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                    A MAJOR Plague of the Last Days

My friend and I had a wonderful time in Jerusalem. She had hosted me many
times in her home for meetings. She seemed very genuine and interested in my
work, and Hebrew roots in general. In October of 2002, she asked to come and
stay with me for a few days to help her celebrate her birthday. So, of course, I
said for her to come on. It is my great delight to take people to Petra in Jordan,
and to Jerusalem, Israel. I have always loved hosting people in my home.
I had seen signs here and there of something not quite right, but I dismissed my
concerns over and over. She always invited people to hear me who would have
controversy with me and who would try to turn the meetings into fights, or those
who were involved with parts of the government that I warn people against,
later telling me that I spoke to members of FEMA or friends of the Bush family,
or CIA personnel. Whether she was being truthful or not, I do not know.
When she arrived she acted very upset because I had one small mirror in my
house—she was so upset about it that she wanted to go out and buy me a big
mirror. She had told me that her husband, a well-known plastic surgeon in the
Dallas area, was going to a psychiatrist for ―narcissism‖, but it appeared she was
the narcissist. She held up dinner with others in order to fix her hair, when she
knew the timing with others. Her husband appeared to be an OK guy. She
displayed other strange characteristics, showing out in a manic way in front of
the Arabs in town. My friends who lived in Aqaba questioned her behavior.
As we were getting ready to leave Jerusalem, we packed carefully, for I told her
about the dangers at the border crossing into Jordan. I showed this lady how to
pack all the Israeli things—CD’s with Israel pictures on them, Bibles with
Hebrew letters on them, and other things with Hebrew letters and pictures--
putting all in the bottom of backpacks and suitcases, wrapping them in clothes. I
was satisfied that all was OK. We were to leave on the 10:00AM bus for Eilat. I
went to the bathroom—being in there less than a minute. I came out and we
proceeded to go to Eilat and the border crossing with Jordan.
When we got to the customs on the Jordan side, there was a man there who
openly appeared hostile and angry. I had not seen him before. Even though I
presented my Jordanian residency card, he motioned for us to open all the
suitcases. There on top of her suitcase were all her Israeli things open to view.
When the man saw the CD with the Orthodox Jews at the Wailing Wall and the
things with Hebrew writing, he went crazy with rage. He started screaming.
She smiled. I went cold, but inside I was also in a rage. I told him it was just
music and souvenirs, but this did not calm him down.
I could not believe her sadistic betrayal. She smiled and said: ―Father told me it
would be all right‖.
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I knew it was not my Father Yahuweh who told her it would be all right.
This is just one story of many such betrayals that I have experienced from
seemingly nice American Christian and Messianic believers since 1996.
I should be used to it—but it always catches me off guard because I believe the
best about people. I don’t judge people—I give them the benefit of the doubt
over and over. I am the type who has a long fuse, but I mistakenly overlook
wrong. I also am guilty of false mercy at times—purposely putting up with
things that He condemns for the sake of ―peace‖.
I have found that people who have hidden agendas and secret ambitions, often
with cruel streaks, some with the Harry Potter mentality of getting what they
want, any way they want (the Satanic mentality) can hide their real nature very
well in the church, or among their congregations on Saturday—especially people
in ―the ministry‖. They can play the game well in America--look very good and
very sincere.
Americans are mind-programmed by cartoons and movies, stories, and fiction in
general, to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, in philosophical
concepts, so that reality is not a part of most American’s lifestyle. At the same
time, they are programmed with an ―I am god‖ mentality to get what they
want—because they deserve it.
Most don’t want to face reality—especially if it affects their lifestyle. They can
watch dead bodies piling up in Iraq on the night news, and not be affected at
all—because they are not piling up on their doorstep. It is like TV is a fantasy
gateway—movies, videos, stories—so that what is made into a movie is just
fantasy. If it doesn’t affect their family eating at Mc Donald’s on Friday night,
they don’t take notice of the destruction of America that is so soon to come.
The false prophets play into this Greek philosophical mind-set and tell the
people what they want to hear—that all is OK—God loves American, and there
will be no judgment. But, they are the agents of Satan—dressed in the armor of
light—and are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They lie. The rug has been set to be
pulled out from underneath of America, and its downfall is soon. Martial law is
already in effect, under the rug.
So Americans hiding their secret nature is common—extremely common. Very
few have nothing hidden. Oh the joy I’ve had when hosting the real and
genuine, but they are rare. I had one lady here twice from Wales, and one from
England—and wow—so open, so genuine—no hidden anything. We did a
mighty work together in intercession.
Why do Americans have to put on masks and hide their agendas—why do they
have to play the fantasy role? But, in being this way in general—the Christians
and Messianic people that are hiding their sins, hiding demonic activity, hiding

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agendas, they are setting themselves up to be Satan’s agents, betrayers of the
real, genuine set-apart ones, throughout the evil days ahead.
 It is common for Christians to be the ones to turn in Christians to their death in
countries like China, South Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, parts of Africa, and
other nations where persecution against believers is strong.
I’m not picking on America. But, unless you’ve lived outside the country for a
while and have an objective view, the mind programming is so strong, that all
Americans see is subjectively--the way the programmers want them to see—thus
producing a pride that is world famous. Therefore the people do not see the
truth about themselves and their culture that the rest of the world sees clearly,
and unfortunately hates. It is tragic, and it grieves the Father greatly.
 The reason is that American culture and ―Christianity‖—the religion, the
system—has its base in Greece, Rome and Persia, but mainly in Greek
philosophy—Gnosticism and Platonic philosophy. So the belief-system is a
concept—not something tangibly real—therefore it can be adjusted to whatever
the person wants to believe. Greek philosophy says: Whatever you believe is
real for you. Therefore, you have 1.9 billion people in over 5,000 denominations
and organizations claiming to the ―Christian‖, and also those with the
―Messianic‖ tag—which is mainly basic Christianity with a few Hebrew roots
thrown in—who are all different depending on their belief-system, and what
guru they follow.
The true remnant of these last days, has returned to the foundation of the
Apostles and the teachings of Messiah—who were Torah observant, yet did not
mix with the pagan world around them. They are not easily programmed, so
the Luciferic community is frightened of them. They are called ―resisters‖. And
the resisters are slotted for extermination. That is why the set-apart ones are
called ―overcomers‖—they overcome and endure to the end, and thus are
delivered. (Matthew 24:14; Revelation 2 and 3)
If you are truly a remnant person, you won’t mix with the paganism in
Christianity. You’ll come out and be separate. It has openly revealed its pagan
base by turning now towards ―New Age‖ occultism, mysticism, and the Vatican.
You will obey the Word, know the Father, and display fruit of His nature—love,
joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, longsuffering, patience, faith, humility,
contriteness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-24) A true believer in Messiah is a
servant—not out for self—but out to please Him. They are not self-centered, and
have no selfish ambitions or agendas—but are only concerned with His agenda.
It is easy to wear a mask in America. But, once they get into Yahuweh’s territory
over here, the mask slips off of most of them. It is amazing. The ones with masks
not only reveal a human nature that is corrupt and crooked, but many reveal

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demonic activity—the demons showing out and becoming visibly seen. Hidden
agendas and selfish ambitions are hard to keep hidden here in this land.
I have been in ―the ministry‖ for over 40 years officially, and longer unofficially.
I’ve had my own corporation. I’ve seen a lot, and am reporting here very
objectively. I want to exhort people to stop trusting man and start trusting
Yahuweh only.
The amazing stories of betrayal that I’ve experienced from those I thought were
friends, would astound you. There is so much deception now. Oftentimes, the
nice façade actually hides demonic activity. I’ve seen demons manifesting in the
eyes, and across the faces of many who appear to be very good, yet they are
hiding the truth behind a ―whitewashed‖ face. The top thing that Messiah warns
us about in these days is deception. (Luke 21:8)
I’ve had 43 years of training in deliverance—and been given much knowledge
and wisdom of demonic activity—but to see it coming out and manifesting in
those who look so wonderful in America still shocks me. But, all of my
education in deliverance from demonic spirits has become quite practical in
ministry in Africa, and here, as well as in the U.S. Only those without masks
don’t show demonic spirits. It is amazing how much demonic activity is in
Israel, primarily Jerusalem. What I am relating here is not uncommon—but
typical. Many believers in Israel know just what I am saying.
When the man at the Jordan customs was in such a rage on that day, all I could
think of was the little new baby born to an American family in our group from
Colorado. All this man had to do was pick up the phone, call Hamas or Al
Qaeda, and this family and all of us could have been killed. I asked this lady
―Why?‖ But she had no answer. About three years later, she wanted to come
back. I told her the same man was at the border, and because of the ―border
incident‖ she could not come back. She began sending me e-mails saying I was
crazy—that I had left the customs area and didn’t know what happened. Then
she slandered me to all my friends and all her friends, saying that I was crazy—
that I had left the customs area and knew nothing. I’ve crossed hundreds of
borders—you don’t leave the customs area. The slander of my reputation has
been a common thing for me—they can’t accuse me of anything—so they have to
lie, or twist something out of place. But, they did that to Messiah, and Peter says
they did that to Paul (II Peter 3:15-16).
In these last days this will be common for all those whom Satan hates. Right
now in the U.S., believers are being arrested on charges that are lies, and put in
prison with no hope of getting out.
It is because His remnant carry two things that will bring Satan’s doom: 1) The
Name of Yahuweh and Yahushua and 2) The Eternal Word in its pure form—
undiluted by man’s opinions—the remnant being themselves obedient to His
Torah (Instructions and teachings). The whole thing behind the DaVinci Code

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Masonic lie, is to rid the world of Yahuweh and His Torah, -- BUT, PSALM 2!

