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Slide 1 - Discount travel booking software - Travel Connect Online by liuhongmei


									  Never buy any travel or leisure
       product before asking
Just click your mouse for the show
We are not a travel agency we are
a subscription only travel resource
All savings and commissions we
find, we pass to our subscribers
                  DO YOU KNOW
    There are over 50,000,000 internet sites
  relating to leisure and travel on one search
     engine alone. Where do you look first?
 In Europe, 7.3 billion euros was spent on-line
 for leisure and travel in 2005. This figure will
           increase by 15% this year.
 Every flight, every holiday, every hotel, every
 car hire and every leisure product is available
on-line at the lowest prices, if you know where
                to look. Do You?
     Our subscription based travel and leisure
    resource system is tried and tested in five
countries and subscribers continues to grow. We
   developed methods of displaying information
    directly to the consumer through our own
 sophisticated portals. They scan over 50 million
   websites and update client content with the
  latest information that’s live and available. All
   tour operator data is provided without retail
                  commission fees.
The Directions Internet Booking Engine (IBE)
  is available in up to 15 languages and 9

We represent over 455 airlines, 39,000 hotel
 properties and 17,275 car rental locations

  We are the only online system to integrate
retail and discounted fares seamlessly at point
                    of sale.
         What do you get with Directions?
 Air, car, train, holiday and hotel reservations.
  Multiple search parameters, for all available
  flights, by fares and flight schedule, budget
     and net travel data displayed from over
                 50 tour operators.
. Worldspan GDS published fares as well as a
   proprietary database of consolidator fares
       including net and markdown fares .
     Stable technology with proven success.
     All technical updates and new releases.
• The data viewed is
  the same as over
  3000 U.K. travel
  agents buy.
• Who gets the cheap
  seats? Who get the
  bargain holidays?
  Anyway do they ever
  show you what's on
  their screen?
• Over 50,000,000
  sites relating to
  Travel and Leisure.

• Don’t get into a
  Spin about it.

• Directions has the
     Subscriber Benefits
Fingertip travel solutions.
Lowest prices possible.
All in one browser.
Updated every hour.
Searches 50,000,000 sites.
Free updates and releases.
Only available to members.
Secure on line bookings.
Direct booking.
Directions Price Promise.
   Directions Support
Ensuring client activation.
Client support by –mail.
Client support by phone.
Client resource support.
Client technical support
Upgrading presentations.
New product information.
Regular newsletters
Members Forums
• This is the way most people book now.
• Are you happy paying for all of these?
• Now let us show you how to save money.
• What you save booking with Directions.
• You choose the savings.
• More Holidays or simply upgrade.
• That’s the show, however we cannot
  possible show you all that’s available to
  you with Directions, you will enjoy
  searching our very own browser.
• Join today, it costs less than 10 cents per
  day, plus you can earn 10 Euros cash back
  and we also award you a complimentary
  European City Escape worth more than
  500 Euros.
• What can you loose?
• Absolutely NOTHING.
• A Happy Statement

• The more you
  spend on holidays,
  the less you can
  spend on holiday.
• So Just Click on the above holiday
  picture to take you directly to the pay
  page for Directions. Simply choose
  between Credit Card Payment, or Pay
  Pal or Bank Transfer.

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