Companies that will HELP you fundraise by ashrafp


									Companies That HELP You
                                                      Baja Fresh: www.baja
Whatever event you decide to do -- from garage        Call your local Baja Fresh restaurant, ask for the
sale to black tie gala, mud run to silent auction -   Manager and set up your own benefit night! Tell
- promote your event in as many ways possible!        your friends and family to dine at Baja Fresh on
Post it on Craig’s List;           your designated day, give them your fundraising
create a public Evite; put it on        flyer to turn in when they dine and Baja Fresh; post it on your team’s website; on        will donate 15% of the proceeds back to your
your own Personal Page; via flyers in your            TNT fundraising campaign. Check out the Baja
company’s lunchroom, at your local businesses,        Fresh website, click on “Fresh Features” and
etc. Let your imagination go wild!                    then click on “Fundraising” for mo re in fo and
                                                      the fundraising flyer.
Call your local Chevys restaurant, ask for the        Campbell Address: 1976 S. Bascom Ave
Manager and set up your own benefit night! Tell       City: Campbell, CA
your friends and family to dine at Chevys on          Phone: (408) 377-2600
your designated day, give them your fundraising
flyer to turn in when they dine and Chevys will       Cupertino Address: 20735 Stevens Creek Blvd
donate 15% of the proceeds back to your TNT           City: Cupertino, CA
fundraising campaign. Check out the Chevys            Phone: (408) 257-6141
website for more help, including a fundraising
flyer that you can download.                          Foster City Address: 1031 East Hillsdale Blvd.
                                                      Ste B
South Bay Area                                        City: Foster City, CA
Blossom Hill 5305 Almaden Expressway, San Jose        Phone: (650) 358-8632
CA 95118, (408) 266-1815
                                                      Palo Alto Address: 3990 El Camino Real
Gilroy 8440 M urray Avenue, Gilroy CA 95020, (408)    City: Palo A lto, CA
                                                      Phone: (650) 424-8599
Mountain View 2116 W. El Camino, M ountain
                                                      San Jose Blossom Hill Address: 1008-H
View CA 94040, (650) 691-9955
                                                      Blossom Hill Rd.
                                                      City: San Jose, CA
Newark 5605 M owry School Road, Newark CA
94560, (510) 226-9080                                 Phone: (408) 448-2252

Salinas 1449 North Davis Rd., Salinas, CA 93906,      San Jose Address: 1708 Oakland Road Ste 100
831-751-3074                                          City: San Jose, CA
                                                      Phone: (408) 436-5000
Sunny vale 204 South M athilda Avenue, Sunnyvale
CA 94086, (408) 737-7395                              Bernal Address: 117 Bernal Rd Bldg H Ste 80
                                                      City: San Jose, CA
Westgate 1502 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA           Phone: (408) 363-9400
95129, (408) 871-9110
                                                      Santa Clara - Rivermark Address: 3950
Winchester 550 S. Winchester, San Jose CA 95128,      Rivermark Plaza Ste D
(408) 241-0158                                        City: Santa Clara, CA
                                                      Phone: (408) 588-4060
Bay Area Peninsula
Foster City 979-A Edgewater Blvd., Foster City CA     Sunnyvale Address: 701 Sunnyvale Saratoga
94404, (650) 572-8441                                 Rd.
                                                      City: Sunnyvale, CA
Redwood City 2907 El Camino Real, Redwood             Phone: (408) 773-8466
City CA 94061, (650) 367-6892
South San Francisco 141 Hickey Blvd., S. San
Francisco CA 94080, (650) 755-1617
Fresh Choice:
Call your local Fresh Cho ice restaurant, ask for   San Mateo
the Manager and set up your own benefit night!      1952 S. El Camino Real at Hwy. 92
Tell your friends and family to dine at Fresh       San Mateo, CA 94403-1322
Choice on your designated day, give them your       (650) 341-8498
fundraising flyer to turn in when they dine and
Fresh Choice will donate 20% of the proceeds        Santa Clara
back to your TNT fundraising campaign. Check        Westfield Shoppingtown Valley Fair
out the Fresh Choice website and click on           Next to Macy's Men's Store - Inside - Lower
“Fundraising” for more info and the fundraising     Level
flyer.                                              2855 Stevens Creek Blvd., Su ite #1001
                                                    Santa Clara, CA 95050
Campbell                                            (408) 246-0596
1654 S. Bascom Avenue at Hamilton Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008-0606                             Sunny vale
(408) 559-1912                                      1105 W. El Camino Real at Grape
                                                    Sunnyvale, CA 94087-1026
Cupertino                                           (408) 732-7788
Vallco Shopping Center, 10123 N. Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95014-2509
(408) 253-1605                                      Kris py Kreme:
                                                    Check out the Krispy Kreme website and click
Gilroy                                              on “Krispy Kreme” in the menu, then select
8697 San Ys idro Avenue at the Outlets              “Fundraising” for more info. You can sell
Gilroy, CA 95020                                    doughnuts, certificates or the ever-popular
(408) 842-6919                                      Partnership Cards. Partnership cards sell for
                                                    either $10 or $20, with half of the sale amount
Milpitas                                            going towards your TNT fundraising campaign.
248 Great Mall Drive                                Mountain View
Milp itas, CA 95035-8026                            2146 Leghorn Street
(408) 934-9090                                      Mountain View, CA 94043 US
                                                    Phone: 650-254-1231
Mountain View
2540 W. El Camino Real                              See’s Candies:
Mountain View, CA 94040-1390                        See’s Candies has more than a half dozen ways
(650) 949-4901                                      to help you fundraise. Depending on the
                                                    program/products you choose, the amount back
Redwood City                                        to your TNT fundraising campaign is between
Sequoia Station 1099 El Camino Real                 25-50% of the selling price. Go to the See’s
Redwood City, CA 94063-1632                         website and click on “Fundraising” to see your
(650) 299-1105                                      options. Once you pick the program that best
                                                    suits your needs, you can email or call the See’s
San Bruno                                           fundraising hotline listed on that page.
1202 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066-1303                            Auntie Anne’s Pretzels:
(650) 794-9012                                      Auntie Anne’s can help you fundraise by
                                                    offering Pret zel Kits and Auntie Anne’s
San Jose                                            Chocolate Covered Hard Pretzel Tin for sale. To
Almaden 5353 A lmaden Expressway, #39a at           see the details, go to the Auntie Anne’s website
Blossom Hill                                        and click on “fundraising” in the left-hand
San Jose, CA 95118-3601                             column. Fro m there, you can click to send an
(408) 723-7991                                      email or call the co mpany directly.

