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Acclaim Performance Horses Inc

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									            STALLIONS OF ACCLAIM
             HOCUS POCUS HOTROD—AQHA # 3165309                                                    Horses of Acclaim
                                                                                                              The Select Sale
    Proven ability to consistently have babies hit the ground talented and trainable

                                                                                                         Saturday, April 23, 2011
                                                                                                              Call 920-290-1998 in advance
                                                                                                                To set up “bid by phone”

                                                                                                              Tack Sale— 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                Horse Sale—noon


   AQHA # 4974397                                           A GENUINE ARTICLE
   February 5, 2007                                            ApHC # 637,142
                                                               March 19, 2005

                                                                                              TROPHY SADDLE (1) AND CUSTOM MADE HALTERS (2 & 3)
                                                                                       TO BE AWARDED TO THE BUYER S OF THE THREE HIGHEST SELLING HORSES

                                                                                       Acclaim Performance                           Horses Inc.
                          NORFLEET’S BLUE ACE                                           N2726 MEHRING ROAD                 
                             APHA # 923,475                                             JEFFERSON, WI 53549                                              262-490-2887
                              April 11, 2007
                     Acclaim Performance Horses Inc.
                THE MIDWEST'S PREMIER HORSE FACILITY, WE                                 OFFER
                BOARDING, LESSONS, TRAINING, HORSE TO                                    OWNER

                     2010 High Selling Horse with Buyer and Trophy Saddle

                       SOME OF WHAT ACCLAIM OFFERS
   50+ stalls                                        Indoor arena 66’ x 120’
   Heated tack rooms                                 Leasing & Sales
   Wash racks                                        Outdoor arena 100’ x 200’
   Lessons-Western, English, Jumping, & Driving      Inside & Pasture Board
   2—66’ round pens                                  Annual Auction of Tack & Horses
   Trails                                            Clinics
   Daily turn out                                    Knowledgeable staff
   Farrier service                                   Family Atmosphere
   Paddocks                                          Show assistance

                        WE TAKE CARE OF HORSES
                     AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM

              N2726 Mehring Road - Jefferson, WI 53549 - 262-490-2887

        Friend us on FaceBook, visit us on the web at or email
                                                    Acclaim Performance Horses Inc.
                                                     Acclaim Select Sale
                                                            Saturday, April 23, 2011
                                                          Preview: 6:00 p.m. Friday April 22, 2011
                                                      Phone bids will be taken—call in advance to set up
                                                             Tack Sale 9:00 a.m.
                                                            Horse Sale 12:00 noon
                                                              WATCH THE WEBSITE
                                                             AND FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK
                                                       FOR UPDATES ON THE 2012 SALE

                                                                           Auctioneers: Wayne Yoder # 1977
                                                                                   Rudy Hershberger #2291
                                                               Pedigree Readers: Robbie Rainer, Justin Daily
                                                                          Ringmen: Enos Yoder, Fran Gross

                                                   UPDATES, INFORMATION RECEIVED AFTER THE
                                                   DEADLINE, AND LINKS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE
                                                   WEB AT
           —AVAILABLE IN 50# BAGS—

             CALL FOR AVAILABILITY                   All major credit card, checks, or cash accepted.
                                                                                                       Hip # 49                             DOC N POCO DUN                                   Dun / Gelding
                                                                                                       Consigned by Norman Lambright
   SPECIAL NOTICES                               -         READ CAREFULLY                              AQHA # 4598968
                                                                                                       May 16, 2004
INFORMATION IN THIS CATALOG: Other than that provided by Breed Associations, informa-
                                                                                                       SIRE: High Incident
tion has been provided by the consignor or other third party. This includes specific futurity infor-
                                                                                                       by Poco Mini Stripe and out of Good To the Last Drop
mation, circuit championships, other associations’ information, etc.
                                                                                                       DAM: Annies Mariah Gal
CARE OF HORSES AFTER SALE: Please be reminded that title passes at the fall of the ham-                by Pudden Head Lynx and out of Laura Gold
mer, at which time the purchaser assumes all risk and responsibility for the horse. ALL                This is a handy sized gelding that is perfect for an adult or a youth. It is hard not to be impressed
                                                                                                       with the way he is broke. Excellent short-loper and gentle to handle.
Horses remaining after that time are left at the buyer’s risk and are the buyer’s responsibility.
The sale office must approve any delays in shipment of horses. Horses being removed from
sale area must have Sale Hip Number still visible and a paid receipt from the sale office.             Hip # 50                             ROSIE                                             Sorrel / Mare
                                                                                                       AQHA # pending
BUYERS MUST REGISTER AND OBTAIN A BUYER NUMBER BEFORE BIDDING: Our sys-                                2008
tem will not take names. You must have a buyer’s number to purchase any auctioned item.                SIRE: One Impressive Beau
                                                                                                       by Impressive Review and out of Adrienne Bar Beau
shall be in U.S. currency and on U.S. banks only. Method of payment shall be Cash, Cashier’s           DAM: TM As Time Goes On
Check, Personal Check (with proper letter of credit), Traveler’s Check, VISA or MasterCard. All        by Black As Shadow and out of Soft Bonanza
registration papers will be mailed within ten business days following the sale. All ―returned
                                                                                                       This 3 year old sorrel mare sired by One Impressive Beau has 60 days of riding. She is going
checks‖ will be immediately turned over to the County District Attorney’s office and charges will
be filed. In addition, there is a $50.00 charge for returned checks.                                   very nice and is ready to be finished. A very sweet mare with a nice disposition. Rosie is a
                                                                                                       sweetheart to be around, and fun to ride.
AGENT’S AUTHORIZATION: Persons acting as agents must so indicate on the Sale Ticket and                Hip # 51                             ARIEL                                             Sorrel / Mare
file an agent’s authorization form with the sale office prior to the sale.
                                                                                                       Consigned by Liz Smith
ANNOUNCEMENTS: To avoid making costly errors, please pay attention to all announcements                2008
made from the sales office and the auction stand, especially concerning horses on which you
intend to bid. Announcements take precedence over printed information.

