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									                      Heavenly Hash
Volume 17 Issue 1              The Newsletter of Resurrection Catholic Church                                  February 2009

                                        Thomas More Team celebrates 40th anniversary
                                                        Will again lead Resurrection’s biennial retreat
                                                                     March 29 - April 2
                                          This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Thomas
                                    More Center and their retreat ministry. Their team,
                                    consisting all these years later of veteran retreat masters
NEW PARISHIONERS                    Fr. Mike Champlin, O.P., Fr. Nick Punch, O.P, and Sr.
                                    Joan Bukrey, O.S.F., will celebrate their milestone
   Rick & Susan Becker
                                    anniversary and lead us in our biennial parish retreat on
                                    Sun., March 29 through Thurs., April 2.
Daniel & Pamela Berthiaume                Since this year is also ‘the Year of St. Paul’ in the         Fr. Mike, Sister Joan, Fr. Nick
    Brett, Beau & Blake             Catholic Church and since every year is ‘the year of Our
                                    Lord,’ our theme is Year of Paul, Life in Our Lord. This year’s retreat
    Tom & Ellen Buck                promises to be very different from others with a new approach and new material.
    Nate & Jamie Clark                    The evening sessions will focus on St. Paul and the morning sessions will
       Brady & Ryan                 be based on insights from the book, Jesus Today: A Spirituality of Radical
                                    Freedom by Fr. Albert Nolan, a Dominican priest from South Africa, who played
      Karen Fusaro                  a significant role in the church’s struggle against apartheid. Resurrection has
     Teresa Galarneau               copies of the book available in our main office for $15. The book is not required
                                    for attendance at the retreat, but comes highly recommended by the team and
   Paul & Mary Jeanne               will enrich your retreat experience.
       Giammattei                         Otherwise, there is no cost for attending the retreat. Feel free to pick and
   John & Donna Miller              choose and come to the sessions that fit best into your schedule. All other
                                    parish meetings that week will be cancelled or postponed. Childcare will also be
                                    available during all sessions.
                                          The schedule for the week is as follows;
                                    Sunday, March 29
                                              5:00 pm Dinner in Morrow Hall
                                              6:00 pm Fr. Nick on the “Life and Teachings of St. Paul”
                                                         Nick, Joan, Mike, “Our Favorite Passages” (Mike, conversion,
                                                            Joan, 1 Cor. 13 “Love”, Nick, Eph cc.1,2)
                                    Monday, March 30
                                              9:00 am Mass
                                              9:45 am Fr. Nick on “The Signs of Our Times”
                                              6:00 pm Dinner in Morrow Hall
                                              7:00 pm Sr. Joan on “St. Paul and Women”
                                    Tuesday, March 31
                                              9:00 am Mass
                                              9:45 am Fr. Mike on “Jesus’ Spirituality”
                                              6:00 pm Dinner in Morrow Hall
     Pastoral Council                         7:00 pm Communal Pauline Lenten Penance Service
        2008-2009                   Wednesday, April 1
    Chris Barrett - 297-5530                  9:00 am Mass
   Peter Benosky - 721-4388                   9:45 am Sr. Joan on “Personal Transformation Today”
      Judi Britt - 721-0187                   6:00 pm Dinner in Morrow Hall
   Alex Ernandes - 721-0179                   7:00 pm Fr. Mike on “Paul and Personal Resurrection, Death, &
   Carolyn Labas - 890-8665                                Grief”
     Mark Koch—297-0975                                 Sr. Joan & Fr. Nick on “St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians”
   Chuck Murphy—721-0252            Thursday, April 2
    John Parrish—721-7379                     9:45 am Fr. Mike, Fr. Nick, and Sr. Joan on “Jesus and the
     Carol Traen - 721-2814
                                                           Experience of Oneness”
  Jeanne Wagoner - 297-4243
  Dave Wilmesher - 721-1869
                                              6:00 pm Dinner in Morrow Hall
                                              7:00 pm Closing Mass with Anointing of the Sick
Heavenly Hash                                                                                                       2

                              For what are you looking?
                             What are your goals? For whom or what are you looking?
                             St. Jerome Emiliani, whose feast day we recently celebrated on Feb. 8, wrote to his
                     brothers in religious community, “Our goal is God, the source of all good.”
                             Pretty simple, basic, straightforward, and, I would suggest, applicable to all of us
                     believers. But not easy. It’s not easy to truly make that, i.e. God, my goal if and when I have a
 multitude of other goals.
         This Lent, our theme at Resurrection, our song, our challenge is “Seek the Lord.” And that is perhaps
 another way of saying “our goal is God.”
         During Lent, we deny ourselves and our desires and we die to self in order to fill ourselves with God Who
 is our Goal, receiving God through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.
         Our season of seeking the Lord begins with Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25. Our one Mass with distribution of
 ashes will be at 9:00 am. Francis of Assisi in Rocky Mount will have a 7:00 pm Mass. Also at 7:00 pm
 Resurrection will be hosting the annual Inter-Faith Ash Wednesday service with distribution of ashes.
         We’ll seek the Lord in a special way on with Stations of the Cross at 11:00 am on all the Fridays of Lent
 except Fri., March 6, when we are hosting the annual World Day of Prayer at 10:00 am. On that date, booklets for
 praying the Stations of the Cross individually will be available from 12 noon to 4:00 pm. So that those unable to
 attend church during the weekday hours might have an opportunity to pray the Stations, we’re offering 7:00 pm
 Stations of the Cross on the first Friday of Lent, Feb. 27, and on the last Friday before Holy Week, April 3.
         Of course, we’ll be seeking the Lord in the Eucharist on the Thursdays of Lent at 11:00 am, except for the
 week of the Parish Retreat, when we’ll celebrate Eucharist Mon., March 30 through Wed., April 1 at 9:00 am, and
 on Thurs., April 2 at 7:00 pm with Anointing of the Sick.
         In our Lenten Communal Penance Service on Tues., March 31 at 7:00 pm, we’ll be seeking the Lord’s
 peace and pardon.
         The “Little Black Books” from the Diocese of Saginaw will be available before Lent begins for your daily
 prayer, daily seeking of the Lord, throughout the season of Lent.
         The older we get, the more we realize and embrace that “our goal is God.” This vision and direction may
 become more real and true for us in this season of joyful penitence and penitential joy.               CB

