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									Wisconsin and Indiana Juniors Take Home Top Honors
E    ach November, Jersey juniors from
     around the country gather in
Louisville, Ky., to compete among the best
                                              but exciting day each year. Their morning
                                              begins early, as the cow show starts at 8:00
                                              a.m. and continues throughout the day. It
                                                                                                           The Champions
                                                                                                Three well-known cows and junior
                                                                                             exhibitors were left standing in the center
of the best with their Registered Jerseys.    finishes just before the Pot O’Gold Sale       of the ring when judges Hendress and
  On November 4, 2006, judge Steve            begins at 4:00 p.m. in Newmarket Hall that     Schilling made their picks for Grand and
Hendress, Wolcott, Ind., and his consultant   afternoon. After juniors make investments      Reserve Grand Champion. Up for the
Brian Schilling, Boggstown, Ind., had their   in their future through the sale, they head    honors were the four-year-old cow, Avonlea
work cut out for them as they judged the      to the South Hall for the All American         Konnection Rory and led by owner Brandi
224 Registered JerseysTM vying for Junior     Junior Banquet at 7:00 p.m. During those       Stevens, Indianapolis, Ind.; the aged cow
All American and Reserve Junior All           two hours, over 100 dairy youth are            Smart Remake Enchantment with her
American honors.                              recognized for their achievements in the       owner Craig Martin, Olivet, Mich.; and
  “It certainly has been a pleasure to work   past year.                                     senior three-year-old cow Smart Nate
with this great group,” said Hendress. “The                                                  Gunner Cher and her breeder and owner
real key to a successful show is the youth        Junior All American and Reserve            Amanda Curtis, Anna, Ohio.
that have participated in the show today.”          Junior All Americans Named                  “Brian and I think that is comes down
  “Brian and I are excited to have the           During the Championship classes, a          to these three cows that we pulled out,”
opportunity to be here today,” continued      total of 26 individuals were recognized        explained Hendress.
Hendress.                                     with the designation of Junior All                “For us it comes down to a logical pair
  Hendress made his debut as judge of The     American or Reserve Junior All American.       at the top and we agree that the four-year-
All American Junior Jersey Show.                   Each f irst place individual was          old will be your champion cow today,” said
However, he is no stranger to working with    presented a framed All American gold seal      judge Hendress as Avonlea Konnection
youth as he is an animal science instructor   certificate showcasing the winner’s name       Rory received her banner. “She has enough
and assistant manager of the dairy research   and class designation as a Junior All          quality of width and quality of udder and
farm at Purdue University in Indiana and      American. Framed Reserve Junior All            veining of udder, snugness of attachment,
assists with the Purdue University dairy      American silver certificates were awarded      teat size and shape.”
judging team and the club advisor.            to the runner-ups in each class.                  “The logical reserve is to bring out the
  Schilling hails from an Ayrshire               Executive Secretary Neal Smith gave his     aged cow,” said Hendress of Smart Remake
operation in Indiana. He is also              congratulations and made the                   Enchantment. “She is a cow with the same
accustomed to working with dairy youth,       presentations, as the large ringside           kind of power, strength, and a beautiful
including his own children that have begun    audience watched, along with an untold         udder with the complete package.”
purchasing Registered Jerseys over the past   number of people across the world viewing         Smart Nate Gunner Cher was named
several years.                                the ceremonies on steaming live video          best bred and owned of the show and
  The youth competing in the Junior           provided by the NAILE.                         recived the Dutch Hollow Farm Tropy.
activities at The All American have a long,                                                     In finding his Junior Champion heifers,
                          Grand Champion                                                   Reserve Grand Champion
     Avonlea Konnection Rory and her owner Brandi Stevens,                 Craig Mar tin, Olivet, Mich., exhibited Smar t Remake
  Indianapolis, Ind., accept the Senior and Grand Champion awards        Enchantment to Reserve Grand Champion honors. South Dakota
  from 2005 National Jersey Queen Sara LaFever. Ginger Baird             Jersey Queen Stephanie Vostad presents the Laurick Jerseys
  and children present the Caff-E-Hill Farms Trophy for Senior           Trophy for Reserve Senior Champion to Martin. Breeders of
  Champion. Steve Bachelor presents the Steve and Lynda Bachelor         “Enchantment” Ted and Diane Smart present the Ted & Diane
  & Family Trophy for Grand Champion. Also pictured are judge            Smart & Family Trophy for Reserve Grand Champion as Executive
  Steve Hendress and associate judge Brian Schilling.                    Secretary Neal Smith extends his congratulations to both youth.

