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2011Spring Summer web by niusheng11




                               SPRING / SUMMER 2011
                               "Early Bird" Pool Pass Sales (p.6)
                               Tiny Tot Olympics (p. 16)
                               Summer Parks Adventure Camp (p.24)
                               Tri-Cities Dust Devils: BBQ & Baseball (p. 33)
                               Crazy Coyote Adventure Fest (p.33 )          Parks & R
                               2nd Annual Soapbox Derby (p.34)
                                                                                          e cr
                                                                     Pen to


                               541-276-8100                            City of Pendleton
         arks & R
Pendleto                                             TABlE OF CONTENTS

                ecre on
                           Director’s Welcome .......................................................              3
                    ati    Registration Information .............................................                 4-5
                           Aquatics .........................................................................    6-11
                           Birthday Parties/Facility Rentals .................................                     12
                           Youth Programs .............................................................            13

                           Gymnastics ....................................................................      14-15

                           How to Find Us - Map, Facility Addresses, Parks ........                             20-21

                           Adult Programs..............................................................           29
                           Disc Golf ......................................................................       32
                           Trips & Tours ...............................................................          33
                           Special Events ..............................................................        33-34

                           Activity Index by Month ...............................................              35-37

                           Other Recreation Resources .........................................                   38
                           Celebrating Grants, Sponsors & Volunteers!.................                            39

                          PARkS & CEMETERy OFFICE
                          Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
                          OPEN THROUGH LUNCH
                          865 Tutuilla Road
                          Pendleton, OR 97801
                          Telephone: 541-276-8100
                          FAX: 541-276-9789
                             Dave Byrd             Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Director
                             Donnie Cook           Parks & Cemetery Superintendent
                             Glenn Graham          Facilities Superintendent
                             Deb Whittaker         Special Projects Coordinator
                             Sarah Martinsen       Senior Secretary

                          PENDlETON RECREATION CENTER
                          Helen Mccune GyM
                          Foundation RooM
                          activity RooM
                          510 SW Dorion
                          Pendleton, OR 97801
                          Telephone: 541-966-0212
                          FAX: 541-966-0275
                             Lisa Patrick         Recreation Supervisor
           2                 Jeff Hamilton        Recreation Supervisor

                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                                                                      arks & R
PENDlETON PARkS & RECREATION COMMISSION                                             nP


                                                                                             ecre on
       Alan Kendrick, Chair Park Board meetings are held at

       Vern Willcox, V. Chair Noon, the second Tuesday of each
       Rick Guenther
                              month at the Parks Office, 865 Tu-
       Bobby Farley
                              tuilla Road, Pendleton. These are
       Rick Oliver
       Rudy Rada              public meetings and we encourage
       Joseph Engum           your participation and input!

 Greetings from the Director!
 You’ll probably notice that opening day for the Aquatic Center has
 been set for June 9, the last day of school for Pendleton, and a return
 to the traditional opening day for the pool. The decision was taken be-
 cause of historically poor weather and low attendance over Memorial
 Day Weekend. While we know this nearly ensures that the temperature

 will be in the 90’s this year, we wanted to remind you that the pool will
 not be open Memorial Day Weekend.
 Please welcome our newest member of the Pendleton Parks & Recre-
 ation Commission, Joe Engum. Joe is co-owner of Housecraft Build-
 ing and Renovation here in Pendleton but WE know him best from
 the years that he spent as part of the Skatepark Steering Committee. I
 know he’s going to be an awesome addition to the Commission.
 I invite you to join us on the last Thursday of each month for Open
 Mic Night at the Vert Little Theater, from 7:30-10:00 pm. We started
 meeting at the end of last year and response has been good. The con-
 cept is to give local musicians a chance to experience some stage time,
 jam with friends, and to just have a great evening. The atmosphere is
 informal and very non-threatening so even the casual musician will feel
 right at home. Stop by for a listen or to play!
 Park shelter rentals for the summer are already well underway, so if you
 have a special event planned, give us a call right away. We have a new
 shelter at Community Park westside, the Wildhorse Shelter (funded in
 part by Wildhorse Foundation) and by summer we should have the new
 playground equipment installed. No hints except to say that it will be
 different than any other park in Pendleton and we know that children
 will love it!
 A special hi to Tricia for stopping me at the bank and letting me know
 that, indeed, there is at least one of you reading my letters! And if
 there is anyone else out there reading this ... GO PLAY OUTSIDE!

 Dave Byrd
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R

                             Ways tO                           Call the Parks Office at 276-8100

                ecre on
                                                                       if you have questions

                             reGister          REGISTRATION
                                                                  or need help with registration.

                          ►ONlINE REGISTRATION GUIDElINES
                          • Useful for information AND         • You must pre-register prior to at-
                            registration.                        tending an activity unless other-
                          • Link from our homepage at            wise noted.
                                                               • Fees must be paid in full at the
                          ►WAlK-IN                               time of registration. Class sizes
                          Parks Office                           are limited and will be filled on a
                          865 Tutuilla Road                      first come, first serve basis.
                          Pendleton                            • Activities are subject to change
                          • For ALL activities and services      by the Parks and Recreation De-
                                                                 partment. Class minimums must

                          ►PHONE                                 be met or the class is subject to
                          Parks Office                           cancellation.
                          (541) 276-8100
                                                               • Unless you hear from us, GO TO
                          • Pay with Visa or Mastercard
                                                                 CLASS. We will call you only if a
                          • Please have your card number
                                                                 class has been changed or is can-
                            and all registration information

                          ►MAIl                                ACCOMMODATIONS
                          Pendleton Parks & Recreation         We support the Americans With
                          865 Tutuilla Road                    Disabilities Act and encourage
                          Pendleton, OR 97801                  participation by everyone. If you
                          • Include completed registration     require special accommodations to
                            form and payment; include          participate in our programs or use
                            credit card info, money order or   our recreation facilities, please call
                            check.                             966-0212.
                          • Please do not send cash.
                                                               whERE TO FIND
                          • A receipt will be mailed to you.
                                                               PARkS & RECREATION
                          ►FAx                                 BROChURES
                          Parks Office                         • Parks & Cemetery office, 865 Tu-
                          (541) 276-9789                         tuilla Road, Pendleton.
                          • Include your credit card infor-    • On our website ...
                            mation with completed registra-
                            tion form.
                                                               • Pendleton Public Library
                          • A receipt will be mailed to you.
                                                               • Chamber of Commerce
                          ►PAY BY                              • City Hall
                          • Check, payable to City of Pend-    • Rooster’s, Shari’s, Big John’s Piz-
                            leton                                za, McDonalds, Tum-A-Lum and
                          • Visa or Mastercard                   Safeway.
                          • Cash (in person only)              • The spring/summer brochure is
                                                                 available mid-April, fall/winter is
                                                                 available in early September and
           4                                                     winter/spring in late December.
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
MAIl/E-MAIl NEwS                          CREDITS & REFUNDS                                nP
                                                                                             arks & R
We are now direct mailing the bro-


                                                                                                       ecre on
                                          Credits (good for up to one year

chure to our mailing list. We also        from the date of issue) or refunds
will continue to mail periodic news-      are readily granted if we are noti-
letters that help fill the gap between    fied 7 days prior to the start date
brochures. If you would like to be        of the program. Credits only will
on that mailing list or our email list,   be granted if notified less than 7
please call in your contact informa-      days prior to program start date.
tion to 276-8100 or visit our web-        Program fees are not refunded for
site     www.pendletonparksandrec.        participants who miss portions of
com to submit your information on         programs.
our webform.
Online registration asks for your
email address as part of your ac-

                                                                                           BUllETIN BOARD
count set-up. We will be contacting
you shortly to ask if you would like
to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of re-
ceiving future updates by email, just PhOTOGRAPhy POlICy
to ensure we are using your infor- By enrolling or attending any class
mation courteously and responsibly. or activity offered by Pendleton
                                      Parks & Recreation, you consent to
                                      have your child’s photograph taken
                                      and allow usage of these photo-
                                      graphs in future publications by
                                      Pendleton Parks and Recreation.
                                      Names will never be included un-
                                      less we seek and are granted spe-
                                      cific permission.
The Parks & Recreation Depart-            wAITlIST POlICy
ment has a scholarship fund that          When using online registration, you
can assist qualifying youths. Call        may see a zero or negative number
the office at 276-8100 to obtain an       in the "open" column of the class.
application or pick one up at 865         If you choose to continue your reg-
Tutuilla Rd.                              istration, the system will place you
Would you like to help give some-         on a waitlist. No payment is taken
one access to recreation activities       for placement on a waitlist. You will
by donating to the scholarship            be called or emailed if an opening
fund? Please contact Lisa Patrick at      becomes available or if additional
966-0228.                                 classes are created. If you fail to re-
                                          ply within 24 hours, the next avail-
vOlUNTEERS                                able person on the waitlist will be
During the year we quite often            notified. Note that if additional
need help for special events; both        classes are created, they may not be
individuals and civic groups are          at the same time or day as the origi-
welcomed. Please contact Lori             nal program. Students on a waitlist
Sams, Volunteer Coordinator at            are not guaranteed a space in the
541-966-0394.                             program.                                             5
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
                               PENdlEtON FAmily
         arks & R

                     ecre on

                                AquAtic cENtER
                                                                           Open Noon to 8:00 pm
                                                                           Pool Opens June 9

                                Daily aDmission:
                                2 yrs. and under FREE
                                (w/paying adult)
                                3-17 yrs. $3.00
                                                                                           3 POOls
                                Adult $4.50
                                (children under the age of 9                  Gigantic Water slides

                                not permitted without supervision)              tot Water Features
                                                                                     shelter Rental

                                                        1901 NW carden
                                                541-276-0104 during open hours
                                                       Pool opens June 9

                               ANNUAl PASS INFO                       INClEMENT WEATHER
                               EARlY BIRD PASSES ON
                                                                      For the safety of our guests,
                               SAlE NOW! (10% discount
                               through Wednesday, June 8, 2011)       the pool will close if a light-
                                                                      ning storm develops. Call the
                               SEASON PASS RATES:                     Parks office, 276-8100, or the
                                Youth $50 ($45 w/10%)                 pool, 276-0104, before you
                                Adult $55 ($50 w/10%)                 come if conditions are poor.
                                Family $125 ($113 w/10%)
                                Low income rates (50% or 75%         SwIM MEET ClOSURES
                                discount) are available to resi-
                                                                     During swim meets the 50 meter
                                dents who meet income level
                                                                     and dive well will be closed to the
                                guidelines. Applications for all
                                                                     public. The leisure pool remains
                                passes can be obtained at the
                                Parks Office, 865 Tutuilla Road,
                                Pendleton. Hours are Monday -        Please mark the following dates
                                Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Don’t      on your calendar: July 8, 9 and
                                forget you can save some money       10; dual meet dates tba - watch our
           6                    with punch cards too!                website for updates.