                        Construction of Columbarium to begin soon
      After two years of prayer, study,   families choosing cremation and with       individuals who have committed to
consultations with numerous               the current national and global trend      the purchase of niches.
councils and committees, a parish         towards columbaria, Resurrection                 More information regarding
survey, and many revisions to the         will soon be offering this option for      prices and other columbarium details
plan, on Feb. 10 our parish               interment.                                 will be announced in the near future.
submitted a proposal to the                      Construction may begin as           Special thanks are in order to the
Diocesan Building and Renovation          soon as March. Loren Brown, the            Columbarium Committee chaired by
Committee for the construction of a       stonemason who built our grotto to         Bud Suess and including Dale
columbarium.                              the Blessed Mother, will be our            Whiteis, Peter Benosky, Carol and
      Within four days of submission      contractor. The columbarium wall           Ray Traen, and Barbara Babiak.
we received official approval from        will be made of the same stones as               This columbarium promises to
Msgr. Tom Shreve, chairman of the         the grotto, taken from the same            be a beautiful addition to our
commission, who reported that they        quarry. It will flank the grotto in the    landscape (Mr. Brown says, “It will
were “very complimentary” of the          labyrinth area of the cemetery. It will    be a masterpiece”). It will be an
renderings created by Peter               initially have one unit for 48 niches      important and helpful addition to the
Benosky.                                  with additional units of 48 to be          options offered for interment. And it
      In case you missed it in all the    added over time.                           constitutes very good long-range
months of discussion here at RCC                 The project will be paid for with   planning and stewardship of our
(!), a columbarium is a vault with        cemetery funds and other parish            natural resources.
niches for urns containing ashes of       funds, all of which would be                     Praise God from Whom all
the dead. With a significant increase     recouped through the sales of              blessings flow.            CB
in the number of Resurrection             niches. Currently, there are 22
Heavenly Hash                                                                                                  3

                                                                                      Bible Study
                                                                                  As we conclude our very
       Holy Week at Resurrection                                           engaging study of “Angels of God,” the
                                                                           study of angels in Scripture, we are
                                                                           now gearing up for our next series to
        Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion                                  be conducted during the Easter
We celebrate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem to accomplish His               Season.
   paschal mystery. Palms are distributed and blessed.                            With this being Year B in the
      The Gospel of the Passion of the Lord is read.                       lectionary cycle of Scripture Readings,
 Eucharist - Sat., April 4, 5:00 pm - Sun., April 5, 4:-00 pm              i.e. the year for the frequent readings
                                                                           from Mark’s Gospel, we have decided
                           Holy Thursday                                   to focus on Mark.
 We praise God in the prayers and readings of the Liturgy of the Hours            The Gospel according to Mark
 and we send forth our Ministers of Holy Communion to visit the sick.      was the earliest of the four gospels,
                    Thursday, April 9, 11:00 am                            dating back to around 60 AD. So it is,
                                                                           in many ways, ‘primary material’ and
         We celebrate the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper.               foundational for the whole New
                     Thursday, April 9, 7:00 pm                            Testament. It’s also the shortest
                                     Good Friday                                  We will be using a commentary
                  We pray the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer.       on the Gospel according to Mark from
                              Friday, April 10, 11:00 am                   the New Collegeville Bible
                                                                           Commentary Series published by the
                         We individually walk and pray, in silence,        Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville,
                                the Stations of the Cross.                 Minnesota. Cost of the text is $7.
                 Friday, April 10, between 11:30 am and 5:00 pm                   To sign up for the course and the
                         (at your convenience)                             book, please contact Chris before
    We gather with our brothers and sisters of other Christian faiths      March 31. Our discussion meetings
                                                                           will be held on six consecutive
          for the annual ecumenical Good Friday service.
                                                                           Thursday mornings, which will be held
                    Friday, April 10, 1:00 pm                              from April 16 through May 21, from
               Bethlehem United Methodist Church                           9:45-10:45 am.
     We celebrate the Lord’s Passion with the Liturgy of the Word,
         the Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion.
                      Friday, April 10, 7:00 pm                                      Grief Support
                            Holy Saturday                                        Our parish experienced an
  We recall the mystery of Christ’s descent into hell in Morning Prayer,   inordinate number of deaths in 2008.
        and we observe the custom of blessing food for Easter.             You may remember the calling of 24
                    Saturday, April 11, 11:00 am                           names at our annual remembrance of
                                                                           the dead at the beginning of
           Alleluia! We celebrate the Mass of the Easter Vigil             November. As Christians, we sorrow
       with the Light Service, Liturgy of the Word, and Eucharist.         with one another in our sorrow. We try
                    Saturday, April 11, 8:00 pm                            to be of support in times of grief.
                                                                                 Four of our local congregations,
                                                                           RCC, Trinity Ecumenical, Bethlehem
                Easter Sunday                                              Methodist, and Epworth Methodist, will
We celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord with two                         be collaborating on a morning retreat
        morning Masses on our parish’s                                     for those who are grieving the loss of
               Patronal Feast Day.                                         a loved one (either recently or long
  Sunday, April 12, 9:00 am and 11:00 am                                   ago). The retreat is scheduled for
         (followed by Easter egg hunts!)                                   Wed., April 29, at Trinity Ecumenical
                                                                                 More details, including time and
                                                                           registration information, will be made
                                                                           available in the weeks ahead. For
                                                                           your information, it is our plan to
                                                                           explore during the retreat the
                                                                           possibility of establishing an on-going
                                                                           grief support group, for either short or
                                                                           long term.
Heavenly Hash                                                                                                       4