ENGAGEMENTS: Unless announced otherwise, all eligibility payments due after date of sale
are the responsibility of the buyer, who should promptly notify the proper associations of the new     This 3 year old mare is an extremely cute pony with a great
ownership in order to receive direct billing.                                                          start. She's been trail ridden as well as worked in the arena. A
                                                                                                       very sweet pony, looking for the right home.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PURCHASE: After making the final bid on a horse, you will be
asked to complete and sign the purchase agreement. Be sure to confirm the correct hip number           Hip # 52                             KETTLE MORAINE INDY                                Black / Mare
and price BEFORE you sign. Please print your name and address clearly since this document is
used for the American Quarter Horse Association as well as other breed transfers, invoicing, and       APHA #884,642
in publishing sale results.                                                                            June 3, 2000
                                                                                                       SIRE: Leas Night Invader
COGGINS TEST: All horses in this sale are required to have been tested for equine infectious           by Jets Silver Spud and out of Royal Girl
anemia (Coggins test). Test must have been performed within the calendar year 2011.
                                                                                                       DAM: Darkamoon
THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY made by the sales company or consignor as to the mer-                     by Go Thunderball and out of Goldamoore
chantability or fitness for particular purpose of any horse offered for sale in this auction. Pro-
spective bidders are cautioned that warranties on horses purchased are only as stated in terms         Last but not least, Black, Beautiful, and broke to
and conditions. There is no guarantee as to soundness of prospects or breeding soundness of            ride. This mare stands a strong 15.1 HH, and
breeding stock prospects.                                                                              goes back to "Oklahoma Star" breeding. She has a
                                                                                                       nice way of going and could go in various direc-
                                                                                                       tions.                    Don't pass this mare up.
Hip # 45                              SPARKY                                         Brown / Gelding
Consigned by Dan Yoder                                                                                                IMPORTANT POINTS FOR SELLERS
2006                                                                                                          YOUR PAPERWORK MUST BE IN ORDER. All registration papers, breeders’ certifi-
                                                                                                               cates, signed transfers, Coggins and health papers must be in Sale Office files AT
5 year old brown quarter pony gelding Sparky is a fancy little                                                 LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE SALE. If paperwork is not complete, horse WILL
guy – walks, trots, canters - very pretty. He is trail broke and                                               NOT BE SOLD and consignment fees will not be refunded.
goes through anything. Has been ridden along major highway
and is traffic safe. 13.3 hands tall he is calm enough to be
                                                                                                              PAPERWORK MUST INCLUDE a veterinary palpation of bred mares stating that they
ridden by a child and sturdy enough for a big man. Has stam-                                                   are: 1) in foal, 2) open, or 3) bred too recently to determine pregnancy. If a veterinary
ina and wants to please. Trims and loads real good, great for                                                  palpation certificate is not furnished AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE SALE, mare
farrier. A real quality SHOW pony at its finest.                                                               will be sold as ―open‖.
                                                                                                              YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACCURACY OF YOUR HORSE’S CATALOG
                                                                                                               PAGE. Please verify engagements, sire, dam, and other commitments, and report any
Hip # 46                              DOC’S PLAYBUCK                             Buckskin / Gelding
                                                                                                               errors to the sale company immediately.
Consigned by David Troyer                                              SIRE: Ole Dun Lena                     STALLS AND HIP NUMBERS are assigned by the sale company in a random order
AQHA # 9737627                                                         DAM: RL Phoenix                         and CANNOT BE CHANGED by the consignor. DO NOT REMOVE HIP NUMBERS
June 2005                                                                                                      from horses once they have been applied.
                                                                                                              A NEW HALTER and LEAD must be furnished by the consignor with each horse sold,
                                                                                                               or a $10.00 service fee will be applied.
6 year Doc O Lena bred gelding. Freckles Playboy on the bottom. A nice good broke gelding
that is safe for the whole family.                                                                                                 PLEASE REGISTER
                                                                                                                      YOU MUST HAVE A BUYER’S NUMBER TO PURCHASE HORSES
Hip # 47                              TN CORALISE BAR                                      Dun / Mare
                                                                                                                                  HORSES WILL SELL IN CATALOG ORDER
Consigned by Anne Yokers
AQHA # 415034                                                                                                 PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS! THEY TAKE PRECE-
May 27, 2001                                                                                                                     DENCE OVER PRINTED MATERIAL
SIRE: TN Bar Joe
                                                                                                                   ENGAGEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED BY THE SALE COMPANY,
by TE N Gold and out of Bar’s Lass
                                                                                                                            AND ARE REPRESENTED PER CONSIGNOR
DAM: Black Forest Pine                                                                                              W. YODER AUCTION SERVICE ACTS AS A SELLING AGENT ONLY!
by Two Dee Mac and out of Misty Black Pine                                                                         ANY AND OR ALL GUARANTEES ARE BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER
A beautiful, spirited 15 hand mare. She is athletic and quick
but easy to be around. Could do speed events and also be a                                                      CONDITIONS OF SALE: BIDDERS TAKE NOTICE
good family horse, capable of winning at local shows.
                                                                                                          THIS SALE IS CONDUCTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH, AND ALL ACTS OF INTERESTED
Hip # 48                              YOUNG ROMEO                                Blue Roan / Gelding      PARTIES AND OR CLAIMS BY THEM SHALL BE GOVERNED BY, THE FOLLOWING
Consigned by John Nolan                                                                                   CONDITIONS OF SALE:
AQHA # 4539433
April 19, 2004                                                                                            1. THERE IS NO WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED BY THE AUCTIONEER, SPON-
SIRE: The Odds Are Good                                                                                   SORS, OWNER OR CONSIGNOR AS TO THE PERFORMING SOUNDNESS, MER-
by Zippos Mr Good Bar and out of Passion of Paradise                                                      CHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ANY HORSE OF-
                                                                                                          FERED IN THIS SALE. ALL HORSES ARE SOLD ―AS IS‖ WITH ALL EXISTING CONDI-
DAM: Another Sweety                                                                                       TIONS AND DEFECTS EXCEPT AS SET FORTH IN CONDITIONS 7, 8, 9, AND 10 BE-
by Born Runner and out of Azure War Chic                                                                  LOW. BUYERS SHOULD EXAMINE HORSES PRIOR TO PURCHASING.
Jack is a very broke to ride gelding in the prime of his life, at just 7 years old. He stands 15 hands,
                                                                                                          2.   BIDDING PROCEDURE: The person making the highest bid recognized by auctioneer
with a very attractive blue roan color. He has been on hundreds of miles of trails. You point him
                                                                                                          shall be the buyer. The auctioneer shall immediately present the buyer with a document
where you want to go and you are there! He will cross water, bridges, logs, you name it! He is            entitled Acknowledgement of Purchase for signature. Should such presentation not be made
quiet and gentle, loads good, and is easy to catch. Jack is an all around, big, solid, honest horse.      prior to commencement of bidding on the next lot offered, the buyer shall forthwith identify
Breeding includes Zippos Mr. Good Bar and Rocket Wrangler. Don’t pass him up! Sells sound                 himself or herself to auctioneer as buyer and sign the Acknowledgement of Purchase. In the
with no vices.
                                                                                                        Hip # 41                             KEEP THE FOCUS                                 Sorrel / Gelding
event that a person other than the recognized buyer signs Acknowledgement of Purchase, such
action shall not give such other person any right or title to the horse, and immediately that such      Consigned by APH
erroneous signing of Acknowledgement of Purchase becomes known to the auctioneer he shall               AQHA # 5208848
cause the Acknowledgement of Purchase to be presented to the recognized buyer for signature.            April 28, 2009
If the highest bidder fails to immediately execute the Acknowledgement of Purchase or otherwise         SIRE: Hocus Pocus Hotrod
fails to comply with the conditions of sale, or in the event of a mistake by the auctioneer, APH        by Hotrodders Jet Set and out of Kenora Sorrel
reserves the option to re-sell the animal and such resale shall terminate all obligations of APH
and the consignor to honor any prior lot.                                                               DAM: Zippos Boston Flame
                                                                                                        by Investment Zippo and out of Ms Boston Flame
3.   BIDDING DISPUTES: Should any dispute arise between or among two or more bidders, the               Focus is a 2 year old with a bright future ahead of
auctioneer shall forthwith adjudicate the dispute, and his decision shall be absolute, final and        him. He is smart and willing to please. His full
binding on all parties. Bids received by personnel employed by the undersigned have the same
                                                                                                        sister won 44 Western Pleasure, 3 Halter points, 2
stature as bids received by the auctioneer. In case of dispute, the bidding shall be reopened for
advance bids, and if there be no advance bid, the horse is sold to the person from whom the             ROM’s, and $1250 in NSBA earnings as a 3 year
auctioneer recognized the last bid. Advance bidding shall be restricted to the disputing parties,       old in 2010. Very good legged gelding with tons of
unless the bid be reduced below the level of the recognized bid at commencement of dispute, in          talent. You would rather show him than show against him. Full brother to hip # 26—ANOTHER
which case bidding is reopened to all. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.     INCREDIBLE OFFSPRING OF HOCUS POCUS HOTROD!
                                                                                                        Hip # 42                             TRAPPER JOHNS FLEAS                            Grulla / Gelding
4.    TITLE AND DELIVERY: Title passes to buyer at fall of the hammer. All risk of injury to the
horse becomes buyer’s risk at passing of title. Horse will be held for buyer by consignor until         Consigned by Ed Schwartz
buyer makes settlement as provided in condition 5 below. Buyer shall immediately present him-           AQHA # 4672611
self or herself to make settlement if requested by auctioneer, but in any case shall so present         April 27, 2005
himself or herself within 30 minutes of conclusion of the sale. Upon settlement by buyer, horse
will be delivered pursuant to a ―bill of sale‖: provided by undersigned to buyer or his or her repre-
sentative. Buyer or his or her representative shall present ―bill of sale‖ to designee of under-
signed to remove horse from sale premise after taking possession, but in any case taking pos-
session of the horse by buyer or his or her representative shall constitute delivery. Upon deliv-       Stands 14.3 HH You'll like this horse just a good using horse been ranched
ery, buyer shall cause horse to be removed promptly from the sale premise, or shall be subject to       off of in North Dakota last 2 yrs trail rode been pretty much everywhere. Nice
stable charges as determined by undersigned. In addition, should purchaser fail to cause horse          Grulla/ blue roan color 100% sound no vices 2 week guarantee!
to be removed promptly, undersigned may cause horse to be removed from sale premise at
buyer’s risk and expense.                                                                               Hip # 43                             JASPER                                            Black / Mare

