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Codman Academy


									                                            Codman Academy        Charter School

                         Codman Academy                               Annual Report 2002

Codman Academy Charter School                      •   637 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02124. 617.287.0700                                    •
   ON TH E C OVE R:   Juma Crawford, Biology/Math Teacher introduces students to microscopes for science lab.   PHOTO:   Robin Radin |   A BO VE P H OTO :   Adrienne Campbell-Holt
                          “Codman Academy Charter School is a powerful learning
                          community. As it continues to grow it will be a school that
                          provides the kind of educational experience and environ-
                          ment that Boston students and their families have wanted
                          for many years. Learning and teaching are active, engaging
                          and rigorous. Students are learning to use their minds well
                          and are able to make connections between the classroom
                          and the world around them. They are beginning to under-
                          stand that learning takes place wherever you go and that the
                          city, country and the world are all a classroom. These are
                          the ingredients for creating lifelong learners who have a
                          clear sense of purpose and passion as they continue their
                          studies and pursue professional careers.”

                                      The Center for Collaborative Education
                                                2001-2002 Year End Assessment

                    Full text of Annual Report available online at

Dear Friends of Codman Academy Charter School,
                              “If you build it, they will come,” might have              Nations and the Huntington Theatre Showcase
                          been the motto for our opening year. Our very                  performance.
                          successful first year at Codman Academy Charter                    Our charter spells out a challenging and inno-
                          School was made possible by the support and hard               vative academic curriculum and array of support
                          work of ninth grade students and their families,               services embedded in a philosophy of Expeditionary
                          an outstanding faculty and a rich array of partners            Learning. Perhaps the most impressive feat of our
                          who came together to launch a very ambitious                   first year is that we did everything our charter
                          dream: Dorchester’s first college preparatory                  promised with one exception. We learned that our
                          charter high school.                                           goal of offering on-line courses was premature and
                              Our groundbreaking drama-based Humanities                  we have delayed their implementation.
                          program with Huntington Theatre shows great                        Our decision to open with 34 students was the
                          promise. Students showed significant gains on                  decision we most celebrated this first year since it
                          standardized reading tests with the class average              allowed us the flexibility to build systems and infra-
                          posting gains of ten percentile points.                        structure for the present and the future. We look
                              Extraordinary student attendance and parent                forward to welcoming 60 ninth and ten graders
                          participation demonstrated commitment to                       and their families next year. We believe, based on
                          education. Average daily attendance was 96% for                our experience this year, that a small college
                          our six day a week program, which includes hours               preparatory school can offer students and their
                          9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and Saturdays                   families truly limitless opportunities.
                          9 a.m. to noon. We had 100% attendance at
                          parent conferences.                                            Sincerely,
                              Our partners, in particular Codman Square
                          Health Center, Sportsmen’s Tennis Center, The                  William Walczak
                                                                                         Pr esi dent, Boa rd o f Tr u s t e e s
                          Boston Globe, The Huntington Theatre and the
                          Museum of Fine Arts, as well as seven colleges and
                          20 cultural and scientific institutions, made the
                          city truly our classroom. Additionally, we launched
                          two important annual traditions: a Model United
          CO D M A N AC A D E M Y
          C H A RT E R S C H OO L
          B OA R D O F T RU S T E E S

          George Brackett, Ph.D
                                                                                                               %          The percentage of students who
                                                                                                                          would pick up a play to read on
                                                                                                                    their own after their time at the
                                                                                                                    Huntington: 72%
          John Finley IV
          Alveta Haynes                                                                                             Percentage of students who want to keep
          Diana Lam                                                                                                 coming to the Huntington: 86%
          Jane Tewksbury
                                                                                                                    % of students registered to return for
          William Walczak
                                                                                                                    fall 2002: 100%
          Meg Campbell, ex officio
                                                                                                                    % of parents who report their children
                                                                                                                    doing 1–3 hours homework per night: 89%
          FOUNDATION                                                                                                % of parents who rate the quality of
          BOARD OF DIRECTORS                            “ They were well-behaved,                                   teachers as excellent or good: 85%

