Carr Valley Cheese Celebration Cakes

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					Carr Valley Cheese Celebration Cakes


Apple Smoked Garlic Cheddar: A cow’s milk cheddar, with flavor that’s so
bold, deep, and delicious, Sid says this cheese should be placed on the
“Controlled Substance” list. The body of this cheese has a smooth texture and
creamy white color with a naturally smoked rind.

Ba Ba Blue: A native Wisconsin sheep milk blue cheese, aged four months for
intense pleasing blue flavor with a creamy texture. The exterior of the cheese
has a somewhat dimply appearance due to the softness that this blue cheese
has. This cheese must be handled delicately. Ba Ba Blue took 2nd place at the
2008 American Cheese Society awards.

Benedictine: Cellar cured and hand rubbed for 12 weeks, this creamy,
intensely flavored, wash-rind specialty took 1st Place in its class in the 2003 U.S.
Championship Cheese Contest. This cheese gets its unique flavor-depth from
the combination of sheep, goat, and cow milk.

Billy Blue: Made from fresh milk of pasture-grazed Wisconsin goats, it’s aged
four months for distinctive blue flavor. This cheese has a silky, smooth texture.
The exterior of the cheese has a somewhat dimply appearance due to the
softness that this blue cheese has. This cheese must be handled delicately. For
best results, try removing wax before cutting and serving. Took 2nd place at
2007 American Cheese Society awards.

Cardona: A wonderful goat milk cheese with a sweet, caramel flavor balanced
by a slight nuttiness. Aged for several months.

Cheddar Gem (available in 3 or 5 pound wheels): We are famous for our
cheddar! All of our cheddars are handcrafted in our La Valle plant by
cheesemakers with over 100 years of experience. Our cheddar is handcrafted
the old fashioned way, bandage-wrapped, and dipped in wax for careful aging.
As cheddar ages it develops not only a sharper flavor, but also a firmer body and
texture as well.
       - Mild: Over 90 days old
       - Baby: 30-60 days old
       - Medium: Over 6 months old
       - Sharp: Aged for a year.
       - X-Sharp: Aged 2-4 years
       - XX-Sharp: Aged 5-10 years
Chevre au Lait: Made with 100% goat milk, this gouda style cheese is aged for
extra flavor. Excellent table and snacking cheese.

Cranberry Chipotle: This white cheddar has cranberries and chipotle peppers
throughout, bringing the taste of the best Texas barbeque sauce to your mouth
with every bite. The heat comes on after 10 seconds bringing out the true flavor
finish. This zesty cheese won 3rd place in both the U.S. Championship Cheese
Contest and American Cheese Society in 2007.

Fontina: A soft white cow milk cheese which melts easily and has great
flexibility. Great on pizza, fondue, soup, or to eat. Also available apple smoked.

Gouda: A Dutch style cow milk cheese made in Wisconsin tradition, it has a
firm, creamy body with a nutty flavor as it ages.

Irish Valley Cheddar: An artisan Cheddar made in the tradition of Irish
farmstead cheeses. Tart, milky flavor with a buttery finish. Makes a great
melting cheese.

Marisa: A seasonal cheese made with milk from pastured Wisconsin sheep. It’s
white in color and its flavor is mellow, complex and sweet—qualities that
reminded Sid of his daughter, Marisa, who he named the cheese after. Took 3rd
place at the 2007 American Cheese Society contest.

Mellage: The French verb meaning to mix. Made with sheep, goat, and cow
milk blended together. This cheese has amazing complexity. Flavors from all
three milks can be detected.

Mobay: Sid’s take on French Morbier. It features a layer of sheep milk cheese
and a layer of goat milk cheese separated by a layer of grape vine ash. Taste
each layer separately and then together for three different flavor profiles in one
great cheese. This unique cheese won 1st Place at the 2007 American Cheese
Society competition.

Sweet Vanilla Cardona: A delicious and unique sweet vanilla goat milk cheese
with hints of caramel, coconut and nutmeg.