5.    TERMS FOR SETTLEMENT: Buyer shall make settlement with cashier of the undersigned.                Consigned by Al Ziehl
                                                                                                        Friesian / Percheron Cross
Payments to others, including consignors or their representatives, do not constitute settlement.
                                                                                                        June 1, 2008
Buyer shall present himself or herself to make settlement as provided in condition 4 above for the
full purchase price, such settlement to be in form of U.S. currency or equivalent acceptable to
                                                                                                        I raised her from a colt. She has always been quiet and laid
cashier. The Acknowledgement of Purchase is not transferable without the approval of APH and
                                                                                                        back, very people friendly. Broke to ride and drives single
the copy of the Acknowledgement of Purchase retained by the buyer must be presented by the
buyer at the time of settlement.                                                                        and double. 90 days of professional training this past winter.
                                                                                                        Jasper is a real sweetheart, and wants to be your friend.
6.   DEFAULT: SHOULD BUYER FAIL TO COMPLY WITH ANY TERM OR CONDITION OF                                             Would make a great family horse.
THE SALE THE BUYER WILL BE DEEMED TO BE IN DEFAULT. IN EVENT OF DEFAULT BY                              Hip # 44                             LIGHT EM UP JACK                            Palomino / Gelding
REMEDY AVAILABLE AGAINST THE DEFAULTING BUYER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED                                Consigned by Tom & Carol Klamrowski        SIRE: A Double Jack
TO, TAKING POSSESSION OF THE AUCTIONED ITEM. In any such case defaulter shall be                        AQHA # 4996793                             by Double the Money and out of Pep Up Jackie
liable for any deficit in his account after charging to his account all costs of maintenance and        May 26, 2007
resale including, but not limited to, service charges, attorneys fees, costs of litigation and dam-                                                DAM: Lads Skipa Starlight
ages available to undersigned by law.                                                                                                              by Lads Crier and out of Bee a Lite Star