          Keith Andrews
          Amy Austin
                                                          courteous, engaging and fun.                              96% average daily attendance

                                                                                                                    100% participation in parent/teacher
          William Duke
                                                          They were not intimidated                                 conferences
          Charlotte Harris
          Kenneth Maloney                                 by college life, yet were not                             Students national standardized
          John Werner                                                                                               reading scores increased 10 percentile
          William Walczak, ex officio                     afraid to ask questions.”                                 points from fall 01 to spring 02.
          Meg Campbell, ex officio
                                                           ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
                                                           OF ADMISSIONS, Emerson College

August 2002                                            students visited seven college campuses last year and   for her outstanding performance. Janet Ferone
                                                       spent twenty days on site at Huntington Theatre in      served as our first Director of Special Education,
                                                       a groundbreaking new drama-based literacy pro-          giving us the benefit of over two decades experience
“I always thought that this school                     gram we are creating with the education depart-         in this critical role. Emilie Schnitman joined us as
was only good for one thing and                        ment there. As part of our emphasis on improving        our first Athletic Director, creating a program
                                                       physical and mental health, students had tennis         where none had existed. Penny Lawrence,
that was education. But now                            instruction three times a week at Sportsmen’s and       Documenter and George Brackett, Director of
I realize there are a lot more                         participated in weekly single-sex “Talking Circles”     Technology generously volunteered their time and
                                                       with certified social workers at Codman Square          talents in vital areas. We were also fortunate to have
advantages we have as a school                         Health Center. Boston Globe generously provided         the invaluable assistance of ten Adjunct Faculty on
that others don’t have.”                               daily home delivery to all our families.                Saturdays and fourteen interns from undergradu-
                                                                                                               ate and graduate schools of Education, Law and
                                                           Our early results are promising. We are             Business at Harvard University. The Massachusetts
“Letters to Ninth Graders”, June 2002
                                                       especially proud of the class average gains on the      Charter School office at the Department of
                                                       standardized reading test of 10 percentile points,      Education and the Massachusetts Charter School

Dear Friends,                                          our 100% participation in parent conferences and
                                                       our 96% daily average attendance for our six day a
                                                                                                               Resource Center offered important technical
                                                                                                               assistance, particularly in our earliest days. Without
                                                       week program which extends 9 am – 5 pm Monday           gifts of time and talent made by individuals,
    Since receiving our charter on February 27,
                                                       through Friday and 9 am – noon on Saturdays.            foundations and corporations, Codman Academy
2001 to completing our first year with 29 ninth
                                                                                                               Charter School would never have had such a
graders in June 2002, we have had you to thank
                                                           We admit students and their families to our         successful first year. We honor and thank you all.
every step of the way. You shared our dream that
                                                       Expeditionary Learning community. Parents and
Codman Square/Four Corners, one of the most
                                                       guardians have been exceptional partners and pio-           We gratefully acknowledge your important role
economically challenged neighborhoods in the
                                                       neers with us as we have worked together to create      in our launch year and ask for your continued
region, deserves a small, college preparatory char-
                                                       our school culture with a remarkable founding           assistance and generosity. Codman Academy
ter high school. 84% of our students are eligible
                                                       class of students. We thank each one.                   Foundation, a 501-c-3 tax exempt organization,
for free or reduced lunch and most will be the first
                                                                                                               has been set up for the purpose of supporting
in their family to attend college.
                                                           Teaching – every moment of every day – is the       Codman Academy Charter School’s mission. Our
                                                       core of our program and our first year’s success is     promise to you is the same as the promise we make
    You shared our conviction that students and
                                                       first due to the exceptional hard work and talent       to our students and their families each day: Give
families need a different kind of high school,
                                                       of our faculty. All faculty are returning for the       your best and we shall continue to give ours.
though, and you supported us as we pioneered our
                                                       coming year joined by equally strong new col-
unique partnerships with Codman Square Health
                                                       leagues. Our founding teachers, Juma Crawford              Sincerely
Center, Huntington Theatre. Museum of Fine Arts
                                                       and Thabiti Brown, hold four Ivy League degrees
and Sportsmen’s Tennis Center. Students studied
                                                       between them. As the first school in the country to        Meg Campbell
Algebra I , Biology and Humanities and were                                                                       He ad of S choo l
                                                       have a Dean of Enrichment, we thank Ain Grooms
off-campus on field work once each week. Our
Thabiti Brown, Humanities teacher, listens during class discussion.   Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt                                           Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                     Januar y 2003