From The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (1994) “betrayal” means: “to lead
astray, to seduce, to set up for a fall, to deliver up to an enemy, to abandon, to
prove unfaithful, to reveal intentionally or unintentionally, to mislead, to
deceive, and to beguile”.

I’ve worked for the Father in twenty-nine countries, and not had any problems
from the locals, nor from Europeans, or Australians or New Zealanders or
Africans, or South Americans, or any other Arab people—Egyptians, Iraqis, or
anyone else. But, since my days doing missionary work in different countries, I
have found that ALL of the jealousy, competition, selfish agendas and self-
centered kingdom building ambitions, were all a part of the Christian ministry of
America, and a little from England. In May of 1999, I saw on CNN and BBC
from Jordan, the public announcement of the one world government—from the
Pentagon. But, it was not reported in America. There is a purposed news block
out for America. Therefore, the country has become a giant guinea pig lab, in
which its citizens are programmed in mind and emotions and physically to do as
they are programmed to do. It begins with cartoons for little children.
I love my country! Please know that. I have nothing against individuals. I’m
not on a rampage against Christian or Messianic individuals. Everyone who
loves Messiah is on a journey—and the Ruach Yahuweh (Spirit of Yahuweh) is in
charge of their journey. And, I do not assume the role of the Ruach with anyone.
But, I am going to expose the cause of their twisted thinking—which is the
religion of Christianity, which began with Greeks in the first century—to break
away from the teachings of Messiah and the Apostles—taking for themselves the
name ―Christian‖ from the worshippers of the god Serapis in Alexandria, Egypt,
and changing everything Hebrew to everything Greek.
The Romans perfected this. Thus they created a ―counterfeit imposter‖ religion
that uses the Bible, but has no connection to the Hebrew covenant made with the
sons of Jacob by the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The covenant of
Yahuweh with His people was totally replaced by Greece, then Rome—creating a
―gentile‖ religion based on sun god worship his consort, the Queen of heaven.
The Protestant Reformation made some good changes, but it did not change the
root system—and it did not restore us to our foundation in Yahushua and the
Apostles’ teachings.
Therefore, the very top leadership of Christianity, and the Messianic movement,
is returning now to its base in Rome/Vatican. It is returning to its basic root
system in Nimrod and Babylon. The whore (the one who played the harlot
against Yahuweh) of Revelation 17 is the church system--no doubt about it.
When the Muslims say ―first Saturday and then Sunday‖, they are referring to

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the destruction of Jewish Israel, and then ―Christian‖ America.
I suggest books like The Two Babylons by Rev. Alexander Hyslop.
I have talked to people here in Aqaba, and some in Israel, and what I am saying
here is also their observation. So, I’m not singling out Americans because I have
a gripe, or some ―ax to grind‖. But, one of the greatest plagues of the tribulation
time that is now in its forerunning stages is the either purposed or innocent
betrayal of others.
From early childhood we saw cartoons of people falling off of buildings and not
being hurt—so there is no reality regarding the coming horrors. The false
prophets are touting loudly: ―Nothing will happen to us‖.
 But, the church system is a ―lawless‖ or Torah-less system—it rejects the
instructions and teachings of Yahuweh as obsolete—being replaced by the
church’s teachings and rules and laws—thus man replaced Yahuweh with a
Greco/Roman god of their own creation. If you love truth—then you are
allowing the Ruach Yahuweh to teach you. HE IS THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.
There is no man that can give you truth like He can, because He personalizes the
truth to YOU as you are in His presence!
Messiah said that in the last days because of lawlessness, the love of many will
grow cold. (Matthew 24:12) Few care about others—very few. I Corinthians 13
tells us that love wishes no harm to others. Love is not selfish—it is not self-
seeking. And, because love has grown cold, because the Torah has been replaced
with Greek philosophy, therefore, there is no sense of repentance, or contriteness,
or compassion, or mercy, or true ―I’m sorry‖. There is apparently little to no
concept that hurting others is wrong. This fascinates me in a way—how those
who appear to be such good Christians in the eyes of others, can be so cold-
hearted that they have no regret in hurting others for their own advantage. They
have no problems lying, deceiving, slandering, gossiping, or manipulating and
controlling to get their way. This is a pure Satanic nature. Yet, they can appear
to be very spiritual, and fool many. Because they are so good at convincing
others of their goodness, it is a waste of time to defend our self against them.
Thus, we have to depend on the promises of the Father to expose them and to
defend us. That time is coming when He will pull off the masks. We must
forgive and free them and ourselves in order to go forward in the love of the
Father. We must trust Him to make everything right—in His own way.
From childhood, children are taught to get what they want by manipulation.
Adults are told to get what they want, too, because they deserve it.
From cartoons, to movies, to attitudes in the home, to spoiling of children by
family members—all the programming is designed to create a monster, that
when it grows up it turns on everyone it can—masking its real agenda in
hypocrisy. Money and possessions, position, and control are the name of the
game, whereas the principles of the Kingdom of Yahuweh are totally opposite.

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II Timothy 3:1-5: “But know this, that in the last days evil times shall come. For
men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers,
disobedient to parents, thankless, wrong doers, unloving, unforgiving,
slanderers, without self control, fierce, haters of good, betrayers, reckless,
puffed up, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of Elohim, having a form of
reverence but denying its power. Turn away from these!”

When the martial law is enforced in America, the mask will also quickly come
off. When a person is threatened with harm in any way—they will quickly turn
others in to the authorities, and take the mark of identification with the ―beast
system‖—Revelation 13.
Betrayal will result in people being arrested, tortured, and killed. Homeland
Security has huge three-story boxcars, complete with shackles and guillotines.
FEMA has the trains waiting to take people to the concentration camps. This is
reality—and the horror is that so many respectable people will become monsters
in the days ahead—their true nature coming to the surface.
There is a betrayal of the Messiah Yahushua going on all over the earth by
those who claim to be His people. This is sin—evil—wickedness. Many are
rejecting His equality with the Father—His deity. Some are denying that He was
the Messiah of Israel. Some are demoting Him as just a man, a prophet, or a
healer. Some are converting to Judaism. Some are rejecting His pre-existence
before His incarnation. There are all kinds of heresies surfacing now against the
Person of Messiah Yahushua, who is fully Elohim—fully the ―I AM‖. For
Yahushua means: ―I AM salvation‖.
Messiah came through Mary—by the Ruach Yahuweh. Her lineage came
through King David through his son Nathan (Luke 3). The cursed line was
through Solomon. Even the Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud show
that the lineage of Nathan came through Eli—who was the father of Mary.
Matthew includes Joseph’s lineage in Matthew 1 to show that he could not
possibly have been Messiah’s father—for his lineage came from King David
through Solomon. Messiah came through Nathan—the pure lineage untainted
by whoredom. Mary alone carried this lineage—so that Messiah’s Father had to
be Elohim (God).
There is a naïve betrayal from not just ignorance but through mindlessness. This
is what will turn in most of His people to the authorities I believe.
A handful of my friends have done ―innocent betrayal‖, and I want to point this
out in love. We’ve all done innocent betrayal!
In America what is innocent betrayal is not considered betrayal—because we’ve
had freedom up until now. So, what will be betrayal in the future is not hard-
core betrayal now. But, if you don’t realize what you are doing—you will carry
mindless betrayal into the times ahead, and send many to their death.

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I will give you examples of what has happened here in Aqaba a few years ago. A
lady who has a Messianic group here, found that her name was put in a well-
known Messianic magazine by ―friends‖. An Al Qaeda operative in the U.S. saw
her name, knew she lived in Aqaba, and sent his henchmen to kill us all. This
was about 2001-2002. The Jordanian police put us on the roof of a house for
about 8 days for our protection, until they caught these men and imprisoned
Another time thirteen Hamas operatives were coming to kill us—this came out
on CNN—and again the Jordanian police protected us, and caught the thirteen in
Amman, executed the leaders and imprisoned the others.
There are spies of different types everywhere—in the Arab world, but also in
America and in Europe. They are looking for those who worship Yahuweh.
This same lady was hosting a few from America, who crossed into Jordan from
Eilat. The leader of these few asked the border guard on the Jordanian side for a
taxi to take her ―to the people who were hiding Jews in Petra‖. Uh…..
The taxi driver took her to the group leader’s house.
Another time she had a group from America coming to visit, and they came
across the border wearing Israeli shirts, Star of David earrings, bringing all sorts
of food from Israel. They were detained for two hours, interrogated, and their
food was confiscated.
This is Esau’s land folks—land of the hate of Jacob. Jordan is 75% Palestinian.
On the night when the news reached Jordan of 9/11, they were celebrating and
dancing in the streets of towns all over Jordan—all over the Arab world—in
Gaza too—and in Aqaba. While the United States, the European Union, and the
United Nations control the Aqaba Special Economic Zone here in Edom, it
cannot control those who hate Jews and believers in the Jewish Messiah.
Yet, I am constantly exposed to danger by those who call me ―friend‖—no matter
how many times I warn them. It is a major problem for everyone living here—
their American friends won’t stop exposing them to danger. I appreciate so
much those who guard my safety. YOU ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! ALL
Beginning around 2000, the American National Security Agency, which became
Homeland Security, began going door to door in all countries where there are
American ―ex-pats‖, to find out who believed in the second coming of Messiah.
We had them here too. Now what is that about? Why would the main concern
of the U.S. be what their citizens believed about the return of ―Jesus‖ or the
Messiah of Israel—so as to go door to door to find out? They don’t come taking a
survey—they come pretending to be fellow Christians. They start conversations
as if they are here to anticipate the coming of Jesus. They want to know if we
believe that too—very sneaky.
I was in the jungle of Uganda in 2001. A couple from Washington State were

