BNW Facebook-Assignment by ashrafp


									Brave New World                                             Assignment

You and your group will be creating a Facebook page for a character in
BNW. You will do this on butcher paper, not a real webpage.

This is a character analysis group assignment worth 35 points,
so please follow all directions.
To get started, you need to:

      Choose one character from the list below on which to base your Facebook page:
          o The Director                                 o Lenina Crowne
          o Bernard Marx                                 o Linda
          o Mustafa Mond                                 o John the Savage
          o Helmholtz                                    o a Delta
          o Henry Foster

      Create a profile for your                            music or song, about me (5
       character. The information you                       lines about him/her),
       must have on your character                          education, and work)
                                                     Pull out a short quote from the
          o Relationship Status                       novel or isolate an important
                                                      moment that can be easily made
          o Hometown
                                                      as a status update for the
          o Religious/Political views                 character.
          o Network
                                                     The Wall
          o Looking for (hint: revenge,
            salvation, peace of mind,                    o 3 posts total (from at least
            conformity, freedom from                       2 different characters)
            intolerance, etc.)
          o Personal information:                    Friends
            activities (2), interests (2),
                                                         o At least 2 friends with a
            favorite quotes (1), favorite
                                                           picture and name
Brave New World                                            Assignment

    Photos                                        Have some fun with it and be
                                                    creative! You may use the
        o Profile picture of your                   following icons, depending on
          character (note: It does not              your character’s page:
          have to be of their face,
          although it can be. People
                                                Become a fan (use this to identify TV
          often post pictures that
                                             shows, music, or other interests a
          represent them or
                                             character might have)
          something that they
          identify with.)
                                                Become a friend (this can be used
        o 3 additional photos of your        once alliances are made)
          character depicting
          activities they enjoy or are           Delete a friend (this can be used once
          relevant to them. Other            alliances are broken)
          characters may be in the
          photos. (Keep it clean!!)             Like (a character agrees with a
          Include a caption for each         comment made or to link characters
          photo and identify other           who are speaking in unison)
                                                 Add event (this can include a silly
    Most of the work will be done in        event or a serious one: ie- a concert or a
     class with your group members,          meeting)
     but some of it may have to be
     done at home (such as finding a
                                                Make a comment about someone
     favorite quote or picture).
                                             else’s post (this is pretty much self-

Brave New World                                                   Assignment

   — Character Profile (15 pts)

                 _   Profile picture

                 _   Relationship status

                 _   Hometown

                 _   Religious/Political Views

                 _   Network

                 _   Looking for

                 _   Personal Information (activities, interests, quotes, favorite music, about
                     me, work, education)

   — Status Update and Wall posts (5 pts )

   — Friends and 3 photos (10 pts)

   — Neatness and Creativity (5 pts)

TOTAL POINTS: _____________/35 pts.


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