judge Hendress “picked two heifers that        the bar when she walked in the ring.”             Junior Champion.
fit together very well and exhibit extreme        Trisha Stanek, Prairie du Chien, Wis.,
dairyness.”                                    and her Junior All American Summer                             Other Awards
   Two Wisconsin Jersey juniors making         Yearling, Trishas Spark Sage took home              For the first time in the history of the
their first trip to the green shavings of      the Reserve Junior Champion honors.               Premier Performance Class, a milking
Louisville took home Junior and Reserve           “It was her feet and legs that carried this    senior yearling took home top honors.
Junior Champion honors. Meadowridge K          stylish heifer above the quality group of         Piedmont Legion Ring, exhibited by
Tel Fancy, the Junior All American Senior      heifers in the ring,” complimented Judge          Mandy Lutz, Lincolnton, N.C., earned the
Calf exhibited by Mark Riebe,                  Hendress of “Spark.”                              highest point total to win the award. The
Cumberland, Wis., took home the Junior            Brandi Stevens also was recognized with        $500 premium was sponsored by Robert
Champion banner. Hendress described            her Junior All American Winter Yearling,          and Helene Driesbach. “Ring” was the
Riebe’s winning heifer as “a heifer that set   FH CDJude Jazz as honorable mention                                          (continued to page xx)

  Executive Secretary Neal Smith presents Mandy Lutz, Lincolnton,         Queen LaFever and Kentucky Jersey Queen Brittany Core, present
N.C., and Piedmont Legion Ring with a $500 cash award on behalf of      Mark Riebe, Cumberland, Wis., with the Alta Mae Core Trophy for Junior
Dr. Robert C. and Helene Z. Dreisbach for the Junior Premier            Champion. Riebe’s senior calf Meadowridge K Tel Fancy was selected
Performance Cow. National Jersey Queen Sara LaFever presents            by Judge Steve Hendress and consultant Brian Schilling. Trisha Stanek,
Janell Baum, Clinton, Ill., and DeMents Jade Dawn with a $250 cash      Prairie du Chien, Wis., and her summer yearling heifer, Trishas Spark
award from Endres Jazzy Jerseys as the Reser ve Premier                 Sage, receive the Sycamore Hill Gardens Trophy from Sue Luchsinger
Performance Cow.                                                        as Executive Secretary Smith gives his congratulations.
                                           Grove, Tenn., for the top producing cow
                                           based upon yield deviation for pounds of
                                           protein, went to Dylan Ellenburg,
                                           Morristown, Tenn., on his four-year-old
                                           cow, Aspen Grove Mirage Image-ET. Her
                                           yield deviation was +167 protein.
                                             Two youth received special recognition
                                           for Premier Junior Breeder and Premier
                                           Junior Exhibitor, both sponsored by Bush
                                           River Jerseys, Newberry, S.C. Amanda
                                           Curtis, received the Premier Breeder
                                           banner in her last year in the Junior Jersey
                                           show. With this award a lifetime
                                           membership to the World Jersey Cattle
                                           Bureau is also given by the Bureau. Mark
                                           Riebe was the recipient of the Premier
                                           Exhibitor banner.
                                             Pennsylvania Jersey Cattle Association
                                           presents each class winner with a gift.
                                           Covington Jerseys, Leon, Iowa, presents a
                                           pewter replica of the original AJCC Jersey
                                           Calf Club medallion for the best uddered
                                           cow in each class. Class protein awards are
                                           sponsored by Sycamore Hill Gradens,
                                           George and Karen Hanford, Marcellus,
                                           N.Y., and Waverly Farm, Clear Brook, Va.
                                           (winners pictured on page xx).