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there working to start an orphanage. I was there preaching and teaching. We
met at a missionary’s house, and began talking. I shared about Jordan and said
that the F.B.I. was going door to door to find out if we believed in the second
coming. I said that the U.S. was purposely blocked out for news, because of the
citizens are not supposed to know anything. They just listened to me. Then I
asked the man, ―What do you do?‖ He said he just quit his job with the National
Security Agency. I about fell over. I thought I had betrayed my fellow believers
in Aqaba. See how innocently we can betray others?
I’ve learned a lot since then. But, these people were really sincere—good people.
He said to me: ―You are not supposed to know anything you told me. But, I
have one correction. It is not the F.B.I. that is going door to door, but the
National Security Agency‖. Stewart went home and within a very short time
dropped dead in his house—a man in his early 40’s with no heart problems. I
often wonder if leaving the NSA with all of his knowledge was not what caused
his death.
Satan and his henchmen do not like to be exposed! I have found that the
religious who appear so great, when they are exposed, turn into monsters that
are shocking. It is becoming more and more of a common thing that people do
not want their masks removed.
We were being watched—from the time I came--Jordanian police were sitting
outside of our houses, listening in to our prayer meetings, our worship services,
our festival services, and our Hebrew lessons. They threatened us that if we did
not stop ―Jewish things‖, we would be kicked out of the country.
Two of the Americans who have been here the longest—a Pastor and a Hebrew
teacher—were sent to the authorities, and given only three-month visas—having
their year visas taken away—because of their Christian or Messianic practices.
Others here have had Messianic organizations send their literature into our boxes
in Aqaba—no manila envelope—no disguise—just openly big pictures of the Star
of David, Israeli flag, and other such things on the front of the magazine. What
is this mentality? Don’t they watch the news on TV?
America is betraying its people. Now laws have been passed that will put His
people in concentration camps. The illuminati goal of producing chaos, so that
the world ruler can come, has been and is being worked out through mainly
America and England. I said above that when 9/11 happened—that night in
Aqaba the Muslims were celebrating and dancing in the streets. The Palestinians
of Gaza were giving out candy, dancing, and celebrating. Yet, America is
pouring multi-millions of dollars into the PLO. America is literally pouring
multi-millions of dollars into the PLO—and even supplying their military with
weapons. Who is their military? It is Arafat’s Fatah--a terrorist organization
dedicated to murdering Israelis. Therefore, America is definitely helping set up,

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along with Russia, and Europe, and the U.N., the destruction of the Jewish
people. Therefore, America is betraying Israel into the hands of anti-messiah.
America is betraying the believers all over the world. During the O.J. Simpson
trial fiasco, multi-millions of true believers--genuine believers—were slaughtered
by Muslims in Sudan and Indonesia--and the news said nothing.
In Afghanistan recently, the elected government—a theocratic government under
the strictest Muslim law—condemned a new believer to death—and the U.S. said
nothing. Betrayal! Do you think your government will protect you? NO way!
You have been betrayed already!
I believe that the greatest end time plague is “deception”—the control of the
mind by the evil Luciferic world. Yet, betrayal is the by-product of deception!
Those deceived will turn in others to their death.
I have told people for almost 8 years now, to not send me forwards or things to
be downloaded, or to put anything Israeli in the subject line, yet over and over
and over I get e-mails with words like ―Torah‖, ―Israel‖, ―Hebrew‖, ―Rabbi‖,
―Shalom‖ and all those things in the subject line—often forwards from Rabbis.
My e-mail address is private—only to be given to those whom others know well.
I appreciate the referrals I’ve had from many of you. My address book has
grown from a very few to a lot. Now, I am reaching about 700 people in five
continents with the articles at this point.
It is a risk I have had to take in order to warn people. But, watchmen do risk
their lives in order to warn people! Yahuweh’s watchmen are like night
watchmen—there is always the chance of death if a thief breaks in.
In the days to come our friends, family, church acquaintances, job associates, and
neighbors will turn us in to the authorities.
My address and phone number in America and in Jordan are private. I have a
family to protect also. My business is private. Yet, at times my personal past
and present business has been made public without my knowledge. This is
betrayal. One of my biggest weaknesses is trusting people that I should not
trust. Yet to become paranoid is something I avoid at all costs!
I began preaching on the streets of Los Angles in 1966, on ―skid row‖. I
ministered to gangs, prostitutes, sometimes until 2:00AM. I’ve had many scrapes
with death over the last 40 years. I’ve almost been killed many times for my
faith, and during the course of ministry. I am not afraid—NO FEAR. Those who
know me often call me a ―risk taker‖.
When I was warned in 2002 by someone in America not to return to Aqaba (I was
in Africa) because there was great danger in Aqaba, I asked the Father His
opinion. He instructed me to return right then to Aqaba—He needed an
intercessor. I have no fear in obeying my Father. He is my defender. But, to be
set up for harm by those who say they are my friends is not easy to take. Yet, I

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am no fool. I know that in the days to come, I am going to either be protected by
my Father and Yahushua, or I’m not going to make it.
You must resolve to ―Fear NOT‖…for you are in Father’s care! I Peter 5:7:
“Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you”.
When Father says: ―GO‖, I don’t calculate how I’m going to save my skin--I just
go. He’s sent me into many dangerous places. I only ask for wisdom to be used.
Those whom He uses the most have to be ―undercover‖ for the Kingdom of
Elohim. I have desperately tried to be low-key—appear as a tourist—and stay
away from the Americans who are too often magnets for trouble. The reason is
because they do not know how to control their voice level, many times. I told
one lady who came to visit me not to say she was an American. Americans are
hated overseas—and it is getting worse. But, she told this Arab and that Arab
that she was an American. I am very concerned for Americans, because they are
so trusting and see absolutely no reason for caution.
I have asked people not to take pictures of me, yet they take pictures blatantly
and justify it. I have asked them not to use my real name publicly, yet they use
it. I have had people tell their family and friends who worked for the U.N. or
CIA or FEMA about me. I want to think the best. I want to believe they are not
trying to harm me—but is that mindlessness, sadism, of planned betrayal?
I’ve written a very strong article on how Americans are mind-controlled into the
world brain—yes, there is such a thing. It is tragic. The only thing that will
break anyone free is to obey Yahuweh’s Torah, and to have the gift of the
discernment of spirits (I Corinthians 12). By having His spiritual gifts, and the
power of the spoken word in our mouth—we must learn how to correctly do
spiritual warfare. I have two articles on the subject of spiritual warfare entitled:
―Correct Intercession and Spiritual Warfare in the Garments of the High Priest‖,
and a recent one, ―Preparing for the Inevitable‖.
There was a family who came from America in about 2001, to live in Aqaba—and
fellowship with the group I was in at the time—a man and his wife and two
daughters. They appeared totally OK—nice and friendly--they kept the Torah—
all those things. Yet, one night the man, who was on some prescription drug for
some chemical disorder, went crazy and went to the Jordanian police and told
them that we were doing all kinds of Jewish things and that they needed to get
rid of us. He actually told the truth about our activities but in a way that it
appeared we were dangerous. Later this man went to the police and
apologized, but it was too late. Much damage was done.
Innocent betrayal takes many forms. In the Word it says that children will cause
parents to be arrested. There was a young couple with a 7-year old son, who
came from America to live in Wadi Musa—the town outside the entrance to

                                      Page 11
Petra. They were quiet—not letting anyone know that they were there because
they believed Jews were going to flee there at some point. Yet, their son went to
school one day and told his friends why his parents were there. The ―warden‖—
the American Embassy representative over that area--was contacted by Muslims
in Wadi Musa, about what the boy said. The American Embassy in Amman sent
police to arrest the parents and take them handcuffed with their son to the
airport in Amman, and sent them home, never to return. They had to leave all
their belongings—they were just stuffed in a police car and taken away.
Innocent—the child didn’t think. But this will happen over and over in the times
to come. We must train our children to stand against the evil one – and how
NOT to betray anyone.
In Russia under Stalin, the teachers manipulated children to betray their parents
by asking them simple questions—pretending to be their friend and interested in
the children’s home life. Little children are being taken from Christian parents
now, by the Child Protection Agency in the U.S., because of trumped up charges
against Christian parents.
Today our troops in Iraq and other places are having chips put in the base of
their brains, that are causing them to override their natural human nature and do
things that only a Satanic mind could think to do. What is so frightening is that
these men are receiving orders through these chips, and being returned to the
U.S. to supposedly ―protect‖ American citizens?
So, you see my experiences give me right to speak about this very serious
problem in America. But, those who live in Israel, or Jordan, have their own
stories of betrayal. Mine are just a few among many.
Missionaries tell tales all the time of betrayal—not by the locals, but by
Americans. It is amazing, but basically Europeans, because they went through
World War II, are not ―open‖ with their conversation, and neither are Russians,
or those in the Third World.
I have found out from being in many Third World (developing) nations, that the
locals are disgusted and appalled by American loudness, boldness, and their
pushy, demanding natures. The ―I am‖ nature is so prominent. But, I have
had Europeans and Australians tell me the same thing. American pride is very
disgusting – but not seen clearly until they get outside of America. There was a
well-known book written called ―The Ugly American‖. It is so sad that the
church people oftentimes are the worst in their self-righteous pride and
arrogance. Therefore, they often betray others without the least thought or
conviction of wrong. Gossip is so common, slander and ―backbiting‖ that it is a
common pastime.
If you have never been outside of the country, you might be offended at me. But,
if you have lived overseas, you know I am 100% right-on.
A real genuine believer, who is in covenant with Yahuweh, lives a life of