                       S U N                     M O N                                 T U E               W E D        T H U        F R I                   S A T

                                                                                                      1            2            3                   4

    5                                6                                  7                             8            9            10                  11

    12                               13                                  14                           15           16           17                  18

    19                               20                                  21                           22           23           24                  25

     26                              27                                  28                           29           30           31

                                                               “The past is never dead, it is not even past.”
                                                                                                                                     - Wi l l i a m Fa u l k n e r

Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y
Dean of Enrichment Ain Grooms notifies a studen t she was selected for a special summer pro g r a m .   Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt                             Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                               Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 3

                S U N                            M O N                              T U E                                 W E D              T H U        F R I                  S A T


   2                                 3                                  4                                   5                           6            7                  8

   9                                 10                                 11                                  12                          13           14                 15

   16                                 17                                18                                  19                          20           21                 22

   23                                 24                                25                                  26                          27           28

                                                                                  “ The more we love our friends, the less we flatter them;
                                                                                    it is by excusing nothing that pure love shows itself.”
                                                                                                                                                                             - Moliere
Photos: Adrienne Campbell-Holt
Student per forms Shakespearean sonnet during annual Huntington Theatre Showcase, “I Dwell in Possibility”.   Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt                                 Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                    March 2003

                 S U N                           M O N                            T U E                              W E D                         T H U           F R I                   S A T


   2                                3                                 4                                5                                      6            7                      8

   9                                10                                11                                12                                    13           14                      15

   16                               17                                18                                19                                    20           21                      22

   23                               24
            30                              31                        25                                26                                    27           28                      29

                                                         “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”
                                                                                                                                                           - Wi l l i a m S h a k e s p e a r e

Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt
Students serve as peer editors for frequent writing assignments in all subjects.   Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y                                          Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                               April 2003

                       S U N                     M O N                               T U E                          W E D        T H U        F R I                  S A T

                                                                       1                                       2            3            4                  5

    6                                7                                 8                                       9            10           11                 12

    13                               14                                15                                      16           17           18                 19

     20                              21                                 22                                     23           24           25                 26

     27                              28                                 29                                     30

                                                           “When you're writing, you're trying to find
                                                            out something which you didn't know.”
                                                                                                                                                - James Baldwin
Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y
Delegate re p resenting Italy supports a resolution addressing AIDS crisis at the annual CACS Model Uni ted Nations Confere n c e .   Photo: Robin Radin                           Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                                May 2003

                S U N                             M O N                               T U E                             W E D                              T H U           F R I                  S A T

                                                                                                                                                   1                 2                   3

   4                                  5                                  6                                   7                                     8                 9                   10

   11                                 12                                 13                                  14                                    15                16                  17

   18                                 19                                 20                                  21                                    22                23                  24

   25                                 26                                  27                                 28                                    29                30                  31

                                                           “Your playing small does not serve the
                                                            world. Who are you not to be great?”
                                                                                                                                                                   - Nels on Mandela
Photo: Robin Radin
Jim Watras, Saturday Adjunct Faculty member, confers with students during Strategy Games.   P ho to : Ro b i n Rad i n                                      Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                        June 2003

                       S U N                   M O N                           T U E                                     W E D        T H U        F R I                   S A T

   1                               2                                3                                      4                     5            6                   7