                                                          Class winners
                                              Last year’s Junior Champion of the show,
                                           returned to take top honors as the first-
                                           place milking senior yearling. LC Legion
                                           Patticake, exhibited by Taylor Leach,
                                           Linwood, Kan., was an “easy winner” for
                                           judge Hendress.
                                              “She excels,” said Hendress of his
                                           winner. “She’s carries herself with more
                                           style and balance all the way through.”
                                              Placing second was the “clean cut”
                                           overall premier performcance cow,
                                           Piedmont Legion Ring, shown by Mandy
                                           Milking senior yearling (7 shown)
                                           Class sponsored by Tennessee Jersey Cattle Club
                                               1. LC Legion Patticake, Taylor Leach, Linwood, Kan.,
                                           best udder, 2nd premier performance cow; 2. Piedmont Legion
(continued from page xx)                   Ring, Mandy Lutz, Lincolnton, N.C., 1st premier performance
                                           cow, overall premier performance cow; 3. OBJ Sambo Betts,
Reserve Junior All American Milking        Julie Ozburn, Nolensville, Tenn., best bred and owned; 4.
                                           JCJ Saber 12575, Colin Russell, Hilmar, Calif., PA protein
Senior Yearling.                           award; 5. TS Bakers Nightline, Casey Baker, Roanoke, Ind.
   Taking second in the Premier
Performance Class was the All American       “We have a pair of cows that just step
Senior Two-Year-Old Cow, DeMents Jade      up pretty quickly for us in this class,” said
Dawn, exhibited by Janell Baum, Clinton,   judge Hendress of his top pair in the junior
Ill. She received a $250 cash award        two-year-old class.
sponsored by Endres Jazzy Jerseys.           Taking first place honors was “a cow
Placing third and receiving a $100 check   that is a little more of a complete package
was JJF Nicky of Paramount, exhibited by   for me,” said Hendress of Cloverfield
Cameron Lutz, Lincolnton, N.C.             Centurion Essence bred and owned by
   The Sunbow Jerseys Trophy, sponsored    Michigan junior Craig Martin.
by the Charles Steer Family, Cottage         “The advantage today goes to the second
cow in her mammary system,” continued
Hendress of Ahlem Legion Bambi 4265,
exhibited by R. J. Doran, Newberry, S.C.
  “She has a little more quality and
definition and a super sound mammary on
the first cow,” concluded Hendress.
Junior 2-yr.-old cow (9 shown)
Class sponsored by North Carolina Jersey Breeders
    1. Cloverfield Centurion Essence, Craig A. Martin, Olivet,
Mich., best bred and owned, 2nd premier performance cow;
2. Ahlem Legion Bambi 4265, R. J. Doran, Newberry, S.C.,
best udder, 1st premier performance cow; 3. KCJF Sambo
Darling, Brady Core, Salvisa, Ky.; 4. Smart J I Nate Gunner
Cashmere, Amanda Curtis, Anna, Ohio; 5. Sambo Ina, Erin
Williams, McConnelsville, Ohio
    PA protein award—O.F. Abraham Ivanna, Julia Owens,
Frederic, Wis., 8th in the class