                                    Page 12
repentance—almost daily change and conformity to His nature. Therefore, the
Ruach, whose job it is to convict us of sin, has an easy time with those who are
humble. He convicts, the pure and humble change. But, for the haughty, the
self-righteous, the proud and arrogant—they do not hear His conviction for their
hearts have grown cold. Their conscious is ―seared‖—they have no sense of
I write this article to try to stop betrayal. I write it for those who will be betrayed
in the near future by group leaders, pastors, church leaders, friends and family. I
want you to know that betrayal is inevitable for anyone living a set-apart life
in Messiah Yahushua. He promised us this suffering.
In The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom talks about the betrayal by a ―friend‖ who
sent her father to his death, and she and her sister Betsy to a concentration
camp—for hiding Jews in their home in Holland. This ―crime‖ will be
punishable by death in the days to come—hiding Jews, hiding believers.
I want you to be aware of the constant daily mindless betrayal that is part of the “loose
lips” culture of America that will lead to ultimate betrayal. Everybody’s talking—giving
their opinion. I can’t stand “talk shows”—they are such a useless waste of time. I
“Tree of Life”, not from Lucifer’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
What Americans are going to have to realize is that, like in China, Indonesia,
Russia, like in Nazi Germany, like in the Muslim world—lists are being made by
government agents in America--spies are everywhere, and those who are on the
wrong list will be taken to concentration camps, just as Corrie Ten Boom and her
sister Betsy.
I have taken thousands of Bibles to the persecuted church of China many times—
during 1994 and 1995, with Brother Andrew’s group Open Doors. I went across
the border from Hong Kong into China over 40 times during those trips. I met
with the persecuted church, and learned first hand what it was like to live under
this kind of dictatorship, martial law, hate of Elohim, and persecution of the true
believers who would not bow to the government’s demands for registering.
There is the government puppet church in China called the ―Three Self Church‖.
It publishes Bibles and hands out materials to its members. But, it also teaches its
members to spy on those believers who will not register with the government-
approved church. Many precious believers are turned into the authorities and
their meetings exposed, by members of the Three Self Church. Yet, people like
Gwen Shaw, and Billy and Franklin Graham, spread the lies that the government
has freedom of religion, and there is no reason to smuggle Bibles into China.
Paul Crouch had the atheist head of religion in China on one of his programs on
TBN. This atheist was telling about how free China was to religion—referring to
the Three Self Church. The atheist told about the millions of Christians that

                                        Page 13
refused to register with the government, who were ―problems‖—―resisters‖—
―cultists‖. Paul said this: ―I don’t understand why the other Christians don’t
register with the government, it is just like our 501C‖. Those ―resisters‖ are
over 100 millions strong, and refuse to register because they want to only have
the Father and Messiah as their Masters.
Yes, there are over 100 million true believers that have to hide out to keep from
being arrested, tortured, put in hard labor, and killed. The average pastor or
evangelist in China spends at least 17 years in prison.
Paul Crouch is not ignorant. To register a church or organization with the
government in America is what we call ―incorporation‖. What does it mean to
―incorporate‖? It means to be in partnership with the government.
Now the government in the U.S. has turned the churches over to Homeland
Security. The Pastors, as in the Three Self Church of China, cannot preach
against such things as homosexuality. So, as in China, churches registering with
the government in America are signing a potential death warrant.
I had a 501C corporation with IRS-approved tax-exempt status. But, the Father
told me to dissolve it after twelve years. If you have a 501C corporation know
that laws in America are following the government pattern of China, and that the
government now actually has the right to tell you what to do, or arrest you.
There are those pastors in England who have been arrested and put in jail
because they preached against homosexuality—the norm as per the European
Union Constitution laws.
The Bible is now called a ―hate-crime book‖ because, they say it separates people
and is intolerant, saying there is only one way to ―God‖, and that some are
sinners and doomed to hell. Today, according to the Genocide Laws, signed
under former Pres. Ronald Reagan, witnessing that ―Jesus‖ is the only way to
―God‖, or about Yahuweh and Yahushua, is disrespecting individual rights—
therefore you can be arrested for pushing your opinion on others.
You have been betrayed. Meeting in homes to study the Bible is illegal—on the
books now—but not enforced YET. You can be arrested for ―harming the
government‖ because you believe in the second coming of Messiah. If you use
―Yahweh‖ you are suspect. If you home school your children and teach them
about Elohim, you are suspect. It is against the law to teach on the books of
Revelation or Daniel or talk about the ―second coming‖ in China. In America,
FEMA’s book of potential ―harmers‖ lists those who believe in the second
coming of ―Jesus‖ or Messiah Yahushua, as #1 potential cultists and terrorists. I
heard this out of Janet Reno’s mouth a few years back, after the Waco tragedy.
America: You are already under martial law. Your rights to your property,
lands, houses, cars, possessions, and even your life, have been taken away.
We are following China’s pattern. China is the biggest abuser of human rights
on earth—imprisoning millions of believers—torturing them, putting them to

                                    Page 14
hard labor—some to make the products you buy—and killing them. Yet, they
have ―most favored trade status‖ by the U.S.
Any young person that is a believer in China is faced with denying Him to get a
job and a chance for school, or to remain true to Him and face prison.
You have been betrayed by your government leaders since the late 1700’s…and
particularly since 1871. America, especially since the late 1930’s has been a giant
laboratory for experiments in mind-programming, emotional programming, and
physical experiments in many ways. You are fed data of whatever you are
supposed to know—nothing else. Ever wonder why the news puts one story out
before you, showing you the same picture month after month? Some of you are
smart—you are finding out the truth. The ―Illuminati‖—the leading Luciferic
organization--was created by a Jesuit priest on May 1, 1776. This Luciferic
philosophy took over the Freemasons, and came into the U.S. in 1776 under
several principle leaders. The Rothchild Central Banking system came in
through Alexander Hamilton. America was chosen as the breeding grounds for
a one world government to be revealed in our day—bringing the god of
Freemasonry, Lucifer, onto the Temple Mount in a body to rule the world. This
is the one we call ―anti-messiah‖, the ―lawless one‖, ―the man of sin‖, etc.
In China many of the believers under torture, turn in other believers to the
authorities. This happened in Romania, as brother Richard Wurmbrand has told
us. Turning in others under torture, or from fear of being arrested or killed will
be as common as bread is now, in the days to come.
We must program ourselves with the concept that we do not speak about
anyone else to anyone—we only speak about our Father Yahuweh, and our
Redeemer. General American chitchat betrays people daily. We must take
control of our conversation and stop listening to the T.V., which is programming
you and your family to receive mass hypnosis at the coming of the anti-messiah.
Yet today, in simple, average chitchat conversations, Americans betray their
family, their friends, and those servants of Yahuweh, without noticing.
Spies are in the churches. It has been reported that spies from FEMA/Homeland
Security, have infiltrated the churches and are taking notes on who is sincere
about their faith—to register them. Witches have, for a long time, been
infiltrating churches to undermine marriages, and faith, bringing in demonic
spirits that have torn up congregations and separated good friends. The
spreading of lies among individual congregation members to turn them against
one another is very, very common among those who are infiltrating
congregations/churches. I’ve watched this at work and done what I could to
expose it. You know the routine: ―Did you know what so and so said about
you?‖ Then they continue to tell you, hurt you, and get you mad. They go to ―so
and so‖ and tell them lies about you, and so the whole thing blows up into
trouble. This is very common.

                                     Page 15
This is why you must get out of the system of Greece and Rome—the church
system—and meet in homes—discretely. Home meetings are being watched and
monitored, just as they did to us in Jordan. They put devices in their cars, sat
outside, and listened to our prayer meetings, our Bible studies, and even our
Hebrew language course.
But, because of the mind-hold through the church system that Satan has on
people, most will retain some aspects of Christian belief and not let go of it. I’ve
studied the roots of Christianity for many years. The foundational roots are
totally defiled. There was a fine pastor asked in Europe: ―If the pagan aspects
were taken out of Christianity, how much would be left of Christianity?‖ He
replied: ―I honestly have to say that nothing would be left‖.
I have a mini-book on this subject entitled The Foundation of Deception—if you
would like it, ask for it. Truth hurts—but it sets us free! (John 8:32)
To maintain a mixture of Christianity and true teachings of the Apostles, is to
love deception. Deception is a mixture of hot and cold—Revelation 3:15-20.
Those who ―love truth‖ are pure of heart—they don’t mix what is an
abomination to Him with what is undefiled and set-apart. If anyone wants to
learn these truths, I have articles and studies to set you on your journey.
We are entering a repeat of World War II, and the Jews and the believers are still
in the same condition—apathetic about doing anything—thinking nothing will
happen to them. Hardly anyone is preparing for this great world holocaust.
If you have seen FEMA installations—much is underground. These resemble
closely the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. But, also there are massive
concentration camps throughout the U.S.—the biggest one is near Fairbanks,
Alaska. These facilities are equipped with gas chambers, ovens, and guillotines,
and torture devices. Recently it has been reported that a concentration camp will
be opened in the ―Southwest‖—it sounded like near El Paso.
For many years, the border of Mexico with the U.S. has been ―guarded‖ 30 miles
on either side, by foreign troops, put there by the U.S.—all from post Communist
nations. I ran into one going from one going from Las Cruses to El Paso one
time. They stopped me and asked, in a foreign accent, if I was a U.S. citizen.
Let me give you one example of ―innocent betrayal‖ that Richard Wurmbrand
gave in his study on ―sufferology‖—The Triumphant Church. We might see
someone we think is a believer and tell them something like: ―You should have
been at the meeting last night—Mr. Jones talked about the one world
government and how to prepare for martial law. Why don’t you tomorrow night
to hear him at Mr. Smith’s house?‖ Something that innocent could cost Mr. Jones
and Mr. Smith and their families to be arrested, tortured and killed.
In the days to come, we must NOT give out any names or locations of other
believers. We must not publish meeting places. We must not give topics of

