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									                                                                                          “There are none so blind
                                                                                         as those who will not see.”
                                                                                       LOOK! – LISTEN ! – LEARN !

                                                                                             Issue 17 - March 2009

                                                                                        If we do nothing, we will deserve
                                                                                             all that is coming to us.
                                                                                                               – John Burge

       IN THIS ISSUE                                         Queensland Election Nominations
                                         By Antony Green
 Queensland                  Election
  Nominations                            Full details of nominations for the Queensland election have now been published on
                                         the ABC elections website at
 Prevent big payouts to the             A total of 397 candidates have nominated, up 68 since 2006. It is an average of 4.5
  major parties
                                         candidates per electorate and the biggest turnout of candidates since 438 candidates
 Recommended                            nominated for the 1998 election.
  independents                           Labor & the Greens have nominated for all 89 electorates. The LNP have put forward
 Power Vote strategy                    88 candidates, not nominating a candidate in Gladstone, the traditional Labor seat
                                         held by Independent Liz Cunningham. Family First have again nominated 25
 Questions voters should ask            candidates, while new arrival Daylight Saving 4 South East Queensland have
 Letter  to     Minister   for          nominated 32 candidates.
  Sustainability   by     Peter          The most candidates to nominate for a single seat is nine in Anna Bligh's seat of South
  Schuback                               Brisbane.
 Time for hatchet-burying               Following is a list of Independent candidates plus 2 One Nation candidates. The
 Letter from Pauline Hanson             names marked with a - √ have been recommended by various people within the ACP
                                         network. The others? Well, they’re anybody’s guess … Ed
 Perry Jewell, Independent
                                         Albert          Flannery, Geoff            Nudgee           Crowhurst, Douglas
 Demand the money back                  Ashgrove        Saunders, Ian              Pumicestone      Bishop, Colin R
 Plea - boycott Pacific brands          Ashgrove        Spencer, Ruth Barbara      Pumicestone      Bowden, Bert
                                         Beaudesert      Hanson, Pauline - √        Pumicestone      McGrane, Paul
 Challenge issued            to   Qld   Beaudesert      Somers, Richard            Redcliffe        Houston, Peter
  government                             Beaudesert      Gee, Keith                 Redlands         Steinberg, Heather
 Bligh puts house on the line           Broadwater      Turnley, Rohan             Redlands         Edwards, Mark
                                         Bundamba        Petersen, Patricia         Rockhampton      Finch, Gavin
 Secret agenda for New Order            Burleigh        Sperring, Ray - √          South Brisbane Coates, Matt
 Leaked letter shreds Fraser’s          Burnett         Wyatt, Peter               Sandgate         Crook, Mike
  credibility                            Burnett         Bromwich, Robert           Sandgate         Stiller, Kevin
                                         Callide         Mildren, Clare - √         South Brisbane Haines, Merilyn - √
 Weather control, chemtrails            Caloundra       Jessop, Mike               South Brisbane Martin, Greg
  & vaccinations. Is there a             Condamine       Bugg, Stephanie            South Brisbane Watson, Sam
  connection?                            Cook            Newie, Michaelangelo       South Brisbane Rosborough, Derek
 Marxism comes to America               Dalrymple       Duncan, Harrison H         Southport        Hill, Graeme
  (& Australia)                          Dalrymple       Freeman, Adrienne          Southport        Tull, Mark A
                                         Gaven           Selwood, Ramiah J          Springwood       de Brenni, Allan
 Banks    using        police      as   Gaven           Montgomery, David - √      Springwood       Limburg, Kim
  enforcers                              Gladstone       Cunningham, Liz            Springwood       Noah, Lesley Alexandra
 Colonising Australia                            (Incumbent) - √                   Sunnybank        Flaws, G Peter
                                         Greenslopes     Russell, Doug              Sunnybank        Spiers, Bruce Roland
 TV Brainwashing                        Gympie          Roberts, Elisa             Surfers Paradise Magin, Don
 Hacker Alert                           Hervey Bay      Schuback, Peter - √        Thuringowa       Lynam, Paul
                                         Hinchinbrook    Thomson, Raymond           Thuringowa       Turner, Ken
 Attention         –         become     Lytton          Kelly, Trish               Townsville       Oui-Foster, Delena
  informed                               Maryborough     Foley, CHRIS               Toowoomba North Jewell, Perry J.B. - √
 Media Release – One year &                             (Incumbent) - √            Toowoomba North Riethmuller, Neil
                                         Mermaid Beach Crane, Shannon - √           Toowoomba South Pyke, Peter
  still waiting - from Merilyn
                                         Moggill         Searle, Barry              Warrego          Gleeson, Wally
                                         Morayfield      Devereaux, Lynette         Warrego          Hassall, Allen
 I am a grateful slave                  Mount Coot-tha Sinnamon, James             Waterford        Howse, David
                                         Mount Isa       Douglas, Keith             Condamine        Watson, Rod (O.N.) - √
 Pointers    for       the    voting
                                         Mount Isa       Collins, Roy               Dalrymple        Lee long, Rosa
                                         Mulgrave        Byrnes, Damian                              (Incumbent) (O.N.) - √
                                         Mundingburra Pauler, Francis
                                         Nanango         Pratt, Dorothy (Dolly)      "This country, with its institutions,
  NEXT GET-TOGETHER                               (Incumbent) - √                    belongs to the people who inhabit it.
   Same place, same time.                Nicklin Wellington, Peter (Incumbent) -     Whenever people shall grow weary of
                                         √                                           their own government, they can
  Thursday, 9th April, 2009
                                         Noosa           Molloy, Cate - √            overthrow it." --Abraham Lincoln

  Subscription - Hard copy (paper) - $18.00 annually, including postage.
               - Email copy – no charge (as no paper, printing, photocopying or postage costs are incurred)
               PREVENT BIG PAYOUTS                                           RECOMMENDED INDEPENDENTS
               TO THE MAJOR PARTIES                                    Gladly, I can give you a list of those candidates who were
To prevent the major parties getting your tax money, vote 1 for        recommended by our fellow loyal patriotic thinkers
your favourite Independent or any of the emerging parties loyal        (included & marked with √ on previous page ... Ed).
to the Australian people. If the Independent candidate suggests a      I know some of these candidates personally, the rest I will
major party as their second preference, then that person could be      accept as well-judged choices by our intelligent supporters.
a stooge for either of the major parties.                              If these candidates were to be successful, the whole nature
                  Vote both the major parties last.                    of the Queensland political scene would change for the
This, of course, depends on what parties or Independents are           better. It would break the stranglehold of the two big party
standing in your electorate.                                           organisations. Hopefully, this would secure a more loyal &
What is the party platform:                                            less treasonous pathway for our politics.             Comments of interest about these candidates are welcome,
928001234919584227.pdf                                                 but be quick -- time's a-flying by -- less than a week to go.
Also look at:                                                          All good folk --- some have stood before & you may know                       them well --- but please --- make contact with them &
Candidates for each electorate                                         sound them out for yourself --- offer them some helping          hand if you can --- elections are about NUMBERS.
s.html                                                                 Of course, keeping the recommendations to yourself will do
All you need to know          little good. If you agree to support any of the candidates
Again, to prevent the major parties getting big payouts after the      listed --- it is imperative for you to tell as many others as
election, vote 1 for your favourite Independent & then put the         possible, so -- get busy folks -- SPREAD THE WORD --
others below. If the No. 1 does not get enough votes, your vote        Queensland depends on you.
will pass on to your second preference, so if you want a major         We often feel dejected about our efforts to break the two-
party (& they have proved to be corrupt), then you can put it          party deadlocked system, but there is ever-increasing
second & they will no doubt gain the majority but will miss out        evidence of greater acceptance of the role of Independent &
on much of your tax dollars.                                           patriotic party candidates.
My preference is to put the major parties last. Read Power Voting      Over to you now --- vote for the ones you can trust -- vote
Strategy below.                                                        for those who have made public stands for you &
                                                               Nick    Queensland in the past -- vote to bring back more
                                                                       representative parliament.
which means you can vote for one candidate only, but if you vote                                                       Lynn Stanfield
for a major party they will get your tax dollars. Best to put your                                           (Save Australia Alliance)
favourite Independent in front of them.                                Dorothy Pratt, Nanango              --       0419 778015
Queensland elections have used Optional Preferential Voting            Elisa Roberts, Gympie               --       0408723316
(OPV) since 1992.                                                      Merilyn Haines, South Brisbane --            0403029077
OPV gives voters the choice of voting for only one candidate           Chris Foley, Maryborough            --       0741223775
(their first choice) but also allows them (if they wish) to indicate   Rod Watson, Condamine (O.N.) --              0439288056
preferences for other candidates (2nd choice, 3rd choice etc).         Perry Jewell, Toowoomba North --             0415201867
Using OPV, a valid vote may be cast by:                                Pauline Hanson, Beaudesert          --       0409439225
• Expressing a single preference for one candidate only. This is       Liz Cunningham, Gladstone           --       0749784650
the minimum requirement;                                               Rosa Lee Long, Dalrymple (O.N.) --           0408727059
• Expressing a further preference (or preferences) for one or          Peter Wellington, Nicklin           --       0754470234
more of the other candidates on the ballot paper.                      Cate Molloy, Noosa                  --       0408729499
                                                                       Peter Schuback, Hervey Bay          --       (07) 4124 8899
                                                 (from Nick Maine)