                                                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                        sWim lessOns                                                                      nP
                                                                                                            arks & R


                                                                                                                    ecre on
                  (All classes held Monday through Thursday)

One instructor is assigned to each class of eight swimmers. If youth vol-
unteers are available, they will assist the instructor. Participants with seri-
ous water adjustment concerns should be entered in parent/tot classes or
arrange for a private lesson.
Pre-registration: Thursday, May 27th and June 2nd, 5:00-7:00 pm at the
Pendleton Recreation Center, 500 SW Dorion, Pendleton.
Class Registration: After the pre-registration day, registration will con-
tinue during public open hours of the pool, AT THE POOl.
 Session 1 June 20th - June 30th               PRicinG
 Session 2        July 4th - July 14th                  Resident Lesson                $35
 Session 3        July 18th - July 28th                 Non-resident Lesson            $40
 Session 4        August 1st - August 11th              Private Lesson                 $55
                                                        (four 45-min lessons)
Aqua Tots                                         Sessions 1 through 4     9:45-10:30 am or

Aqua Tots builds swimming readiness by                                     10:45-11:30 am
emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and
                                                  Session 2 and 3          6:30-7:15 pm
children participate in guided sessions that
help children learn elementary skills, includ-   level III-Stroke Development
ing water entry, bubble blowing, front kick-     Designed for those who have completed
ing, back floating, underwater exploration       Level 2 (or equivalent), and swimming on
and more.                                        their own. Skills taught: side breathing,
 Sessions 1 through 4    11:00-11:30 am          changing directions, refine front and back
                                                 crawl, intro to butterfly, breaststroke, tread-
Dolphins                                         ing water, sitting and kneeling dives.
Dolphins is the second level of skill build-      Session 1                9:45-10:30 am or
ing after Parent/Tot lessons. Students learn                               10:45-11:30 am
to feel comfortable in water and enjoy the
water safely. Students begin floating and ba-    level IV-Stroke Improvement
sic skills.                                      Designed for those who have completed
                                                 Level 3 (or equivalent) and are ready to
 Sessions 1 through 4    10:00-10:30 am or       refine strokes and develop stamina. Skills
                         10:45-11:15 am          taught: alternate breathing, open turns, scis-
level I-Intro. to Water Skills                   sor kick, treading water, butterfly, refined
Designed for the non-swimmer who wish-           breaststroke, standing dive.
es to develop swimming readiness. Skills          Sessions 1 through 4     9:45-10:30 am or
taught: balance, breath control, supported                                 10:45-11:30 am
floating, alternating arm action, proper body
positioning, underwater comfort, kicking on      level V-Stroke Refinement
front/back.                                      Students refine front and back crawl and
                                                 learn to perform sidestroke and breast-
 Sessions 1 through 4    10:00-10:30 am or       stroke. Students are introduced to butterfly.
                         10:45-11:15 am          Students learn rules for safe diving from the
 Sessions 1 & 4          6:30-7:00 pm            board.
level II-Fundamental Aquatic                      Sessions 2 & 3          9:30-10:15 am
Skills                                           level VI-Swimming & Skill
Designed for the beginner who is comfort-
able in the water and ready to swim. Skills
taught: breath control, floating front/back,     Students perfect strokes so they swim with
                                                 more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness
combined stroke on front, supported stroke
on back, proper body positioning, supported      over a greater distance. Springboard diving
gliding, retrieving submerged objects.           and advanced rescue skills are learned here.
                                                  Sessions 3 & 4         10:45-11:30 am

                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R
                                                        til taylOr WaDinG POOl
                ecre on
                                                        FREE ADMISSON
                    ati                                 OPENS: Monday, June 20th
                                                        HOURS: Noon to 4:00 pm AND 6:00 to
                                                        8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.
                                                        ClOSES: Saturday, August 20th
                                                        A Pendleton favorite for 25 years! The
                                                        wading pool is just the right size for little
                                                        ones and a great spot for parents to relax a
                                                        little too. The pool is intended for children
                           8 years and younger and they must be directly supervised. Clean swim-
                           ming attire only. Pool attendant on deck.

                          kIDS ACTIvITy NIGhT AT ThE AQUATIC CENTER
                          This year we have two fun-filled nights for middle and high school stu-
                          dents, Wed., July 6th and August 10th, 8:00-10:30 pm. The Aquatic Center
                          will have our gamer’s night setup, contests and swimming. Admission is
                          $3.00 and family or individual passes do apply. Registration is not required

                          so just bring your suit and towel and come down for a night of fun!

                          AQUATIC BlAST
                          A FREE fun-filled day at the Pendleton Aquatic Center, with various
                          games and prizes to be won. Come bring your family and friends for a
                          great day under the sun. Event will be held Wed., July 20th. The doors
                          open at Noon and the event will run until 8:00 pm.

                          AQUATIC MOvIE NIGhT
                          Come enjoy a movie while you swim! We will set up a large screen at the
                          50-meter pool on Thurs., August 4th, with an 8:15 pm movie start time.
                          What a great family activity! The movie will be announced at a later date
                          but will be a PG13 or under rating. General admission to pool or pool
                          passes apply.

                          DOGGIE DIP DAy
                          Enjoy those last dog days of summer. Bring your well-mannered pooch
                          to the Aquatic Denter from 5:00-7:00 pm, Wednesday, September 7th, for
                          one last hoorah! The chlorine will be gone, but the water is still available
                          for a variety of pooch-oriented games and activities. Admission is $3.00
           8              per dog. Leashes required; only pets allowed in pool.
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
             aquatiC Center shuttle Bus                                                   nP
                                                                                            arks & R


                                                                                                    ecre on
Bus Runs Monday, wednesday & FRiday; BeG. FRi. 6/10

Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, all aboard! Pendleton’s Let ‘Er Bus is spon-
sored by the City of Pendleton and Elite Taxi. Transportation is FREE but do-
nations are accepted. Call Parks and Recreation for additional information, 276-
8100. All ages welcome!
The bus will return all riders to the pick up location. The Aquatic Center will
make an announcement for swimmers depature at 3:45 p.m. Children under the
age of nine will not be allowed on the bus or in the Aquatic Center without
supervision. Bus riders must have a season pass or admission for entry to the
Aquatic Center. ($3.00 for youth and $4.50 for adults)

 Departure          Pick Up/Drop Off Location                     Return
 11:35 am           Washington School                             4:10 pm
 11:40 am           May Park                                      4:15 pm
 11:45 am           SW 2nd & Nye                                  4:20 pm
 11:50 am           Sherwood School                               4:25 pm
 11:55 am           McKay School                                  4:30 pm

 Noon               Fire Station #2 (Southgate)                   4:35 pm
 12:05 pm           Grecian Heights Park                          4:40 pm
 12:10 pm           Hawthorne School                              4:45 pm
 12:15              Arrive at Aquatic Center
 4:00 pm            Leave Aquatic Center to return to locations

aGes 8-12
This one hour class is designed SwIM lESSONS
for youths who are interested in aGes 16
learning the fundamentals of safe,       and undeR
springboard diving. Students will be     Kids can get
taught the approach on the board         an introduc-
and entry into the water along with      tory swim les-
some basic front and back dives.         son for free.
The class will concentrate on the        They will be separated into groups
one meter board, though at least         and learn the basic skills taught in
jumping off the three meter will be      our Learn to Swim program. What
encouraged. Pool admission is in-        a great way to see your kids abil-
cluded in the fee. All divers must be    ity for placement in our Learn to
at least 8 years old and have swim-      Swim program. Pre-register at the
ming skills equivalent to Level III      Aquatic Center or over the phone
(Stroke Development). Class is lim-      at (541)276-0104 by June 14th.
ited to 12 divers.                         PlACE         Pendleton
  PlACE            Pendleton                             Aquatic Center
                   Aquatic Center          DAYS          We & Th
  DAYS             Tu & We                 DATE          6/15 & 6/16
  DATE             6/21-7/6                FEE           FREE
  FEE              $25                     TIME          10:00-11:00 am
  TIME             6:00-7:00 pm            REGISTER By Tues., 6/14
  REGISTER By Mon., 6/20                                                                       9
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         PARENT & ME
                          SwIM lESSONS
                                                   neW                  It’s never too
                ecre on
                          aGes 5-12                                  early or too late
                          This evening class is designed for
                          the parent who would like to be part       to learn to swIm!
                          of their child’s learning experience.
                          Parents are one-on-one with their
                          child in the water and an instructor    ADUlT SURvIvAl
                          will guide you through the lesson.      SwIM ClASSES
                          This class is designed for the begin-   aGes 16+
                          ner who is comfortable in the water     This is an adult class that teaches
                          and ready to swim. Skills taught:       the fundamentals of staying afloat
                          Breath control, floating front/back,    with the goal becoming confident
                          combined stroke on front, sup-          around water. Learn basic rescue
                          ported stroke on back, proper body      skills along with familiarity with
                          positioning, supported gliding, re-     pools.
                          trieving submerged objects.              PlACE          Pendleton
                           PlACE             Pendleton                            Aquatic Center
                                             Aquatic Center        DAYS           We & Th