                               Angel Tree       Many of the needy children in our area woke up to find surprises under the
                               tree on Christmas morning due to the generosity of RCC parishioners. This was our first year
                               to participate in the Angel Tree program to benefit children who are registered with Lake
                               Christian Ministries. Fourteen Angel Trees were placed at various locations in the area
                               including churches, post offices, and businesses. The Angel Tree at Resurrection was very
                               well received. We were able to fill requests for 140 children. Each Angel card on the tree
listed at least 4 gifts for that child, so this was a very significant contribution on the part of our parish.
                                                                                  Jim Gerhart, Outreach Committee.
                                Parish Council Volunteer Breakfast On Sun., Jan.
                                23, the Pastoral Council and Resurrection staff prepared
                                and served a delicious breakfast for the many volunteers
                                who have so unselfishly contributed their time and talents
                                to missions and service of others. Chris Barrett opened
                                the breakfast with a prayer and then over 130 volunteers
                                were served pancakes, eggs, cooked apples, and
                                sausage. It was a fantastic time with everyone enjoying
                                the food and fellowship. It appears that this may become
                                an annual event! If you were unable to attend this year,
please accept our thanks for all that you do. We have a great church family!
Bulletin Ads Many thanks to all who run ads in our church bulletin. It may not be widely known, but these ads bring
in $4,500.00 to $4,700.00 in revenue annually. This pays for the bulletin paper and inserts with some left over for
operating expenses. When you utilize the services of an advertiser, please inform them that you saw their ad in the
bulletin and thank them. Anyone interested in being on a waiting list for an ad please call Delmer Bailey, Bulletin Ad
Chair at 297-3519.

Lake Christian Ministries       The recent holiday season left LCM gasping for breath! We began at Thanksgiving when
225 Thanksgiving meals were contributed to our clients. We worked two remote pantries which contributed food to
nearly 70 more area families. And right on the heels of those, we provided 200 plus bags of food for the Christmas
holiday to families who came to pick up children’s toys. We are so fortunate to be part of such a giving community who
helped make all of this possible. January found us running even faster to keep up with the growing list of clients. We
plan to add yet another remote pantry beginning in February. Needless to say, we ask that you think of LCM when you
are grocery shopping or pulling out your checkbook! Even though the holidays have come and gone, our less-fortunate
neighbors still need to eat every day. We send a huge thank you for your generous support.
Benefit Concert by Carmel Vaden (BYOPB) Carmel Vaden, accomplished vocalist,
recording artist, and Resurrection parishioner, will be featured in a benefit concert for SML
Good Neighbors on Sun., March 8. at 5:30 pm. The concert will be held in Morrow Hall where
she will present a musical review of a variety of songs. BYOPB (bring your own picnic
basket) with your favorite food and drink and dine with friends, relax and enjoy the songs.
Carmel will be accompanied on several selections by guitarist Don Larson. There is no
charge for admission, but all proceeds from the free-will offering will benefit SML Good
Neighbors. Reservations are requested. Call 297-7262 or 297-4243. For more information,
Job Opportunity       Resurrection is seeking a part-time Coordinator of Youth Education and Ministry to start July 1,
2009. Responsibilities include administration of all catechetical programs for children and youth and coordination of bi-
annual inter-generational gatherings, volunteers, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group, and Nursery. Required is at
least 3 years experience in Christian Formation as a catechist and sufficient studies in theology, Christian education
and Scripture, a thorough knowledge of contemporary and traditional Church teachings and of current Christian
Formation programs and approaches. Candidate must also have abilities in administration, working with volunteers,
programming, and collaboration in addition to strong communication and computer skills. Candidate must be a Catholic
in good standing with an active commitment to ministry with youth. Application deadline is March 21, 2009. Applicants
should submit a letter of interest and resume to: Chris Barrett, 15353 Moneta Rd., Moneta, VA 24121 or email same to
Soup and Study on “Grandparenting” Immediately after Mass on Sun., March 1 (approx. 5:00 pm), RCC’s popular
“Soup and Study” gathering will present a favorite subject for many in our parish - “Grandparenting.” Several
parishioners will get the ball rolling with a few stories and insights followed by both small and large group discussion.
Please sign up in the church office to bring a soup or dessert. Or, if you are unable to provide any food, come anyway.
All are welcome.
  Heavenly Hash                                                                                                                         5