                                                POWER VOTE STRATEGY has been updated to include a pdf download of Selwyn Johnston‟s 2-page document describing a Power
Voting Strategy whereby you can give maximum effect to your ballot in the way you number the candidates.
„Power Vote‟ Strategy – How to make any seat a marginal seat
for the major parties.
When a media blackout stops „letters to the editor‟ from being
published on this subject, & when advertising costs rise way
beyond the pocket of the ordinary citizen – how do you get the
truth out to people?
By word of mouth - & by email.
So please circulate this Power Vote Strategy if you want to
hang on to your democratic rights & freedoms & if you want
honest independent political representation.
The global financial system has deteriorated to
unprecedented levels of corruption in unprecedented
astronomical proportions. If there was ever a time not to
support this unsustainable unjust system – it is now, when it
is crumbling.
Step forward & say “I do not agree”. Support each other &
find strength in your communities.
Healing & repair happens from within.                                    How many times have we thought … “If I just close
Download from here                                        my eyes, the bitch will go away”.
                                           (from Nick Maine)
      Questions that voters should ask                                   Letter to Minister for Sustainability
by Peter Schuback,                                                             from Peter Schuback …
Independent Candidate for Hervey Bay                           As the Minister for Sustainability, can you answer this question for
 Why have our electricity bills gone up when the me?
    Labor government said under the deregulation that Your government was approached & asked to put forward to the
    our electricity would be cheaper?                          federal government a proposal for some of the $42 billion stimulus
 Have the Brisbane ferries been sold to a French package to be used to create long-term employment in the Hervey
    government-owned corporation by the Labor Bay & Fraser Coast area.
    Government & is that group known as Transden?              The proposal was that factories be set up to manufacture solar hot
 Are they the same group that owns the Melbourne water systems along with solar electrical panels & household-size
    Trams?                                                     wind generators to be installed on every house in Queensland. The
 Are the government going to charge people for the benefits would be enormous.
    water that falls on their land & that is caught in water Firstly, there would be employment for a large number of people –
    tanks & dams (under the Water Act)?                        sustainable employment;
 Did the Labor government forward-sell the profits It would let people have & use a renewable resource;
    from the Queensland owned
                                                                                      It would reduce the electricity bills for every
    GOCs (Government Owned              Did the Queensland Labor Party, under         household & factory as well as business;
    Corporations) to an overseas        Anna Bligh, call an early election because
    group?                                                                            It would save huge amounts of water as
                                        the factions were going to get rid of
                                                                                      electrical generation by the conventional
 Will the federal Labor                Bligh?
                                                                                      means uses large amounts of water;
    government give the go-ahead        1. Is Paul Lucas to be the next Labor
    for the Traveston Dam after it            Premier if Labor wins the election &;   It would, over a period of around ten years,
    has completed the EIS               2. Is Robert Schwarton going to be the        have cost the government (taxpayers)
    (Environmental           Impact           Deputy Premier?                         nothing because the consumers would pay
    Study)?                                                         Peter Schuback    off the units with the savings on their
 Will our power stations be                                            Hervey Bay    electricity bills;
    sold to overseas investors?                                         41 24 88 99   It would reduce the carbon outputs by
 Will our roads be sold to                                                           millions of tonnes.
    overseas investors to be turned into toll roads on all So why, Mr McNamara, has your government not even looked at this
    major highways?                                            proposal? Could it be because the government owns power stations
If you think that this will not happen, think again !! Both & has friends that are involved in the coal & gas industries? Or, Mr
the major parties are as bad as one another when it McNamara, isn't that the job of the Minister of Sustainability?
comes to selling your taxpayer-owned assets.                   Peter Schuback, Independent Candidate for the seat of Hervey Bay
                                             Peter Schuback 07 41 24 88 99

                                              TIME FOR HATCHET-BURYING
Queensland goes to elections on 21st          the electorate boundaries & eliminate         If we could just for once, just once, work
March --- short notice as usual. So you       her seat of Tablelands --- how                together to try to solve our political
would tend, surely, to agree with the         despicable is this! Now Rosa Lee Long is      problems, it would be marvellous. Just
little fighter in the Beaudesert electorate   candidate in the key seat of Dalrymple --     for once, stop listening to the controlled
who has put herself forward with              so come on Dalrymple voters --- show          media stories that will steer the election
enthusiasm, as usual.                         them the error of their ways. Support a       to suit their desired outcome & the
Pauline Hanson says she will fight for        person who will really work for you.          future     they    have    designed     for
full four-year terms in Queensland, as        Support & vote for an honest                  Queensland       &      Australia.    Stop
there should be. Say what you may about       representative.                               regurgitating the media line. Don't
Pauline Hanson, there is no doubt about       So --- what am I on about here?               accept the imbalance in candidate
her sincerity when she says she will work     Well --- if we can all agree about the        information which is handed around by
for Australian interests. See below for       state of the nation & the lack of             media. Go see the media bosses & insist
Pauline's list of important issues.           satisfaction       with        Queensland     they give at least equal coverage to each
Cruelly, some are mouthing the old            parliamentary function, we at least           candidate in each electorate & demand
cliché about her only doing it for the        have something as a start point.              the cessation of any party-issued gooble-
money --- how utterly hopeless is such a                                                    de-goop or         controlled        photo
                                              Righto‟, now let's see who we might
smear-tactic statement (there is a poor                                                     opportunities (usually reserved for 'big
                                              consider     as     possible    candidates
return from a state election anyway) &                                                      party' candidates only). Let each
                                              deserving     our     support    in    this
the problem is further exacerbated by                                                       candidate stand on his or her own
                                              forthcoming Qld election, & by support,
the DAD populace who will run off                                                           merits.
                                              I really mean doing whatever leg-work
mouthing the slurring statements              or paper-work or mouth-work we can            There are a few worthwhile Independent
without due consideration or thought.         afford &/or physically do.                    candidates. Seek them out. Talk to them.
Then, there is the only sitting member of                                                   Sound out their attitude to the things
                                              For example, anyone who is a One
One Nation in Queensland -- Rosa Lee                                                        which bug you politically, then give them
                                              Nation supporter, could gather together
Long.                                                                                       your vote. Let's get rid of big party
                                              a truck load of supporters & go through,
                                                                                            domination once & for all.
What a positively great worker for her        even interstate, to Dalrymple or
electorate & the state of Queensland, has     Beaudesert & work to get both of these        It's up to you.
been Rosa Lee Long. So successful was         candidates elected. Others could pick a         United we stand ---- Divided we Fail.
Rosa Lee Long in her Tablelands               candidate of some worth in some other                                    Lynn Stanfield.
electorate (75% of the primary vote), the     electorate & do likewise. It's our state --                    (Save Australia Alliance)
only way to unseat her was to rearrange       our nation -- take some responsibility.

      "Those who say it cannot be done shouldn't interrupt the people doing it."                             (from Marla Bell)
My Dear Fellow Resident,                                                IMPORTANT ISSUES WORTH FIGHTING FOR:
The Queensland State Election has been called for Saturday               Preventing further privatisation of government utilities or
the 21 March 2009.                                                         infrastructure.
After careful consideration & encouragement from many                    Fighting against the privatisation of water distribution & look
individuals, I have nominated as an independent candidate for              at the feasibility of developing water systems flowing from
the seat of Beaudesert. The electorate of Beaudesert includes              North Queensland to where it is most needed.
the towns of Aratula, Beaudesert, Beechmont, Boonah,                     Improved assistance for Pensioners, Carers & the Disabled
Canungra, Cedar Creek, Hillview, Jimboomba, Kalbar, Kerry,               Oppose all attempts to increase the GST
Mount Alford, North Tamborine, Rathdowney, Roadvale,                     First time road vehicle licence holders be required to pass a
Rosevale, St. Bernard, Tamborine, Tamrookum, Warrill View                  defensive driving course as part of the requirement of
& Woodhill. This will be the first time I have nominated as a              qualifying for their Queensland Driver Licence.
candidate at a Queensland State Election.                                Fixed 4-year state parliamentary terms in Queensland.
I have lived in the electorate at Warrill View for 13 years &            Amalgamation of state seats where possible. If government
owned the property for 19 years. My commercial background                  can have amalgamation of local government, why not state
is in small business. I owned & operated a take away shop for              seats. A Federal Member has approx 85,000 constituents
10 years, a plumbing business for 9 years with my then                     while State Members have approx 30,000. Reducing the
husband & ran cattle on my property for 12 years.                          number of state seats (89 in total), targeting the much
I first entered the political arena in 1994 when I was elected a           smaller ones due to area & density, it would save
councillor of Ipswich City. In the 1996 Federal election I won             Queensland taxpayers millions of dollars in staff, wages,
the seat of Oxley as an Independent.                                       superannuation, offices, facilities etc.
As your future state parliamentary member for Beaudesert, I              Financially assist & encourage those on the land to install
would, without fear or favour, faithfully represent the                    dams on their properties instead of placing government
constituency of Beaudesert & would not be bound, controlled                obstacles & red tape hurdles before them.
or dictated to by others which is so often the case with major           Improve the state of health care services in Queensland.
political parties.                                                       Increase Policing numbers in Queensland. The ever-
WHY NOMINATE?                                                              increasing level of crime being perpetrated against society
You will agree with me, I’m sure, that many of our state                   has to be seriously addressed. The Queensland
parliamentary representatives in general, & the Queensland                 government must take a stronger stance against crime. If
Labor Government in particular, have failed, & failed                      someone wants to engage in a criminal act, then the penalty
miserably, to provide the necessary infrastructure, economic               should be an appropriate punishment & I don’t mean a slap
stability & safe society which are so desperately needed. They             on the hand.
lack any compassionate understanding about the needs &                   I oppose the introduction of a Death Duties Tax.
concerns of the every day, Struggle Street Queenslander. I               I oppose the introduction of a tax on water tanks.
am deeply concerned about our future & for that of our                  If elected, I can promise you that I stand ready to be your
children, grandchildren & the many generations yet to be born.          advocate in the Queensland parliament.
It has been well documented that during my time in local                Finally, if you can assist me on election day, Saturday the 21
government & the federal parliament, I was not afraid to stand          March, by working a polling booth, handing out how to vote
up & fight for what I believed & was prepared to take on the            cards, letter box dropping prior to election day, or placing an
big boys. They didn’t like it then & they still don’t like it now. If   election sign in your yard or business window, please register
we want a safe society, democracy, & a decent standard of               your interest either clicking here, sending an email to
living, we must be prepared to stand up & be counted. Our      or phoning 0409 439 225 for
future lies in the hands of our parliamentary representatives.          further details.
They are there to represent you, the elector, not big business,
                                                                        Yours sincerely,
not international interests, & most certainly not for their own
                                                                        Pauline Hanson, Independent Candidate for Beaudesert
hidden agendas & self-interests.

