EEO Coordinator
                contributions to the CBS Radio career website
                ( which contains information designed
                to inform the general public of the numerous and varied
                career opportunities available in the broadcasting industry
                and of the job skills necessary to compete for them.
                2. WJZ-FM/WWMX-FM have conducted educational                     July 14, 2009          Vice President of Programming
                tours of the broadcast facilities for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,   September10, 2009      Director of Engineering
                Brownies, Middle Schools and youth groups. Tours met the         September 15, 2009     Office Manager/Market Exec. Asst.
                requirements for scouting badges, educational development        November 11, 2009      Production/Programming Managers
                and provided broadcast career insight.                           February 24, 2010      Commercial Manager of Programming
                                                                                 March 31, 2010
                                                                                 April 8, 2010
                                                                                 April 20, 2010
                                                                                 May 6, 2010

     (b) Participation in Events.

                            Description of Supplemental                                    Date:                 Personnel Involved:
                              Recruitment Measure:                                                                    (Position)
                1.    Stevenson University/On-Campus Recruiting                  April 12, 2010         Local Sales Manager

                On-campus interviews of students interested in careers in
                broadcasting. Interviews coordinated through Career
                Services Department of school.
                2.    Stevenson University/Career Fair                           April 13, 2010         Office Manager/EEO Coordinator

                Students were invited to come and speak directly with
                management about career opportunities.
      3.     Morgan State University/Department of Communication    April 15, 2010    Office Manager/EEO Coordinator
            Studies Career Fair

     Students were invited to come and speak directly with
     management about career opportunities.

      4.     Goucher College                                        April 21, 2010    Vice President of Programming
                                                                                      Director of Engineering
      Student seminar with roundtable discussion on                                   Director of Production
      developments within the media industry, marketing and                           Office Manager
      web as well as career opportunities in broadcast .

      5.     Broadcast Institute of Maryland                        April 30, 2010    Commercial Manager of Programming
                                                                                      Director of Creative Imaging & Production
      Students were invited to radio station to tour facility and                     Vice President of Programming
      get a better understanding of how a radio station works.                        Program Director
      Included a roundtable discussion regarding career and
      internship opportunities.

(c) Internships.

                 Description of Supplemental                                  Date:            Personnel Involved:
                   Recruitment Measure:                                                             (Position)
     1. CBS Radio Baltimore Internship Program                      Ongoing           EEO Coordinator
                                                                                      General Sales Managers
     Twelve internships were granted to junior level and                              Production Managers
     above college students receiving college credit for                              Program Directors
     internships to aid in students’ preparation for careers                          Promotion Directors
     in broadcasting.

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