                                                                                                        15.1hh 4 year old double registered gelding. Double the Money and Two Eyed Jack breeding.
                                                                                                        He is a nice broke gelding. He will be competitive in all around western events, Western Pleas-
                                                                                                        ure, Western Riding and Trail Class. He will make a great family horse!
Hip # 38                           FROSTY DRIFTWOOD DOC                       Buckskin /Gelding
                                                                                                   7.   WARRANTIES AS TO DESCRIPTION: UNLESS OTHERWISE ANNOUNCED THERE
Consigned by Mark Dailey                                                                           IS NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY AS TO THE BREEDING QUALITIES OF ANY
AQHA # 4749722                                                                                     HORSE DESCRIBED AT TIME OF SALE. 1) Each broodmare selling as ―bred to‖ a stallion
June 12, 2005                                                                                      will have been palpated within 10 days of sale, and reported at sale as ―in foal‖, ―open/
SIRE: Docwood Hank                                                                                 barren‖, or ―bred‖ (meaning an insufficient amount of time has passed to determine preg-
by Docs Bloom and out of Miss Whitewood                                                            nancy). 2) Any contractual agreements between owners of broodmares in this sale and own-
                                                                                                   ers of stallions to which these mares may have been bred do not follow the mares unless so
DAM: Miss Teddy Feature                                                                            indicated at time of sale. The possible return to any stallion or possible refund of any stud
by Stage Bar Ted and out of Squaw Feature                                                          fees does not go with any broodmare unless so indicated at time of sale.
If you are looking for the most personable, honest, sweet gelding, here he
is! Pete has been used in a feedlot, trail rode, and used for general ranch                        8.  WARRANTIES AS TO SOUNDNESS: UNLESS EXPRESSLY ANNOUNCED FROM
work. Anybody that can sit in the saddle can ride Pete. He’s got a very                            THE AUCTION STAND, OR BY OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE UNDERSIGNED, OR AS
slow jog trot, and a super smooth and slow short lope which would make                             HEREINAFTER PROVIDED, THERE IS NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND
him a winner at the 4-H or Open shows. Do not miss this great gelding!                             AS TO THE SOUNDNESS OF CONDITION OR OTHER QUALITY OF ANY HORSE SOLD
                                              100% in every way, buy with confidence!              IN THIS SALE.

Hip # 39                           FANCY THIS                                   Chestnut / Mare    9.   LIMITED WARRANTIES: Horses that are unsound in eyes or mouth or are ―cribbers‖,
                                                                                                   ―wind suckers‖, or ―crypt orchids‖ must be so announced. Each bidder is encouraged to con-
Consigned by Samantha Piper                                                                        duct such inspection and examination of each animal prior to bidding. Except as otherwise
POA # T-38,518                                                                                     announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale, the consignor of each animal represents
April 20, 1997                                                                                     and warrants to the buyer and APH title to the animal free from all adverse claims to owner-
                                                                                                   ship, use or possession. Each animal is sold by the consignor WITHOUT WARRANTY AND
SIRE: Russ “T” Bars                                                                                WITH ALL FAULTS.
by Mr T Bars and out of Campbell Foxy Lady
                                                                                                   10. CONSIGNEE STATUS:          APH is operating as an independent contractor engaged in the
DAM: Three Sox Fancy                                                                               business of conducting a consignment sale. APH has compiled the sale catalog from infor-
by Handsome Investment and out of Gray Lady Bayou                                                  mation provided by the designated consignor. All announcements by the auctioneer at the
                                                                                                   time of sale are made on behalf of the designated consignor and will take precedence over
Babysitter Deluxe!! Ride her anywhere, anyway, with saddle or                                      the printed provisions of the Sale Catalog. In the event of any dispute between the buyer
                                                                                                   and the consignor, APH will occupy the position of agent for a disclosed principal and stake-
bareback. Has been to more horse shows than you can count.
                                                                                                   holder and will be discharged from all obligations owing the consignor or the buyer on deliv-
She has qualified for the State 4-H many times. Has been trick                                     ery of any property or funds held by APH to the Court having jurisdiction of such dispute.
ridden in parades, and she trail rides awesome. Would make a                                       APH makes NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY with respect to any animal and the
great first horse.                                                                                 buyer must look solely to the designated consignor for recovery of any damage by reason of
                                                                                                   the failure of any representation or limited warranty.