                          Perry Jewell, Independent candidate for Toowoomba North
Mr Jewell is not a big-party-stooge            Australia. We need Citizens Initiated              environment which takes resources
independent but a man of independent           Referenda & Recall at all three levels of          away from genuinely disadvantaged
mind & policy who pledges to stand for         government.”                                       aborigines.
his electors if elected to parliament.          The issues in this campaign are not           The over-regulation of the trucking
Perry Jewell has a long record in the             those of the big parties that are now           industry must stop. Small operators
nationalist politics he espouses. Mr              struggling to avoid the impact of their         deserve a chance to deliver service &
Jewell was the co-founder & President of          globalist economics. The issues for             make a living. The nation will stall
the Confederate Action Party which first          Perry Jewell are immediate & defend             without them.
gave a challenge to the Labor &                   the interests & rights of the               Mr Jewell added:
Liberal/National parties in Queensland            Australian working people:                  “If we had Citizens Initiated Referenda,
(1990-1993) & founded A.D.D.I.C.T.              The retirees, & importantly the              the people would have the chance to
(Attack Dangerous Drugs Injustice                 young, whose future is (hopefully)          propose & enforce legislation. If we had
Corruption Taskforce) to fight drug               ahead.                                      some Christian ethics here, we might
addiction & corruption with new                                                               overcome the moral chaos that may
methods. He has achieved national               The legalisation of prostitution in
                                                  Toowoomba         is   the    effective     overwhelm Toowoomba. If we had a few
publicity on these issues.                                                                    fearless voices in parliament, we might
                                                  legalisation of money laundering for
Perry told his supporters “I am                                                               encourage Australians to get out of the
                                                  the drug trade. So NO! Most
dedicated to the people & appreciate the                                                      pubs & clubs & win their country back.
                                                  prostitutes enter their tragic activity
support of all. I am against the regime of                                                    That would be my talk if I‟m chosen to
                                                  via a drug habit.
the major parties that really do the same                                                     represent Toowoomba North on 21st
thing in practice while they pretend to         Without referenda, the refugee racket
                                                  has seen an alien community                 March.
argue with each other in public. With                                                         Perry Jewell is accepting the support of
their political correctness & compulsory          established here, one supported at
                                                  the expense of Australians & the            recruits to assist his campaign &
votes, they are stifling real democracy in                                                    donations are welcome.
                                               Demand the money back
When the government hands out money to businesses in order to save the business & it then goes on to retrench its
workers, the government should demand the money back. Also, the money should be handed out on the condition that
the directors get no more than a 6-figure income.
A few years ago, Victoria "won" the GMH account & paid GMH $700 million. The advantage, we were told, was that it would
employ so many people directly & indirectly. This is another example where the government should ask for the $700 million
back if GMH want to close up.
                                       Plea for boycott of ALL Pacific Brands
Will you please consider boycotting ALL Pacific Brands for the     for millions of dollars worth of "government assistance" (our
next six months & asking your contacts to do the same?             money) promised that its finance arm, GM Credit & Finance,
You may be one of the many people who have often, in the           would keep operating in Australia, but in January 2009
past, seen examples of self-seeking corporate bastardry, hated     (despite its promise) it said it would be closing them down!
& resented it, but thought to yourself "... I'm only one person,   The "Big Three" car-makers in America got billions of dollars
what can I DO about it ?..."                                       from their government by saying they would have to lay off
Well, you CAN do something about it: Boycott ALL Pacific           "thousands of workers" if they did not get the money. After
Brands for the next six months.                                    getting the money, they laid off "thousands of workers "
The hypocrisy, double standards & downright lying of the           anyway!
Directors & senior management of these corporations would          Every time they are "forced" by "circumstances beyond our
be unbelievable if it did not happen so often.                     control" to lay off workers, corporations try to negotiate a new
Pacific Brands tries to blame "the global economic downturn"       Wage Agreement with the workers that are left...
for firing 1800 Australians & sending production overseas, yet     Corporations are not to be trusted.....EVER.
they have been planning this move for over 12 months !             If they want our money, let them EARN it as we have to do.
1800 ordinary Australians like you & me thrown out of              This time let us work together, boycott ALL Pacific Brands &
work, whilst the Directors & top management shed crocodile         give them, other corporations & our governments a lesson in
tears & give themselves big salary increases & bonuses !           "people power".
Now there is talk of Pacific Brands management reconsidering       PLEASE: Think hard about this, we may never have a better
its decision, provided the Australian Government gives them        chance to protest & be heard.
yet more financial help !!! ... & where would that money come      NOTE: For a list of all the Pacific Brands go to their website:
from ? You & me !!!                                      
In December 2008, General Motors in Australia, in exchange         & click on the drop-down "Select a brand" menu.
                                                                                                               (from Adrian Barnett)

                                                        Media Release
                                 CHALLENGE ISSUED TO QLD GOVERNMENT
On the 15th October 2008 at the Q2 Forum held at Logan             dental work to disguise marked Dental Fluorosis may now be
University, Premier Anna Bligh was challenged on                   able to claim compensation directly from Anna Bligh because
misinformation that has been put out by Queensland Health          of the Bligh guarantee document.
on the status of Queensland children‟s oral health.                Dental Fluorosis is just one adverse effect of water
The Premier was also challenged why she &                          fluoridation; reduction of thyroid activity, allergies &
Queensland Health were claiming water fluoridation was safe,       hypersensitivity (exhibited as skin rashes, migraines, joint
despite no health & safety studies ever being done in Australia    pain & abdominal pain), increased rates of hip fractures with
& why she had removed all liability from harm in the               long term consumption, & increased storage of fluoride in the
Legislation that forced fluoridation on Queenslanders.             bones of kidney impaired people (many Diabetics) & increased
The following document, as scanned & later reported by the         risk of Osteosarcoma bone cancer in boys are other adverse
Brisbane Times, was read out aloud in front of at least 200        health effects. People suffering from these health effects may
people & the Premier asked to sign a personal guarantee.           also be able to claim compensation, although this will not be as
Amazingly, for a politician who is normally very cunning,          straightforward as Dental Fluorosis claims.
Anna Bligh signed the document, indicating that she must           Any election candidate who promotes fluoridation & if elected,
NOT have done any personal research on water fluoridation          wishes to continue forced fluoridation should take 5 minutes
before she forced it on 4 million Queenslanders. This was a        to Google “fluoride”. We recommend starting with
very foolish action & could prove to be a significant problem & search “ Fluorosis”
for her in the future.                                             A new fluoride & recycled water brochure is now available for
In five years time, many children who have been born after         viewing & printing from &                    from
fluoride was forced into Queensland‟s water supplies will start We urge candidates to consider this
exhibiting mild Dental Fluorosis                                                                information.
(marked       or    pitted    tooth                                                             Any election candidate who is
enamel) as they start losing their                                                              confident that they still support
baby teeth & start getting their                                                                forced fluoridation is         now
permanent teeth. Data from                                                                      DARED to sign a similar personal
South       Australian &      West                                                              guarantee that they too would
Australian studies indicate 30 %                                                                accept liability for its adverse
of children will have mild Dental                                                               effects.
Fluorosis in their permanent                                                                    Merilyn Haines,
teeth & that one to two children                                                                Independent Candidate for South
per hundred will have more                                                                      Brisbane
severe Dental Fluorosis requiring                                                               Media contact mob 0418 777 112
expensive “cosmetic” dentistry to                                                               or 0403029077
disguise.                                                                                       Spokesperson for Queenslanders
In the future, parents of                                                                       For Safe Water, Air & Food
Queensland children requiring                                                         
                                        Bligh puts house on the line for fluoride
                                            Andrew Wight | 12 February, 2009 - 1:17PM
Anna Bligh has signed a personal guarantee that could cost the not another factor," Mr O'Connor explained.
Premier her personal assets in a court battle if people become He said anyone bringing a case against Ms Bligh would have to
sick from water fluoridation, a Brisbane lawyer said.               show they had changed their behaviour on the basis of the
This week, Ms Bligh confirmed she had signed a legal promise. "It's an unusual case. I've never seen this done
document in which she accepts full personal liability for before," he said.
fluoridation & promises to provide financial compensation in "It would appear she is giving a personal guarantee, rather
the event that it causes adverse health effects.                    than a guarantee on behalf of the Government. "Any claim
Fluoride was introduced into the state's water supply in would therefore be against Ms Bligh's own assets. I doubt she
December. At the time, Health Minister Stephen Robertson would put her assets at risk, unless she was sure that fluoride
was presented with two petitions totaling 6000 signatures wouldn't cause disease." (or unless she is protected by some
against the move, which will see a final fluoride concentration legal loophole or other form of protection … Ed)
of 0.6 parts per million.                                           At an anti-fluoridation rally on Tuesday, Queenslanders
The document, which Ms Bligh signed on 15th October at a Against Water Fluoridation spokeswoman Jeanie Ryan said
community meeting, was first published in the Hinterland the group was still calling on Ms Bligh to end fluoridation
Voice independent newspaper.                                        because of its health effects. An article published in the
"The Premier signed the document as a                                                      respected medical journal Lancet
                                             Please     see    the    updated    website   said fluoride can cause neurotoxicity
demonstration of her commitment to  for pdf download of
fluoridation,"        the      Premier's                                                   in laboratory animals, but hasn't yet
                                             the new combined Fluoride & Sewage            been proven to be toxic to humans.
spokeswoman said.                            brochure produced by the Brisbane team.
"She did not make this decision lightly      They are absolutely beautiful, informative    Studies in rural communities in
& stands by it." But the promise could       & powerful with all the most important        China have found high fluoride
provide a loophole for anti-fluoridation     points... & one panel is most hilarious -     concentrations in well water may
activists to take legal action over the      with Anna Bligh's personal recipe for         cause skeletal abnormalities & affect
roll-out of fluoride.                        recycled sewage to drink. They also           intelligence.
Mark O'Connor, a compensation                delivered some hard copies to Joan, so if     Australian     Dental      Association
specialist & partner at Brisbane law         you can give away a bundle on the Gold        Queensland      branch       president,
firm Bennett & Philp, said state laws        Coast, your help would be appreciated.        Rockhampton dentist Greg Moore,
prevent residents from taking any            Please call Joan on 5570 3035.                said there could be a 20-40 %
action against water authorities.            There seems to be a media blackout on         reduction in tooth decay as a result of
However, he said the Premier's pledge        now if you send in letters about the water    fluoridated water.
means she could be liable as a private       issues... That's what some of us have found
citizen, although it would be difficult to   who have recently written in Letters to the   ws/queensland/bligh-puts-house-on-
establish a case against her. "You'd         Editor... But we have to keep trying.         the-line-for-
have to provide medical evidence the                                                       fluoride/2009/02/12/1234028183061.
                                             Might isn't always right.
condition has been caused by                                                               html
                                                                       (from Nick Maine)
consumption of fluoridated water &                                                                                  (from QAWF)