                                            Youth Faith Formation
RCC Hosts Youth Event “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
     On Fri., Jan. 16, the RCC high school youth hosted the teens from Holy Name of Mary and St. Victoria’s
parishes as they explored the worlds of contemporary music and praise music. Organized by Tara and Jon
Holcomb, the 20 teens and their adult advisors reviewed lyrics to current songs and discussed their messages
as compared to that of our Christian faith.
     The youth readily opened up to familiar songs such as “If I were a Boy” by Beyonce, “Love Lockdown” by
Kanye West, and “Gotta Be Somebody” by Nickleback. With discussion questions provided by Catholic resource
Anna Scally of Cornerstone Media and current videos, everyone eagerly joined in sharing.
     The evening concluded with youth singing praise and contemporary songs and a meal of hoagies thanks to
“No Bologna.” S’mores were a special treat.
     Thanks Tara and Jon for a wonderful experience.
Confirmation: Receiving the Spirit
    Youth in Grades 10 and 11 will be attending retreats in preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of
Confirmation which will be held at Holy Cross in Lynchburg on Thurs., April 30 at 7:00 pm. Six 11th Graders, led
by Chris Barrett, expect to be confirmed, while five 10th Graders, under the direction of Debbie Buccola, are
completing their first year of the two-year preparation program. Please keep all in your prayers.
Second Graders Continue Sacrament Preparation
     Under the direction of Jo-Ann Ernandes, eight 2nd Grade students will receive the Sacrament of
Reconciliation for the first time on Feb. 21. They will receive First Eucharist at the 5:00 pm Mass on Sat., April
25. Please keep them in your prayers.

                                                                                       YFF Supports Haiti
                                                                                                Throughout the year our youth
                                                                                       donate their “Pennies from Heaven for Haiti”
                                                                                       in support of the Home of the Daughters of
                                                                                       God in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In preparation
                                                                                       for the Haiti Mission Team’s annual visit, our
                                                                                       youth presented $567.59 to Terry Jones and
                                                                                       Bob Flynn. After their return from visiting the
                                                                                       girls, Bob and Terry shared their experiences
                                                                                       with our children.

Girls at the Foyer des Filles de Dieu with Patsy Smart, Bob Flynn and Terry Jones.

“Souper Bowl” is Super
     Thanks to the generosity of our parish and the efforts of
our youth, Resurrection donated $275 and many cans of soup
to Lake Christian Ministries. This brings our five-year total to
$2,921 and 1,493 cans of soup!

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
     CLOW will NOT meet on Palm Sunday or Easter Vigil.
Many thanks to Marilyn Alcorn and Peg Hinners for helping
out with CLOW. Substitutes are so very important to this
ongoing ministry!              Annie Murphy

“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he
will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6                                              Youth Faith Formation kicked off Advent with a Saturday
                                                                                     morning of crafts, games and snacks.
 Heavenly Hash                                                                                                 6

Peripheral Artery Disease: What you need to know
      about symptoms, control, and treatment                                           Health Fair
                                                                                   On Mon., March 23, from
      Peripheral artery disease        be indicated.                          9:30 am to 12 noon,
(PAD), also known as peripheral              The more risk factors you        Resurrection will be hosting a
vascular disease, is a circulatory     have the greater chance of             Health Fair. This is your chance
disorder that typically affects your   developing PAD.                        to get many different health-
lower extremities. PAD is a result     • If you smoke you are four            related screenings all at one
of plaque (a combination of fat,           times more likely to get PAD.      time in one
cholesterol and other substances)      • African Americans are twice          place!
which has built up in your arteries        as likely to develop PAD.               Free
then narrows and hardens the           • Age increases the likelihood         screenings
passageway where blood flows to            of getting PAD (5% for those       are: vision,
your arms and legs.                        50 and above, 12-20% for           hearing, blood
      If you have PAD, it is very          those 65 or above).                sugar, foot
likely that you will have              • Diabetics, individuals with          assessments,
arthrosclerosis (thickening and            high blood pressure, heart         balance testing, physical therapy
hardening of arterial vessels as a         disease, and high cholesterol      strength testing, skin analyzers,
result of plaque buildup). You will        have increased risk for PAD.       and varicose vein analysis.
also have a six to seven times               Treatment options include             A cost of $23.00 will be
increased risk of a heart attack,      controlling the risk factors.          assessed for the cholesterol
stroke or TIA (mini stroke).           • Stop smoking                         screening. You must pre-
      A person presenting with         • Keep your blood pressure,            register for this test with Tami.
PAD may have no symptoms.                  blood sugars, and cholesterol           There will also be door
However, about 10% have                    levels under control.              prizes, light refreshments and
intermittent claudication (muscle      • Mild and regular exercise can        much more! Take advantage
pain when doing activities which           be beneficial.                     of this opportunity. Call or email
will go away after a few minutes       • Your doctor may prescribe an         Tami for more information.
of rest). There may also be pain           aspirin or Plavix to help
while walking or at rest. In some          prevent blood clots.
cases there may be severe pain         • A drug called Pletal helps
and numbness. Other symptoms               increase the blood flow and
include painful cramping in your           prevents blood clots by                 Parish Nurse
thighs, hips or calves, leg                widening the vessels.                    Schedule
numbness or weakness, coldness         • Surgery such as angioplasty
in your lower foot especially              (where a hollow tube is                  Resurrection — 297-5530
compared with the other foot,              inserted with a balloon to help            Tuesday & Thursdays
sores on your toes, heels or legs          open up the vessel), by-pass               9:00 a.m.—5:30 p.m.
that will not heal, changes in the         surgery (a method that uses a              Wednesday mornings
color in your legs (legs/feet will         vessel or synthetic material to            Trinity —721-4330
become pale when raised or a               bypass the obstructed area)               Mondays and Fridays
blue or red coloring of the foot),         may be necessary to restore                 8:30 to 5:00 p.m.
hair loss on feet and legs, and            blood flow.                               Wednesday afternoons
changes in your toenails.              • If a clot has obstructed the               Emergencies may cause me to
      Individuals with PAD may be          circulation, thrombolytic           be out of the office at posted times.
more at risk for infection. If             therapy (a drug is injected into    Please call first or make an
circulation becomes completely             the artery to dissolve a clot)      appointment.
blocked (severe pain, cold and             may be used.                             Thanks,
blue extremities) it indicates a             See me for more information.                       Tami Akin
medical emergency (call 911).                                                  Email:
Unless the blood supply is
restored quickly, amputation may
    Heavenly Hash                                                                                                    7

