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									     Ninth Annual Gualala Arts’

     September 1 & 2 and September 8 & 9, 2001
        Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm

           “Stananda’s Vision” by Richard Yaski, See #1 inside

The North Coast Artists’ Guild of the Mendocino-Sonoma Coast
 welcomes you to this event. New Web Site:
Welcome to the Ninth Annual Gualala Arts’ Studio Discovery Tour. Mendocino-Sonoma
Coast artists from Cazadero, Sea Ranch, Gualala, Anchor Bay to Little River will open their
studios to the public for two weekends: September 1-2 and 8-9. Saturday-Sunday.
Hours are 10am-5pm.

Visit our new web site: which features every tour artist.

Visit the studios, meet the artists and see their stained glass, blacksmithing, garden art,
ceramics, large outdoor sculptures, oil paintings, hand-made paper, fresco, painted furniture,
tiles, watercolors, pottery, fountains, fused art glass, photography, fiber, silk dyed clothing,
pen & ink, collage, drawings, jewelry and more.

Follow the map and signs directing you to their studios. The Sea Ranch does not allow
signs, so be sure and follow the directions under the ARTIST / STUDIO LOCATION GUIDE.

This year’s tour was organized by Marji Ingersoll, Co-founder of the North Coast Artists’
Guild, and managed by our Studio Tour Director, Mary Elizabeth Sanyal. The North Coast
Artists’ Guild was founded in 1997 as a part of Gualala Arts to better serve the area’s artists.
Activities include art festivals, exhibitions, lectures, meetings and quarterly newsletters.

Thanks to Alan Niven, Arena Press, for publishing our newsletter; Mendocino Community
Network, for providing a free Bulletin Board List Serve; Ron Bolander for providing low-cost
professional, photographic sessions for our tour artists; Ivan de la Garza for designing the
Guild’s web site: The Guild would also like to thank Chris Cochems,
web designer and technical support for The Diamond Lane, an Internet Service Provider in
Hayward, for developing our new tour web site:

Directory of Artists
Ellen Boulanger, 18a                               Stacey McDorman, 12
Star DeHaven, 14                                   Grace McMaster, 11
Suzanne deVeuve, 19                                Pat Neth, 5
Tom Eckles, 7                                      Nicole Ours, 17
Meris Emory, 5a                                    Yvonne Pankowski, 18b
David Wayne Floyd, 6                               Lauren Sinnott, 6a
Judith Greenleaf, 2                                Stan Stroh, 9
Marji Ingersoll, 13                                Submarine Paperworks, 8
Mona Innes, 16                                     Mark Taylor, 3
Bruce Jones, 10                                    Doni Tunheim, 18
Janet Joslin, 4                                    Sarah Waldron, 15
Jim Joyce, 10a                                     Richard Yaski, 1

        NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
                 1 RICHARD YASKI

                   SCULPTURE & FOUNTAINS

                   Created with fire, water, metal
                   light & space, flowing with
                   understated elegance.
                   Monumental to tabletop, in
                   international collections

                 2 JUDITH GREENLEAF

                   SCULPTURE, WATERCOLOR,
                   DRAWING, CERAMICS

                   Watercolors celebrating nature;
                   figurative sculpture in
                   clay, bronze, cast stone;
                   unique functional ceramics.

                 3 MARK TAYLOR

                   OIL PAINTING

                   Plein air and studio oil
                   paintings of the California

Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                           A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
                 4 JANET JOSLIN

                   OILS, WATERCOLORS, PASTELS,
                   SILK KIMONOS & PAINTINGS

                   Paintings of sensual flowers
                   and landscapes. One-of-a-
                   kind hand-painted silk kimonos.

                 5 PAT NETH


                   Sculptured tiles, glazed and
                   raku pottery.

                 5a MERIS EMORY

                   FUSED AND SAND-BLASTED
                   GLASS ART

                   Fused and Sand-blasted Glass
                   Art that’s colorful, elegant,
                   functional and one-of-a-kind.

NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
                 6 DAVID WAYNE FLOYD
                   “Dark Angels,” 4’x4’ oil/acrylic on canvas

                   A master at fantasy paintings,
                   provocative wall finishes, and
                   vibrant colored furnishings.

