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2011-01-19 CISV Philadelphia meeting minutes


									                            January 19, 2011 MEETING MINUTES
Kathy Astrue, Kamini Carroll, Sandy Daukaus, Susan Dorshimer, Caryn Helhowski, Sharon Jessar, Ethan Jury,
Karen Kessler, Janet Lowery, John McGrath, Bruce Perlman, Joan Paltenstein, Ruth Sall, Tali Segal, Andi

    1. Opening Activity – Kamini lead an activity based on her Train the Trainers experience
       in December. CISV focusing on year of diversity. Activity was about working styles
       and the benefit of understanding differences in style in order to work together most
    2. Treasurer’s Report (see attached) –
            Susan will contact Jenkintown Home and School to ask for dues payment.
            The Rose Gilbert fund waiting for matching fund from Rose’s son’s company.
            JB paid $1,442 for RMC, expect reimbursement for DC Chapter.
            Review budget for 2011 attached to minutes.
            Change the name of Board Meeting and Email list to Active Members Meeting
               and List.
    3. Committee Reports
               Hosting Programs
                    o Seminar Camp Charter is due April 1, 2011. We are hosting summer
                      2012. Sharon will plan with Andi and Kamini. Please pass ideas for
                      camp locations to Sharon and Andi. Refer to for
                      seminar camp planning information. Bruce knows of a school who may
                      be interested in being the site.
               Village Programs
                    o Applications from 6 boys and 3 girls. Need 1 more girl. Monica will
                      talk to some prospects.
                    o Karen discussed Orientation and Selection. Selection Day from 1PM-
                      6:30PM. Volunteers for parent interviews – Tali, Kathi. Ben Plotkin
                      and Debby Greenberg were discussed. Ask former JC’s Ali & Jordan to
                      help. Ask Marc to help. Meeting prior to selection, date TBD.
                    o Village Liaison Volunteers – John McGrath and Ruth Sall.
               Interchange
                    o Interchange with Israel cancelled.
                    o Germany on target with 7 kids.
               Summer Camps
                    o Applications from 3 girls. Need 2 boys age 15.

Meeting Date January 19, 2011, 7PM, Giant Community Room, Willow Grove
Next Meeting – THURSDAY, February 17, 2011
           Youth Meeting
               o Applications from 2 boys and 1 girl. Possible application from
                 Brandywine chapter girl. Need 6 total, age 12-13.
           JC’s
               o Applications from 2 girls and 1 boy.
           Seminar Camp
               o Applications from 1 boy for Winter 2011 program.
           Leader Interviews
               o Leader interviews Sunday, January 23 at Giant. Good results from
                 Craigslist ads.
               o Local Leadership Training March 27 at Giant. Parents are invited.
           Recruiting & PR
               o School Assemblies
                      -   Kathy Astrue described the assemblies at McKinley, Jenkintown
                          and Kutz. Suggested that DVD be played first in future.
                      -   Need to make application process easier. Either give kids
                          Village Application or Fix website to make it easier to find.

               o Publicity
                      -   Tali continues to get us into local publications. All the articles
                          are written well and hopefully making CISV more noticeable.
                          Even though articles are sometimes altered from Tali’s
                          intention, the publicity has been positive.

               o Chestnut Hill Academy Camp Fair, February 5th.
                    - Cost ranged from $265 to $320 but allowed $75 for ancillary
                       position. Tali said to ensure we get listed in the program.
                    - Temple Sinai fair in Sunday. Andi will investigate if they can
                       grant us a table.
           Store
               o Good sales at RMC. All white sweatshirts were sold at the new lower
               o Inventory will follow next month.
           Party & Event Planning
               o Rock4Peace will be shorter this year, 1 ½ hours. Karen will bring info
                 for Ad sales, Ticket sales and Intermission sales next month. Ads are

Meeting Date January 19, 2011, 7PM, Giant Community Room, Willow Grove
Next Meeting – THURSDAY, February 17, 2011
                    where we will make the most money. We will sell t-shirts and
                    sweatshirts again in a different color.
                 o Planning Committee volunteers, Andi & Monica. Suggested to contact
                   Sarah Clark for help. Suggested to contact Cindy Wollman for printing
                 o Zumba to be in February, date TBD, at Abington Presbyterian Church,
                   suggested $10 admission.
                 o Peace Recital with Ruth, March 19. To be advertised as a free concert
                   with suggested donations and food sales at intermission.
             Mosaic Project (Andi)
                o No discussion at this meeting

   4. JB Report – Jessica reported on Cookie-a-thon and RMC. Elections coming up.
      February lock-in shifted to March. Dim Sum to be February 12 in conjunction with
      Chinese New Year.

Respectfully Submitted:    John McGrath, Secretary

Meeting Date January 19, 2011, 7PM, Giant Community Room, Willow Grove
Next Meeting – THURSDAY, February 17, 2011
Treasurer’s Report         CISV Philadelphia          January Meeting, 2011

As of December 31, 2010, the balance in the treasury was $41.798.35; $2,289.30 in the
Checking and $39,509.05 in the Money Market Account. Of that amount, $7,111.09
belongs to the Scholarship Fund, and $-26.47 is the balance in the Junior Branch account.
$9,894.00 is in the Rose Gilbert Memorial Fund. The balance is $24,819.73. The total cost
of the Village, as of October 31, 2010 was $44,169.69. The DC Chapter owes JB $1442.00
and Unpaid School Dues for 2010 are $375.000.

In November, 2010, the following checks over $250.00 were written:

11/08/2010 Laura O’Mara, $481.09; 321.90 for airfare to National for Interchange
training and 169.19 for printed ribbon for Upper Dublin Day

11/22/2010     South Mountain YMCA Deposit for January RMC, $1,442.00

In December, 2010, the following checks over $250.00 were written

There were no large checks written in December

January Update
United Way Connecticut has contacted us because they have received a donation on our

Respectfully Submitted:    Janet Lowery, Treasurer

Meeting Date January 19, 2011, 7PM, Giant Community Room, Willow Grove
Next Meeting – THURSDAY, February 17, 2011

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