                                                              World Day of Prayer
                                                             Friday, March 6—10:00 am
                    Parish Nurse
                    Tami Akin
                                               World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of
                                         Christian women of many traditions who come together
•    Chest Pain Do you know if           to observe a common day of prayer each year, and
     you are having a cardiac            who, in many countries, have a continuing relationship
     event? Do women and men             in prayer and service.
     experience the same kind of         • It is a movement initiated and carried out by
     chest pain? Learn about chest            women in more than 170 countries and regions.
     pain and what to do if it occurs.   • It is a movement symbolized by an annual day of celebration – the first
     Thurs., Feb. 26, 10:30 am to             Friday of March – to which all people are welcome.
     12 noon                             • It is a movement which brings together women of various races,
     Trinity Ecumenical Parish                cultures, and traditions in closer fellowship, understanding, and action
     Guest Speaker Dr. David                  throughout the year.
     Aligood from Bedford                Through World Day of Prayer, women around the world
     Memorial Hospital/Carilion          • affirm their faith in Jesus Christ
     Clinic.                             • share their hopes and fears, their joys and sorrows, their opportunities
     Call Tami to register at                 and needs
     721-4330 or 297-5530 or email       Through World Day of Prayer, women are encouraged                • to become aware of the whole world and no longer live in isolation
•    Alzheimers Support Group            • to be enriched by the faith experience of Christians of other countries
     Mon., March 2, 3:00 pm                   and cultures
     Trinity Ecumenical Parish.          • to take up the burdens of other people and pray with and for them
•    Breast Cancer Support               • to become aware of their talents and use them in the service of society
     Group Mon., March 9, 6:30           Through World Day of Prayer, women affirm that prayer and action are
     pm Discovery Shop, 400              inseparable and that both have immeasurable influence in the world.
     Scruggs Rd.                         (
•    Man to Man Prostate Support                  Resurrection will be hosting this ecumenical prayer service written
     Group Wed., March 11,               by the women of Papua, New Guinea. Please join members of other local
     6:00 pm                             churches on Fri., March 6 at 10:00 am.
      Trinity Ecumenical Parish                   An offering will be taken during the service which will address the
•    AARP Safety Driving Class           needs of children and women impacted by globalization, migration,
     Thurs., March 12, 9:00 am-          unemployment, violence and the impact of HIV/AIDS in New Guinea and
     5:30 pm      Resurrection CC.       other parts of the world.
     Cost: $12/members -                          Speaker for the service will be the Rev. Dr. Jan Fuller, Assistant
     $14/non-members. Bring a            Professor of Religious Studies at Hollins University and Chaplain at Camp
     cushion and a bag lunch.            Younts University.
      Must register with Tami.                    Light refreshments will be served in the Commons following the
•    General Cancer Support              service.
     Group Mon., March 16,
     4:00 pm
      Resurrection CC. Please note
      the time change.
Seeking MOC Leaders to assist                                                        Contemporary Music Group
Group 13 (all off Hardy, Harmony                                                          needs Musicians
School Rd., Edwardsville Rd., and
                                                                                        Do you like to sing or play an
Route 116) and Group 22 (all off
                                                                                   instrument? The Contemporary
Burnt Chimney, Lost Mountain,
                                                                                   Music Group needs you! We now
Lovely Valley Roads, all north of
                                                                                   have only a few musicians and
Blackwater River branch. If                                                        would like to have more. Normally,
interested, contact Tami.                                                          the group plays on the first and third
Needed: Working wheeled walkers                                                    weekends of the month (both
and canes. If you can donate,                                                      Saturday and Sunday). Please join
please contact Tami.                                                               us! For more information call
                                                                                   Barbara Dezelich at 586-9102 or
 Heavenly Hash                                                                                                       8