                 6a LAUREN SINNOTT

                   PAINT, FABRIC

                   Murals, fine art. Magic Realism
                   in landscape, portraiture,
                   classical figures and
                   Renaissance architecture.

                 7 TOM ECKLES


                   Focuses on nature and

Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                               A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
                 8 SUBMARINE PAPERWORKS
                   Joan Rhine and Jim Meilander

                   MIXED MEDIA, HANDMADE
                   PAPER, PRINTS, JEWELRY.

                   Artwork takes many forms
                   including colorful abstract wall
                   pieces, decorative vessels and

                 9 STAN STROH

                   PAINTINGS, SCULPTURE

                   Paintings & Sculpture inspired
                   by the landscape and Native
                   American forms, observation
                   and abstraction.

                10 BRUCE JONES

                   WATERCOLOR, PENCIL,
                   PEN & INK

                   Paintings mostly mix people &
                   seascapes. He also makes fun
                   papier-mache masks.

NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
                 10a JIM JOYCE

                    BEAR PATH FORGE,
                    ARTISTIC BLACKSMITHING

                    Multi-media hand-forged
                    sculpture; iron and copper
                    flowers; and grapevine motif

                 11 GRACE McMASTER


                    Her watercolors evoke an
                    emotional response with their
                    vivid colors & varied subjects.

                 12 STACEY McDORMAN

                    CLAYWORKS, POTTERY

                    Exquisite ceramic products for
                    a variety of lifestyles and

Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                           A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
                 13 MARJI INGERSOLL


                    Hand-painted tiles, fountains,
                    tiled tables, murals and
                    garden art.

                 14 STAR DeHAVEN

                    STAINED GLASS

                    Original glass designs from
                    art nouveau to unusual
                    freeform art with crystals.

                 15 SARAH WALDRON

                    OIL ON CANVAS/

                    Classical oil still lifes
                    and landscapes on
                    various surfaces, some
                    with collage.

NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
1    RICHARD YASKI                     707 937-0075           937-2786 FAX
     6024 Albion-Little River Road, Little River. From Hwy 1 in Albion, turn East
     on Comptche 16-Albion Little River Road (first road past Albion Bridge
     heading north). Go approx. 2.25 miles, turn north at Jacobs Ranch. Go 1/2
     mile to YASKI sign, turn left. Go 300 feet, driveway/studio/parking lot is on the
     left. From Mendocino, turn east on Little River-Airport Rd, follow signs.
     MAIL: P.O. Box 333, Little River, CA 95456
     EMAIL:            WEB

2    JUDITH GREENLEAF                 707 937-0430 (phone/FAX)
     6034 Albion-Little River Road, Little River, CA 95456
     Follow instructions on 1 above, she is next door to Richard Yaski.

3    MARK TAYLOR                       707 884-3107
     34080 Iversen Road, Gualala. From Hwy 1, take Old Stage Rd 6.3 miles to
     where it intersects Fish Rock Rd. Here the road becomes Iversen Rd. Go 3/4
     mile further north to driveway on left.
     MAIL: P.O. Box 1500, Gualala, CA 95445

4    JANET JOSLIN                   707 884-1970 (phone/FAX)
     46270 Fish Rock Road, Gualala. From Hwy One, turn East on Fish Rock
     Road. Go approx. 1 mile.
     MAIL: P.O. Box 1558, Gualala, CA 95445
     EMAIL:          WEB:

5    PAT NETH                       707 884-3421
     30501 South Highway 1, Gualala. Approx. 4 miles north of Anchor Bay.
     MAIL: P.O. Box 1042, Gualala, CA 95445 EMAIL:

5a   MERIS EMORY                   510 536-5984 (phone/FAX)
     Showing at: 5                 EMAIL:
     MAIL: 3021 Texas Street, Oakland, CA 94602

6    DAVID WAYNE FLOYD                 707 884-1224 (phone/FAX)
     45881 Sunset Drive, Anchor Bay. From Hwy 1 at mile marker 4.61, across
     from Anchor Bay Campground, turn east on Sunset Drive and go 1.1 miles.
     First driveway on right after horseshoe turn. Studio at top of steep driveway.
     MAIL: P.O. Box 1418, Gualala, CA 95445