Hip # 40                           GLOW N HOCUS                                    Sorrel / Mare   11. CATALOG AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:               Horses cataloged in this sale are offered as rep-
Consigned by APH                                                                                   resented by consignor, and auctioneer is not responsible for the accuracy of information pro-
AQHA # 5207795                                                                                     vided. In case of error or omission, buyer shall seek redress only from consignor.
March 8, 2009
                                                                                                   COLLATERAL AGREEMENTS:             The auctioneer shall not be bound by any oral or written
SIRE: Hocus Pocus Hotrod                                                                           agreement or alleged agreement varying from these CONDITIONS OF SALE between buyer
by Hotrodders Jet Set and out of Kenora Sorrel                                                     and the consignor unless agreed to by the auctioneer, and any controversy or claim between
                                                                                                   the buyer and the consignor arising under any such agreement shall be a matter for their
DAM: Miss Mac Glo                                                                                  resolution.
by Mr Mac Reynolds and out of Miss Aztec Glo
Glow is a 2 year old mare sired by Hocus Pocus
Hotrod and out of a Boston Mac bred mare who has                                                   By: Acclaim Performance Horses Inc. and W. Yoder Auctions
produced futurity champions. Glow is super sweet,
talented and has that want to please you attitude.
She is the kind of mare that once you get done showing her, would make a great broodmare.
      W. YODER
                                  Hip # 34                             SNICKERS                                Buckskin / Mare
                                  Consigned by Scott Dean

      AUCTIONS                    9 year old 14.2 Hand mare. She is gentle, smart and willing.
                                  Snickers has been used as a lesson horse at a hunter jumper
                                  barn. Would make a nice kids horse. She is fun to ride and
                                  trail rides well. Great for the whole family and ready to go.

                                  Hip # 35                             TO-TOLLY DUN                           Buckskin / Mare

                                  Consigned by Lynda Wildenauer

                                  Cute little buckskin mare in a handy size. A quiet,
                                  well put together horse that will do ranch horse
                                  shows, 4-H, Open Shows and trail rides.

                                  Hip # 36                             GILBERT                                   Bay / Gelding

                                  Consigned by APH

  We Specialize In YOUR Auction

Take Action, Have an Auction
                                  15 year old grade gelding that has been trail ridden his whole life. A
                                  nice size gelding that could do the 4-H as well.

For a list of all our Auctions
                                  Hip # 37                             MR. DIABLOS TIVITO                   Chestnut / Gelding

                                  Consigned by Wagenson Horse Sales
                                  AQHA # 3652604

 go to          May 1997

    Or call 920-787-5549
                                  SIRE: Diablos Sugar Baby
                                  by Mr. Gay Sugar Daddy and out of Diablos Poco Baby
                                  DAM: Amanda Tivito

     cell 920-295-2644            by Doc’s Tivito and out of Maggie Tivito
                                  Stands 14.2 hands. Very nice good broke horse. Used on cattle. Will set down and turn around
                                  the way one should. Has been my own personal horse for 2 years.
Hip # 1                              AUNT J                                  Black / Mare

Consigned by APH
Pony Mare

Black, 12 year old pony mare. She drives single and double, rides
and has been driven 4 up. A mini by breeding she measures 35‖.
She is fun to have around.
Hip # 2                              MRS. B                              Palomino / Mare
Consigned by APH
Pony Mare

Palomino pony mare who is 12 years old. She rides and drives
(single, double, and 4 up). She is as nice as she is cute and is fun
to be around. A mini by breeding she measures 35‖


Hip # 3                              COME ALONG PAGE                   Palomino / Gelding
Consigned by Dan Yoder
AQHA # 3750324
May 30, 1998
Kids have ridden around the yard and on trails, along the
highway in traffic, through trees, under brush, a quiet willing
horse, great for the whole family. Short in size he is 13.3hh
of pure lovable personality. This gelding LOVES people and
attention. Very good for farrier and has no bad habits.

      WYATT'S BUNKHOUSE INN is located at the
     Ugly Horse Ranch Land and Cattle Company
 N830 Tamarack Road, Palmyra, WI 53156 (262) 495-2718
Hip # 4                              DUALIN SAN GUN                             Sorrel / Gelding   Hip # 30                               SAM BOY                                          Black / Gelding
Consigned by Ed Schwartz                                                                           Consigned by Dan Yoder
AQHA # 4219780                                                                                     Pony
2002                                                                                               2006
                                                                                                   5 year old black quarter pony gelding standing 53‖ tall (13.1
SIRE: Dualin Gun                                                                                   hands) Walk, trot, canter – anyone in the family can ride him.
by Dual Pep and out of Miss Silver Pistol
                                                                                                   Has been driven in the past, but needs a refresher on this.
DAM: San Andrea Chex                                                                               Loads good, stands quiet for farrier. Very friendly – was owned
by Peppy Badger Chex and out of Andrea Chex                                                        by 90 year old man, who has passed away, and was his favor-
Both sire and dam have Peppy San Badger on papers. Stands                                          ite and best friend. Sam Boy is looking for a new best friend!
14.1hh. This horse is really broke for anybody, has been trail rode;
                                                                                                   Hip # 31                               MORNING MELODY                                        Bay / Mare
team penned on, and sorted on. This horse is super gentle, you can
catch anywhere. If you need a confidence builder look no further. 100% sound no vices. The pedi-   Consigned by APH
                                                                                                   ApHC # 640471
gree speaks for itself, 2—Week Guarantee. If you don’t like him in 2 weeks bring him back.
                                                                                                   May 28, 2005
                                                                                                   SIRE: Ben’s Last Nugget
Hip # 5                              TN BAR RED RANGER                          Sorrel / Gelding
                                                                                                   by Bright Early Nugget and out of Sadie Joy
Consigned by Anne Yokers                                                                           DAM: Pax Melo Dove
AQHA # 4907923                                                                                     by Warrocket Eagle and out of Miss Chuba Bar
May 28, 2006
                                                                                                   6 year old Appaloosa Mare with a show pedi-
SIRE: TN Bar Joe                                                                                   gree. Melody is a total sweetheart, and needs to
by TE N Gold and out of Bar’s Lass                                                                 go to the show pen. You could show her at halter in the morning then have lots of fun in the rid-
                                                                                                   ing classes, or just have a nice trail ride if you like. She is the first one to meet you in the pasture.
DAM: Beaus Hot Gossip
by Hotsugargossip and out of Lori Le Beau                                                          Hip # 32                               POCO SHADY 023                                        Dun / Mare
Ranger 15 hand gelding who is well broke.                                                          Consigned by Mike Dunphy
Very level headed under saddle, he is ready                                                        AQHA # 4940344
to finish as you wish. Full brother to the 2010                                                    June 15, 2007
Grand Champion Hunt Seat horse at the WI                                                           SIRE: JH Shady Light
State 4-H Horse Show.                                                                              by Rock N Light and out of Poco Sassy Two
                                                                                                   DAM: Poco Blakburn 023
Hip # 6                              ONE TUFF IMPACT                              Dun / Gelding    by Poco Bueno Doc Bar and out of Perty Lady