 What do you do in Haiti? Reflections from the January Mission Trip
          Every year people ask me “what do you do         paperwork of visas, birth certificates,
in Haiti?” Of course, depending on the audience and        forms and applications.
the amount of time I have, I am never short of                      Later that day, we met Fr. Tom Hagen an
stories for them. But, what I guess I am most proud        Oblate priest working with prisoners and gangs in
of is that I represent us, Resurrection Catholic           Cite Soleil. He suffers greatly from what he feels is
Church in Haiti! On these trips I am witness to the        his ineffectiveness and inability to bring change to
kindness and support of this Parish.                       the young of Haiti.
          Our mission work includes providing clean        Yet, one man told
water everyday, three meals a day, clothing which          us that “Fr. Tom
includes flip flops to uniforms, medical care,             changed my life. I
education for all the girls, and friendship, solidarity    was in prison for 8
and long–lasting relationships of trust and unity.         years and Fr. Tom
          With education being a very important role in    never gave up on
their lives, we need to continue to support this           me.”
project by helping to provide tuition, uniforms, books              So, as we
and materials. Hopefully education will lead to jobs       looked at the moon
and independence as the girls grow older and               that evening and read Thomas Merton's
prepare to leave the Home some day.                        Contemplation, Doing God's Will, we tried to
          Patsy, Bob and I have made it a tradition the    understand that God asks us to respond flexibly in
last few years to join the girls for Mass on Sunday        every relationship in which we find ourselves with
morning. We walk with them in silence down the             justice and mercy to what is the often an unspoken
street and around the                                      need of our neighbor.
corner. As I walk with                                              God's will is found in the unlikely
them and hear the                                          combination of visas, prisons, Fr. Tom, Paula,
sounds of the city, and                                    beans and oil, Terry, Bob and myself - connected
see the surrounding                                        with love . . . to each other.      Patsy Smart
neighborhood, I realize
that I am in the right
place at the right time.                                        For the past year the Haiti Mission Committee
          I am thrilled that                               has been raising the necessary funds to construct a
God has presented these opportunities to me to             water filtration system at the girls home in Haiti. The
grow and understand (try to understand) the bigger         system uses a process of Reverse Osmosis to filter
picture and the role we all play in the lives of the       contaminated water into drinkable water.
girls at the Foyer Des Filles De Dieu!                          In simple terms, this filtration system uses a
        Terry Jones                                        membrane to act as an extremely fine filter to create
                                                           drinkable water. The membrane has microscopic
                                                           pores which allow pure water molecules to pass
         One starry evening in Haiti, as we watched        through while trapping the impure molecules.
the brightest full moon ever, Terry mentioned that              The equipment includes a stainless steel multi-
people all over the world were seeing the same             stage pump, a membrane housing tank, water
moon. She wondered why all of us, as members of            pressure switches and electrical control switches.
the human family, could not see or understand our          The impure water is put under pressure on one side
sameness and connectedness.                                of the membrane and forced through reversing the
         After a fairly emotion-filled day of seeing the   natural osmotic process. It generally takes a lot of
sights, sounds and hardship that is Haiti, we were in      pressure and is fairly slow, but it works.
the midst of our reflection and prayer time. We had             Paula now spends about $500.00 per month
visited the American Embassy with Paula to see             to buy the needed water. This system will enable
about getting visas and passports for the girls who        her to not only provide clean water for all the girls’
will hopefully come to the US with her in April. The       needs but will also allow her to sell clean, drinkable
Embassy had moved and after finding it and going           water to the public, thus creating a much-needed
from window to window and not getting anywhere,            revenue source.                Bob Flynn
we left in frustration. leaving Paula to navigate the
 Heavenly Hash                                                                                                        9

     Purgatory: Fire of Love
       Join Misty Mealy to learn more
                                                    Joyous Junque 2009
about the doctrine of purgatory as                  Just a few short months away!
illustrated from the lives and legends
of the saints at Holy Name of Mary              Resurrection's giant annual yard and indoor sale - scheduled for
Church in Bedford on Tues., March 3        Sat., June 6 and Sun., June 7, is just a few short months away.
from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Contact Rita              For several weeks now our "junker " guys have been averaging 4-5
Zimmerman at 540-586-8988 or visit         pick-ups per week, receiving a very nice assortment of furniture, washers, for more            dryers, TVs., etc. and all of them in excellent working condition. This us in
information.                               addition to items that are being dropped off weekly in our "JJ" shed on
                                           church grounds.
                                                So far, two autos, two motor boats, an Izusu pickup truck, a 16 ft.
                                           sailboat and a paddle boat have been donated. These large items, when
                                           sold, amount to a great portion of our net sales. A large percentage of
                                           net sales is donated to a number of local charities in Bedford and Franklin
                                           counties as well as to St. Jude's Children’s Hospital.
                                                In the near future, a new storage space will be built by the Tuesday
  Hunger No More Conference                Group which will be erected between the two storage trailers we now
     The Franciscan Coalition for          have in place. 100 % of the cost of material will be paid from Joyous
Justice and Peace of Raleigh, NC is        Junque funds set aside last year.
sponsoring a conference on hunger               You may drop off any items to be donated at the shed to the right of
issues on Feb. 27-28, 2009. The            the church as you drive in. Pick-ups can be arranged by calling Gene Mc
Reverend David Beckman, President          Cullough at 721-4297 (Franklin County) or Jim Perozek at 297-3689
of Bread for the World, will be the        (Bedford County). All donations are tax deductible and a tax form is
keynote speaker. There is a $40 fee.       handed out to each donor.
If you prefer, it may be possible to
attend only the second day. To learn
more or register, please contact
www.franciscan coalition/
or speak with Kathy Lietz (721-3330).