Dear Fellow Australians,
I am suing the State of New South Wales        procedure when I challenge the                Procedure perversities over several court
for when I was unlawfully arrested on 20       jurisdiction of the she did on    sessions (12 May 2008 with "Judge"
August 2008. The "Reason for Arrest" in        26 June 2008 when she unlawfully              Clifton Hoeben; 27 June 2008 with
the Arrest Warrant said, "Defendant            granted foreclosure to Firstmac over          "Judge" David Kirby; 24 July 2008 with
failed to appear at the Local Court            my dental surgery. The Sheriffs will be       "Associate Judge" Joanne Harrison; & 12
Burwood on the 30/07/2008 to answer            there in numbers to ensure that I (or         September 2008 with "Judge" Stephen
the       above       offence(s)     found     anyone else) can not exercise my/our          Rothman)...kangaroo courts, all ...... with
guilty/convicted.". However, I was there       rights in court in safety...a direct &        Rothman "J" finally striking out Ray's
& have the transcript to prove it & the        malicious violation of their sworn duty       cause & awarding costs against him.
Magistrate Dakin had the Sheriffs              of care.                                      Also today, I learned of Virginia Perez's
remove me when I challenged the                I'll take advantage of this email to tell     tragic situation. She emailed the
jurisdiction of the court when he denied       you what Ray Lovett phoned me this            following:
me my right to trail by jury. Naturally, I     morning to say, ie: he has just received a    Dear John,
cannot be "found guilty/convicted" by a        letter from the Crown Solicitor               Would this apply in Qld too? And do you
kangaroo/illegitimate court.                   demanding $27,000-00 costs for the            have a copy of the other Document that
I filed the summons on 4 September             action Ray took against the Sheriff & the     the MP forwarded to you?
2008 & the Crown Solicitor has been            State of New South Wales for
                                                                                             In regards to our case against the
using all the Uniform Civil Procedure          damages for when the Sheriffs at
                                                                                             council, we have been fined $3,000 each
methods to pervert the course of justice       Blacktown Court assaulted him, pushed
                                                                                             totalling a fine of $6,000, that includes
& "Judge" John Hislop & "Registrar"            him out into the street & into a steel post
                                                                                             their legal fees. And we had to remove 4
Bradford are only too willing to abuse         that resulted in Ray's hospitalisation on
Due Process & the Rule of Law to that          21 February 2008. Ray was doing no
same end. Thursday will be another             more than waiting for me in the foyer of      This, in conclusion, means our son can
"Directions Hearing" when I expect             the Court House while I went to the           no longer live with us with his dogs. So
Christopher Bradford (using Court 7C as        front desk to order a tape recording. He      they have driven my son out of his home
his office) to refuse to allocate a date to    was wearing a T-shirt with the words,         onto the streets with his dogs.
empanel a jury & will send it on               "TRIAL BY JURY IS DEMOCRACY", &               Maybe your connections can help us get
to "Associate Judge" Joanne Harrison in        that was enough to galvanise the Sheriffs     my son home again, due to his mental
Court 7F for her to conduct the usual          into assaulting Ray, a 72 y/o man with        instability. We need him back home as I
kangaroo court, ie: disregard my legal         severe back problems. The Crown               cannot guarantee his well being out
right of trial by jury & disregard the legal   Solicitor carried out their Uniform Civil     there on the streets.
I have tried everything I can think of for     the transcript who said, "Stand your          PS: Someone is playing tricks with my
this not to happen, but due to ash hole        ground." to Virginia....that's when           computer & is hacking into my emails.
neighbours that told lies, this is the         "Magistrate" O'Driscoll went ballistic,       In a reply to one of my emails, one
result.                                        saying, "Get out of the Court, leave the      sentence read, "Our courts have been
I am very pi**ed off right now & hate          Court now. Leave the Court now......Get       highjack<span>ed by ; criminals &
the world.                                     out. Get out....Get out. Call security." He   traitors." - whereas I only said, "Our
Virginia                                       adjourned the action, the Gold Coast          courts have been highjacked by
                                               City Council's action against Virginia &      criminals and traitors." And, on another
In the Magistrates Court at Southport,
                                               Natavio to sometime in February               occasion recently, an article I wrote had
on 24 October 2008, a "Magistrate"
                                               2009....when the above          four sentences added to it & containing
O'Driscoll ordered me out of the court
                                               jury, of course, & no justice of any kind.    the word, "sycophants" which I did not
when Virginia began saying, "I am a free                                                     even know the meaning of until I looked
woman ........". The "Magistrate" was a        The Bible tells us that all law hangs on
                                               loving God & loving one's neighbour as        it up. For a while, I was getting phone
really    arrogant     bully    &     rudely
                                               oneself.                                      calls from some looney & Optus (the
interrupted Virginia saying, "Oh, stop,
                                               Ray Lovett & Virginia Perez are               phone company) said they could do
stop. You're not going to give me that
                                               ordinary, beautiful people.....& they are     nothing about it. What fools some
nonsense, are you? Don't give me that at
                                               treated this way?? Australia???         people are!
this stage in this Court. If you're going to
raise that, it's not going to get you very     Yours sincerely,
far.". I am the "Unidentified speaker" in      John Wilson

The Editor,                                                                Letters to the Editor,
The Advocate (Tasmania)                                                    The Advocate
Dear Sir,                                                                  Spot on, Cecilia Roberts, Adv 3/3/09.
According to some sections of the media, we are about to sell our          President T. Roosevelt stated “nothing happens in
future down the toilet because of corporate greed (Adv 21st Feb)           politics but that it was planned that way”.
Australia signed the 1975 United Nations Lima Declaration for the          That quote may well apply to the detail contained in your
establishment of a New International Economic Order to transfer            letter.
resources in the form of technical & financial resources as well as        By stealth, deceit & gradualism, albeit without the
capital goods to least developed countries.                                consent of the people, rather in a dictatorial manner.
Deregulation, privatisation, free trade & reduced tariffs followed.        The Lima Declaration was signed in Lima, Peru, 12th –
Australia‟s manufacturing industries vanished & millions of dollars        26th March 1975. It was adopted by the Second General
flowed out of Australia in foreign aid.                                    Conference of UNIDO at its final plenary meeting. It
In 1983, Paul Keating floated the Australian dollar;                       resulted in the movement offshore of Australia‟s
In 1992, Ros Kelly signed away Australia‟s water rights (United            manufacturing industries & technology, to our
Nations Agenda 21);                                                        detriment.
In 1998, the MAI was designed to enhance the rights of foreign             Where was the outcry from Unions & workers then?
investors;                                                                 Shouting now is akin to locking the stable door after the
In 1999, Tim Fischer signed GATS 5th protocol (regarding banks).           horse has bolted.
Secrecy surrounds the United Nations New International Economic            If workers took as much notice of politics as they do of
Order while the media focus on corporate greed.                            sport, maybe the country would not be in such a perilous
Yours sincerely,
Cecilia Roberts                                                            J. John
Tasmania                                                                   Tasmania

                                                                                                                 from Noel Baines
RBA Governor, Glen Stephens, advocated                Bumper stickers …
going into debt, into the red, he said. Surely in                                                Canberra resident links
                                                       Honk if anything falls off.              engineered droughts to wipe out
this climate the only option is to remain debt-
free & hope against hope that it‟ll come good          Cover me, I‟m changing lanes.            private farming (23/6/08)
or you don‟t lose your job.                            All men are animals; some just           http://educate-
Don‟t hold your breath waitin‟ for better times.        make better pets.              
Noel Baines,                                                         (from Vern Baldock)         htandfarmloss23jun08.shtml
Gargett                                                                                                      (from Pauline Wraith)

         Owners of Powerball Numbers
                                                         Date      Draw     Win.      Won       $ won            Comments
    1        2       3       4       5                              #        #         by      this week
                                              Barry     6/11/08     651      43      Joan          $9.77    Congratulations Joan
    6         7             8        9         10      13/11/08     652      31      Ralph         $9.77    Congratulations Bette
 Toni       Bette                                      20/11/08     653      10        --          $9.77    Jackpots to $19.54
                                                       27/11/08     654      16        --         $19.54    Jackpots to $30.65
    11       12             13      14         15       4/12/08     655      24       Dot         $30.65    Congratulations Dot
                        Liz C.     Lorr.
                                                       11/12/08     656      33      Terry         $11.11   Congratulations Terry
    16        17            18      19         20      18/12/08     657      38        --          $11.11   Jackpots to $22.22
             Bob                   Marg                25/12/08     658      26        --         $22.22    Jackpots to $33.33
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    21       22             23      24         25
                                                          8/1/09    660      34      Geoff        $41.77    Congratulations Geoff
 Billy                              Dot
                                                         15/1/09    661      23        --          $8.44    Jackpots to $16.88
    26       27             28      29         30       22/1/09     662       1      Noel         $16.88    Congratulations Noel
            Joyce                                       29/1/09     663      24       Dot          $8.44    Congratulations Dot
    31       32             33      34         35         5/2/09    664      32        --          $8.44    Jackpots to $16.77
Ralph                   Terry      Geoff                12/2/09     665      23        --         $16.77    Jackpots to $25.10
                                                        19/2/09     666       8        --         $25.10    Jackpots to $33.43
    36       37             38      39         40       26/2/09     667      44        --         $33.43    Jackpots to $41.76
            Liz O.                                        5/3/09    668      19      Marg         $41.76    Congratulations Marg
    41       42             43      44         45       12/3/09     669      44        --          $7.77    Jackpots to $15.54
                                                        19/3/09     670
                                                        26/3/09     671

