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									                                                                                              November 10, 2007
Hi Apostle,

Unfortunately we wer e unable to get approved for the Eiko loan right now (we hope to try again once Landen
receives his raises next year) but will keep pressing forwar d with the concept and infor m you of any changes.

Here are some things we’ve been working on for our GIA website.

Current Plans:
    1. Olelo.com Broadcast Links - pr ovide a link from GIA webpage to Olelo webpage (for people to view
        GIA broadcasts)

    2. Show YouTube videos on GIA.net – YouTube allows you to post their video player on your webpage,
       meaning people can click “play” and see the videos you have posted on YouTube.com directly on your
       **I had emailed Sabrina a couple times several weeks ago about these two things; I needed her to
       enable the “copy codes” on GIA’s YouTube account and also send me the site addresses for Olelo so I
       can post everyt hing on gia.net. Would you be able to follow up with her to see if she had a chance to
       read my emails? I’m still awaiting a response. Mahalo!

Future Plans:
    1. Post our videos on gia.net using our own video player – Once we have the finances, we’re looking to
        buy the Adobe Web Design software (available through UH for $200). If we understand the program
        schematics correctly, we believe this program will allow us to import own videos directly on gia.net
        (without having to go through YouTube). This would mean we could post whole ser mons without having
        to break them up into 10 minut e segments like with YouTube.

    2. Create “promo clips” to post on YouTube to lead people to gia.net - Once we can host our own
       videos (i.e. #1, or post our videos directly on gia.net without going through YouTube) we can creat e
       promo clips to post on YouTube. These can range from t he beginning of a ser mon to a commercial like
       feel or even a “commentary spot”. We would end the clips with a frame directing people to gia.net (i.e.
       a frame with a solid color background and the text: “for mor e information, please visit
       www.graceinaction.net”. People on YouTube already do this all the time)
             Promos on YouTube can even be on “controversial” or “non-typical-church” subjects (to catch
                 the unbeliever’s attention). Possible things like the truth behind 9/11, current politics in
                 relation to the Bible, conspiracy theories, etc. Just a teaser to interest the inquiring mind
                 and t hen cut to the “for mor e information” frame. This way, we can also tag these YouTube
                 clips with “worldly” keywords; when people search YouTube for “current politics”, “conspiracy
                 theor y”, etc. (things that may not necessarily be dubbed as “Christian-ese”) they will also pull
                 up gia produced mat erial and a link to our site.

    3. Advertising on gia.net - If we end up getting a lot of traffic on our website (i.e. a lot of people
       visiting/viewing the site each day) we can generate the interest of companies who may want to
       advertise with us. Companies easily pay $15,000 a check for a small banner across the top of popular
             There’s also the option of having advertising links to companies on our site. Some companies
                pay you revenue if people purchase from their site after having followed their link on your
                page. (i.e. if we – hypothetically - had an icon for Travelocity on the bottom of our webpage
                and someone clicked on it to see them only to end up booking with Travelocity, we can make a
                 commission off of that sale.)

    4. Live stream our services - (audio first, maybe eventually video if we can get the technology) on
       gia.net. Same concept as what Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry does. We still have look into what kind of
       equipment you woul d need to do t his.

    5. Make resources available for purchase through gia.net – We wanted to set it up where people can
       order books, tapes, DVD’s, etc. through gia.net. Several things we need to accomplish this (I had also
       emailed Sabrina about this last year. Didn’t receive a response so I wasn’t sure if she was unable to
       get to it or if this just wasn’t something we wanted to do):
           1. A list of inventory as to what we would like to sell and prices
           2. To plan a system to deliver/mail products once they are or der ed
           3. Set up with credit card companies and PayPal for people to pay for their orders online
             o GIA would need to have a separate bank account for these transactions.
             o GIA.net woul d have to create a Paypal account to receive payments through them. PayPal is
                   a site where people “deposit” money (via credit cards) into their personal PayPal accounts.
                   Sites who sell items can in return link up with PayPal and receive payment for goods from
                   them (like a checking or credit card account). Most people who shop on t he internet prefer
                   using PayPal as it is more secure t han giving out their credit card information.
                   All GIA has to do to be able to receive payment from PayPal accounts is sign up with a GIA
                   checking account (for PayPal to deposit customer’s payments into. Due to the fact that it is
                   accessible by a third party I would advice a separate GIA account just for web purchases).
                   PayPal gets a commission of 3% of all purchases paid through them (that’s the only fee we,
                   as the sellers, would pay).
             o I’m not quite sure how the Visa and Mastercar d companies work with linking up for online
                   payments, but I am assuming it is something like the PayPal accounts.
             If this is a direction gia.net chooses to go in, we had also hoped to make things like Eiko
             merchandise available for sale/shipment in the future.

My mom was saying you had been mentioning in your recent ser mons how we need to take advantage of the
media, internet, etc. to get the wor d out. Landen and I agree and would like to help as much as we can. Due to
my experiences at my job I’m pretty well versed in technology and web-related things (I’m also currently
taking an online course to learn how to develop websites from scratch). Landen is really good with graphics,
etc. and t he program we desire to purchase also has a lot of graphics features to further “professionalize” the
look and feel of gia.net.

Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any help!

Love You!!

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