   Two Illinois Jersey youth took the top
two spots in the senior two-year-old class.
Janell Baum, Clinton, Ill., had the winning
entry with DeMents Jade Dawn. Kristen
Jordan of Moweaqua, Ill., followed close
on her heels with best bred and owned
entry JJF Renaissance Deluxe Lilly.
   “This pair of cows fits very soundly
together at the top,” said Hendress of the
Junior All American and Reserve Junior
All American Senior Two-Year-Olds.
   “Both of these cows just have
tremendous rib, lots of sweep, openness
and depth of rib,” described Judge
Hendress. “I think they are tremendous
bodied cows and the mammary systems
makes the decision to put them at the top.”
Senior 2-yr.-old cow (7 shown)
Class sponsored by Illinois Jersey Cattle Club
   1. DeMents Jade Dawn, Janell M. Baum, Clinton, Ill., best
udder, 1st premier performance cow, yield deviation protein
award; 2. JJF Renaissance Deluxe Lilly, Kristen Jordan,
Moweaqua, Ill., best bred and owned, 2 nd premier
performance cow; 3. KCJF Just Wait Can Win, Brittany Core,
Salvisa, Ky.; 4. TC Sambo 876 Bessie, Krista Lutz, Lincolnton,
N.C.; 5. Cooper Farm Requests Keesha, Meaghan K. Cooper,
Marathon, N.Y.

   It was the mammary system that placed
last year’s first place junior two-year-old
in the top spot this year as a junior three-
   R. J. Doran led BRJ Bomber Pitino
Eilene X-17 to the coveted number one
spot for the second year in a row.                               Crestbrooke Saturn Madison, Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac,
   “These are two beautifully balanced                           Wis., best bred and owned
                                                                                                                         attachment,” said Hendress of his winner.
cows at the top of the class,” raved                                                                                        Meadowridge Kaptain Kandi placed
Hendress of the cows. “We made the                                  “What a nice group of cows to place here             second for Mark Riebe. “She is a logical
decision on the mammary system and the                           in this class” described Judge Hendress of              second place with the cleanliness of bone
first cow is the best udder in the class.”                       the 11 entries in the senior three-year-old             and openess of rib,” complimented
   Following in second was Meadowridge                           class.                                                  Hendress.
Jetson Janine exhibited by Mark Riebe.                              The Supreme Champion of the World                       At the end of the day, “Cher” was named
                                                                 Dairy Expo Junior Show–Smart Nate                       best bred and owned of the show and
Junior 3-yr.-old cow (7 shown)
Class sponsored by Indiana Jersey Cattle Club
                                                                 Gunner Cher–took top honors in the senior               honorable mention Grand Champion.
    1. BRJ Bomber Pitino Eilene X-17, R. J. Doran, Newberry,     three-year-old class for her breeder and
S.C., best udder, 1 st premier performance cow; 2.                                                                       Senior 3-yr.-old cow (11 shown)
Meadowridge Jetson Janine, Mark Riebe, Cumberland, Wis.;         owner Amanda Curtis.                                    Class sponsored by Semex USA
3. Kaptains Marina, Alana J. Peterson, Viroqua, Wis.; 4. JJF        “The quality in the number one cow is                   1. Smart Nate Gunner Cher, Amanda Curtis, Ohio, best
Nicky of Paramount, Carmeron Lutz, Lincolnton, N.C., 2nd                                                                 udder, best bred and owned of the show; 2. Meadowridge
premier performance cow, yield deviation protein award; 5.       the veining and quality of the rear udder                                                 (continued to page xx)
All American Junior Show
(continued from page xx)

Kaptain Kandi, Mark Riebe; 3. KCJF Responses Prell, Brady
Core; 4. Ohio Hallmark Sambo 329, Justin Lemmermen,
Galloway, Ohio, 1st premier performance cow, yield deviation
protein award; 5. Piedmont Sambo Balinda, James Pearson,
Lincolnton, N.C., 2nd premier performance cow