6a   LAUREN SINNOTT              707 882-3100
     Showing at: 6
     STUDIO/MAIL: 310 Main Street, P.O. Box 921, Point Arena 95468
     EMAIL: WEB:

     Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                                                              A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
7     TOM ECKLES                       707 884-1930
      45861 Sunset Drive, Anchor Bay. From Hwy 1, turn east on Sunset
      Drive (mile marker 4.61), go 1.3 miles to second driveway on the
      right after horseshoe turn.
      MAIL: 25210 China Hollow Road, Auburn, CA 95602
      530 269-2027 (phone/FAX)
      EMAIL:              WEB:

8     SUBMARINE PAPERWORKS 707 884-4564
      46400 Bourns Gulch Road, Gualala. From Hwy 1, turn east on Glennen,
      right on Bourns Gulch Road, go 1/2 mile uphill, studio on left.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 1295, Gualala, CA 95445

9     STAN STROH                        707 884-3065
      37901 Pacific View Drive, Gualala. From Hwy 1, turn east on Big Gulch
      Rd, turn right (south) on the second street.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 1314, Gualala, CA 95445

10    BRUCE JONES                     707 884-3381
      38575 Robinson Reef Drive, Gualala. Highway 1 to North Gualala, west on
      Robinson Reef Drive, go to the cul-de-sac.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 250, Gualala, CA 95445      EMAIL:

10a   JIM JOYCE                      707 847-3675 (phone/FAX)
      Showing with: 10
      MAIL: P.O. Box 99, Stewarts Point, CA 95480
      EMAIL:           WEB:

11    GRACE McMASTER                    707 884-9544
      38261 Ocean Ridge Drive, Gualala. From Hwy 1 turn east on Pacific Woods
      & go to top (dead-end), turn left on Old Stage Rd, go approx. 1/4 mile, turn
      west (left) on Ocean Ridge Drive to 5th driveway on right.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 1087, Gualala, CA 95445

12    STACEY McDORMAN                   707 884-9667
      38440 Old Stage Road, Gualala. From Hwy 1, turn East on Pacific Woods
      Rd. til it deadends at Old Stage Rd. Turn north (left) approx. 1/4 mile.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 872, Gualala, CA 95445 EMAIL:

13    MARJI INGERSOLL                707 884-4602
      39040 S. Highway One, Gualala. Across from Cypress Village since 1991.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 483, Gualala, CA 95445
      EMAIL:         WEB:

      NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
14    STAR DeHAVEN                    707 785-2986
      377 Big Tree Close, The Sea Ranch. From Hwy 1 at mile marker 55.03,
      go east on Deerfield Road to the top of the ridge. Right on Timber Ridge, right on
      Big Tree Close, 2nd driveway on right.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 311, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

15    SARAH WALDRON                      707 785-9729      785-1935 FAX
      35479 Timber Ridge Road, The Sea Ranch. From Hwy 1, turn east on Annapolis;
      drive approx. .5 mile. turn right (south) on Timber Ridge. Go approx. .5 mile, park
      on west roadside, house is on right. Put brochure on dashboard to avoid being
      MAIL: P.O. Box 103, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

16    MONA INNES                   707 785-0061
      35457 Timber Ridge Road, The Sea Ranch. 2nd house south of #15.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 49, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

17    NICOLE OURS                  707 785-0021
      35451 Timber Ridge Road, The Sea Ranch. Next house south of #16.
      MAIL: P.O. Box 68, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497
18    DONI TUNHEIM                       707 847-3761 847-3905 FAX
      35500 Hauser Bridge Road, Cazadero. From Hwy 1, go east on Kruse Ranch
      Road, 4 miles to Plantation, left on Hauser Bridge Rd., first driveway on left.

18a   ELLEN BOULANGER             707 632-5485
      Showing with: 18             EMAIL:
      MAIL: 3035 Cazadero Highway, Cazadero, CA 95421

18b   YVONNE PANKOWSKI             707 886-5341
      Showing with: 18
      MAIL: 32350 Annapolis Road, Annapolis, CA 95412
      EMAIL:           WEB:

19    SUZANNE deVEUVE                707 847-3902
      27796 Seaview Road, Cazadero, CA 95421. From Hwy 1 at mile marker 35.54,
      turn east up Timber Cove Road, right on Seaview Road approx. 1.5 miles.
      EMAIL:        WEB:

      Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                                                              A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
                   16 MONA INNES

                      FIBER AND METAL

                      Unique combination of
                      metals, ribbon and fiber
                      assembly creating jewelry
                      and wall reliefs.

