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Disc Punch


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									                                                                                                     S P E C I M E N P R E PA R AT I O N

Disc Punch
Model 659

Gatan Disc Punch Model 659 rapidly
cuts TEM discs from ductile and
soft materials, while maintaining
specimen quality. The precise
construction of every unit guarantees
sharp edges and easy disc removal
even after long term use.
The Disc punch prepares specimen discs of 3           tray simplifies collection of punched discs. The
mm in diameter and material thicknesses rang-         mechanical layout ensures a uniform applica-
ing from 10 μm to above 100 μm for transmis-          tion of pressure to the specimen. A strong metal
sion electron microscopy (TEM).                       base makes the Gatan Disc Punch rigid and
                                                      contributes to the long-term use without loss of
Most important is the prevention of plastic dis-      precision.
tortion of the disc during the punching process,
especially in the central region of the specimen.     In test experiments, the following materials
To meet this requirement, the cutting piston of       have been punched repeatedly with little, if any,
the Gatan Disc Punch is dimpled in its center         mechanical distortion:
part, surrounded by a flat 500 μm wide rim.
This rim presses the specimen against a spring-            Membrane filter                 10 µm thick
loaded support piston. The dimple prevents                 Aluminum foil                   20 µm thick
overall compression of the specimen material,              Copper foil                     50 µm thick
and the rim prevents the cutting forces from ex-           Paper                           100 µm thick
tending into the center region of the specimen.            Aluminum sheet                  400 µm thick
                                                           Razor blade                     230 µm thick
The exact fit of the cutting and support pistons
guarantees a sharp cut edge and easy removal
of the punched disc. The construction of the
disc punch is such that one can easily select the
position to be punched. A small removable

Features                                        Benefits
Unique piston-rim design                       Prevents overall compression and the cutting forces from extending into the
                                               center region of the specimen.

Exact fit of the cutting and support pistons   Guarantees a sharp cut edge and easy removal of the punched disc.

Strong metal base                              Rigid and long-term use without loss of precision.

Easy to see and remove punched area/disc       Simplifies collection and allows fast, single motion multiple punching.
     659 Disc Punch                                                                                                                                                        Specimen Preparation

       Specifications                                                                                                                          Ordering information
       Dimensions                          Tool: 14.5cm L x6.2cm W x 14cm H                                                                      Model              Description
                                           Box: 12.8cm x 14.8cm x 10.3cm                                                                         659.00001          Disc Punch, 3.0mm
                                           Clearances: N/A                                                                                     Please consult with your sales representative for
                                                                                                                                               details regarding spares and consumables.
       Weight                              2.5 pounds

       Power requirements                  N/A

       Warranty                            1 year

     Note: Specifications are subject to change.
     Gatan, the Gatan logo, Solarus®, PECS™, and PIPS™ are registered trademarks or trademarks (as designated) of
     Gatan, Inc. Other brand and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners
     and manufacturers.

       Please contact Gatan for information on our complete line of TEM specimen preparation instruments, including:

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