Consigned by APH                                                                                   Here is a mare that can go any direction you wish. Take
AQHA # 5194968                                                                                     her to the weekend Buckskin shows. She rides very well
March 4, 2007                                                                                      outside and will go wherever you ask her. Been used to
                                                                                                   check fence and cows. Will make anyone a nice horse.
SIRE: Golden Impact
by King N Doc Dun Tuffy and out of Miss Beau Astor                                                 Hip # 33                               CL BUCKWILD                                   Buckskin / Gelding
DAM: Tuff Cowlady
by Kahuna Ben and out of Cowlady Pine                                                              Consigned by Norman Lambright                 SIRE: The Wild Wild West
                                                                                                   AQHA # 4483810                                by Obvious Conclusion and out of SR Celebrity Star
4 year old Dun Gelding by Golden Impact and out of a                                               January 12, 2004
Tuffernhel bred mare on the bottom, tuff is an excep-                                                                                            DAM: Hannalore
tional horse. You can do just about anything with him.                                                                                           by CL Buckley and out of Docs Quedella
Trail horse deluxe! Has been rode into town and tied
up outside the store with no issues. He has been                                                   Big, stately buckskin gelding with enormous eye appeal. Bred for versatility and would work for
patterned on the barrels, but would rather do stuff like                                           the show ring or the cattle pen. Excellent disposition and well mannered. No bad habits or prob-
Ranch Horse Shows, 4-H, Open Shows, etc. He is truly a Family type horse. Quiet and Gentle.        lems to fix with this guy. Check him out, will be one of the nicest geldings offered in today’s sale.
Hip # 28                            TC SUNDAE SHORTCAKE                     Bay Roan / Mare     Hip # 7                             A MAJOR PLEASURE                                Brown / Mare

Consigned by Al Ziehl                                                                           Consigned by Becky Rao
AQHA # 5106272                                                                                  AQHA # X0627409
May 23, 2008                                                                                    April 22, 2003
SIRE: TC Classy Concho                                                                          SIRE: A Major Leaguer
by Classy Tykie and out of Whisperin Kitty                                                      by Leaguers Sandman and out of Anitas Miss Rebel
DAM: TC Sundae Jet                                                                              DAM: Two Smokie Days
by Kens Twisty Frost and out of Larsons Miss Beauty                                             by Two A Day and out of Smokie Canyon
As sweet as her name ―Shortcake‖ is a 14.2 hand                                                 Nice Hunter Under Saddle mare, has been ridden West-
roan mare, with 4 white socks, and a silver mane. 30                                            ern and is a Showmanship machine. See videos on YouTube under her name.
days of riding last fall, should have 30-45 days more
by sale time. Rides quiet and gentle. Should make a
great family horse with performance potential. South                                               Reserve your room and mention the Acclaim Select Sale to receive a 10 % Off
Dakota bred, with Sunfrost on the papers. She will stand out in a crowd.                                   HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS—FORT ATKINSON—920-563-3030
Hip # 29                            MAGGIE                                 Black / Molly Mule
                                                                                                Hip # 8                             BLACK N WHITE TE V                        Black Overo / Mare
Consigned by Ken Miller                                                                         Consigned by Dean Reichert
Mule                                                                                            APHA # 456,860
1998                                                                                            March 17, 1998
                                                                                                SIRE: Blue Max
                                                                                                by Blue Mark and out of I’m A Fawago
                                                                                                DAM: Fleet Te
                                                                                                by Mr Norfleet and out of Te Skipped Me
                                                                                                As sweet and sane as she is solid, ―Lucy‖ is the horse for
                                                                                                your family! She began showing as a yearling and has
Stout mule, that is kid broke. Standing 13.2hh she is pony                                      shown under a youth at Open and 4-H Shows. She would be a great family horse whether you
sized and strong. Extremely gentle, no bite, kick, or buck. Has                                 want to show or trail ride. She loves showmanship, and her breeding couldn’t be any better.
been used as a pack mule MANY times including being to the                                      Acclaim Performance Horses Inc.’s Paint Stallion ―Norfleet’s Blue Ace‖ is her only son. If you are
mountains, packing gear, feed, people, whatever is needed.                                      looking for a multi purpose mare for the whole family to enjoy don’t let her pass by.

           Meet her and experience a love you won’t forget.                                     Hip # 9                             JET WITH CASH                                 Sorrel / Gelding

                                                                                                Consigned by Kelly Ziehl
                                                                                                AQHA # X0565301
                                                                                                June 6, 1997

                                                                                                SIRE: Dashing with Cash
                                                                                                by First Down Dash and out of I Owe You Me
                                                                                                DAM: Steely Vixen
                                                                                                by Twisted Steel and out of Tea N Crumpets

                                                                                                ―Shrek‖ is really broke and can really run. Barrel and
                                                                                                pole horse deluxe. Could be 1 or 2D barrel horse with
                                                                                                experienced rider. Easy going disposition, powerful
                                                                                                and fast. 100% sound, champion show qualifier in
                                                                                                WSCA games. Check out his pedigree! First Down
                                                                                                Cash, Dash for Cash
Hip # 10                            JJ JR CHICK                            Bay Tobiano / Gelding

Consigned by APH
APHA # 898,045
May 3, 2006

SIRE: JJ Sunsocks Jr
by PC Sun Socks and out of Carvers Sondra Bar
DAM: Miss Chick A Leo
by Kristys Tuff Chick and out of Miss Sugar Ja Leo