   “We have a real quality cow to win this
class,” said judge Stiles of his future Grand
Champion, Avonlea Konnection Rory. She
is owned and exhibited by Brandi Stevens,
Indianapolis, Ind.
   For the third time in her milking career,
JWH Councillers Sweet Pea, placed in the
top three of the Junior show. This year was
a strong showing for the second place cow
owned and exhibited by Jacob
Hershberger, Troy, Ohio.
4-yr.-old cow (13 shown)
Class sponsored by Ohio Jersey Breeders Association
    1. Avonlea Konnection Rory, (S: Avonlea Kittens
Konnection-ET, D: Parkhe Briegh Robin 6F), Brandi Stevens,
Indianapolis, Ind., best udder, sr. and gr. champ.; 2. JWH
Councillers Sweet Pea, Jacob Hershberger, Troy, Ohio, 1ST
premier performance cow; 3. Barber Image Whistle, R. J.
Doran, 2nd premier performance cow; 4. OBJ Remake Ann,
Jackson Ozburn, Nolensville, Tenn., best bred and owned;
5. Rockin J Prize Glenda, Brittany Core, Salvisa, Ky.
    Yield deviation protein award and Sunbow Trophy
recipient—Aspen Grove Mirage Image-ET, Dylan Ellenburg,
Morristown, Tenn, 12th in the class

  For the second year in a row, Craig
Martin and Rachel White, New Castle,
Ind., have stood in the top spot of the tough
   Amanda Curtis and her winning senior two-                        2005 National Jersey Queen Sara LaFever,                   Neal Smith and National Queen Sara
year-old cow, Smarts Nate Gunner Cher were                       Tenn., and Executive Secretary Neal Smith                  LaFever presented the Bush River Jerseys
the recipients of the Dutch Hollow Farm best                     present Cameron Lutz, Lincolnton, N.C., and                award to Amanda Curtis, Anna, Ohio, as Pre-
bred and owned of the show trophy. Present-                      JJF Nicky of Paramount with the Gaby Jer-                  mier Breeder. The award also includes a life-
ing the trophy are Paul Chittenden, Dutch Hol-                   seys Trophy and $100 cash award for third                  time membership to the World Jersey Cattle
low Farm; Executive Secretary Smith; Queen                       place Premier Performance Cow.                             Bureau.
LaFever; judge Steve Hendress and consult-
ant Brian Schilling.