   8                               9                                10                                      11                   12           13                  14

   15                              16                               17                                      18                   19           20                  21

    22                             23                               24                                      25                   26           27                  28

    29                             30

                                 “The more widely the net of friendship can be cast, the better prepared each
                                  individual can be to create and live within a political community in which
                                  large numbers of people feel secure and at home.”
                                                                                                                                                           -Margaret Mead
P h oto : Pet e r Tu r n l e y
Student meeting 30 hour graduation re q u i rement for “Learning Through Internship” at Jamaicaway Books in Jamaica Plain.   Photo: Ro bi n Radin                                      Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                            July 2003

                       S U N                     M O N                             T U E                            W E D                                 T H U                F R I                  S A T

                                                                       1                                 2                                    3                          4                   5

    6                                7                                 8                                 9                                    10                         11                  12

    13                               14                                15                                16                                    17                        18                  19

     20                              21                                22                                23                                    24                        25                  26

     27                              28                                29                                30                                    31

                                                         “People say that life is the thing,
                                                          but I prefer reading.”
                                                                                                                                                    - L o g a n P. S m i t h
Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y
Volunteer mentor Liz Crane, HGSE M.Ed.’02 po ses wi th mentee proudl y displaying her visual interpretation of Rilke’s “Advice to a Young Poet.”   Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt                Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                     August 2003

                      S U N                      M O N                              T U E                             W E D                               T H U                         F R I                  S A T

                                                                                                                                                                                   1                  2

   3                                 4                                 5                                  6                                  7                                     8                  9

    10                               11                                 12                                13                                 14                                    15                 16

    17                               18                                 19                                20                                 21                                    22                 23

                31                   25                                 26                                27                                 28                                    29                 30

                                                          “Nothing happens unless first we dream.”
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Carl Sandburg

Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y
Life drawing class stu dents sketch live mod el.   Photo: Robin Radin                                                             Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                             September 2003

                S U N                              M O N                      T U E        W E D        T H U             F R I                  S A T

                                      1                                 2             3            4                 5                  6

   7                                  8                                 9             10           11                12                 13

   14                                 15                                16            17           18                19                 20

   21                                 22                                23            24           25                26                 27

   28                                 29                                30

                                 “My soul has grown deep like the rivers.”
                                                                                                                - Langs ton Hughes

Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt
Annual Doubles Tennis Tournament at Sport s m e n ’s Tennis Center.   Photo: Adrienne Campbell-Holt                                                                    Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                     October 2003

                 S U N                            M O N                                  T U E             W E D                    T H U                    F R I                    S A T

                                                                                                      1                    2                        3                        4

   5                                  6                                   7                           8                    9                        10                       11

   12                                 13                                   14                         15                   16                       17                       18

    19                                20                                   21                         22                   23                       24                       25

    26                                27                                   28                         29                   30                       31

                                     “I took to my heels as fast as I could.”
                                                                                                             Te r e n ce ( P u b l i u s Te r e n ti u s A f e r , c . 1 9 0 - 1 5 9 b c)

Photo: Robin Radin
Daily reading of The Bosto n Globe is fostered through home delivery and in class re a d i n g .   Photo: Robin Radin                                       Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                                 November 2003

                       S U N                        M O N                               T U E                           W E D        T H U         F R I                   S A T


    2                                  3                                   4                                       5            6             7                   8

    9                                  10                                   11                                     12           13            14                  15

     16                                17                                   18                                     19           20            21                  22

                 30                    24                                   25                                     26           27            28                  29

                                                              “ Once you learn to read you
                                                                will be forever free.”
                                                                                                                                     - Frederick Douglass
Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y
“Just barely passing at CACS is not enough. You wi ll be expected to excel.” Shaun Robinson, ’05.   Photo: Peter Tu r n l e y                                      Codman Academy Charter School

                                                                            December 2003

                 S U N                          M O N                             T U E                                         W E D        T H U        F R I                   S A T