5 year old gelding. Bred to win BIG!!! A very athletic
gelding with the legendary Sun Frost breeding out of a Tuff Chick bred mare on the bottom.
Frosty has been on trail rides and ridden about everywhere around the farm. A very sensible
horse with a lot of heart and that want to please attitude. Because of family issues this horse
never made it to the barrel racing futurities. Take advantage of this opportunity to own him if you
                                                                                                      Hip # 26                            ―ANDY‖                                      Sorrel / Gelding
are looking to run competitive barrels and poles or just use him for fun.
                                                                                                      Consigned by APH
                                                                                                      AQHA # pending
                                                                                                      SIRE: Hocus Pocus Hotrod
                                                                                                      by Hotrodders Jet Set and out of Kenora Sorrel
                                                                                                      DAM: Zippos Boston Flame
                                                                                                      by Investment Zippo and out of Ms Boston
                                                                                                      Andy was orphaned at 2 weeks old. He is so
                                                                                                      much fun to have around. His full sister as a 3
                                                                                                      year old in 2010 has won 44.5 Western Pleas-
                                                                                                      ure points, 3 Halter Points, 2 Rom’s, and $1,250 in NSBA earnings. This guy has character. He
                                                                                                      would follow you into to the kitchen if you wanted him to. Don’t let this show prospect pass you
                                                                                                      by. Start his show career this year lunge line. He’ll take you far. Full brother to Hip # 41

                                                                                                      Hip # 27                            SHOWDOWN BLUE DANCER                            Gray / Mare

                                                                                                      Consigned by Samantha Piper
                                                                                                      AQHA # X0652803
                                                                                                      March 23, 2005
                                                                                                      SIRE: Showdown Bailey Blue
                                                                                                      by Ricks Dun and out of Baby Blue Yucca
                                                                                                      DAM: Dancing Sierra Chic
                                                                                                      by Dancer’s Mark and out of Little Beau Chic

                                                                                                      Sonic is a quiet gentle mare that is very sweet and easy to get
                                                                                                      along with. She has been shown lightly and is ready for a family
                                                                                                      to take her in whatever direction they want. She is only 14.2hh
                                                                                                      but has quite a long stride. Nice mare.
Hip # 24                            STORMY                                          Bay / Gelding   Hip # 11                           JAMILS AMIRA PPF               Chestnut Tobiano / Mare

Consigned by Ed Schwartz                                                                            Consigned by Dan Schroedl
Pony                                                                                                PtHA # 100256
2005                                                                                                IAHA # 3A 338362
                                                                                                    April 9, 1999
                                                                                                    SIRE: IBN Jamil
                                                                                                    by Ni Ga Zon and out of Mount Malya
6 year old bay pony, stands 46'' tall with black mane and tail. Super gentle pony that              DAM: El Amirs Mona
rides and drives. If you have kids that want a good honest pony this one will work.                 by Ansata El Emir and out of Foolish Naroufa

                                                                                                    14.2hh Trail riding horse deluxe! Double Registered with Excel-
                                                                                                    lent bloodlines. She willingly goes where you point her.
                                                                                                    Through water, up and down hills, on the road. She is traffic
                                                                                                    safe and has been ridden on highways and through town. 920-

Hip # 25                            SKIPS BOY POCO                             Palomino / Gelding
Consigned by Wagenson Horse Sales
AQHA # 4565743
May 2004
SIRE: Mr Pretty Boy Poco
by Jim Hank Jr and out of Crystal Springs 1
DAM: Skips Rusty Jane
by Fell Good NiKey and out of Montes Goldie

Star—Stripe—Snip. 15.1 Hands. Nice, Nice Horse. Good broke trail riding horse. Used in Mis-
souri fall of 2010.
Hip # 12                             GLIDDER                                         Grulla / Gelding

Consigned by Wagenson Horse Sales

15 Hands—quiet, safe to be around . Catch him anywhere. Has been trail ridden a lot. Crosses
water, loads good, traffic safe. Stands good for farrier.

Hip # 13                             SMART CHICS SMKN JOE                            Sorrel / Gelding

Consigned by Mike Dunphy
AQHA # 5001637
May 1, 2007

SIRE: Ww Speedy Lenas Smkr
by Smart Chic Olena and out of Seven S Mariah
DAM: Classy Lil Dry Doc
by Classy Little Lena and out of Drydocs Pacific Lena
Really nice quiet 4 year old gelding. That has all the
pedigree and talent you could ever ask for. Will make
anyone a really nice horse and he has been used outside
a lot and will go anywhere you ask him. Safe, sound and gentle.

Hip # 14                             GRACIE                                    Black & White / Mare

Consigned by John Nolan

Don’t miss this one of a kind,
eye catching black and white
mare! She stands 14.2 with a
good hip and shoulder. Gracie
has an extremely attractive
head and neck. With her looks,
she will definitely get you no-
ticed! We have owned this
mare for over 2 years. In that                  Double C Saddlery, Mike Dunphy, and APH are proud to AWARD
time we have taken her on trail
rides, tracked calves out of the
has a nice easy trot and lope,
takes both leads and backs up. She would make an awesome show prospect for a youth. Gracie
is traffic safe, been around dogs, and is easy to bathe and stands good for the farrier. She gets
along great with other horses in the pasture or in the barn. Last year she had a buckskin and
white foal and is a great mother! If you are looking for a versatile mare, sized right for the whole
family, do not pass her up!
                                                        AT THE ACCLAIM SELECT SALE
                                                Won’t find another like her! 100% sound!
                                              Hip # 15                   BADGER SMOOTH BUCK

                                              Consigned by Mark Dailey
                                              AQHA # 5260211
                                              May 13, 2005
                                              SIRE: Smooth But Dusty
                                              by Slippin Solano and out of Dusty is a Smoothjet
                                              DAM: Billies Prestige
                                              by Black Tie Prestige and out of Billie Bee Guthrie

                                              Take a look here at this gorgeous buckskin gelding. Pretty enough to
                                              win a halter class but broke enough to do whatever you want to do horseback! He’s been rode a
                                              lot of miles on the trails, and had a job everyday of his life. If you want an Open or 4-H Show
                                              horse he would excel at that as well. 100% in every way.          Buy with confidence.