aged cow class with their cows,
“Enchantment” and “Cheryl.” Last year it
was Rachel that came out with top honors.
This year it was the 20-year-old from
Michigan earning the honor in the largest
milking class of the day.
   Smart Remake Enchantment was
described as “an easy winner” of the 17
aged cows exhibited. It was her “rib
                                                                    In a hard fought race, Wisconsin Juniors                   Mark Riebe, Cumberland, Wis., exhibited
structure and more youthful mammary                              finished first in the state herd competition.              for the first time in The All American Junior
system” that placed her over Responses                           Minnesota Jersey Queen Caitlin Casper pre-                 Show. His day culminated with the presenta-
Cheryl, exhibited by White. She went on                          sents the banner to participating Wisconsin                tion of the Bush River Jerseys Trophy and
to be named Reserve Grand Champion of                            Juniors.                                                   the Premier Exhibitor banner. Queen LaFever
                                                                                                                            and Neal Smith made the presentation.
the show.
   “I have so much respect for the second                          “Once we put the heifers in line one                     intermediate calf class. “Our first heifer
place cow as she is the oldest cow in the                        heifer comes to the top for us,” continued                 is just more comfortable on the move.”
class,” Hendress said of “Cheryl.” “She’s                        Hendress.                                                     Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET,
extremely clean, has a deep quality                                Meadow Ridge Supreme Suzi, bred and                      exhibited by Jacqueline Kisst, Ripon,
beautiful udder and has a lot of quality                         owned by Mark Riebe got the nod as she                     Calif., placed over Jurisdiction Jenny,
about the udder.”                                                had “an advantage in feet and legs” over                   exhibited by Matthew Sifford, Gray, Tenn.
Aged cow (17 shown)                                              Amanda Evening Evan Chrissy, exhibited                     Intermediate heifer calf (29 shown)
    1. Smart Remake Enchantment, (S: Rock Ella Remake-
ET, D: Jaspar Regals Eclair), Craig A. Martin, best udder, 1st
                                                                 by Amanda Curtis.                                          Class sponsored by Lavon Farms/Moo Cheeses L.P.
                                                                                                                                1. Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET, Jacqueline Kisst, Ripon,
premier performance cow; 2. Responses Cheryl, Rachel
                                                                 Junior heifer calf (23 shown)                              Calif.; 2. Jurisdiction Jenny, Matthew Sifford, Gray, Tenn.; 3.
White, New Castle, Ind., 2nd premier performance cow; 3.
KCJF Regency Treasure, Brady Core; 4. Millers Response           Class sponsored by Cedarcrest Farms                        Oblong Valley Kapt Nora, Catherine Elizabeth Kunde,
                                                                    1. Meadow Ridge Supreme Suzi, Mark Riebe, best bred     Windso, Calif.; 4. Oblong Valley Stella Blue-ET, Brandi
Chloe, Katie Gibson, Eminence, Ky.; 5. GR Xanadu Brendon
                                                                 and owned; 2. Amanda Evening Evan Chrissy, Amanda          Stevens; 5. Powerpointe JW Bobbie Jo, Micah Matlock, New
Kit Kat-P, George Thomas Colpetzer, Greenville, Pa.
                                                                 Curtis; 3. Georges Counciller Wizbang, George Thomas       Castle, Ind.
    Best bred and owned—Knappway Montana Mindy,
Joseph Knapp, Wellington, Ohio, 8th in the class                 Colpetzer; 4. Stoney Point Blackstar Bray, Ashley Mayer,       Best bred and owned—WH Dustin Belle, Logan Elmore,
    Yield deviation protein award—Heavens Blessins               Taneytown, Md.; 5. PSV Chairman Jewel, Skyler deGroft,     Elizabeth, Ky., 6th in the class
Remake Plum, Ashley Derr, Linden, Pa., 15th in the class         Cave City, Ky.                                                 PA protein award—TS Bakers Windy, Cailey Baker,
                                                                    PA Protein Award—Hannahs Flint Paramount Tia, Joshua    Roanoke, Ind., 24th in the class
                                                                 HAnnah, Cleveland, Tenn., 17th in the class
  “A nice group of heifers to start the                                                                                       The junior champion hailed from the 27
heifer show,” said Hendress of the 23 junior                       “I think it is a close placing between                   senior calves exhibited.
heifer calves.                                                   these top two calves” said Hendress of his                                                       (continued to page xx)