                           DAYS              Mo-Th                 DATE
                           DATE                                    Session 1      6/22-6/23
                           Session 1         7/18-7/28             Session 2      8/10-8/11
                           Session 2         8/1-8/11              FEE            $30
                           FEE               $35                   TIME           5:30-7:30 pm
                           TIME              6:30-7:15 pm          REGISTER
                           REGISTER                                Session 1      By Mon., 6/20
                           Session 1         By Mon., 7/18         Session 2      By Mon., 8/8
                           Session 2         By Mon., 8/1

                          JR. lIFEGUARD ClASS
                          aGes 8-15
                          This American Red Cross Jr. Life-
                          guards course is designed to teach      lAP SwIM
                          participants basic pool safety, water   aGes 16+
                          rescue skills and how to act in an      Lap swim is always available during
                          emergency. Lessons are grouped          open pool hours. Please inform the
                          into five main areas: Prevention,       lifeguard by the lap area and he/she
                          Swimming Skills, Response, Lead-        will keep lanes open for your lap
                          ership and Rescue.                      swimming enjoyment.
                           PlACE           Pendleton                PlACE           Pendleton
                                           Aquatic Center                           Aquatic Center
                           DAYS            Mo thru Th               DAYS            Mo thru Th
                           DATE            6/20-6/23                DATE            6/9-9/5
                           FEE             $75                      FEE             $4 or season pass
                           TIME            3:00-5:00 pm             TIME            Noon - 8:00 pm
       10                  REGISTER By Fri., 6/17                   REGISTER Drop-in
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
lIFEGUARD TRAINING                 wATER SAFETy                                        nP
                                                                                         arks & R
aGes 16+                           INSTRUCTOR COURSE


                                                                                                 ecre on
This course is designed to provide aGes 17+

lifeguard candidates and lifeguards     The student will learn how to teach
with the skills and knowledge nec-      swimming and water safety and fur-
essary to keep the patrons of aquat-    ther develop personal skills in these
ic facilities safe in and around the    areas. Successful completion leads
water. Successful completion will       to the American Red Cross Water
lead to the American Red Cross          Safety Instructor (WSI) certificate.
lifeguard training certificate. Rec-    Recommended preparation: stu-
ommended preparation: the stu-          dent must be at least 17 years-old
dent must possess swimming skill        at the start of course and must pass
proficiency and strength. This          the pre-course written and skills
course is being taught in partner-      test. This course is being taught in
ship with BMCC and students have        partnership with BMCC and stu-
the option to register for credit or    dents have the option to register for
audit the course. Log on to www.        credit or audit the course. Log on to and look for “Student and look for “Stu-
Wolfweb” in the right column to-        dent Wolfweb” in the right column

wards the bottom of the page to         towards the bottom of the page to
link to the registration page. Regis-   link to the registration page.Regis-
tration for this course will begin on   tration for this course will begin on
May 19.                                 May 19.
  PlACE            Pendleton              PlACE           Pendleton
                   Aquatic Center                         Aquatic Center
  DAYS             Mo thru Sa             DAYS            Tu thru Su
  DATE             6/13-6/18              DATE            6/14-6/19
  FEE              $170                   FEE             $170
  TIME             5:00-8:00 pm           TIME            7:00-11:00 am
  REGISTER By Mon., 6/13                  REGISTER By Tues., 6/14

              lifeguard competition                              neW
                                  Ages 16+
 Take your lifeguard training and skills to the next level in a Lifeguard
 Competition at the Pendleton Aquatic Center. Participants will com-
 pete in various events, both individual and team-based, reflecting the
 very nature of the job. Events will focus on the knowledge, skills, and
 judgments encountered in lifeguard situations. Teams are made up of
 4 members, with at least one member of the opposite sex per team.
 The competition consists of 8 events in 4 categories: Pool Simulations,
 First Aid, Priority Action Assessment and Fitness. There will be a team
 check-in on Saturday at 2 pm; competition will begin around 2:30 pm.
 For further information contact Jeff Hamilton (541)966-0229.
  PlACE            Pendleton Aquatic Center
  DAYS             Sa
  DATE             7/16
  FEE              $50
  TIME             2:00 - 8:00 pm
  REGISTER By Wed., 7/13
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         BIRThDAy PARTIES

                ecre on
                          The gym is a great place for kids

                          to have some energetic fun with
                          friends and family. Enjoy badmin-
                          ton, volleyball or basketball. Play
                          some ping pong, pool or foosball.
                          Use our equipment for the kids to
                          build obstacle courses. Have a CD

                          you would like to play? We have a
                          great sound system.
                                                                 FACIlITy RENTAlS
                          Parties are scheduled on Saturdays,   Looking for that perfect location
                          October through May, at the fol-      for your summertime event? Park
                          lowing intevals. The exra 15 min-     shelters offer tables, barbeques,
                          utes gives you time to meet with      many have electricity, and all have a
                          our gym supervisor and get set up     lot of lush, green space to play. Ask
                          for your celebration before guests    for one of our free park bags that
                          arrive, allowing for a 2-hour party.  has volleyball equipment, horse-
                          Choose from:                          shoes, and other sports balls. Call
                                       10:15-12:30              the Parks office, 276-8100 for in-
                                        12:45-3:00              formation on shelters, the Vert Au-
                                         3:15-5:30              ditorium, Little Theater and Club
                          All parties are $35. Please book ear- Room. Call the Recreation Center,
                          ly as demand has definitely grown 966-0228, for details regarding use
                          and we hate telling you that special of recreation center facilities, in-
                          day is already taken.                 cluding the gym & loft or Founda-
                                                                tion Room.
                                  youtH PRoGRaMs        - alPHaBetical list w/PG. #
                          Adult Survival Swim (16+)       10     Diving Class                     9
                          Aquatic Blast                    8     Exploring Swim Lessons
                          Aquatic Movie Night              8

                                                                 Flying Start Skatepass
                          Archery                         27      Flying Further
                          Art For Adults (16+)            30     Flying Start Skatepass
                                                                  True Beginners
                          Baby Signing Summer
                                                          16     Friday Trip - Jubilee Lake      26
                          Baby Signing Time               13     Friday Trip - McNary Dam
                                                                  & Beach
                          Basic Yoga (16+)                29
                                                                 Friday Trip - Pendleton
                          Cheer Champs                    18      Skating Rink/Movie
                          Coed "Best Disc" Golf                  Friday Trip - Walla Walla
                                                          32                                     26
                           League (12+)                           Aviary/Movie
                          Coed Softball League (16+)      31     Gamer's Night Tourney:
                                                                  Modern Warfare Black Ops
                          Cotton Candy Clinic             13     Glow Disc Golf
                          Creative Genius Art Camp        22      Tournament (12+)

           12             CSI Junior Investigators        22     Golf - Youth                    16

                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                                                                          arks & R
 Gymnastics                         14      Round Up Teen Dances          25            nP


                                                                                                 ecre on
 Hershey's Track Meet               19      Rugby - Youth                 28

 Jr. Lifeguard Class                10      Singles Disc Golf
                                             League (12+)
 Junior Picassos                    17
                                            Skills For Life               24
 Kids Activity Night at Pool         8
                                            Feel Good/Look Good           25
 Kids in Power - Child
                                    22      Soap Box Derby                34
 Safety Clinic
 Kids in the Kitchen                23      Summer Parks
                                             Adventure Camp
 Lifeguard Training (16+)           11
                                            Swim Lessons                   7
 Men's Softball
                                    31      Tennis - Youth (Evenings)     27
  League (16+)
 Open Gym for Teens                 25      Tiny Tot Olympics             16
 Parent & Me Swim Lessons           10      Water Safety
                                             Instructor Course (17+)
 Pee Wee Picassos                   17
                                            Young Einstein
 P-Town Throw Down                  18       Science Camp

 Rice-Blakey X Games                23

aGes 0-3
Play and Sign classes are designed
for children of all abilities ages 0 - 3
years to take with an adult to learn
American Sign Language through
songs, games and activities. Over the
four week course you and your tot
will learn 25-30 signs for use in ev-      COTTON CANDy
eryday living.
SESSION 1                                  ClINIC
                                           aGes 3-10
 PlACE            Community Rm.,           Cure your sugar craving. How does
                  City Hall                that colored sugar end up in long
 DAYS             Sa                       sticky strings of fluff ? Come find
 DATE             4/30-5/21                out how to make your own cotton
 FEE              $30                      candy on a stick.
 TIME             9:00-9:45 am              PlACE            Rec. Center,
                                                             Foundation Rm.
 REGISTER By Thu., 4/28
                                            DAYS             Sa
SESSION 2                                   DATE
 PlACE        Rec. Center,                  Session 1        June 18
              Foundation Rm.                Session 2        July 9
 DAYS         Mo                            FEE              $8
 DATE         5/2-5/23                      TIME             9:30-10:30 am
 FEE          $30                           REGISTER
                                            Session 1        By Mon., 6/13
 TIME         5:30-6:15 pm
 REGISTER By Thu., 4/28
                                            Session 2        By Tues., 7/5
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         GyMNASTICS
                          aGes 18 MontHs to 12 yeaRs

                ecre on
                          Gymnastics and tumbling are great ways to enhance a child’s self-esteem
                          by learning new skills and making new friends. Summer sessions meet for
                          five weeks.
                          Existing students may hold their spot by registering before the end of
                          each session. New students are registered on a first come/first serve basis.
                          Classes are filling faster. Don’t delay. Students MUST be pre-registered in
                          order to join the class. Please call the Parks office if you are unsure where
                          to place your child, 541-276-8100.
                           ClASS DESCRIPTIONS (not all classes are offered each session)
                           Partners        Basic motor development with an adult partner
                            in Play        for ages 18 months - 3 years.
                           Tiny Tumblers 1 3 years; basic motor development & gymnastics.
                           Tiny Tumblers 2 4-5 years; basic motor development & gymnastics.
                           Tumblers 1      4-5 years; For students who have had ten weeks

                                           or more of gymnastics skill building, or teacher
                           Tumblers 2      6-8 years; beginning gymnastics.
                           Tumblers 3      9-12 years; beginning gymnastics.
                           Gymnasts 1      5-7 years; student must be able to do a hand
                                           stand, cartwheel, bridge up and pull over.
                           Gymnasts 2      8-12 years; student must be able to do a hand
                                           stand, cartwheel, bridge up and pull over.
                           Tricksters 1    5-12 years; teachers approval or student must be
                                           able to do a 5-second hand stand, back bend with
                                           steady leg lifts, one-handed cartwheel and round
                                           off, pull over, cast back hip circle.
                           Tricksters 2    5-12 years; teachers approval or student must be
                                           able to do a back walkover, walk on hands, front
                                           limber, glide kip, back hip circle.