                                      Page 16
discussion. We must make drastic lifestyle changes! I don’t know when the
shut down time will be—but it is close. Right now, we need to learn all we can—
but when the time comes to shut down—then the Ruach Yahuweh will tell us in
our spirit—and we’d better obey Him!
In Russia, under Stalin, they had only to depend on the Ruach Yahuweh to tell
them in their spirit where to meet. It is common in places like China, that the
only communication they have to find out where to meet, or what to do, is
through the Ruach – the Holy Spirit – telling each person in their spirit what to
do. We must learn to only speak as the Ruach Yahuweh tells us to speak—the
Spirit of the Father. He puts a ―NO‖ up in our spirit when we need to be quiet.
The great tragedy is that so many church leaders, or organization leaders, do not
teach their people how to walk in the Spirit, or hear from Him. He speaks in
over 40 different Scriptural ways—yet His work is often relegated to the past. If
you do not know how to hear His impressions to your spirit, then what will you
do when there is no communication other than Him? The child-like spirit trusts
and obeys and receives. The intellectual thinks, reasons, and tries to control his
world. In the days to come, it is the child-like spirit that will overcome and be
victorious—because they know Abba (Daddy)—Yahuweh.
This is why He’s impressing me to write all these things now—because the time
is coming very quick—in the next few months perhaps—when I won’t be able to
warn anyone anymore by e-mail-sent articles. Right now, He is giving me an
urgent spirit. This is why I am inundating my friends with articles, because I
have many precious ones who are sending these articles out to others. I must
warn as many as possible before ―night‖ comes, as per John 9:4.
In China, I learned what code words and secrecy was all about. One small word
out in public that referred to Bibles or His servants, even in restaurants, on trains,
in buses, or the like, could cause the police to arrest some believer. I had to learn
to be a spy for the Kingdom of Yahuweh.
I’m an old warrior in the Kingdom of Yahuweh, so what I tell you is on-the-
ground reality. If you still choose to live in Disney’s Fantasyland, there’s nothing
else I can do. However, most of you that receive my articles are very savvy
about what’s going on. I appreciate you!
The giving away of the business of others is betrayal, and can be gossip or
slander. I have stopped telling people when I’m coming into the States, or when
I’m going here or there—but there are a few that need to know.
My phone in the U.S. has been tapped, wherever I home base, since 2000. So,
obviously I can’t be giving my personal business out over the phone. Now, cell
phones, the T.V., and other devices are used for spying purposes. There are
even devices now for reading thoughts—as I’ve uncovered in the article
―Preparing for the Inevitable‖.

                                      Page 17
Many, in giving ―prayer requests‖ oftentimes make it a gossip session. The
Ruach Yahuweh knows what people need—far more than we do.
We must not discuss any of our brothers and sisters—even giving a good report.
Putting people’s names out in the air is not wise—unless it is about something
mundane of course. It’s Ok to say that sister Susie had a nice dress on, as long as
we don’t disclose where sister Susie was at the time.
Besides spies that are human, did you know that the enemy, Lucifer and His
demons, also listen and spy? They hear us telling our plans, and they work
feverishly to ruin our plans. Guarding Yahuweh’s secrets from the listening
ears of man and devils is of utmost importance.
So many ministries publish all their plans. If the ministry is a threat to the
kingdom of Satan, then his agents go to work to ruin the plans. Not all ministries
are feared by Satan—some are approved by him. They do not threaten him—
they actually teach his doctrines. Be very careful what ministries your name is
attached to. Lists of ―who gave what‖ are required by the IRS. I had to tell the
IRS the names of all who gave over $500.00 to me. This made me feel creepy—I
felt I was betraying my friends. Now, the big churches that have 501C covenants
with the government are being given rules to obey by FEMA/Homeland
Security (as in the hiring of homosexuals), or they will have to pay all the past
taxes previously exempted. Some churches are panicking.
My children and grandchildren have been exposed to danger because of people
trying to find me and calling their cell phone numbers. I am amazed that people
give my daughter’s cell phone number and home phone number out to others
without asking me.
I am thankful, very thankful, for my friends who love me! You have been very
careful to protect me. May the Father protect you also in the days ahead!
I’m blunt sometimes, and step on American pride, but I am thankful for those
that still love me. I do not want to offend anyone. In fact, I’m too tactful at
times. But, the closer we get to the outbreak of the final things, the bolder I will
be to try to save people’s lives here—their eternal life mainly.
When I was in Russia, in the Far East, I was not there very long before the
Russian police came to find out about me. Neighbors of the lady I was staying
with had turned me in, and so they came. It was OK—they didn’t bother me any
more—but you see the mind-set? These people had learned by mind-
programming, just like Americans are mind-programmed, to turn anyone
suspicious into the police. While the police were kind to me, still it was a strange
feeling to be ―turned in‖, just because I was a foreigner.
Do you realize that under martial law, that you will be exposed to being turned
over to the police, unless you defect to Lucifer’s camp? Do you realize that your
doctor or Pediatrician can turn you in as a bad parent—if you refuse to go along
with vaccinations and drugs and chipping of your child? The child can be put in

                                      Page 18
a foster home. This is already happening – children of believers are being taken
away for invented lying reasons, and put in foster homes. Innocent believers are
being turned in as pedophiles and their children taken away from them.
Believers are being turned in as child abusers, because they spank their children.
The great plague of the end times, a daughter of deception, will be the plague of
“loose lips”—flapping loose lips. Mindless flapping loose lips will send
millions to the concentration camps.
 It’s time we drastically worked at tightening our lips and/or shutting them. It’s
time to be quiet and listen more than we talk. It’s time to submit our mouth to
the control of Yahuweh!
In countries of persecution, many turn in their friends and family and others
they’ve heard about to the authorities, to protect themselves and their families.
These betrayers are murderers actually. According to new laws passed by the
U.S., when anyone turns in another to the authorities as being suspect of being
an ―enemy of the state‖, there is no fair trial, no representation, no jury. The
truth is buried, and the punishment is either re-programming or death. So,
betrayers are actually murderers.
Slander is also murder—murder of someone’s reputation. I’ve had a barrage of
slander—the repeating of lies and deceptions. Some have admitted to it, but had
no remorse. The strange thing is that much of it was from jealousy (admitted
jealousy) because of my relationship with the Father and His blessings with me.
I know that is mind boggling – it is to me too. One very prominent lady,
President of a prominent women’s group in Connecticut, admitted that she came
to Africa a week before me, and took all the preaching assignments she wanted,
because she feared my Word-level—that it might ―show her up‖. That’s her
words! She left me one assignment—to teach in the Bible College in Kisumu,
Kenya. From that the Father took me all over Uganda, parts of Kenya, and parts
of Tanzania. He is our defense—and He brings good out of EVERYTHING.
When you know Him personally and intimately, even the bad things are turned
to our advantage. He is so good!!! In Mark 13:9, Messiah says that when we are
arrested, it will turn to our good.
Yet, if you know me, you know I live a very basic frugal lifestyle, and certainly
have nothing anyone should be jealous of. But, the enemy hates me for my
relationship with the Father and so he sends his masked agents my way. I’m
sure many of you are very familiar with what I am talking about!
People often mindlessly talk about someone—about things they do not
understand. In the days to come, we must not mention anyone in our
conversation—whether talking good or bad. In China the spies were following
us in restaurants, onto buses and trains, into stores, and infiltrating meetings.
I know that some of you understand the expression ―demonic attack‖. The ones
who are a threat to the enemy are the ones who draw attack. The great

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missionary to India, Amy Carmichael, once said: “He who is closest to his
captain is a sure target for the archers”.
Psalm 112:9-10 says that because of the blessings of the Father given to the
righteous--the wicked gnash their teeth. Ever try to give a ―praise report‖ of
something Father did for you, and have your friends get mad at you?
Jealousy, competition, and control over the people by the ―ministry‖ is so
common that it is staggering. Instead, the true shepherd of the Word is one that
encourages others to use their gifts in the assembly—to build up the whole
assembly of Messiah. The true shepherd wants the sheep to be fat and sleek—
using the good that is given to them from the Word and from the Spirit of
Yahuweh, to be able to edify the whole assembly. Greedy selfish shepherds do
not care for the sheep, but use them to get what they want from them—usually
money and obedience.
But, those who are closest to their Captain are seen by the enemy and singled out
for attack. Paul (Sha’ul) says in II Timothy 2:1-5 that we are to be ―good soldiers‖
of Messiah Yahushua. We must be tough, for we do have an enemy. We do not
fight flesh and blood, but the hierarchs of the realm of Satan/Lucifer. Yet, men
who submit to these spirits are arrows in the hands of Satan. In Ephesians 6:16,
the shield of faith is given to us to ―quench all the fiery darts of the enemy‖. The
word for ―darts‖ in Greek is ―missiles—designed to hit our emotions and to
disorient us.
Our faith will see us through much attack by betrayal. There is nothing that
hurts worse than betrayal by those you love. But friends, it is coming. Just
beware lest you also betray those you love!
You have no concept of torture. Few of us do. I understand in part what men
and women like Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand went through for their faith in
torture—but I have been spared prison. Physical torture is not the only type of
torture that His people will be subjected to in the coming days. Mental and
emotional torture (psychological torture) is also coming for ―resisters‖.
Richard Wurmbrand spent years in solitary confinement. He says the worst is
solitary confinement. I understand. He says that being subjected to silence for
days, months and years, kept in a small cell, causes the mind to go crazy. He
says that a person forgets who they are, forgets their family, and forgets even
what life is about. He says that to maintain the silence, the guards even come
with your meager rations wearing felt-soled shoes—so they make no sound.
Making your own sounds is punishable. American and Western Europeans,
Canadians, Australians—the free world—have no concept of what is about to
take place.
I want you to know that our good and loving and compassionate heavenly
Father is aware of all the meanness done to us—and He takes vengeance. He
rewards us, and lifts us up and out of all that the enemy tries to do. He sees the