  Josh Gordon and National Jersey Queen                            Judge Bryan Marcoot, center, chose Janell                   Judge Chuck Luchsinger along with
Betty Thompson present Mark Riebe with the                       Baum as the recipient of the the Virginia Tech             National Jersey Queen Betty Thompson,
Max Gordon Memorial Trophy. He was                               Dair y Science Trophy for Intermediate                     presents the Fred Luchsinger Memorial
selected as the winner of Senior                                 Showmanship. 2006 National Jersey Queen                    Trophy to Taylor Leach, winner of the Junior
Showmanship by judge Ron Rider.                                  Betty Thompson assists with the presentation.              Showmanship contest.
All American Junior Show                                          her second class of the day with FH                           milkout of the National Jersey Jug Futurity.
(continued from page xx)                                          CDJude Jazz. It was her “strength over the                       Over 50 youth competed simultaneously
                                                                  topline” that placed her over Elysian                         in three rings to earn the honors as top
  Meadowridge K Tel Fancy, exhibited by
                                                                  Meadows Fate 6th, exhibited by Greta                          showman in their division. Judges for the
Mark Riebe, captured the eye of judges
                                                                  Koebel, Three Oaks, Mich.                                     event were: Ron Rider, Upton, Ky., senior
Hendress and Schilling in the class.
                                                                                                                                showmanship; Bryan Marcoot, Greenville,
  “We have a real quality heifer to start                         Intermediate yearling heifer (14 shown)
                                                                  Class sponsored by Sexing Technologies / GRI                  Ill., intermediate showmanship; and Chuck
the class today,” explained Hendress in his                           1. FH CDJude Jazz, Brandi Stevens; 2. Elysian Meadows
                                                                  Fate 6th-ET, Greta Koebel, Three Oaks, Mich.; 3. Just Waits
                                                                                                                                Luchsinger, Syracuse, N.Y., junior
reasons. “She is an easy winner with so
                                                                  Junction Lexus, Colby Blankenship, Jackson, Tenn.; 4. Exels   showmanship.
much style and balance, you never see this                        Jace Annabelle 1639, Amanda Morretti, Petaluma, Calif.,
                                                                  PA protein award; 5. Meadow Winds Vanilla-Twin, MacKenzie        Virginia Tech Dairy Science Department
heifer out of line.”                                              Poole, Westminster, Md.                                       sponsors the second through fifth place
  Second place Edgebrooks Jade Justice-                               Best bred and owned—Knappway Comerica Moolan,
                                                                  Joseph Knapp, Wellington, Ohio, 11th in the class             awards in each class.
Twin was given the nod as she “has a touch
more spring of rib when you get behind                            State herd (9 shown)                                          Junior showmanship (16 shown)
                                                                     1. Wisconsin; 2. Indiana; 3. Ohio; 4. Kentucky; 5.            1. Taylor Leach; 2. Laura Finley, Lake Mills, Wis.; 3. Jordan
her.” She was exhibited by Amanda                                 Tennessee                                                     Stookey; 4. Cassy Krull; 5. Emily Sigle, Stockton, N.J.
                                                                                                                                Intermediate showmanship (25 shown)
Thompson, Wellsville, Pa.                                                                                                          1. Janell Baum; 2. Brad Arthur; 3. Jacob Leach, Cottage
                                                                                    Showmanship                                 Grove, Tenn.; 4. Micah Matlock; 5. Julie Ozburn
Senior heifer calf (27 shown)
Class sponsored by Tennessee Junior Jersey Cattle Club
                                                                    Three showmanship classes were held                         Senior showmanship (12 shown)
                                                                                                                                   1. Mark Riebe; 2. Trisha Stanek; 3. Alana Peterson; 4.
   1. Meadowridge K Tel Fancy, (S: Hollylane Renaissance          on Sunday, November 5, during the                             Ashley Mayer; 5. Jennifer Main, Bois D’Arc, Mo.
K-Tel, D: Meadowridge Kaptain Kracker), Mark Riebe, best
bred and owned, jr. champ.; 2. Edgebrooks Jade Justice-
Twin, Amanda Thompson, Wellsville, Pa.; 3. Smart Alpha J
Imp Nate Alise-ET, Amanda Curtis; 4. Family Hill Amedeo
Finnigan-ET, Kyle Natzke; 5. Tri-Line Sultan Deja Vue, Katy
Spesard, Paris, Ill.
   PA protein award—BJE Brazo Top Winner Sarah,
Jonathan L. Holmes, Johnston, S.C, 27th in the class

  “Just a beautiful, eye-appealing heifer
to start the class today,” said judge
Hendress during the class of 26 summer
  Trishas Spark Sage, bred and owned by
Trisha Stanek, Prairie Du Chien, Wis., took
home first place honors over “the beautiful
front-ended” Ratliff F Prize Kay-ET
exhibited by Cassy Krull, Lake Mills, Wis.
Summer yearling heifer (26 shown)
Class sponsored by Spahr Jersey Farm
    1. Trishas Spark Sage, (S: Ravenwood J Favors Sparkler-
ET, D: Trishas Iatola Success), Trisha Stanek, Prairie Du
Chien, Wis., best bred and owned, res. jr. champ.; 2. Ratliff F
Prize Kay-ET, Cassy Krull, Lake Mills, Wis.; 3. SSF JAde
Bethany, Leslie M. Flannery, Newark, N.Y.; 4. Cooper Farm
Signature Kaching, Meaghan K. Cooper, Marathon, N.Y.; 5.
Jade Parade of Shady Space, Ryan Gettle, Fair Grove, Mo.
    PA protein award—Sunsetcanyon Laser T Darla, Cody
Freland, State Center, Iowa, 12th in the class