          These results can be checked on the internet at

Thursday, 13th March 2008, was only the fourth time in history that
the US Congress closed its doors to the public.
Some members of Congress were so furious about what was discussed,                  P.O. Box 642, Nanango Q 4615
they leaked the information they were forbidden to speak about:                           Phone (07) 4163 2160
1. The financial system collapse to begin by 15th September;                       Email:
2. The collapse of US Federal Government finances by February 2009;                   Annual subscriptions $30.00
3. The necessary & unavoidable merger of the US with Canada &                          A publication that is REALLY
Mexico;                                                                               WELL WORTH subscribing to.
4. The issue of a new currency, the Amero, for all three nations.
It‟s interesting to note that Kevin Rudd already has
been talking up the planned Asia-Pacific union, &                             Downs Ink & Toner
indeed, acting upon it by opening the borders to
almost anyone from this region who wants to come                           for your printer cartridge needs
work in the mines, soon to be used to force our                   » Genuine & compatible        » Excellent quality & value
wages down to the Keatingesque Level Playing Field                       » DOUBLE your money back guarantee !!
of Asian wages.                                                   » Free delivery Toowoomba area or post to areas outside
Note, too, that Rudd recently had a 3-day trip to the                  » Every sixth ink or toner cartridge is FREE !!
USA to receive instructions on the austerity
measures (cuts to pensions & services) to be taken &                   Ph: (07) 4634-5960 or 1800 66 13 12
how to manage the current situation in the lead-up              
to the well-planned international money power                              Email:
takeover coup of the world.
by Noel Baines,
                                           Leaked letter shreds Fraser’s credibility
Lawrence Springborg MP
Treasurer Andrew Fraser‟s already battered reputation has          in car registrations from 1 July 2009 will raise $194 million
been completely discredited by a leaked letter to Main Roads       & will keep the roads building program on track. The
Minister Warren Pitt which exposes his 20 % hike in car            increase will fund our commitment to building & upgrading
registration as a blatant cash grab.                               Queensland’s road network."
In the letter, released today by Opposition Leader Lawrence        "Andrew Fraser has been caught out blatantly lying in his
Springborg, Treasurer Fraser states: "I can inform you that        media release," Mr Springborg said.
CBRC (Cabinet Budget Review Committee) has also agreed to          "This car rego cash grab cost Queensland motorists an extra
increase motor vehicle registration fees by 20 % from 1 July       $67 on average a year which Andrew Fraser promised would
2009 with the revenue derived from the increase to pass fully      go to road funding.
to the Consolidated Fund & not to the Department of Main
Roads as currently occurs."                                        "But his letter to the Main Roads Minister proves that all that
                                                                   rego cash has gone into the budget black hole to try & prop up
The letter is dated   8th   December 2008.                         Queensland‟s broken budget.
However, in the media release on his Major Economic                "Andrew Fraser lied to the people of Queensland & the
Statement released the next day Mr Fraser said: "An increase

massive 20 % hike in rego fees will not be going to roads at          'Accidental' cContamination Of Vaccine With Live
all," he said.                                                                Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible
Mr Springborg said Andrew Fraser‟s reputation as Treasurer            Czech papers question whether contaminated Baxter Vaccine
had been destroyed by the massive debt Queensland had                             was 'attempt to provoke pandemic'
accumulated before the global financial crisis, debt which will        Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Thursday, 5/3/09
now reach $74 billion by 2012 & his presiding over a $1.6            Czech newspapers are questioning if the shocking discovery of
billion budget deficit this year.                                    vaccines contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus which
"The last tattered threads of Mr Fraser‟s reputation have been       were distributed to 18 countries by the American company
destroyed by the Ministerial leak which exposes him for              Baxter were part of a conspiracy to provoke a pandemic.
nothing more than a fraud," Mr Springborg said.              
                                           (from Elsie Roberts)          vaccine-with-live-avian-flu-virus-virtually-impossible.html
                                                                                                                 (from Pam Valenti)

                                                     Is there a connection?
by Pauline Wraith
Before I get into Weather Control, it may be helpful for some Bright Skies
people to have a look into the New World Order at                                  also Australian Chemtrains & Corrupt Scientific Community then look up on the web the
Lima                           Declaration                        on Chemtrails              are          over         Las         Vegas           
Many older Aussies will remember that our manufacturing & The Tsunami. Why did the information not get out?
farming industries went on the decline starting around the late
1970s on, & since that time, we have lost hundreds of
thousands of our farmers, (many have committed suicide) & Are                          chemtrails             causing          drought?
our manufacturing industries have almost ceased to exist, all
compliments of various governments, no matter what brand
Labor, Liberal or whoever & this Lima Declaration & the New bin/MasterPFP.cgi?doc=http://www.fromthewild...
World Order now called Globalisation.                                   Angels don‟t play this HAARP
Now, in the main, where we were self-reliant, we now rely on
imports for almost everything including food, which is very m
dangerous.                                                              Environmental Terrorism
Through the Victorian bush fires alone, I read that over 100
thousand cattle have been lost, I would imagine all food Now I think that this (below) has been taken off the web by
growers would be in the same boat.                                      our politicians because a friend said to me, “how do you know
The floods up north, I would imagine would be the same, all that our politicians know about this”. Good question, so I sent
depleting us of food.                                                   them everything about the New World Order including all
The loss of life is so tragic, over 100 people perished, why?           these weather control web sites. As well as taking the one
                                                                        below off, they also removed all the damning evidence proving
Now I will concentrate on Weather Control & Chemtrails.
                                                                        that Martin Bryant was framed & is innocent, which, by the
In Malaysia, some time ago, they had very bad smog over their way, thousands of people are aware of. They think that it we all
capital city & they paid (I think Russia or America) to create a protest & demand a trial (which he never had) they will kill
hurricane high enough not to cause damage but still able to get him. Well, he has tried to commit suicide many times. I think
rid of the smog. This story is, I think, still on the web.              the risk would be worth it.
China & other countries are madly working to get this So, I suggest downloading the articles you want to keep.
technology & China has actually used it to make it snow in
                                                                        The politicians I sent all this info to were many, including:
                                                                         Kevin Rudd, John Howard, Bob Browne (Greens), Lawrence
To       prove       this      technology       exists,     go     to Springborg, Anna Bligh & many more. the heading:
                                                                        That        web       site       was       Xiaodong       People
Convention of the prohibition of military or any other hostile
use of environmental modification techniques. See also
                                                                        control-46.html .
                                                                        Now think about it.
This one stunned me as it is from the ICRC (International
Committee of the Red Cross): 1976                                                               We now have fluoride which is a poison
                                                          Vaccination damage.                   & it was forced on us under protest.
Convention on the prohibition of
                                                   Fascinating video trailer.                   We now have this same government
military or any hostile use of
                                                              forcing parents on the Sunshine Coast to
environmental modification techniques.
                                                                         from Pam Valenti       have their children vaccinated against
(No web address but I have it
downloaded).                                                                                    measles (as they say there is an
Now I will try to keep the web sites for Australia separate but         epidemic) or that the parents must keep them away from
cannot guarantee success.                                               school if their children are not vaccinated. Many kids are
                                                                        opting for these poisonous needles much to my horror.
AUSTRALIA: Canberra resident links engineered droughts to
wipe        out         private       farming         http://educate- Do you perhaps see any connection between this & these              chemtrails that are known to be causing illnesses world wide.
                                                                        (Just look on the web, I have just given you a few).
Environmental         Terrorism      &    Weather       Modification                   The residents who are ill say that there is a massive cover up.
                                                                        They go to the government, they will not say or do anything.
Fortress Australia They write to the newspapers, they will not print it. There is a
                                                                        media blackout on anything to do with chemtrails or weather