                                      Page 20
hours we spend in His presence, the hours in studying His Word. When the time
of betrayal comes, there will be a remnant that will overcome and do exploits.
But, my friends, the price is extremely high for having a reward in His
Kingdom—it being nothing less than death to self.
We betray our family and ourselves by denying that the ―ark is about to float‖.
But, the ―ark‖ is about to float again—only this time in the midst of fire, and only
a few strange people like Noah and his family will survive. Prayerfully read
Genesis 6-7. Father personally shut the door so that Noah would be protected. I
pray for this protection for myself, and for my family.
Betrayal of friends and family will be done to save people’s skin—fear will
prevail, but also sadism, cruelty, and Satanic wickedness. The thing is that no
one knows what they really are capable of until the time of testing.

Jeremiah 17:9 says: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
wicked—who can know it?” We do not know ourselves until the time of

Those who think like Satan have no compassion, no mercy, no conviction of
wrong, no concern about harming others. I watch the pained faces of those who
hear me telling the truth about their trusted government and religious leaders.
How can these ―wonderful‖ people be so evil? What people do not understand
is that the Satanic mind does not think like a normal human mind. It has its
cloaks of deception that are very powerful. In the days of anti-messiah, multi-
millions of His people will fall away into eternal damnation, because they trusted
in what looked good. And, when the masks come off—then they will lose faith—
because their faith was not in the real Elohim of the Word, but in the belief
system that they got from their favorite human guru. When the guru falls, they
will fall.
Have you watched cartoons with your kids lately? They are teaching children
how to laugh at people and animals being harmed. They show defiled animals
talking and plotting wickedness. They show monsters and space aliens. They
are teaching sexual seduction, mysticism, occult practices, witchcraft, paganism,
anger and cruelty, alliances for self-gain, and all the teachings of Satan’s Harry
Potter mentality. If you can watch America’s Home Videos, and laugh at people
obviously being hurt, or animals possibly being hurt, then I simply say that you
are very far from the Kingdom of Yahuweh.
The fruit of the re-born spirit is found in Galatians 5:22-23. Compassion, mercy,
love, tenderness, gentleness, obedience, a servant’s heart, patience, endurance,
meekness, humility, contriteness, forgiveness, faith, self-control, joy, peace, child-
likeness, a repentant heart, a caring heart—these are characteristics of those who

                                      Page 21
know Yahuweh. Those who know Yahuweh are easily moved by His Spirit--
they are sensitive to His voice.
It is a sick culture that produces video games, cartoon, and programs that mock
others being hurt. People love to see violent films, horror shows, crime scene
dramas and ―mysteries‖. But, what world do these come from? Look again at
Genesis 6, and you will see how deceived people are. The Word says that those
whom He protects from His wrath do NOT set any violence or evil before their
eyes. Therefore, you are betraying your children, if you let them watch mind-
programming cartoons produced by Luciferic people to destroy your children.
The public school system has one goal now—to program your child into the
world brain—a global-minded child--a child approved by Lucifer.
Those who live a set-apart and pure lifestyle, loving Yahuweh and His Torah,
loving the return of Yahushua and His Kingdom—are marked for
extermination—martyrdom. Will you help the exterminators by betraying?
If so, you will either take the ―mark of the beast system‖ or be killed in some
manner. For the goal of the Luciferic elite, now in charge of the world system,
want to get the earth’s population down to 500 millions slaves. I’ve heard their
plans with my own ears. If you betray someone else, the boomerang will return.
Beware of flattery—for through flattery many will try to manipulate you into
spying on your friends and family. Beware of flattery—it is not in the nature of
our Father to flatter anyone. If you have visions of grandeur, you are open to
being beguiled and seduced by flattery. See the end result of flattery, in this
discourse on the anti-messiah to come: Daniel 11:30-35.
If a person is flattered and given gifts and promoted in the eyes of others—this is
a sure sign they’ve been ―bought‖ by the evil one. The Father says He dwells
with the contrite, the humble, the broken, and those ―who tremble at His Word‖.
So many have a head full of knowledge of the Word but do not know Him,
therefore, they are vulnerable to seduction by wicked spirits. The pure of heart
are not easily deceived. He says we are to be ―wise as serpents and harmless as
doves‖—wise, yet blameless before Him, returning good for evil.
I cannot stress strongly enough that we must all guard our tongue—and let
Him tell us what to say and when to say it. We must guard and keep secret
the business of others, but also we must guard and keep secret our own
business. Phones are being tapped, the Internet is tapped, e-mails are tapped,
cell phones are tapped, T.V. and cell phones can be used to listen in to any
conversations in homes. The T.V. view can be reversed, and you can be watched
in your home. Listening devices are being put in products now that are
common, as well as radio frequency devices that can track people.
In California there is the option now of having a scanable chip in your hand for

                                     Page 22
business transaction purposes. Satellites can spy on us, and track us within ten
We’re in an age now, when your life is not worth much to the world system. In
fact, it has been said by political analysts that the human life is the most
expendable commodity on earth. Animals have more rights than human in
America in some instances.
So, time to wake up and adjust our mouth and our thinking, and realize that
people like me, who send out warning after warning after warning, won’t be able
to do this for very much longer. My whole life is dedicated to His remnant
people—especially of the ―House of Israel/Ephraim‖--who will be martyred, or
be alive and remain until He comes.
I give you wisdom: You are not responsible to answer the questions of the
wicked, if it will harm someone else. You are not legally bound to the world
system—IF you are a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven.
I smuggled thousands of Bibles into China—which the Communist government
says is illegal.
I was stopped once in crossing the border. I heard that the officer in charge
spoke some English so I said: ―I heard you have religious freedom in China.
Why are you taking my Bibles?‖ His response was this: “Oh we do have
religious freedom, but that has nothing to do with Bibles—Bibles are
counterrevolutionary materials”.
In other words, you can believe what you want as long as you keep it to
yourself, but the day you start obeying the Bible is the day you cross the
Communist revolutionary kingdom principles. In America today, you can
believe what you want. But, if you start obeying the Word, like the Apostles
did in Acts 4 and 5—my friends you will be arrested as an “enemy of the
In China, for example, our Father needs Bibles for His set-apart ones. If you have
a problem with obedience to man rather than obedience to Elohim, I suggest you
read Acts chapters 4 and 5 and Brother Andrew’s powerful book: Is Life So
The Jewish council forbade the Apostles to teach in the Name of Yahushua.
They forbade Peter from ever going to the Temple again to preach. They beat
Peter and put him in prison. That night an angel opened the prison and Peter
walked out.
Excerpts from: Acts 5:17-21; 28-29, 32: “But the High Priest rose up and all
those with him…and they were filled with jealousy, and seized the apostles
and put them in the public jail. But a messenger of Yahuweh opened the
prison doors at night and brought them out, and said, `Go and stand in the Set-
Apart Place and speak to the people all the words of this life’. Now when they
heard this they went into the Set-Apart Place early in the morning, and were

                                     Page 23
teaching. And one came to the council and reported to them saying, `Look, the
men whom you put in prison are standing in the Set-Apart Place and teaching
the people’! And having brought them, they set them before the council and
the High Priest asked them, `Did we not strictly command you not to teach in
this Name’? And Peter and the other apostles answered and said, `We have to
obey Elohim rather than men…And we are His witnesses to these things, and
so also is the Set-Apart Spirit whom Elohim has given to those who obey
The reason most people do not know that they have been betrayed by their
government is because they do nothing in obedience to the Word that would
upset the government. They keep their noses in their own religious business,
and do not ―offend‖ the god of this world—Satan/Lucifer. Therefore they are no
threat to the enemy. He’s got them in his pocket.

Excerpts from Mark 13:9-13--Messiah said: “But take heed to yourselves, for
they shall deliver you up to the councils and to the congregation. You shall be
beaten and you shall be brought before rulers and Kings for My Name’s sake,
for a witness to them…For when they lead you away and deliver you up, do
not worry beforehand what you are to say. But, whatever is given you in that
hour speak that, for it is not you who are speaking, but the Set-Apart Spirit.
And brother shall deliver up brother to death, and a father his child. And
children shall rise up against parents and shall put them to death. And you
shall be hated by all became of My Name. But, he who shall endure to the end
shall be delivered”.