                                  5-WEEK SESSION                                  FEES
                                  Mondays 6/20-7/25
                                                                     30 minute class            $33
                                    (no class on 7/4)
                                  Tuesdays 6/21-7/19                 45 minute class            $38
                                                                     60 minute class
                                 Wednesdays 6/22-7/20                                           $63
                                                                     (2x per week)
                                 Thursdays 6/23-7/21

                          new students can register on 6/3 for the session that begins on 6/20.
                            the next summer session is 8/1-9/1; new students can register on
                            7/22. ImPortant - the schedule may change for the subsequent
                          session so check the website. ten week sessions will begin again after
                                round Up. watch for the fall brochure around labor Day.
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
     TUMBlING/GYMNASTIC SCHEDUlE BY ClASS                                 arks & R


                                                                                 ecre on
 Partners in Play  Tuesday  5:15-5:45 pm Kristin

                   Monday   5:30-6:00 pm Kristin
 Tiny Tumblers 1
                   Tuesday  5:45-6:15 pm Kristine
 Tiny Tumblers 2  Thursday  5:30-6:15 pm Kristine
   Tumblers 1     Wednesday 6:15-7:00 pm Kristin
   Tumblers 2     Thursday  4:45-5:30 pm Kristine
                   Monday   6:00-6:45 pm Kristin
   Gymnasts 1
                  Wednesday 5:30-6:15 pm Kristin
   Gymnasts 2      Monday   4:15-5:00 pm Kristine
   Tricksters 2   Tues. & Thurs.   6:15-7:15 pm      Kristine

             MONDAY               TUESDAY
             Gymnasts 2
 4:15         (45 min.)
                                Partners In Play
 5:15                               (30 min.)
           Tiny Tumblers 1
 5:30         (30 min.)
                                Tiny Tumblers 1
 5:45                               (30 min.)
             Gymnasts 1
 6:00         (45 min.)
                             Tricksters 2 (Tu & Th)
 6:15                               (60 min.)
           WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY
                                  Tumblers 2
 4:45                               (45 min.)
            Gymnasts 1          Tiny Tumblers 2
 5:30        (45 min.)              (45 min.)
            Tumblers 1       Tricksters 2 (Tu & Th)
 6:15        (45 min.)              (60 min.)                               15
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         BABy SIGNING
                          SUMMER CAMP
                                                   neW            yOUTh GOlF
                                                                  aGes 5-13
                ecre on
                          aGes: see Below                         Kids will learn the elements of a full
                          This is an introductory course to       swing, the short game, putting rules
                          the world of baby signing. Learn        and golf etiquette. Last session will
                          about 20 signs for everyday use over    include a mini “scramble”. Limited
                          the four day camp. Enjoy fun activi-    number of youth clubs available on
                          ties, songs and a craft, all designed   loan for class.
                          to keep things fun and interesting       PlACE            Pendleton
                          for your busy little one. Please note                     Country Club
                          separate times by age group and the      DAYS             Tu thru Fr
                          location change for the second ses-
                                                                   DATE             7/26-7/29
                          SESSION 1                                TIME             6:00-7:30 pm
                           PlACE            City Hall, Com-        FEE              $30
                                            munity Room            REGISTER By Wed., 7/13
                           DAYS             Mo-Th
                           DATE             6/13-6/16
                           FEE              $30

                           0-18 mo.         9:00-9:45 am
                           18 mo.-3 yrs.    10:00-10:45 am
                           REGISTER By Mon., 6/6

                          SESSION 2
                           PlACE           Rec. Center,
                                           Foundation Rm.
                           DAYS            Mo-Th                  TINy TOT OlyMPICS
                           DATE            8/1-8/4                aGes 3-6
                           FEE             $30                    Egg spoon race, balloon bump, gun-
                                                                  ny sack race, water balloon toss,tug-
                                                                  o-war and parachute bounce team
                           0-18 mo.        9:00-9:45 am
                                                                  contests, bean bag toss, ring toss,
                                    10:00-10:45 am
                           18 mo.-3 yrs.
                                                                  how high can I jump? (in the boun-
                           REGISTER By Mon., 7/25                 cy castle) contest, and more .... what
                                                                  a great time! More details to come.
                                                                  All children will receive a gold med-
                                                                  al for their efforts if pre-registered
                                                                  by Wednesday, August 10th. Chil-
                                                                  dren registering after that date or
                                                                  on-site will be given medals while
                                                                  supplies last.
                                                                   PlACE             Roy Raley Park
                                                                   DAYS              Sa
                                                                   DATE              8/20
                                                                   FEE               $6
                                                                   TIME              10:00 am - Noon
                                                                   REGISTER By Wed., 8/10
           16                                                                        (see details above)

                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                          JUNIOR PICASSOS                                 nP
                                                                                            arks & R
                                          aGes 6-9


                                                                                                   ecre on
                                          Choose between a variety of

                                          themes. Let us help your budding
                                          artist find their creative side and
                                          make new friends.The best part is
                                          you don’t clean up the creative ex-
                                          loration “tools” (paint, clay, etc)...
                                          WE DO! Price includes all materials.
                                           PlACE           Rec. Center,
                                                           Foundation Rm.
                                           DAYS            Mo & We
                                           Session 1       6/6 & 6/8
                                           Session 2       7/11 & 7/13
aGes 3-5                                   FEE             $15
Choose between a variety of themes.        TIME            6:45-7:45 pm
Let us help your little one find their     REGISTER
creative side and make new friends.        Session 1       By Tue. 5/31
The best part is you don’t clean up

                                           Session 2       By Thurs., 7/7
the creative exloration “tools” (paint,
clay, etc)...WE DO! Price includes all
 PlACE            Rec. Center,
                  Foundation Rm.
 DAYS             Mo & We
 Session 1        6/6 & 6/8
 Session 2        7/11 & 7/13
 FEE              $15
 TIME             5:30-6:30 pm
 Session 1        By Tues., 5/31
 Session 2        By Thurs., 7/7

                           summer fun fOr the family
                        Did you know that there are over 251 Pend-
                        leton area caches listed on www.geocaching.
                        com? Many of them are in easily accessed city
                        parks. All you need is a GPS and you can take
                        the family on a treasure hunt. If you don’t have
 a GPS you can check one out for FREE from the Pendleton Public
 Library using your library card!
 Have you tried the new disc golf course at Community Park? Rent
 discs at the Parks Office and take the family out to learn a new sport,
 pack a picnic, and you have a perfect day! Cost to rent a pack of discs is
 $5 per day or $10 for a weekend, and include 3 discs per pack, a driver,
 fairway and putter disc.
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         ChEER ChAMPS

                ecre on
                          aGes 5-8 and 9-13
                          You will learn simple cheer and
                          dance routines. The older age
                          group will participate in the Round-
                          up parade on September 10th. Fee
                          includes pom poms for all partici-
                          pants. Additional charge for ages 9 -
                          13 years includes t-shirt “costume”
                          for use in parade. This year’s theme
                          for the Parks and Recreation float is
                          the soap box derby.
                           PlACE            Grecian Hts.
                           DAYS             Sa
                           DATE             8/13-8/27
                           Ages 5-8         $23
                           Ages 9-13        $30

                           Ages 5-8         9:00-10:00 am
                           Ages 9-13        10:00-11:00 am
                           REGISTER By Fri., 8/5

                           TOwN ThROwDOwN
                          aGes 7+
                          Local competition with prizes,
                          music, and concessions. A $5 en-
                          try fee is charged per event (vert,
                          street, best trick). More details as
                          they come available. A little some-
                          thing for every age and ability.
                          Spectators welcome and encour-
                           PlACE            Rudy Rada
                           DAYS             Sa
                           DATE             6/11
                           TIME             10:00-Noon
                           FEE              $5 ea. event
                           REGISTER At the park;
           18                               9:30-10:00 am

                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
 hershey’s track meet-local
                                                                                        arks & R


                                                                                               ecre on
 B &g !

  oys        irls
 A 1 14
  ges   to
 The Pendleton City Club, Mid Columbia Bus Company and the Pend-
 leton Parks and Recreation Department will host the 32nd Annual Her-
 shey’s Track Meet. Additional support will be provided by PHS Track
 Team volunteers and Round-Up City Racer parents. Participation is
 The younger age group does not need to register and the older group
 will register at the event beginning at 10:30 am. See link in online reg-
 istration for copy of registration form if you would like to pre-fill and
 bring to meet. A copy of birth certificate will need to be sent to the
 state office if your child is a first place finisher in a qualifying event.
 Please look at the Hershey’s website for further info (ages 9-14) www. Event to be held on the newly resurfaced
 Pendleton High School Track.
 ages 1 through 8, Just for fun meet: Events begin at 9:30
 am. Participate in as many events as you have time and energy to com-

 plete: softball throw, standing long jump, 25 m dash, 50 m dash, 100m
 dash, 200 m dash, or 400 m dash. Ribbons to all participants!
 ages 9 through 14, local Qualifier: Register at 10:30 am.
 Choose two track and one field or two field and one track event.
 9 - 10 years: 50 m dash, 100 m dash, 200 m dash, 400 m dash, 4 x 100
 m relay, standing long jump, softball throw.
 11 - 12 years: 100 m dash, 200 m dash, 400 m dash, 800 m run, 4 x 100
 m relay, standing long jump, softball throw.
 13 - 14 years: 100 m dash, 200 m dash, 800 m run, 1600 m run, 4 x 100
 m relay, standing long jump, softball throw.
 ribbons to all participants!
 state meet: First place finishers in qualifying events, by age group,
 have the opportunity to advance to state finals. The Oregon State Finals
 will be held Saturday, 7/2, at Hayward Field in Eugene. If you want to
 compete locally but know that you cannot attend State, should you be a
 first place finisher please let us know so that the second place competi-
 tor can plan to fill the slot.
 The North American Finals will be held 8/3-8/7 in Hershey, PA.

  place             Pendleton High School Track

  days              Saturday

  date              6/4

  time              Just for Fun at 9:30 am; Local Qualifier at 10:30 am

  fee               FREE

  register          At event

                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
                                       PenDletOn Par
         arks & R

                ecre on



     FIND US!