                   17 NICOLE OURS


                      Impressionistic paintings
                      capture coastal light, color,
                      form & energy.
                      Land/seascapes, portraits,
                      still lifes.

                   18 DONI TUNHEIM

                      WATERCOLOR COLLAGE

                      Whimsical, lively
                      watercolors, shown across
                      USA, award-winning.

NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
                  18a ELLEN BOULANGER

                     FUSED GLASS

                     Shimmering, delicate,
                     versatile glass objects,
                     created for functional
                     and decorative use.

                  18b YVONNE PANKOWSKI


                     Unique designs using semi-
                     precious stones, chain, wire,
                     14K Rose sheet and Sterling

                  19 SUZANNE deVEUVE

                     OIL ON CANVAS &

                     Fine art themes of nature,
                     mythology, women, God-
                     dess, spiritual, shamanism
                     and indigenous cultures.

Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                          A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
                                               JANET JOSLIN
                                                 Hand-painted silk kimonos
                                                    and silk paintings.
                                                   Number 4 on the Map.
                                                     OPEN SEPT 1-2 ONLY
                                                 46270 Fish Rock Road, Gualala.
                                                     884-1970 phone/fax

Web: Email: By appointment.

           in two Gualala locations

               S / K GALLERY
          Cypress Village, Gualala
   “Under the Clock” Thurs-Mon 884-3549
       Stewart / Kummer Gallery                      “Baby Ruth” ceramic sculpture
      ON THE RIDGE ABOVE ANCHOR BAY                            6” x 8” x 24”
        707 884-3381 fax 884-4000                        by Karen Shapiro
     Post Office Box 1139, Gualala, CA 95445

                         NCAG MEMBERSHIP FORM
The North Coast Artists’ Guild is a non-profit organization and your donations are tax
      deductible. To help support our local artists, please fill in the following:
                          Membership/donation categories:
   Artist $15    Regular $20 Business $25 Supporting $50 Donor $100
            Yes, I want to make a tax-deductible contribution of $_______.
  Yes, please use my donation of $______towards next year’s Studio Discovery Tour.
                              Amount Enclosed $_____
  Make check payable to:            Gualala Arts-NCAG
  Please send to:                   NCAG, PO 1658, Gualala, CA 95445-1658

        NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
                                         Visit the North Coast Artists’ Guild
                                          Studio Discovery Tour Preview
                                           booth on Aug 18-19, Sat-Sun.
                                              at Gualala Arts Center and
                                               Meet The Tour Artists!

10a - Jim Joyce, Bear Path Forge

                                                  3 - Mark Taylor, oil painter

 12 - Stacey McDorman
      Clayworks - Pottery

                                                  North Coast Artists’ Guild
                                                is an affiliate of Gualala Arts
                                                  & has over 90 members.

                                                           Marji Ingersoll
       1 - Richard Yaski, Little River                  Tile Design Studio
           Sculpture & Fountains

        Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                                                       A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
The North Coast Artists Guild and Gualala Arts wish to express their gratitude to our Sponsors for
their fine support of the Studio Discovery Tour. All area codes are 707. Gualala Zip Code is 95445.

Clover-Stornetta Farms Salutes the Arts.
Sea-Gal Enterprises-Patricia Swengel, P.O. Box 971, Gualala 884-4831
FAX: 884-1167 “All aspects of Landscaping, Irrigation, Design, Mowing,
Renovation, Sculptured Furniture, Art, Ponds, Creeks. Residential &
The Sea Ranch Properties, 1000 Annapolis Rd., The Sea Ranch 785-
2321 & Cypress Village, Gualala 884-4500 Email:
Web:        “The community’s oldest real estate firm,
serving Sea Ranch and south-coast Mendocino. Free color brochures!”
Brodie Architecture & Design, P.O. Box 1369, Gualala 884-9021
Email: “Serving the Coast since 1982”
Anchor Bay Village Market & WINEWORLD, Shoreline Highway,
Anchor Bay 884-4245 Email: Web:
“A Store To Explore. Organic & Natural - Imported & Domestic Foods.
Largest Selection of Wines on the Coast. 5 Minutes North of Gualala”
JR’s Auto Care Center, 46900 Pacific Woods Rd., P.O. Box 649, Gualala
884-1837 Junior Roddy, Owner. “Expert care for your car. Friendly,
convenient service. Foreign and domestic cars.”