control.                                                               vaccinated against getting whooping cough”. Then I told my
One lady I know in America tried to get some sense out of a            story (above).
man from NASA. He remained dumb (I know nothing).                      The phone calls I received as a result were many. Mothers
Now I read in one of the articles I have here where these              ringing me that their baby had died after being vaccinated &
chemtrails were sprayed in the suburb that I live in & thinking        they were calling it cot death. Another about her baby
back, both my husband & I had a cough that was very severe &           becoming an epileptic & thank God you have exposed this, &
lasted for about 2 months. We‟ve never had anything like it            so on.
before. No medicines helped, either natural or not natural. We         From then on we learned of many other horror stories, more
did not go to the doctor‟s - just rode it out. I think it could have   cot deaths, people whose kids were vaccinated still getting
been about the same time, August 2008.                                 whooping cough, (one twice) & so on. I read about children
Now I will leave it to you to make up your own minds, but I            becoming autistic & all sorts of horrible things happening due
have been looking into this since about the late 1980s, when a         to kids being vaccinated.
friend sent some info to me.                                           Since that third grandchild there have been 3 more & 2 more
         My own experience with vaccination.                           great-grandchildren, & none have been vaccinated.
When my first grand daughter was vaccinated with the triple            I met Vera Scheibner years ago whose husband was the man
antigen injection about 22 years ago, she almost died. I put a         who invented the baby monitor. This invention of his was
healthy baby to bed & later went in to put some nappies away,          designed to set off an alarm if the baby stopped breathing, this
& the best way to describe what I heard coming from her was a          was to help prevent cot death.
death rattle.                                                          Vera (his wife) looked into cot death & did a lot of research &
I ran, in my swimmers, to the doctors which was very close.            made the connection between Cot Death & Vaccination. She
The doctor said she had had a very bad reaction to the                 wrote a book entitled “Vaccination”, which I bought. I read it &
injections & she was NEVER to have the whooping cough part             gave it to the local doctor to read. That doctor threw it out so I
again.                                                                 never got it back, can you believe it?
The next grandson was vaccinated with no side effects.                 You see, the drug companies (like the chemical companies)
The third grand daughter was so ill she got whooping cough so          make billions out of these poisons, & naturally the doctors do
bad & had it for 4-5 months. Again the doctor said NEVER to            well also, big business, & of course money first before lives.
have the whooping cough part again.                                    One last thing: There is at present a battle raging with the
Not long after maybe, 1-2 years, I heard a politician                  Queensland government about Land Rights. It appears that we
(Independent) from Canberra, Dennis Stevenson, touch on                may, in the future, have our land stolen from us.
this vaccination subject in brief while giving a speech. After the     If    you     go    to    The     UN     &    Property     Rights
speech I asked him what he meant by, “we are not being told   also The Green
the truth about the dangers of vaccination”. He gave me his            Agenda
card & told me to get in touch with his secretary.                     Sue Maynes & her legal team are attempting to fight this in our
I did, & that was how I found out about this poison & the              corrupt courts. Her contact is
dangers (see The Poisoned Needle).                                     I have read a lot on Colloidal Silver being very good with
Later, on the Gold Coast, there was an outcry from parents             detoxification due to chemtrails. Check the web, one site is
about other parents not having their children vaccinated &   
how they were putting their vaccinated children at risk. I wrote       Next look up the web for ways to rid the body of Mercury.
into the Gold Coast Bulletin & asked, “How can they be putting
your children at risk as your kids are supposed to be               Last, but not least, get behind all the anti-vaccination people.
                                                                    With numbers we can win.
Just substitute Australia for America & it's very easy to see the Global NWO Agenda.
Once again, this is for you to pass on to those who don't understand what's coming. We
need to educate those we know & this is well written. You can see where we are headed.
… Deb
Check ( √ ) what has already begun, or is in place, in Australia … Ed
                       MARXISM COMES TO AMERICA
                           (AND AUSTRALIA)
by Paul Walter. 11 March, 2009.
         A dire warning, from a man born & raised under communism.
Something is very, very wrong. This bailouts. The bailout money comes with
article is meant to get your attention. It strings. Through the strings & mandates
                                                                                                                         from Ian Espie
is meant to scare you into finally seeing that come with the money, the                      business, same as the
what is happening all around you. What government becomes your partner. It‟s                 property owner has when it comes to
you are trying so very hard to ignore.     called “Public Private Partnership.”              owning your own home after it‟s paid off.
The things discussed here are real. They Create the financial crises, offer the              Silly? Stop paying your property taxes &
are documented fact. For the sake of solution (bailout money) & you have a                   you‟ll see what I mean. When this
everything you hold dear, your children complete totalitarian state.                         economy collapses & you‟ll find yourself
& your grandchildren, please read this These huge bailout/stimulus packages                  without a job & can‟t pay your property
article with an open mind, then check will create hyperinflation & result in a               tax for whatever the reason, the vary
the facts for yourself. What you do after worldwide economic disaster dwarfing               same government officials that are
that is between you & God.                 the Great Depression. It will indenture           constantly begging for more & more
          √ PUBLIC PRIVATE                 you, your children & your children‟s              money for raises & lavish benefits, living
            PARTNERSIPS                    children under Socialist tyranny.                 off your taxes, will evict you from your
In a communist/socialist country there Public Private Partnership is the                     own home. Count on it!
is no such thing as private enterprise. marriage         between      Fascism    &                    √ DESTRUCTION OF
Everything is either owned or controlled Communism. Under this diabolical                           TRADITIONAL VALUES
by the government. The socialists are partnership, the business owner will                   Socialism is the core, guiding philosophy
taking over America through the have an illusion of owning his or her                        behind      Marxism/Communism            &
Fascism, which are two flavours of the       √ NATIONALIZED HEALTH CARE                  centralized mechanism for State control
same tyrannical system of government.       The president is already calling for every   of your life.
Since there is not a dime‟s worth of        citizen to have free national (Socialized)   Since the National I.D./drivers licences
difference between them, I use the term     health care. This won‟t be free. It will     can be lost, forged or stolen, their next
Socialism interchangeably. Adherents of     cost this country trillions of dollars!      step will be to microchip people. The
this political philosophy in America        Even worse is the government control         FDA is implementing a new law
called themselves “Progressives.” These     that comes with it. People will be told      requiring every domestic animal in the
same self-proclaimed secular humanists      what they must weigh, the kinds of food      country to be micro-chipped. In Japan,
continue to attack traditional marriage,    they can (or cannot eat). Smoking will be    parents are told to microchip their
between one man & one woman. They           outlawed, even in one‟s own home.            children to prevent kidnapping. People
attack traditional churches, especially     Anyone caught with an alcoholic              today are considered a „human resource‟
those that take a stand against same-sex    beverage, smoking, or eating what the        by government. The next step is to
marriage. In our public schools, they       government has forbidden, will be            microchip every human being.
promote       sexual    perversion      &   denied health care. Government control       A recent article in the Chicago Tribune
pornography to our children, warping        of health care will result in the most       reported that the Mayor of Chicago
their impressionable minds. All under       deadly tyranny imaginable. Of course,        vowed to have cameras on every street
the guise of “education,” it is nothing     they are counting on the loyalty of the      corner. Why do politicians want you
less        than       taxpayer-financed    police to enforce it.                        under constant surveillance? Because
brainwashing.                                      √ BLIND OBEDIANCE &                   they are afraid of you, the People.
 BREAKING THE PUBLIC’S TRUST                       COMMUNITY POLICING                    Wouldn‟t you be afraid in their place,
Government officials across the country     Marxism, Socialism & Fascism are not         once the People started to catch on to
are considering charging us a new tax for   natural forms of governing. They can         how they have been betrayed, lied to &
every mile we drive. How many more          only exist by force. Both political          taken advantage of?
taxes do we have to pay before we end up    philosophies require a Police State to                   √ MARTIAL LAW
wearing rags & living in hovels?            survive. Police are used to oppress their    Everything is already in place for martial
Government officials don‟t care about       own people who resist. Brainwashed           law here in the United States. All we
you. They only care about themselves.       enforcers have been selling their souls      need is the right contrived crisis,
They will tax & tax you until you stand     for a pay cheque, for centuries. Two         whether it‟s another “attack” on our soil,
up & say enough.                            thousand years ago Roman Centurions          a health “crisis”, or a “managed”
√      Trial by jury is slowly being        (cops), “following orders,” nailed Jesus     monetary collapse, martial law will be
eliminated. What‟s taking its place is      to a cross. Dictators don‟t do their own     imposed. Will you submit, go along with
trial by judge, via a closed circuit TV.    dirty work. They use ignorant fools who      this farce? If not, be advised that retired
Why? Because judges, like other             blindly follow their orders.                 police officers around the country are
government officials, are becoming          Today, honest & decent cops with a           telling NewsWithViews that they have
afraid of the people.                       conscience are either fired or leave law     been notified that civil unrest is on the
               √ HEALTH                     enforcement because they cannot carry        horizon & that they may be called back
Have you noticed that two out of three      out the orders to abuse their fellow         to duty.
TV commercials push pills? America has      citizens. Have you noticed that the                      IN CONCLUSION
become a nation of drug addicts, legal &    majority of cops today have an elitist       Hundreds of thousands of Americans
illegal.                                    attitude & are becoming meaner & cold        died fighting Communism & Fascism to
Genetically modified foods (GMOs) are       hearted? They look down on people,           stop these tyrannies from coming to our
being pushed on everyone but they have      everyone is a potential criminal,            shores. Now you are silent in America‟s
unknown health risks &d offer               considered guilty of something. They are     hour of need. Worse yet, some of your
government the ability to control food      serving & protecting an increasingly         children (brainwashed in public schools)
supplies.                                   corrupt system.                              are actual domestic enemies, paving the
Farmers are being denied water for food     Community Oriented Policing is a             way for the destruction of America.
production, all in the name of saving       communist inspired system. It is             "A nation can survive its fools, & even
endangered fish. This is already leading    designed for the police to know              the ambitious. But it cannot survive
to food shortages & skyrocketing prices.    everything about you. Your business is       treason from within. An enemy at the
Starvation of biblical proportions is on    “their business,” all in the name of         gates is less formidable, for he is known
the horizon. All created by radical         stopping crime. The core effort of this      & carries his banner openly. But the
environmentalists.                          program requires that neighbours spy on      traitor moves amongst those within the
Untested vaccines, containing deadly        each other, reporting unusual behaviour      gate freely, his sly whispers rustling
ingredients like mercury, are one           to their “neighbourhood policeman.” All      through all the alleys, heard in the very
epidemic “scare” away from being forced     that information is entered into a           halls of government itself.
on the population by the cops, all in the   national database, so Big Brother knows      For the traitor appears not a traitor; he
name of public health.                      all & sees all. Grants Pass Police already   speaks in accents familiar to his victims,
          √ MENTAL HEALTH                   have Community Policing program in           & he wears their face & their
                                            place.                                       arguments, he appeals to the baseness
Under Stalin & Hitler, all citizens were
mentally evaluated. Plans are already            √ A TOTAL SURVEILLANCE                  that lies deep in the hearts of all men.
underway to require every American be                        SOCIETY                     He rots the soul of a nation, he works
mentally evaluated. Of course, mental       The Real I.D. Act is now federal law. It     secretly & unknown in the night to
health evaluators & other government        requires every state issue new driver‟s      undermine the pillars of the city, he
officials are exempt. You don‟t expect      licences that meet federal rules. Oregon     infects the body politic so that it can no
them to evaluate themselves, do you?        has already agreed to cooperate but does     longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."
Government officials & mental health        not have the money to begin the              -- Cicero (106-43 BC)
experts will decide who‟s mentally stable   changeover. These new “Federalized”          Hasn‟t history taught you people
& who isn‟t. To understand more what        driver‟s licences will have micro-chips      anything? Where is your love for
the social planners have in store for you   that will contain all of your personal       America?
& me, read Beverly Eakman's latest          information from your address, Social        Will our police officers & soldiers prove
article "High-Tech Marxism Comes to         Security Number, medical records, etc.       to be liberty-loving Americans or
America."                                   They are National I.D.s, providing a         servants of tyranny? When their time of
                                                                                         decision comes, I pray they realize
their children will lose their freedoms as   be trusted to keep an oath.                  The destruction of America is coming
well.                                        Tyranny can only exist under a police        through the “Unholy Trinity,” (Modern
If you are a soldier or policeman who        state. Wake-up! Stop it now, while you       day   Scribes    &     Pharisees);   the
denies freedom to others, what will you      still can, by standing up to your pastor &   compromised political leaders, their
do when someone just like you comes for      local government corruption. You are         obedient police force, & above all, your
your kids? And they will. By serving         being set up & sold out by the very          SILENT      LUKEWARM           CHURCH
these new American Communists, you           people you elected to protect your           LEADERSHIP.
have already proven to them you cannot       freedoms.                                                                 (from Deb)

Mr Bob Pritchard,
President, Police Association of New South Wales.
Dear Mr Pritchard,
                                            Re: Banks using Police as Enforcers.
Your Association has 15,000 members. Are they happy being used by the Banks to aid & abet in the Banks' thievery of the
property & personal belongings of their victims?
The Banks have absolute control over Australia's Judiciary, who unhesitatingly violate People's Rights & disregard Due Process
to conceal the Banks' fraudulent contracts & unlawfully grant foreclosures. Australian Courts are, indeed, Kangaroo Courts, ie:
"courts which act unfairly or dishonestly or disregard legal rights or
disregard legal procedure".                                                  A little Irish humour …
I am more than happy to meet with you & your members, to fill you in         An armed, hooded robber bursts into the Bank
on the facts & the law, so that you can judge for yourselves.                of Ireland & forces the tellers to load a sack full
Police men & women are human beings with consciences. They all know          of cash. On his way out the door with the loot,
what is right & what is wrong. They choose whether to do right or to do      one brave customer grabs the hood & pulls it off,
wrong.                                                                       revealing the robber's face. The robber shoots
Your Association has a duty of care towards your members & they look         the bloke without hesitation! He then looks
to you to advise them in the honourable performance of their duty of         around the bank to see if anyone else has seen
care to the People.                                                          him.
My case is symptomatic of the destruction of the Rule of Law that has        One of the tellers is looking straight at him & the
overtaken our community. I will be sending to you a copy of the              robber shoots him also.
electronic interview recording (approx. 37 minutes audio....the full DVD     Everyone by now is very scared & looking down
is held by the Police Prosecutor) from the Castle Hill Police Station on 21  at the floor.
November 2008 when I was unlawfully arrested. Once you have received         Did anyone else see me face?' calls the robber.
it, I will telephone your office for an appointment to meet with you &       There are a few moments silence, then one
anyone else you care to have with you. A copy of this email will be with     elderly Irish gent, looking down, tentatively
that disc.                                                                   raises his hand & says: 'I think me wife here may
I have a website of                         have caught a glimpse....'
Yours sincerely,                                                                                                    (from Elsie)
John Wilson,