                          1. aldRicH                 7.    McKay                    13.   Rudy Rada
                          2. BRownField                     neiGHBoRHood                   sKatePaRK
                          3. coMMunity ⌂             8.    MuseuM                   14.   seRGeant ci
                          4. GRecian HeiGHts         9.    PioneeR                  15.   sHeRwood ⌂
                             noRtH & soutH ⌂         10.   Rice-BlaKey ⌂            16.   stillMan ⌂
                          5. Kiwanis                 11.   RiveR PaRKway            17.   til tayloR
       20                 6. May                     12.   Roy Raley ⌂              18.   tRailHead

                                                        541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
rKs & faCilities
                                                                                       arks & R


                                                                                               ecre on

        9                  2   16

       2 4 5

                                             1 PaRKs & ceMeteRy                          FIND US!
                                               865 Tutuilla Road

                                             2 Pendleton RecReation
                                               510 SW Dorion
                                               Helen McCune Gymnasium
                                               Foundation Room (basement)
                                               Activity Room (basement)

                                             3 Pendleton FaMily
                                               aquatic centeR
                                               1901 NW Carden

                                             4 veRt auditoRiuM
                                               500 SW Dorion
            19. union PaciFic
                 sHelteR                     5 veRt little tHeateR
 ity        20. vincent                        veRt cluB RooM
⌂                                              345 SW 4th

            ⌂ ReseRvaBle sHelteR             6 Pendleton ice RinK
            Call 276-8100 to reserve a         in Roy Raley Park
            shelter                            1205 SW Court
                                           541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
         arks & R         CSI JUNIOR                                 CREATIvE GENIUS
                                                                     ART CAMP

                ecre on
                                                                     aGes 6-17
                          aGes 9-13
                          Officers from our very own Pend-           A fun filled week for all future art-
                          leton Police Department will lead          ists. This camp will introduce each
                                                                     participant to a variety of painting
                          this exciting opportunity to explore
                                                                     and drawing techniques (canvas,
                          and learn from the crime scene. Ju-        ceramics, wood and more). The fi-
                          nior investigators will be “badged”.       nal day of camp will include an art
                          They will also learn how to take fin-      show with each artist displaying all
                          gerprints, make handwriting com-           works of art for parents. Session I
                          parisons, and gather other evidence.       projects will be different from Ses-
                          The last class will include a field trip   sion II projects. Space is limited so
                          to a “crime scene”.                        register early.
                           PlACE            Rec. Center,             session 1
                                            Foundation Rm.            PlACE        Rec. Center,
                           DAYS             Mo thru Fr                             Foundation Rm.
                           DATE             7/18-7/22                 DAYS         Mo thru Th
                           FEE              $23                       DATE         6/13-6/16
                           TIME             10:30 am-Noon             FEE          $60
                           REGISTER By Mon., 7/11                     TIME         *choose one

                                                                      morning -or- 9:00 am to Noon
                                                                      afternoon    1:00-4:00 pm
                                                                      REGISTER By Mon., 6/6

                                                                     session 2
                                                                      PlACE        Rec. Center,
                                                                                   Foundation Rm.
                                                                      DAYS         Mo thru Th
                                                                      DATE         7/25-7/28
                                                                      FEE          $60
                                                                      TIME         *choose one
                                                                      morning -or- 9:00 am to Noon
                          kIDS IN POwER: ChIlD                        afternoon    1:00-4:00 pm
                          SAFETy ClINIC
                          aGes 6-16                  neW              REGISTER By Mon., 7/18
                          Endorsed by, this
                          two-hour clinic includes how-to in-
                          formation and demonstrations pro-
                          vided by Vito’s ATA School of Tae
                          Kwon Do. A child safety ID kit is
                          also included.
                           PlACE           Rec. Center,
                                           Helen McCune
                           DAYS            Sa
                           DATE            5/14
                           FEE             $5
                           TIME            10:00 am-Noon
       22                  REGISTER By Mon., 5/9
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                                                                   arks & R
                                      RICE BlAkEy                                nP


                                                                                          ecre on
                                      aGes 8-14

                                      Super slalom water slide, dodge
                                      ball, water games, ultimate fris-
                                      bee, tug-of-war, three legged
                                      races, gunny sack relays, and ICE
                                      CREAM! Meet at the gazebo.
kIDS IN ThE kITChEN                   Please bring a sack lunch, sun-
aGes 7-12                             screen and a water bottle.
•EASY DINNER & DESSERT                 PlACE          Rice Blakey Park
Learn how to properly set the table    DAYS           Fr
and etiquette basics. Prepare a de-
                                       DATE           7/1
licious lasagne, salad and cobbler
AND eat it!                            FEE            $6
  PlACE          Rec. Center,          TIME           10:00 am-
                 Foundation Rm.                       1:00 pm
  DAYS           We                    REGISTER By Tues., 6/28
  DATE           5/11  neW
  FEE            $13

  TIME           5:30-7:30 pm            youth activities
  REGISTER By Wed., 5/4
                                       Be sure to check the adult
•CAMP COOKING                              activity pages in our
Get ready for those 4th of July        Brochure Because many are
celebrations. Learn some tricks for
camp and BBQ cooking.                   geared toward 12-16+
 PlACE            Rec. Center,                  age groups.
                  Foundation Rm.
 DAYS             Fr
 DATE             6/24              yOUNG EINSTEIN
 FEE              $13               SCIENCE CAMP
                                    aGes 8-14
 TIME             11:00 am-
                                    This five day camp focuses on a
                  1:00 pm
                                    different branch of science each
 REGISTER By Fri., 6/17             day. Explore chemistry, envi-
                                    ronmental science, biology and
•COOl COOKING                       physics. On Friday, we will take a
Too hot to turn on the stove or field trip to apply some of our new
oven? Learn about smoothies, pop- found knowledge! Class will last
sicles and other COOL cooking op- until noon on Friday to accomo-
tions.                              date the field trip.
 PlACE            Rec. Center,       PlACE             Rec. Center,
                  Foundation Rm.                       Foundation Rm.
 DAYS             Sa                 DAYS              Mo thru Fr
 DATE             8/13               DATE              8/15-8/19
 FEE              $10                FEE               $50
 TIME             9:30-11:00 am      TIME              9:00-11:00 am
 REGISTER By Fri., 8/5               REGISTER By Mon., 8/8                       23
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
                          summer parks
         arks & R

                ecre on   adventure camp
                          Ages 8-14
                          Opportunity for children to par-
                          ticipate in a day camp setting for
                          seven weeks. Camp will be open
                          from 9 am - 3 pm, Monday -
                          Thursday, with lunch provided by
                          Sodexo through Pendleton school lunch program. Mondays will have an
                          educational theme, Tuesdays include a trip to the Aquatic Center (please
                          send $3 with your child for admission or a season pass), Wednesdays are
                          dedicated to crafts and Thursdays involve a trip to the library and par-
                          ticipation in the summer reading program if desired. Camp is offered at
                          either Community or Pioneer Park. Pre-registration is REQUIRED and
                          space is LIMITED at each site. Please register by Wednesday, June 15th.
                          Additional registrations will be accepted on a space available basis. We
                          will NOT meet on Monday, July 4th.

                          We have enabled a waitlist for this class and, depending on average at-

                          tendance at each park, we MAY be able to pull names from this list.
                          There is no guarantee and it will be first come-first served. If you are on
                          the waitlist don’t be discouraged. Attendance is at a peak in the first few
                          weeks and new slots often become available later in the camp.
                           place            Pioneer Park or Community Park
                           days             Mo thru Th
                                                                                    watch for the
                           date             6/20-8/4 (will not meet 7/4)           “meet our staff”
                                                                                     link in online
                           time             9:00 am - 3:00 pm
                           fee              FREE
                           register         By Wed., 6/15

                          Friday trips are a completely separate program from summer Parks
                          adventure Camp. trips are inexpensive and space is available on
                          the bus on a first-come first-served basis. Don’t delay - register early.
                                                 see page 26 for details.

