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World History A Syllabus


									                          World History A Syllabus
                                        Fall 2010


Coby Muckelroy        Phone: 237-2374 ext.238; email:

Inclusion Teachers:

Bernadette Hampsten     Phone: 237-2374 ext. 232: email:
Tony Archer             Phone: 237-2374 ext. 229; email:

Course Description:

Welcome to Mr. Muckelroy’s Social Studies class. Using the PLATO web-based
curriculum and assignments, you will explore, examine, and analyze various social
studies issues. The New Mexico State Standards are fulfilled in the process. Social
Studies courses help us understand the world around us and why things are the way they
are. They also help us make informed decisions for ourselves, our communities, and our


Each student will maintain a planner that corresponds to the course. The planner lists
assignments that you are expected to complete, establishes target dates for completion,
and allows you to track progress and scores. Assignments include:

       Modules: Each course includes a set of modules to complete. Modules consist
       of the following:

               Assignments: Plato tutorials include multiple assignments for each
               module. Students are expected to complete only those assignments listed
               on the planner. To turn-in an assignment, students must save an electronic
               copy to his/her “My Documents” folder, or print out a copy of the

              Tests: All Plato module mastery tests must be completed with a score of
                     80% or higher.

      Final Exam: The Final Exam for the course is required to pass the course, and a
      minimum score of 70% must be achieved in order to get credit for the Final Exam.
As you complete each assignment listed on the planner, you must have me initial it. This
is how your progress and grades are recorded.


The final semester grade is calculated as follows:

Modules:    70%
Final Exam: 20% (Score of 70% or higher is required on the Final)
Other assignments: 10%

Grading Scale: Grades will be positioned based on school policy:

90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
Below 70% is not passing

Classroom Rules:

   1. Be prepared and on time.
   2. Stay on task.
   3. Be considerate of others.

Additional rules and expectations are found in the Student Handbook and are not restated
here. The Internet policies are particularly important for working in the Pod area.

I have read the World History A Syllabus and understand the
expectations and conditions:

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