                                    1                                 2                                      3                          4            5                   6

   7                                8                                 9                                      10                         11           12                  13

   14                               15                                 16                                    17                         18           19                  20

    21                               22                                23                                    24                         25           26                  27

    28                               29                                30                                     31

                                                    “ Let a second generation full of courage issue forth;
                                                      let a people loving freedom come to growth.”
                                                                                                                                                            - M a r g a r e t Wa l k e r
Photo: Robin Radin
                                                               R E V E N U E S            A N D    E X P E N S E S                  A S S E T S

                                                               OPERATING REVENUE:                               Totals              CURRENT ASSETS:                                      Totals
                                                               Per-pupil tuition                                 $333,988           Cash and cash equivalents                              $122,897
                                                               Grants–government–start-up grants                  271,681           Grants receivable                                        69,705
                                                               Grants and contributions–private                    83,553           Prepaid and other                                         3,807
                                                               Grants–government                                   43,614           Total current assets                                    196,409
                                                               Program fees                                        13,064
                                                               Interest and other                                     790           FIXED ASSETS
                                                               Total operating revenue                             746,690          at cost, net                                            223,970
                                                                                                                                    Total assets                                           $420,379
                                                               OPERATING EXPENSES:
                                                               Personnel and related costs                         312,700          LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
                                                               Occupancy                                            30,199          CURRENT LIABILITIES:

 Financials                                                    Other operating expenses
                                                                                                                                    Accounts payable
                                                                                                                                    Accrued expenses
                                                               Total operating expenses                            629,313          Total current liabilities                                 36,058
 Combined financial highlights for the period
 January 7, 2001 (inception) through June                      Change in net assets from operations                117,377          NET ASSETS:
                                                                                                                                    Unrestricted- Operating                                 107,032
 30, 2002. For Codman Academy Charter                          OTHER REVENUE:                                                       Fixed assets                                            223,970
 School and Codman Academy Foundation,                         Capital grants–private                              217,488          Total unrestricted                                       331,002
                                                               Loss on disposal of fixed assets                     (3,863)
 Inc. (Completed audited financial statements
                                                               Total other revenue                                 213,625          Restricted program net assets                             53,319
 are available upon request.)
                                                               Change in operating and fixed asset net assets      331,002          Total net assets                                        384,321

                                                               Restricted grants received but not spent             53,319
                                                                                                                                    Total liabilities and net assets                       $420,379
                                                               as of June 30,2002

                                                               Changes in net assets                             $384,321

                                       Anne Peretz                             Dr. Philip Porter                         Meg Campbell                                  Molly Loomis
                                       Jane Rabb                               Michael Prokosch & Rebecca Pierce         Juma Crawford                                 Geoffrey Leung
                                       MacAusland Russell                      Jennifer Rameson                          Danise Edgecombe                              Courtney Parks

Thank you
   TO O U R
                                       Dr. Jeanne and Dr. Donald