                          SkIllS FOR lIFE
                          Middle & HiGH scHool
                                                                           free           teen
                          Partnering with Lost & Found Youth Outreach, the Recreation Center
                          gym will open on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m. Lots of gym activities avail-
                          able. At 4:00 p.m. the pace will change into a life skills group. Topics will
                          include success at school, cultivating a positive self-image, helping others,
                          and much more! This program is FREE. Program meets year round.
                           PlACE           Recreation Center, Helen McCune Gymnasium
                           DAYS            Th
                           DATE            4/28-9/1
                           TIME            3:00-5:00 pm
                           FEE             FREE
     24                    REGISTER Call Loretta at 379-0144
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                        FEEl GOOD/
                                        lOOk GOOD                teen                  nP
                                                                                         arks & R


                                                                                                ecre on
aGes 14-20                              aGes 12-19

These dances are put on by PHS          This program will help you learn
FFA with sponsorship support            how your body uses food, what
from Pendleton Parks and Recre-         kind of exercise you like, and help
ation. Mark your calendars for Sep.     you find ways to deal with stress-
14, 15, 16, & 17. More details to       ful days without junk food. There
follow as they become available. All    is no time like NOW to learn how
dances held in the Helen McCune         to eat healthy and to find and main-
Gymnasium at the Pendleton Rec-         tain your ideal weight. You will feel
reation Center (next to City Hall at    more energetic, look better, and
510 SW Dorion Ave.)                     have a happier outlook every day.
                                        Learn some great new habits and
 PlACE           Helen McCune
                                        start fall with an awesome outlook.
                                          PlACE            City Hall, Com-
 DAYS            Wed thru Sat
                                                           munity Room
 DATE            9/14-9/17
                                          DAYS             Tu
 TIME            9:00 pm-midnite
                                          DATE             6/21-8/9
                                          TIME             11:00 am - Noon

GAMER’S NIGhT                             FEE              $45
TOURNEy: MODERN                           REGISTER By Tues., 6/14
aGes 12-21
Got game? Loosen up those wrists,
get your game thumb on and come                        FOR
to the rec center the second Friday                GyM     TE
of each month for Gamer’s Night.


We will introduce a new game for

the summer(June, July and August).
A variety of games will be played,
including Call of Duty Black Ops.       aGes 12-19
Everything provided for play, along     Open gym is on Fridays and Satur-
with the game loft to relax in while    days from 3 - 6 pm for middle to
you wait for your turn. Admission       high school age students. FREE.
is free but a $2 contribution to the    Music, air-conditioning, time with
prize bucket gets you a random          friends and a chance to run. Play
drawing ticket for prizes.Prizes also   some dodgeball, basketball, vol-
given for bracket winners.              leyball, badminton or ??? We will
 PlACE            Rec. Center,          close at 5:00 p.m. on the second
                  Helen McCune          Friday of each month to set-up for
                  Gymnasium             Gamer’s Night.
                                         PlACE          Rec. Center,
                         teen                           Helen McCune
 Session 1        June 10
 Session 2
 Session 3
                  July 8
                  Aug 12
                         free            DAYS
 FEE              FREE                   TIME           3:00-6:00 pm
 TIME             7:00-10:00 pm          FEE            FREE
 REGISTER at event                       REGISTER drop-in                              25
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R
                                           FrIDay trIPs
                ecre on
                    ati            walla walla aviary & movie matinee
                                                             Ages 8-14
                          We will enjoy a tour of the Pioneer Park Aviary and then have a chance to burn
                          off some energy on their HUGE playground. After lunch we’ll head to the
                          movie theatre for a matinee. Please bring spending money for snacks at the
                          theatre. Admission is included with your registration fee. We will be back be-
                          tween 3:30 and 4:00 pm. Check website approx. 2 wks. ahead for movie title.

                           place            Leave/Return Rec. Center, Helen McCune Gym
                           day/date         Friday, 7/8
                           time             9:15 am - 4:00 pm; we will leave at 9:30 am SHARP
                           fee              $13 ( includes admission to movie)
                           register         By Tues., 7/5; limited to first 50 children registered
                           bring            Sack lunch and money for snacks at the theater

                                                  mcnary dam & beach
                                                          Ages 8-14

                          The day will start with a tour of the dam, turbines and fish ladder, fol-
                          lowed by a nature hike to our lunch destination.We will enjoy lunch, the
                          designated swim area and some lawn games at McNary Beach. A certified
                          lifeguard will accompany our group. We will be back between 3:30 and
                          4:00 pm.
                            place            Leave/Return Rec. Center, Helen McCune Gym
                           day/date          Friday, 7/15
                           time              9:15 am - 3:30 pm; we will leave at 9:30 am SHARP
                           fee               $8
                           register          By Tues., 7/12; limited to first 50 children registered
                           bring             Bring a lunch, swimsuit, towel, a water bottle and

                                                       Jubilee lake
                                                           Ages 8-14
                          Once we reach the lake we will have lunch and then split into groups for
                          an easy hike around the lake (bring some tennies), scouting for the perfect
                          fishing hole and swimming around the dock. A certified lifeguard will ac-
                          company the group. We will be back between 3:30 and 4:00 pm.
                           place            Leave/Return Rec. Center, Helen McCune Gym
                           day/date         Friday, 7/22
                           time             9:15 am - 4:00 pm
                           fee              $10
                           register         By Tues., 7/19; limited to first 50 children registered
                           bring            Bring lunch, tennis shoes, swim suits, towel, sunscreen,
                                            a water bottle, and fishing gear if you’d like to fish. We
      26                                    have some lifejackets but bring one if you have one

                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                FrIDay trIPs                                                        nP
                                                                                      arks & R


                                                                                             ecre on
        pendleton skating rink/movie matinee
                                 Ages 8-14
Our first stop will be Skate City for a two hour skate session (games in-
cluded). Please bring money for lunch or pack a lunch. We will then trans-
port the kids to the Pendleton Theatre where we will relax after all that
exercise and enjoy the show! We will be back at the gym at approximately
3:30 pm.
 place            Leave/Return Rec. Center, Helen McCune Gym
 day/date        Friday, 7/29
 time            9:15 am - 3:30 pm
 fee             $15
 register        By Tues., 7/26; limited to first 50 chilren registered
 bring           Please bring a lunch or bring money to purchase
                 lunch; if you would like to upgrade to in-line skates
                 bring $1.

aGes: see Below
Learn the basics of proper stroke
technique, court etiquette and
scoring. Lots of interactive games
and fun drills make learning easy!
                                      aGes 9-13
                                      Learn the basics of archery using
 PlACE           Community Park       recurve bows specially designed for
                 Tennis Courts        this age group. Groups are limited
 DAYS            Tu & Th              to five archers to allow for maxi-
 DATE            6/14-6/30            mum focus on safety education.
 TIME                                 Parents, interested in becoming an
 Ages 5-8        6:15-7:00 pm         archery instructor? Tag along with
 Ages 9-13       7:00-7:45 pm         your child to class and our instruc-
                                      tor will be happy to answer your
 FEE      $42/session                 questions and let you observe his
 REGISTER By Tues., 6/7               methods. There is a shortage of
                                      instructors for shooting sports in
SESSION 2                             our area. Training opportunities are
 PlACE           Community Park       available. Call 966-0228 for more
                 Tennis Courts        information. We really want to de-
                                      velop our program but need more
 DAYS            Tu & Th
 DATE            7/12-7/28
                                       PlACE           To be determined
                                       DAYS            Tu-We-Th
 Ages 5-8        6:15-7:00 pm
 Ages 9-13       7:00-7:45 pm          DATE            6/21-6/23
                                       TIME            7:00-8:00 pm
 FEE      $42/session
                                       FEE             $30
 REGISTER By Tues., 7/5
                                       REGISTER By Tues., 6/14                          27
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         FlyING START
                          SkATEPASS ClINICS:
                ecre on
                          TRUE BEGINNER
                          aGes 6-12
                          Want to get on a board but afraid of
                          the crash? True beginners can pad
                          up and use our specially designed
                          “slower” boards indoors on a flat
                          surface. Our instructors will have
                          you making unbelievable progress
                          in no time! Due to the generosity
                          of a local donor this program is
                                                                 yOUTh RUGBy
                          offered at an extremely reasonable     aGes 7-10 & 11-14
                          cost. Boards and protective gear       Flag rugby is a free flowing game
                          provided.                              that allows all players to pick up
                           PlACE           Rec. Center,          the ball and run. Use of flags lim-
                                           Helen McCune          its physical contact. This camp is
                                           Gymnasium             a mini introduction to the sport.
                           DAYS            Mo-We-Fr              Details of the game and rules can
                           DATE                                  be found at

                           Session 1       6/27-7/1              Participants will need to bring a
                           Session 2       7/11-7/15             mouth guard. AGES 7-10
                           TIME                                    PlACE          Grecian Heights
                           Session 1       10:00-11:00 am                         Park
                           Session 2       6:30-7:30 pm            DAYS           Mo thru Th
                           FEE             $15/session             DATE           6/27-6/30
                           REGISTER By Mon., 6/20                  TIME           6:00-7:30 pm
                                                                   FEE            $25
                                                                   REGISTER By Mon., 6/20

                                                                 AGES 11-14
                                                                  PlACE    Grecian Heights
                          FlYING FURTHER                                   Park
                          aGes 9-18                               DAYS     Mo thru Th
                          Know how to stay on the board
                          but want to learn how to step it up?    DATE     7/11-7/14
                          Learn how to approach some new          TIME     6:30-8:00 pm
                          tricks and have those in the know       FEE      $25
                          watch you skate and offer instruc-      REGISTER By Tues., 7/5
                          tion to help you fly further! Bring
                          your own board and protective                  p-town
                            PlACE          Rudy Rada Skate-
                                           park                  skateboard contest
                            DAYS           We                      sat., June 11, 2011
                            DATE           6/29                   rUDy raDa skatePark
                                                                       PrIzes For best vert,
                            TIME           10:00-11:00 am
                                                                         street anD trICk
                            FEE            $12                               $5/event

       28                   REGISTER By Wed., 6/22                          see pg. 18
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
MIxED MARTIAl ARTS (MMA) CARDIO FITNESS                                               nP
                                                                                        arks & R
aGes 16+


                                                                                               ecre on
Currently a popular fitness option on “The Biggest Loser”, MMA Cardio

Fitness offers a great low impact full body work-out. Do something you
will love and register today.
 PlACE            Rec. Center, Helen McCune Gymnasium           neW
 DAYS             Tu & Th
 DATE             Session 1: 5/3-5/31
                                                       regIster by
                  Session 2: 6/2-6/30
                  Session 3: 7/5-7/28               thUrsDay PrIor
                  Session 4: 8/2-8/30                to Class start
                  Session 5: 9/1-9/6
 TIME             10:45-11:45 am
 FEE              $40/session

aGes 16+
Breathing, strengthening, stretching, and balancing - these are the ingre-
dients of yoga which can create numerous benefits for the body. This