                                                   Colonising Australia
Not only immigrating here but also buying up our farmland - & allowed to do so by corrupt politicians.
                                         Selling off the heart of our nation
Article from: Daily Telegraph,    March, 2009. Special investigation by Tracey Spicer
HASAN Mohammad Bin Laden - one of condition of strict anonymity - said The spending spree has initially been
Osama's brothers - is playing Farmer foreign companies have been covertly driven by a 75 % spike in food prices this
Joe.                                     buying up adjacent farms in Australia for decade.
The head of the Middle-East Foodstuff the past year. Most are under the $100 While prices have since collapsed, the
Consortium is on a spending spree, million mark, so they don't have to be urge for food security hasn't ebbed, with
targeting millions of hectares of approved by the Foreign Investment produce prices tipped to rise 27 % by
farmland around the world to use as Review Board. But confirming these 2020. "We can't eat auto parts," Richard
Saudi Arabia's "rice barn".              sales is like finding a needle in a Shin of Daewoo said recently.
And next on his hit list is Australia. haystack.                                    Mr Shin is the boss of Daewoo's $6
Saudi Arabia, along with Abu Dhabi & GRAIN, an international sustainable- billion project to carve a 1.3 million
Kuwait, want to buy more than $1 billion agriculture group, has identified at least hectare farm out of Madagascar - an area
worth of Aussie farmland in a 21st five global firms - acting on behalf of the size of Belgium.
century land grab; a global game of their governments - who are trying to Some Australian farmers, already
Squatter. Their mission is to own buy or lease Australian farms. They are concerned about the Chinese raid on our
Australian cropping land to feed their China's Suntime International Techno- coal & oil supplies, believe the
own people. The big legal question is: Economic Co-operation Group, India's Department of Primary Industries is
Who owns what if there is a global food Ministry of External Affairs, Abu Dhabi's selling them out. They're still reeling
crisis?                                  Al Qudra Holding, the Qatar Company from the sale of the rights to a 550
                                         for Meat & Livestock Trading (Mawashi) million-tonne mine, which the Shenhua
"Everyone knows it's been going on,"
                                         & the Bahraini company TRAFCO. A Energy Company is gouging from
Suzanne Laing from the Australian
                                         fortnight ago, Australia's biggest beef agricultural land near Gunnedah in
Grain Growers Association said. "But we
                                         cattle company, AAco, sold a $67.4 north-west NSW.
don't want to make any political
                                         million    stake    to    a    foodstuffs
comment."                                conglomerate from the United Arab "We're very much an extinguishing
A spokesman for one of the firms Emirates.                                          breed, the family farmer," Liverpool
facilitating    the     deals,   Coffey                                             Plains farmer Tim Duddy said.
International - speaking on the
The National Farmers Federation, far         food supplies, not helping the local         lawyer Stephen Keim SC. "They can
from protecting the man on the land,         farmers.                                     decide to whom they sell their food."
supports the foreign raids, citing           The founder of the Earth Policy              While many governments around the
"anecdotal evidence" of Chinese &            Institute, Lester Brown, calls it the        world fear a political backlash if details
Middle Eastern corporations taking           "dangerous politics of food scarcity" &      of these sales are made public, Canberra
majority shareholdings in local farms.       "neo-colonialism".                           seems unphased. "Australia has a well-
"We have no concerns at all," NFF            "Strong increases in food prices & land      developed set of guidelines against
president    David      Crombie      said.   scarcity are driving the corporatisation     which particular foreign investments are
"Foreigners bring in new dollars; it's       of Australian farms," said Audrey            screened," the Minister for Agriculture
good for Australian agriculture."            Riddell from market research firm            Tony Burke said. "Outside of those
China, with more than 20 % of the            IBISWorld.                                   guidelines, there are no plans to further
world's population & only 9 % of its         So what happens in the event of a food       restrict when & to whom farmers sell
farmland, is the most aggressive player,     shortage & subsequent riots, similar to      their own properties."
acquiring two million hectares overseas      those seen last year in Haiti.               But many farmers are asking, who will
since 2007.                                                                               put food on our tables when our land has
                                             "The international corporations have all
The UN & World Bank cautiously               the rights of a property owner," said        been sold from under us?
supported this trend - until they realised                                                             (forwarded by Vern Baldock)
offshore farms are all about locking up

                            T.V. Brainwashing
Paul Joseph Watson. Prison Friday, 6th March, 2009
Rupert Murdoch‟s Twentieth Century Fox corporation has admitted to
planting political brainwashing within its globally popular TV shows & indeed
boasts that it is proud of the fact.
A corporate video currently being showcased on another part of Murdoch‟s
media empire,, shows Fox executives & stars of its universally
recognized shows bragging about how they use the platform of hit shows that
are broadcast globally to implant messages about the supposed threat of global
This is not the first time Fox have been enthusiastic in propagandizing for the
establishment. In 2003, Rupert Murdoch himself admitted that the                     television induces low alpha waves in the
corporation had “tried” to help the Bush administration sell the war in Iraq.        human brain. Alpha waves are brainwaves
                                                                                     between 8 to 12 HZ. & are commonly
The text accompanying the video states, “In 2006, News Corp. embarked upon
                                                                                     associated with relaxed meditative states as
a company-wide initiative to reduce the size of its carbon footprint.”               well as brain states associated with
The means by which this “initiative” was carried out is then made clear by a         suggestibility.”
plethora of clips from Fox‟s most popular shows - the Simpsons, King of the
                                                                                     Experiments have shown that less than one
Hill, Family Guy, Prison Break - which are all loaded with messages about
                                                                                     minute after the viewer begins to watch
global warming & the need to do something about it.
                                                                                     television, the brain switches from Beta level
“What could we do on a practical level to start making a difference?” asks one       consciousness, associated with active & logical
executive before another answers, “The biggest thing we‟ve done is inserting         thought, to Alpha level, which is associated
messages about the environment into some of our content.”                            with passive acceptance & suggestibility. This
In other words, Fox has embarked on a deliberate campaign, which could only          is why advertisers spend billions a year on
have been done with the coordination of the script writers of each program, to       commercials as well as product placement
force people to accept the pseudo-science of global warming by brainwashing          within TV shows themselves.
them into accepting it as a reality. This has been achieved by weaving in            The scale of what Fox is admitting to here is
messages about climate change & having popular characters in the TV shows            staggering, & the fact that they even boast
embrace specific tenants of the global warming manifesto.                            about what they are doing beggars belief. As
“The most powerful way we could communicate the commitment on behalf of              Darryl Mason sardonically comments, “I never
our company, was to change the practices within the production, as well as           realised just how much I‟d learned about the
work in a message about global warming, about environmental changes, about           dire threats of global warming-induced
empowering people to take responsibilities,” states Fox chairman Dana                climate     change     simply    by   watching
Walden.                                                                              immensely, globally popular Murdoch/Fox
We‟re also treated to the vomit-inducing sight of Kiefer Sutherland, who plays       entertainments like The Simpsons & 24.”
the torture-loving Jack Bauer in 24, sounding about as genuine as a 3 dollar         Millions of people, not just in America, but
bill reading off a teleprompter about how Fox is committed to reducing its           globally are being educated, or should I say re-
“carbon footprint”.                                                                  educated, about the highly complex & highly
This again goes to show that the acceptance of global warming as a reality by        debatable topic of global warming, not
the general public is not being accomplished as an organic reaction to               through a reasoned public debate between
scientifically proven threats, but by propagandists artificially piggy-backing the   advocates & skeptics, but through fictional
climate mantra on the back of fictional TV shows passively absorbed by people        cartoons, comedies & drama shows produced
in their millions.                                                                   by a monolithic corporation that has its
This is key because of the process that people‟s brains undergo when they are        tentacles deeply embedded into the same
watching television. Political messages implanted in fictional                       establishment that is trying to sell global
television programs will always enjoy a receptive audience.                          warming in order to introduce a CO2 tax &
                                                                                     regulate people‟s lives.
According to an Associated Content article, “Studies have shown that watching
                                                                                                          (forwarded by Nick Maine)
       Bumper sticker:      He who hesitates is not only lost, but is miles from the next exit.          (from Vern Baldock)

                      HACKER ALERT
If a person called Simon Ashton (simon_25)
contacts you through email, don‟t accept him. Delete him,
because he is a hacker !!
Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds
him, then you will get him on your list.
He will figure out your ID computer address, so copy & paste
this message to everyone, even if you don‟t care for them,
because if he hacks their email, he hacks your mail too.
                                                 Mike Bellringer

        ATTENTION ----- become informed:
World leaders will meet in April to put in place a New
World Financial System (NWFS).
Opportunity: This NWFS proposal presents Australians with a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity         to argue     for a     people-
friendly, totally      sustainable,     recession-proof     financial   position where they cannot deny           from Ian Espie
system such as that established, & proved successful, between           knowledge of the outstanding success of the original
1913 & 1923, by the original Commonwealth Bank.                         people‟s Bank.
Proof of success are two of the major benefits: (1) this                Solution: We must do what we can to bring to the
bank issued 'repayment not required‟ money, allowing Australia          attention of as many people as possible, the facts about the
to finance WW1 expenditure & the Trans Australian                       People‟s Bank (i.e. the original Commonwealth Bank) using
Railway simultaneously, without creating debt: (2) Australia was        the least expensive method to achieve a result, which is a
the only country to survive WW1 debt-free & in a position to            nation-wide circulation newspaper.
avoid the devastating 1917 - 1920 world-wide recession that             Proposal: Publish an Open Letter to the PM in „The
followed.                                                               Australian‟ newspaper as soon as the publication costs can
Problems:                                                               be raised via donations.
1: We, the people have not been advised about what our PM               Publication: The ad space & position in the paper needs to
    plans to submit to the April G20 leaders conference as              be as big, & in the best position we can afford, to grab
    Australia‟s proposal.                                               maximum attention. Ad size & position will be determined
2: It is now apparent that the plan is going ahead without public       by the total amount of donations received at the point of
    debate.                                                             placing the ad which should be mid-March at the latest.
3: We, the people, find it increasingly difficult if not impossible     Donations: Send donations, small or large, by post to:
    to influence politicians on any issue not inline with what can      Fighting Fund, PO Box 1010, St Marys NSW 2760, or T/T
    only be a hidden agenda, part of which is clearly to                to: Fighting Fund, ANZ Bank, BSB 012 408, Account
    support private banks.                                              number 877 223 833.
4: It is critical to our future, and the future of our children, that   Building: We are building on a number of donations made
    we get a people-friendly financial system. If we don‟t get it       late last year in support of this Open Letter publication
    now, we never will.                                                 proposal.
5: How do we get the PM and other politicians to listen? It is our      THANKS in anticipation of your support for this
duty to try, to give it our best shot.                                  essential publication.
Our best shot: Would seem to be to place politicians in a                                         Joe Bryant, Email:

                                                        MEDIA RELEASE
                                            ONE YEAR --- & STILL WAITING
from Merilyn Haines, Spokesperson for Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air & Food Inc
Independent candidate for South Brisbane
It is exactly one year now since the units from teeth surfaces to teeth.                   Queensland Health also chose to ignore
Crime & Misconduct Commission Instead of a difference of 2 baby teeth                      data from 2000, 2001 & 2002 which
advised that Queensland Health would out of 28 baby teeth in a child‟s mouth,              showed that Townsville children had
respond in “ due course” in regard to the difference was only 2 tooth surfaces             more tooth decay than children from the
evidence presented to the CMC that out of 128 tooth surfaces in a child‟s                  North Brisbane, the Gold Coast,
Queensland Health had falsified tooth mouth.                                               Wynnum, Rockhampton & several other
decay data used by Premier Bligh to Queensland Health also had access to                   non-fluoridated areas of Queensland.
justify forced fluoridation.             data on permanent teeth which showed              This was all explained to the Premier &
When Anna Bligh announced on 5th Dec very little difference, but chose to only             the Health Minister in a meeting with
2007 that she had made the decision use baby teeth data & then exaggerated                 them on 12 Feb 2008, but they pushed
that fluoridation was to be forced on that by falsely changing the units.                  ahead & forced fluoridation on
Queenslanders, she used graphed data Queensland Health did however use                     Queenslanders       regardless,    while
comparing tooth decay in Townsville some tooth decay data from permanent                   changing the Legislation to remove all
children to Brisbane children. The data teeth in children when newspaper                   liability.
was from 1991 & showed a difference advertisements          were     placed across         Over the last year repeated calls have
then of 2 less decayed teeth in Queensland claiming that Townsville                        been made for an explanation as to why
Townsville‟s children compared to children had 65 % less tooth decay than                  Queensland        Health     bureaucrats
Brisbane children. The data was Brisbane children, but they did not                        exaggerated tooth decay, ignored
also sent to some MPs & through this disclose that the 65% difference related              relevant data showing no benefit, & also
access,     it   was     discovered that to an absolute average difference of only         illegitimately dismissed evidence of the
Queensland Health had exaggerated 0.2 tooth surfaces out of 128 tooth                      risk of Osteosarcoma bone cancer in
tooth decay data used by changing the surfaces.                                            teenage boys with water fluoridation.
Verbal advice from the Ethical Standards      difficulty explaining its actions.            Bligh‟s own seat. The issue of forcing
Unit just prior to announcement of State      Unethical forced fluoridation based on        people to drink recycled water sourced
Election was that the Ethical Standards       falsified & exaggerated tooth decay is        from sewage is another, as is the plan of
Unit was “almost” in a position to            one of the reasons why Merilyn Haines         the Royal Children‟s Hospital.
respond. It appears that even after a         has nominated as an Independent               Merilyn Haines contacts:
year, Queensland Health is having             candidate in South Brisbane, Anna             mob 0418 777 112 & mob 0403029077

                                                    I am a grateful slave
My master is a good man.                      My master tells me:                           My master said: "Because some wise
He gives me food, shelter, work & other       Evil masters in other places are not as       masters long ago did it that way."
things. All he requires in return is that I   good as he; they threaten our                 "Besides, you are the slaves; & we are the
obey him.                                     comfortable lifestyle & peace. So, he         master."
I am told he has the power to control my      sends my children to fight the slaves of      I did not understand his answer, but I
life. I look up to him, & wish that I were    evil masters.                                 believed him.
so powerful.                                  I mourn their deaths, but my master           My master knows what is best for me.
My master must understand the world           says it is necessary.                         He is a good man.
better than I, because he was chosen by       He gives me medals for their sacrifice, &     Some slaves have evil masters. They take
many others for his respected position.       I believe him. He is a good man.              more than half of their slaves' money &
I sometimes complain, but fear I cannot       Good masters sometimes have to kill evil      are chosen by only one-tenth, rather
live without his help. He is a good man.      masters, & their slaves. This is necessary    than one-fourth, of their slaves.
My master protects my money from              to preserve our way of life; to show          My master says they are different from
theft, before & after he takes half of it.    others that our version of slavery is the     him.
Before taking his half, he says only he       best.                                         I believe him. He is a good man.
can protect my money.                         I asked my master:                            I asked if I could ever become a master,
After taking it, he says it is still mine.    Why do evil masters' slaves have to be        instead of a slave.
When he spends my money, he says I            killed, along with their evil master?         My master said, "Yes, anything is
own the things he has bought.                 He said: "Because they carry out his evil     possible. But first you must pledge
I don't understand this, but I believe        deeds. Besides, they could never learn        allegiance to your present master &
him. He is a good man.                        our      system;     they    have     been    promise not to abandon the system that
I need my master for protection, because      indoctrinated to believe that only their      made you a slave."
others would hurt me. Or, they would          master is good."                              I am encouraged by this possibility.
take my money & use it for themselves.        My master knows what is best.                 My master is a good man.
My master is better than them:                He protects me & my children.                 He tells me slaves are the real masters,
When my master takes my money, I still        He is a good man.                             because they can vote for their masters.
own it. The things he buys are mine.          My master lets me vote for a new master,      I do not understand this, but I believe
I cannot sell them, or decide how they        every few years.                              him.
are used, but they are mine.                                                                He is a good man; who lives for no other
                                              I cannot vote to have no master, but he
My master tells me so, & I believe him.                                                     purpose than to make his slaves happy.
                                              generously lets me choose between two
He is a good man.                                                                           I asked if I could be neither a master nor
                                              candidates he has selected.
My master provides free education for                                                       a slave.
                                              I eagerly wait until election day, since
my children. He teaches them to respect                                                     My master said, "No, you must be one or
                                              voting allows me to forget that I am a
& obey him & all future masters they will                                                   the other. There are no other choices."
have.                                                                                       I believe him.
                                              Until then, my current master tells me
He says they are being taught well;                                                         He knows best. He is a good man.
                                              what to do. I accept this. It has always
learning things they will need to know in
                                              been so, & I would not change tradition.      I asked my master how our system is
the future.
                                              My master is a good man.                      different, from those evil masters.
I believe him. He is a good man.                                                            He said: "In our system, masters work
                                              At the last election, about half the slaves
My master cares about other masters,          were allowed to vote. The other half had      for the slaves."
who don't have good slaves. He makes          broken rules set by the master, or were       No longer confused, I am beginning to
me contribute to their support.               not thought by him to be fit. Those who       accept his logic.
I don't understand why slaves must work       break the rules should know better than       Now I see it!
for more than one master, but my              to disobey!
master       says    it    is    necessary.                                                 Slaves are in control of their masters,
                                              Those not considered fit should               because they can choose new masters
I believe him. He is a good man.
                                              gratefully accept the master chosen for       every few years.
Other slaves ask my master for some of        them by others. It is right, because we
my money. Since he is good to them as                                                       When the masters appear to control the
                                              have always done it this way.                 slaves in between elections, it is all a
he is to me, he agrees. This means he
                                              My master is a good man.                      grand delusion! In reality, they are
must take more of my money; but he
says      this    is    good    for    me.    There        were      two     candidates.    carrying out the slaves' desires.
I ask my master why it would not be           One received a majority of the vote -         For if this were not so, they would not
better to let each of us keep our own         about one-fourth of the slave population.     have been chosen in the last election.
money. He says it is because he knows         I asked why the new master can rule           How clear it is to me now!
what is best for each of us.                  over all the slaves, if he only received      I shall never doubt the system again.
We believe him. He is a good man.             votes from one-fourth of them?                My master is a good man.
                                                                                                          (submitted by Alec Kennett)

                                              Pointers for the voting public
If you are intending to vote in this election, or indeed in any     sure that the candidate you choose can answer before you vote
upcoming election, there are some questions you should make         for them.
The first question, of course, concerns the financial crises.     Question 8. Are you aware that the printed bills we use as
Question 1. Are you aware that Queensland could, & should,        currency are actually debt instruments & not money?
have a Parliamentary Bank which could issue its own currency      Question 9. Are you aware that the World Bank, the IMF, the
& so immunise us against any global financial crisis, along the   BIS & the United Nations are organs of international control?
lines of the book written by Joh Bjelke Petersen?                 Question 10. Are you aware that Australian sovereignty is
Question 2. Are you aware that Australia created & issued its     much more important than adherence to United Nations
own currency under Sir Dennison Millar, director of the           regulations?
original Commonwealth Bank, who financed the First World          Unless we are sure that candidates understand these issues, a
War & left us as the only country in the world that emerged       vote for them will only make matters worse.
without debt?                                                     People who seek power for no other reason than the desire to
Question 3. Are you aware that most, if not all, governments in   wield power, with the intention of changing things to
Australia are corporations with ABN numbers?                      something they deem to be better, without knowledge of how
Question 4. Are you aware that the judiciary, police force &      the country should be governed & how it is being mis-
probably the defence forces have ABN numbers?                     governed, will only add to our problems.
Question 5. Are you aware of the illegality of the Queensland     Australia could be, & should be, printing its own money &
Constitution 2001?                                                issuing it into the community debt-free as it once did, but if
Question 6. Are you aware that there is no authority behind       Australia won‟t do it, Queensland should. It is the duty of
the titular title known as the Queen of Australia?                government to do this, not use the income from future
Question 7. Are you aware that constitutions & bills of right     generations to pay back borrowed money squandered today.
restrict government & not people?                                 Think carefully before going to the polls.
                                                                                            (source: Australian Beacon. Issue 44)
 Without prejudice UCC 1-207

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