                                       Up to $249
                                                                               Terri Reddy
                                                                               Amy Rodriquez
                                                                               Anthony & Tamara Rogers
                                                                               Eric Rosen
                                                                                                                         Janet Ferone
                                                                                                                         Ain Grooms
                                                                                                                         Paul Hanson
                                                                                                                         Russ Hensel
                                                                                                                                                                       Amy Reichle
                                                                                                                                                                       Erin Schilling
                                                                                                                                                                       Karen Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                                       Jinan Sumler
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Albano              Kenneth Rower                             Gabriela Hernandez                            Tara Talbot
 SUPPORTERS                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Albano              Mary Anne Schmitt                         Clare Jeannotte                               Rhonda Turner
  y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y                  Erika Alvarez                           Deena Schnitman                           Alex Kendall                                  Grace Yun
                                       Otis Anderson                           Dr. Paul Schnitman                        Penny Lawrence
                                       Jim Austin                              Mary Smoyer                               Jim Musman                                    PARTNERS
 $100,000                              Karla Baldikoski                        Stilllwell Newcomb                        Kimberly Parker                               Codman Square Health Center
 Anonymous                             Johanna Blaxall                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swain                 John F. Perkins                               Expeditionary Learning
 Mabel Louise Riley Foundation         Robert and Beth Boland                  Jane Tewksbury                            Grace Quigua                                   Outward Bound
                                       George Brackett                         Miriam Truslow                            Emilie Schnitman                              Dorchester Family YMCA
 $50,000                               Kenneth Brewer                          Lucas Turton                              Noel Tieszen                                  Huntington Theatre Company
 Mifflin Memorial Fund                 Moriah Campbell-Holt                    Carl & Jamie Weisbrod                     Jim Watras                                    Museum of Fine Arts
                                       Vickie Choitz and Ted Poppitz           John Werner & Erika Alvarez                                                             Sportsmen’s Tennis Club
 $10,000                               Edward Colbert and Stacy Shunk                                                    INTERNS &
 Sara Campbell Ltd                     Lee Crockett                            IN KIND GIFTS                             VOLUNTEERS                                    STUDENT
 Citizens United for Charter Schools   Dr. Bunny Duhl                          Codman Square Health Center               Kate Anderson                                 INTERNSHIP SITES
 Walton Family Foundation                in memory of Jeanne Small             Rose Cohen                                Mark Bronenkant                               Codman Square Health Center
                                       Jennifer Duval                          Hamilton Hughes Design                    Jane Carr                                     Harvard Bookstore
 $1,000–$5,000                         Jim Flanagan                            Holland & Knight                          Charles Coe                                   Jamaicaway Books
 Meg Campbell                          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gold               Huntington Theatre Company                Elizabeth Crane                               Dorchester Family YMCA
 John Finley IV                        Alev Gunay                              Museum of Fine Arts                       Danielle Georges                              Kit Clark Senior Center
 Jenice & Rick Delano                  Denise Hasan                            Museum of Science                         Evelyn Fields                                 Massachusetts Prevention Center
 William Trippe Duke                   Howard Hiatt                            New England Aquarium                      Peter Follet                                  Patrick O’Hearn Elementary School
 Dale Russakoff                        Eliza Hitz                              Ryan Construction                         Julie Friedberg                               Rise & Shine Day Care Center
 Schrafft Charitable Trust             Marianne Hughes                         Salomon Smith Barney                      Cara Ganley                                   Sportsmen’s Tennis Club
                                       Carrie Chimerine Irvin                  Target Software                           Dana Hassner                                  Loulee’s Salon
 $250-$999                             Esther Kaplan                           The Boston Globe                          Sally Hirsch
 Amy Bernstein                         Patricia Kelly                          Wainwright Bank & Trust Company           Courtney Hitchings                            COLLEGE VISITS
 Mr. and Mrs. Porter Brooks            Timothy Kendall                         Walgreens, Codman Square                  Ian Jackson                                   Amherst College
 Ruth Mary Campbell                    Jennifer Lane                                                                     Betsy Kent                                    Boston College
 Barbara Friedman                      Martin Levin                            FACULTY/ADJUNCT                           Dr. Timothy Kendall                           College of the Holy Cross
 David and Dorethea Garfield           Kenneth Maloney & Sara Campbell         FACULTY/STAFF                             Abbey Krasnow                                 Emerson College
   Foundation                          Nancy Newman & Mark Walstrom            Otis Anderson                             Eliza Hitz                                    Emmanuel College
 Julie Henry                           Jane Opel                               Thabiti Brown                             Andrea Kunst                                  Massachusetts Institute
 Peter Keating                         Albertine Paul                          Susan Bright                              Christian Long                                 of Technology
 Jean & Richard Knox                   Danniel Peppercorn                      Brigid Burke                              Michelle Lockwood                             University of Massachusetts
 Amy Merrill                           Julia Petropoulos                       George Brackett                           Christian Long                                 at Boston

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