Vinyasa-style yoga class begins with a few moments of paying attention to
the breath. Then a gentle warm-up prepares the body and mind to work.
The heart of the class is a series of poses that can be vigorous, gentle, or
adapted, according to the individual’s needs. Deep stretching occurs at the
end of class, followed by 5-10 minutes of relaxation. Students leave class
feeling energized, refreshed and strengthened.
 PlACE            Rec. Center, Foundation Room
 DAYS             Tu & Th
 DATE             Session 1: 5/3-5/26                   regIster by
                  Session 2: 6/2-6/28                 thUrsDay PrIor
                  Session 3: 7/5-7/28
                  Session 4: 8/2-8/25                 to Class start
 TIME             5:30-6:45 pm
 FEE              $40

aGes 16+
This introductory yoga class is designed for people who have physical re-
strictions that make going down to the floor and getting up again difficult.
Chairs can be utilized as a prop, along with other adaptive techniques;
wheelchair access is available to the gymnasium. We give you the tools to
begin a new, healthy habit that you can continue at home at the conclusion
of the program.
 PlACE           Rec. Center, Helen McCune Gymnasium
 DAYS            Tu & Th
 DATE            6/7 thru 6/30
 TIME            9:15-10:15 am
 FEE             $40
 REGISTER By Wed., 6/1                                                                29
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         GREAT FAMIly MEAlS:
                ecre on
                          COOkING wITh & FOR ChIlDREN
                          aGes 18+
                          Plan your shopping, meals and snacks to meet the nutritional needs of
                          the entire family. Learn how to offer breakfast on the run and nutritional
                          snacks the kids will eat. Want to work more vegetables into the menu or
                          get the kids involved with meal preparation? This great class covers so
                          much. Several weeks of menus and recipes will be provided that are easily
                          adaptable for bigger and smaller appetites, busy days and crazy schedules.
                           PlACE            Rec. Center, Foundation Room
                           DAYS             We
                           DATE             5/18-6/1
                           TIME             6:30-8:00 pm
                           FEE              $35
                           REGISTER By Wed., 5/11

                            INSTRUCTOR FOCUS: VAlERIE (BARROWS) CONNER
                          Valerie and her husband returned to her hometown of Pendleton just in time
                          for the 100-year celebration of the Pendleton Round Up, after living in Ger-
                          many, New Mexico, Arizona and Portland. Her hobbies are food and farming

                          and in the near future she hopes to raise chickens and participate as a vendor at
                          Pendleton Farmers Market. She is excited to be teaching here in Pendleton and
                          looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you.
                          Valerie is a home economist by training and has worked with parents and children
                          in Head Start and WIC programs during her 25 years in community education.
                          Her classes focus on what parents have told her that they want to learn more
                          about, such as easy pantry meals and ways to incorporate more fresh foods on a
                          budget. Valerie also has ideas for getting children involved in meal preparation
                          and how to know when they are ready for skills like stirring and peeling.
                           Classes will incorporate both lecture and hands-on activities, balancing informa-
                          tion and fun. Parents should come prepared with questions about any special
                          needs and dietary issues, and children will also be invited to participate in one of
                          the class days.

                          ART FOR ADUlTS
                          aGes 16+                                                               neW
                          Create some great pieces of art while you learn new skills and techniques.
                          Introductory to more advanced drawing and painting skills will be taught
                          dependent on skill level. Space is limited so register early. Supplies are
                           PlACE          Rec. Center, Foundation Rm.
                           DAYS           Mo & We
                           Session 1      6/13 & 6/15
                           Session 2      7/25 & 7/27
                           TIME           5:30-7:30 pm
                           FEE            $30/session

       30                  Session 1
                           Session 2
                                          By Mon., 6/6
                                          By Mon., 7/18
                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                                                                    arks & R


                                                                                           ecre on
aGes 16+
What a great way to have a company team or get some friends together.
Our adult men’s softball has ASA based rules. For specific league infor-
mation contact Jeff Hamilton (541) 966-0229. Games will be played at
Community Park fields 1 and 2 Mondays and if needed Thursdays.
 PlACE          Community Park, Field 1 & 2
 DAYS           Mo (if needed, Thurs.)
 DATE           5/16-8/1
 TIME           6:00-8:00 pm
 FEE            $185
 REGISTER MANAGERS: register by Mon., May 9

       manager’s meetIng - leagUe soFtball InFo
             weDnesDay, may 4, 5:30 Pm

         wIlDhorse shelter, CommUnIty Park
aGes 16+
Our adult coed softball is a 5 on 5 team format and ASA based rules.
For specific league information contact Jeff Hamilton (541) 966-0229.
Games will be played at Community Park fields 1and 2 Tuesdays nights.
 PlACE           Community Park, Field 1 & 2
 DAYS            Tu
 DATE            5/17-8/2
 TIME            6:00-8:00 pm
 FEE             $150
 REGISTER MANAGERS: register by Mon., May 9

                       coed 2-pitch blast
                             Ages 16+
Sign up now for this mid-summer coed softball tournament. Open to all
coed softball teams in and out of the area. ASA bat rules apply.
 place          Community Park
 days           Sa
                                              troPhIes For
 date           7/9
                                               1st, 2nD & 3rD
 time           8:00 am -8:00 pm
 fee            $150
                By Thurs., 6/30

                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R         SINGlES DISC GOlF                       2x2 COED "BEST DISC"
                          lEAGUE                                  GOlF lEAGUE

                ecre on
                          aGes 12+                                aGes 12+
                    ati   Singles league disc golf will consist   The 2x2 Coed “best disc” league
                          of head-to-head matches. You will       will consist of a male/female team
                          be responsible for setting the match    that uses their best throws to com-
                          time and date with your opponent        pete against another team’s best
                          and will have one week to play each     throws. Teams will be responsible
                          head-to-head match.                     for setting the match time and date
                            PlACE          Meet at hole #1,       with their opponents and will have
                                           Community Park,        one week to play each head-to-head
                                           off 44th street        match.
                                           parking                 PlACE           Meet at hole #1,
                            DAYS           Mo-Sa                                   Community Park,
                                                                                   off 44th street
                            DATE           7/11-9/5
                            TIME           see details above
                                                                   DAYS            Mo-Sa
                            FEE            $10
                                                                   DATE            7/11-9/17
                            REGISTER By Wed., 7/6
                                                                   TIME            see details above
                                                                   FEE             $20/team

                                                                   REGISTER By Wed., 7/6

                          ADUlT                                         rent disc golf sets
                          TENNIS                                         at parks office!
                          aGes 18+
                                                                  GlOw DISC
                          Looking for a
                          new way to get
                                                                  aGes 12+
                          some exercise? Suit-                    Come spend a Friday evening at
                          able for beginner and intermedi-        Community Park for a fun and
                          ate levels. Instructor will group       challenging disc golf tournament.
                          similar abilities, provide appropri-    There will be a couple of challenge
                          ate drills and ensure that everyone     holes along with 9 holes of play
                          leaves with a basic knowledge of        and random draw best disc play.
                          etiquette and stroke technique.         Prizes for winning teams, along
                          Ground strokes, volleys, over-          with challenge hole awards. Goals
                          head, fore and backhands as well        will be lighted but lighting of per-
                          as serving, basic game strategies       sonal discs is recomended. Glow
                          and scoring will all be addressed.      pods will be available for purchase
                            PlACE            Community            to light up your disc.
                                             Park Tennis           PlACE           Meet at hole #1,
                                             Courts                                Community Park,
                            DAYS             Mo & We                               off 44th street
                            DATE                                                   parking
                            Session 1        6/13-6/29             DAYS            Fr
                            Session 2        7/11-7/27             DATE
                            TIME             7:00-8:00 pm          Tourney #1 6/24
                            FEE       $48/session                  Tourney #2 7/15
                            REGISTER                               TIME             8:00-10:00 pm
                            Session 1 By Mon., 6/6                 FEE             $5
       32                   Session 2 By Tues., 7/5                REGISTER online or at event
                                                         541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
tri-city dust devils                                              neW                nP
                                                                                       arks & R

"bbQ & baseball"


                                                                                                  ecre on
Bring the FAmily
Bring the whole family and enjoy unlimited food and soft drinks the hour
before the game. You can sit back and relax and enjoy the evening with
friends and family. No driving for you! Reserved seating at the game for
our group. Trip departs from Rec Center parking lot at 4:30 p.m. BBQ
starts at 6:15 p.m. Game time is at 7:15 p.m. Tell your friends and family
and come enjoy a nice summer night at the ball park!

 place            Meet in Rec.Center parking lot
 days              Su
 date              7/17
 time              4:30-11:30 pm
 fee               $43 / person
 register          By Fri., 7/1

                                   July 29, 30 & 31
         A weekend of outdoor summer fun!
                                                                                     SPECIAl EvENTS
   we plan to offer a little something for everyone, from the family
  looking for something active to enjoy together, to those looking for
        more serious athletic pursuits, and everyone in between.
                          CABBAGe HIll DRop: Join Pendleton on
                          wheels for a leisurely evening bike ride down

                          Cabbage hill, along the old mission highway. this
                          is about a 2500 ft. drop with amazing views, that
                          will end in downtown Pendleton’s Friday night
                          Farmers market with more fun to follow.
                          CRAzy Coyote’s AmAzInG RACe: think
                          amazing race meets wipeout with Pendleton Parks

                          & recreation - a wacky but challenging race that
                          takes you around Pendleton; family friendly team
                          youtH tRIAtHlon: an event just for the kids

                          let ‘eR tRI & let ‘eR Du: triathlon and duath-
                          lon for the more serious athletes.
     watch our website for more information as planning for these
    events moves forward. If you are interested in volunteering, call

                     mark yoUr CalenDer!
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R
                            2nd annual soap box derby
                  ecre on
                            Ages 6-12
                      ati   Last year we had 18 contestants registered for the
                            derby and it was so much fun that many of them
                            plan to come back this year. Join the fun!
                            KART CONSTRUCTION: Register your child,
                            grandchild, niece or nephew to receive your
                            DERBY*GOKIT®. The kit includes templates,
                            plans, wheels, steering linkage and shaft. As part of
                            your registration fee, Parks and Recreation will pro-
                            vide the required half sheet of 5/8" plywood. All
                            that you will need to build your kart are common
                            household tools, such as a hammer, wrenches, screw driver, drill, and jig
                            saw. The only extra materials you may need are glue and nails. Each adult/
                            child team will have 3 weeks to complete kart construction for the race
                            day. We will have a prototype at the Parks office if you’d like to take a look.