                Emily       Chianelli,                          One Child at a Time
             married to Gene (a lifelong
             Catholic), was raised in            “One Child at a Time” is how SML Good Neighbors (SMLGN) looks at
             another Christian tradition    acquiring scholarship sponsors for children who will attend camp this
but has been part of our Catholic           summer.
community for many years.            She         Up to 100 children are eligible to attend
recently decided to be in full              the camps. One camp will be in Franklin
communion with the Catholic Church.         County and another in Bedford County.
       Taking discernment seriously,        Dates of the camps and locations will be
Emily started attending RCIA in             announced soon.
September. She was personally                    Scholarship sponsors are needed for all
ready in December. During the               of the approximate 100 children.
Advent season, she joyfully professed       Scholarships include sponsoring a child for one week at camp ($75.00),
her faith before our congregation and       two weeks ($150.00), three weeks ($225.00), and for the entire four weeks
became one with us at the                   ($300.00). Groups may combine their funds for a scholarship.
Eucharistic Table. A reception                   SMLGN provides nutritious meals during summer school and during
followed where parishioners were            the four-week summer camps. In addition, children are offered support in
able to warmly welcome her.                 reading enrichment, skills for living peacefully with others, understanding
       Sharing her faith journey            one’s role in the larger world and making a positive difference
validates, challenges, and renews our            All scholarship sponsor contributions should be sent to: PO Box 2,
own beliefs and commitments to our          Moneta, VA 24121. For additional information about sponsorship call 297-
faith.                                      4243.
       Initiation continues on                   SMLGN is committed to obtaining scholarships for all the children.
Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm.              Hope you can help!
Please call Chris Barrett at 297-5530
if there is any interest or inquiry.
Heavenly Hash                                                                                                      10

                                                                                                       Though the
                  Wednesday Women’ s Group                                                        unusually cool winter
                                                                                                  has kept our
                                                                                                  activities to a
     Although the ground hog           making items for the bazaar.                               minimum, the
said we have 6 more weeks of                We have also started the                              Tuesday Group has
winter, we are teased each week        coffee/snack break, copying the                            still kept busy.
with sunny warm days.           And,   Tuesday Group. What is good                  The sitting wall, near the front
the ladies of the WWG are busily       for the goose is good for the            entrance of the church, is basically
working on crafts for the Fall         gander, we think!        Ladies,         complete with the planting of a
Bazaar.                                consider joining us on any               kwanzan cherry tree. Also, a number
     Plans are already underway        Wednesday morning about 9:30.            of bulbs were planted along the
for a quilt as a raffle item. Last     Come whe neve r yo u can.                perimeter.
year’s quilt was such a big hit        Attendance is not taken and you               In addition, we have spent a
that it will be difficult to equal     are always welcome.                      considerable amount of time
the excitement it generated.                                                    clearing an area to expand the
However, we are going to give it                                                cemetery. It should be ready for
a shot and hope you are as                                                      grass seeding this spring.
enthused when you see it this
summer.        In addition, a hand-       Easter Candy Sale                          The rest of our time has been
                                                                                spent on the normal maintenance
crafted wooden cradle is being                                                  items both inside and outside of the
donat ed by Bob Adam s in                      T he     WW G’s                  church.
memory of Judy, one of our               annual Easter candy                         As spring approaches we will get
premier members.           We feel       sale will be held                      quite busy. Shrubs and trees need to
honored to have this to share            before     and      after              be pruned and grass and plants
with our community and                   Mass on March 28                       fertilized. Soon we will start work on
appreciate Bob’s handiwork.              a nd     29      ( while               the Junker's storage area and replace
     We are now working on               supplies last).                        the doors of the garage to improve
quite a few projects. We have                  Milk, dark and white chocolate   security of our equipment.
made Christmas ornaments                 items will be available as well as a        Those are just a few of the items
using wine corks and blanket             limited supply of sugar-free items.    on the agenda. Soon the Joyous
kits from fleece fabric. We’ve                 Anyone who wishes to ensure      Junque Sale will be here, which will
also painted some old-fashioned          the availability of a specific candy   take many man hours of preparation.
lanterns to ready them for               item may place a pre-paid order             So, we are asking, if anyone is
Christmas decorating.             In     after Mass the weekends of March       interested in joining the group, we
addition, donated wine bottles           14-15 and March 21-22.                 could use you! Just stop by on
are being slumped and will                     Keep a watch in the church       any Tuesday. You will see that we
morph into cheese and cracker            bulletin for further details.          are about fellowship, coffee, sweets
trays for entertaining. We’re so                                                and some work in between. It's
busy that some weeks we wish                                                    amazing what we learn form one
there were two Wednesdays so                                                    another.
we could have more time to                                                           For more information, feel free to
bring all our ideas to fulfillment.                                             call Dan Reichard at 297-5646 or Ray
     The Easter Candy Crew is                                                   Traen at 721-2814.
gearing up to make yummy
cho c ol a t e bu n nie s and our
mouths are watering as we get                                                                Altar Angels Needed
to help them make the suckers,
eggs and chicks. Orders will be                                                             The “Altar Angels” are a
taken prior to the sale, so mark                                                            special part of the
your calendars for mid March to                                                             Worship Committee who
make your selections.                                                                       keep the altar linens
     Some new members have                                                                  clean and ready for
joined the W W G since the                                                      Mass. This silent, almost invisible
beginning of the year and this is                                               group, washes and irons the linens
so great!          We hope other                                                each week so that they are available
women will consider joining us.                                                 when needed. To select a month for
The group has a good time chit                                                  service, or for more information,
chatting during the Wednesday                                                   contact Gay Carpenter at 721-6038.
gatherings and have fun while
  Heavenly Hash                                                                                                                 11

