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Slide 1 - National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse - Homepage


									                                NOREEN OLIVER MBE
                           CENTRES, STAFFORDSHIRE.
                  CHAIR –RGUK (RECOVERY GROUP UK)
 Recovery begins the day that a service user
  walks through the door of any service
 Recovery is an individualised journey that
  has many routes in and out, with many
 Recovery is about change, doing
  something different.
                 Drug & alcohol services working in silos

                             No Integration of services

                     No respect of the value of Partnerships

                                  No Collaboration

        No Ownership by commissioner’s - a blank cheque

   Out of County – relocate or return with no support system

             Local Professionals had never seen recovery

                      Family – sitting outside the process
           Community Rehab built on and incorporated into the current system -
                                    across the Tiers.

           Collaborators in a seamless whole systems approach, removing silos of

                           Sharing of resources, information and experience.

                                Ownership by Commissioners, GP’s, Police

           Challenging the historical model of residential - choice in County -out of

       Partnerships with agencies who historically sit outside the treatment sector.

                            Community ownership of the Recovery Journey

                                     COMMUNICATION !
   A model that does not divide the treatment sector
   A model that is inclusive, not exclusive
   A model that unites us and places the service users
    aspirations at the heart of delivery
   A model that will enable us to move the Drug &
    Alcohol debate forward – in that no-one size fits
    all and the Recovery Journey begins when a
    service user walks through any of our doors
   A model that is commissioned to provide choice,
    promote ambition and offers equality in service
 The Integrated
Community Model
   Community drug team, service users, RIOT & BAC
                Preparing for rehab
                  What to expect
                 Immediate issues
                    Boundaries
                Goals & Aspirations
           Research - Preparation is key
             Medically supervised detoxification services in this unit.

   4 Beds JCU – Drugs
    2 Beds PBC – Alcohol
   Shared care – Community Drug Team, Hospital, MHU – All referral Points
    Daily Complimentary Therapy
   BBV Screening / immunisation - Addaction
   Physical & Mental Health Needs CMHT, Queens Hosp,, GP.
   Nutritional needs
   Care -plan – Holistic Needs
   Introduction to Key Therapist
   Riot/ Peer mentor
   Light Motivational Therapy / Aspirations
   Wrap around needs _ Housing, Debts – Trent & Dove, CAB, Debtors

   Team – Specialist Doctor ( MHT & BAC) RMN & RGN’s, Support workers – input from
   The therapy provided at the BAC O’Connor Centres is an evidence based
    structured programme. Therapist are BACP, Degree level or working
    towards a degree. Accredited Therauptic Supervisors
   Structured one to one, Group Therapy, Gender groups, Art Therapy,
   Educational workshops, _ Denial, responsibility, causes & effects of
    substance misuse, consequences, relationships
   Specialised fields – Abuse, Bereavement, Family, Anger management,
    Gender Issues, Relationships, Assertiveness Complimentary Therapy –
    acupuncture, Reflexology, Relaxation, meditation, Reiki, massage
   Nutrition,– in house Nutritional needs within a budget & cooking, from
    week 6
   Physical fitness & Health – Gym
   Social development & Network – outside support groups, , Social
    activities - 5 aside football ( RIOT)
     Weekly family therapeutic group
          One – to – one therapy
         Client and family co-joints
            Children & Families
Parenting Classes – Future need highlighted
        by recent service users board.
   Housing – Good Tenancy modular programme – Trent & Dove
   Managing Debts- Budgeting – in House & CAB
   Independent Living Skills – in house & Trent & Dove
   Assertiveness/ Motivation _ In House
   Social/ Support Network – AA/NA – Ex service user’s group
   Nutrition/ Healthy living/ - East Staffs PCT/in House Chef
   Building a Structure for living in the Community
   CV’s Interviews – Role play - in house/Rotary
   Literacy & Numeracy skills, Collage, NVQ’s and recognised
    qualifications – Derby/ Burton Collage
   Life Skills – Derby/ Burton Collage
   Voluntary/ Work placements- Voluntary Bureau/ YMCA/
    Staffordshire County Council – Local Employers
   Outside activities – sport, social activities.
   Semi independent flats – 2- 6 months licence
   Key Deposits,
   Semi integration into the community
   Service users live independently – pay their own bill,
    Electric metres, food, cooking etc
   Have the support of the rehabilitation unit
   Weekly Aftercare/ one to one’s
   Work placements/further Education/ voluntary work
   Use of facilities i.e. Gym
   Participation in Social activities
   Move on – Guaranteed move on flat.
   Floating Support to support individuals with the
    preparation and transition into independent living in the
    community in with follow up in the community for 2 years
   Weekly aftercare evening programme
   One to One’s - when required
   Mutual Aid support groups
   Family Group
   RIOT
     R.I.O.T (Recovery Is Out There)
   R.I.O.T is a service user forum run and maintained by
    service users. Its primary objectives are to provide a
    support service for service users, going into or having
    been through recovery to communicate developments in
    treatment to advocate abstinence and to promote this
    effectively at all levels, locally and nationally.
   R.I.O.T works within the Community Drug & alcohol
    teams, DRR, Prolific, A&E, Cells, HMP and schools
   50% of staff at BAC O’Connor are ex Service users who
    have gone onto to qualify to NVQ, Diploma or degree
   A Service User Cafe & training venue - providing a
    service to the community
   A training venue - partnerships – A range of NVQ’s,
    & qualifications
   Paid employment – 12 months
   A gym
   Complimentary Therapy
   Chill out quiet meeting rooms - Fellowship meetings
   A social safe outlet
                A community Partnership
 Providers Partnership Board -
 Service User Board–
 Feeds into & sits on Strategic
  Partnership Board / JCU
         Service users
            Families
          All Services
        Commissioners
     The whole Community

Partnerships               !
         Noreen Oliver MBE
           Founder & CEO
The BAC O’Connor Centres Staffordshire

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