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					                                                             HOME HEALTHCARE NURSE
                                                                    Author guidelines
Home Healthcare Nurse wel-             pages consecutively in the           ences must be cited in the text
comes manuscripts about all as-        upper right corner starting with     and listed in alphabetical order
pects of home care and hospice         the title/author page. Do not        at the end, per APA style. Please
practice and operations, includ-       justify the right margin or use      use the author-date method of
ing original articles, case stud-      running headers and footers.         citation within the text: “(Doe,
ies, letters, descriptions of clini-   Graphics should be placed in a       2004)” or “Doe (2004) states...”
cal care and best practices,           separate file. All figures and ta-   With multiple authors, the first
research, and other information        bles are placed at the end of the    citation must list all authors; in
that is useful to clinicians and       manuscript after references.         subsequent citations, list only
managers working in those spe-         Headers and subheads that are        the name of the first author and
cialties. Although not required,       succinct, meaningful, and simi-      et al.
authors are encouraged to e-           lar in sense and tone should            Examples follow:
mail or write the editor. The ed-      clearly divide the content. The         Journal Article: Turkoski, B.
itor can assist with clarifying        maximum manuscript length is         B. (2000). Home care and hos-
topics or other aspects of man-        3600 words, including figures,       pice ethics: Using the code for
uscript design and delivery.           tables, and references.              nurses as a guide. Home Health-
    HHN is peer reviewed. All             If submitting art electroni-      care Nurse, 18(5), 308-317.
manuscripts undergo review by          cally, high-resolution scans must       Book: Baranoski, S., & Ayello,
the editor and blind reviews by        be at 300 dpi or greater; 300-dpi    E. (2004). Wound care essentials:
the review panel and/or editor-        images range in size from 400k to    Practice principles. Philadelphia:
ial board. Each article is evalu-      several megabytes. Images can        Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
ated on its timeliness, impor-         be color or grayscale. Images ob-       Internet: Follow guidelines
tance, accuracy, clarity, and          tained from the Internet, with       found at http://www.apastyle.
applicability. Acquiring permis-       very few exceptions, are not use-    org/elecref.html.
sion to reprint previously pub-        able. Figures include line draw-
lished material is the responsi-       ings, photographs, diagrams,         Manuscript Submission
bility of the author. Manuscripts      and graphs. Each figure must be      Manuscripts should be submit-
accepted are subject to copy-          numbered, with that number           ted via e-mail to the editor,
editing. The author will receive       corresponding to a statement in      Tina M. Marrelli, at news@mar-
proofs that reflect all editing        the text directing the reader to Attached manuscripts
prior to publication.                  see that figure. The author must     should be saved as MS Word
                                       obtain permission for figures        from Office 2000 or a later ver-
Manuscript                             borrowed from another source.        sion of MS Word.
Preparation                               Style should follow the fifth        For a complete author packet,
Manuscripts must be double-            edition of the Publication Man-      go to HHN’s Web site: home-
spaced, using 1-inch margins           ual of the American Psychologi- or
and a 12-point font. Number            cal Association (APA). All refer-    contact the editor.

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