  Strength and width throughout were the
top reasons for Cobblestone Waiting to
Fly-ET to take first place in the junior
yearling heifer class. She was led by her
breeder and owner Abe Caldwell Cobb II,
Perkins, Okla. Seventeen heifers were
exhibited in the class.
  Following closely in second place was
Reich-Dale Ressurect Galaxy-P owned
and exhibited by Kristen M. Mull,
Chambersburg, Pa.
Junior yearling heifer (17 shown)
Class sponsored by Kentucky Jersey Cattle Club
   1. Cobblestone Waiting to Fly-ET, Abe Caldwell Cobb II,
Perkins, Okla., best bred and owned; 2. Reich-Dale
Ressurect Galaxy-P, Kristen M. Mull, Chambersburg, Pa.; 3.
Touch Gold Crystal of Edgebrook, Brad Arthur, Montour,
Iowa; 4. Lauras Vindication Alia-ET, Michael Maier, Stitzer,
Wis.; 5. Smart Evening Evan Holly, Amanda Curtis
   PA protein award—Rachels Rosette, Rachel Rawn,
Charles Town, W. Va., 9th in the class

  “What a nice class the whole way down
the line” complimented Hendress of the
14 intermediate yearling heifers shown in
the last class of the day.
  Brandi Stevens captured first place in
   Pictured on this page are the winners of
the Protein Awards given in The All Ameri-
can Junior Show. Waverly Farm, Clear
Brook, Va., presents the awards in the se-
nior two-year-old to aged cow classes, with
the remaining classes receiving awards           Alex Steer presents Dylan Ellenburg with
from Sycamore Hill Gardens, George and        the Sunbow Jerseys Trophy for the highest                  JCJ Saber 12575
Karen Hanford, Marcellus, N.Y.                protein production of the show. His winning       Milking Yearling, PA Protein Award
                                              entry was Aspen Grove Mirage Image-ET                Kate Rector • Collin Russell

          O.F. Abraham Ivanna                            DeMents Jade Dawn                           JJF Nicky of Paramount
  Junior Two-year-old, PA Protein Award        Senior Two-year-old, Actual Protein Award    Junior Three-year-old, Actual Protein Award
       Caitlin Kasper • Julia Owens           Allie Meranda • Janell Baum • Jessica Rose           Emily Woods • Cameron Lutz

        Ohio Hallmark Sambo 329                   Aspen Grove Mirage Image-ET                   Heavens Blessins Remake Plum
Senior Three-year-old, Actual Protein Award      Four-year-old, Actual Protein Award             Aged Cow, Actual Protein Award
     Ava Koebel • Justin Lemmermen                Heather Burch • Dylan Ellenburg                  Jessica Rose • Ashley Derr

     Hannahs Flint Paramount Tia                          TS Bakers Windy                        BJE Brazo Top Winner Sarah
      Junior calf, PA Protein Award               Intermediate calf, PA Protein Award            Senior calf, PA Protein Award
    Betty Thompson • Joshua Hannah                    Sara LaFever • Cailey Baker               Caitlin Kasper • Jonathan Holmes

    Sunsetcanyon Laser T Darla                              Rachels Rosette                         Exels Jace Annabelle 1639
Summer yearling heifer, PA Protein Award        Junior yearling heifer, PA Protein Award      Intermediate yearling, PA Protein Award
     Kate Rector • Cody Freland                      Caitlin Kasper • Rachel Rawn                  Emily Woods • Britni Thornburg

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