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                          “EVOLUTIONARIES: ART & HEALING”

Artists are often at the forefront of any (r)evolutionary movement, and many have an intuitive
understanding of the body-mind-soul connection. „Evolutionaries‟ foster a self-aware, life-
affirming, and sustainable direction in their lives. They deepen their understanding of conscious
change, and apply that awareness to their families, workplaces, communities, nation and world.
These individuals are working individually and collectively to become a conscious force for
evolution on all levels. This national Call for Entries focuses on the interaction between art
and healing and features the theme of „evolutionary spirituality.‟ Subject matter can deal with
personal, political, or environmental healing. The jurors seek metaphorical or representational
work created in a range of art media.

The art gallery exhibition will be on view from June 13 to August 6, 2011. To further the
impact of this project, an online gallery and a Blurb book will be created. These additional
components may feature artworks not chosen for the gallery exhibition. Pending sufficient
entries, awards will be given to a selected number of participating artists, including First,
Second, Third awards and Honorable Mentions.

Saturday, March 26          Postmark deadline for mailed submissions
Thursday, March 31         Drop-off submissions deadline by 5:00 pm
                           Do not hand-deliver between Mar 14-18 as HCC.Central
                           is closed for Spring Break.
Monday, April 25            E-mail notification of accepted entries
Wednesday, June 1           Receipt of original work for exhibition
Thursday, June 16          Opening Reception from 6 to 8pm
June 13 - August 6         Exhibition Dates
Saturday, August 13        Work to be picked up from 10am to 4pm or by appointment
Monday, August 15          Work shipped back to artists outside of driving distance

The Houston-based jurors will be Jean Caslin, Diane Griffin Gregory and Cindy Wigglesworth.
Jean Caslin and Diane Griffin Gregory are partners in Caslin Gregory & Associates, a consulting
firm working to further the careers of emerging and mid-career visual artists through exhibitions,
publications and career coaching. As independent curators, they have created numerous
exhibitions in conjunction with Houston Community College, Houston FotoFest International
and The Methodist Hospital. Cindy Wigglesworth is the founder of Deep Change, a firm that
specializes in executive and leadership skills coaching. She is a pioneer in the field of Spiritual
Intelligence, emphasizing it as one of the critical intelligences for personal growth and leadership
success in the 21st century.

HCC.Central, 2/1/2011
Artists must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States. Work must have been
completed without supervision within the last five years (2006-2011) and not previously
exhibited at the Houston Community College.Central Art Gallery. HCC faculty, staff and
students are eligible to enter this competition.

The Entry Fee is $35.00 for up to three works per artist. For two-dimensional works, submit a
total of three jpegs. For three-dimensional work, a maximum of three jpegs per piece, for a total
of nine jpegs, may be submitted.

Two-dimensional work may include paintings, watercolors, mixed-media, collage,
drawings, printmaking, photography, digital art, and fibers. Three-dimensional work may
include installation, ceramics, sculpture and jewelry.

The original works can be any size but no larger than 5 feet in any direction. Three-
dimensional work must be of appropriate weight to be managed easily by two people.

Only digital images are to be submitted on a CD in the format described below. Image quality is
extremely important to the exhibition‟s jurors. To prepare for the Blurb exhibition catalog,
JPEGS should be between 150 dpi minimum – 300 dpi maximum. Images should be in RGB or
Grayscale (sRGB recommended; no CMYK). Your digital image file should be labeled as
follows: First name_Last name_Entry#.jpg

For details of 3-D work, please label “a”, “b”, and “c” after entry number

Additional instructions:
   Burn images on a CD labeled with your name and contact number.
   Pack CD in a jewel case and in bubble wrap or use other cushioned packaging. Broken or
       otherwise unreadable CDs will be disqualified.
   No substitution for accepted artworks will be allowed.
   CDs will not be returned to entrants and any variation from any of these requirements will
       lead to disqualification.

Entry Application to include:
    CD with digital image files and digital Entry Form file
    Printed copy of Entry Form
    Optional Artist Statement of no more than one page
    Payment by Check only and made out to Houston Community College

HCC.Central, 2/1/2011
Mail or hand-deliver completed Entry Application in an envelope addressed to:

Evolutionaries: Art & Healing Exhibition
Attn: Michael Golden, Fine Arts Center Art Gallery
Houston Community College Central
3517 Austin Street
Houston, Texas 77004

Artists will be notified via e-mail and therefore entries must have a valid email address.
Delivery instructions will be sent to artists with accepted work. Houston Community College
will pay return shipping of the artwork.

Artists are responsible for insurance in transit to the gallery. HCC.Central will provide insurance
while the artwork is on campus. The gallery space is visible to staff at all times and monitored
by surveillance cameras.

All accepted artwork must be installation ready and MUST fit through a standard double door.
Plexiglass is preferred. Any materials considered “medical waste” must be fully protected
under plexiglass. HCC.Central reserves the right to reject any artwork due to inadequate
preparation for installation or for security or public safety concerns. All selected work must
remain on view at the gallery until the close of the exhibition.

HCC.Central College reserves the right to photograph exhibited work and use either these
photographs or the artist‟s images for reproduction in both printed and electronic materials for
publicity and educational purposes.

The HCC.Central Art Gallery will display sale prices of artwork in a three-ring binder in its
exhibition galleries. In the event of a sale, the curators will act as the artist‟s representative.
The buyer will pick up the piece from the gallery at the end of the exhibit. If you do not list a
retail price for your art, the art will be considered Not For Sale (NFS).

For further entry information, contact Caslin Gregory & Associates at 713-864-1563 or Michael
Golden at 713-718-6586.

HCC.Central, 2/1/2011

First Name:
Last Name:
Valid Email Address:
Website (if applicable)
Cell Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:

Entry 1
Year of completion:
Dimensions (h x w x d in inches):
Insurance Value (50% of retail price):
Retail Price:

Entry 2
Year of completion:
Dimensions (h x w x d in inches):
Insurance Value (50% of retail price):
Retail Price:

Entry 3
Year of completion:
Dimensions (h x w x d in inches):
Insurance Value (50% of retail price):
Retail Price:

An optional Artist’s Statement may be included with your entry.

HCC.Central, 2/1/2011

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