Do you see that this is a promise? The ―council‖—the Sanhedrin—the Jewish
authority in Jerusalem—condemned both Yahushua and His Apostles. Do you
think that you will escape this council, or the world government, or the
military/police, or martial law? Think again…if you do not go along with
them—you will be arrested and killed—unless the Father knows you well
enough to protect you.
In 2004, the Sanhedrin was re-established in Israel. It does not have real
authority yet, but it is in league with the Vatican, and working for the world
religion to be headquartered in Jerusalem.
Why did Messiah give such mysterious instructions to His disciples in Luke
19:29-34; 21:12-17 and 22:8-13? -- To keep Himself hidden as long as possible—to
stop betrayal as long as possible--to stay away from the authorities as long as
possible until the time came for His death, to keep loose lips from divulging His
whereabouts until He got done what He needed to get done. He was all the time
trying to keep a low profile—telling people He healed NOT to tell anyone.
But, Messiah was betrayed by ―friendly fire‖ long before Judah betrayed Him.

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People did not listen to what He said—they went out and blabbed to all—thus
inciting the authorities against Him early on in His ministry.
He didn’t want to be in the public eye. That’s Lucifer/Satan’s nature—to be
popular and well known. The Father hides His true servants because He doesn’t
want them attacked or killed until their course is finished. You can tell, today,
the true servants of Messiah and the deceivers—the true ones are hidden! They
will only be brought out in His timing—the 144,000 and the two witnesses.
Messiah avoided the throngs in Jerusalem. He knew the authorities were
Keeping Yahuweh’s secrets is primary now—and the secret activity of His
I was reading Gary Kah’s En Route to Global Occupation. I saw that the Masons
and Illuminati groups all kept secrets from those underneath the hierarchy. Only
the top degrees and positions knew the truth about their worship of Lucifer and
the carrying out of Lucifer’s plans. The others were ignorant. Yet, in the
Masonic ―Bible‖—Morals and Dogma—by Albert Pike—he clearly says several
times ―our god is Lucifer‖. Yet because the Masons in lower degrees, do not read
their ―Bible‖, they are ignorant of this truth—just like Christian who do not read
their Bibles, do not know the truth of Yahuweh’s covenant.
In reading Kah’s book, the Father showed me that He, too, had His servants that
He revealed secrets to, because He trusts them. (Amos 3:7) These are the same
―servants‖ of Revelation 22:3-5. These servants, like Paul, do not ―confer with
flesh and blood‖ (Galatians 1:16), but guard His secrets until He is ready to
reveal them. Messiah spoke in parables to the multitudes, but to His disciples,
He spoke openly. Oftentimes, He spoke only with the three disciples—Peter,
James and John—and not even to the other nine. He only gives out His
information to us as we need it—therefore, we must guard it!

Matthew 13:10-11: “And His disciples came and said to Him, `Why do You
speak to them in parables’? And He answering, said to them, `Because it has
been given to you to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them
it has not been given’”.

Because of jealousy, many times we must guard His blessings to us. This is
tragic, I realize that, but if we do not guard His blessings, the enemy can come in
with jealousy and competition and tear up our blessings. I’ve had this happen
quite a few times since 1996. We just need to keep our mouths under His
control at all times—especially now! Like many of you, I am an open American.
I’m learning, as are we all.
Almost all on the earth will die—of both man and animals, according to many
Scriptures of our day. He has a remnant that won’t die. But, this remnant

                                     Page 25
must be hidden until the time of their revealing. This is the set-apart Bridal
remnant, chosen before the foundation of the world for this hour of time.
Yet, those whom the remnant must warn are often victims of betrayal, gossip,
and slander. We must protect the set-apart remnant!
What I teach is against the law on American security law books. What you teach
and believe is also against the law. You believe that there is one way to Elohim,
one Elohim, and one Torah? Then you are illegal in the kingdom of America.
But, you are totally legal in one Kingdom—the eternal one. So, where is your
Being redundant, I reiterate: Be aware that your children will be manipulated to
turn you in—if you do not teach them how NOT to betray you. Much betrayal of
parents by children will be because snaky teachers and public school personnel
will trap the children into revealing what they are taught at home. In Russia,
children betrayed their parents innocently. The teachers promised rewards to
little children for telling them if their parents were taught the Bible, or if they
prayed at home. Already, the public school’s main goal is to take belief in ―God‖
out of children and replace that with passion for a world government, and for
Youth are being taught through sports, and games and instruction, how to
choose alliances that are beneficial—shunning those students who are not going
to help them ―win‖. Video games also teach the choosing of ―profitable‖
alliances. Children will be taught that their parents are unprofitable alliances.
Already mockery of purity and set-apartness, of belief in a Creator, of virginity
before marriage, is the normal among American children. What can we expect—
children in the 5th grade are being given condoms.
Home school your children if at all possible…teach them to know Yahuweh and
His Word! (Deuteronomy 6:6-7) I was a public school teacher—I speak from
personal knowledge.
Also forgive all those who have offended you, or who have betrayed you. If you
do not forgive others, you might be manipulated to turn these into the
authorities to ―pay them back‖ for hurting you. If you hold bitterness, or anger
against anyone, you might turn them over to their death for revenge. Like I said,
we don’t know our own heart until we’re tested.
If you hold any negative thoughts towards others, and do not walk in the love of
the Father, it will be easy to betray others to save yourself. Mark 11:25-26 tells us
that if we do not forgive others, the Father will not forgive us.
Also, be aware that if you betray anyone for any reason, innocently or out of
cruelty, that betrayal is a boomerang. “Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he
also reap”. (Galatians 6:7-8)

Matthew 24:10-12: “And many shall stumble, and they shall deliver up one

                                      Page 26
another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise up
and lead many astray…But he who has endured to the end shall be delivered”.

Psalm 39:1 “I have said, `Let me guard my ways against sinning with my
tongue; Let me guard my mouth with a muzzle, while the wrongdoer is before

Matthew 10:16-22: “See, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves.
Therefore, be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. But, beware of men, for
they shall deliver you up to councils, and flog you in their congregations. And
you shall be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a witness to
them and to the gentiles. But, when they deliver you up, do not worry about
how or what you should speak. For it shall be given to you in that hour what
you shall speak, for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father
speaking in you. And brother shall deliver up brother to death, and a father
his child. And children shall rise up against parents and shall put them to
death. And you shall be hated by all for My Name’s sake. But, he who shall
have endured to the end, shall be delivered.”

Jeremiah 9:3-8: “`And they bend their tongue like a bow. Falsehood and not
truth prevails on the earth. For they proceed from evil to evil, and they have
not known Me’, declares Yahuweh. `Let everyone beware of his neighbor and
not trust any brother--for every brother catches by the heel, and every
neighbor walks with slanders. And everyone deceives his neighbor, and no
one speaks the truth. They have taught their tongue to speak falsehood, and
have wearied themselves to do crookedly. You live in the midst of deceit;
through deceit they have refused to know Me’, declares Yahuweh.”
What does it mean ―to catch by the heel‖? It refers to Jacob grabbing Esau’s heel
at birth—it means to pull someone else back so that you can go forward at their
expense. A ―heel grabber‖ is called a ―usurper‖. Paul wouldn’t allow a woman
to ―usurp‖ authority over a man. We’ve all seen that over and over—women
who put their husbands down so that they can be heard and seen above them.
This is common—and promoted by American sitcoms and culture. The men of
America are becoming very weak and feminine and the women are becoming
masculine in nature. Therefore, children are losing solid role models, and taking
role models from sport’s heroes and movie idols—most who are not good.

Isaiah 59:14-15: “And right-ruling is driven back, and righteousness stands far
off. For truth has fallen in the street, and right is unable to enter. The truth is
lacking, and whoever turns away from evil makes himself a prey…”

Micah 7:5-6: “Trust no friend, rely on no companion, guard the doors of your

                                      Page 27
mouth from her who lies in your bosom. For son is despising father, daughter
rises up against her mother, daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—the
enemies of a man are those of his own house”.

Matthew 10:34-36: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I
did not come to bring peace but a sword, for I have come to bring division, a
man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law
against her mother-in-law—and a man’s enemies are those of his own

Amos 5:10, 13: “And they hated the one who reproves in the gate, and they
despise the one who speaks the truth…Therefore, the wise keep silent at that
time, for it is an evil time”.

Psalm 5:8: “O Yahuweh, lead me in Your righteousness because of those
watching me; Make Your way straight before my face”.

Psalm 34:12-13: “Who is the man who desires life, who loves many days, in
order to see good? Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking

John 15:18-19, 21; 16:1-2: “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me
before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own.
But, because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, for that
reason the world hates you…But, all this they will do to you because of My
Name, because they do not know Him who sent Me…These words I have
spoken to you, so that you do not stumble. They shall put you out of the
congregations, but an hour is coming when everyone who kills you shall think
he is rendering service to Elohim”.
What is His Name? It is Yahushua—I AM Salvation—it begins with the family
name of His Father—Yahuweh. He has no other name but the name of
Yahushua. Today FEMA lists as potentially dangerous those using Yahuweh.

Proverbs 10:19: “When words are many, transgression is not absent, but he
who restrains his lips is wise”.

Proverbs 11:9a; 12:23: “The defiled one destroys his neighbor with his mouth.
A clever man conceals knowledge, but the heart of the fool proclaims folly”.

Proverbs 15:28: “The heart of a righteous man ponders how to answer, but the
mouth of the wrong pours out evil”.

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Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”

Proverbs 20:19; 21:23: “He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets—
therefore do not associate with him who speaks smoothly with his lips…He
who guards his mouth and his tongue guards his life from distresses”.

