Neural Plasticity or Recovery from Brain Damage by mikesanye


									     Neural Plasticity
Recovery from Brain Damage
1. Two Type of Neuronal Death
    a. Apoptosis – Active Cell Death
    b. Necrosis – Passive Cell Death (i.e. injury)

2. Effects of neural damage (necrosis)
    a. Anterograde degeneration – Involves the
    distal segment of the axon, recovery is possible
    b. Retrograde degeneration – Death of a cell,
    c. Transneuronal degeneration – (cascading
    effect) The neuron across from the injured
    neuron will die as well
Neuronal Degeneration in Necrosis
   Anterograde & Retrograde
Neuronal Degeneration in Necrosis
2. Regeneration
  a. Sprouting – Occurs at the tip of the
      terminal or as a side shoot off of an
      axon (i.e. collateral sprouting)
  b. There is no “true” regeneration in the
      CNS but it can occur in the PNS
         (i.e. true = point-to-point)
 Regeneration following in Central
Nervous System: Collateral Sprouting
Regeneration in the Peripheral Nervous
  System (e.g., spinal cord injuries)

                                Point to point

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