Sea Ranch Lodge, Highway One / Sea Walk Drive, The Sea Ranch, CA
95497 707 / 785-2371 “Lodging, Restaurant, Bar & Village Store”
Rich Edwards Imagery, 2661 Mountain Gate Way, Oakland, CA 94611-
2717 510 / 530-0319 “Fine art portraiture and landscapes”
Annapolis Winery, 26055 Soda Springs Rd., Annapolis 886-5460
“A delightful expression of His Love”
Northwest Insurance Agency, Cathy Scaramella, Agent, 38951 Hwy
One, Gualala 884-3628 “Insurance for Everyone!!”
Holloway Insurance Agency, 39040 S. Hwy 1 at The Carriage Shed,
Gualala, 95445-1170 884-1740 “Your Local Farmers Insurance Agent”
Holloway Health Insurance Services, PO 1170, Gualala 95445-1170
884-4640 “Servicing the North Coast”

         NCAG - North Coast Artists’ Guild
           2001 STUDIO TOUR SPONSORS

Fish Rock Café, Anchor Bay 884-1639
“Lunch & Dinner - Closed Mondays”
Coldwell Banker Pacific Real Estate, 39351 & 39140 S. Highway One,
Gualala 95445 884-3866, 884-3591. “Sales - Sea Ranch and Gualala.”
The Sea Trader, 38640 S. Hwy 1, Box 823, Gualala, 95445 884-3248
“Gifts for your Spirit.”
Sea Shell Inn, 135 Main Street, Point Arena 882-2000
Dennis & Jan Carter


North Coast Country Inn, 34591 South Highway 1, Gualala 884-4537
Kristen D. Drake, Attorney at Law, 39040 S. Hwy One, Gualala 884-1066
DuPont’s Mendocino Mercantile, 790 Port Road, Point Arena 882-3017
The Village Bootery, P.O. Box 798, Gualala 884-4451
Independent Coast Observer, P.O. Box 1200, Gualala 884-3501
The Smokehouse, located behind The Gualala Hotel 884-9042
Gualala Pharmacy, P.O. Box 773, Gualala 95445 884-4107
Oceansong Pacific Grill, 39350 S. Hwy 1, Gualala 884-1041
Surf Super Market, Gualala 884-4184
PB Espresso, P.O. Box 1241, Gualala 884-1104
Stillwater Cove Ranch, 22555 Highway 1, Jenner 847-3227
The Cotton Field, 39140 S. Hwy One, Gualala 884-1836
Karen Cartoscelli, R.N., and Deborah Dieter

Equinox Care Facility 884-4561
Serenisea 884-3836
Kennedy & Associates 884-9000
West America Bank 884-5250
The Growing Concern 884-3982
Banana Belt Properties 884-1109
Partyline in Cypress Village 884-1115 & Office 884-4346
Brochure design by Marji Ingersoll. Production and printing by Robert Marcus Graphics.

        Ninth Annual Studio Discovery Tour
                                                             A GUALALA ARTS EVENT
North Coast Artists’ Guild
                                                                      PRST STD
9th Annual Studio Discovery Tour                                     NONPROFIT
P.O. Box 1658                                                         POSTAGE
Gualala, CA 95445                                                       PAID
                                                                      PERMIT #1
                                                                     GUALALA CA
Artists’ Preview
Booth featuring Tour Artists
August 18-19, Sat-Sun.
at Art-in-the-Redwoods
Gualala Arts Center
46501 Old State Hwy

Open Studio Tour
Saturday-September 1
Sunday-September 2
Saturday-September 8
Sunday-September 9
Keep this catalog as a resource.
Studios open year round by appointment.
If you receive a duplicate catalog, please pass it on to a friend.

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