Luke 6:22-23: “Blessed are you when men shall hate you, and when they shall
cut you off, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as wicked, for the
sake of the Son of man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, for look, your
reward is great in the heaven, for that is how their fathers treated the

Matthew 5:11-12: “Blessed are you when they reproach you and persecute you,
and falsely accuse say every wicked word against you for My sake. Rejoice
and be glad, because your reward in he heavens is great. For in this way they
persecuted the prophets who were before you”.

Matthew 26:59-60: “Now the chief priests and elders, and all the council
(Sanhedrin), sought false witnesses against Yahushua, to put Him to death, but
they found none…At the last two false witnesses came, and said, `This fellow
said, “I am able to destroy the temple of Elohim and build it in three days’…”
(All italics in the Scriptures are mine)
Yahushua answers His accuser’s questions, but His telling of the truth put them
into a rage. So, on the testimony of false witnesses and their anger at His telling
the truth, they condemned Him. He also used the name of the Father, which was
strictly forbidden then, and still is among Jews. He was hated for the truth. He
was lied about. This will be common to condemn believers in these days. Lies
are being made and traps are being set to trap believers by their own telling of
the truth. This is why we must only speak by the Ruach in our spirit—for He has
the wisdom to confound the wicked ones.

Messiah was betrayed by a ―friend‖. Yahushua says in John 15:20: “Remember
the word that I said to you, `A servant is not greater than his master’. If they
persecuted Me, they shall persecute you too. If they have guarded My Word,
they will guard yours also”.
Matthew 26:21-22: “And while they were eating, He said, `Truly I say to you,
one of you shall betray Me’”. Judas then went out to betray Him.
If we identify with Yahushua, we must expect persecution, betrayal, and all
kinds of evil against us. It is promised.

Psalm 41:9—prophetic of Judas: “Yes, my own familiar friend, in whom I
trusted, who did eat of my bread, has lifted up his heel against me”.

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Was Messiah just betrayed by Judas? The religious rulers betrayed Him, but
who else? Matthew 26:56: “Then ALL the disciples forsook Him and fled”.
Do you think your friends, your family, your pastor, your congregation leader
will help you when the fleeing begins out of America, and out of all nations at
the coming of anti-messiah? If so, think again.

Matthew 26:33-34: “And Peter answering said to Him, `Even if all stumble in
You, I shall never stumble’. Yahushua said to him, `Truly, I say to you that this
night, even before the cock crows, you shall deny Me three times’”.

Matthew 26:69-75: “And Peter sat outside in the courtyard, and a servant girl
came to him saying, `And you were with Yahushua of Galilee’. But, he denied
it before them all, saying `I don’t know what you are saying’. And as he was
going out into the porch, another girl saw him and said to those there, `This
one was with Yahushua of Nazareth’. But, again he denied with a curse--`I do
not know the Man’. And after a while those who stood by came to him and
said to Peter, `Truly you are one of them too, for even your speech gives you
away’. Then he began to curse and swear saying `I do not know the Man!’
And immediately the cock crowed. And Peter remembered the word of
Yahushua…and going out, he wept bitterly”.

Let this be a strong warning to us all. I Corinthians 10:12: “Wherefore, let him
that thinks he stands take heed, lest he fall”, and Proverbs 16:18: “Pride goes
before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”.
We do not know ourselves until the time of testing! In these days to come, the
strongest are vulnerable to denying Him out of terrifying fear. He only promises
to uphold those who ―fear Him‖.

Philippians 1:27a-29: “Only behave yourselves worthily of the Good News of
Messiah…without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you,
which to them truly is a proof of destruction, but to you of deliverance, and
that from Elohim—because to you it has been given as a favor, on behalf of
Messiah, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake…”

James 1:26: “If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle
his tongue, he deceives his own heart, and this one’s religion is worthless”

James 3:2-10: “For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble
in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bride the entire body. Look, we put
bits in the mouths of horses, for them to obey us, and we turn their body.
Look at the ships too—although they are so big and are driven by strong winds
they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot intends. So, too, the

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tongue is a little member, yet boasts greatly. See how a little fire kindles a
great forest! And the tongue is a fire, the world of unrighteousness. Among
our members the tongue is set, the one defiling the entire body…is set on fire
by Gehenna. For every kind of beast and bird, or reptile and creature of the
sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. But, no man is able to tame the
tongue. It is unruly, evil, filled with deadly poison…out of the same mouth
proceed blessing and cursing. My brothers, this should not be so”.
There is only One who can tame the tongue, especially in the coming days of
evil—that is the Ruach Yahuweh—He can tame it, control it, and use it for the
glory and honor of Elohim, and for the escape of His remnant.

Matthew 12:36-37: “And I say to you that for every idle word men speak, they
shall give an account of it in the Day of Judgment. For by your words you
shall be declared righteous, and by your words you shall be declared

Ephesians 4:29-32: “Let no corrupt word come out of your mouth, but only such
as is good for the use of building up, so as to impart what is pleasant to the
hearers. And do not grieve the Set-Apart Spirit of Elohim, by whom you are
sealed for the day of Redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath, and
displeasure, and uproar, and slander be put away from you, along with all evil.
Be kind towards one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as Elohim
also forgave you in Messiah”.

I Peter 4:7-8,11-14: “But the end of all has drawn near. Therefore be sober
minded and be attentive in prayers. And above all have fervent love for one
another, because love covers a great number of sins…If anyone speaks, let it
be as the oracles of Elohim…Beloved ones, do not be surprised at the fiery trial
that is coming upon you to try you, as though some unusual matter has
befallen you, but as you share Messiah’s sufferings, rejoice, in order that you
might rejoice exultingly at the revelation of His glory. If you are reproached
for the Name of Messiah, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of
Elohim rests upon you…”

I Thessalonians 4:9, 11: “And it is not necessary to write to you about brotherly
love, for you yourselves are taught by Elohim to love one another…and study
to be quiet, and mind your own business, and to work with your own hands,
as we have commanded you”.

I Timothy 5:13-15: “Moreover, they learn to be idle, going about from house to
house, and not only idle, but also gossips and busybodies speaking what is
improper. So, I resolve that the younger widows marry, bear children,

                                     Page 31
manage their household—giving no occasion to the adversary for reviling. For
already some have turned after Satan”.
As in Paul’s day, many have too much ―time on their hands‖, and instead of
―redeeming the time‖, they waste it on useless things like watching T.V. talk
shows, soap operas, reading mysteries and romances, and other foolishness, or
talking on the phone for hours, or going from house to house to visit friends.
Loose-lips cause sin. Talking idle chitchat always gets into gossip and talk
about the business of others, and we are to mind our own business. Instead of
redeeming time and working for His Kingdom, too many use their free time for
uselessness that profits nothing. Others stay busy with uselessness—which
American culture calls productivity.
During the time of betrayal of people to their death, those who do not know how
to control their mouths, will flap them wide open with no restraint—exposing
many to death in order to protect their own lives, or their family’s lives. Self-
control and discipline are almost foreign to believers. Yet, we are called
―soldiers‖—II Timothy 2:1-6. A soldier is under orders at all times.

Psalm 12:1-5: “Save Yahuweh, for the kind one is no more! For the trustworthy
have ceased from among the sons of men. They speak falsehood with each
other. They speak with flattering lips—a tongue that speaks swelling words,
who have said, `With our tongue we do mightily; our lips are our own; who is
master over us’”.

Psalm 31:19-20: “How great is Your goodness, which You have laid up for those
fearing You—which you have prepared for those taking refuge in You in the
sight of the sons of men! In the secrecy of Your presence You shall hide them
from the plots of man. You shelter them in a booth from the strife of tongues”.

Leviticus 19:18: “Do not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the children
of your people—And you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am

Matthew 7:12: “Therefore, whatever you wish men to do to you, do also to
them, for this is the Torah and the Prophets”.
The whole Torah is set down for the purpose of our treating our fellow man as
good as we treat ourselves. Yet, this famous verse—called ―the golden rule‖ is
not found hardly at all anywhere on the earth!

Galatians 6:7-8: “Do not be led astray. Elohim is not mocked, for whatever a
man sows, that shall he also reap. He who sows to his own flesh shall reap

                                    Page 32
corruption from the flesh, but he who sows to the Spirit shall reap everlasting
life from the Spirit”.
If you want to be betrayed and end up with eternal death—then betray someone
else. Betraying someone else to protect yourself and your family will only get
you the returned boomerang—betrayal.

Ecclesiastes 5:2-3: “Do not be hasty with your mouth, and let not your heart
hurry to bring forth a word before Elohim. For Elohim is in the heavens, and
you are on earth, therefore let your words be few…and a fool’s voice is known
by his many words”.

Most of the people on earth will die in the next few years. Many will turn
against Messiah. We must plan right now to endure to the end in His favor.
We’ve got to toughen up in order to overcome. Drastic lifestyle change is needed
now for anyone who wants to survive the times ahead without denying
Yahuweh and Messiah Yahushua. Our eternal destiny is at stake now. A belief-
system won’t help us—we must know Him and have an intimate relationship
with Him to really know His nature, His ways, and His personality. Otherwise,
we may end up following a ―stranger‖ to our eternal doom. We can only fully
know Him through the Tenach (Torah, Prophets and Writings). Study of the
Word, much time spent in His presence in prayer, and worship—listening to
Him—and obeying His instructions and teachings is fundamental to our future
survival. Unless we know His ―voice‖ in our spirit, how can we discern truth
from error? Our reasoning will fail us. Our minds will shut down—unless we
know Him intimately in our spirit. It is ―high time‖ to be sober and serious—
time for Joel 1:13-15--time for diligence, discipline, downsizing, simplifying, and
seeking Him with all our heart! The party’s over--
With Love,
March 7, 2007
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