San Jose
Westgate 1600 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129-5106
(408) 866-1491
                                                      modest, in-kind donations to help as many
                                                      groups as possible with in the store's budgetary
Armadill o Willy’s:           limits.”
Call your local Armadillo Willy ’s restaurant, ask
for the Manager and set up your own benefit
night! Tell your friends and family to dine at
Willy’s on your designated day, give them your        Longs Drugs:
fundraising flyer to turn in when they dine and       Fro m the Longs website, “Our over 60-year
Willy’s will donate 20% of the proceeds back to       commit ment to being the "Best Drugstore in
your TNT fundraising campaign. Check out the          Town" is our daily operating goal. Every Longs
Armad illo Willy’s website and click on               store has a rich tradit ion of "giving back" to the
“Fundraising” for more info and the fundraising       communit ies in which we do business. Longs is
flyer.                                                an integral part of its commun ity and the daily
                                                      lives of its neighbors and customers. So me of the
Col d Stone Creamery                                  activities we part icipate in include:                              Vaccinations
Since each location is independently owned and         Health screenings
operated, we suggest you go to your local store        Fundraising activities for worthy causes
and inquire with the Manager. Experience fro m             such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research
past TNTers tells us that most stores will give            Foundation, City of Hope, and other
you a percentage of the sales for a specific               charities”
night/day if you ask – and customers are not
required to have a flyer to get you credit for the
sale! The percentage back to your TNT                 And More!
fundraising campaign may depend on the                You should also consider asking your local
number of customers served – we’ve heard it can       Al bertson’s, Starbucks, Peet’s, Jamba Juice,
range fro m 15-30%.                                   and other grocery/drug/coffee/juice/bagel stores
                                                      that you frequent. Day old bagels/pastries, bags
                                                      of packed ground coffee or even freshly brewed,
Grocery stores, drug stores, coffee shops, etc.       will often be donated for a fundraising event!
You spend a lot of time and money in your
community and this is a way to have the local
stores give a litt le back! Did you know that you
can go to almost any store and ask them to help
you fundraise? Some will g ive you a gift
card/certificate which you can use for a raffle
prize. You see other non- profit groups in front
of these stores all the time – think: Girl & Boy
Scouts, religious groups – so here’s your
opportunity. Ask if you can have a table or set
up your bike on a trainer – then put out the
donation jar and meet your public! We’ll help
you with ideas for a d isplay or signs and can also
provide educational brochures, a letter fro m your
Team Manager and/or a copy of our 501(c)3
(non-profit) certification. See below for location

Safeway m
According to the Safeway website, “…we
operate more than 2000 stores and each store
location has an annual donation budget to assist
local organizat ions that serve their community.
Our store managers are responsible for reviewing
many requests each year and must carefully
manage their budget. Our philosophy is to offer

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