                      For your information                                                  With
Cell Phone Request                   credit card (to get your                             Sympathy
So as not to disrupt                 air miles, etc.) and it is
the priest and those                 easily reloaded. You                                    Richard Arthur Brock
around you, we are                   can also buy gas with                                        November 9, 2008
asking that                          it! So far this fiscal                               Elisa Ann Vassallo-Shirmer
parishioners please silence cell                year, this program has                           December 28, 2008
phones before entering Mass or                  profited over $5,000,00 for                     Edith Lauf Meise
leave them in your car.                         Resurrection. This is a                           January 16, 2009

Visit us on the World Wide Web!                 fundraiser that costs you                      Marie Hoover Carr
Our website is awesome! Along with              nothing! Please consider                          January 16, 2009

a calendar of events and meetings,   getting a card in the church office                     Amerigo S. Cappellari
              you will find past     before Mass.                                                 January 17, 2009
              weekly bulletins, past Lake Christian Ministries                           We mourn the death and celebrate the
                                                                                          lives of our deceased parishioners.
              issues of Heavenly     RCC’s normal assignment is
              Hash, Parish Council   spaghettio’s, tuna, cereal, and pork
              minutes, and           and beans. Items can be dropped
              information on the     off at the church or at LCM from 9:00
many activities and ministries of    am to 12:00 noon Monday,
RCC. Go to http://                   Wednesday and Friday. and
                                     Singles - “Life for One”
see for yourself!                    Meetings are held the third Monday
We Want to Establish a Year-             of each month at Trinity Ecumenical
Round Nursery During Mass!               Parish. This is a group of singles
We have the space for it downstairs,     looking for informational programs
but we need the staff, at least two      and fellowship. For more infor-
people aged 16 or older who we will      mation call Gail Meltzer 721-1448 or
pay generously. Ideally, we'd offer it   Marian Cunningham 721-9375.                Pray for our Troops
for both Saturday and Sunday
                                       Communion to the Homebound
Masses. Please call Mike Carr at        If you or someone you know is                        Melanie Welch
RCC, 297-5530, if you are interested   homebound (short or long term) we
in helping with either Mass.           have a group of EM’s to visit and
New Resources for our Library          bring Communion. Call Chris Barrett
Thanks to a very generous donor, we at 297-5530. We are more than
now have a 5-book, 5-DVD series on willing to be there for you!                    Seven Ways to Make
World Religions in our Parish Library. Catholic Reading Service                        Lent Joyful
Feel free to borrow - one at a time, Catholic magazines are now
please.                                                                            1. Start all prayers with
                                       available in the back of the church.
Ronoke Area Ministries                   Weekly and monthly editions of both
RAM House needs volunteers to            spiritual and informational periodicals   2. Take time with God in a beautiful
serve lunch on the 2nd Wednesday         are ordered for your inspiration and      place.
of each month. You may do it one         enjoyment. Please use the payment
day a month or be on the substitute      envelopes in the magazine and/or on       3. Don’t carry the world’s pain on your
list. Please call Eleanor Self at 297-   the stand and leave your payment in       back.
7229..                                   the basket provided.                      4. Fast for the sake of richer food – the
New Beginnings Support Group             Heavenly Hash                             Eucharist.
This group is for widows and             Get your submissions ready for the
widowers. For more information           next Heavenly Hash. Watch the             5. Take flowers and smile to a sick
contact Marian Cunningham at 586-        bulletin for the next deadline date       person.
3443 or 721-9375.                        which will be some time in May.           6. Reconcile with an estranged friend.
                                         Email submissions to Mary Kuhn,
          Grocery Cards                                                                          7. Compliment someone for
          Please consider getting        Editor at thekuhns@gibson
                                                                             making the world better.
          one and using it to buy
          your groceries at                                                                      From Catholic Update, 2/95
ShopRite, Kroger and Food Lion.                                                                  St. Anthony Messenger
You can load the cards with your
                                 Mission Statement
            Recognizing the call of Jesus to His followers to continue His mission
         and ministry, we, the people of Resurrection Parish, with our unique
         backgrounds, talents and energies, seek to be the instruments through
         which He can express Himself to the world - particularly to the community
         surrounding Smith Mountain Lake.
             We strive to nourish personal and spiritual growth by providing
         opportunity and support for prayer, renewal and a deeper understanding of
         the Catholic faith.
             Through the celebration of the sacraments, the preaching of the good
         news of God's kingdom and the acceptance of our social mission to serve
         the basic human needs of others, we stand before our neighbors and the
         world as witness to the life and resurrection of Jesus.

                                                               Moneta, Virginia 24121
                                                               15353 Moneta Road
                                                               Resurrection Catholic Church

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