                                              Hip # 16                   PC IB HANDSOME                                  Gray Overo / Gelding

                                              Consigned by Laura Akerlund
                                              APHA # 340,397
                                              April 22, 1996

                                              SIRE: Flits Page
                                              by Titan’s Flit and out of Yellow Pages
                                              DAM: Sandy Falana
                                              by Bar Y Sandy and out of Sugar Shadow
                                      1996 APH are proud to AWARD
      Double C Saddlery, Mike Dunphy, andGray Overo Paint Gelding, Casper, has 98
                                              APHA points in Halter, Showmanship, Hunter

                                              Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, and Horse-
                                              manship. He has been a true joy to own these

                                *AND*         last 5 years. My daughter is in college and that
                                              is why we are selling him. He is very affection-
                                              ate, loves to be brushed and worked with. He has been on extensive trail rides and is perfect,
                                              doesn’t spook. Goes over poles, logs, bridges, through water, etc., will do what he is asked. Has
                                              been overnight camping. He can be clipped without a twitch. Loads in the trailer by himself. He
                     AT THE ACCLAIM SELECT SALE
                                              is 100% sound with no vices. He would be perfect for a youth or amateur. He is a Great Horse.
                                              Search akerlundacres to see videos on YouTube.
Hip # 17                            A LIKELY PROMOTION                                Bay / Mare    Hip # 21                              COWPOKES SUGAR REY                     Chestnut / Mare
Consigned by APH
                                                                                                    Consigned by Mike Dunphy
AQHA # 5090476
                                                                                                    AQHA # 4628296
March 4, 2008
                                                                                                    May 20, 2004
SIRE: Hocus Pocus Hotrod
                                                                                                    SIRE: Sugar Rey Sujo
by Hotrodders Jet Set and out of Kenora Sorrel
                                                                                                    by Smart Sujo and out of Jays Little Sugar
DAM: Promotion In Motion
by Promote This Chip and out of Winnie McNutty                                                      DAM: Basic Holly
                                                                                                    by Black to Basics and out of Queen Holly Tipy
Sired by Hocus Pocus Hotrod and out of the great produc-
                                                                                                    This is my wife's horse and due to her lack of
ing mare, Promotion In Motion, Pretty is from a show back-
                                                                                                    time with school and new job is the reason for
ground. Sire has 149.5 Western Pleasure points, Dam is a futurity champion with 42 Pleasure         offering this mare for sale. We have owned
Points, and her full brother has 68 points in Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, and           this mare since she was two years old. We
Green Trail as of 2010. This talented mare will be able to do the All Around. Take a look!          have done everything with this mare possible.
                                                                                                    She will go anywhere you ask her and will do it
Hip # 18                            A FINAL KISS                                    Sorrel / Mare
                                                                                                    for anyone. We have moved hundreds of cows with her and been on a lot of trail rides. We
Consigned by Becky Rao                                                                              showed her at ranch shows, ponied young horses with her and let anyone from 2 to 82 ride her.
AQHA # 4670960                                                                                      Buy her with confidence. 100% sound and safe. Questions call Mike at 608-289-7983.
February 10, 2005                                                                                   Hip # 22                              DOCS CRUISIN BEAU                        Dun / Gelding
SIRE: Zippo Finale                                                                                  Consigned by Dan Yoder
by Zippo Pine Bar and out of Sheza Fancy Mac                                                        AQHA # 4702305
                                                                                                    April 21, 2004
DAM: Maker Kissable
by Ironmaker and out of Sheza Tiger Leo                                                             Big Boy at 15.2 hands he is just as nice as he is tall.
                                                                                                    Good for the whole family. Traffic safe, trail safe –
Good minded mare, has been shown and trail ridden.
                                                                                                    trees, woods, brush, walk, trot, canter, he does it all!
Good for farrier, vet, bathing, clipping, etc. Video on YouTube under her name.
                                                                                                    Ties, loads, and great for the farrier. Started right
Hip # 19                            IMA COOL TARDEE                   Chestnut Tobiano / Gelding    and ready to finish in the discipline of your choice.
                                                                                                    Heavy boned and very willing to work, he is a super
Consigned by Noah Yoder
APHA # 966,234                                                                                      athlete. All around prospect with stand out looks.
April 22, 2009
SIRE: Tardees Alibi                                                                                 Hip # 23                              TEDDY                                   Sorrel / Gelding
by Tardees Bountee and out of IM Undeeniable                                                        Consigned by Liz Smith
DAM: IM A Original Honey                                                                            Grade
by IM A Cool Original and out of Powers Lil Honey                                                   2002

Tardy is the type of horse that is hard to find. A pretty
and correct Tobiano with an elegant head and neck,
he is started nice and slow. He is quiet, hauls, ties,
etc. Was shown as a weanling and yearling. He is up to date on shots, worming and farrier.

Hip #20                             HOCUS JUSTA ROCKIN                             Bay / Gelding
Consigned by APH                                 SIRE: Hocus Pocus Hotrod
AQHA # 5274176                                   by Hotrodders Jet Set and out of Kenora Sorrel
June 23, 2008
                                                 DAM: Rockin On The Rail
                                                 by JD Concluded and out of St Jan Malbec           Teddy is an awesome trail horse. He has seen a lot
Rail is a super nice gelding with a TON of pedigree on his papers. Show horse prospect deluxe       of miles. He is seasoned and will go though any-
here. Sire has 149.5 points and his full brother, who is now a 5 year old, has 25 Western Pleas-    thing. Safe for the whole family.
ure points. He has the talent to go far. A fun horse to ride that loves to learn.

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