                            REGISTRATION: Adults MUST register the contestant(s) by the June
                            24 deadline in order for us to place the kart order; karts will be available
                            at the Parks office by July 5. If more than one youth in the same family
                            would like to participate USING THE SAME KART, the cost for each
                            additional participant is $15; however, if more than one youth advances to
                            the finals the family will need to be prepared to choose which racer makes
                            the run should they pair up for the same race. Registration for multiple
                            family members using the same kart must be completed at the Parks office
                            and not online.
                            If you have a kart from last year and would like to race it again, the entry
                            fee has been reduced to $20, since we will not be providing the kit and
                            plywood. If you are registering using our online registration, look for the
                            class section titled "NO KART". Take your kart, tune it up and we will
                            see you there.
                            DIVISIONS: This year there will be two divisions of competition to
                            choose from, but both divisions require you to use the wheels and steer-
                            ing linkage of DERBY*GOKIT® package. In addition, both divisions
                            will race in a double elimination bracket and begin on a starting gate ramp.
                            Our goal is to make the event fair and enjoyable for everyone. The two
                            divisions are:
                            Stock Karts: This will require strict adherence to the kit with no added
                            modifications. All contestants will have an equal chance to win since ev-
                            eryone will be using the same kit, making driving skills important.
                            Modified Kart: This division allows your imagination to go wild. Keep
                            in mind that Karts will be positioned on a ramp style starting gate, so your
                            modifications will need to smoothly navigate the slope of the ramp. Rules
                            on kart modification will be provided on kart pick-up day, July 5th.
                            The course will again be set up along 24th Avenue just below Rice Blakey
                            Park, with hay bales positioned along the course for safety. In order to
                            keep the course area uncongested, after dropping off karts, please park
                            in designated areas only. Check-in is at 9:00 am and racing begins at 9:30
       34                                  Event details continue on page 35...
                       541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                                                              arks & R


                                                                                       ecre on
                                                                            SPECIAl EvENTS

 place        Rice Blakey Park
 days         Sa
 date         7/23
 time         9:00 am to 1:00 pm; check in at 9:00; races begin at
              9:30 am SHARP!
 fee          $100 incl. kit + plywood; $15 for each addit. family
              member SHARING kart; $20 if prior year’s cart used
 register     By Fri., 6/24

                 PROGRAM INDEx BY MONTH
 PROGRAM                              STARTS                PG. #
 Skills For Life                        4/28                    24
 Open Gym for Teens                     4/29                    25
 Baby Signing Time                      4/30                    13
                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
         arks & R           PROGRAM                                      STARTS    PG. #

                  ecre on
                      ati   Baby Signing Time                              5/2         13
                            Basic Yoga                                     5/3         29
                            MMA/Cardio Fitness                             5/3         29
                            Kids in the Kitchen: Dinner & Dessert         5/11         23
                            Men's Softball League                         5/16         31
                            Coed Softball League                          5/17         31
                            Great Family Meals                            5/18         30
                            Kids in Power - Child Safety Clinic           5/21         22
                            Basic Yoga                                     6/2         29
                            Hershey's Track Meet                           6/4         19
     INDEx By MONTh

                            Junior Picassos                                6/6         17
                            Pee Wee Picassos                               6/6         17
                            Gamer's Night Tourney                         6/10         23
                            P-Town Throw Down                             6/11         18
                            Adult Tennis                                  6/13         32
                            Art for Adults                                6/13         30
                            Baby Signing Summer Camp                      6/13         16
                            Creative Genius Art Camp                      6/13         22
                            Lifeguard Training                            6/13         11
                            Water Safety Instructor Course                6/14         11
                            Youth Tennis - Evenings                       6/14         27
                            Exploring Swim Lessons *FREE*                 6/15          9
                            Cotton Candy Clinic                           6/18         13
                            Gymnastics                                    6/20         14
                            Jr. Lifeguard Class                           6/20         10
                            Summer Parks Adventure Camp                   6/20         24
                            Archery                                       6/21         27
                            Diving Classes                                6/21          9
                            Feel Good/Look Good                           6/21         25
                            Adult Survival Swim                           6/22         10
                            Flying Start Skatepass - Flying Further       6/22         28
                            Glow Disc Golf Tournament #1                  6/24         32
                            Kids in the Kitchen #2: Camp Cooking          6/24         23
                            Flying Start Skatepass - True Beginners       6/27         28
                            Youth Rugby                                   6/27         28
                            Rice-Blakey X Games                           7/1          23
                            Basic Yoga                                    7/5          29
                            Kid's Activity Night at the Aquatic Center    7/6           8
       36                   Friday Trip - Walla Walla Aviary/Movie        7/8          26

                                                          541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
PROGRAM                                      STARTS     PG. #             arks & R


                                                                                       ecre on
Gamer's Night Tourney                          7/8          25

Coed 2-Pitch Blast Tournament                   7/9         31
Cotton Candy Clinic                             7/9         13
2X2 Coed Best Disc Golf League                 7/11         32
Adult Tennis                                   7/11         32
Flying Start Skatepass - True Beginners        7/11         28
Junior Picassos                                7/11         17
Pee Wee Picassos                               7/11         17
Singles Disc Golf League                       7/11         32
Youth Rugby                                    7/11         28
Youth Tennis - Evenings                        7/12         27

                                                                            INDEx By MONTh
Friday Trip - McNary Dam & Beach               7/15         26
Glow Disc Golf Tournament #2                   7/15         32
Lifeguard Competition                          7/16         11
Tri-City Dust Devils "BBQ & Baseball" Trip     7/17         33
CSI Junior Investigators                       7/18         22
Parent and Me Swim Lessons                     7/18         10
Aquatic Blast                                  7/20          8
Friday Trip - Jubilee Lake                     7/22         26
Soap Box Derby                                 7/23         34
Art for Adults                                 7/25         30
Creative Genius Art Camp                       7/25         22
Youth Golf                                     7/26         16
Crazy Coyote Adventure Festival                7/29         33
Friday Trip - Pendleton Skating Rink/Movie     7/29         27
Baby Signing Summer Camp                        8/1         16
Gymnastics                                      8/1         14
Parent and Me Swim Lessons                      8/1         10
Basic Yoga                                      8/2         29
Aquatic Movie Night                            8/4           8
Adult Survival Swim                            8/10         10
Kid's Activity Night at the Aquatic Center     8/10          8
Gamer's Night Tourney                          8/12         25
Cheer Champs                                   8/13         18
Kids in the Kitchen                            8/13         23
Young Einstein Science Camp                    8/15         23
Tiny Tot Olympics                              8/20         16
Doggie Dip Day                                 9/7           8
Round Up Teen Dances                           9/14         25

                              541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road  
          arks & R                          OTHER RECREATION & lEISURE RESOURCES

                              ecre on
                                        Organization Contact Phone/Website/Email
                                        4-H & Master Gardeners     Randy        278-5404
                                        A+ Performing Arts         Mariann      377-8086
                                        Blue Mountain Flycasters   Bob          966-9335
                                        Blue Mountain Wildlife     Lynn         278-0215
                                        BMCC Summer HS             Dave         278-5910
                                         Volleyball Camp

                                        Boy Scouts                 Dave         509-525-7578
                                        Buckaroo Youth Football    Jim          240-192
                                        Campfire/Camp Da           Terri        276-6181
                                         Kon Ya
                                        Children’s Museum of       Jill         276-1066
                                         Eastern Oregon
                                        Cub Scouts                 Glen         379-9515
                                        Eastern Oregon             Gary         276-1118
                                        Flashpoint Paintball       Leon         379-0730
                                        Foster Grandparents        John         276-4474
                                        Girl Scouts                Brandy       667-9696
                                        Heritage Station Museum                 276-0012
                                        High School Summer         Anita        966-3802
                                         Sports Camps
                                        Pendleton Homeschool       Lindsey      215-2607 or
                                         Assn.                     Adair
                                        Junior Jam                 Debbie
                                        Kids Club                               276-8059
                                        Kick It Up Kloggers        Helen        278-6877 or 315-5388
                                        Lost & Found Youth         Danny        276-3987
                                         Outreach                               pendleton
                                        Master Swimmers (RAC)                   276-0880
                                        M.O.P.S. (Mothers of       Jennie       276-5358
                                        Oregon East Symphony       Lisa-Marie   276-0320
                                         & Summer Music Camp       Patterson
                                        Pendleton Bird Club        Aaron
                                        Pendleton Center for       Roberta      278-9201
                                         the Arts
                                        Pendleton Disc Golf           
                                        Pendleton Juggling Club    Greg         503-999-5119
                                        Pendleton Little League    David        276-3700
                                        Pendleton On Wheels        Herb         276-6312
                                         Bike Club
                                        Pendleton Public Library   Mary         966-0380
                                        Pendleton Round Up                      276-2553
                                        Pendleton Swim Assn.       Kristi       use webform
                                        Pendleton Youth Soccer     Cheri        278-8171
                                        Whiz Kids Baseball         Dean         276-6988

       38                               Check out for many additional links to area youth sports.

                                                                      541-276-8100  865 Tutuilla Road
                                                                          arks & R
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Altrusa                           Big John’s Pizza
Hamley & Co.                      Pendleton Rotary Club
VisionSource                      Wheatland Insurance

Helix Key Class                   PHS Wellness Class
Round Up Kiwanis
            Plus too many other individuals to count!                   39
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